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Ignis smiled and looked up to her as she acknowledged his words. Her response sent butterflies through his stomach... Something quite odd for him he was used to leading armies into battle, butterflies were often an afterthought. But she had some unknown effect on him, some strange enchantment that she put him under, like a spell he was hers. His eyes captured by her beauty, his imagination held captive by her personality. She seemed to good to be true, to good to be real. But he knew she was, he had touched her, he had felt her... So she must be?

Her kiss of thanks also sparked something in him, another feeling he didn't know he could have for a woman. Anticipation, it was quick and fluttered throughout his stomach and chest. His eyes went to hers as she lingered for a moment, he recalled her words as she returned to her seat. [b "You of all people should know General, you are an amazing woman. One such as far as I can tell, perfect as a wife."] He smiled a her as he said this, realizing that could be taken in a few different ways. Before she could speak he once more raised his voice to her, in his soft tone, however this time a bit more stressed. [b "Madame, I meant no disrespect, I do not mean to say your place is in any kitchen, or bakery, you are a warrior. That is how I know you so well, I heard stories, I saw you teach. You are a teacher, a leader, I meant no disrespect in what I said. You must understand I hope."] His voice was sincere, and his eyes held fast to hers as he spoke. He truly meant no disrespect, he was simply making a point to say she was supportive, at least so far and from stories in battle, she was honorable, trustworthy, patient, as any leader must be, and her beauty was immense.

The server had began bringing some dished through the door just as Ignis had silenced himself. Placing down Letha's order and then Ignis's, his eyes met each of theirs seeing they nodded to him and he nodded back, before their eyes returned to each other. He thought perhaps something important was happening and so briskly left their presence to return inside.
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Ailetha was enjoying her time with Ignis. It was beautiful outside and the inn was beautiful. Everything just seemed perfect so she was happy. Once the server took their order she relaxes a bit in her seat and enjoys the beautiful view before them. [i Ignis seems quite nice. He’s handsome nonetheless.] She thought to herself wondering what Ignis thought of her. She looks at him for a moment wondering why she was even having such thoughts. He’s a demigod and he’s above most people.

As he began to speak Ailetha was caught off guard. She didn’t expect to hear such words leave his lips. She sat there, stunned yet flustered by what he said. Her body tingled a bit with a bit of excitement and from a bit of embarrassment. The young elf averts her bright eyes and blushed softly. “Don’t be sorry sir Ignis.” She started. “That was really beautiful. I’ve never had anyone say something as such to me.” She smiles softly and looks at him. “To be honest I’m quite flattered and a bit astonished that you would say such things to me of all people.”

Ailetha assumes he just appreciated her beauty. She stands up and walks over to Ignis. She leans down and gently kisses his cheek as if to say thank you. She lingered there for a moment before returning to her seat. He was able to catch the scent of lavender from her skin. Once she was seated the server returned with their drinks. Ailetha had ordered a red wine that she quite enjoyed every now and then. “I hope I didn’t do too much.” She smiles playfully before sipping on her wine.
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As Letha took his arm Ignis felt a slight jolt of pride, it was as if for once in his life he was a normal man. He had a woman to his side, a woman of prestige no less! His heart was warmed as well at her acceptance it was a bit obvious on his features. He smiled down on her as they arrived at the table, pulling out her chair for her before her taking a seat in it.

Ignis knew his eyes were now a much larger factor, as well as his mouth she could now see his face... It was so uncommon for this to happen, it was odd that someone could see his face. But refreshing in the same sense, he felt opened he felt freed, from what? He was unsure but never the less, it was so good to be here with her indeed. As she leaned forward revealing herself a bit, he tried his best not to steal a glance, he was a gentlemen after all... A woman shouldn't need to change her dress to make him less obviously interested. Though that was near impossible as they sat and she raised the question. He found himself glancing as he peered down to look at his menu, which he did as she asked. [b "Yes... I... I believe I will be doing the salmon."] He spoke slowly, lifting his eyes back to hers, catching himself glancing down on her again. He just hoped she didn't notice... I mean it wasn't like he was staring or anything.

As the server returned he requested their choices, and so they gave them to him. He bowed and made his way back inside to repeat their orders to the chef. Ignis looked out over the water, and then back to Letha... His eyes locked onto hers quickly, and he smiled. He wanted nothing more than to praise her beauty in that moment... And so he gave into himself for once, finally he felt open enough to do so... He had tried before with others years in the past... But fate did not smile on him, and his words were choked from his throat. [b "You're eyes reflect the moon like the sea, the sea which I love so dearly... I love it for it's beauty, but that's hardly all I'd seek... Say if I could have a lover, not just beauty, but bravery, a will beyond that of so many others, I'd wish for strength, to handle my time passed at war, for understanding, to know my pains... And my past. For a warriors hand should she ever have to fight."] He paused finding himself to sound quite strange... He dropped his head. [b "I apologize general... I hardly know what came over me..."] He shook his head looking down in disappointment.
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Ailetha eyes grew a bit when she realized Ignis was going to take off his mask. She listened to him speak about her hugging him butbehr eyes also searched his face. [i He has beautiful eyes.] She thought and took in his hair, his nose and any structure of his face. When she learned was that the demigod Ignis was really sweet man. He was very kind and she found herself feeling more at ease around him because of how he acted towards her. [i I won’t be so tense.] she told herself as he finished talking.

“I understand sir Ignis. The next time I think about giving you a hug I won’t be afraid to do so.” Once in the inn she noticed the clerk had recognized who she was. She felt a bit proud about then but she didn’t show it. She kept her calm and respectful demeanor. When Ignis offered his arm to her she gently takes it and walks with him to their table outside. The view was definitely beautiful. The crashing waves, the moonlight reflecting on the sea, all of this made this dinner seem really romantic.

“Sir Ignis, thank you for taking me here. This is a delightful view.” She looks at him. “It’s actually quite enjoyable to see your face.” She smiles softly. A server soon arrived and offered them a menu. He brought water for then to drink anyway. Ailetha looked over the menu, she noticed a lot of food items that she never thought she could afford to buy until now. Her job really opened up her options in life. The young elf found what she wanted and set the menu down. She looked at the man in front of her. “Have you decided on what you would like ambassador.” She leans forward a bit, the neckline of her dress as a bit low and showed off her cleavage. Most ladies wouldn’t show their bodies as such, they would respectfully cover up but Ailetha wasn’t raised on such levels. She didn’t consider herself a Lady of high prestige or anything of the sort.
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Ignis smiled as she asked if he was joking her with the horse. His eyes told no lie as she glanced to him before once more back to the horse. She was filled with pure joy and her gratitude did not go unnoticed by the ambassador. He was glad to have selected her a horse as she was the General after all and deserved the utmost respect.

And at that they rode off, making their way through the city, and passing by groups of people out on the night. Some drunk some simply shopping, as the markets in the town center were always open, there was always something to buy, eat, sell, or trade. It was a bustling city of people and traders alike, elves, men, and dwarves made up most of the great cities population. Her walls stood high in the along the ridge, as to the distance her presence aside the magnificent mountain was glorious.

Their ride was no less wonderful, they were comfortably silent as they went along. Edging ever closer to the inn which stood next to the sea, it's loght reflecting up off of the waves that crashed against the sands of the beach. As they stopped inside the inns stable, Letha commented on how nice the stable was, and dismounted her horse making her way over to Ignis. As her form came nearer to him he smiled again under his mask as she thanked him for the horse.

Her body came to his, her arms wrapping around him. He began to reciprocate the gesture, but she quickly then pulled away. Apologizing for something he saw as a gesture of gratitude simply, he knew he was a demigod, and that respect was due, and he was a warrior of prestige, but... Under all of that he was a simple man. He loved hugs, he never had a mother that gave him such things... His mother was cold and to herself, his father was the same, but as a man he saw children held by their mothers... He always wanted that. Letha was the first person to give him anything close and he wanted nothing more than to hug her in return.

But perhaps it was not the time. [b "Letha, it is a simple gesture of gratitude, yes it can mean more but for us it was gratitude..."] There was obviously something on his mind as he spoke these words calmly with a soft voice. He closed his eyes and inhaled placing his right hand over his mask, his fingers tightening around it. He pulled it off from his face and looked down at her with a smile, and he shook his head. [b "I never liked the fact it was seen as disrespectful to touch me... Yes there are cases where it is, but this this is far from that. Never hesitate to touch me, I should be like any other man, if you so desire... Then so let it be."] His voice still soft as he spoke. He was open to hug her should she wish to again.

They then made their way into the inn, Ignis made his way to the clerk, having placed his mask in his saddle bag before they left the stable. His eges met with the clerk and the clerk also saw the General, Ignis nodded to him and he had a table on the deck facing the sea prepared for them. It was not often a demigod approached your inn, however Ignis knew the owner and had a spot on the deck he always prefered. It was a place for two, as he never expected to take more than himself, and wanted as little room as possible. He put out his arm for her to take should she feel so inclined as they walked towards their seats. He did not fear what any should think of him, and he hoped she was of the same mind.
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Ailetha listened to Ignis as he spoke about living in the palace and how he trained a man to be a personal guard for king when he couldn’t. She knew the man was well trained. As they made their way outside to the stables she smiled a bit since she would be riding a horse which she loved to do. She rode often but she couldn’t afford her own horse at the moment since she had just started working as the general. [i Soon I will be able to own my instead of using the ones that aren’t mine.] She thought as she stopped walking once they were in front of two horses.

“These horses are beautiful.” She commented before Ignis began to speak. She didn’t think the beautiful horse was hers until Ignis told her that he personally picked it out. “Sir Ignis you aren’t playing a joke on me?” She asked in shock. Her beautiful lavender eyes went to the horse before her and back to Ignis. “My goodness...this is such a lovely gift!” Pure happiness filled her eyes and she wore a bright beautiful smile on her face. The going elf gently pets the large beige horse. Soon Ignis helped her into her horse.

In no time the two were off riding. Ignis led the way and Ailetha followed happily. The wind went through her hair, it made her feel so free and happy. It was a bit of a journey like Ignis said but she was more than happy to ride her new horse. As they arrived they guided the horses to the inn’s stable. “How nice.” She said noting how nicely made the stables were. The inn looked even better. Ailetha gets off of her horse and walks over to Ignis. “I love him sir Ignis. I truly appreciate it.” She hugs him, too excited to think about what she was doing.

It wasn’t against the rules to touch the ambassador but it was common sense that a demigod should be looked up to and praised, not touched like a commoner. When she realized what she had done she lets him go and takes a step back. “I’m sorry.” She said. Red lightly tinting her cheeks. “I’m sorry if I offended you ambassador.”
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Ignis nodded with a smile hidden behind his mask as she accepted his proposal, and they began walking. Her eyes searching the palace walls, and the sculptures, of creatures, ancient kings, warriors of legend, and there was one such statue of the fire god, along with Ignis to his right. Ignis never wanted a statue of himself erected, he wasn't that kind of person, he didn't want to bask in his own glory, and he didn't want others to either. He saw himself as a warrior like any other, yes a very powerful warrior, but only a warrior at that. He knew he was important, but he didn't ask to be a god, he didn't ask to have followers, some that literally worshiped him. He hated it, he didn't want any of it, he was a man of honor, and of dignity. No statue that caused glory to be taken from the King or from his god should've been made for him.

The palace steps that they then began down were adorned with statues of Griffon, and of Harpies. Each deadly in their own right, however one fought with their army, as legendary warriors. And the other were used in an ancient war against them, the heads of lions also visible engraved in the walls, and sticking out from the ends of the stairways walls. As she raised her first few questions of their excursion he was quite glad to answer, looking over at her as she studied the walls of the palace. Fully understanding her wonder in the study, it was a magnificent sight, he was proud to be servant to this King and not some unforgiving dictator. His eyes held to her head, no matter whether her eyes returned his gaze or not, he still held fast to her. [b "I am quite often very close to the King yes, I am a personal guardian for most days. However he has a guard battalion for a reason, trained at my hand personally, and hand selected only from the best of our soldiers."] He spoke, proud of his men, not for himself but for their accomplishments.

He chuckled gently as she requested whether they'd walk or take a horse. Ignis turned to the right as they reached the bottom of the stairs, looking up to see the stables. He looked over at her, as he led her to her horse. [b "This is a war horse, she was selected by me for the whoever the General the King was bringing back... That so happens to be you Letha. So she is yours, the inn is some time away from the palace even on horseback, but we can certainly make it."] At that he held out his hand to help her onto her horse, he knew she could certainly perform such an act with no doubt in his mind. However he was taking her to dinner, and she was in a dress, it was only courtesy of a man to render such a service. His horse stood next to hers ready for his mounting after she had mounted hers.
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Ailetha could tell from Ignis’ tone that he seemed a bit excited to spend the evening out at the inn. She was actually ok with his suggestion and so she offered a nice smile. “Of course. The inn sounds great and the food at the tavern would but nice as well sir Ignis.” She bows her head a bit. He would have to take off that mask if he gets something to drink or eat. she thought wondering how the evening would play out. She desperately wanted to see be man under the mask.

“Please lead the way sir Ignis.” She said as she stands next to him. As they began to leave the palace she looks around at all of the beautiful statues and paintings. The king’s home was a beautiful place. “Do you stay here in the castle ambassador Ignis?” She asked curiously. “I assume you must be close to the king all the time.” She keeps her eyes on the paintings. Everything seemed to intrigue her more and more. This was her second time in the castle so she was grateful to be able to take in more of its beauty.

Growing up I’ve never thought I would be working so close to the king. Being a general to the royal army. I’ve come so far but lost so much in the process. She thought and starting remembering her past. She grew up with her parents showing her how to take care of herself. They thought her how to tight, how to fish, how to hunt. Everything she knows it’s because of them and she thanked them every day for it. She had lose her siblings and her parents during a war long ago. She was a young teenager back then. Her past was something she never spoke about, didn’t like to talk about it.

Ailetha snaps herself out of her thoughts and looks at Ignis. “Is it a short walk or shall we ride horses?” She asked wondering what would be best. “We can take a carriage as well.”
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Ignis had for a moment reached outside his guide lines, he was willing to do nearly anything for her, for a time when he could be like any other man. But she of course brought up his restraint. And he nodded at her words to him about it, he knew that it would've come up in his head, maybe after he agreed to something outside his realm of allowance.

He shrugged a bit, as if to say he'd think while she was away. And as she left his side and passed into her quarters he awaited her outside her room. He could hear the shower, as water trickled down onto the flooring of a side room. And after he could hear every step she took and every movement she made, he wasn't exactly pleased with himself for being able to hear it all... He felt like a stalker almost for a time... He felt like he was disrespecting her privacy so he tried to distract himself. Going over strategy and tactics, though she continually came to mind.

As she finally exited the room, he was visibly astonished to see her in her current form. She was magnificent, beautiful and mysterious. He had questions about every piece of jewelry, about every piece of engraved golden band. He knew it would be strange for him to ask, but he knew elves were sentimental in ways they didn't care to acknowledge, and kept jewelry passed down over centuries. He was awestruck by her hair in it's new place, he felt almost the pride a man does when a woman puts herself under his care... He almost felt that is what this was, she looked fit to be meeting with the king... And yet this was for him?

It couldn't be, could it? Someone would hardly see him as a potential suiter, it wasn't his place. He didn't look the part in his vaguely ceremonial armor, with the kings code of arms bore across his shoulders, and engraved on the breastplate of his armor. His eyes strayed from hers sliding down her form, before finally returning. He knew she saw him slide, and hoped she had no objection. [b "My lady, might we then go to a fine inn I know quite well, down near the fishers peer, it is beautiful to see at night. And the food at it's adjoining tavern is simply exquisite. Though, should you have some other option, I am so open as I can be."] He smiled under his mask and it was obvious in his voice. His eyes showed it as well, glowing their gentle purple color. He wanted to be more confident he wanted to ask her to stay at the inn... But maybe that's too fast? He didn't know how to act in his situation. He didn't care if people talked either... Though maybe she would, so he kept that to himself.
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There was something about the way Ignis spoke to her that made her feel a bit on edge and she loved it. She was excited for no reason and extremely curious about the ambassador before her. “I definitely want you to enjoy yourself as well. I wouldn’t want to go against any rules that you must abide by. I’m sure, as an ambassador and demigod, that you must follow certain guidelines. I’m sure not sure what they are.” She takes a step closer to him. “But if it is my choice why don’t we go into the city. I promise I won’t take up a lot of your time sir Ignis. Please allow me some time to make myself more presentable.”

With that Ailetha excused herself to her private room in which held a small shower. She had brought a spare of clothes and always kept something a nicer than her causal clothing in a drawer just in case she needed to appear in front of the king. During a warm shower Ailetha wondered what would people think of they saw her with the ambassador. As an elf who grew up on the lower side of the city she didn’t have her nose up in the air all the time. She didn’t think she was better than anyone nor she have that much grace as other women might have. I wouldn’t fit. She thought and then shrugs lightly. She figured she would be looked down upon and be called degrading names but that isn’t anything new. If Ailetha wanted a man’s company she wouldn’t be too shy to ask for it.

After her shower she used a light scented oil the smelled of lavender on her skin. She brushed out her long wavy blonde hair and tied the front up and left the back down giving her a half up half down look. She puts on a satin short dress with a light matching cloak. It didn’t take long for her to put in her shoes and make her way out to Ignis. Ailetha definitely looked a lot younger and prettier than before.
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Ignis watched the rest of the time from the observation posts of the barracks, he eyed certain men, noting flaws or strengths in each of their forms. He could look past certain mistakes for certain men, seeing as who they were and how they were raised, like hesitation for a bakers son, or lack of confidence in a florists, lack of self control behind a black smiths son, and an officers son not being a leader... You can't expect everyone to lead, and certainly not simply due to his father being a leader.

Studying the men carefully along with the women, he also noticed their strengths, the leadership of the florists son, but his lack of confidence hid it. The great strength of the black smiths son, but with no guiding hand to balance him, the dueling strength of the officers son, wasted as a commanded of inadequate skill. The quick strikes of the bakers son, halted by hesitation and second thoughts about his combative ability.

Though as he noticed these things he would snag a hidden glance towards the general of it all, he couldn't help but look over her body from above. It was too much a distraction from afar, her features, her eyes had a magnetic effect on him even from such a distance. He wasn't sure she ever saw him glance down, but didn't mind if she had.

As she cleaned the field, and put away her weapons, making her way outside the barracks the sun was beginning to set and the colors danced in her eyes as she looked at him. Her voice was like silk and her tone sweet like honey. His eyes locked to hers, holding their gentle violet color as he gave a small smile from beneath his mask.

Ignis raised his brow as she spoke. Looking down and shrugging a small bit, he returned his eyes to hers and spoke up in a genuine tone. [b "Madame, however you so wish to have me, you may have me, take me where you will. I owe you a meal I suppose if that is what you wish, or if you desire of something else let that be known."] His eyes held fast to hers, he spoke truthfully, and without question in his eyes.
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Ailetha was a bit surprised to see Ignis by the door. She listened to him speak and just when she thought he was done he started back up. [i Oh sir Ignis, you don’t have to apologize.] She thought but she was touched a bit by the apology. Once she was left alone she smiles softly to herself and pours herself a cup of water. “War hero? Me? It’s nice to hear that I’m valued in some way.” She mutters softly to herself. The you g elf enjoyed her small meal alone, she didn’t mind it since it was something that she was quite use to doing.

When it was time to head back to the training field she stands up and throws away her trash. With a deep breath she picks up her bow and some arrows before making her way out of her private room. The men and women begane to gather on the training field. Her blue eyes scanned the area as she walked. [i Everyone seems ready.] Ailetha wasted no time working on the weak points of the group while also teaching them a thing or two about basic combat. This was just the easy part.

As the sun began to fall slowly she dismisses her men. “Tomorrow is a new day.” She said and few of them came up to her to thank her. They bowed respectfully before leaving. Ailetha cleans up the training field a bit. She puts away swords, shields, bows and arrows. Everything seemed to her liking now and she figured she could head home herself. The young elf was tired and she already could feel her muscles becoming sore. [i It’s been awhile since I worked out this hard.] As she leaves the training field she noticed Ignis was standing a few feet from her.

“Sir Ignis.” She said and walks over to him. “Today was a very accomplished day. Thank you yet again for your help.” She bows her head. “Also, if you’re serious about making this evening up to me then I will gladly accept however you plan to make it up to me.” A small smile graces her face. The sun was setting so she felt as if it was a good time to just relax outside and have tea. Ailetha wouldn’t dare ask the ambassador to drink alcohol with her or to go into town to a popular tavern even though she would t mind doing either one of those things.
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Ignis smiled under his mask as she requested he come with her, he was ready to accept as the group came forward to him. As they asked their questions his eyes left Letha, moving to the group of young soldiers so hungry for knowledge. Ignis turning once more as Letha spoke, she did not seem pleased at this, she was after all the general... Her own soldiers were now asking advice of someone other than her. He understood her jealousy, it was just in his eyes as he knew he would feel the same under her circumstances.

As she took her leave he sighed gently inaudible to the men and women to his right. He looked over to them for a moment, and then he looked up at the larger group of men all eating and sitting. He exhaled a deep breath, pointing to a lounge esque area with some more comfortable seating and some ferns about it. He knew he would most likely not eat at all now, which was fine, usually expected. [b "Go and have a seat, I will join you shortly."] With these words they left his presence, each with a respectful bow, making their way to the lounge. They were also losing a meal for this, and it made Ignis quitte proud.

He turned however and followed in the footsteps of his General, turning a corner leading to a door. He knocked twice as if he was of a lesser rank, before pushing the door open. As he did so he bowed respectfully upon entrance. [b "Madame General, I apologize for needing to take leave of this opportunity."] He greeted her, and not waiting for her to speak again he once more raised his voice. [b "I would like to stay back after the training hours, and perhaps make it up to you for missing this. I really would have been my pleasure, being able to sit and talk with a war hero such as yourself."] His voice still one of great respect, and admiration towards her.

His eyes then left her as he closed the door, there was enough time he would have waiting for her response. And after which he made a brisk walk on back to the common area, and then to the lounge where his few awaited him. He dropped to a seat and was showered in questions, answering those that he could, with great intelligence, and little hesitation. He however recommended they ask their General about certain questions, also making it a point, as he always would for them to respect her, and her orders at all times. He did this with every unit he trained... As it is useless for him to build a perfect warrior if they cannot follow orders.
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Ailetha just smiled as Ignis spoke to her, the way he talked even fired her up. She definitely wanted to give her men the best training possible to protect their home. This was all she had, she wanted to give her life to the king and the kingdom in which she was allowed to live in. Because of her new position she was able to afford a nice house just for her, she had the garden she wanted, the weapons she wanted, everything.

When Ignis apologized to her she chuckles softly and puts her hands on her hips. “No need to apologize sir Ignis. I understand where you are coming from. It wouldn’t surprise me that you’re really wanted. With such skill you can really train these men into amazing warriors.” Ailetha looks around at the future warriors eating and taking a much needed break. “I should probably eat something quick.” She mutters more to herself. “Shall we meet up again in half an hour?” She asked Ignis. [i I wonder if he would just like to accompany me. It’s only for a short amount of time.] She thought.

Boldly Ailetha opened her mouth to ask him. “To be quite honest sir Ignis it would be nice of you could accompany me, I do not mind and since you will be here training with me after the break I don’t see the need to separate unless you have something else to do.” The young elf keeps her bright blue eyes on him, his expression soft yet inviting. “What do you say my ambassador?”

Before he could answer a few men and the women from training apparoched them. They all bowed. “Sir Ignis we wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your day to train with us.” A man said. “It is such an honor.” A woman added. “May you please give us some more of your time to hear more about your views and input about fighting in a war.” The same woman asked and they all looked at him with admiration. Ailetha wasn’t sure how she felt about all of this. Right now everyone was focused on Ignis yet she was their general. She had input as well but then again Ignis is famous. Gently she bows to Ignis. “Sir Ignis, have a good break.” She smiles softly and excuses herself so that he could engage the new recruits. [i It wasn’t meant to be. I probably shouldn’t be so friendly with someone at his level in the castle.] She thought as she made her way to her private break room to eat alone.
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After his speech Ignis allowed the men and women another time of rest. Turning himself again to face Ailetha, hoping she didn't expect him to leave the men there, he knew that many of them would be tired. Ignis was horribly merciful to his own men, sometimes to a fault, he was willing to risk it all just to save one more man. No man should ever be left behind was his belief. And he stood firm by it, no man would be left behind.

His eyes locked with hers through his masks visor, and he bowed his head as she bowed respectfully towards him. He smiles as she commented on the men having been inspired by his words. [b "You know, that was always the point... These men deserve the best, any man willing to give of his life for out country, for our king, for the glory of it all, whatever it is they are willing to die for... It should be respected, and blossomed. Never discouraged, never pushed back, not hidden, if one is zealous, so let him be zealous, perhaps the greatest warriors were zealots."]

Her next words also brought a smile to his face, visible in his eyes as he nodded. [b "Many divisions wish they could have me, and I wish I could train each and every one."] He looked over the men, seeing them resting, talking, he could only imagine some were coming up with strategies, he could see some of them being generals one day... The ones who were rallying others, those who were afraid to come and fight a demigod... That is no small feat. Though he recalled quickly to mind what he had just said, turning over to Letha. [b "General, I meant no disrespect to you or your trainers in saying that... I simply was saying I enjoy teaching, and it is a strength of mine."] His apology was sincere and it didn't seem forced.
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