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Ailetha leads her horse into the stable. Once she had gotten him settled she gently pets him. “You’re such a good boy.” She muttersnsoftly as the horse drinks water. Ailetha knee she needed to think of a name for her beautiful horse. The two would be spending a lot of time together. As Ignis approaches her she smiles and looks at him. “Thank you sir Ignis. I’m sure my horse will be comfortable if I do choose to stay for the rest of the night.” She gently takes his arm. Of course the young elf felt a lot more comfortable around the demigod Ignis. There was just something about him.

As they walked to Ignis’s solar she looks back at the stable quickly. “I assume you have more than one horse sir Ignis?” She asked since the stable was close to his solar and he seemed to have full control of the stable. The young elf then looked up at her male friend as they walked. “Your eyes shine brightly ambassador. They’re beautiful.” She said honestly as they walked. [i His features shouldn’t be hidden by a mask. I assume he must not want the attention. Heh...he still gets it anyone due to his status and his name.] she thought as they approached his home.

The sun was completely gone by this point and had been gone for some time. The darkness surrounded them and kept them from really being seen by anyone. The bright lasts from other parts of the castle couldn’t reach them which made this a bit more exciting for Ailetha. Once they entered his solar she Let’s his arm go. Ailetha removes her cloak showing off more of her legs, back and arms. She then removes her sandals that had laced up her legs and legs her hair down from the style it was it. She felt a bit more free. Her gaze turns to Ignis. “Thank you for having me over.” A small smile forms on her face.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 1d 32m 21s
Her first words after his shot a surge of adrenaline through his veins, he knew where he was going with this. Why else would he take her to his solar? So as she took out her horse Ignis also lead his to the door of the stables. Mounting it equally as effortlessly, however hes a bit more impressive to him, as she was much shorter than he. And she spoke again, telling him to lead, something he was quite accustomed to his eyes searched the path before him as he began to trod out from the stable. He knew she might want to see the abilities of this new horse he had selected for her...

So he began off, increasing his speed slowly, and then at the interval of a turn onto a more rural road. Ignis launched off, leaning into his horse, reaching close to a full gallop, and he could see she was just behind. His eyes turned back to her for a moment, he could see a broad smile over her features, it warmed him to see. Either she was simply happy, or she was comfortable with him... A smile is always a good sign, no matter the situation, if some form of a smile is visible... You've done well.

As they began to slow down reaching the castles entry gate, Ignis stopped for a moment looking at her. He gave a smile and a nod, then again turning his horse towards the small secondary stables. This stable was much closer to his solar, and held only four horses and had eight stalls. He made his way towards it's door at a gentle gallop. [b "You mustn't hesitate, I give you full permission to leave your horse here the night madame..."] He gave a slight pause as they entered the stables. [b "Should you stay so long."] He smiled and lead his horse into his stall. patting his neck twice, and assuring himself there was feed in the stall. His eyes then strayed from his horse, and danced with those of the beautiful elvish woman who seemed to enjoy his company so.
  Ignis Heros / TheJediRevan / 1d 11h 22m 49s
The walk felt a lot longer than it actually was, people stared at the ambassador and Ailetha as if something was completely wrong. Even though it made her a bit uncomfortable Ailetha didn’t let it show on her face. She wouldn’t show the people any weakness in her features. Once they were out of the inn she smiles at Ignis. Hearing him speak about where they could go made her smile even more. She didn’t mind going to his solar, she actually felt like it would be more comfortable there. “Ah I wouldn’t would mind that at all sir Ignis.” She said.

Once she felt the kiss on her lips she kissed him back just as quickly as he kissed her. Each kiss gave her a short rush of excitement. She wanted to keep that excitement for the rest of the night. “I will follow you then.” The beautiful elf walks towards her new horse and gently removes him from the stable. With ease she mounts her horse, she had such grace with her movements. With a simple nod she lets the demigod Ignis know she was ready to ride off to his solar. Soon the pair took off into the night riding with the wind in their hair.

Ailetha was always so thrilled to ride, she wanted to go faster and faster. She felt free when she road and she was hoping the smile on her face didn’t make Ignis feel uncomfortable. [i One cannot be so mute. After receiving a new beautiful horse and having a nice dinner with a handsome warrior how can I not be smiling?] She thought as they began to slow down.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 1d 22h 16m 57s
Ignis smiled as she spoke her first words. It wasn't that she came from nothing that made him smile, but rather her ability to brush off what others might say... He was of the same mind-set. Looking out away from her for but a second and immediately shooting his eyes back to hers. He smiled again as she spoke for the second time, saying she now wanted to stay with him. His arm slid around her waist at this time, and his left had holding hers, he gave it a gentle squeeze as she asked him to lead onto their next destination.

His eyes raised from her as he led on out from the inn, the few people of the night crowd seemed quite surprised to see Ignis walking out with a woman on his hip. She was quite a beautiful elvish woman yes, but it was uncommon that Ignis would have a lady accompany him anywhere. His eyes glanced across the people in the inn, and across the conjoined opened wall into the tavern. He then turned his eyes to the door, and led her out through its opening, making their way once more to the stables, across the empty street, with the silent countryside to their right.

He led her inside, where after a quick glance he saw that there was no one, he wanted to just kiss her then. But would that start something he didn't want to start in a public place? [b "You know, we could go to my solar."] He said as he turned to her, and dropped a kiss onto her lips as he did. His eyes locking onto hers as he backed his head up just a few inches after the kiss.
  Ignis Heros / TheJediRevan / 2d 12h 21m 26s
When the kiss broke it left her lips tingling for more. She felt the heat in her body rise as she thought about what might just happen from here. As Ignis rose her eyes followed him. Her beautiful light purple hues stay focused on the face of the demigod before her. He was tall, much taller than her but the height difference was perfect to her. Feeling a strong arm wrap around her body made her heart race. She felt like this was the first time she was ever held by someone she cared about in a romantic way.

The words that left Ignis’s mouth answered her question perfectly. She never broke their gaze when he finished speaking. “Ambassador Ignis I do not fear what people might say. It’s nothing new to me. I came from nothing and now I’m here working in the castle. Even though the royals still talk but I am quite confident in myself and my abilities to do what the king wants from me. Being seen with you won’t change that.” Her words were sure and strong but her voice was calm and almost soothing. “I do not know what will come from this. Where we will stand but I know at this moment I would want nothing more than to have you company me for the rest of the evening.”

They were done with dinner and Ailetha wanted to stay with Ignis. “Shall you lead us to our next destination wherever that may be? I shall follow and stay by your side sir Ignis.” She stayed closed to him with her hand still in his and his arm still around her waist.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 5d 16h 35m 18s
Ignis watched as a confused expression graced her features. His eyes leaving hers for a moment, hoping for the best... Knowing the worst was much more likely. He then lifted his eyes, to see a look of realization on her features. Her form slowly then rose from her seat, his heart leaped from his chest, but then immediately sank again as she began fixing her dress. He expected her at that moment to just walk off, back to her horse and leave him... But he knew down inside that smirk on her face wasn't for nothing. She wouldn't have that sly expression if she were about to leave... Would she?

Her then proceeding to walk towards him confirmed his theory and her leaning towards him, he wasn't exactly expecting what followed. But after the initial surprise he returned the kiss passionately and his eyes locked onto hers as she pulled away. And as her hand slipped to his chest, their eyes firmly locked together she spoke the words he wanted to hear. She wanted him to tell her how he felt, not how he was told to feel... And she made him feel different then anyone else before, it was strange and wonderful all at the same time. Her presence was incredible, and uplifting for him... Something hard to achieve.

His left hand raised to meet her hand that rested on his chest. And he stood to his feet with her hand in his, he wrapped his right arm around her. Looking down into her eyes, his blazen with an orange glow, passionate of what he was to say. [b "Ailetha... What I want is to be with you. I don't care about the risks, they don't bother me. I don't care about what people might say... About me..."] He paused for a moment, just letting his eyes sink into hers. [b "You make me a new man, you make me different, you make me want to take the mask off again... Be myself, be who I was before the pain... But it is to you... If you do not wish to risk everything... Just to gain me, I fully understand. You worked for your position, and someone might see you differently if they see you with me... They might talk..."]
  Ignis Heros / TheJediRevan / 5d 17h 1m 46s
Ailetha looked at Ignis with a bit of confusion but then she realized she was thinking way to hard about this. [i When did I ever think about things so deeply? This is not me. I got to my position because of my swift thinking and will to act without debating the consequences.] She thought. Whatever rules Ignis had to follow she didn’t want to think about them because deep down she knew he wanted to break each one. He was part human, it as only natural that he wanted to do so. The beautiful elf couldn’t help but smile a bit. [i Afraid to get in trouble my sir Ignis. I just might be a bad influence but I will let you decide.]

When she heard that Ignis didn’t want to be friends chuckles softly. Not at him but by what he said. It was t like she wanted to be just friends either. At the moment she gained a lot of confidence. It was definitely because she had a little bit of help from the wine she had drunk but all in all she would do what she wanted. Ailetha stands up slowly. She fixes her dress and walks over to Ignis. Without saying a word she leans down and kisses him on the lips. Her soft full lips connected with his for a sweet warm kiss. After a few seconds she pulls away slowly.

“We don’t have to be friends Ignis. I’m ok with that.” She pushes her hair back. “Let’s not waste any more time.” She gently places a hand on his chest. “Tell me what this says. Not what anyone has told you want to do.” She wanted Ignis to speak his heart.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 6d 22h 45m 27s
Ignis closed his eyes, turning to the sea after his words anticipating hers... How bad had he messed up this time? What more could he ruin? Why was be even trying? He was not worthy of anyone, he was a warrior he was worthy of the blood he had split. The heads he had taken, armies he had slaughtered... Like dogs, children to a man, he was a force of nature... But he couldn't articulate his words in a full conversation to allow his feelings to be seen. All he could expell was pain, suffering, anguish... Was it too late to remedy his broken relationship with Ailetha?

Her first sentence hit him deep, he knew he had confused her... It was never his intention but it was of course exactly what he did. It was... He tried to understand why he would've made a retreat on his feelings... He couldn't find reason, because it was his order? He has been following the same orders for years.... Years of nothing... And how is she to now know he cannot have a connection? He never brought that up... It only existed in his mind as a thought... So it must be that she has telepathy, but then in the same instance how does she now know of his yearning for her... His deep regret in what he said, he never meant to push her away.

Her next words intrigued him even further, but also broke him down... She wanted to be friends? And for the reason of her ability to read his mind and know his orders? Wasting time? Hardly... Her final few words were simple, and came with a gentle chuckle. [b "Madame... It would hardly be a waste of time, and I certainly did not bring you here to be a friend... I was looking for more, I'm sorry that isn't what you were looking for..."] His eyes shot to her quickly, she was looking to sea as he continued to speak. Ignoring his true orders and asking a simple question. [b "Is it due to some order given you by the king our relationship cannot happen? It is odd that the king would make such a decree."] He had a confidence about hin, a strong confidence along with a soft silky voice.
  Ignis Heros / TheJediRevan / 6d 22h 59m 32s
Ailetha closed her eyes for a moment, she was lost in thought. She didn’t understand where she should go from here. If he couldn’t he close to her then why were they having dinner? What was the point? [i Is he just looking for a friend? Huh...never thought I would looked to as a friend before a potential love interest. Friends with a demigod. Sounds quite odd. I do t think I’ve ever heard of one having friends.] She thought but then again she knew a demigod was only part god. For Ignis he was half human half god. He had human qualities.

With another soft sigh she straightens herself and opens her eyes. [i This man at this moment is not demigod Ignis but Ignis the human I should probably be a bit more sensitive to his feelings. This side probably doesn’t get to show often.] Before she could speak the server returned with more wine. He fills their cups before leaving again. Ailetha takes a big sip and looks at the man before her. “I’m grateful that you can open up to me sir Ignis. I’m just not certain what you want from me. My confusion has come about because not to long ago you spoke some beautiful and heartfelt words to me but then you quickly retreat from such feelings that brought on the words you spoke.” Her eyes drift off to the sea.

The power that Ignis thought of Ailetha did not have, it was something she wished she did have but so far in her life she hasn’t had it. “As far as making it up to me you do not need to do so Ignis. I do not want to waste your time or mine. If you are looking to be friends please just say so. I wouldn’t mind that all.” She said honestly. “Since anything...else is off limits we should really just be friends.” A faint blush formed on her cheeks st the mention of the possible other things the two could of done. “I have emotions just like you so you can talk to me any time you want.” She smiles a bit. “Please, no more apologizing.” She added as she finishes her wine. “I should probably head home. I can use some heat and comfortable clothing.” She chuckles a bit insinuating that she wanted to put on her sleep wear and relax by a fire.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 7d 9h 41m 23s
Ignis could feel her heart reciprocate his pain, he could feel her becoming gently distant, he felt her pushing herself out. Like... She wasn't helpful, like she couldn't be. He realized he ruined the night for her certainly, and would again have to make it up... As it was his mission of course to do so. She deserved better than this mopey pity party... He simply hoped she did not inherit that ability of elves to know what another is thinking... His thoughts were quite fond of her however some might even call them strange? Un-Gentlemanly? Some things he would rather not be called.

His eyes returned to her as she spoke, his heart sank... He felt horrible. He was broken yes, he was lonely yes, he needed help yes, but he never wanted to bring other down for his own sake. He never wanted to seem like a beggar, simply pleading that someone would come and pick him up out of the mire, and muck he had berried himself in for so long. He didn't see the glow in her eyes, or her excitement, it burdened him, it broke him further but she wouldn't know... He would not allow her to know how much it hurt him that he hurt her. Or that's how he felt... He felt he hurt her in doing what he did... So he dropped his eyes for a moment to his food, knowing he would most likely not eat it... And that she also would not eat hers. When she requested another wine, he also requested of one.

Returning his eyes to her, from the server as the server went inside he sighed through his nose silently. [b "You know... I owe you another night after this... If you'd dare try again with me. I apologize to the highest point I can General for this... I..."] His voice trailed off. He was failing to articulate the words he needed, he couldn't find them twisted around his tongue. Trapped in his cold heart waiting to burst forth... [b "I don't know why... I fell apart for you, I do this for no one. I'm sorry you had to be the one... The one to know my pain, and that you understood it... I must've known you would, and it hurts that I have placed this burden on you. So I beg of you, allow me the chance to remedy this... Whatever you want, I will make it so."]
  Ignis Heros / TheJediRevan / 7d 12h 4m 4s
Ailetha could feel the pain that Ignis had felt at that moment. It hurt her heart. It made her feel like his life has been cruel and completely unfair to him. Each word made her sink more and more into thought. She thought of ways to help him, ways to even fix what he feels is broken but she couldn’t seem to come up with anything specific. Who is she to tell him that he’s not broken or that he is better than what he is saying he is? She didn’t know him personal. She just knew of him, of his name but that didn’t mean anything.

The wind slightly blows her hair and her soft full lips turn into a small pout on her beautiful face. Her eyes didn’t shine like before, her excitement had disappeared since she had felt quite sad for Ignis. [i Why do I feel so obligated to make him happy? Why do I want to make him smile right now and for years to come? What can I even do? I’m just a poor elf. Nothing more. Nothing less.] She thought and let’s out a soft sigh. “I understand sir Ignis.” She looks at him. “Sorry to hear that.” Was all she could really say. She couldn’t force him to try anything new. She got the feeling the Ignis has felt this way for many years.

What was supposed to be a fun filled evening together turned into quite a sad one. [i The life of a demigod is not all that it seems to be.] She told herself and slowly starts to pick at her food. Days like these always made Ailetha want to just drown herself in alcohol to forget the night. She could at least have fun and forget the worries of the world for that time being but not telling what she might do if she did that around Ignis. It didn’t take long for her to give up on eating. She finished her wine and asked for another glass.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 8d 12h 53m 14s
Ignis smiled faintly as she apologized, it wasn't what he was looking for he didn't mean to make her feel that way. He was simply stating facts from his past, his eyes returned to hers as she continued to speak. He searched her eyes, as she kept on her words, listening to each one as they left her mouth, he was so sure she was with him. He was so sure she seemed to care at that moment, in that moment he could feel her, he could see what she felt. She felt for him, she understood, something he couldn't say many others could... If any.

Her final sentence struck him like a mace over his head, quick fierce full of meaning. He was surprised that she would want to spend her time with a broken shell of what a man should be... A warrior at best. He saw himself as nothing more then that, a warrior, yes honorable, yes a gentleman, but he couldn't be anything to anyone. It was too late, he had fallen to far away from humanity... Though he still cried alone, an emotion... Nearly always associated with ones humanity. [b "I meant not say we would not continue our night together. I quite enjoy your company."] His eyes holding fast still onto hers. He would not allow them freedom to move any longer she must know he meant what he said. [b "You did not judge me unjustly, it was what seemed right in your mind. I do not blame you, I do not know what you're life was like... Or what stories you heard of the demigods as a child. Any number of things could easily make you believe such things of me. I understand perfectly, you are quite sweet, and gentle, I know you did not mean me harm."] He spoke softly with the oceans breeze, the cool air splashed across their faces as he looked deep into her eyes. [b "I cannot be that man, because I am broken... I'm afraid perhaps beyond repair, my eyes have seen things no man should, my heart has felt pain like few others, my hands have killed thousands... My mind is clouded, my body scarred. The man you deserve is out there Ailetha, I am not even truly a man, I am something else. Yes more powerful... But removed... Yes taller, but my heart is smaller for it. Yes I have strength to defeat armies... But my pain is deeper so..."] His eyes left hers as he finished his words, his head again turning to look at the moon. His mother was the Moon goddess, and he always felt comfort to look at the night skies. Where he could imagine his mother, he never knew her... Hardly knew his father as a boy, he was raised to kill and lead, no more no less.
  Ignis Heros / THeJediRevan / 8d 15h 48m 22s
Ailetha was quite taken aback by the words that left Ignis’s mouth. The sincerity in his voice, the longing and the passion that Ailetha could recognize was something she wasn’t expecting from the demigod Ignis. This made her feel stupid for even making such comments, she judged him and she shouldn’t have. [i He really is...sweet. I hope I did not insult him.] She thought. She never knew what the ambassador was going through. Now that she got hisnside she could see how hard life must be. Everything human is taken from him even though he is part that.

How can one not be able to love, not be able to live a life that brings true happiness? She knew he loved the battlefield, as did she, but she also wanted a family and it seemed as if he did too. “My ambassador I’m am truly sorry...I have judged you as something that you’re not. I can understand you even more so now.” She takes his hand gently. “Thank you for bringing me here.” She looks into his eyes. [i I recognize that longing. Trust me I do.] The last of his words stuck to her. She didn’t understand why couldn’t be that man.

“And can you not?” She asked softly. “Let me hear the reason and let me be the judge of that.” She didn’t want him to give up like that. Who knows where any of this could lead to. “Have a open mind with me. If I didn’t have one I would t be here with you right now Ignis.” She gently lets his hand go. “Please let us continue our night. I don’t want us to miss out on enjoying each other’s company.” She smiles softly. “I would like to spend as much time with you as possible.” She wanted him to know that she was interested in the handsome, gentle, demigod.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 8d 16h 9m 1s
Ignis nodded as she complimented his act calling him sweet, he was truly flattered under his exterior smile. She then referred to him as a gentlemen, the greatest title he felt was needed given to him. He still after years of service, he wanted to be a man, to have a family, but war was his place... He couldn't imagine giving it up. Not not, he was a god of fire, he had power beyond that of a mortal... But was there something he was missing... Yes... Yes he could see it on the face of every smiling child, every eye in every father, the burning passion that the defense of their family could bring to them. When he fought alongside men on the battlefield he could tell a father from an unmarried man, the fathers fought with such drive and ferocity... Something he never thought he'd feel, it was after all Forbidden... But was that all that was to his story, a warrior, a powerful being, an entity that lived and died... Could he leave no heritage on this earth, could he see no child born to his blood?

She said she wanted to one day meet a great man, to marry him and have a family... It was like his whole world opened up to her in that moment. He was that man, at least he could say that to himself.. There was no possible way he could say such a thing to her now... Was there? Her words on the shortness of life took him aback, she could die in battle... But he wouldn't dare stop her from going even if she was his wife, it was in defense of the kingdom first, the king second, yourself third, the families of those you fight for, and for honor. Taking war from a warrior is like taking flour from a baker... They are nothing without it. Like taking Iron from a smith, or a field from a farmer... It is hardly proper.

She then raised the question of women, Ignis had always until this point followed his guidelines carefully. He had gone with some women, once or twice out for a time, though none of them ever stuck... They didn't catch his interest he was simply young and foolish at the time. They were captured by his body, and his stature, his appearance and all that he was... He began wearing a mask and still he amassed a following. He would be swooned over and he hated it truly, he was flattered, but he was not a man who would take a woman he did not trust. A woman who wouldn't understand his pain, he needed someone who knew... Someone who had been to war, someone who could cope with his shortcomings he knew he had. [b "When I was younger... I didn't say no, I said yes a few times... Women still chase me after I've been saying no for so long... It's not worth it, I am alone often... But I'd rather cry alone, then be judged for crying upon reasons they wouldn't understand."] His eyes left hers as he spoke these words. And then returned as his second sentence began. [b "You see, you're the first I have brought here... Because it is my place, my place of peace. You just seemed someone I could trust here, with it, with my face... Few know anymore... What I look like."] His eyes went to the moons reflection in the sea. [b "I don't... I don't mean to seem a strange man... I don't mean to seem the way I do with you. You're in search of a man I cannot be."]
  Ignis Heros / THeJediRevan / 8d 16h 22m 49s
Ailetha was called amazing and a perfect wife she couldn’t help but like the sound of everything he had said. Of course she took it as a compliment. Ignis wasn’t one to insult her and she had learned that very quickly. [i There’s no need to apologize Ignis. I understand you quite well. Besides one day I do hope to become a wife and to know that I seem quite fit then that makes me happy.] She thought and looks at him as he continued to apologize.

Once their food was brought to them and the sever leaves them to be alone she looks at Ignis. “My my for a demigod you are very sweet.” She smiles. “I took what you said as a compliment. Thank you Ignis. I do know that you are respectful and a gentleman. I wouldn’t dare think that you would insult me.” She takes a sip of her wine. “Besides one day I do hope to be a wife of a great man of course. Once I find him.” She pushes some of her hair back from laying over her shoulders. “But for now I must enjoy my time. Life can be taken away at any moment. Especially since I will be on the battlefield more. I must make the most.”

Ailetha wanted a family one day if she ever meets the right person. She has spent her years entertaining men that have interest in her for a quick second. She wasn’t too upset about those situations since she couldn’t deny that she got lonely quite a bit and wanted company but as the years go by she hopes to find a permanent companion. “Have you ever met a lady that has caught your interest sir Ignis?” She asked. Of course she assumed that Ignis had many women. Wouldn’t he? He’s a demigod, higher in rank than the king. People worshipped him. [i I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t want to tell me. He’s loved by all. All the time.]

With a soft chuckle she sets her drink down. “I bet women chase after you. How can you say no to such temptations in the world? Do you entertain a lot of ladies likes you are with me?” Even though Ignis had spoke such kind words to her Ailetha didn’t believe she was the only one he spoke them to. She wasn’t that special and he wasn’t so unpopular to not have everyone woman’s attention.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 8d 16h 41m 42s

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