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Jay whimpered as Oliver left once more, leaving her alone there to finish the class out. She grabbed her low backpack and put it on as she got up, slipping her hoodie on underneath of it. She walked out of the classroom to meet Jayfeather, her brother wrapping his arm around her.

Jay was crying as soon as she got home because she instantly got yelled at by her father. Her mother was gone somewhere and that didn't stop the onslaught on her body as the father grabbed her neck and just squeezed. She hung there loosely crying as Jayfeather was just hopeless and watched.


Jayfeather sighed as he woke up in the morning, once again both him and Jay not being fed. But today, he had to shake Jay to awaken her. He looked over her bruised neck, sighing as he wrapped a scarf around her neck. He grabbed her arm and helped her up, only running past the kitchen where their parents were as they scooped up their bag and ran to school, running their hardest to get there.

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He took a deep breathe before he turned and looked at her. "Yeah I'm fine, just wasn't expecting to have a reaction to something is all." He said smiling. "No need to worry about me." He just kept staring at her and couldn't bring himself to look away. He stared at her wings and just felt this sense of lust. He knew what it was he wondered why it would be so strong for her. Then again she was the first fallen angel he's encountered. Finally the class ended and he practically ran out of the room. "Sorry to run but I'll see you tomorrow!" He said as he headed for the door to go outside even though school wasn't over for the day. He needed to go home and figure out why she had such a strong effect on him and how to counter it. He just kept thinking of Jayfeather and how he probably hated him now for running out on his sister. he shrugged it of and figured they'd find out why eventually if he couldn't control himself.
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Jay blushed as she was told she was special and she looked up to see Oliver walk out, the beginning of bruises on her neck. She didn't have anything to cover those and she must've forgotten the almost-blue bruises on her neck. She whimpered as she waited for Oliver to get back, only sitting up when Oliver came back.

[#9400D3 "Are you okay...?" ] She said, obviously showing her true colours to Oliver.
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Oliver just looked at her when she took her hoodie off and smiled. "I knew there was something special about you." He said teasingly. And then all of a sudden he got this headache and he felt his blood to start boiling. He kept taking deep breaths and looking out the window keeping his nose covered and his face hidden. 'What the hell is wrong? I've controlled my urges so well.' He thought and he felt his eyes starting to change. He quickly stood up and walked out of class. He walked to the water fountain and took a few pills and suddenly he started feeling better. He just leaned against the wall and punched it leaving a crack. "Damn it" he said out loud and just took a deep sigh. 'Guess i have to be careful around her and have extra restraint, such a drag.' He thought with a smirk and finally walked back into class and apologized to the teacher politely.
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When Jayfeather said goodbye and went into the agriculture class, he let out an odd and awkward wave. But somehow, to Oliver's luck, Jay was in his next class too and she sat in the back by the window, playing with some crayons. She wasn't really doodling, she was merely holding them in her hands.

Jay had actually taken off her hoodie this time but this didn't stop her from wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath. There were holes for her wings though, the long black wings being the same length as she was but they were pressed against her back. Everybody seemed straight-forward with what race they were as this was kinda a supernatural school.
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"It's nice to meet you as well! Where are you guys headed next? I'll escort you guys there." He said with a gentle smile and walked them out of the room. He wanted to know what their past was and why they were so secretive. But he also didn't want to seem too invested. He just shrugged and continued walking down the hall. He looked over at Jay and smiled "I'm Sorry if i have offended you in any way, i swear that was never my intention." He said rubbing the back of his head with a guilty look on his face. He hoped she wasn't too made at him.

When they were at their next class he just kept walking off to his and threw his hand up in the air in a sort of backwards wave. "I'll see you guys later!" He yelled back at them with a smirk. While he was sitting in his next class he was bored and couldn't get the thought of Jay out of his head. 'Should have asked for her phone number' He thought and started laughing to himself. 'Like that would ever happen' He shook his head and just fell asleep for the rest of class.
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Jayfeather smiled as he got up, shouldering his satchel and his backpack as he stared at the other races in the room like vamps and all that. He turned back around to see Jay with her hood over her head darting towards the classroom door, still upset. He looked at Oliver with a weird but not hostile look and shakily took his hand.

[#228B22 "N-Nice to meet you O-Oliver..." ]

Jayfeather whimpered, now that he was standing up right next to Oliver, he seemed really unhealthy. His body was as thin as a toothpick and he was a sick pale not a natural pale. His hands was cold too, his sweater sleeves covering his wrists like Jay's hoodie was.
  amo- / 1y 157d 19h 16m 46s
He looked at her when she poked her head out and looked confused. He wanted to comfort her but just figured that’d be creepy. He chuckled to himself and just smiled. [#880000 “Purple and silver? That’s a great combination. Any particular movies you like?”] he asked trying to ease into conversation. Looking at the teacher who had given him a glare for not paying atttion he just sighed and shrugged his shoulders. He never paid attention in this class so it’s nothing new. But then he saw the clock and realized there was only a few minutes left in class anyways. He looked over at her and sighed.

The bell rang and he looked around the room. He waited to get up until most the class was gone. He just looked at her as she walked over to her brother. [#880000 “Hey, the name is Oliver! Nice to meet you.”] He said kindly and held his hand out for a formal hand shake. He wanted to be as nice as possible to them feeling like they weren’t used to having kind people in their lives.
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Jayfeather growled as he watched Jay sink into her chair and he almost got up and slapped Oliver. But once Oliver waved, it actually calmed him down and he sunk into his seat once more, sighing as he closed his eyes are started to go to sleep.


Jay didn't answer for a few moments, her body shaking inside of her hoodie before she poked her head out once more, looking over at Oliver. It was obvious she was crying because there were dried tears on her cheeks, however, she did not have on any make-up at all so thank god for that.

[#9400D3 "Purple... And Silver..." ]

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He just looked at her and put his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair. [#880000 “Fair enough, I wouldn’t want to tell a stranger anything either.”] He said looking back at her with a comforting smile. He noticed her brother staring at him and felt bad, he gave him a little smile and waved as in to show he meant no harm. He looked back at her and just sighed. ‘Guess I’ll just have to harder.’ He thought to himself loving a challenge. [#880000 “We can start off simple, my favorite color is green, what’s yours?”] he asked with a kind smile and a light chuchkle.
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Jay sighed, he really couldn't tell Oliver where they came from so she sunk in her seat and wrapped herself in her hoodie, hiding her body. [#9400D3 "Nowhere. We come from nowhere..." ] She said with a sad tone, pulling her head out of her hood and down into the hoodie so she looked like a turtle.

She only ever did that when she didn't feel happy.
  amo- / 1y 158d 1h 30m 26s
Oliver looked back at her brother and kind of felt weird. 'He probably hates me already, so much for being friends.' he thought to himself ind of bummed but had a small smirk on. He looked back at Jay and smiled. "I'm a junior, what about you?" He asked politely. He heard the teacher talking but he didn't listen to a single word. He was too perplexed with her beauty. He'd much rather have her teach the class because he could listen to her talk for ages. There was just something about the way her voice rang in his ears. "where'd you guys transfer from?" He asked kindly wanting to know as much as he could about them.
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Jayfeather turned around in his seat to look at Jay but found himself staring at her back. He leaned forwards, his blue eyes staring at Oliver before he sighed, sitting back in his seat. He was sure he told Jay not to talk to anybody, no matter how charming, sweet or whatever they were.

He was sure his parents would find out soon and beat them more. He frowned and his mind dwelled into negative places, his anxiety rising as he slumped down in the seat further and further, almost so low where you couldn't see his head.


Jay smiled as she turned and stared at Oliver and she nodded her head. [#9400D3 "Hi Oliver, what grade are you in-?" ] Jay asked, looking Oliver up and down as she hugged her herself with the sleeves of her hoodie. She seemed nice which was odd for the way that she showed herself off.

But she was still hiding something and it was apparent that she was doing so. Her lips twitched once in a while, her hair tucked back in the hood of her hoodie.

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  amo- / 1y 158d 16h 36m 6s
Oliver wasn't too shocked with their introductions. He knew they woudn't be too long and explaining. He just chuckled at Jayfeather's. And then his sister stood up and couldn't help but watch her walk up front. But then he shook his head and just looked out the window. As she was talking her voice was like a pleasant song to his ears. He was confused at how lovely her voice was. He just shrugged and looked at a bird outside the window. And then he heard the chair next to him. He looked over and saw Jay sitting there. He smiled politely. "Nice to meet you, the name is Oliver" He said kindly.
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Jayfeather sighed as he reached the front of the class, turning around as his eyes scanned over the whole classroom before landing on Oliver. The more simple he was, the more he would be pleased with how little the class knew about him. He cleared his throat and looked down at the ground, maintaining his cool self.

[#228B22 "I'm Jayfeather Hunter, I'm new here and I like plants." ]

That's all he said, the teacher just sighing and shooing Jayfeather away and back to his desk. He walked between the isles, his scarf flying behind him as he sat down back in his seat, smiling over at Jay. [#228B22 "Your turn, have fun-" ] He said mockingly but in a sibling kind of way.

Jayfeather then crossed his arms, closing his eyes as he leaned back in his seat, trying to calm himself down. Secretly, being in front of everybody bothered him until he was in combat or literally fist fighting. Then at that point, he didn't care.


Jay smirked and got up, a confident look in her body as she walked up to the classroom. But just like Jayfeather, it was just all for show. She was more insecure than anything but she didn't want people knowing that then they'd think she's weak. And she didn't like people knowing that.

She finally reached the front of the class, her hoodie still flowing around her from how baggy it was before she opened her mouth to talk.

[#9400D3 "I'm Jay, as in the bird. I'm Jayfeather's brother and we come from somewhere." ]

She finished with a cocky smile, seeing all the other boys sit up as they tried to grab her attention. She just ignored them as she made her way back to her seat, actually sitting right next to Oliver with her feet propped back up on her desk.

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