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Cleo is starting her first day at Highlands Academy. Although, this school isn't an ordinary school. Vampires and humans stay here together. The vampires are only able to stay if they drink the serum the principal makes that allows them to be in sunlight and to manage their blood lust. This serum isn't perfect, but if kept up with it does the trick. All in hopes of showing that these two species can live together and have productive lives.

Cleo, is just an ordinary human. She is a typical high school girl, good grades, easy on the eyes, fun personality. But, she secretly despises being just a human. Her father is a vampire hunter and has taught her great defense against them, even though she vowed to never use this against them. She longs to become a part of their world, even though it would crush her father. Can she find a vampire to persuade into turning her into the eternal life of blood lust and agony?

Looking for at least one male vampire
Others are welcomed to join seeing as it's a high school. the more drama the better.
And yes, this is an adults role play, violence, sex, swearing all welcomed ;)


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A male vampire dressed in black and blue was walking to school like always.Well not walking I could guess walking on two flying disks.Well he walked to the school and saw some one in a black spotted white dress.he though he thought she was cute she looked like a human wich was not normal for him"[+blue wonder who that is]?"he said as he walked into school.

I did this to make shore your role play starded again. and sorry for making it die.
  ret the vampire / theboyslasher / 99d 3h 14m 26s
I’d really love to get this one going! ^_^ please let me know if you are interested
  Cleo / CleoX / 111d 11h 31m 33s

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