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Jayfeather listened to the other male as he heard where he was from. Norway? Jayfeather sighed, no wonder this kid seemed so nervous and didn't really know what to say. [#228B22 "I bet, don't worry I think you'll fit in just fine." ] Jayfeather said, rolling his eyes.

Jayfeather was sure that Ryan was going to become one of the popular kids and that he would be forgotten as easily as that. But he was used to dealing with that, which is why he wasn't getting too close with Ryan. He stared at the double doors opening them for Ryan.

[#228B22 "In this school, herbology is frowned upon- It's all football and that shit." ] Jayfeather said, sounding pretty upset that nobody else shared the same passion for herbs and life as he did. He even looked down at his satchel, pushing down the herbs gently so the flap could fully go over the satchel, hiding the herbs before looking up.

[#228B22 "Here's the office, I'll wait for you out here." ]
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He was a little put off when the other simply began to walk, having to double his pace to keep up with the other, nodding faintly at his words. "Jayfeather?" He repeated, finding the name a bit odd even by his worlds standards but he didn't comment further on it, maybe humans often settled with names like that and his workers had chosen a name that was too simple for him. Not that he could change it now, it was too late. "Oh- a junior-" He said before furrowing his brows as he tried to organize the new information into his mind. Three years had a title, which was Junior, an odd title since his knowledge of the Terra realm said that junior meant the second or smaller version, and the man before him was not very small.

Rather than continuing to stare the young prince decided to look around some more, catching a glimpse of another person or two that lingered within the halls much too early. "Hjem," he answered without thinking, immediately blushing as he cleared his throat and waved a hand, "It's a small town in Norway," he covered up quickly, keeping with the story he had been given, "Nothing big, so this- all of this is pretty new to me," he admitted, hoping that the other male would stay with him, perhaps even after their trip to the office, which seemed to be right in front of them if the large oak doors were any sign of that. "But I see that plants are still pretty popular here, so I can keep up with that," he added, gesturing to the man's satchel.
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The corner of Jayfeather's lips twitched upwards, his failed attempt at a smile as he nodded. He held out his pale hand towards Ryan, barely having enough time to shake it before letting go, his hand resting in his pocket. [#228B22 "I'm Jayfeather and it's no problem. Gives me something to do." ] He said with that sorrowful voice.

He turned around without saying anything else and began to walk expecting Ryan to be right behind him. His long legs took long strides, meaning he was a bit faster than everybody else when it came to walking. He heard Ryan's question behind him and he sighed, his forest green eyes just keeping forwards down the long hallway.

[#228B22 "Three years. I'm a Junior." ] Jayfeather said, expecting Ryan to already know the ranking inside of the high school. He felt his satchel knocking against his hip along with his black bookbag against his bag, his hair bouncing slightly with every movement he took.

[#228b22 "What about you, where do you come from-?" ]
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It wasn't the man's features, nor was it his demeanor that interested Cheyrth immediately, rather it was the satchel that the man carried by his side that seemed to be overflowing with wildlife. The whispering of the plants calling to the Fae and enticing him to lean closer though he restrained himself and instead forced his gaze back to the mans face, taking in every crease of his skin, every flicker of his eyes ad follicle of hair. For a human, he wasn't too appalling, though when his guards had been attempting to dissuade the young prince they had shown him terrible images that continued to haunt his dreams.
"That would be very helpful," he breathed out, reaching back to adjust the bag that he had been given, the unusual position of it not bothering him as much as the gripping of his shoulders which he was used to having free. "I'm Ryan by the way, obviously I'm new here so- thank you for helping me," he breathed out in a quick fashion, almost as though he was simply scared to speak.
But everything that surrounded him was magical in a way that mortals could never understand. The artificial lighting that buzzed overhead, the use of metal for such mundane structures, only holding books! Not to mention the way they held themselves, especially the one before him, constrained into his own person, as though he were unsure if the air around him was safe enough to stretch into, and it was interesting if there was one thing every Fae had it was confidence.
"Have you, ah, been going to this school for very long?" he asked, prodding at the conversation gently, unsure how they were to end, and if he wanted it to either.
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Jayfeather was called one of the weirdest person in the high school, mostly because of his interests in everything green. He was the one slouched by the lockers, his tall figure only enabling him to reach even the tops of his locker. He was a quiet type of person but if he really liked you and you were nice to him, he would open up to you.

But not only that, he was a pothead and he usually grew the weed for his own uses. It made him feel more alive, lighter than usual and relaxed and he wasn't the one to usually relax without help. He sighed, his face holding a sad and lonely look to his face as he stared into his locker before hearing a voice geared towards him. He shut his locker a bit before looking over, his features popping out.

Jayfeather was very pale but his skin was clear, I mean no teenage acne or anything. He seemed to be very good at cleaning himself as well because his black hair was also one of best things about him. He had forest green eyes and he wore a matching sweater along with torn black skinny jeans. He had a satchel along his left hip, some herbs poking out of the clothed flap that was over it.

He had his normal school backpack over his shoulder, the whole bag being black painted with white speckles. His lips were a delicate pink, the lips angled downwards into that sorrowful frown before he nodded his head, staring at Ryan.

[#228B22 "I do, would you like me to walk with you?" ]

He asked with a soft voice, waiting for the other male to answer his question.
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Fairy tales had always shocked young Cheyrth from the moment he could understand what was happening within them. The fact that mortals had construed their world into one of demons and monsters, witches and princesses, and that his own kind, the Fey, were seen as Faries, dainty creatures that flew around giggling and with wands about. It was nearly a disgusting thought that had him shuddering to this day.
While it was true that their world was separated through a thin veil of reality it was easy to peek through and to step within the world of the Fey, Hjem, where the trees swayed as they pleased and the blades of grass whispered sweet stories to each as they strode past. No, his home was not one of sugar and bedtime stories, at times it was ravaged with war, most of which his family had won. Which was why they had landed atop the country, the Edel, noble family.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" His mother asked, fretting over her son as she fixed his hair and turned her nose up at the clothes their scouts had gathered for him on their last recon into what was known as [i downtown]. He was coming of age and had decided to step into the world of the mortals, to explore what their lives were like and to understand the other side, as was his right, not that his parents agreed with his decision. "I don't want you to get lost or hurt, you know how to call him, right?" She asked, finally stepping back as his father wrapped his arm around her, silent as always as he gazed down at his son.
His family was everything to him, and it broke his heart to see his mother so worried but there was a deep calling within him to dive through the folds that separated their worlds. "I will be alright," he whispered before leaning forward to give her a soft kiss to the cheek, nodding once to his father before turning and staring at the gate that was to turn only once in the next year. The guard stood straighter, "Prins Cheyrth, departure as Ryan Cheth, Realm Terra," he announced, pulling the lever and allowing the male to suck in one sharp breath before he was thrown through onto the cold hard marble floor of the high school that had been chosen for him. His knees ached as he slowly straightened himself up, glad they had chosen a time before any students had arrived, the scouts had already registered him and run him through the basics of his new life, leaving him to stumble the rest of the way alone. Walking through the empty halls with his head lower than usual until he spotted a figure, a mortal obviously, that was slouched by the lockers.
"Hello!" he called out curiously, "Do you happen to know where the office is?"
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