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[center [size14 [font Century There is an infinite list of things that the mortal world was never intended to know about. The feud between supernatural races, the involvement of magic in their politics, and most of all, [i witches.] Everyone who existed beyond the boundaries of their world agreed that no person would dare break the treaty that the witches had created for their own safety. The coven knew of the fear and persecution they would face. That was why it became so easy for everyone to agree that the supernatural world would never involve itself in human affairs.]]]

[center [size14 [font Century At least not until [b My Character] showed up.]]]

[center [size14 [font Century Since she was a child, [b My Character] has broken every single rule shes come in contact with. The incident with her uncles favorite motorcycle? That was her. Spell casting before the legal age? You guessed it. Starting a war between the human world and witches? It just seemed easy enough. The only thing was... she never [i intended] for all of these things to happen, but no one ever does.]]]

[center [size14 [font Century It had all started with the mystery surrounding her birth. No one in the coven knew who [b My Characters] parents could be, so it was somewhat suspicious when the child showed up on the front steps of Ethan Parker's home in the middle of an ink black night in October. She came with nothing but the tightly swaddled yellow blanket she was wrapped in. ]]]

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[center [size14 [font Century Fast forward twenty years later. A vicious thunder storm had been wrecking havoc on the little town for nearly a week. The coven had issued a warning to anyone possible, stating:]]]

[center To Whom It May Concern,]

[center [size14 [font Century All members of the Coven are to remain indoors with zero exposure to the outdoors, as ordered by the High Priest. Any members with the knowledge of a Coven member who has broken this decree shall immediately report their information to the High Priest, by phone, and wait patiently until they receive a response. All Coven members will be notified when this decree is called off.]]]

[center [size14 [font Century The High Priest thanks you for your understanding. ]]]

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[center [size14 [font Century With the storm raging on, Ethan had no idea that [b My character] was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, she had managed to safely make it a cemetery on the far side of town. It was her ritual to go there and clear her head; she even imagined if any particular gravestone belonged to one of her parents. But this time was different. With all of the main roads flooding, she could make out that some of the more shallow plotted graves were beginning to rise- the dirt pushing itself towards the sky as if it belonged there instead of right where it was. Looking around, she realized that some graves even had corners of caskets sticking out... and a few of the hundreds of years old plots had much, much worse. Fingers peaking out of the dirt, curled with years and years of decomposition.]]]

[center [size14 [font Century In a fit of fear, she [i fled] from the cemetery, never once looking back to realize that she was being watched by a black cloaked figure hiding in the trees, [b Your Character]. [b Your Character] had been sent to keep a watchful eye over her, inspecting damage control, but also to figure out just how powerful she was, and how much control [b My Character] had over herself. Was she who everyone had thought she was? Or was she just another mix-up, a dead end?]]]

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[center [b The Point]]

We dont know how [b My Character] came to be. But there are a hundred rumors about who her parents are, and [b You] were sent to figure out if any of them were true. To be her watcher, her secret companion, and protector if it ever came down to it.

The point, is to figure out her parents, her own powers, if theres more to her bad luck than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. What will happen after the storm? And is everyone who they say they are?

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[center [b Rules:]]

[center [list
No Godmodding
3 Post Minimum Per Week
1,200 Chracters •But quality over quantity•
Proper Grammar
Romance Possible
Real Photos]]

[b [i Also]], if there is romance, I'd prefer to have a F/F pairing, but I can work with a F/M if need be.

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[center [b Skeleton:]]

[b Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Character Bio & History:]
[b Where is your character from:]
[b Who sent them to watch my character?:]

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[b Name:] Evremonde Sicily
[b Age:] 24
[b Character Bio & History:] Evremonde was born to a coven mother, quickly taken into the fold by them as a child before he could be "corrupted" by the world. He was raised as one of the few men of them, treated no different however, he hardly knew he was different. Though he did find it strange he was the tallest of any of the ones his age, and he was the strongest often after the age of fourteen. He however never had the connection to the dark arts that he thought he needed... And it bothered him. His connection has always been hindered, but by what he does not know... He had some connection it was simply not enough for him. And he was used as a spy by the Coven, it made him useful... And he felt some little bit better about his situation.
[b Where is your character from:] Born to a Coven mother, and a french father. Evremonde took his fathers name but never knew him.
[b Who sent them to watch my character?:] Coven Order


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Evremonde stood against the darkness of night, his cloak falling around him in the midst of the stormy night. Lighting burned through the sky like a bolt sent from Zeus through the heavens to illuminate the skies, while thunder crashed behind it shaking the earth. The rain battered the ground splashing heavily against puddles and the muddy soil of the ground. Graves rose from the ground as if the dead wished to live again and roam free once more as they had long ago. Or was that all... Just a legend? Who knows really... But all legends have some truth or another to be told.

The small building at the center of the graveyard was what Evremonde used as his shield, his cloak was held still by the cover from the hard winds that building provided. His eyes locked onto the woman who had walked into the graveyard, he knew her name... But that was practically it. He knew she was something special, or the council thought so. Evremonde, raised a brow as she ventured inside. Her heart stricken quickly with fear, fear he did not understand, she seemed to have looked among the graves... The sight that seemed as the living dead. This sight intrigued him, it made him wonder if the dead every truly walked the earth... But it seems she fears them... Typical of a human.

Evremonde was in fact human yes, but raised much differently. He made his way up from the graveyard hastening quickly his cloak following his movements closely. His eyes locked onto his target ahead of him, she had made up some ground between the entrance where she had run from and his leaving it. She was perhaps eighty or ninety paces from him, as he rounded the corner leaving the cemetery through its main gate. His presence as a figure was tall, dark, and he seemed as perhaps the reaper in the haze of the nights rain. He began to walk after her at a brisk pace, determined not to allow her out of his sight, this would be his first chance to learn something.
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