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Hey all fellow RP-ers and writers.
Vulpis here after a very long time of inactivity, I'm trying to get back into writing and RP-ing, but have hit a mind block of sorts. I have plenty of ideas, but not sure how to implement them. I'd love to experiment with some new people with any ideas you might have or my own, or even a combination of both if you wish.

Well in short, just searching for a partner to rp with and bounce ideas off, I'm more into OC stuff rather than fandoms, but I will work with some if you ask. Genre-wise, Fantasy and Sci-Fi would be frontrunners, but Action, Horror and Supernatural with dark twists would be high up there also. Romance is also fine, but as long as it's not the centre plotline of the Idea.

Well enough of my little rant, if you can write a fair amount and are able to keep up with me, feel free to respond to this thread or send me a PM if you're interested. If you read the whole thing, then thanks~!

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