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On a clear night, stars lighting up the sky - came noise of two cars driving alongside a dirt road. The engines revved and purred, tyres skidded along the gravel as the drivers behind the wheel gripped their wheels and tried to out smart and out drive the other.
The cars in question were not trouble but it was the drivers that were. In one, with the windows blacked out was a girl - rich, snobby, looking for adventure when the car her Father bought her for Graduation as he was too busy to see his only daughter graduate was stolen by herself and 2 single friends who simply wanted to go for a drive. In the other, a boy, along with his friends, simply on their way home from the diner, were egged on by the joy riding Princess for a race.

As luck would have it, the girl had none. It was with the two cars getting close to each other side by side - bumping that the two lost control and both plowed into a wooden fence of a farm and her car hitting the frame work of a silo that rested in the field. A silo that collapsed and fell onto the barn, completely destroying the structure.

Again, having no luck, the girl's father came to see her when hearing of the accident, landed the reckless daughter and the joy riding boy in court to sort out punishment. The ruling was final, the prissy Princess was to stay on the farm until completion of the structure and knowing what true hard work of the land was otherwise, she would be put in a female holding facility. Little did the know, the farm she crashed into was owned by the Boys Father.

Its simple, she didnt know what work was, never woke up at 4am to milk cows, feed chickens, pulling wheat. She cetainly wasnt going to take orders from the boy who would kick her bed to awaken her from her sleep. They did not get along. They would get into fights as they were both stubborn, but what if one day - things changed? and she stopped making excuses....?


Needing a person to play "the boy" ...
Literacy is a must. I cannot handle only 4 sentences written. Be creative. Thrill me!
Real pictures are prefered...

I am open to ideas.

This was just a quick plot. I do hope you an join so we can make something great. PM me.. :)
I dont do skelly's. Honestly. Why waste time? Let's just get on with it! Lol..


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Everytime she opened her mouth to responed, the Farmer boy always turned on his heel and walked away from her.
This was nothing but rude.
It was as if he did not wish to listen to her or her voice, that was what she thought. Little did she know, it was true.

Elijah had no intention on taking time out of his life to listen.

Looking back on it, Lily was not a wonderful and kind house guest. She was rude, definately not punctual and utterly disrespectful. Funny, as she had always been the opposite, beside being a little snobby from being handed things on a silver platter.
Elijah wandered out from the bedroom and down the hall to which she could hear due to the cracking of the floor boards.

Oh, she hated him.
Everytime he was near, she balled her hands into fists as his attitude made her blood boil but then again, she wasnt doing herself any favors.
There was however something about him.
Perhaps she hated him so much as a cover for wanting him as desperatly as she did.

Lily wanted something she couldnt have and this was the very first time that happened as she got everything.

Elijah was tall.
Strong, with arms that could lift her up with ease as if she was nothing but a feather.
An ass that was tempting her to bite as it looked hot in those jeans. She stopped herself many times to not think about what was underneath those clothes.
If he was ripped, had a big dick or not.

One thought, she would trail off in a daydream for a long time.

[i "Get you ass moving! We are going to lose daylight!"]
[b "Ugh... shut up! I'm coming!..."] she called back, checking herself in the mirror, placing fingers on her lips and plumped them up before pinching her cheeks to let blood flow to make them pink.
[i "I'm heading out to the barn. You better be out there in five minutes, or that'll be your first strike against you"]
Then, with those words being called out - she wandered out of the room - down the hall and pushed the door open and headed towards the barn, following Elijah.

Down the steps, feet onto the gravel ground, Lily followed like aq lost little lamb before finally approaching the open entrance of the barn.
Leaning against the doorframe, her eyes watched the boy rake one of the stalls.

A wheelbarrow and shovel to her right, ready to be used.
A small smile spread across her lips as she continued to watch him.
Damn he was beautiful.

The thoughts wanted to flood in her mind, but thankfully they were stopped by his voice.
[i "Get the shovel, and start putting the shit into that wheelbarrow. I'll come and get it in a little bit"]

Lily didnt speak a work
Simply shrugged her shoulders and stepped forward, grabbing the staff of the shovel and rested it against the first stall that needed to be cleaned.
Both hands on the arms of the wheelbarrow, she lifted it up on the front tyre and wheeled it over.
Humming to herself a song to keep her mind busy from screaming - Lily grabbed the shovel and started to shovel up the horse shit - placing it into the drum of the wheelbarrow.

[b "One of the good things about coming from money, a father wants to win his daughters affection. Her buys her things. In this case, I ..wanted a pony. Shoveling shit, knowing my way around a stall and wheeling a barrow, I know.."] she spoke, looking at Eli for a moment before turning back - putting shit into the barrow before wheeling it to the next stall.

[b "I guess getting me the pony, distracted me from him never being there..."] she spoke once more, not knowing why she said what she just did.

How she wanted to kiss him.
Just a little kiss.

A surprise, spontanous kiss. One they wouldn't speak of again.

Lily wanted to be close to someone, that was what her heart desired.

[b "So, do you have a girlfriend?.."]
  MeisjeKelly / 17d 20h 47m 12s
The male was standing inside of the kitchen, he didn't even hear what the woman said. He sighed lightly, as he looked out the back windows. Things had changed in less than three days, and the woman already thought that she owned the place. In reality she was the one who was a guest in his house. He was the one who pretty much ran the show when his father wasn't around. He crossed his arms over his chest, and stood there watching the clouds moving along the sky in silence. Everything was changing still, and he hated it with a passion.

He didn't want to baby sit the woman, and he sure as hell didn't want to take her into town either. He didn't want to even be around her. She was treating him like shit, and he wished his father would have sent her ass to jail. He could have gotten a lot of his friends to help him with the Silo. He knew it would take some time, but he would have gotten the job done, along with taking care of the farm as well. He would be able to handle his friends, but not this bitch.

There was something else about her though. Something, that he didn't know was there. He felt some kind of an attraction to her. A connection of sorts. He didn't know what it was, or why he was feeling like this, but there was something there. She wasn't just a bitch, she was beautiful too. Her eyes, her lips, her body. Everything. There was just something about her, that he couldn't really put his finger on. Maybe if he had taken the time to get to know, things might be a bit different. The thing was though, he didn't want to get to know her.

She had already ruined that with him. He wasn't going to admit it, but she had. If she could just prove that she was willing to help out, and to take direction from him, then maybe he would change his mind about her. Right now though, he just didn't want to deal with this shit. There was so much more he could be doing. The longer she stayed in her room, the longer it was pissing him off. [b "Get you ass moving! We are going to lose daylight!"] he called out. He wasn't going to wait around much longer.

He pushed himself away from the counter, and called out once more. [b "I'm heading out to the barn. You better be out there in five minutes, or that'll be your first strike against you"] he called out. He opened the door and stepped out the screen door. The screen door slammed closed behind him, and he made his way to the barn. He spotted Starfire, and when she looked up she snorted. He looked over his shoulder, and spotted the woman finally coming out of the house. [b [i 'Finally']] he thought to himself. He then made his was to the barn.

He walked over to one of the stalls, and found the rake he would need, and went to Starfire's stall, and started cleaning it out. He looked up when the woman entered the barn, and he stopped what he was doing, and leaned against the rake. [b "Get the shovel, and start putting the shit into that wheelbarrow. I'll come and get it in a little bit"] he said. He then went back to raking the hay. This time he kept his mouth shut, letting her figure out how to get the wheelbarrow to move.

This was going to be interesting to say the least. Seeing the stuck up bitch, shoveling horse shit for once in her life. The male smirked lightly, as he went about his own job.
  earтн / Blissful- / 32d 14h 32m 52s
The rag which rested in her soft, uncalloused hand was soiled and brown from the rubbing she did upon the floor, making sure all evidence of the sandwich and small shards of the plate were gone.
It would of been bad if one was too step on a peice of crockery in bare feet and this was what she wanted to avoid.

Pride was a fickle thing.

Anthony witnessed the girl cleaning, swallowing her pride and cleaned it up like the good girl she secretly was but hid it well.
The moment she lent up and stood tall, hiding her defeated face, Lily kept her eyes on the man who clearly owned the house. The big boss, the one who would point fingers and tell the young girl what to do, just like his son.

Anthony went on a shpeel and Lily listneed intently all the while screams in her head of not wanting to be here.
[i "Remember this princess, you caused this mess, not him. If you even think about trying to ruin his life, I will ruin yours ten times faster."]
[b "I wasn't the only one racing cars, that night, Mr Barrett. You son is equally to blame.."] she replied.

It was true.
It was not just her that night but also Elijah and both of their friends who were in the passenger seat and one in the back seat of her Jag. This man wanted a scapegoat, all he wanted to do was push Lily under a bus and make her out to be the devil, when he son was the reincarnate.

[i You might be the spoiled little rich girl, but you are on my land, living in my home, and I can easily have you put into jail, with the worst treatment you will ever get. Now, do you really want that, or would you rather stay here and do as my sons asks of you?"]

Lily glared as she took a step in closer to Anthony, not shrinking, no tail inbetween her legs and continued to stare upon the man who was speaking to her in a not so ncie manner.
[b "You want to put me in jail? Fine, go ahead. At the end of the day, your Silo wont be built and you will look like the man who couldn't handle a simple girl. You'd be a man who would be wrong and I can see, that you dont like to be wrong..."]

Lily did not know that Anthony was proud of her for cleaning up. Truth be told she was a little proud herself that she bit her pride in the ass and cleaned up. She was hell proud of her achievement.
Anthony spoke a little calmer and mentioned he would keep his promise which only made Lily roll her eyes - listening, ordering her to go into her room and change as the nexxt thing on her list to do would be cleaning out the stables.

Tossing the cleaning cloth to the owners chest, Lily moved and wandered down the hallway to her bedroom and stepped in closing the door.
It was leaning against it that her eyes looked at her luggage, her Vuitton bag and she sighed.

Life on the farm was shit.

Unboxing her clothes, Lily took out her long hair from her delicate pony tail, put on a pair of pants and a single white shirt along with Nike Air Max runners and sat upon her bed, waiting.

Elijah was right.
She did need new clothes, especially if she was going to be shovelling horse shit.

Throughout this whole time, Elijah and his father were dicussing in the kitchen and it wasn't long until the door to her bedroom opened and she tilted her head up - no longer looking at her fingernails and stared upon the boy who did take her breath away.

[+green "I know I was an asshole, and I'm sorry. But I guess my dad is making a list of rules that you and I both need to follow. He does want me to take you to the barn though, so let's go"]
[b "Was an asshole? ...More like..are..an asshole.."] she muttered softly and removed herself from the bed and shifted towards the boy. [b "I guess I'm sorry too..."] she spoke softly. [b "Are you going to the barn or?... are we just going to stand here?..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 39d 21h 16m 30s
Anthony looked towards the woman, and he shook his head a bit. [i "Seeing as it is our house, and he can come and go as he pleases, you on the other hand can't leave. When I'm not around, my son is in charge. Since this is your punishment for ruining my farm, you will listen to my son. You will do as he says, and you sure as hell will not sue. Remember this princess, you caused this mess, not him. If you even think about trying to ruin his life, I will ruin yours ten times faster."]

[i "You think I'm lying? Test me, and I will have your head spinning so damn fast, that you won't know what hit you. You might be the spoiled little rich girl, but you are on my land, living in my home, and I can easily have you put into jail, with the worst treatment you will ever get. Now, do you really want that, or would you rather stay here and do as my sons asks of you?"] he stopped talking and crossed his arms over his chest. He was proud of her for cleaning up her mess as well.

[i "I will make sure of my promises. Now get into your room, change your clothes, and when Elijah comes back, you will learn how to clean out the stalls for the horses. He should be back in about fifteen minutes or so."] he said. He pointed towards her room, and watched as she walked off in a huff. This was going to be harder than he thought. He didn't like the woman already, and Elijah had been in the wrong for leaving like he had. He would talk to his son about that. Right now though, he was hungry, and needed food.

Meanwhile Elijah rode Starfire towards the lake, and once there he slowed her down, and then brought her to a stop. He slid off her back, and led her to the water. He then sat down for a little bit, and looked out at the lake. Everything was so fucked up right now, that he honestly didn't know what he was supposed to do. He knew his father would be home when he got back, and he honestly didn't want to be around the so called bitch right now. He sat by the lake for awhile longer.

He then stood and called Starfire over, and climbed back onto the horse. He let her jog away from the lake, and back towards his home. When he finally arrived back, he saw his father's truck in the driveway. He sighed lightly and shook his head. [b "Wish me luck.."] he muttered lightly to the horse. The horse huffed out in reply. He stroked her neck, and once they were back home, he slid off her back, took off her saddle, and bit, and let her roam around the yard. Letting her stretch her legs awhile longer. He looked towards the house and spotted his dad.

He sighed lightly as he walked up to the house, and back in through the door. [b "What's going on?"] he asked. [i "I heard you grabbed the woman, and she did clean up her mess by the way. You shouldn't have done that, and you sure as hell shouldn't have left her alone either"] the older man said. Elijah nodded slowly. [b "I know I shouldn't have, and I apologize about that, but she really pissed me off"] he said. [i "I don't care if she pissed you off, you pissed her off too"] he said.

The male sighed lightly and ran his hands though his hair. [b "I'm sorry.."] he breathed out. [i "You better be. Now go and get her, and take her out to the barn. I still have a list to make, that you both need to follow to a damn T."] Elijah sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets. He then walked down the hall to her bedroom, and knocked on the door before opening it. He spotted the woman sitting on her bed, and he cleared his throat before talking to her. He knew he had no choice but to apologize as well.

[b "I know I was an asshole, and I'm sorry. But I guess my dad is making a list of rules that you and I both need to follow. He does want me to take you to the barn though, so let's go"] he said lightly. He left her door wide open, and went back into the kitchen to wait for the woman to join him.
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At the very moment when people underestimate you is when you can make a breakthrough.
Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for your life to begin and start making the most of the moment you are in.”

Lily was far from being happy, instead, she was stuck in the cesspool of older times. Nothing was modern, nothing turned on by itself with a call of her voice or from a press of a button of her cell phone.
It was all done by hand.

You can never know what you are fully made of until you start to do the things that fear you the most and there was many things Lily feared, however she wasn't going to involve heself in them.
Stepping over the mess she caused on the floor, Lily headed for the front door, only to be stopped dead in her tracks by a hand grasp upon her arm.
A hard grasp that turned around to be the Farmer boy who quickly spun her around and made to look at him.
[i "If you want to be taking care of an ant problem as well, as helping build the Silo then you better get your ass to cleaning that up, and now"]
[b "You can't make me. Get your hands off me..."] she calmly spoke, staring at Elijah deep in his eyes without blinking, making a connection.

He was mighty handsome.
Tall, strong and eyes that she could fall for.

She was trying really hard not too.

Being let go, Lily remained standing and watched as Elijah sauntered away - grabbed his dishes and vanished into the kitchen.
It was hearing the wooden door with fly screen and spring hingeses that she heard them creak and she followed him slowly, like a panther watching prey.

Opening the door slowly, the veiw was quite beautiful but she would never admit.
Green grass, a red barn that needed a paint job but perfectly structured strong.

Lily smiled softly as her eyes shifted from Elijah to his ass as he walked in those jeans but soon her gaze was distracted by a horse, a horse the Farmer boy welcomed with open arms and cuddle.
The horse was beautiful - just like the owner.

Raising an eyebrow the moment Elijag packed her up and went off for a ride, Lily looked down and turned around, stepping back into the house with a snap of the door.
Fingertips tapped on the kitchen counter before gving off a sigh. It was just her in the house that didn't want her.

It was there she did something out of the ordinary and that was bending over and began to pick up the mess she had made.
Picking up the little peices of psmashed plate along with her sandwich which she put in the trash before cleaning the floor with a damp rag that she soaked under the tap in the sink.

[+green "Good to see you clean up after the mess you made.."] came a voice unfamiliar.
Lily lent up and stood tall with the rag in hand, seeing an older man, one who clearly owned the place.
Elijah's father.

[b "Well, seems to be your son is nothing but a gossip, that and not a very nice host considering he left me alone..to go off on a horse...'] she spoke, fixing her dress, flattinging it. [b "Word of warning, if your song ever touches me again, I will sue..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 39d 22h 54m 5s
The male looked up and watched as she dropped the plate. His blood seemed to boil, when she said she wasn't going to clean it up. As she headed to the front door, he placed his own plate onto the coffee table before him, and he was on his feet. He crossed the room, grabbed her arm and turned her towards the mess. [b "You will clean it up. You make the mess, you clean it up. If you don't, you will hear about it from my father. Honestly, I'm surprised at you. Your parents raised a spoiled bitch"] he said.

He didn't care if he was hurting her or not. She wasn't about to leave this house either, leaving food on the floor. [b "If you want to be taking care of an ant problem as well, as helping build the Silo then you better get your ass to cleaning that up, and now"] he hissed. He squeezed her arm, and then let it go. He walked over to the coffee table, picked up his own plate and carried it back to the kitchen. She would be getting a rude wake up call, if she didn't change her attitude.

He was losing his patience with her already. He was about ready to just call his father, and tell him he would take care of the Silo himself, and to ship her off somewhere else. like Jail or something. He finished his food, and then put the plate into the dishwasher. He didn't hear the front door open, and he didn't hear her moving to clean up her mess either. He would make it clear, that his father will have her ass black and blue if she didn't do it. He shook his head lightly, and walked towards the back door.

He opened it up, and stepped out onto the back porch. The barn was facing the back of the house, and he walked down the few steps, and headed towards the barn. He hadn't seen Starfire all day, and he was already missing her. As he walked across the grass, his temper faded, and he forgot about the bitch living inside of his house for the time being. As he entered the barn, he heard Starfire huffing, and gently kicking her door. She knew he was here already. He walked over to her door and smiled brightly seeing her.

[b "Hello pretty girl, how are ya?"] he cooed rubbing her muzzle. She nuzzled into his hand, let out a breath and looked right towards him. He knew what she wanted, and hell it would make him feel a lot better too. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and scrolled to his father's number. [b [i Dad, the new girl is here. She's already destroying the house. She dropped a plate of food, and wouldn't clean it up. I left her inside to do it herself. I'm taking Starfire out for a ride for a while, before I lose my temper.]]

He read the message over, sent it, and then went to get his riding gear. As he was getting the bit, and saddle his phone buzzed. [i I will make sure to have a long talk with her, when I get home. Leave the mess there, and if she doesn't clean it up, I will take her over my knee, and make her do it myself. I'm not going to stand for her attitude. Thank you for letting me know. Enjoy your ride.] The male smiled lightly, knowing that his father will take matters into his own hands, like always.

He slid his phone back into his pocket, and then he gathered up his things, and went to tack up his horse. He then opened the door, and she bumped her head against his chest. [b "I'm working on it baby girl. We will go for a nice long right this afternoon"] he said. He then tacked her up, led her out of her stall, shut the door and then mounted her. He gently squeezed his legs against her sides, and she started walking. He felt her body rippling under him, and once they were out the doors, he nudged her into a run.

He would deal with the bitch when he got home. Right now, his horse needed him, and he needed this long ass ride. He turned her towards the woods, and they flew into the woods, leaving the woman behind in the house.
  earтн / Blissful- / 40d 8h 51m 56s
No one should ever ask themselves that: why am I unhappy? The question carries within it the virus that will destroy everything. If we ask that question, it means we want to find out what makes us happy. If what makes us happy is different from what we have now, then we must either change once and for all or stay as we are, feeling even more unhappy.
Maybe you think you’ll be entitled to more happiness later by forgoing all of it now, but it doesn’t work that way. Happiness takes as much practice as unhappiness does. It’s by living that you live more. By waiting you wait more. Every waiting day makes your life a little less. Every lonely day makes you a little smaller. Every day you put off your life makes you less capable of living it.

Lily was not happy.

This house, the farm, the animals on the farm and the people who own the house and the farm made her unhappy.
Especially the boy who walked off, leaving Lily in the shack of a bedroom.
Why kid ourselves, people have nothing to say to one another, they all talk about their own troubles and nothing else. Each man for himself, the earth for us all.
They had nothing to say to one another, but Lily turned around and followed the boy like he was holding a pole with a steak on the end towards the kitchen.

[i "My house isn't the best, my mother was the one who decorated it, and you better not touch anything."]
[b "I have to touch things in order to get things...."]
[i "I will be going into town to get supplies, and you will be going with me. You will also meet my father as well. So if you think you'll make my life hell, think again"]
[b "You don't know me very well, so before you do, I suggest keeping your mouth shut.."]

Lily remained silent after those words.
Keeping her eyes upon the boy who was making himself a sandwich, not offering if she wanted one.

Talk about being rude.

However, she couldn't take her eyes off him.
There was something different about him, the boys that she knew were nothing like the way he looked.
The boys she knew were snobby, high end just like her while this one, knew what he wanted, wasn't afraid to speak his mind and work for the food on his table.

Not to mention, Elijah was a very ...very handsome cowboy who she wouldn't mind fooling around in the sheets with.

Lily remained quiet as he spoke on her obtaining new clothes and that she would be coming into town with her.
Shaking her head as Elijah walked away, Lily entered the kitchen and made herself a sandwich, placed it upon the plate before hearing words on her joining him.

[b "Heh.."] she snickered to herself before shifting to the room, standing in the doorway and stared upon him with the plate of food in her face.

[b "I will never sit by you.."] she spoke, dropping the plate, letting the plate and food fall onto the floor.
[b "I wont clean that up either..."]

Raising her eyebrows, Lily glanced at the boy for a moment before moving away, stepping over the mess on the floor and headed towards the front door.

She couldn't look at him anymore.

A feeling stirred in the pit of her stomach.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 41d 11h 6m 1s
While the male was letting Lily get settled he made them both sandwiches. His mind wandered back to a couple of days ago, and the feeling he had gotten when they had raced. When her words broke into his thoughts, he turned his dark eyes onto her, and he smirked a bit. [b "Really? It's my fault you are here? Sorry sweetheart, but if you hadn't egged me on, you wouldn't be here. You could try and make my life hell, but you won't succeed in that. You are right about one thing though, I don't want you here"] he snapped back.

He reached for a plate, and put her food onto it. Then he placed it onto the counter, and turned around. He leaned his ass against the side of the counter, and crossed his arms over his chest. [b "You can act all high and mighty all you want, but you aren't the queen here. You are under my care, and I will be keeping a really close eye on you. My father is barely home, and when he is, you better watch yourself. He won't be shy to take a belt to that pretty ass of your's."]

[b "You might think your room is horrible, but honey, it's all we got here. My house isn't the best, my mother was the one who decorated it, and you better not touch anything. You better keep your rich, slimy paws to yourself. You have this afternoon off, but you start working in the morning. I will be going into town to get supplies, and you will be going with me. You will also meet my father as well. So if you think you'll make my life hell, think again"] he said with a smirk. He wasn't scared of her.

He wasn't scared of anyone. He did look her over, and he licked his lips. He wouldn't mind kissing her's, and he sure as hell wouldn't mind touched her bare skin either. He shook his head, grabbed his own plate, and walked past her. [b "Also, you'll need some jeans, and boots, along with t-shirts. Your pretty rich clothes, will be thrown out tomorrow morning as well. Orders of my father"] he said as he took a bite of his sandwich. He walked out of the kitchen and down the hall. He avoided the creaky boards, and laughed to himself.

She was trying to be a total bitch, and it wasn't working. There was no way in hell, she would try and make his life hell. Cause he was already making her's one. Even though he didn't want her here, he had no choice but what to do whatever his father told him. He sighed lightly walking into the living room, and plopped down onto the couch. He turned on the t.v. and pulled out his phone. He read the messages sitting there. [i Is she there yet? Are you gonna fuck with her, or make it easy on her?]

[i Hello, Elijah! Come on man! Don't leave me hanging. I wanna know what you are planning on doing to her! Talk to me, and don't leave anything out!] the second message read. He placed the plate onto the couch beside him, and stated texting back. [i [b My God man, I was making lunch, and getting threatened by the so called Princess. She thinks she's gonna make my life hell, and she's trying to blame me for what had happened. I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do to her yet.]] He read the message and hit send.

A second later, another message popped up. [i What the fuck? She's not owning up to what she did? That's fucking messed up, and I honestly hope you make her realize she's messing with the wrong man.] Elijah laughed at that, and hit reply. [i [b Honestly, I'm going too. She wants to be a hard ass, I'll be an even harder one. I'll make sure my dad whips her ass too, like he did to me when I was younger.]] The message made him smirk, and he picked his food up once more, and took another bite watching the t.v. for a moment.

[i I hope to God your dad does. She needs to be knocked down, and realize that life isn't always perfect.] Elijah agreed with that last message. His eyes wandered to the kitchen, and he shook his head. [b "You can join me if you want, I promise you I won't bite. Or you can go to your room, whatever you choose is fine with me"] he called out. He then made himself comfortable, and finished his food, before crossing his arms over his chest, and settled in for the afternoon. Tomorrow morning was going to be fun.
  earтн / Blissful- / 45d 4h 47m 32s
[b "I am [u not] going to work on that farm. I rather go to jail and shovel up horse shit and touch cows in that kind of way. I will be the laughing stock of my friends, AND not to mention, lose my reputation."]
[+green "I dont see the problem here, Lily."]
[b "No, of course you wouldn't. You're never here..."]
[+green "Jail will be a harder time and alot more restricted. At least on the Farm, you'll have a room to yourself, food, shelter and sunshine."]
[b "Yeah, but at least, Jail, will give me a boost in the rep area. Dad, I will be in mud, working with the help!..."]

The moment she spoke the word [i help], it was then the car approached the gravel drive way and slowed down, turning intio the entry point of the property she would be staying up until everything was built and the farm was as good as new.
Sighing away from her father, Lily turned her head and stared out of the clear window as she glanced at the scenery. Her Father was right. At least she would be outside, getting fresh air, rather than a cell for countless hours in a day.

[b "This is ridiculous..."]
[+green "Enough.."]

The car that was shiney and the deepest of black; came to a stop and Lily placed a hand upon the handle inside of the vehicle and pulled it back, letting the door open to which she stood out.
Hair was down in loose curls.
A summer dress resting upon her body that was made of the finest fabric.
Wedged heels upon her dainty feet that were open.
The attire completely wrong for the farmlife, but she didnt plan on doing anything anyway.

[+red "Miss. Here are your bags."]
[b "Thank you.."] she muttered, turning to her Father who too like her, got out of the car and approached his daughter. [+green "I'll be out of town on business. I will call when I can, but here.."] he spoke, pulling out his wallet and handed over cash to help her get by. [+green "Dont spend it all at once.."]
[b "Thanks..."]

Again he was going.
Lily would of thought she was used to this by now, but it hurt every single time.

Saying goodbye, the car drove off, leaving the girl infront of the house with her bags and was soon approached by the boy that egged her on. Well, Lily egged him on but she wasn't going to admit that.
He let her inside.
The house was alright.
Somewhat big, but was made to look small from all the knick knacks that were accumilated over the years.
Old furniture.
One single tv.
It was clean but it was completely the oppsite to what Lily was used too.

[b "What a nightmare..."] she muttered softly to herself before becoming quiet, listening to the voice of the boy that did, made her feel a little..different inside.
Handsome as hell.

[i "It's small, but it'll do fine"] were his words as Lily, holding her bags in an awkward manner, following him down the hallway that creaked - heading towards the last door on the left and stood by room and peered in.
It was dusty.
No light shone through the window due to the curtains being closed.
The bed had been made up.
No furniture but a desk, a single wooden chair and a dresser.

[b "You're right. It's small..."] Lily spoke, moving passed the boy who held his hat and dropped her luggage onto the ground.
Arms gave out.
Turning around, her eyes glanced deeply upon him.

[b "I might as well be living under a staircase. Im sure it'll be bigger than this."] Lily snapped.
The boy didnt bite back but simply said he was going to make lunch and an invitation open for her to join.

She did.
A few minutes later she wandered through the house, floors creaking which was bad at chances trying to sneak out were going to be a problem.
Knowing this boy and his father had quite good ears.

Reaching the kitchen, Lily, in that dressstood by the doorway and watched the son of the man that owned the home, make something to eat.

[b "It's your fault that I'm here, you know that don't you? You don't want me here and I don't want to be here. I can see right through you."] Lily spoke, stepping into the kitchen and approached the boy, stepping in close, staring at him. [b "I'm here because of you and I am going to make your life hell, so whatever you've got, bring it.."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 67d 23h 19m 44s
The male let out a small sigh. Today was the day, he would be finding out his punishment. He was surprised that his father was home already. He rubbed the back of his head, and a small smirk passed over his lips. [b "Morning dad"] he said lightly. [i "Don't morning me. I know what happened, and I'm really disappointed in you"] the older male said. Elijah's heart dropped and he lowered his eyes to the ground. [b "I know you are, and I'm sorry"] was all he could manage. His father didn't say anything more, as he grabbed his car keys.

Elijah followed behind his father, and slid into the passenger seat. [i "I've been thinking about your punishment, and I'm taking your car keys away. You will be riding into town on your bike, or Starfire. I don't give a shit what you say Elijah. I don't know what the judge is going to say, but that's your punishment from me"] his father said. Elijah sighed and looked out the window. [b "It's fair"] he muttered. He watched the trees passing by, and pretty soon they were at the court house. His father shut the engine off, and climbed out.

Elijah followed suit, and walked inside. As his eyes wandered around, he spotted the blonde and he could tell she was pissed off. He touched the tip of his hat as he walked by. Walking into the courtroom, his father took a seat. Elijah sat down beside him, and waited for the judge to speak. When Lily's punishment was done, he could tell the woman wasn't too happy about it. [u "Elijah Barrett, your punishment is your license will be taken away, and seeing as it's your own farm, your father will decide the rest of your punishment.]

[u "You will not be able to drive at all, for a year. Good luck trying to find a way around town"] the judge said. Elijah didn't know what to say. A year? Just for racing the woman? She had been the one egging him on, he hadn't done anything. He nodded lightly [b "Yes sir.."] he said lightly. Then they were done. He was back in the truck with his father, and he put his head into his hands. [b "A whole fucking year, and I can't drive.. That's fucked up"] he muttered. [i "I think it's fair. You did race, when you weren't supposed too"]

[b "I know I wasn't supposed too, but she was in a really nice fucking car, and she was egging me on. She wanted me to do it"] he said. He was nearly whining. [i "You shouldn't have done it son, that's all I have to say about this. She's coming to the farm today, and I need you there to help her get settled in"] his father said. Elijah huffed and sank into the seat. [b "This is bullshit.."] he muttered lightly. He knew his father was right though. He had messed up, and brought this on himself.

When his father dropped him off at home, he changed into a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt. Lily was going to be here any minute, and he didn't know what his father wanted done. There wasn't a note, so he would be setting her up in the spare bedroom they had. This was going to be interesting, having her sleeping under the same roof as him. He wasn't gonna lie though, she was pretty, and he wouldn't mind sleeping with her. A smirk passed over his lips at the thought. He heard his phone going off.

He reached for it, and read the message. [i What the fuck happened? How much shit are you in? What about the blonde? Her friends? Tell me everything.] the message read. The male checked the time, and knew he had a few minutes before the blonde would be here. He hit reply and started typing. [i [b I can't drive for a year, and I'm baby sitting the blonde. She's working for my father and me. I don't know about her friends, but I do have to go. She's gonna be here soon. Wish me luck.]] He hit send and put his phone into his pocket.

He then walked to the front of the house, and sure enough there she was. He opened the door, and let her inside. [b "Looks like you'll be staying here for awhile. My dad didn't leave a note about what he wanted you to do, so you are welcome to settle into the spare bedroom. It's small, but it'll do fine"] he said. That's something he liked. Seeing her suffering. He led her to her bedroom, and pushed the door open. The room was small, and held a dresser, a desk and chair, and a twin size bed.

[b "Make yourself at home. I'll be getting lunch ready in the kitchen, if you wanna join me."] he said. He then turned and left her alone. He went into the kitchen, and started to make sandwiches. The lemonade was in the fridge, and he pulled it out. He hoped his father would be coming home tonight, so they could go over the rules, and make sure she knew what she was getting herself into.
  earтн / HoneyBee- / 72d 13h 49m 52s
[i "Are you three okay? Are you guys hurt?"]
[+red "We're fine. Can't say much for the silo or the barn though..."] Jess spoke out, glancing at the visitors for a single moment before turning back to the crime scene of complete destruction.

Lily did the same in following Jess's movements and she too, looked at the two boys who arrived to stick their nose in the chaos around them.
She kept quiet.
She didn't utter a single, solitary word but kept her eyes on the boy that was tall, dark and very handsome. All Lily had known were the rich type of boys who were snobby just like she had become, boys who were greedy, loved money and only cared about themselves.

This breed of boy did catch her eye but she didn't make it known.
All he was, was a man who egged her on and played at her game, wanting her to lose.
Red and blue lights flickered in the background and it wasn't too long until the police arrived.
This truly was getting worse and all Lily could do was tilt her head back - look at the sky and growled at the bullshit.
[b "Wow, the cops in this town are fast..."] she muttered, tilting her head back down - looking straight ahead at the Police who exited the car and begun to ask questions on what had happened.

Opening her mouth, words tried to come out but the handsome cowboy farmer boy beat her to the punch and began to spill the beans on their little race.
[b "Easy to give one up huh?..."] Lily spoke towards him, glaring however he continued.

[i "I sped off after her..."]
[b "He raced me. He didn't speed off to tell me to slow down, he was egging me on just as much as I was to him! He is just as guilty..."] Lily muttered, pointing the finger back at the one who was pointing at her first.

All they wanted was names and everyone gave away their identities and she was last.

[b "Lily Antoinette Herondale and I wanted a little fun.."]

Silence went through the crowd.
There, in darkness; the boys left; the girls got dropped of back to their dorms only to be picked up early in the morning for the court meeting.
No more school clothes.
It was casual wear and in court, after long duration as well as being surprised by her own Father attending after catching a red eye to see his daughter in deep shit, the outcome made Lily sink into her seat.

[+purple "Lily Herondale. Unfortunately for you, you were behind the wheel and you are just as guilty as the young gentleman to your right, however you were the trouble that caused the damage. After careful consideration, I have come up with two outcomes. Juvenile Detention for 1 year for reckless driving, endangering lives and stealing property.."]
[b "That car was mine!.."] she called out, hearing the gavel slam down to silence her.
[+purple "Or ..Mr Barrett's father has offered to place stay on their farm, you destroyed. There you will work and repair the damages you and your joy riding has caused."]
[b "Jail, please..."] she muttered.

[+blue "If I may speak. I'm Lily's Father. I have taken Mr Barrett's offer for my daughter to lay out her punishment on the farm. My daughter needs to learn responsibilities and discipline. If I cannot show my daughter these ways, perhaps hard work might."]
[b "No. No...and a big fuck no.."]

Lily didn't have her way.
Hours later, the Lexus pulled up a driveway of cream colored gravel stones and stopped upon reaching the front of the house.
Lily got out with a nudge from her Father and slammed the door closed, only to look at the residence through her sunglasses.

[b "Fuck...im in hillbilly hell...."]
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The feeling of speeding down the road made the male feel slightly more alive. Dominick on the other hand, was trying not to freak out. [i "Are you fucking kidding me? You didn't have to fucking do this"] he hissed. Elijah couldn't help but laugh. [b "You know, I can't resist speeding down the road, and hell that car if fucking nice, and I wouldn't be surprised if a female was behind the wheel"] he shot back. As he watched the other car pull ahead of him, and barely made the turn, he smirked a bit as he pressed down on the gas.

He spun the wheel around, and the tires screeched as he rounded the corner. That's when he saw the accident happen before his eyes. The other car came to a stop, and he realized where they were. His home.. He watched as the car hit the Silo, and his heart nearly jumped out of his chest. He slammed on the brakes, and slowed way down. Hearing the creaking of the Silo as it fell, made him want to puke. His whole life flashed before his eyes just then. Then the sound of the crash made him speed off again.

This time he didn't go too fast. As he came to a stop behind the other car, he saw that the barn was shattered. The horses were running around wild, and scared, and he wasn't home to help calm them down. As he shut the car off, and jumped out he spotted three females. All three of them were hella good looking, but his eyes fell on the blonde. She must have been the driver. While Dominick climbed out, he heard the sirens coming closer. [b "Shit.."] he muttered lightly. He was going to be in some deep shit.

He walked over to the females, and he shoved his hands into his pockets. [b "Are you three okay? Are you guys hurt?"] he asked. He looked the three over, and noticed they were just shaken up. He felt Dominick come up beside him. [i "Holy fuck.. I didn't think Silo's could do that much fucking damage"] he whispered. Elijah dug his elbow into the male's side, and that shut Dominick up. As the red and blue lights rounded the corner, his heart dropped into his stomach. This wasn't good, it wasn't good at all. He shouldn't have let this happen.

[i "Looks like we are all in some deep shit"] Dominick muttered lightly. The cop cars came to a stop, and the cops climbed out, their arms crossed over their chests. [u "Anyone care to explain what had happened?"] the first one asked. Dominick was finally silent, and Elijah was the one to speak up. [b "Well.. As you can see, there's been an accident.. Dominick and I were heading into town, when we pulled up beside these three. We couldn't see who was inside, but the blonde there kind of egged the race on.."] he said lightly.

He wasn't throwing anyone under the bus, just telling the officer what had happened. [b "I know I shouldn't have done it, but I sped off after her, I'm surprised my little car could get up there. But when they rounded the corner, I don't know what happened after that. All I know is the Silo is busted, and the damage has been done"] he said, shoving his hands deeper into his pockets. The officer wrote everything that Elijah said down. [u "Thank you, I'll just need your names"] he said. [i "Dominick Matthews"] his friend said. [b Elijah Barrett"] he said himself.

The officer nodded a bit, and turned to the females. [u "I can tell you three are still in High School, why are you out this late anyway? And egging total strangers on for races? I'm going to need your names, and parents names so we can call them, and have them come and get you three"] he said. Elijah felt really guilty for some reason, and he didn't like the feeling at all. He pulled one of his hands out of his pockets and ran it over his face. [b "Can Dominick and I go?"] he asked.

The officer looked over his shoulder [u "You can, you just need to report to the court tomorrow morning at eight in the morning, to see what your punishment for something like this is."] he said. Elijah nodded a bit. [b "Will do, thank you"] he said. He took one last look at the blonde, and then moved back to his car. Dominick followed him, and they both climbed back into the car. Elijah started it up, and headed back towards Dominick's place. He didn't want to be at home right now. He knew his father was going to be really pissed off.

When they made it to Dominick's place, he pulled into the driveway, and the two men went inside. They were both silent the rest of the night. Elijah crashed on the couch, and waited for eight o'clock to roll around. Tomorrow was going to be hella interesting.
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[+red "You know, for a car like that, it's actually gaining on us."] Jess spoke as she turned her body from the drivers seat and looked behind her, as well as the back seat driver known as Rosie who was actually becoming scared.
[+red "He is getting closer!..."]
[b "I can see that! Thanks, Jess!..."]
[+green "Oh god, I'm going to die.."] Rosie muttered as she turned her body around and rested against the seat, tilting her head up and closed her eyes as she secretly and silently prayed.

[b "Rosie, you're not helping"]

With a foot on the clutch, Lily quickly changed gears and gripped the steering wheel tighter as she turned, going around a corner sharply - holding her breath as she did so before exhaling with knowing she succeeded the turned.
That was when Jess and Lily screamed out, smiling with a quick slap of a high five as the driver let go for just a second before continuing their way along the gravel road.

The turn for her rebellious nature came the moment Lily's father sent her away to boarding school.
She was always such a kind and selfless girl when she was home but now, perhaps all of this foolishness and not caring was attention she desperately craved from her Father who was never there.
Maybe it was to get it all out of her system before she became a little older and had more responsibilities and that she wanted to say she did things while young.

[+green "He is coming up to your right!.."] Rosie called out as she took a peek from the back window.
Moving the car over, giving the opponent room so they couldn't result in a crash, Lily quickly glanced to the side at the car.
[b "Ive got you now ..."] she spoke and begun to speed a little faster.

[+red "Dog..."]
[b "What?..."]
[+purple "DOG!!!!.."] Rosie and Jess called out to which Lil looked ahead of her and changed gears, braking and changing the wheel to avoid the animal and spun.

The brand new Jaguar ploughed through a fence and skidded sideways to where a sharp turn, the rear end of the car slammed into the steel frame base of a silo.
That was when the car came to a complete stop.

The girls inside breathed heavily and sat still, keeping in utter silence and stared ahead without blinking.
How they weren't hurt was something they questioned in their mind.
Sure there were a few scratches, but nothing major.

The next sound however was what made the girls wake up to reality. The creaking of the structure breaking, wearing down and the silo slowly falling.

[b "Get out of the car..."] Lily spoke to the girls who remained still. [b "Get out..of the fucking car!..."] again she spoke a little louder, fumbling with the seatbelt and within moments, the girls exited the ride and stepped back from the scene of carnage, in the field that was now somewhat flattened and watched the silo come tumbling down.

[+red "Oh my god..."]

Lily kept her eyes upon the silo that crashed down onto the barn that was on someone's property.

[b "Fuck...fuck ....fuck!...."]

Lacing fingers together, palms on the top of her head with elbows out on either side, Lily tilted her head back with her eyes closed, screaming at herself for this.
This couldn't be real.

[+green "What the fuck do we do?!.."]
[+red "I say run..."]
[b "Are you fucking crazy?! The evidence is like right there!..."] Lily muttered, moving her hands before pointing at the totalled car. [b "This cannot possibly get worse..."]

[+green "Yeah, it can.."] Rosie replied, looking behind Lily to were the car of the challenger drove up to the scene.

[b "Fucking perfect..."]

A cute boy, witnessing a girl who couldn't handle a car, who didn't want to kill an animal and who was dressed still, in a school uniform.
Hair down, now somewhat messed from the crash and a really..pissed off attitude.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 78d 13h 26m 31s
A small sigh passed though the male's lips as he looked towards the barn. He wasn't in the mood to really do the work around the farm. What harm would it cause if he put it off for a couple of hours? Yes his father would chew his ass out, but was it worth it? No, no it wasn't. He let out a small sigh as he moved towards the barn. Once inside he tended to the horses, and patted one of the mares on the neck. [b "Are you as bored as I am?"] he asked the animal. He got a snort in return.

He broke out into a smile, and finished feeding the horses, and then went back out of the barn. He finished the rest of the chores around the farm, and then headed inside. His father was out of town for the week, and wouldn't be back until next Monday night. So he pretty much had the whole week to himself. He went into the kitchen to grab a water bottle, and carried it to his bedroom. He grabbed his phone, and opened up a new text window. [i [b Hey, Dominick. Wanna go into town with me?]]

The message was simple, and sweet. Not even a second later he had a reply. [i Yeah, I just need to finish up some chores, and then I'll head over there. See you in a couple of hours.] A small smile passed over the male's lips. He had enough time to shower, and get something to eat, before his best friend showed up. He finished the water bottle he had in his hand, and tossed it into the garbage can in his room. He found a pair of sweats, and a black t-shirt. He then carried them into the bathroom.

He shut the door behind him, started the shower and undressed. He would have to do laundry tomorrow morning, but that didn't bother him in the least. At least he was getting out of the house, and going to enjoy himself tonight. Maybe pick up a woman or two, and get a good lay out of them. A smirk passed over his lips at the thought. Now that would have been interesting to see. He jumped into the shower, washed his hair and body, and then shut the water off. He climbed out and wrapped a towel around his waist.

Ever since his mother died, he felt like a huge part of himself died with her. He missed her more and more every day, and wished he could have done something to save her. He shook his head lightly, knowing it wasn't good to dwell on the past. He hurried and got dressed, and then walked out of the bathroom. He went back to his room and checked his phone. [i I'm on my way right now. See you in five.] the message read. That was three minutes ago, and he grabbed his shoes and threw them onto his feet.

Sure enough two minutes later, Dominick was banging on the door. Elijah walked towards the door and opened it up. [b "What's up my man? What are we doing tonight?"] he asked. [i "I was thinking maybe hit the liquor store, get drunk, and just chill out tonight"] the other offered. Now that sounded like the perfect guys night. [b "I'm down for that. I'll drive though, I don't trust your car"] he said with a laugh. Dominick rolled his eyes a bit. [i "My car is a good car. Don't diss on it"] he said with a grin. Elijah smirked a bit.

The two walked to Elijah's car, and both slid inside. The male started it up, and pulled out of the long drive and headed into town. As they came to a stop sign, Dominick let out a low whistle. [i "Look at that fucking car dude. It's slick as shit"] he said. Elijah looked towards the car, and had to admit it was hella nice. He heard the other rev the engine, and he knew they wanted to race. He smirked a bit, as he did the same thing. He then counted to three, and slammed his foot down, shooting away from the stop sign.
  earтн / HoneyBee- / 78d 14h 49m 14s
[b "What do you mean he isn't coming?..."]
[+green "Unfortunately, your father had to travel to Boston for work. He was unable to change the date.."]
[b "He was unable to change the date? He knew about my Graduation for 7 months! ..."]

Lily sat in the Principals chair and stared straight on to the man who looked down, twiddling his fingers, or so she thought. It was a key he was caressing before placing it gently onto the mahogany desk.
[+green "Your Father sent a gift since he couldn't be here. You will be able to drive it once you Graduate, that is his rules and mine."]

Lily shook her head in utter disbelief that on one of the special days of her life, he couldn't be there due to a meeting.
He was always buying her off with pretty things. Perhaps she was always after a fatherly figure and always let down that she was how she was. Snobby and uncaring.
[b "Is there anything else?.."]

Before the Principal could say a word back to her, it was the secretary that wandered in and begun to speak to him in regards to curriculars. This was the ample time that Lily lent forward and quickly snatched up the keys only to stand up and wandered out, faking a smile and saying thank you.

[+red "Were actually going to steal a car?.."]
[b "It's not stealing if its mine. Besides, we will be back soon. It'll be like we never took it.."] Lily muttered as herself and Rosie spoke to one another while Jess was trailing behind. In darkness, fully dressed, the girls snuck down the stairs outside of the building and quickly ran cross the yard to where her special gift from her father rested.
Jaguar F Type.
A fast sports car with all windows tinted, very quick and very luxurious.

[b "Get in.."]

Within moments, the car purred and it was driving out of the school, tyres against the gravel road as the girls squeeled in excitement.
It was one of the greatest moments of her life. Well, she didn't have many, but this topped it.
1. Going against the Principal and her father.
2. Stealing a car, even if it was hers.
3. Speeding
4. Simply having fun with her friends that didn't abandon her like her Father did.

[+red "So, he really isn't coming to Graduation?"]
[b "No. I really, I don't know why I honestly think he would show up. He didn't come to my Ballet recital. Christmas when I as 10. Graduation. Perhaps me doing this is a big...fuck you."] Lily spoke, smiling as her hand gripped the wheel and continued to drive.
[+blue "It's a great car. Good job, Dad..."] Jess muttered before the girls laughed, Lily placing her foot down onto the pedal a little harder and sped off.

Within minutes of turning a corner, the car approached a stop sign to which the car slowed down beside another that waited.
Turing their heads, the girls looked to the car through the tinted windows to see the driver.
It was a boy.
A cute boy behind the wheel.
[+blue "3 boys in the car..."]
[b "That's not a car, this car...is a car..."] she spoke revving the engine.
[+red "Why exactly are we waiting? ...There are no cars..."] Rosie replied, to which Lily raised her eyebrow and turned her head back infront, seeing it all clear.

Revving the engine a little more, Lily beeped the horn - trying to amuse the driver in a little race and it was within seconds that the wheels spun against the road and took off without warning.
Speeding, having a joy ride with the partner in crime beside her.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 79d 13h 31m 9s

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