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Brilla's body tensed like she had been struck, initially pulling back, resisting hard the pull that she felt from Judath's hand. But, she didn't have the leverage or rage-fueled strength to at the moment break free.

"[+crimson Fuck me,]" she rasped, realizing she was in the cave and basically blind as the darkness pressed in on her. She felt panic clench suddenly and harsh in her stomach, pushing the breath into her, cold, unrelenting and burning her lungs. She clutched herself at first, but as she stumbled on unseen objects had to put her hands out as feelers for anything in this bank of emptiness.

Her voice was pulled in a thin thread of a whine, as the curse was, edged in a ragged, dry-throated harshness. She startled, arms curling in again at the sudden sound of splintering wood; logically it was one of the things she bad busted a sore shin on the way in.

"[+crimson Judath, you son of a- what the fuck?!]" Suddenly everything came into a dim focus with the beginning start of a flame. Her eyes worked on adjusting- seeming like her vision was sucking away from her with the weakness of the flame at first. She sunk to the cave floor, feeling very small among it. But not small enough. The space was enclosed. Even with another path leading off of it; little more than a yawning portal into the deep unknown, and for all she knew the damned Underdark itself.

Her eyes snapped to Jude coming up to her and gathering her rather rudely, his touch harsh and impatient, to usher her towards the fire. It felt too hot already, her back flushing with more chills, despite the cold in her hands. "[+crimson Don't touch,]" she protested without anything behind it as she let him take her. [i Don't touch me like that, slave driver.]

And he was pulling her armor off, tightening her stomach with more panic at the sudden invasion of her space, the force in his hands as she envisioned him breaking the straps and discarding the only thing she had to her name other than Alto right now. "[+crimson Stop, [i stop].]" But he left her soon after.

Everything was dull. Too hot. Too cold still. Uncomfortable, it felt like her skin was too sensitive. To touch, to her clothing, to anything, even the movement of her muscles under her skin.

She felt frustration and humiliation press behind her eyes in a mean prick. "[+crimson Ah, fuck me, Judath,]" Brilla was groaning. "[+crimson What is it about you- making me- so irresponsible?]"

"[+crimson I promise I can survive better than this usually...]" She growled, anger tightening her features. Being manhandled by someone larger than you that you're still convinced... might... maybe kill you, or leave you for dead if you proved the riddled, hunted woman that hid underneath your salt and "honor".

Beyond fhat, it was a rueful shame welling behind her face. Being so weak and feverish and suddenly so vulnerable was scary. Especially in front of a stranger. One whose sheer mass and intimidation came from just a look, where all 5'3" of you needed to over prove everything. She didn't want to seem pitiable or needy or damsel-in-distress-y but suddenly with this cold and the weather and the panic, it was all falling on top of her. It had been a hard, at once, in front of someone she wanted to see her as strong, honorable, and whatever else he had puffed her up with earlier.
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Mevan's eyes were wide, not believing what he was hearing. But Liedolf sounded earnest, was the thing that was stumping him. "[+orange And, ah, which gods- have you killed?]" He spread his hands towards Liedolf to encourage him to perhaps elaborate on this. "[+orange Or is it more a- despot type of thing? People who believe themselves god, reaching for that status that need- disposing of.]" he was trying to wrap his head around this because that seemed like something you would hear about.

Sure, cults and sects fell every day. But those were small, clan-like squabbles one didn't generally pay much attention to until it cleared the way for uninhibited merchant travel into new territory. Or. At least in his case.
  Tweedy / 68d 12h 29m 56s
Liedorf watched as the Elven man stood to go and get another drink, while he didn't think the Elf believed him... Perhaps he would soon enough. His eyes then fell to the red skinned now assumed Dwarven man... Though Lied was horribly unsure at that guess.

He chuckled at the mans response. [b "Indeed... It's not a common occupation."] His eyes held onto the Dwarves. [b "It was something my father and I did, until he was killed... Of course that was to be expected, being a god slayer."] He added with a bit of a smile. Though internally he did miss his father, it wasn't the time or the place to mourn for his loss.
  Liedorf Aesir / TheJediRevan / 99d 22h 22m 45s
Judath pressed his hands against the wall as she groaned. He was fighting himself now, but he knew deep down she needed to come inside. There wasn't much time either, she was slowly fading... She inquired again of his keeping honor of utmost importance but he ignored it for now. The cave entrance was indeed a tight fit however there was more than enough room for her to make it through.

Judath could see her fading, and another passing chill rolled over her. He knew that time was of the essence and so at his soonest opportunity he grabbed her wrist, and he didn't expect to receive much retaliation. Though even if she fought, she couldn't draw a blade on him, and she had to be weak... The only fear was she would even more quickly lose her breathe... Which certainly happened as her heart rate would have increased uncontrollably.

Once Judath passed into the cave he brought her in as well, she didn't seem in any condition to try and escape the caves walls... However knowing she had some will power, she might attempt it. Though she now laid in utter darkness, Judath's very element. His red eyes illuminated small parts of the cave as he seemed to fade in and out of existence in a new place each time. He gathered what he could find in the cave, some rotting chests assuredly brought in from an alternate entrance.

He broke them, and the sound of creaking and splintering of wood sounded through the cave. He brought back pieces near to where she was and ripped some of his cloak at the hem, placing it on his pile of wood. He pulled out some herbs from his inner robe and mixed it on his hand, then blowing into his hand releasing a cloud of flame that engulfed the small pile of wood, beginning his small fire. Giving light to the interior of the cave, whos walls were adorned with primitive writings and images.

Judath looked towards Brilla who laid still shaking. he couldn't tell whether she was alive or dead through her armor. His eyes dropped to the caves floor and he stepped to her side. Kneeling down and lifting her in his arms, he walked her to the fire, setting her down near to it. He pulled away her armor leaving it off to the side, he wasn't sure when she'd come around... But it was a better idea to leave her clothes on due to the temperature being so far below zero. He sat on the opposite side of the fire, with his legs up searching the area around them, he wasn't going to let anything even come close to her at this moment.
  Judath Mason / TheJediRevan / 99d 22h 30m 15s
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Brilla's breath caught, the air cold and stinging in her chest and nose. No, it was burning in her chest as he spoke. That's right, he had made a point about honor, hadn't he? Before, back when he had killed the other men after her.

But his words were sinking in. She had seen the bodies. Blue, black, the pain in your fingers, the danger. Brilla was remembering, feeling a tightness in her chest now. "[+crimson Oh-]" she groaned.

Her breath wouldn't slow, her head suddenly clouding over with fizz and fuzziness and color all in a wash. Her head swam lightly, trembling fingers scratching at the cave wall. She could feel frustration, shame, and fever washing in trembling chills down her back as she shivered. But she was still shivering. In this cold, that was good, right? Brilla was trying to remember if that was a good thing.

"[+crimson What does my honor- why do you keep insisting?]" She wheezed, unable to catch her breath, suddenly, no matter how much it hurt in the cold.

"[+crimson Wh-]" she wheezed, leaning on that hand now and dropping her head. "[+crimson oh, fuck me...]" the human woman panted, shuddering under another cascade of chills.
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[right [pic]] Afford's eyes narrowed more now, his mouth twisting a little at the continued mystery insisted upon by the stranger. He exhaled, eyes cold now; displeased with the leading inquiry that Liedolf was forcing from him. He didn't care, why was [i he] the one asking questions? Wasn't Mevan the social one? He sat back, shooting a look to the tiefling beside himself.

Mevan's smile was a little tighter this time, lacing his fingers as he turned towards the stranger now. "[+orange Blooding,]" he responded, frowning in confusion. The only blooding term he was familiar with was Orcish. How would any tribe want to bring in a human to do their blooding at all?

But soon the answer came, luckily, and his fingers found his beard now, brushing over it and fingering some of the silver charms in it.

The elf arched his brows again, looking testy. "[#a46d8f You killed gods,]" he repeated. He stared at the stranger for a long moment, arms crossed, before he glanced once again to Mevan with a sigh, face cool. his eyes then flickered briefly to the stranger again. "[#a46d8f I'm getting another drink,]" he finally said, getting up and taking his glass with him.

Mevan gave a little, wondering chuckle with a shake of his head. His thumbnail scratched over his brow, both of them arching a bit. He wondered if this man was serious. No one killed gods, but the few, foolhardy adventurers who tried to change the entire working of the realms. His arms crossed.

"[+orange Well,]" he attempted, glancing at the man. "[+orange that's certainly the first time I've been told that.]" His tone was polite, but disbelieving.
  Tweedy / 111d 1h 45m 4s
Liedorf also noticed the Elven mans eyes narrow, it was an intrigued look, not threatening, and Liedorf seemed to have caught him right where he wanted him. He got him interested, now he could perhaps explain a bit about himself... It's not like these men seemed the type to go and tell the world, however even that is not necessarily a horrible outcome for him.

[b "Well, the lands we tended to travel were afar off, very interesting places, he started taking me about when I was thirteen."] His eyes holding to Affords. [b "You know... The family business, it was blooding."] He said with a nod of his head to the right. His right elbow lifting to place itself on the table, with his right hand coming to rest with his thumb over his mouth. He looked at the elven man for a few seconds, allowing what he said to be full understood.

Then as he dropped his elbow and placed both his hands on his lap. He shifted back in his seat, breaking eye contact for a moment to look on as a few short men entered through the door, then returning his eyes to Afford. [b "My father and I..."] He leaned forward over the table. [b "We killed gods."] He said in a low whisper. [b "You don't think I carry these blades because I want too do you?"] He gave a short inquiry with a raised brow. [b "They are quite cumbersome at times... But useful."] He finished sitting back in his seat once more... He wasn't sure how Afford would react, but he assumed being open about his past wouldn't do him too much harm... Though perhaps it was his godly confidence that led him to think such things.
  Liedorf Aesir / TheJediRevan / 111d 3h 18m 5s
Judath knew quite well in all honesty she had no reason to trust him, his forehead met with the wall of the cave and he shook his head against it as she spoke. He had no real argument, but she was going to die out in the cold anyway could she not see that? Perhaps she didn't care, perhaps she wished to die slowly of the cold than quickly of a blade if she really thought that to be his objective.

[b "You are correct not to trust me, but what else are you to have me do?"] He inquired from about five feet within the cave. [b "You are to die of the cold, a very unfavorable and dishonorable death... Also slow and painful."] His eyes turned to her. [b "I will not kill you, you have my word. Though the word of a drow is worth the sweat on the brow of a warrior to you. My father was of the high elven kingdom, must I swear on his name? His grave?"] His voice was calm, and inviting, however his eyes still held a red glow... And with it the same instilling feeling that did when he was first seen from a distance in the forest. The same feeling of fear it was to meant to instill in one.

[b "Do you think me so weak as to kill you in a cave?"] His forehead again met with the wall, there was no way she'd go inside... He'd have to protected her somehow from the elements outside the cave. [b "If you come in I can guarantee you a safe night... However remaining outside, it will be much more difficult to keep you alive."] He sighed at the end of these words trying to think of some way to keep her dry and out of the whether if they remained outside the cave. Perhaps if he cut down a tree he could find some dry wood within it and start a fire that way with some flint... There were some few possibilities. And he didn't want to try and entice her with the fact that he would kill her more quickly if she were to come in... Death by blade is much better than hypothermia.
  Judath Mason / TheJediRevan / 111d 3h 30m 0s
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Brilla blinked, surprised by the sudden movement of the elf in front of her, stepping back. But all she could think of was being trapped, in the dark, cramped, potentially unable to move and lost.

She huffed out a sigh, "[+crimson Y- you [i think] I don't trust you? Barely hours ago you were going to get paid to kill me! And then you pulled a one-eighty and decided to come with me! I don't know what to believe.]"

Her breath was short, climbing up to the mouth of this cave, and her hands shook, freezing, the cotton under her armor sodden and heavy and the metal plating frozen.

"[+crimson You have- [i no] reason to want to be with me. None! You left town to come deeper into the wilderness with me in these conditions, no one [i does] that! So I'm not crawling into an unknown cave that I don't know what it looks like.]"
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Afford's eyes narrowed, Mevan noticed, not in a threatening way. It was how you could tell he found information he found particularly interesting or useful. It was his tell. And the way his brow arched, listening to Liedolf, he could tell he was interested in a potential acquisition. But so was he. A literate, young, healthy looking man. And educated, at least the way that he made it sound.

They exchanged a look at the mention of the dead family. No mention of the father, so perhaps that was a younger, different type of absence.

"[#a46d8f What was the family business?]" the elf hedged, asking directly. He wanted to know what skills the man would have in addition. Distant lands sounded specific, and inviting. He hated fishing invitations to [i make] him ask about someone, but in this case he really had no other reason or intent to speak to him, yet.

Mevan took a swig on his beer, chuckling at the seriousness in Afford's tone. Guarded as ever, he hadn't changed a bit. His eyes were fond as he watched the elf speak with the stranger among them.
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  Tweedy / 111d 6h 55m 38s
He gave a slight nod to the man as he confirmed his sounding prideful, and he noted his compliment... If it was meant as a compliment, no matter how it was meant he took it as one. The elf seemed to have a unique calmness about him, one that could be respected. Lied was a newcomer to the whole of this world, and it was a rarity in his homeland for someone to be simply calm.

His eyes however remained on the elven man as he continued to speak. Bringing up his literacy, something a bit rare to most... But he had learned from his mother. Who was infact human, and coven, so he did not lie in saying she was that. His father being a god of war, thus their child a demi-god half man half god.

He nodded at the Elven mans surprise, and rightfully so. Someone of such a physical build... Would perhaps skip such complicated things like reading and writing and trade them for practice for battle. [b "Ah yes, my mother taught me to read and write as a young boy, before she was killed."] His eyes remained on the elfs eyes. [b "She was brilliant truly, amazing to watch at work. She taught me so much, about the world, and all its peoples."] He explained with an admiration for his mother.

He then turned to his dwarven friend, and his question much less complicated, so much easier to answer. The dwarf hybrid seemed a cheerful type, but he also seemed perhaps dangerous when provoked. He was burly as most dwarves are, but he always seemed to hold a smile on his face. [b "Indeed I do. I traveled to many distant lands with my father, the family business required it."] He explained, adding a bit to the mystery of him for the elf to decipher.
  Liedorf Aesir / TheJediRevan / 112d 4h 43m 25s
Judath had begun pressing his way into the cave. Looking back at her as she began speaking at the point in which it narrowed sharply. Pressing against both sides of the one between the rocks. He sighed as she spoke pulling down his hood so that maybe by the dim moon light she could make out a bit of his face from the glow of his eyes. [b "Brilla, I... I don't think that you trust me yet. I can tell you're not one much for the tightness of this passage... But please. You must come inside. I can see the room within it's just a bit further. Come, the elements would take you through the night... The horses can make it but I fear you would not."] He spoke softly, in as soothing a tone as he could. He could feel the tenseness in her voice, and he could feel her paniced tone. He needed to act quickly, and he would begin on if she'd only follow. His hand was pressed against the rocks quite close to hers, but he dared not try it, fearing it would only worsen the situation.
  Judath Mason / TheJediRevan / 112d 9h 21m 30s
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Brilla sighed as she followed Judath, urging Alto on to follow until they reached the mouth of the cave. She eyed the narrowness with clear hesitation even as she tied off Alto and the other horse- she started running through possible names for the animal Judath had now. Something about him struck her as probably not being one for naming a working animal.

She could barely see him ahead of her already, noting how often he looked back to check on her. She couldn't very well see his face underneath that stupid hood, but she couldn't blame him for having it on. This weather was crap.

And the opening of the cave was completely black. She swallowed, glancing furtively at the elf beside her as her hands flexed in front of her, moving to take her saddle bag and place it on her shoulder. It was [i really] dark. But she plunged on like he did. Four feet was kind of snug, but fine, she supposed. But when suddenly the stone walls narrowed in on her and she could feel her breath reflected back on herself with the proximity, the woman stopped.

She remembered caves. Dangerous, isolated, lonely, claustrophobic.

Brilla didn't even realize she had pushed back, stepping away and huffing her breath out, eyes absent for a second as her brain reminded her why caves were a bad idea. She didn't know if it ever widened again, or if it would just narrow and get them both stuck. She didn't want to hear that again. She didn't want to [i feel] that sheer panic again, even as she felt it fluttering, threatening to grow already in her chest.

She swallowed, "[+crimson Uh,]" and looked upwards towards the ceiling of the entrance. "[+crimson y'know. Maybe I'll just stay out with the horses.]"
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[right [pic]] The crimson man, Mevan gestured to the table in a welcoming motion.

Afford shifted, initially, but was pleased to see that the stranger decided to take a seat with Mevan instead of himself. With it, the elf readjusted comfortably, sitting back and swirling his wine a little in his hand.

His eyes grew distant at the vagueness, narrowing slightly as he lef tthe mystery in front of him as if begging for him to ask. He would not bite if someone was fishing. Mevan, across from him, was just chuckling, amused at the way the man was speaking; stilted, polite, and so very enigmatic. He pushes his thumb and forefinger over the length of his nose with a chuckle.

His gaze moved over to the elf, eyes meeting, and Afford arched a brow at him.

The platinum blond exhaled, setting his wine glass down and gathered his long sleeve and kept it from the table, crossing his legs. "[#a46d8f You do,]" he confirmed, calm green eyes turning to the stranger before him. He looked dirty- wet, like everyone else who had gone out- and very hairy. "[#a46d8f But of course one must sell themselves to gain a job. I have no doubt of your physical prowess.]"

"[#a46d8f I am surprised you are literate,]" Afford added, gesturing to the man. "[#a46d8f Where were you taught?]"

"[+orange Do you like to travel?]" Mevan asked.

[#a46d8f #a46d8f]
  Tweedy / 112d 9h 50m 59s
Liedorf looked over the men carefully. His watchful eye holding onto Afford as he explained he was infact a merchant as suspected, and that he was always looking to take on a challenge. He knew he would perhaps be that, but he also knew he could most likely attain whatever it is they wished to have.

His eyes however left Afford for a moment as the Elvish man enquired from whence he came. He searched the elf for a moment, and nodded with a smile. [b "May I sit?"] He asked and was nodded to by Afford, taking seat next to hin across from thr elf. [b "I am from a very distant place. You may assume I am a human man, but I am a hybrid..."] He paused, he wanted to explain he was a god, but to do so... He must first trust the men he was with. [b "My mother... She was something else. Something some people take offense too, I don't always tell everyone."] He played it off as if she were coven or something of the sort.

His eyes then returned to Afford. [b "I can do any work you need done. I am physically able to preform most tasks, I am able to read and write with the utmost care and delicacy. It you require a bodyguard or more so an assassin I am surely able to Ablidge you as well sir.] He spoke flippantly as if most of it meant very little. He was interested in the elves reply... But he also didn't want to seem to prideful. [b "I apologize if I seemed prideful... I'm sure there are those in the world much better than I in the things I do. I am simply giving to you the fact that I am... Skilled in a certain few areas."] His voice came with sincerity, and his eyes focus.
  Liedorf Aesir / TheJediRevan / 112d 13h 31m 48s
Her inquiry interested him greatly... She hadn't shown any trust in him up to this point, and yet she allowed him lead. Whether it was for trust, need to escape the elements, or simply the fact he could see the target location much better than she. He pulled the reigns back and his horse lifted up and stepped ahead of her, leaving the trail he pushed off into the forest.

His breath trailed behind him as his horse carried hin through the darkness of the night. The crunching of snow was heard underfoot and some deer passed by slowly to their right behind the cover of trees. This sight reasured Judath that the location was safe of large creatures. His trod was slow enough Brilla could keep sight of him, he was loyal to his word and he made a commitment to her.

He was to be her squire... For however so long she pleased, he was unsure whether he made the right choice... However he needed someone, so why not someone who he was contracted to hunt? It means someone wants them dead just like so many want him. So if he were to get close to her, it shouldn't change much her way of life... Though it was certainly up to her if they were to get close or not.

The trek was quiet as Judath was unsure what he should say... If anything, the woman didn't seem very fond of him at this time so he held his peace. His eyes constantly searching the area around them, he peered in her direction some few times, just to see what was behind. Every time he caught her eye, if she was looking at him he returned a look, not his usual stoic look however he was relaxed, calm, he didn't dare try and smile unless she did.

The ride ended as they came upon a mountainside. Judath dismounted his horse and could see that Brilla followed suit. The horses wouldn't fit within the mouth of the cave, but there was an outstripping of stone that over hung the entrance. And a dead tree laid near to the opening. So tying the horses to the trunk was the obvious choice, and so he did so. Watching as Brilla did the same.

Then stepping to the mouth of the cave. He slid his way inside, it was about four feet wide at the mouth, but it stretched upwards about twenty feet up the side of the mountain. It became a bit of a tight fit at times pressing through the fifteen feet of narrow passageway, before it opened up into a small room. Judath could see about it perfectly but he stood just inside to help Brilla should she need it. He wasn't sure that he would be able to start a fire, but atleast they were out of the elements. They was a long darkened passageway just ahead of them, leading deeper into the moutain. And Judath wondered if he could find anything inside of general use.
  Judath Mason / TheJediRevan / 112d 13h 41m 39s
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The human blinked, surprised for a moment. It was true, him using her name felt so [i personal]. The fact that he claimed he didn't know it before made it no less strange that he just- would have killed her. She still wasn't convinced she had done anything that had actually swayed any of his opinion other than pity for her. But she would rather have that than lady or dame right now. It didn't feel right.

She looked to him, face flat as she looked at him. He was [i asking] if she didn't have night vision? Had he ever met a human before? Surely he already knew that. Was he rubbing it in, then?

Brilla listened to his halting, almost awkward explanation as he tried so hard to- speak common? Or was he trying to sound educated and complex? She wasn't sure what was going on here, eyes narrowing slightly as she listened and processed the gait of his speech.

It certainly broke some of the tension she was feeling about him and his motives. It was almost dopey, in a kind of endearing way. Which, calling the man who was about to shoot her in the face earlier with his bow endearing was a new, confusing low for her. New feeling. But it was disarming nonetheless.

Presently she cleared her throat, realizing she hadn't answered him yet. "[+crimson I, uh,]" she tried hard to fight the taste of sarcasm she could feel arising in her throat. "[+crimson would think that- yeah, the- cave being too small for trolls is definitely a selling point.]" She gestured in the general direction she assumed the mouth of the cave would be in, judging on where the elf had been looking. Brilla nodded, making an effort to look serious as she struggled with the sudden bubble of bemusement and amusement that his sheer dedication to sounding so formal was summoning. "[+crimson Definitely.]"

She nodded. Nodded, kept nodding as silence fell between them again and he didn't move. She stole a glance in his general direction, still softly nodding.

The freezing, slushy rain was fucking cold, though. But she couldn't see.

Brilla sniffed, pushing the back of her hand over her stinging nose. "[+crimson So, uh,]" she gestured again, feeling her pride rise in her throat and threaten to choke her. But she needed to ask. "[+crimson would you care to lead the way, by chance?]"
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[right [pic]] It was the first emotion that either man had seen across the stranger's face. Afford's brows arched, and Mevan's grin just grew, turning the edges of his moustache up, making the beads at the corners wiggle. The horns on the sides of his brow kept low on his face, scrunching the skin just under as he raised his brows in an encouraging nod.

Afford's eyes met Liedolf's when he looked to him, sensing the gaze on him. He remained in a calm reserve, but not unwelcoming. He arched his brows in acknowledgment of the smile he received, nodding with a faint return of his own. Just not openly as warm and effervescent as the man across from him.

"[+orange Well, you've come to the right table,]" Mevan greeted, gesturing towards the pale haired elf again, eyes crinkling. "[+orange Two venturesome merchants always lookin for something to take on; a challenge, perhaps. What sort of work do you do?]"

"[#a46d8f Where do you come from?]" asked Afford over the lip of his glass, taking a sip.
  Tweedy / 113d 51m 15s
Liedorf after having walked in and greeted the elven man, and now assumed dwarven man. He allowed a small smile to pass across his face, this dwarven man seemed to enjoy life. And he seemed rather a joy to be around, his smile allowed Lied to pull one over his face. Though his words confused Lied for someone much younger than he was, although he certainly only looked 27-35 his true age in years was beyond what he cared to calculate.

His eyes shifted over to view the elven man, who seemed to be interested in Lied's blades. He then returned his eyes to the dwarven man, and he nodded as he began speaking, his smile fading as he spoke. [b "I am unsure... I am in need of work. However I seem to be a bit lost here... I've never been in this village, nor this part of the world. I am in need of assistance, and I will gladly repay you however you wish."] He knew he needed help learning the land, culture, and simple things... So he went to the one man who he knew, and just might help him.
  Liedorf Aesir / TheJediRevan / 113d 8h 47m 23s
Judath looked down through the darkness, and the shadows, peering between the trees. He could see the small cave entrance... He was obviously unsure of its actual size... But the entrance was enough for a man to fit through... And too small for any troll, very preferable in his mind... However that does not make it completely safe of threats, goblins, thieves, torchmen, , cultists of many types, orc, men, rogue dwarves, feral animals... All things that could inhabit a cave out in the forest like this.

His eyes then fell to the knight, her eyes trying to make out the cave entrance. [b "Brilla, I assume you do not have my vision... The cave is just ahead, it is too small for a troll to pass inside... Thus in my mind making it much more preferable to one... In which the dangers of a troll exist. But the decision on whether to push on, or stop is yours."] He spoke softly, and informatively, he had no other purpose in his words but to give her exactly his thoughts and some specifics on the cave. His eyes left her and looked around them, he was searching for any of the previously mentioned threats... Even just round about them now. Thunder cracked overhead, and the freezing slush continued to fall around them... Judath was certain a small human like Brilla wouldn't be able to handle the elements if they got much worse... But who was he to assume her of weakness... She was a female knight traveling alone, what a heart she must have.
  Judath Mason / TheJediRevan / 113d 8h 55m 13s

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