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Liedorf made his walk back quite enjoyable, he kept just ahead of the rest of the men. His eyes searching the tree line, he was a strange figure, he assumed everyone noticed his massive blades that hung from his back. Their golden hue reflecting the moons rays down in such a magnificent way, blaring a rainbow arc of light across the road. His movements allowed the blades little freedom to move, so the arc was consistent with his posture. It's rainbow arc stretched out about sixteen feet in total, much longer then the blades, and also unnatural of any regular metal. A keen eye could spot that, and realize his blades were made from no ordinary metal.

His stride was confident and laid back, he made no point of emphasis on himself he didn't want to stand out any more than his blades made him already. He caught movement on a small ridge above the tree line, a carriage rolled by, passing the town entirely on a much harder trek... Perhaps they avoided people on purpose? Or perhaps his assumption the mountain trail was more dangerous was incorrect... Perhaps even there was a mountain town along that ridge, and all of this was speculatory... but... He had a feeling about that carriage, something was off about it.

His eyes reflected the burning lights of the town as he passed inside it's small wooden fencing. His body was cold to the touch however he felt no such cold, he was rather used to harsh conditions, and had very good adaptability. His beard caught some flakes of snow, and was littered with white, as was his long hair, he didn't mind it, it was of no concern to someone like him.. It really makes no negative effect. He inhaled as he entered the tavern once again, he assumed that the meal to be paid for was to be here.
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Judath held a steady pace on his horse, keeping just behind the woman he was following. She didn't wish to be called master, so I suppose madame works the best... She didn't give him a name to use yet... She seemed reluctant even to take madame, what manor of woman is this? Is she a simple human, was she a slave to someone at some point... Why doesn't she wish to know of his history... Questions raced through his mind... He was confused and intrigued, he also felt feared... It was usually what he wanted, he wanted everything to know his power, to feel fear... But... It just wasn't what he wanted from a companion. But he knew he'd have to work to get her not to fear him, he is after all a massive drow... Who she knows at a minimum can easily snap the neck of a full grow relatively strong human male. A small feat yes, but it is still one that instill fear, his exact calling card, his move seemingly his calling in life... To instill fear in the hearts of others.

Her slow walking on her horse, and obvious devotion to it touched Judath a bit, however she wouldn't know it. He kept a stoic mask over his features and a straight posture on his horse, ever vigilant of his surroundings. His eyes searched the ridge that stood high to their left, a perfect vantage point for archers or someone to drop boulders... None of the men in the tavern seemed so inclined or creative to attempt such a feat but... It was hardly out of his mind. Her words then broke the cold air swiftly her question of the small dog like creature... [b "Yes madame, it was at about my hip, or..."] He paused for a moment unsure if his next words would bring dishonor or disrespect to his companion. [b "Waist high on you yes madame. Praytell if I am disrespectful in anyway."] His apology was sincere and came softly in the cool winters breeze. It didn't seem faked however he still felt she might think it fake... Just based on his appearance and usual attitude so far.
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Brilla glanced back at Judath to see his eyes aimed elsewhere. It was an awkward situation, and she understood that, letting him keep his attention away from her. Plus, she needed to be quiet now. There was no hope for her to endear herself to this man, and thus hopefully survive if he truly was trying to corner her further out in the wilderness where he wouldn't have as much competition.

And for that, a silence fell upon the traveling duo as they ventured south, down, away from town a distance, and into the farmland and the emptiness. The main road would eventually turn towards the east again and cross their path somewhere. And there, Brilla thought, if she made it alive, they/or she, would turn to do the same.

Raindrops fell on her lashes, Brilla sighing and feeling the warm lick of her breath on her nose before it cooled. Who knew things would go so wrong after supposedly they had done something so good? And where were they now? Ruffians and clueless wanderers all dispersed like cottonwood seed. Her shoulders slumped with the exhale. If she wasn't feeling self-conscious and embarrassed, she would have lain herself forwards on Alto's neck, the animal giving as if in response a chilled shiver beneath her. She patted his neck.

"[+crimson Just a little farther,]" she murmured to him, knowing at least he would sleep tonight. She would not.

Tall, dark hair... The description reminded her of someone, but he was dead now. Brilla blinked, eyes dropping as she wracked her thoughts, her memories, for someone she had ever wronged like that.

her head turned towards Judath, searching his face now as she glanced between his eyes. Such a resting murder face certainly meant that he wasn't lying, was he? Plus, that struck something familiar in her.

"[+crimson A dog?]" Brilla repeated, prompting him with the look. "[+crimson Was it- about waist height?]" Her eyes moved over the large man again, "[+crimson Er, hip height*?]" It was not a 'small dog' unless he was referring to the slinky, narrow thing that she had seen once with Rivan.

[size10 *on a rough estimation and a bit of research into the average height of a borzoi male, which is about 30 inches and what I know of Judath's height, it should be about hip height for him. Brilla, being smoll, has the dog much higher.]
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"[+orange Enthusiastic, good! I worried, in this weather. Guess'n the electricity in the air is fueling you. Grand.]" the man said, giving Liedolf a hearty pat to the back of his shoulder as he turned to the larger crowd, greeting them and assorting people into their positions. Most were men, though a rather hefty woman was spotted among the crowd, her grunts of effort slightly different than the men around her.

And with Afford leading the mule team with the reins in one long hand, drawing them forwards, and with the men at its side and back the cart was freed, and then items put back on it for travel back into the town.

He thanked them all with a hearty wave and a renewal of his promise of food and drink when he returned.

The man had a bright smile on his face, orange eyes glinting like embers in the back of a hearth in the darkness, and similar across the inking on his skin, as if molten metal were in the very veins.

Mevan clapped his hands together, approaching Afford then with a wide smile. "[+orange And la, there it is!]"

The elf smiled, folding his hands inside of his sleeves, "[#a46d8f Mind if I ride along with you back?]"

The man made a grand gesture at the rudimentary seat at the helm of the cart. "[+orange Be my guest.]"

He glanced over, catching sight of Liedolf and nodded to him in thanks. And then they returned the mile back to town.
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Liedorf shook the mans hand with a firm grip. Keeping his thoughts to himself, he was still unsure if this was a demon or not... It was not of assuredy either way. He had dwarven markings on his arm, but horns and a tail... He seemed perhaps a mix as he was a bit short, though quite well built, both traits of a dwarven man... Though he just didn't seem a simple dwarf.

Lieds eyes held to his as he spoke, and Lied nodded dropping his hand from his after his greeting. [b "As to you. I am at your service good sir."] Holding a slightly excited tone. He finally was going to get to test his power. His excitement was hardly noticeable however a spark in his eye could be seen. As the red man turned to speak to the other men Lied stepped out of the way, making eye contact again with the elf, and then the men of the village.

Lied sighed gently, as the red man spoke again. And the men all rounded about the side and back of the cart. Mevan placed Lied just two men over from him on the edge of the cart, a position that would require a fair bit of strength, as the blacksmith was placed to Lieds right and the Apprentice to his left.

On Mevans count the men pushed up on the cart, Lied did not call for any strength from the storm as it would be horribly apparent he was something other than man if lightning struck him. So he was with whatever strength he had as a man on this plain, each man forced up on Mevans word. Feet pressing into the mud, sliding down away from the cart, falling and returning to try and push it up. Forceful grunting could be heard for a good distance through the storm as the men fought against the elements to get the cart out of its rut.

Lied held back as he could, though helping enough that he seemed mighty though of no supernatural effects. The men after seven or eight minutes of struggle had pushed the cart back to a resting place on the road, some of them horribly exhausted, perhaps thinking this not worth the effort.
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Judath held his eyes forward as she began speaking once more. He didn't seem uninterested but rather holding back some emotion, emotion is weakness, pain is weakness, time causes pain and pain leads to death. Time is the enemy that stands in your path... His eyes watched the road ahead darkened trees stood like soldiers at rest, their branches swayed like arms restless and bound for contempt. His eyed searched their soulless husks for breath, but saw none and they journeyed on their dark and weary quest. His heart ached for peace but burned bright with hate, his hearts true desires held captive by what seemed to be fate.

Through this poem his mind had slipped, in and out and back within for seconds time seemed to sit, still and cold like the snow that layered the ground about. His eyes returning to the woman on horseback to his right. Her next words of her business being his actions raised questions in his head. His eyes left her visage to once more veiw their darkened path, his mind all aloft for thoughts of the night... How so would they pass it, how well would she sleep... Knowing a monster lie dorment to her right, just out of sight.

Though her next question was a question he had too, he'd give her what he knew, and what he wished too. [b "The women was an elf, she was tall and beautiful, long dark hair, odd to me of an elf... But she had a small creature, dog like in appearance and in it's movements... She was obviously rich, probably royalty?"] The last of his words came in a question, but that wasn't his fault fully... More so he was unsure.
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Brilla watched Judath as he spoke. There was a lot of anger in him, and she could imagine why. Didn't mean most dark elves [i weren't] dangerous and prone to evil and violence, but, that was perhaps a different story depending on the individual.

But when he turned his attention back to her, the knight simply shrugged.

"[+crimson Your emotions about your parents aren't my business,]" she responded. She wasn't at present interested in continuing this line of questions, because it could potentially lead him to ask about hers, and she was hardly interested in explaining her situation or what led up to it. Brilla swallowed, "[+crimson My business only is the repercussions of how you act upon them.]" If he hurt people, or lashed out in certain ways, he would be held accountable for himself. But that was the only line of her concern right now, other than making it through the night in one piece, and ensuring this wasn't an elaborate stunt of his to eventually get her killed so he could collect her apparent bounty.

They rode on in silence for some time, allowing the horses to pick their way through the trees and underbrush as safely as they chose. But presently Brilla's need to know was too great, and she looked back at Judath.

"[+crimson The woman you said was hunting me,]" she said, "[+crimson who is she?]"
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[right [pic]] Afford huffed his breath out, glaring at the man questioning his business partner until he snapped his gaze away and back to the situation at hand, flipping his hair back over his shoulder. He approached the hailing tiefling until he was bypassed by the naked man from the tavern who had been staring earlier. Afford's brow knit, miffed by the movement before himself, Firald coming up beside him.

The large red man had bulk in a stout build, though his height brought him only to about 5'6" as Liedolf came up to him. His brows arched as he was greeted with a silent hand, his plaited beard getting a momentary, thoughtful stroke before he met the man's hand with his own for a shake. "[+orange And- hello to you too, sir. Great to see some burly help, this night!]"

He smelled of magic- even as it didn't 'smell' any particular way. Like Afford, there was that energy coming off of him that accosted the senses to those who could taste it akin to a strong scent, more a static, gut feeling. Like a hand hovering close, feeling the static in a dry, wool blanket waiting to nip at your fingers.

His eyes turned over to Afford behind the bearded human, smiling, "[+orange And here I was worried no one would come out in a storm.]" he said.

The elf gave a small smile, inclining his head politely to him, "[#a46d8f Hardly a concern,]" he assured, turning and presenting the group of men he had gathered with himself, "[#a46d8f they are yours to lead, so we can get this over with.]"

The men still held back at the sight of reddened skin, tattoos on the forearms in dwarvish script, and horns, and a tail. But they held close enough for the elf to only give them a scathing, expectant look before stepping back and awaiting things to get a move on.

Mevan clapped his palms together, grinning with white teeth, "[+orange And so! With a few more bodies at the side and the back of the cart, I think we can heave this out in no time!]"
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Judath stood eyeing her as she shot him a look, he was rather confused but he took it as human nature perhaps? He never really talked to them in a civilized tone, as they were usually either trying to kill him or he them. He wasn't well liked among men, elves, dwarves, orc, most races, however for a service he rendered them, many goblins were fond of him. He was seen as a legend among one of their tribes infact, one of their seven heroes.

His eyes dropped as she asked about his father. Requesting about his poition, about who he was, why his name was mason... Judath shook his head. [b "My father... He was of high reguard in the city of Andura but... He was, disgraced when they found he was meeting in the night with a cave witch...] He paused at that, the last two words said in disdain, with a hint of hatred in his voice. [b "That's what they called her..."] His voice fell at those words, to a somber tone. And he looked away from his new companion over into the thick forest. His jaw clenched and he exhaled deeply with a slight shiver of his head, either in anger or from the elements... That is up to her to decide.

He inhaled a deep breath looking over to her once more. [b "I apologize for me vulnerability, and perhaps weakness, I am seen as weaker for my feelings on this matter... I have told one other person, and they betrayed me... There is no more for you to know now then that his name shouldn't have been Mason... Unless you must ask further madame."] He spoke respectfully, though unsure of how he stood with her now. He was often seen as weaker for this, even by his lost love... The only other he had ever told even thus far of the story.
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Liedorf began the walk just behind the elven man having noticed a few of his companions. One seeming a very agreeable blacksmith, a large man no less at that. His eyes searched the rest of these people as the elf began speaking, Liedorf seemed to ignore him for a time, still eyeing his companionship.

As he turned again to face the elf, his face was pointed directly to his. Liedorf raised a brow, and responded calmly. [b "None sir."] The elven man seemed to take that answer well and continued his walk, he had pulled his coat in closer on himself, and Lied looked down over his own body. Hardly covered from the elements that would do such harm to any simple man, his arms fully exposed to the freezing rain it detoured him not, nay not even in the slightest.

Lied could see this red himanoid figure emurge from the half engulfed cart stuck in a rut on the side of the road. He half closed his eyes squinting at the creature, unsure if it was a demon or simply a strange man. His squint was not disrespectful, as a demon could certainly feel his presence as more than human. He didn't care if it was a demon, he had worked alongside them before, his eyes then peeled over to a man who muttered some words in a tone less than acceptable.

As the elven man barked the young human down, Lied couldn't help but feel the need to silence the man, he had no place speaking like that. He was small and weak, the deserved position of power was in the hands of the other, the one being insulted without his knowledge. This was a much more disagreeable act by a human, as Lied made his way forward towards the Red skinned creature, he put out his hand dispite the surprise of many of the men and perhaps the elf. He knew if he was indeed demon he would take his forearm, and if he was not, he would take his hand.

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Brilla sighed softly at Judath calling her madame instead. The dame, she could deal with, and madame was related to it she supposed. It was a part of her standing title, at least, or lady. But she wasn't sure she wanted to get into it with the elf right this second. There were more important things to focus on at the moment. But it was a relief not to be called master. It was a loathsome word in most cases as far as she was aware.

But at his retorting tone, Brilla shot a look at him. Was he mocking her? She gauged his countenance with a cool reserve. So, the elf would make fun of the rankings of man, would be? Interesting. After all his copious mention of honor and such. It certainly was clear he wasn't civil, that much she was aware of already with how much blood he had gotten on his hands already, but she had hoped he wouldn't be mean about it.

"[+crimson Mason,]" she responded, brow arching a little in curiosity, "[+crimson A very human name.]" Oft when she met them, elves had difficult to pronounce titles derived from their fey roots in Sylvan, and what had eventually turned into the modern language of Elvish. "[+crimson Was your father a mason, then?]" She asked, pulling herself up to swing a leg over her horse. She nudged his sides with her heels, and the animal started forth.
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[right [pic]] The elven man was lean and long, his hair platinum and reaching down to the center of his back. His robes were fine, elven embroidery along his outer, couat, and on the inner along the arm and the spine and fitted to him. He tucked the coat more closed on himself, sighing through his nose and tucked his free hand under his arm as they walked.

Afford's thoughts, however, were much less on the beauty of the evening, if there was any. For to him there was little found pleasant on a night such as this. The biting cold at his nose and fingers and ears, made worse with the earrings in them and the rings on his hands. He wished he had thought to bring his gloves with him, but alas, the freedom of the cart seemed important before any bandits could attempt to rob it. It was a thieves' wood, around this town, with all of the vagrants and adventurers about.

Presently Afford's attention turned to the stranger as they walked out of town towards their destination. "[#a46d8f Is there something you need answered?]" he asked, arching a cool brow. Being stared at was one thing that came with being one of the only elves in the area, but if it was unwanted, and unappreciative looking then he wasn't interested.

He eyed this stranger with his eyes on Afford. What warranted the attention? It wasn't appraising eyes, as far as he could tell. He was trying to remember if they had met before. Someone he had hired before? Someone who knew him from long ago? That would be dangerous, to be recognized here. But it would again depend on what he knew of him.

Eventually, mercifully within a mile of the town, the cart was spotted. Weighted down with crates covered in tarp, collected snow atop it, and straining mules, it seemed the indent where wheels were frequented, there was a rather lengthy mud puddle, a ditch practically now, as the wheel in it was sunk to its bearing, that had been covered in snow. The track of the wheel until its stop was visible as a muddy, deep scar of soiled snow. The rain was thickening, making itself more known, loud, present, demanding.

The large, red humanoid shunting his large body against the wheel, and rock the cart out of the ditch looked towards the approaching group. He pulled himself from his position and waved a hailing hand towards them. "[+orange Hullo! Seems I bit off a bit more than this road can chew!]"

There was a mutter from someone in the crowd next to Liedolf, "We're supposed to help one of [i those]?" came a growl.

Afford's hearing, even over the rain, caught that, and he stopped, turning towards the group, halting them all.

"[#a46d8f You have no complaints when his product pays for all of you,]" he retorted, expression sharp as he hissed the words in clipped common.

The man was silent.
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Liedorf turned his head just slightly to see the blacksmith, a large well built man as a blacksmith is, beating iron day in and day out for a living. He would be quite intimidating to most men, though Liedorf was used to being looked down upon by gods much larger than this man. However he was drained of some of his power, this is a continual thought in his mind.. Trying to think just how weak he could be here on this plain... In his realm he could rival gods, this could not be the case here. His eyes drew themselves up and away from the blacksmith, meeting with the elvish mans once more.

He spoke gesturing that the all follow down the road a while, he grasped an umbrella and pressed on. Leading the band of men behind him to his Merchants carriage. Liedorfs eyes strayed from the man and the path, he had heard stories and he had seen this world from above... But being on it at night it was so beautiful. Even as the rain poured down into the snow, causing little pockets of melting snow everywhere, each of them frozen, or liquid, none were returning to a snow like state...

He was used to worlds where if it snowed, it always snowed, if it rained it always rained, if it was sunny, it was always bright, if it was dark, there was no light... This all grasped him, he was awe struck by the beauty of the mountains, the rustling of the leaves in the trees, that rattled so metallically in their frozen forms. His eyes soon turned to rest upon the elf again as they neared the carriage.
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Judath was quite confused at her disliking the title. Is it not what a squire called their knight? Was this a simple misunderstanding on his part? Perhaps she was also a slave and simply hated the word. [b "Yes madame, apologies."] He retored in a soft voice.

Her next question was something he could answer well. [b "I am Judath Marki Mason, I am son of Marki, and Zora Mason."] His eyes held to hers as he spoke, then left her face to look at the camp site once more. She placed a bit more onto her horse, and Judath awaited her word patiently watching his surroundings carefully.
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He didn't look at all pleased with her, in fact it didn't seem like his face changed at all after she gave him what he wanted. And it didn't exactly give her a warm and fuzzy feeling not to be alone anymore like she had now and again fantasized about. Making friends before now had always been so much easier. She missed those absent from her, and she gazed at the figure that now filled their void for the time being.

Brilla's face immediately turned in a frown as he called her 'master', looking discomfited. She turned her eyes over the camp. Meager. Surviving tools, was all, and she had only brought out the camping gear she needed at the time, which she could replace easily she supposed.

"[+crimson Please don't call me that,]" she responded, letting her horse's reins hang for a moment as she moved towards the lean-to she had with the canvas. Pulling it down, she quickly stowed it on the other side of the saddle.

"[+crimson What's your name?]"

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[right [pic]] Afford exhaled as he returned into the cold, his breath puffing before him and turned to see the men who decided to join. His eyes scanned everyone, including the blacksmith who came out, one of the bigger men in town closer to his own height, blond, with a full beard and a smiling face. He clapped his hands, rubbing their rough palms together.

"[#8b804b Where to?]" he asked with a big smile, showing bright, hardy teeth under his whiskers.

"[#a46d8f Firald,]" the elf greeted, folding his arms and tucking his hands under. His eyes turned to the larger human man who approached him with rather cumbersome looking blades at his back. It made him look rather like a beetle, he thought.

He arched a brow at him, wondering if he was trying somehow to challenge him with a look, and a tone like that. It earned a glance over. After it, the elf shifted, nodding his head towards the main road out of town towards the lake.

"[#a46d8f Down the road a stretch,]" he responded, "[#a46d8f if you'll all follow me.]" The elf raised his voice a little, taking the umbrella in his own hand and starting down it. He brought a glance up towards the sky again, humming disdain for the storm. It was causing him struggle.
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Liedolf could see from his seat the elvish woman was obviously upset at something, speaking to the elf next to her. He found it almost amusing, though he was looking for something to do... Perhaps he could assist her in some way? He was after all, he, and knowing not his power yet, perhaps very powerful? But also the risk is perhaps he is not...

A tall elven man stepped through the door. His merchant had been trapped by the harsh weather, Liedorf had nothing better to do, so with a gentle shrug he stepped from the bar. A couple other men also rose, probably for hopes of a drink. But exited the bar nevertheless, as Liedorft was the largest among them, he and these elves seemed to be men among boys in this town, as every man seemed short in comparison. Even the largest men in this bar were 6'0 maybe... It was hard to tell with giants among them.

As Liedorft stepped outside, once more a violent violet light struck across the northern sky. He looked to the elvish man, and raised his brow. [b "Might I be of assistance."] His voice was cold, and rough. And his eyes held to the elven man just a few feet from him.
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Judath scraped his boot against the snow, revealing the frozen ground beneath. A gentle increase in temperature allowed for a freezing rain to burden their travels. His eyes holding fast to his new "Master" Perhaps his superior in rank, but not in combat... But was this his true place? Servant to a "Knight" Whom herself served no king? Was he not a leader as his mother told him? Was his father wrong for all that time he raised him to lead mighty men into war, to fight for whatever it was that he believed to be right? Perhaps not, perhaps they were right, but every leader must first serve. Every great general was once a student, every hero a peasant.

His eyes held fast to hers as she spoke, her words ignited him, he was ready and willing to serve however she saw fit. He was a hulk of a creature, a massive and powerful warrior with all the finesse of an assassin. He was quick and powerful, but at the same time light on his feet, and silent. He was a wonderful servant in the case he needed be, and was in no way opposed to it. He knew that to one day lead one must first serve, and when one is a leader they must also be a servant. The greatest kings serve their people... And what hero does not do his work to help his kind?

He strode to the horse with a brisk [b "As you command"] quickly mounting the beast, and turning to face his now master-companion. Gently tugging the reigns he moved forward towards her position, looking over to the camp. [b "I say we get moving, unless there is something of great value there. But it is masters command."] He spoke softly, with respect in his voice, no command was given from him... But a simple suggestion. He had been a slave before, so he knew how to speak, however he thought perhaps as a companion servant he might have a say. Should he be told not to speak unless spoken too, he would take it as command and follow his order.
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Brilla couldn't help the hesitation that entered her face at his response. She could not blame him for his birth, but she feared his rearing. A drow matron*. But if she could earn and keep his loyalty, then he would be a fierce ally and resource.

Her eyes drew upwards as freezing rain now began to come upon them. That struck some fear into her. Tonight would be rough, and he- this nameless man- had no shelter either.

She took a breath, steadying herself as she nodded towards him. "[+crimson I will keep you,]" she said, clearing her throat as her voice weakened for a moment, saying stronger. "[+crimson I will retain- you.]"

The smallish knight nodded towards the horse the now-dead rider abandoned upon his ceasing breath. "[+crimson Now, go fetch that animal. If he can carry you, we should take him along, or he'll starve. But we need to break camp and go further out to be safe.]"

[size10 *dark elves are a matriarchal society, and fanatics in their devotion to their goddess, Lolth the demon spider queen. Drow women are known as great and terrible sorceresses, priestesses, or warrior matrons.]

[center [pic]]
[right [pic]] Nadia growled, "[+gold Apparently it seems my champion has turned against me,]" she said, casting a look at the man across from her. "[+gold Are all of you so changeable and unreliable?]"

The elf cleared his throat, shifting slightly. "[+goldenrod I cannot say, my lady. I know only who I know, and myself.]"

She huffed, taking her cup of wine in her hand again. "[+gold Damn you, so well spoken for a soldier.]" the noblewoman responded, frowning as her words turned towards him from under her lashes with a sideways glance. "[+gold So many words and yet all of no help. Now I need to hunt them both down, or do it myself.]"

Tyhrr glanced to the slip of night he could see, and hear, from the swinging door. "[+goldenrod Not this night, my lady. There's a freezing storm.]"

The woman's lips curled upwards, humming softly. "[+gold Perhaps they'll die of exposure.]" It would be wonderful ecstasy.

With that the doors opened again and another well-dressed elf came inside, drawing himself up to his full height and making a presence of himself in lavender robes, dotted with raindrops as he glanced around. The place went quieter, turning attention to him as he entered, commanding the space if for a moment.

"[#a46d8f I need strong men,]" he announced. "[#a46d8f My merchant's carriage has gotten stuck in ice and mud and cannot move.]" He flipped his sleeve back over his hand, tucking his fingers inside. "[#a46d8f I will purchase dinner or drink for anyone who would so choose to assist.]" And with that he returned outside, stepping under the brim of an umbrella held by someone beside him.
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