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Anna, realizing she had stared longer than her appraisal even, blinked, stepping closer to Theodore. "[+brown You like reading, Mr. Wade?]" she asked. "[+brown Do you read for leisure or acquisition? What do you like to read?]"

Reginald's brows arched at the young man's lack of knowledge about the world beyond the city. "[+red My dear boy, there's an entire world beyond the countryside,]" he responded with a bit of wonder. "[+red In fact creatures that you've never seen, only heard of. Secrets, troves of them. Our family, in fact, in part made a name for itself in the pursuit thereof.]"

He brought a smile back up onto his face, leaning towards Theodore with interest in his eyes. "[+red Why, of course. Please, go ahead.]"

"[+red I have little intention of spiriting you away into the wilds without further investigation towards your suitability, if you'll allow, with this miscommunication. Perhaps my daughter wasn't as- thorough as I would have liked with the advertisement.]" He mused, glancing at the twins. Matthew and Anna gave nods, Anna offering a shrug of agreement at the idea. It wouldn't surprise them at all that Ada would have had an oversight like that.
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/LvKOZLA.jpg]] It seemed as though Theodore was staring at the books for a moment longer as Anna was circling him. As soon as Anna had stopped circling him, he said, [+goldenrod "Sorry, reading books is one of my favourite past times." ]

When Matthew had given him his seat, he took it, then sat down.

[+Red "I don't suppose you understood me,"] said Reignald, and immediately sank in his chair, [+red "We need a head for the service at our countryside estate, in the Outside."]

[+goldenrod "Oh, I'm sorry. I was not aware that there was countryside in the outside."] He said, as he had never been to the countryside before.

As he sat there, he was thinking of a question, he was wondering what to take with him, to the outside, [+goldenrod "Is it alright if I ask a question?"].
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Matthew's brows arched, turning his gaze to his sister briefly, who returned the arch. "[+maroon Lost, and [i still] early,]" he said softly, lips curling in a smile.

"[+brown How eager,]" Anna responded to her brother, stepping closer to the young man. She folded her arms behind her and circled Theodore, eyeing his stance, his eyes moving over the books.

"[+maroon Please, sit down,]" Matthew invited with a fluid gesture to a chair.

There was the chaise that Matthew had been on, a chair facing Reginald's, and a window seat on the far end of the parlor.

Anna moved over to stand beside her brother, both glancing over the stranger with curious gazes.

Reginald took his seat again, facing Theodore, and templed his fingers, brows knit. The response that elicited gave him pause, "[+red I don't suppose you understood me,]" he said, being gentle. "[+red We need a head for the service at our countryside estate, in the Outside.]" He said, finally bringing it to clear terms. The Hackett family lived in the world outside the city. In the untamed, dark, vast outside beyond the walls of the city.
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/LvKOZLA.jpg]] However; before he found himself standing inside the office, he found himself standing beside the door. Feeling nervous, and tired, he then heard a voice saying [+redorange "And he's early!"] And jumped. He hoped no one was watching.

Anyway; as he stood there, he found himself opening the door to Reignald Hackett, who he shook his hand, then waited.
[+red "I am Reginald, yes. Pleased to see you, and, ah- these are my middle children, Anna,"] He smiled at Anna, who shook her hand, [+red "And Matthew, my eldest son."]

He turned to Matthew, [+maroon "So, Theodore, did you find us alright?"]
[+goldenrod "Well, since it is a relatively new neighbourhood here, it took me awhile to find the town house."] He said. As hardly anyone had owned a town house.

He wasn't sure whether to sit down. So he just stood there; not that he minded, as he was looking at all the books on the shelves, some of them ranging from science, to history, to geology. It took him several seconds to realise that someone was speaking.

[+Red "Now, as I hope I mentioned, this is a house we use for business trips into the city,"] Theodore still wasn't really paying attention. "[+Red What we're really looking for is a man for our home in the countryside. That is, I apologize, where my wife is now, otherwise I would have you meet her now."] When he had heard [i a man for our home in the countryside] his eyes bulged, what was he going to do about his flat in the city? [+Red "You still have a chance to back out now, if you would really wish, otherwise that will be our next destination."]

There were several minutes silence as he decided whether to back out, but then he thought to himself, [i he was so close to taking this job.]

[+goldenrod "I am quite aware that you use this house for business trips into the city, so I don't mind taking this job."] He said. Even though he didn't want to admit to himself that he had never been into the countryside before. He had lived in the city all his life.
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[size14 [font "Times" He would make it about as far as the front parlor, where the three Hacketts had been gathered prior.

The door had a knock on it, Anna's head turning sharply before her eyes snapped back to her father. He had a big smile on his face, especially when the young man's name was announced.

"[+red And he's [i early]!]" Reginald crowed, angling a pleased look at his daughter and standing up. He deposited the paper on the nearby table and spread his arms out from himself with a large smile on his face, welcoming the young man in. Anna stepped aside, towards her brother, sat with his ankle crossed over his knee. He arose as the young man was brought forward with a gesture from the patron of the household.

"[+red Come in, come in, please.]" he said, crossing towards him with a hand out in greeting. "[+red I am Reginald, yes. Pleased to see you, and, ah- these are my middle children, Anna,]" he spread a hand out towards his daughter who put a smile on her face and approached, extending her own hand to meet his. "[+red And Matthew, my eldest son.]"

Her brother came forward easily as well to make the acquaintance. "[+maroon So, Theodore, did you find us alright?]" he asked, tucking a hand in his pocket. It was a relatively new neighborhood here, with rows of fashionable houses in the district a little more towards the outside of the city on one end. The boulevard was new, flat, and had few potholes as of yet, which with the coming wet season would likely change.

"[+red Now, as I hope I mentioned, this is a house we use for business trips into the city,]" Reginald added, bringing up a finger. "[+red What we're really looking for is a man for our home in the countryside. That is, I apologize, where my wife is now, otherwise I would have you meet her now.]" he grinned widely at Theodore. "[+red You still have a chance to back out now, if you would really wish, otherwise that will be our next destination.]"
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/LvKOZLA.jpg]] When Theodore awoke; he barely got any sleep the night before, and was feeling slightly nervous.
Despite this, he got up, then sat up.

After he had sat up, he had found that it was still dark.

He drew the curtain next to him, seeing that it was all quiet. Save for the taxi people wandering by.

When the curtain was drawn open, he decided to put on a pair of slipper's and go downstair's, as it wasn't two yet

When he had arrived downstair's, he decided to look around, he saw the living room left from the hallway, which was a typical Victorian living room. He then walked onwards into the kitchen. Seeing a servant nearby.

He squinted, "Charlotte?"
There was a clutter, "Oh! Sorry sir. I didn't mean to wake you." She then bent down to pick up the broken plates.
"You didn't wake me. I was just nervous on my first day."
She knew what he meant by [i his first day] "Oh, I see sir,"
""Anyway, can you turn on the lights later?"
"Of course sir." She said. Then went to find a match.

In the meantime, Theodore decided to go upstair's and get changed. When he was changed, he decided to get the early carriage to the house. As an early carriage was better than a late one.

The journey was long and slow, but he decided to catch up on several hours of sleep.

When he arrived, he got out of the carriage then looked up at the house. It was huge.

Anyway, he took his time walking up to the house Then he knocked on the door.

When he knocked on the door, he introduced himself, then they let him inside.

Several minutes later, he found himself standing inside the office.

"Reignald Hackett?" He asked, as he wasn't sure if this was the right place.
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[size14 [font "Times" Anna shifted her weight from one foot to the other, her eyes cast out through the lacy curtains to the street as a carriage rumbled by, listening as the clop of horse hooves disappeared behind it. Her fingers were curled against her lips, humming behind them once in thought, in dissent. She heard her father shift in his chair behind her, the leather creaking pleasantly.

"[+brown Are you [i certain] you want to hire a clergyman?]" she asked, turning around, her skirts closing in around her ankles with the movement for a moment before settling.

"[+red He is not of the cloth like you think,]" Reginald Hackett said, flexing the newspaper open in front of himself with a fond smile aimed at his daughter. In his advancing age, he had softened about the middle as a man of mostly leisure tended to, but still retained the same angular face, though more like softening wax about his jowl area underneath the moustache and beard. He was a ginger fellow, though turning more and more peachy blond as it lightened.

"[+red Frankly, I think you'll like him,]" he added with a smile. "[+red He's earnest. But be gentle with him.]"

Anna took to tapping her foot somewhat impatiently now, humming again as she shifted and paced into the other parlor for a moment. "[+brown I don't want to hire a city man,]" she responded, frowning. "[+brown Why can't we get someone from the village? Someone who will be useful, not stuck crossing himself for everything he sees, and getting killed.]"

Reginald coughed out a surprised laugh, "[+red Anna,]" he admonished, "[+red don't be so harsh. You haven't met the man, I found him charming, in a simple way. He'll suit us fine, I believe. Responsible, hardworking, and he's willing to leave the city with us. Perhaps he'll take a shine to adventuring when he has his time to.]"

"[+maroon When are you expecting him?]" came the voice of another young man across the room. Reginald's eldest son, and Anna's fraternal twin Matthew, wearing the same dusty brown suit that Anna was.

"[+red I suppose he will show up within the hour,]" Reginald responded, checking his watch. "[+red I invited him at two.]"
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