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Ada was not in a position to describe her own temperature. She didn't know if she was too hot or too cold. She just wanted to focus on getting home because the dizziness from her exhaustion was beginning to rise to a level that she could not bear. She wanted to curl up on the bench and fall asleep but after stifling a yawn she blinked a few times as if to wake herself up further.

She glanced down at her foot with confusion as if trying to remember how she had managed to tie the bandage and then she shook her head. [b "I didn't tie it myself. I tried but that man insisted on helping me. I think I thanked him...I hope I thanked him. That would have been awfully rude of me."] She shook her head again and looked Nathaniel in the eye.

[b "I didn't know him, but he helped...was I not supposed to let him help?"
  Ada / d1gn17y / 5d 29m 8s
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Her smile in response to him pressing the back of his hand to her brow was to smile, of course it was to smile. Even with the perfunctory need for the contact at all, it was slightly endearing. Nathan wasn't always one for contact, either, though he had been more inclined for it when he was younger. Now he kept his hands away, his arms to himself mostly. Many didn't want the touch of the mortician, let alone for other reasons. But as a doctor, a lack of contact was impossible after all.

Her temperature felt a little low, and if he was noticing that with his hands as chilled as they always seemed to be sometimes, that meant he needed to get her home to rest. After she was done resting here, that was. That was his priority anyways, but the desire to complete the errand was pressing, it seemed, on his rib cage just a little more.

His hand accepted her foot easily, and he nodded his thanks to her, testing the nature of the bandage, and noticing the tourniquet above. His brows came together to see the handkerchief, glancing up at Ada.

Nathan's brows arched, looking at her, "[#00CCFF You tied this?]" But didn't he see that man crouched in front of her?

"[#00CCFF Do you know that man?]" he asked, looking curious as his brows pushed together.
  Tweedy / 15d 4h 4m 14s
Nathan was right. Ada was not usually one to apologise for her actions to deter from any attention. It was not that she sought it out but when it found her she did not often shy away from it. Yet, since setting foot in that castle she felt as though she had caused far more trouble than she had ever intended. She laughed gently at his words and allowed the silence to fall between them as they progressed towards the town. Their travels were not without constant checks on her wellbeing and when they neared a bench she lowered herself onto it with a help from Nathan.

Ada has almost argued with him, insisting that she just needed to get home rather than rest but her body was telling her otherwise, almost sighing in relief as she lowered herself down. She nodded towards him and felt his hand brush over her forehead, coaxing a smile from her lips. While they had been friends for some time and she knew that he had always been concerned about her wellbeing, she couldn’t remember a time where he had been so physical in ensuring that.

[b “I’m alright. Tired but alright.”] She allowed her eyes to close for a moment before lifting her foot into his hand gently. [b “I had to improvise with the bandage.”] A laugh joining her words as she found amusement within them.
  Ada / d1gn17y / 23d 4h 11m 58s
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Nathan swallowed, looking distressed, and gave a little attempt at a chuckle. "[#00CCFF That doesn't sound like you,]" he says, glancing at her. "[#00CCFF you're usually excited for the attention, aren't you?]"

A gentle, slightly discomfited silence fell over them as they made progress for some time. It was comfortable for a time, for Nathan, until his thoughts began concerning him once again, checking on Ada here and there. He wasn't expecting her to be overly conversational with her condition, but her lethargy was still concerning.

Presently, he brought them towards another bench down the road, closer to the mortuary.

"[#00CCFF Here,]" he said, shifting his gait towards the bench under the tree. "[#00CCFF take a rest here. We can continue once you've caught your breath.]"

With that, he got her settled closer, in front of her, and brushed a tentative hand over her head to clear her hair, brushing the back of his hand over her brow, giving her a smile. "[#00CCFF How are you feeling? Can I see your foot?]"

[#00CCFF #00CCFF]
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If she was sound of mind she might have been grateful for Nathan's edit in aiding her to feel as though she was not losing touch with the world. She just hoped that when she slept the feeling would dissolve into nothing because she would hate to feel this way forever. This was not something she would be able to live with considering her usual strength was something far more prominent.

To Ada, the silence that befell them was a natural one but one that needed to remain in order for her to retain some of her energy. She needed to channel what vivacity she could in order to make it make it back to Nathan's place. At one point she felt the need to lean on him with a particular need to rest but she pressed on with her feet, knowing that they quicker they got to their destination, the quicker she could rest.

[b "I appreciate that Nathaniel. I hope that I will not cause you too much trouble. I truly am sorry."] With her words she leaned her head on his shoulder as they walked, taking comfort in his presence.
  Ada / d1gn17y / 24d 3h 16m 12s
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Nathan's gaze was on her from the corner of his gaze, concerned, evaluating. He only blinked and looked ahead when she smiled. His expression relaxed only a little, brows still furrowed as he supported her, shifting her weight a little more onto him as they went with hardly a grunt of effort.

The young man swallowed, "[#00CCFF There are birds everywhere,]" he amended quickly. "[#00CCFF There's probably a flock around here.]" He was well acquainted with the inkling that one was losing touch, and he wasn't keen on seeing that startled, raw look on Ada's face.

There was a silence that fell between them presently, as it would sporadically of course during their trip. But Nathan felt it acutely. There were things he wanted to say; sacked and filtered but clear in the way they were restless behind his lips. They pursed, relaxed and shifted again when another thought would occur to him, another concern. He glanced at Ada again, taking in her condition.

"[#00CCFF Do- would you- I have a guest room for you when we arrive.]"
  Tweedy / 24d 3h 54m 23s
Ada looked towards Nathaniel with surprise and then their previous conversation returned to her. He was going to help run some tests to figure out what happened to her...if she had been changed in some way. It was then that her guilt set in. She shouldn’t have been so stubborn. She should have let him help her like they had agreed in the first place and then maybe she wouldn’t have sliced open her foot or found herself physically exhausted again.

[b “Oh I remember.”] She said with a smile as the two moved together down the path before them but she looked upwards again with utter confusion as her friend quesioned her about the raven. [b “That... oh...”] Her voices trailed off and she looked back at Nathaniel, a weak smile upon her lips. [b “I must have imagined it. No matter.”] She was determined to fight through her fatigue and get back to Nathan’s home so that she could finally rest easy.
  Ada / d1gn17y / 24d 4h 48m 32s
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The physician hesitated, glancing at Ada again at her confusion. "[#00CCFF We had said we would meet at my building earlier,]" he reminded, looking to see if she would get a flash of recognition at that. It worried him that she had forgotten that so easily when that was why they had separated in the first place.

He lived above the mortuary and offices, so it was the same place to go. It made things easy, and he just referred to it as 'home'. How disoriented was she? This was dire, if she was that down, she was close to death*

Nathan's eyes skated to the side, away from Ada, and swallowed delicately. "[#00CCFF What raven?]" he responded, looking for the proper path to take them back to the road.

*if she has enough bloodloss to be confused, she shouldn't be walking, moving, anything. It's a very dangerous, near death spot to be, so I'm hoping that isn't the place we have her just cuz this is olden times medicine and blood transfusions reeeaaaallly weren't a thing yet except primitively with a hand pump and stuff as you probs know.
  Tweedy / 24d 5h 2m 9s
Ada could tell by Nathan’s tone that he wanted to reprimand her, but he seemed to show restraint in the matter, far more concerned with her physical and mental state to care about such mindless things. Instead, she simply glanced at him with an apologetic expression that might ward him off chastising her, at least until she had her full strength back. Ada had certainly not been acting like herself since her meeting with the creature and she was sure that Nathan had many questions, none of which she would be able to answer in that moment.

Instead, his arm slipped around her, helping her back to her feet as she lifted the elevated leg from the bench she had been asked to rest it on. She felt the ghostly touch of his hand upon her shoulder and she had to glance at it just confirm that she had indeed felt him. If she was in the right frame of mind, she might have been frustrated with herself for her need for the two men that afternoon. She had considered herself to be an independent and strong woman, yet she seemed to need men to rush to her aid. It was a rather frustrating thought.

[b “Home? You’re taking me to your home?”] She asked, hardly in any state to argue. The doctor would likely to do his job and being in his own environment would aid him in doing so. Ada nodded after that and started to move forward with him, trying not to put her foot down on the ground with too much pressure. [b “I think that raven is following me.”] She said as she looked up at the hovering bird, seemingly squawking in reply.
  Ada / d1gn17y / 24d 5h 50m 26s
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The man gazed at Ada for a moment before his attention left, finally, and he turned to leave without another word. And soon his shape was disappearing around the bend of the cemetery, his limping gait shrinking to nothing.

Nathan's eyes lingered on the man even as he crouched before Ada and reached for her hand on reflex, feeling how chilled her fingers were. His attention was turned to that, looking up at her when she spoke again.

"[#00CCFF You forgot?]" he asked, face twitching in confusion as he looked up at her. His lips parted, about to ask her [i how] could she forget? She was acting lethargic, distant, and that was concerning.

"[#00CCFF Ada,]" he began, voice stressed and almost chastising, but he quieted himself as she apologized. His eyes rose to hers, sighing softly and nodding. His lips pursed with this issue- her going off on her own in this vulnerable state.

He sighed, slipping his arm underneath hers and helped her up. It certainly would take time for them to get back to his home, but he wouldn't tire, he knew.

"[#00CCFF It's alright,]" he breathed, patting her shoulder, laced up over his as he supported her limp with the foot. "[#00CCFF It's alright, Ada, let's just get you home with me.]"

"[#00CCFF I think you did,]" he responded, glancing at her; how pale, how quiet. "[#00CCFF But we're going to take it slow, and then get you settled. I don't think we'll do any tests tonight, let's just let you rest.]"
  Tweedy / 24d 16h 6m 7s
She inspected her foot carefully and ensured that she thanked the man through her haze, only pulling her attention away from him when she heard the loud warning cry of the raven which had seemingly returned. Was there some significance to its presence? She did not know the answer to that, nor did she have time to contemplate it before she heard Nathan’s voice calling out her name. At least now she was no longer alone with the stranger and he would no longer feel obligated to help her. It seemed the man rose to his feet as his presence. The fact that he said the doctor’s name suggested he knew who he was but she couldn’t place his face to make sense of whether he was someone [I she] had seen before.

Ada looked towards Nathaniel who was showing is usual concern for her and she shook her head. [b “I’m alright Nathaniel. I just cut my foot. I…forgot to put on shoes.”] Did she forget? Or had she been more preoccupied with finding the beast she had been confronted with in the castle. Perhaps she should have gone there instead of the graveyard.

Ada quickly looked up at the stranger and ensure that she voiced her gratitude to him before he made his departure as she leaned on Nathanial so she could stand. It would probably take some time for them to make it back to town now and she thought that he might chastise her for coming out here again, yet at the moment he seemed more concerned for her health.

[b “I’m sorry. I should have come straight to you. But…I thought I might find some answers here. I don’t know why…”] Her voice trailed off and she quietened as she tried to steady herself and her mind. [B “Do you think I lost blood? My neck…I feel really faint.”]
  Ada / d1gn17y / 25d 2h 55m 20s
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His eyes were on her, thoughtfully, when Ada turned to look at him. But it wasn't a contemplation of her as a person, he was trying to assess the situation, trying to decide on what to do. It seemed that she was getting pale, suddenly shutting up and cooperating like she had. Perhaps it was indicative of her feeling faint. She would not make it back to town on her own, then. But did he want to go into town, then, with her? He didn't care, he didn't care about her much. He had gotten what he had wanted, this was only a chance encounter, here.

But he was aware of the situation. His other choice, then, was to call someone.

The sudden, sharp croak of the raven was heard, then, from somewhere nearby.

"[#00CCFF Ada!]" came a familiar voice.

The familiar figure of Nathan came around the walkway, face tight and stricken, worsening as he saw her. His pace quickened, but the man stopped as his eyes made it to the stranger with the cane.

The man arose from his knelt position, using the cane to stand, and what looked like almost a smirk crossed his features. "[B Dr. Crane,]" he greeted, folding his hands on the top of the brass.

Nathan's gaze was on him a moment, face stilling as he approached, lips pursed. His attention moved to Ada, then, and opened again in concern, hands coming out towards her. "[#00CCFF Oh my goodness,]" he breathed. "[#00CCFF When you didn't show, after a bit, I worried. I- I'm glad I came here, then.]"

The gentleman turned his gaze away, exhaling softly and looked at the sky, the horizon. He then turned back to the duo with little interest, "[B I'll take my leave, then.]" and shifted back to leave, bringing the cane about himself.

"[#00CCFF I know it wasn't long,]" Nathan said, sounding apologetic. "[#00CCFF But I just- had a feeling.]" his lips twisted to the side, pursed in concern. "[#00CCFF Let me help you.]"
  Tweedy / 25d 4h 50m 56s
It was not like Ada to trust strangers. She had come to learn over the years that those who offered to help would often want something in return, yet on this occasion she did not seem to consider her own boundaries on the matter. She had lost quite a bit of blood from cutting her foot and she had no idea how much she had lost through her encounter at the castle. The puncture would had been the only evidence of injury but she had passed out at home which might have indicated a significant loss of blood if she understood the implications of that on her body.

For now she watched as the male inspected her wound and told her just how much blood she was losing. The rock had been sharper than she had initially thought and while the cut did not go too deep, it was enough to keep the blood flowing. The stranger got to work rather quickly, tying something around her ankle in an attempt to stop the blood flow to the wound. It was hardly surprisingly that she would now wonder about his occupation and how he seemed to know so much about matters of the body.

Was he a doctor? Did he just have a very basic knowledge of such matters? They were questions that she did not ask him aloud but simply contemplated in her mind.

Her mind was foggy at this point. Although she could hear what he was saying it seemed to take a little bit longer to process his instructions. The loss of blood was clearly having an effect on her. She was sure if the stranger knew anything about blood loss he might be confused by her dizzy nature considering she had not lost that much simply through her foot injury. So she tried to muster all her energy and hide the haze in her mind. She nodded her head and followed instructions, raising her foot and placing it on the bench so that it was elevated.

Even in her foggy state she adjusted her nightdress so that her dignity remained intact and she glanced towards the man wondering if he was about to give her any more instructions.
  Ada / d1gn17y / 25d 5h 13m 12s
Having Ada cooperate was pleasing, and surprising. Even with his no arguments, but civil, tone with her, he was expecting much more fight out of the woman. He had seen her before, ti was how she had been before. Meek, terrified, but that turned her brazen after a point. So seeing this, without a word, was amusing, irritating. He didn't let it show on his face.

Moving forwards, he knelt with difficulty and awaited the wound, setting the cane down and balancing her heel in his hand. Lifting it so he could see, he noted the bleeding gash behind the ball of her foot, reaching to the arch. A hum escaped him, of acknowledgment. Luckily, it would be easy enough to tie the bandage with its placement. He need spend no extra time wrestling with it.

He didn't answer her, simply exhaling through his nose as she spoke.

"[B You seem to be bleeding quite profusely,]" he murmured, brows coming together. She had lost a lot recently, and so he knew that losing more at an extremity like this may not bode well. "[B It would be wise to elevate this, and tie a tourniquet.]"

His tone was half instructional, and half speaking to himself, as quiet as it was, not looking at her as he took the bit she had torn and set it in his lap. From his breast pocket came a kerchief, and with it he tied said tourniquet above her ankle to try and slow the bleeding. With that, he then took the hem material and tied it securely around the actual cut, making sure to loop it enough to cover the width of the gash.

He pushed on her foot, just to the side, nodding to the side of the bench that she wasn't occupying. "[B Elevate that, would you?]"
  Thomas Fletcher / Tweedy / 25d 5h 44m 21s
Ada was trying to balance on one foot as she looked at the injury. She should have thought about sitting down so that she might be able to tend to it better but no such thoughts crossed her mind. She looked up when she hear the stranger speak, moving towards her with a commanding presence that was asking for the material she had torn from the clothes she wore. She swallowed hard and handed it over to him and with a swift movement lowered herself to the place he had gestured to.

She watched as he held out his hand, waiting for her to place her foot within it. It was not something she felt completely comfortable with but the man was offering to help her and it would be foolish for her to refuse him, especially when he was the one with the material on his hand now. She slowly lifting her foot, trying not to allow the blood to drip into his clothes as she did so. There was a pool of her blood staining the floor where her foot had been though.

Now she watched patiently, waiting for the man to inspect her foot and wrap it accordingly. [b “Thank you. You did not need to help me.”]
  Ada / d1gn17y / 25d 13h 7m 10s

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