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She would almost sure that her friend thought that she was losing her mind and it was clear she thought that too. She wasn't able to explain what had happened after she went into the forest and she couldn't begin to explain the voice in her head. It wasn't just her inner voice, it couldn't be. It didn't make sense at all. She shook her head and sighed, not really knowing what else to say and she could feel that Nathan was feeling the same way since there was so much that neither one of them could explain.

As he mentioned the bite, her hand came up to her neck and rested where the punctures were. She wasn't even thinking about it but it was almost automatic and as she did she closed her eyes, trying to piece things together but all she got were flashes of the man she had seen and the house she had entered. The house she wished she had not entered.

[B "I cannot explain that either."]
  Ada / d1gn17y / 33d 7h 56m 27s
[right [pic]] Nathan waited for her to continue, letting her have a few moments to regather. She was deeply upset by this, and with what little understanding he had of what was going on, things were very, very strange and she was under some very peculiar and supernatural instances. The bite, her visit to this place, her tumble in the cemetery... and now this instance of a different voice in her head.

The concern and confusion was clear on his face as he beheld her, shaking his head a bit. While Nathan was mostly positive she simply had someone else's voice stuck as her inner voice, he didn't know if she would be open to him pressing the issue.

He hesitated when she looked at him, his mouth falling open. She was looking to him for feedback. She dropped her gaze and he put out a little, choked noise as he gathered himself.

"[#00CCFF Ada, I believe you're perfectly in control of your thoughts,]" he began. "[#00CCFF I just- don't know how you got that bite, earlier. That's what I can't explain.]"
  Tweedy / 59d 11h 4m 58s
Ada shook her head, looking more and more wary of the words she was saying, recalling the fact that she had been warned not to tell anyone of her encounter.

[b "Not the man at the cemetery. A different I met before when I..."] She trailed off, knowing that she sounded insane and that not many people would listen to the ramblings of a crazy woman yet Nathan as her friend and was exhibiting a lot more patience than anyone should have been able to offer her.

[b "I do not know how to explain it but I'm scared. I'm scared that I am not myself; that I am not in control of my own thoughts anymore."] Ada looked away from him, focusing on her hands as they absently played with each other. [b "I do not know what to do."]
  Ada / d1gn17y / 87d 5h 51m 2s
[right [pic]] His smile was soft, uncertain as he gazed at her. Trying to assure Ada, he never had had any issue turning things away from the supernatural

"[#00CCFF A man,]" Nathan repeated, face falling a bit. Hesitation laced his features. "[#00CCFF The man you met in the cemetery?]"

"[#00CCFF Has your inner voice simply taken on another's cadence, perhaps? Turned it more into a conversation with another, than just one with your own internal voice?]" Had her inner voice simply picked up someone else's for the time being? His had done that before. Nothing to be worried about. Something uncomfortable was stirring in his stomach. Something that spoke to him of the accident. Of things he had tried to shut away for this long, tried to keep.

[#00CCFF #00CCFF]
  Tweedy / 94d 10h 7m 53s
Ada was equally as anxious. He would likely tell her that she was indeed crazy and that she needed help from somewhere else. Some kind if institution where they keep people who had gone crazy. She only looked up from her fingers when she heard his voice giving her an explanation that didn't seem to match what she was trying to say.

[B "It's not myself I am conversing with."] She said steadily. If she didn't sound insane before she certainly did now. [B "The voice belongs to another. A man. I don't really know if he is a man."] Her expression looked even more confused and Inquisitive then.

Ada finally met his eyes and nodded. [B "He is the one who has been speaking to me."] She whispered as though in an attempt to stop him from hearing her.
  Ada / d1gn17y / 95d 8h 11m 15s
[right [pic]] The fear on Ada's face was making him anxious. Generally, between the two of them, she was the rational one. But a lot could change in a year when you went away to apprentice, he supposed. He wanted to give her a smile, his hand reaching up to rub at the back of his neck, reaching for a form of casualness so perhaps she could relax.

He tried for the smile, leaning a bit toward her, "[#00CCFF I hardly think so,]" he said. "[#00CCFF I have talks with myself all the time. How did you think I came up with all of my clever ideas? I had to rehearse them first.]"

"[#00CCFF You've had a nasty shock after your adventure up to that house, haven't you?]" he asked, eyes full of concern. "[#00CCFF That's where all of this is coming from, isn't it?]"
  Tweedy / 148d 12h 20m 25s
Ada was embarrassed and of course worried that she was actually going a little insane. He could easily claim that she was and have her shipped off to some kind of asylum, but she had to trust the Nathan would want to help her since they were friends and she knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere alone. She could feel his eyes upon her, and it made her feel even more nervous. Her decision to divulge such information was regretful and she wished that she had kept the information to herself.

He was prompting her for more information now and she kept her eyes trained on his, as if his gaze gave her the confidence that she needed to share her fears. [b “The sort that seems to be engaging me in conversation. It responds to my thoughts and the things that I say.”] She looked down at her hands as her fingers absently scratched at her skin. [b “Am I going crazy?”]
  Ada / d1gn17y / 192d 4h 55m 15s
[right [pic]] He was glad to see her eat. A form of normalcy, of routine, and of self-care was what he needed to make sure Ada was still partaking in. It was important to keep up one's strenght in such odd times, especially if she was being targeted by what he thought she was.

Nathan paused just before he put the pitcher down, looking at Ada as she explained. Voices, to the man, weren't uncommon in his condition. But the trepidation with which she addressed it with gave him the distinct knowledge that this was quite an admittance for her.

He set the pitcher down fully and took a seat on the chair beside the couch, looking at her gently as he folded his hands.

"[#00CCFF Voices?]" he prompted a bit, nodding toward her. "[#00CCFF What sorts?]" He kept his tone conversational, leaving her open to elaborate if she wished. He wasn't entirely sure how much of his... prowess he wanted to share with her on this. But he wanted to make sure she was safe.

[#00CCFF #00CCFF]
  Tweedy / 198d 7h 36m 49s
The voice echoed once more and she forced herself not to respond to it, either in her mind or verbally. Ada needed to clear her head and ignore the voices because she knew that they were not truly there, at least that is what she had to keep telling herself because she really didn't want to believe that any of this was real. She had lost blood and she was fatigued and that was all this was.

Then it was her own voice she heard and she responded by shaking her head, regardless of how true the words were. Of course she wanted to find him; to get to the bottom of whatever it was that was happening to her but she had attempted to piece together some of the puzzle pieces herself and she had ended up getting hurt. Ada had to stop and she knew that.

She smiled towards Nathan and willingly accepted the plate of food and the water, taking some of the food first. It was exactly what she had needed to replenish some of her strength and after a few bites, she took a sip of the water to re-hydrate after the salty food had dried her mouth.

Ada looked towards Nathan as he spoke, contemplating whether she should tell him what spooked her. He was a friend and he would help her if she told him...right?

[b "I'm...hearing voices."]
  Ada / d1gn17y / 241d 13m 49s
[right [pic]] "[B [i Lying...]]" the voice caressed the back of her mind, trembling down to her core. She wasn't being truthful, and that little, imaginary cramp in her stomach, a tightening that tells her it's true.

[right [size10 [B [i "And you want to come find him..."]]]]

That too was her inner voice. And no longer was it specifically sounding like the creature's, as it had been for the last day. It was hers again.

Alvér gazed at Ada as she stepped back over to the couch and sat back down. He had a bit of a frown between his brows, pursing his lips a little at how quick she was. He didn't want to call it desperation yet, but it made something in his stomach tighten. And, in turn, it made him come closer.

"[#00CCFF Alright,]" he said immediately, voice soft. He set down the pitcher and the little glass he had pinched between his fingers. He gave her the plate of the- basically antipasto was what he had managed to gather. Salty, filling, helpful foods for someone who had lost blood. And water. He wasn't certain, but he felt that that would help.

"[#00CCFF Are you alright?]" he asked, glancing back at her as he took up the pitcher and poured a glass of water for Ada. He kept his voice soft, even, juxtaposing the loud, quickness of her response. It worried him, and brought out his bedside manner.
  Tweedy / 282d 14h 40m 50s
Ada shook her head and looked around the room as if she might find the source of the voice but when she saw nothing and heard it again, she knew that it was in her mind. [b “No I don’t...”] She didn’t believe her own words even as they sounded out into the silent air around her. She [i did] crave the mystery or why would she have gone to the house in the first place or why would she have visited the grave yard again.

Then she found herself staring at Nathan who had entered the room but it took her a moment to register that he was there. He came with a tray of food and some water and she looked down at it for a moment. She hadn’t thought about food in a while and even the sight of it didn’t help give her an appetite but she knew that it was important for her health to get some food inside her.

She cleared her throat and looked to Nathan and then instantly shook her head. [b “No, no! Please...stay with me.”] She said with a faint smile as she lowered herself down into a seated position.
  Ada / d1gn17y / 311d 9h 27m 52s
[right [pic]] "[B But you don't want that,]" came that voice again. As certain as it was her own inner voice. It [i was] her inner voice. Most of her thoughts had come in his voice. In that creature's voice that had stuck to her as if his touch was still on her skin. "[B You crave the mystery of it all...]"

Nathan sighed softly, returning to the thing he was putting together. On such short notice, he didn't feel like there was much, but he had some things for her. Presently, he could bring up a plate with some cheeses and fruit and a bit of salted meat on it, and bread. Things she could make sandwiches with.

He stood there for a moment, gazing at the food. It should have given him at appetite, the idea of it. Or something. But there was nothing. He exhaled softly, almost missing it. He sighed, picking up the plate, and then took another pitcher with him for her, leaving the kitchen.

And soon he returned with that up the stairs to her. "[#00CCFF Ada?]" he came into the room, catching sight of her standing in the middle of the room. He paused, tipping his head. "[#00CCFF I have- ah,]" the water sloshed a bit in the pitcher. He tried for a smile, concerned by the paleness on her face, the fear in her eyes. "[#00CCFF Should I come later?]"

[#00CCFF #00CCFF]
  Tweedy / 333d 17h 9m 45s
If there was one thing Ada was sure about, it was that she was completely alone in this room. Whatever breath she [i thought] she had felt had not been real. Whatever voice she [i thought] she was hearing had to be in her mind. It just [i had] to be, especially since upon inspection of the room she could not see the familiar figure she had expected to see.

Her eyes shut once more as she tried to steady her breathing, the sound of Nathan's voice almost sounding as though it was a little bit further away that it actually was. It seemed to be more of an echo than anything else. [b "I'm not crazy."] She repeated, as if saying it over and over again would make it that little bit more believable. It was when she heard the voice again that some for of a whimper escaped her.

[b "Just leave me alone."] She said with a whisper before Nathan's voice broke through to her. Ada cleared her throat and turned towards the door and called back to him.

[b "I'm fine! Sorry...I...tripped over."] It was a lie but what was she supposed to say?
  Ada / d1gn17y / 335d 12h 40m 48s
[center [pic]]
There was a clatter from downstairs as Nathan heard the yelp from Ada, and he dropped the utensil in his hand. He quickly nabbed the knife again before it could gather up too many crumbs and wiped it off on a cloth, glancing back upstairs. Armand's attention was taken as well from the front, glancing back down the hall to see Nathan's eyes up. They met gazes for a moment.

"[#00CCFF Ada?]" the man called, shifting out of the doorway towards the stairs. "[#00CCFF Are you alright?]"

"[B You're beginning to doubt that,]" came a warning, distant voice as if from the furthest depth of her thoughts. Small. But in that way so intimate, near. As if barely caught from around a corner. Here? Present? She hasn't looked for it.

"[#00CCFF Ada?]" came Nathan's voice again when she didn't answer.
  Tweedy / 344d 14h 40m 16s
Ada was sure that she would be able to stomach something, should Nathaniel find some food and so she nodded as he explained that it would help her to eat something. Then she was alone, or at least she assumed that she was alone.

Being inside and sat down was certainly helping with her fatigue and the faint sounds of the two downstairs brought her comfort. Here she felt safe. She wasn’t sure if it was simply the security of being inside rather than vulnerable facing the elements, or whether it was because of Nathaniel but that was not something she was about to ponder now.

As though something or someone had been able to read her thoughts or detect her feeling of safety, she heard the words almost instantly after feeling hot breath against the back of her neck, causing her to stand quite hastily, sending her a little dizzy. A gasp, or rather a yelp, escaped her lips as she did so and she found herself moving forward as if to put distance between her and whoever the breath belonged to but she was not about to turn around and face them, mostly out of fear that this was purely a figment of her imagination.

[b “I’m not crazy.”] She whispered to herself as she slammed her eyes shut.
  Ada / d1gn17y / 1y 2d 13h 58m 0s

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