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Hi-ouch- Need some help? *Winces as he offers Frisk his hand*
  GoldenShadow / 1y 28d 21h 22m 32s
oh..lol XD sorry xd))) Frisk stands up, confused. She sees gleam
  Lee / CallieSheik / 1y 28d 21h 41m 39s
*Gets out of bed and limps to the hole he fell form and sees Frisk*
  GoldenShadow / 1y 28d 21h 48m 26s
huh okay)). *Frisk wakes up of a bed of flowers* ?////
  Lee / CallieSheik / 1y 28d 21h 52m 19s
Gleam woke up in a small bedroom, his entire body aching. His wings were broken, and all he remembered was falling. [i Where am I?] he thought
  GoldenShadow / 1y 28d 22h 16m 21s

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