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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled towards the woman, glad that she seemed to understand her worries. While she knew that she wasn’t alone, there was something terrifying about the idea of family when it had never been an option before. Before her work was all that mattered.

[b “Well if it gives you any comfort, things definitely change in the future. Men are far more knowledgeable about pregnancy and they see it more like a process a couple goes through together, although it’s not as though they have to give birth to the child...”] She laughed and shook her head for a minute. [b “Back home the father of the child usually goes into the room with the mother. I’m not sure I could go through that alone.”]

When the carriage stopped she stepped out and the two made their way towards the same shop they got Anastasia’s dress from and she nodded. [b “I’m completely sure.”] The dress maker looked up and smiled towards the two women.

[i “Back so soon?”] She said as she eyed Willow and looked down at her finger. [i “I just knew that I would be seeing you.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] It made sense to Jobe in the end. He supposed that if he was in a similar situation he wouldn’t want to be surrounded by strangers. He would be content with just getting married to the woman he was in love with. He had quite a lot of respect for the two of them actually. He could tell that they both came from money or at least, they didn’t want for much, yet they were not the slightest bit materialistic and it gave him hope for the future.

Jobe shook his head. [b “You seem to be kicking yourself for not paying her attention but you do not realise that those moments just prove how much love there is between you. To be content in the presence of someone you love is more than enough. Willow doesn’t need undivided attention, she just needs to know that you are there.”] He knew because that was exactly how he felt with Anastasia but that didn’t mean he didn’t understand where Justin was coming from because he wanted nothing more than to give all of his attention to Anastasia.

[b “I believe that we have all found happiness since you two have arrived and I hope it continues to remain that way.”]
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Justin looked to Jobe and smiled at the small toast,
“Seconded.” He commented and took a drink. He thought about Jobe’s words and shook his head,
“Willow wants a low-key wedding. I understand her thinking. We wouldn’t want strangers. I think a quiet day with some good food, good company and as long as we are together.” He explained with a small smile.

“She’s always been like that. Content with so little. I just hope Anastasia can convince her that it is her day.” He remarked quietly.
“Even as I was stuck in some reading or experiment, she was so content. I regret it now of course, I should have looked up from my books and studies just to acknowledge her.” He laughed a little.

“But as of tomorrow I will be her husband and I will never let not acknowledge her again.” He promised and took another drink of scotch.


Anastasia watched Willow and smiled.
“You have all the time in the world. Me and Jobe are excited to start a family. And you know you would never be alone. I’m glad you’re here because it’s very difficult to explain some things to a man.” She laughed a little.
“I know what to expect when pregnant. I saw pregnant women in the poorhouse, on the streets.” She murmured,
“But I cannot imagine talking to Jobe about some of it. Men don’t even come in for the birth of their child. They wait outside and then the doctor fetches them.” She said and got out the carriage when it stopped.

“Now! Let’s find you a wonderful dress. Are you sure you don’t want some people invited?” She asked as she stepped inside and smiled to the dressmaker.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled as Justin whispered to her and pressed a kiss against her cheek. She was surprised that Justin was about to let the women go into town alone but since Anastasia was a married women and Willow now how a ring upon her finger, she knew that Justin felt a little better about letting them go off into town alone. She placed a kiss on his cheek and smiled towards him. [b We won’t be long.”] She said towards him before smiling at Jobe on her way out of the door.

Regardless of the fact that Anastasia just had her own wedding, she seemed excited that Willow was now getting married and she handed her overcoat towards her and led her own to the carriage. She laughed towards her and climbed into the carriage next to her, letting a brief silence wash over her as the butterflies in her stomach decided they would not be resting any time soon. [b “Excited, happy, nervous, terrified...all words that I would associate with how I feel right now.”] Willow looked towards Anastasia now. [b “Everything is so different here. Back home you usually wait a while before you get married and then kids...well you can plan for that. There are ways to stop you from having children temporarily and you can decide if and when you want them. I don’t really have much of a choice here. If we want to be together we have to accept that children might be a part of that deal and we haven’t...we haven’t spoken about that at all.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe watched the two women retreat with excitement and he laughed at the way Anastasia seemed to take so easily to the situation. [b “This time tomorrow you will be a married man. I hope it is everything you want it to be.”] He said placing a hand on his shoulder. [b “What better way to celebrate than a scotch?”] He poured some into two glasses and clinked his with Justin’s before he drank.

[b “To the brother I never had until now.”] His lips turned up into a smile as he finished drinking the glass of scotch and he placed it down on the table when he was finished. [b “You’re really alright with lowkey? I know plenty of people we can invite if you wish for me to ensure there are guests here. It seems a shame for you not to have a proper celebration.”] Two guests hardly constituted as a wedding celebration but he would accept whatever they wanted.
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Justin watched Willow and smiled,
“A woman after my own heart, I don’t care as long as were married.” He whispered to her and pressed his lips to her cheek as he thought about kids. It wasn’t something he had ever imagined having in all honesty and he’d never been good with children.

“All in good time, I’m sure.” After all there wasn’t exactly contraception in these days but still.
“Tomorrow? Well, I suppose the ladies should hurry before the dressmaker closes.” He remarked and smiled to them.

He watched them bustle of and sighed a little.


Anastasia smiled a little and it was evident they hadn’t spoken about children yet. She decided to not push the subject. She stood and grabbed her overcoats.

“It is most definitely your turn! We’ll be keeping that dressmaker in business at this rate” She laughed a little and called the carriage around. She climbed in and there was definitely an air of confidence about her seeing as she was now Mrs Hughes. The culprit who had shot Jobe was now in custody and she didn’t see there being any risks.

“Are you excited?” She asked Willow as they trundled along in the carriage.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] She looked up at Justin when he spoke and she nodded her head slightly. There was no doubt in her mind about something she had in the back of her mind. However, it was not something she would bring up now. The last thing she wanted was to put ideas into people’s head or confuse anyone. Besides, Justin had told her to forget about the book and she had...until now.

She looked to Anastasia and laughed momentarily when she commented on both couples having families soon. She decided not to comment on that, not wanting to think about having that conversation yet. [b “Well it’s our wedding, not just mine so it’s just as much your decision as it is mine. Did you have a time scale in mind? I for one do not mind when or how we get married.”] She took hold of Justin’s hand. [b “I just want to be your wife. The how and when is unimportant.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was just as confused by Willow’s little outburst and looked to Anastasia when she mentioned families. [b “Bringing up two families in this house will certainly be a fun experience for all of us.”] He said with a laugh, looking back at Justin and Willow.

[b “Well if it’s only a small ceremony you want there is no reason why you can’t be married as soon as tomorrow but it really is up to you.”] He said and looked back to Anastasia with a raised eyebrow. [b “That dress maker would be open today wouldn’t they? We could go into town and pick up a dress. You can’t get married without a proper wedding dress.”] He now looked back to Willow who seemed nervous had the prospect of shopping for a wedding dress and then he smiled at Justin. [b “You are going to have an adventure with this one.”]
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Justin smiled a little and thanked Jobe before seeing Willow’s reaction to his words.
“Doctor and his wife, it has a ring to it, Hm?” He chuckled a little and wondered why she seemed so taken aback by Jobe’s words.

He shrugged it off, maybe it was nothings
“So, my lovely wife to be, when would you want to get married?” Given she wanted a small ceremony with just their friends, it wasn’t much to organise. As long as it was what Willow wanted then that was what he cared about. He only cared about her being his wife and knowing that she was his forever, whether she wanted a big grand affair or to get married in a little ceremony. It didn’t matter to him as long as she was his wife at the end of it.


Anastasia smiled,
“Of course! Whatever you both want we are more than happy to oblige!” She giggled.
“We’ll all end up with families soon.” She laughed and watched Willow look surprised by Jobe’s words.
“Well Justin is a Doctor and you are going to be his wife.” She said and wondered what was going on.

By the looks of it, Justin didn’t know either and Anastasia knew better than to pry. Maybe it was nothing. She hoped so, usually something coming out of a statement meant there were things to be worried about. She smiled to Willow comfortingly and looked to the men. She shook it off and decided it was best to just be happy for them both.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow could hardly say anything as Anastasia lept up to embrace her. She didn’t even know that he had bought a ring or planned on proposing but that didn’t matter now. In this era, time was irrelevant, and she did not care about the fact they had only been open about their feelings for a short period of time. They knew how they felt about each other and that was all that mattered.

Willow looked over to Justin before Anastasia started to pull her into a conversation about the wedding. She giggled when she talked of getting her a dress and flowers and she nodded. [b “I just want it to be the four of us. You are both so important to us and I don’t see any reason why we should invite people we don’t know. If it’s alright I just a [I very] small and insignificant ceremony. It’s how I would have wanted to get married even if we were still in our own time. I’ve never been the type to want a fuss.”] She said with a smile.

She heard what Jobe said and she looked up. [b “What did you just say?”] She had heard that somewhere before.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe nodded. [b “That would be easy to arrange if you are sure that is what you both want. We can set up a meeting with the vicar and discuss the details if you like.”] He said as he glanced over at the two women. He was glad that Anastasia had a female in her life, one that she could get excited with over news such as this.

[b “The doctor and his wife.”] He said with a smile as he looked back at Justin before he heard Willow’s voice and he looked at her with confusion. [b “The doctor and his wife?”] He repeated, this time posing it more as a question. Did that mean something to her? He looked to Justin to see if he had any answers.
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Justin laughed a little and nodded to Jobe,
“I should take your advice more often.” He laughed quietly and looked to Willow, kissing her cheek as Anastasia came over and he embraced the woman and murmured a thanks to them both.

He looked to Jobe as both women began cooing over plans and he raised an eyebrow.
“Willow mentioned a very small wedding. Just you and Anastasia present.” He commented and hoped that would be alright. He wasn’t sure how weddings worked and if small things like that were okay. He would marry Willow there and then if he could.

Anastasia looked to them and sprang to them, hugging them as she sat with Willow,
“Well, finally! It took you long enough!” She laughed and looked to the ring. It was gorgeous and she was so excited for them!

“We should get you a dress! And flowers! Oh I can’t wait!” She said and she was genuinely over the moon for her friends that they could get married and be together properly!

“Have you given it any thought?” She asked the other woman and smiled.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow was sure that there was nothing in the world that would make her happier than she was in this moment. The way he jumped up to his feet and put the ring on her finger made everything feel that little bit more real. She had just agreed to be his wife. She would become Mrs Gallway. The smile upon her face was wider than any smile she had ever had before. She put her arms around Justin and held him tight as if to confirm the happiness that she felt. Willow laughed at the excited nature he was showing her and she nodded. [b “Of course I mean it.”] She said as he told hold of her hand and started to rush back towards the house.

[b “But we didn’t even sort out the stall.”] She said, still laughing but not really caring about that. In the moment she was just happy to see Justin so excited about something. When they got into the house she was out of breath from the run and she looked to Justin who was beaming. She looked towards Jobe and Anastasia, who seemed clued in on the situation and without saying a single word she helped her hand out in front of them to show off her engagement ring. It was perfect. Nothing too fancy and just the right size for her petite hand.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe smiled, promising that he wouldn’t overdo it. If it was up to him, he would spend his days in bed with his wife. He wanted nothing more than to start their family but he would not tire poor Anastasia out, no matter how much he wanted to share every part of him with her.

He looked up with surprise as Justin and Willow entered the house. [b “Finished with the stall already?”] He asked, almost amused by his question, knowing exactly what had just happened. The two had the same expression Jobe and Anastasia had when they announced their engagement. He rose to his feet and clapped Justin on the shoulder in a congratulatory manner and lowered his voice.

[b “I told you she wouldn’t say no.”]
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Justin felt he might die if she didn’t answer in his favour, he’d never felt at someone’s mercy so much before in his life. When she answered he jumped to his feet and slid the ring on her finger, kissing her almost immediately.
“Thank you.” He whispered softly and wrapped his arms around her waist as he lifted her up and span her in a circle before setting her down. This was all he had wanted since landing in this era!

“Mrs Gallway, huh?” He laughed and kissed her cheek gently as he watched her. He couldn’t believe she had said yes!
“You really mean it? You’re going to marry me?” He babbled and he could have ran across the ground in a fit of elation right that minute. He’d got the girl! They were going to be married!

“We have to tell everyone! I’ll shout it from the rooftop!” He beamed as he took her hand and went back to Anastasia and Jobe, standing with Willow.


Anastasia thought for a while. The thought of having another support in raising children was something she adored. And she could imagine Jobe with a son, teaching him tolerance and patience or doting over a daughter. She smiled a little and knew he wouldn’t tell her even if his injury did hurt.

“Don’t overdo yourself.” She said quietly to him and looked to Justin and Willow. They both looked out of breath and positively bursting with happiness.
“Did we miss something?” She asked and smiled at the pair.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled towards Justin, waiting for a sarcastic comment or remark. It had become clear that it was part of his personality and she had grown to love that part of him but it never came. Instead he seemed to be completely serious and full of emotion and she was so full of love for him in that moment. [b “At least we are both on the same page then.”] She said quietly as she looked down at their interlocked fingers before looking back up at him.

There was an intensity waiting there for her and her breath caught in her throat as he looked into her very soul. He started to speak but he faltered and she could not keep the confused expression from her face as he started to press his hand into his pocket as if searching for something. [b “Lost something?”] She asked softly, only moments before he lowered himself onto one knee. Her heart was beating impossibly fast and she pulled her hands over her mouth as he opened a box that had a ring inside. She had no idea when he had bought the ring or what was going through his mind in that moment. They had only declared their love for each other a few days ago but even that did not matter to her then.

His words took her breath away and even though neither of them had considered themselves to be the romantic type, she was completely taken aback by his words. She smiled and removed her hands from her mouth as as tear started to creep out of the corner of her eye. [b “Justin I...”] Her voice faltered for a minute while she tried to gather her emotions. [b “Nothing would make me happier. Yes...yes I will be your wife.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] [b “Ah but I was fortunate enough to have a father who taught be the difference between right and wrong and not the kind that society engrains next a lot of people. The [i real] right and wrong. It’s not that difficult to have a mind heart when there are people in the world so willing to return goodwill.”] He ran her fingers over her cheek and smiled. [b “I’m sure there will be another soon. Then who knows? We will all be bringing up children together.”] He said with a laugh. Jobe wanted nothing more than to start a family with Anastasia and he imagined that they would be excellent parents and role models to their children.

He looked down at his stomach and shrugged. [b “I barely notice it now.”] He said truthfully. They had all done such a good job of keeping him for doing too much that he was sure he was healing faster than he was meant to.
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Justin watched her and smiled. This time there was no joking around or boyish remarked. He nodded to her and he could feel his heart racing under his chest.
“Really? Well, it’s just as well because I love you.” He murmured as he played with her fingers gently. He could have got lost in her eyes, he could have let the ground fall away from under them and everything would be alright if she just kept looking at him the way she was right that moment.

“I uh-“ he laughed a little. Now was as perfect a moment as any, lost in her gaze and feeling totally at her mercy. He looked around and back to Willow. She looked perfect, the day was perfect. He fished around in his pocket, rather awkwardly because nerves were really getting the better of him. He didn’t know if gentlemen got on one knee in this era but he dropped down to his knee anyways as he opened the box and looked up at her

“Willow, I don’t want to go a day without you. And I want you to be my wife- not because it is good and proper but because I need you and I love you. I always have, I just never knew what I had with you until now.” He said to her as he stared at her.
“Willow, please do me every honour and be my wife, for always?” He asked her. He was almost shaking he was that nervous and maybe he had blown it all to Hell and she would flat refuse him.


Anastasia scoffed slightly at his compliment. She was a kind person, despite everything she had been through at the poor house as a child and all the scoldings she had received in this house for her behaviour. Somehow she always found compassion.
“I find compassion because I have to. You were born a wealthy man, with everything you needed and yet you still found a way to be grateful and give others what they needed.” She pointed out and smiled a little.

“I wouldn’t say no to another wedding, although I think they would want a quieter affair than us.” They didn’t know many people in this era, so it was understandable but neither of them really seemed like overly outgoing people either. Besides, it was about what they wanted. No one else mattered. She looked to Jobe and smiled a little,
“How is your injury?” She asked. They had been doing a lot as of late and she didn’t want him overdoing anything, no matter how much she enjoyed their closeness.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed. [b “Are you saying that I’m always grumpy?”] She asked, another yawn stifling her words. She watched as he stood up and she pulled a face as he held out his hand to her. [b “Do I really have to do that right now?”] Her tone mimicked that of a child who did not want to do as she was told. She let out a sigh and took his hand anyway. She had slept most of the morning so she supposed a little bit of work wouldn’t do her much harm.

[b “Fine.”] She said with a faint smile as she followed him to the stables. She was surprised to hear that Justin did not know about the horse, a part of her figured that was what they had been discussing in the study the night before but apparently not. [b “It is very kind of them.”] She said as she glanced around the stable before settling on the perfect spot for her horse and she moved inside the empty stall and looked up at Justin as he spoke.

Willow smiled and took hold of his hand and nodded. [b “Of course I’m happy. I got stuck in my favourite time in history and fell in love with my best friend.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe nodded towards Justin and Willow as they left the room, still laughing at Willow’s reaction to his suggestion. [b “Do you really not see that you have the same way about you?”] He said with a raised eyebrow. Every single member of staff working in this house adored her and she had brought happiness to many of their lives, including his, even if he did not see it. He smiled towards her and her lips brushed his cheek and he nodded at her words.

[b “I think you are right. It’s what he wanted to talk to me about last night. A part of me thought that he was looking for permission from me.”] He said with a laugh and a shake of his head. [b “Although, I do not think that Willow has noticed, so it will most certainly be a surprise when he does ask.”
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Justin smiled at Willow’s reaction and he was honestly glad she would have something to call her own in this era. It was a beautiful thing to see her so happy and so vibrant and he wanted that to last for her. He couldn’t help but laugh a little.
“It’s quite the miracle to see you so happy.” He murmured to her.
“Although you will have to make a stable ready.” He said to her and stood.

He held out his hand,
“Come on. I’ll help you out.” He said and honestly he just wanted privacy with her for a few moment to relish the happiness she exuded as he lead her to the stables and smiled.
“I didn’t even know about that.” He said to her and smiled,
“Jobe and Anastasia must have plotted.” He remarked as he stopped at the stables and looked to an empty stall.

He sighed contently and watched Willow, the way the sun caught her hair and her smile seemed to make everything much brighter.
“Are you happy?” He asked her quietly and watched her carefully.


Anastasia Hughes Willow gently and giggled at her reaction. What a relief to see her so happy! She nodded to the woman and felt Jobe’s lips press to her fingers. He was right. Without influence she would have forever buried her own emotions and obeyed societies pressures. And now she couldn’t be happier to have gone against them.

She watched them go and looked to Jobe,
“I’m unsure how you have the remarkable ability to make everyone who meets you so happy.” She said to him quietly and kissed his cheek gently. Summer would be coming to an end soon, then it would be rain and winds. It didn’t matter though, because she had Jobe to keep her warm at nights where the snow fell.
“Justin is getting fidgety.” She noted quietly.
“I think he’s looking for his perfect moment.”
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow glanced towards Justin when she noticed and exchange of a glance between Jobe and Anastasia and it was one that raised suspicion. She did not have to wait too long to find out what it was they were going to reveal but by the time she had finished talking Willow was already on her feet and putting her arms around Jobe and Anastasia since they were sitting so close.

[b “You have no idea how much this means to me. You have given so much to Justin and I and I just wish that there was something we could do or give to you in return.”] She really did feel like the two were just giving and she was taking. She wished there was more than she could do but in reality, she just did not know how much she had already done.

She lowered herself back to her seat and smiled towards Justin as she curled her legs underneath her again. This is what true happiness felt like.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was excited to see Willow’s reactions and he laughed as the woman pulled the two of them into a brief embrace. [b “It is quite alright. You have done much for us, it’s the least we can do.”] He said with a smile as he took hold of Anastasia’s hand. [b “I doubt she would have agreed to be my wife if it wasn’t for you.”] He said as she brought her hand up to his lips and kissed her fingers.

[b “The horse will be here on Wednesday. I am assured that she will be in good health. He is the finest breeder in London so I have no doubt of his word.”]
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