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Justin watched Willow and laughed a little,
“I think Mrs Gallway needs a good rest.” He said and nodded in agreement with Jobe as he kissed the side of Willow’s head.
“Come on, my live, let’s get you to bed.” He commented and stood.

“Thank you both for a wonderful day.” He said to Jobe and Anastasia as he offered Willow his hand to help her up.
“Don’t go falling asleep on me before you’re in bed.” He said to Willow as he lead her up the stairs and to his room. Her things had been moved here and he smiled a little.
“So, wife, bedtime?” He wasn’t trying to spark any funny business because he knew tiredness if ignored could lead to real sicknesses and such.


Anastasia watched Willow and smiled. She waved them off and looked to Jobe.
“You never cease to amaze me.” She murmured quietly. All of his endless generosity and kindness, it seemed limitless. She watched Willow and Justin head upstairs and looked to Jobe.
“It’s good to see them finally United.” She said to him quietly.

Anastasia pressed a kiss to Jobe’s cheek softly as they were left alone.
“What did you have in mind to do, Hm?” She said to him quietly and the past few days had been very busy for them all and full of excitement and love.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow was overwhelmed with the thoughtful nature behind the meal and she couldn’t help but smile as she moved towards the table and started to lower herself to a seat. The rest of the day was truly perfect, far beyond anything she could have expected and she was happy to finally be married and content, regardless of the fact they were stuck. She hadn’t even thought about that for days, seemingly only concerned with being happy now rather than going home.

By the time the sun had gone down they had all consumed wine and ate until there was no more room for food and she noticed that the time was drawing nearer for them to share a room. She was excited by the prospect of not having to sneak around but she couldn’t deny that she would miss sneaking around and stealing breathless kisses in the hallway. Now there was a whole new excitement to their relationship.

She yawned without any warning and laughed shortly after and shook her head. [b “Apparently I’m not yet recovered from the busy week.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe looked over towards Anastasia, noticing that she had been lost in thought and he smiled softly towards her. He took her hand and pulled it up to his lips. It had been a much more relaxing day and he enjoyed their company.

[b “I honestly feel as though I have my entire family in this room.”] He said with a smile and looked to Justin and Willow, laughing at her yawn. [b “Well the wedding did ruin your plans to spend the next week in bed. Perhaps you should retire and get some rest?”] He asked before looking back to Anastasia. [b “I’m sure we can find something to do.”]
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Justin watched Willow and smiled a little. She looked happy and honestly, he was relieved. He looked to Jobe and smiled,
“Oh you even get cake!” Justin smiled to Willow and tickled her sides lightly before thanking Jobe. Willow had wanted a quiet affair and it had been wonderful. But now they could relax as man and wife with their close friends, eat cake and relax.

“Also the cake and good meal was Jobe’s idea, I had nothing to do with it.” He confessed and smiled to Willow. He was honestly elated that she was now Mrs Gallway, after everything and even the disaster of being stuck in a different era, Justin was still the happiest man in the world right then!


Anastasia smiled softly as she watched and sat down. It was lovely to see them finally married and who knew? In a years time they may well be a proper little family with a child to call their own. Anastasia hoped they would be happy, whether they wanted children or not because she knew it was different in the future. She was quiet as she thought about it and busied herself with water and food.

All of them were young and there was still plenty of time for them to really get in invested in things like children and and babies. But in this era there was no time to mess around. She came back from her daydream and blinked, looking back to the table.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow was glad that the ceremony was over. While she was used to speaking publicly at lectures and appearances, this was completed different and she felt vulnerable throughout the whole service.

She smiled towards Justin. [b “I love you too.”] She said before the two shared an intimate kiss. Now they didn’t have to hide or shy away from their affections because now they were married and it felt good to know that no one would judge them for sharing such a kiss. When they parted from their kiss she found herself laughing quietly to herself in disbelief as Justin pulled her into an embrace. She was beyond happy at this point. The priest congratulated them and a member of the staff came to escort him out of the house. [b “Thank you.”]

She then turned to Jobe and Anastasia, both looking pleased at what they had just witnessed. [b “Justin is right. Thank you so much.”] Willow took hold of his hand and beamed up at him. [b “Husband...it’s got a nice ring to it.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe started to lead them all into the dining room when he had the staff organise a small celebratory dinner and he stopped just before they went in. [b “I know you said you didn’t want a fuss made but I couldn’t let you have a wedding day without a good meal and a cake.”] He said with a smile, pleased with himself that he hadn’t gone too crazy but still managed to surprise them with something.

Upon entering the dining room, they were greeted with a feast of food and he smiled back towards Anastasia before looking to Justin and Willow. [b “I am so happy for you both. It was such a lovely ceremony and I can see the appeal in having such an intimate one. We were honoured to bear witness to the promises you have made to each other. Willow, I’ve already had your things moved to Justin’s room so you don’t have to worry about any of that.”] He said with a smile and gestured for them to take a seat. [b “Now let’s enjoy a good meal.”]
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Justin was quiet through the ceremony, still in disbelief but when the priest finally announced them as husband and wife, he looked to Willow and smiled,
“I love you.” He said softly as he leant down and took his lips with his own tenderly. He could hardly believe they were now Mr and Mrs Gallway!

He laughed and wrapped his arms around her tightly as if wanting to bring her so much closer. He looked to Jobe and Anastasia as they gave their congratulations and he thanked them both for it.
“Thank you both. You’ve both been amazing friends, we wouldn’t be here without you.” He said to them and smiled.
“Wife, eh?” He laughed a little, feeling giddy and elated all at the same time!


Anastasia watched the ceremony and she had to admit it was beautiful and intimidate. She wiped her eyes when they were finally announced as married! She congratulated them and smiled at Justin’s words. Although she didn’t quite believe them, she was so glad they were finally married!

She hugged them both and watched their reactions. They were so in love and honestly it was beautiful to witness such like between two people.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow glanced out of the window and smiled as she noticed that the weather had been kind to them. [b “Best to make the most out of it while we can. I hear the winters can be quite hard here. Although I am really looking forward to a proper winter!”] She said with a smile, knowing that the only reason she kept talking was because she was stalling. Willow smiled towards Anastasia as she took hold of her arm and started to follow her out of the room.

[b “I’m glad I have you.”] As they neared the space where she would meet Justin, she found her heart was beginning to pound at a quicker rate and her breathing was heavy but she had to focus on Justin now, just like Anastasia told her before taking her place. She closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath before working up the confidence to walk towards the Justin who waited for her. Seeing him stood there made her nerves melt away, suddenly they were replaced with happiness, joy and excitement for the fact that today she would become his wife.

When she stopped beside him she looked up at him and smiled before the priest began the ceremony. It was a beautiful and simple service, one that echoed the fact that they did not want to make a fuss about anything. Soon enough the priest was pronouncing them man and wife and she turned to face him with a smile dancing upon her lips.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe smiled towards Anastasia as she walked down the aisle and took her hand as she stood next to him and then glanced towards Willow as she walked towards them. [b “That dressmaker really knows her clients huh?”] He said in a low whisper, taking note of how the dress suited her perfectly like Anastasia’s had. Jobe was smiling the whole way through the ceremony. While he had his own wedding two days ago, he still enjoyed the beauty of such a ceremony.

He wished that they had decided to have more guests but that was not his decision to make and Justin and Willow seemed happy enough with their decision. When the ceremony was over he looked down at Anastasia and squeezed her hand. [b “What a lovely service.”] He looked up and the new husband and wife and congratulated the two of them.
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Anastasia giggled a little,
“Yes. But I had you and you have me so we’ll get you down that aisle!” She said with determination. She glanced out the window.
“It’s even a beautiful day for you!” She smiled and watched Willow.
“It’s scary but I promise by the end of the day you’ll wish it would last forever!” She promised and looked to her, offering her arm.
“One step at a time!” She said as she walked with her and fixed the odd bit and bob there for her as they did.

She paused and looked to Willow,
“Now. Just focus on walking and meeting him. You’ll be completely fine.” She promised as she walked to stand in her place and she turned to watch Willow with a bright smile on her face.


Justin felt his heart beating fast as he stood at the end of the aisle and he watched Anastasia, knowing full well that meant Willow was on her way too and he drew in a breath as she joined him and he watched her. He was completely stunned by her. He didn’t ever think she could get more beautiful and yet she surprised him again!

“You look.... angelic.” He breathed quietly before looking to the priest as the ceremony began and he couldn’t wait.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow changed into her dress and spent a few minutes looking at herself in the mirror, simply trying to convince herself that she needed to leave the room so that she could go and get married to the man she loved. Her nerves were all over the place but the moment there was a knock on the door and she saw Anastasia, they seemed to melt away.

[b “Thank you. You look beautiful too.”] She said, her voice a little shaky from the nerves. [b “Anastasia, I think I might need you to shove me down those stairs. I’m truly terrified.”] She said with a nervous laugh. [b “I’m not doubting anything…but my legs won’t move. Were you this nervous?”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe smiled towards him as he entered the room, watching him fuss over his hair and his tie. He could see the nerves evident up Justin’s face. [b “Your ceremony will only be a short one. It will be over before you know it and then you will be able to call Willow your wife for the rest of your life.”] He said as he nodded, opening the door for him and gesturing for him to leave first.

They both greeted the priest as they arrived downstairs. [I “Are we awaiting any guests?”] He asked after their initial greetings. Jobe shook his head and looked towards Justin.

[b “No, our friends are still relatively new to town and they don’t know many people here. They wanted to keep it intimate.”]
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Justin was up early getting ready. A nice plain outfit and he fixed his hair. It was getting longer and looked more like it fit with the times now. Everything seemed to fit better with the times now. It was a real relief honestly because they just seemed to fit. Him and Willow, the era. Everything and he would be calling Willow his wife today and he couldn’t be happier.

He heard the knock and smiled,
“Come in.” He said and greeted Jobe. It was obvious Justin was nervous. He felt like everything was going so right and what if Willow had doubts or second thoughts? He grinned at Jobe all the same and pottered around doing this that and the next thing, keeping busy as he smoothed his suit down and smiled a little.

“We should head down, wait on the lovely lady and my bride to be.” He murmured as he smiled to Jobe and headed down to greet the priest who would be marrying them.


Anastasia watched him leave the bed and sighed,
“I do hate it when you leave our bed.” She laughed a little and got up, changing into her amethyst gown and fixing her hair. She didn’t want to overshadow Willow on her big day so she kept it subtle and plain almost.

She scurried along to Willow’s room and smiled as she knocked and then walked in.
“You look beautiful!” She smiled to Willow and she watched her.
“Justin might just pass out at seeing you!” She giggled softly and stretched her limbs.
“I shall have to warn Jobe to catch him just in case.” She giggled and watched Willow carefully.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow expected to spend most of the night trying to get to sleep, distracted by nerves and excitement but in reality, she was so exhausted that she had practically passed out on her bed the moment her head hit the pillow.

The next morning, she awoke feeling nervous and she moved slowly towards the wardrobe so that she could inspect her dress once morning. She smiled as she ran the fingers over the satin material. After a couple of minutes, she started to go about her morning routine, bathing before she sat in front of the mirror so that she could brush through her hair and get herself ready. It definitely made her feel better to know that there were not any women swarming around her like they would be if they were getting married in the modern era.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe closed his eyes happily with her permission and fell asleep. He held her close throughout the whole night until he woke up in the morning. He woke a little bit before Anastasia and watched her for a moment so happy to see her next to him. He ran his finger over her cheek and kissed her forehead.

[b “Wake up sleepy head. I bet Willow is crazy with nerves this morning and she is going to need her friend by her side.”] He said softly as he started to climb out of bed to get dressed himself. [b “I’m going to check in on the groom.”] With that he moved towards Justin’s room and knocked on his door.
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Justin laughed a little are push,
“I love it when you’re pushy.” He joked and planted a kiss on her lips to get him through until their wedding.
“I love you too. I’ll see you tomorrow!” He beamed before going along to his room and flopping on the bed.

It was still a shock that he was going to be married and he couldn’t believe it in all honesty. He wanted to pinch himself to make sure it was real and it was actually happening! He watched the ceiling and it was so difficult to catch sleep because he was excited, nervous and it sighed and rubbed his face.


“I love you.” Anastasia replies softly and moved onto her side to watch him. She smiled at him. He thought about everyone else before himself and it was something she adored about him.
“You’re right. I remember not sleeping much before our wedding, I was so nervous.” She laughed a little rested a hand on his chest. She didn’t even know why she had been so nervous.

“Sleep, my love.” She murmured quietly and pressed a kiss to his lips gently and settled at his side. She didn’t know how she would ever sleep without him at her side.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled at his words. It made her feel so much better to know that he accepted the fact that they could be bringing and child into this world at some point, and that he would be beside her no matter what. She wasn’t exactly scared that he would leave her if she got pregnant, but it still made her feel better to have cleared the air. She smiled when they parted from their kiss. [b “It will be nice to be open and not have to hide…and it will be nice to be your wife…and share your bed.”] She said with a smile before he kissed her again, more gently this time.

As if to prove it was late she yawned and looked back at her bed. [b “I also need to get some sleep because I’m still dead from how busy this week has been.”] She kissed his cheek this time and then started to push him playfully towards the door. [b “Out you go now. It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.”] She said with a life. [b “I love you.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe did not need to be told twice about going to bed with Anastasia and a part of him couldn’t quite believe that she was his wife and the woman he would be sharing his bed with every night. Jobe prepared himself for bed and when Anastasia climbed into the bed beside him and he pulled her close.

[b “I love you.”] He said into her ear as he sighed heavily. [b “Tomorrow is going to be a great day. No more guessing whether they will or won’t get together. I’m glad things worked out for all of us.”]
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Justin smiled a little as he watched Willow,
“I don’t think anyone is ever really ready, you know? And if we do have a child then we will love it and raise it.” He said to her softly. He felt her lips and it silenced any worries he had as he kissed her back softly and sighed softly as they parted.
“Another night, after tomorrow we won’t need to sneak away or hide our affections from anyone.” He said to her and smiled a little,
“And I can call you my wife.” He said and kissed her again gently, bringing her closer this time.

When they parted, he knew it was late and he would have loved nothing more than to just fall into bed with her but they had to part. Just for one more night.
“You should rest. Get all that beauty sleep for tomorrow, not that you need it because if you get any more beautiful, people with think I snatched an Angel from the heavens.” He chuckled softly.


Anastasia smiled softly at his words and honestly, she had no idea where the day had gone.
“Come to bed.” She said softly and kissed his cheek softly before heading up to their room. It was still exhilarating to not have to go to a separate room at the end of the day. She could wake beside him, lie beside him and with him.

Anastasia changed into a night dress, lighting the gas lamp and settling in bed and thinking for a long time about their future. She would give Jobe a thousand children, a lifetime supply of love and adoration. She just prayed to God that they had a long and happy life in front of them. And she wished the same for Justin and Willow.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] She allowed herself to fall into his arms and she wrapped hers around him in response. The soft vibrations of his voice swam through her and her head rested on his chest and she couldn’t help but smile. It was an oddly comforting position to find herself in and she imagined what it would be like to lay with him every night, listening to the sound of his voice and feeling his closeness.

While she had been nervous about bringing up this topic of conversation, it was definitely better having it now rather than later. She needed to know his standing on things and they needed to clear things up before they made vows to one another. Willow looked up at him and smiled, shaking her head slightly at his question. Before she responded to him, she listened to every word he had to say. It was important for her to listen and understand his feelings on the matter.

[b “I don’t think that children would be so bad at all. I just wanted to make sure that we are both on the same page going into this. We can’t control what happens if and when we are to sleep together.”] She blushed slightly, unused to having such conversations. [b “I don’t want to wait and I don’t want to put off how amazing we could be together just because of one small fear. I just want us to be prepared to accept a child if pregnancy was to happen. Besides I really don’t think I can wait another day.”] Willow laughed and looked up at him before placing a kiss on his lips.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] To Jobe, having children was not about passing on a legacy. While many men in his class hoped for boys to pass on their business and their wealth, Jobe just wanted a family with the woman he had fallen in love with. Children would only add to their happiness. He also didn’t mind if they had a boy or a girl. The sex of the child did not make a difference to the amount of love he would have for them. He wanted as many children as Anastasia was willing to give him. Growing up as an only child, he had longed for a big family. More than anything he wanted his child to have someone to grow up with.

[b “God willing.”] He replied. The feel of her lips against his would never get boring for him. Especially when her lips were curved into a smile. It told him of how happy she was simply to have him here. When they parted he smiled down at her and let out a soft sigh. [b “Where has the day gone?”] He remarked. Jobe was beginning to notice that every day they spent together was passing in a blur. That was a good thing in his mind because it meant he was enjoying his time with her and he could only hope that the days will get better with time.
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Justin watched her and sighed as he wrapped his arms around her.
“Would children be a bad thing?” He watched her and smiled a little.
“Whatever happens Willow, I’m not going to run away or shy away from you. You know I would stand by you and if I’m being completely honest, I don’t see what’s so wrong with having children in this era. We have support from Jobe and Anastasia.” He remarked and kissed her cheek.

“We don’t have to do anything you are uncomfortable with, Willow. We don’t even have to sleep together if you do not wish it.” He said to her quietly,
“I can wait. It does not put me off being your husband.” He pointed out and kissed her forehead softly. He understood her concerns and yes, he should addressed them sooner than he did but it was a tricky topic.


Anastasia smiled softly and returned the kiss, softly, her arms around his shoulders as she relaxed and heard his words.
“Neither can I.” She said to him quietly. Making a life with Jobe, their own child was something that excited her. It seemed strange they were so excited and Willow and Justin were so wary. Anastasia wants nothing more than to give Jobe children and she longed to see him with a son or daughter.

“In time.” She said to Jobe and watched him with soft eyes.
“You’ll have a beautiful son or daughter, perhaps both god willing.” She murmured to him and kissed his lips again, thumb brushing by his cheek as she smiled into the kiss.
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