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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Several months had passed since Willow’s miscarriage and on the whole, most things had returned to normal. The two were working in the factory and helping Jobe and Anastasia with the children when they needed some extra help or time alone. Willow had made a point that it was important for the two to enjoy each other’s company more often. Jobe had planned a surprise trip to the theatre that night and had asked Willow and Justin if they would look after Fletcher and Juliet and they were all too happy to accept.

While Justin and Willow were still very much in love, Willow had been avoiding intimate moments with him over the passing months. She knew that her body needed time and if she was to fall pregnant again before her body had repaired itself, she would lose another child and she would not be able to bear it. Although, she was sure now that enough time had passed, she did not want to push the idea of trying again on Justin just yet.

Willow was sat in the conservatory holding Fletcher while Juliet slept and while she was alone she sang a song to him. He cooed, and she could have sworn he had clapped his hands and smiled at her even if it was impossible. [b “Well you are most welcome young sir.”] She said to him as she lifted him up to place a kiss on his head. [b “You are becoming so handsome!”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was excited to spend an evening outside of the house. While the two had managed to steal some time alone, they hadn’t been out together since they had been married. He looked at the clock patiently and then made his way up to the bedroom and knocked on the door before pushing it open gently. [b “Are you ready to go my love?”] He asked and stopped in the doorway upon seeing her.

It was as though he was seeing her for the first time and he was sure that his heart had stopped. [b “Well you look simply ravishing my darling.”] He said as he moved into the room and wrapped his arms around her so that he could pull her in for a kiss. [b “I would suggest that we stay here instead if I had not already purchased the tickets.”] He said with a wink as he took hold of her hand. [b “Come on, we should get going my love.”]
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“I know, I’m a wizard in the kitchen!” Justin smiled to her and then heard her declaration of love and he sighed out. It as like music to his ears as he sat by her.
“I know, Willow and I love you too.” He kissed the side of her head gently and relaxed beside her. She was getting better and he just prayed that they could only go up from here because they had hot rock bottom already and he didn’t ever want to be there again. Willow deserved the world and he would help her achieve everything and whatever happiness she wanted.

“We’ve got this, you know? We’re going to get through this.” Justin assured her quietly. He would never forget the love he felt for Willow and how broken she had looked after the miscarriage. Now though, there was colour in her skin and there was some sort of hope she would be the woman she had been before.


Anastasia smiled to Jobe.
“Me neither.” She murmured and stretched.
“Although we might even get a quiet night for a change, you know? All the excitement of today seems to have tired the little ones out.” She murmured. She knew that they would want a feed throughout the night and until they moved onto bottles, it was her job to get up and see to them. She didn’t mind though. She took a drink of water and rubbed her eyes.
“I could go an early night.” She said and smiled to Jobe a little. Whilst the twins were asleep she wouldn’t mind a catch up on lost hours.

Anastasia kisses Jobe’s cheek and moved to gather Fletcher in her arms as she took him upstairs and settled him in the cot by the bed as she smiled a little as he fussed at being moved.
“Poor little angel.” She cooed and watched him settle once more back to sleep. She changed for sleep and settled under the blankets. It was getting colder the closer to Christmas it got but she made sure her children were always wrapped up.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow was truly grateful for their understanding and patience and even if they did not realise it, it helped her a great deal, as did being put in a position where should could not avoid their children for much longer. She never would have been able to forgive herself if she missed out on anything important. She smiled up at Justin and took hold of his hand and used it to pull herself up from her seat. With a smile towards Anastasia and Jobe, she started to make her way out of the conservatory and up to their room with Justin at her side. She really did appreciate him and she wished she could find a way to show him.

[b “I won’t”] She said reassuringly as they entered their bedroom and she nodded. For the first time in a week she actually felt hungry and she knew Justin would be delighted that her appetite was beginning to return. [b “Don’t be too long.”] She said as she started to ready herself in her night attire. Today was the first day she felt like she might be able to move on and she figured that was a good step in the right direction. Willow climbed into bed and picked up a book she had been reading and busied herself with that while she waited for Justin to return.

As promised he wasn’t too long, and she responded to his presence by putting the book back down and she looked over the tray of food with a raised eyebrow. [b “What even the bread and cheese? You sure work fast.”] Willow laughed softly as she started to help herself to some food. [b “I love you Justin.”] She realised that she had not told him that since the accident and she was overcome with the need to remind him of that.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe glanced towards Anastasia when they were left alone again and he nodded. [b “You took quite the risk forcing the children on them.”] He said, his tone not the slightest bit unkind. [b “I think it may have paid off in the end.”] When he mentioned food, his stomach seemed to growl in reply as if agreeing that it was time to eat and he helped her make sure their children were settled before moving to the dining room for food.

He looked up and smiled when he noticed Justin and he shook his head. [b “At least they are eating now. They both look like they have lost some weight with the worry and I would hate if any of them made themselves ill now.”] He said as he helped himself to some food and looked up at Anastasia with a smile. [b “I am no more tired than you my love. It will take some time for us all to settle into a routine, but the fatigue is to be expected for us both.”] He took hold of her hand and smiled softly towards her. [b “I still cannot believe that we are parents.”]
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Justin glanced to Willow and saw she was beginning to tire and he smiled a little at Jobe’s words, glad the two understood. He gently handed Juliet over to her mother and looked to Willow.
“Juliet isn’t the only tired little lady.” He said with a small smile, glad they got to feel normal for a small amount of time. He looked to Willow and extended his hand to help her up.
“Thank you.” He thanked them both for their hospitality before helping Willow upstairs.

“Don’t fall asleep on me.” He smiled to Willow and yawned. After days of taking things slow and easy he had to admit today had been exhausting.
“Are you hungry? I’ll get the staff to bring something up if you are.” Honestly he was quite hungry too and he realised they should have sorted something.
“You get ready for bed, I’ll go see what I can sneak from the kitchen.” He said and kissed her cheek gently before going down and putting together some food. Breads, cheese, some cold meats and tea. Nothing too heavy but enough they could pick at.

He stepped back into the room and smiled, setting down the tray by the bed and picking up some bread and cheese. He grinned to Willow,
“Would you believe me if I said I cooked it all from scratch?” He asked her.


Anastasia took Juliet gently and settled her in her cot before watching the two go and she smiled a little to Jobe.
“That went better than I expected.” She said to him quietly as she looked to the little ones.
“We should eat something too.” She said to Jobe. The little ones were settled comfortably and it seemed like they had had a really exciting day too, that had tuckered them out as well and she smiled a little. She made sure they were settled and she could keep an eye on them from the dining room.

She sat at the table and thanked the staff quietly, spotting Justin sneaking down to steal some to take up and she grinned a little. She couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been on them both so she let them be for the moment. It would take very small steps and she knew they couldn’t be rushed. They needed to get back to things at their own pace. Still, today had been a step in the right direction for them. She looked to Jobe as she took a drink of water.
“You look tired too.” Parenthood was tiring, of course but she didn’t want him to overdo everything.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow’s heart was both heavy and filled with love in that moment. Justin would be a great father one day but for now she got a glimpse into the future they could have and seeing him with a child brought a smile to her face. She laughed and looked towards Anastasia and Jobe apologetically when Justin claimed he was going to help their son get up to all sorts of mischief. [b “I will have no part of that, I swear it.”] She looked down to Juliet who was making all sorts of noises as she wriggled around in her arms. It was as though she was all ready to explore even though she was only a week old. Still, she seemed content.

Justin kissed her cheek and she smiled back at him and saw Fletcher was now asleep. [b “Evidently more so than I.”] What was meant to be a brief encounter for tea turned into a pleasant afternoon of bonding with Juliet and Fletcher as well as rebuilding their friendship with Jobe and Anastasia. Not that it was broken, but it had been placed on pause while the two healed. At some point Justin and Willow swapped children so they could bond with the other.

Willow yawned and looked to Justin. [b “I think I need to rest now.”] She said quietly. Her body was still recovering from her miscarriage and the emotional strain it had caused her.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] It was nice to spend time together like this. They did not bring up their loss and they were careful about what they said but this felt normal. Like soon things would go right back to the way they were. He watched as Willow yawned and moved forward to take Fletcher from her and placed him in his cot.

[b “You should rest. You both have plenty of time to bond with Fletcher and Juliet and I think that you will start to feel much better once you have a proper night sleep and a proper meal.”] He said, looking towards Anastasia and took her hand. [b “And remember that we are both here for you, whatever you need.”] He said with a smile, making sure the two of them knew how serious he was about that. He figured that if Willow was going to get some rest that Justin would go with her. He had been protective of her before but now it seemed he didn’t want to leave her alone for more than a few minutes at a time and he didn’t blame him. Jobe would be the same if they had been in the same unfortunate circumstances.
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Justin watched the little one in his arms and he smiled as he looked to Willow. She suited having a child in her arms and his heart broke just a little bit right that moment for everything they had lost and he looked back.
“Well, as Godfather and uncle, I’m going to show you all the best places to hide and the best places to cause mischief but we won’t tell your parents.” He chuckled slightly to the little boy in his arms as he squirmed and smacked his lips.

Justin cradled the infant and watched him drift off to sleep.
“Least you’re not crying.” He said and looked to Juliet, who was squirming and evidently much more awake than her brother.
“Looks like I have the touch.” He smiled and kissed Willow’s cheek softly. Maybe in time they would try again, it seemed inevitable they would have another chance because it had to work out for them. He realised that sounded silly really but he honestly believed they deserved their happy ending.


Anastasia looked to Jobe and smiled a little, glad the two were at least bonding with their children. She heard Willow and giggled,
“Oh, well it would only be polite.” She laughed a little and nodded to the other female before looking to Justin. The two of them suited parenthood and she could only hope that in time they would be blessed too.

Her eyes went to Jobe and she nodded in agreement with his words. They be wonderful for their children and she hoped Justin and Willow knew how much they meant to them, and in turn how much they meant to their children and she wanted them to support them as they grew up.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] it wasn’t as hard to see the babies as Willow expected it to be. While she was still heartbroken about her own loss, she was still happy that her friends were so content with parenthood. She had honestly fallen in love with the two babies quicker than she thought she would. Willow had been nervous about resenting them but now she saw them all she felt was love and adoration.

She glanced up when she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and smiled when she saw Jobe and Justin enter the room. Justin had needed a friend to talk to for the last week and she knew that he was bottling up some of his feelings to spare hers. She just hoped that he felt a little bit better because he had Jobe. She was slightly nervous to see his reaction at her holding Juliet. He could have been upset or angry. Neither of their emotions have been rational this last week. Yet he seemed to sit next to her and glanced down at Juliet with a similar adoration.

The baby made a couple of soft sounds upon hearing Justin‘s voice and Willow giggled slightly. She watched as Anastasia placed Fletcher in his arms and waited for some kind of reaction. He seemed to react in a similar way to her. He clearly adored the babies as much as she did. However she would be lying if she had said that it didn’t hurt to see him holding Fletcher, knowing that in five months time he could’ve been holding his own son or daughter. Willow was over the moon with being asked to be the children’s Godmother and she smiled towards Justin as he accepted a similar honour.

[b ”Now that we are honorary aunts and uncles [i and] godparents, does that mean we have to get twice as many Christmas presents?”] She laughed quietly. It was nice to be able to joke again and enjoy the company of her family.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe genuinely hoped that Justin would talk to him if he needed someone. He had become a brother to him just like Willow had become a sister to Anastasia and in honesty he would be there for both of them through anything. Just as he knew they would be there for them through the upbringing of their children. When they went back into the conservatory Jobe smiled as he was greeted by the sight of the two women holding his children. He was not sure how Juliet had come to be in Willow’s arms, whether it was on her terms or Anastasia’s but it was nice to see the woman smiling and enjoying the company of his daughter.

As Justin lowered himself next to Willow Anastasia placed Fletcher in his arms. It was clear that she thought having some bonding time with the children might help them heal in some way. Jobe smiled and stood next to his wife, wrapping his arm around her waist as they both watched the two holding Juliet and Fletcher.

Both of them seemed to look natural with children and he sincerely hoped that Willow would be able to find it within herself to try for another child. He couldn’t imagine how devastating it must’ve been to lose a child in the way that she did. Miscarriages were perfectly normal and common in the first few months of pregnancy but to lose a baby because one was stuck in an fire might of been harder, especially since they all knew it could be have been avoided if she had not been in the stables, but no one can change the past.

[b “I couldn’t think of two better people to act as role models to our children growing up. We really do want you to be an active part in their lives and their upbringing. Especially because you both bring so much strength to this family we really want you to pass that on to them.”]
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Justin knee Jobe was right and that they were trying to find some sort of reason or rhyme in everything that had happened but he supposed Jobe was right, it had been a terrible accident. No one was to blame. He sighed and gave a smile to Jobe.
“I’ll talk, do not worry.” He assured him and headed back out to see Willow and Anastasia cooing over the little ones.

“Well then, who’s this?” He asked as he sat by Willow and looked to Juliet. They were so tiny and so perfect. He looked to Anastasia as she placed Fletcher in his arms and laughed,
“Oh well, this is a handsome little man if I ever did see one.” He murmured and looked over the boy.

“Wait me?” He seemed slightly shocked. He and Willow hasn’t been there for their friends and yet they still wanted him to be a Godfather!
“Of course!”


Anastasia watched Willow and smiled,
“That’s great. Because twins really takes a toll.” She said with a smile. She wouldn’t ever have it differently and she was grateful to be blessed with two little babies. She looked up as Jobe and Justin returned and she watched Justin. Men weren’t as good at sharing their emotions and she carefully placed Fletcher in his arms,
“There we are, you can have some uncle and nephew bonding.” She smiled and relaxed a little.

Of course it was hard work being a parent and the extra help was always something she was grateful for. She looked to Jobe and smiled a little, sorting out the cord and making them proper for later one
“Well it seems we have a Godmother for the little ones.” She said and smiled,
“Now we just need a godfather.” She looked to Justin and giggled at his reaction.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow didn’t want to cry but her emotions had been all over the place this last week and now that she finally met the twins she was overjoyed that they were healthy and that Jobe and Anastasia were happy. She wanted the same thing and maybe some day soon they would. She smiled down at Juliet in her arms and took hold of her tiny hand in hers. She was so small and she found herself already excited by the prospect of seeing them grow up.

[b “I promise we will be there for them... and you. We will help you in any way we can.”] She said sincerely. Of course it wasn’t going to be easy at first but time would heal their wounds and see her friend so happy went some way to helping her return to her normal state of mind. She laughed and nodded in agreement. [b “They will definitely be a handful. I still can’t believe you had twins!”] She said just as Juliet started to fuss a little. She shifted her in her arms slightly and started to rock her gently. [b “Shhh it’s okay little one.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe listened to Justin carefully. [b “It sounds like you are both blaming yourselves. What happened to you was a tragedy that no one could foresee. You both need to stop blaming yourselves because you are never going to heal if you keep thinking about what you might have changed if you had the chance.”] He took a sip of his scotch and shook his head. [b “Don’t dwell on the things you can’t change. Now you just need to work through it and make sure you don’t bottle everything up. You need to talk to someone about you feel whether that is to me or Willow...when you are ready.”] He said taking a look at the clock.

He didn’t want to keep Justin from Willow for too long, knowing that both of them were probably anxious without the other right now so he rose from his chair and downed the rest of his scotch and placed a hand on his shoulder. [b “Anastasia will be done with the feed now. Come. Let’s go back and try to fix things...get back to normal.”]
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Justin was relieved at the sight of the scotch and he took it gratefully as he listened to Jobe’s questions and he thought answer over carefully.
“Willow is.... putting on a brave face. She’s trying, I know she is. She blames herself and all of the emotions that go along with that.” He murmured to Jobe and took a drink of the scotch, the liquid helping to see together his tattered nerves.
“As for me... I’m not sure. I don’t know how to feel. Everything just merges together. He said to Jobe.

“It’s just time. That’s all. And maybe now that Anastasia and Willow are talking once more it might help Willow heal in some way.” He said and looked to Jobe.
“I just keep thinking that if I had been quicker, if I had found her earlier or stopped her going to the damn stables we might not be in this situation.” He muttered and ran a hand through his hair. His emotions were natural of course, he felt guilt, shame, anger and grief all at once and he had been so strong for Willow.


Anastasia looked to Willow and smiled a little,
“Hey- Oh, please don’t cry.” She said softly and watched Willow carefully.
“I understand. But I know that you’ll be there for our children.” She soothed her apologies quietly and shook her head. She had no reason to apologise.

“Besides, Juliet is going to need an aunt to go to for all her fashion advice. And Fletcher will need an uncle to go to with all his mischief.” She laughed a little.
“I want you to play a part in them growing up. You can teach them things, you’re great as a teacher.” She pointed out and looked to little Juliet before looking back to Fletcher. She gave Willow’s hand a squeeze gently and looked to the little ones.
“Besides, when they’re toddlers they’ll be a handful.” She laughed a little at the thought.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled towards Anastasia and shook her head. [b “You have nothing to apologise for. It’s perfectly natural and I wouldn’t be any kind of women if I scoffed at another feeding their child.”] She said, hoping that she would offer the woman some comfort. It was actually quite a wonderful thing to witness in honesty and she was surprised at how quiet Fletcher was since she was sure he was the one she had been hearing in the night.

When Anastasia stood up she thought that she was putting Juliet in her cot but as she neared her she started to realise that she was bringing Juliet to her and she started to place the girl carefully in her arms. [b “Oh…”]. It was not a sound of disappointment or upset, she was just surprised by the action. Willow couldn’t help but feel a rush of emotion come over her as she looked down at the beautiful child in her arms and tears began to form in her eyes. [b “She is beautiful.”] She said softy, before glancing over towards Fletcher in Anastasia’s arms. [b “They both are…”] Her tears were ones of joy and pride, especially now that Anastasia stated their intentions.

[b “We would be honoured.”] She said as she took hold of her hand. [b “I am sorry I wasn’t there for you.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe smiled when he saw the affection shared between the two and looked towards Anastasia. Everything would end up being alright, that much he knew now. He smiled towards Willow before leading Justin to the study and close the door behind them. His lips parted to speak but Justin seemed to get their first with his apology. Jobe was already shaking his head.

[b “You have nothing to apologise for. We totally understand. We are just glad that you are out of your room. We were getting worried about you both.”] He said with a smile as he started to pour a glass of scotch. It was the afternoon and it had been so long since the two had shared one together. [b “How is Willow coping? How are [I you] coping?”] He asked, hoping that he wasn’t overstepping by doing so. He handed Justin the glass of scotch as he lowered himself into a chair so that they could be more comfortable as they gave time to the women.
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Justin looked to Jobe and he got the hint. He looked to Willow and smiled a little, kissing her cheek before standing and reluctantly heading to the study with Jobe. He sighed when he entered,
“I’m sorry it’s taken us so long- to speak with you. I just wasn’t sure how Willow would react to the children after everything.” He said to Jobe apologetically. He sighed softly and he felt like he had been drained by everything. He just wanted everything to be back to normal even though he hasn’t sure they ever would be again.

“We didn’t mean to avoid you.” He remarked and he was at least being honest because he really hadn’t meant to avoid either of them or their gorgeous children, he was just very hesitant on putting Willow through anything that might snap her already fragile nerves.


Anastasia took Juliet and smiled to Jobe as he left with Justin and she looked to Willow.
“Sorry-“ She murmured but at least she was with another female. She hesitantly shifted so she wouldn’t be completely on show to the other woman as she gave Juliet a feed as she kept quiet before settling the little girl in her arms. She fixed herself and looked to Willow.

Anastasia decided to take a risk as Juliet settled and she stood. She gently shifted the little girl into Willow’s arms, very carefully and watching Willow’s reaction.
“She’s the quieter of the two, Fletcher likes to make his opinions known.” She laughed a little and sat beside Willow as she gathered Fletcher into her arms and touched his tiny nose gently.
“Jobe and I.... we wanted you and Justin to be Godparents to them. You will of course be their aunt and uncle regardless but if anything ever happened to me or Jobe, we couldn’t think of anyone better to take care of them.”
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] There was no way for her to ignore the way Justin periodically checked on her to make sure that she was in the right state of mind and honestly it made her love him all the more, just to know that he cared as much as he did. She smiled towards him as he took her hand before glancing back at Jobe and Anastasia, both of whom had once of the babies in their arms. They were so peaceful and beautiful. It was hard to have any ill feelings towards them. She could already tell that when things were better for them, they would be loved so much by both Justin and Willow.

[b “It definitely feels like months pass quicker here.”] She said, echoing what Justin had said. There was a silence for a moment as they all tried to figure out what to say next and when Anastasia broke it she smiled and nodded towards her. [b “I’d like that, especially since we have more people to buy for this year.”] She said, gesturing towards the twins. Willow glanced towards Justin as Jobe spoke and she nodded to let him know that it was okay to leave them. He needed some time with his friend as much as she needed time with her.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] [b “I always find that a white Christmas is best. It’s got a better feeling that’s for sure.”] He looked towards Anastasia as she settled Fletcher and started to hand Juliet over to her. [b “I think she might need a feed.”] He said as he glanced over towards Justin and Willow. He did not want to ask them to leave after inviting them to enjoy tea with them but he figured it might make Anastasia feel more comfortable in Justin was not in the room.

[b “Would you accompany me to the study for a moment?”] He asked towards Justin, unsure as to whether he would leave Willow behind but she seemed comfortable enough.
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Justin kept a close eye on Willow and nodded to Jobe.
“A white Christmas would be lovely to see.” He murmured and he meant it. White christmases were always beautiful and seemed like a fresh start somehow. He smiled softly to Jobe and Anastasia and he couldn’t deny their children were beautiful. He looked to Willow briefly as if to check she was okay and took her hand in his. His main priority was knowing she was alright because if she wasn’t he would excuse them.

“I still can’t believe how much time has passed. It seems like it’s gone by so quickly.” He said, looking to the snow outside and he was honestly surprised by the how quickly time had gone by here. The past week had been a blur of emotions and tragedy mingled with joy at Jobe and Anastasia’s new arrivals and he was just struggling on how to feel about it all.


Anastasia watched Justin and Willow. She had missed their presences so much the past week and she settled Fletcher in his cot, hearing him gurgle and coo a little. She gently made sure he was tucked in nicely before taking a drink of tea.
“The years go by quickly.” She agreed with Justin quietly as she watched the snow coming down. The horses had been moved to a makeshift shelter whilst the stables were repaired and she looked to Willow. She felt so awful for her friend and so helpless. She couldn’t take away that kind of hurt.

Anastasia looked to Jobe quietly as the silence settled and she swallowed slightly. Bringing up how sorry she was wouldn’t do anyone any favours.
“We shall have to do Christmas shopping some time.” She said to Willow.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] With that they had decided that they were going to try and do something that they both expected to be really difficult. However, they a had two friends in that house who cared about them and wanted to spend time with them and the least they could do was try. Justin was right, they could always excuse themselves and she was sure that Jobe and Anastasia would understand. She smiled towards Justin as if to confirm that she was ready and took his hand. It was probably good time too since the snow had started to fall at a heavier rate now.

Once inside she smiled towards Anastasia and Jobe and lowered herself into a seat next to Justin. She would never have been able to do this if it weren’t for him so she needed to be close to him because she knew it gave them strength. It was harder to avoid looking at the babies when the two of them were holding them, but avoidance was not going to work, besides they were both so cute she couldn’t help but smile towards them, even if there was a hint of sadness behind it.

Willow accepted the tea and thanked Anastasia for it before glancing back outside. [b “It is probably going to last a couple of days...at least it looks that way.”] She appreciated the fact that she was trying to make conversation and she really was trying. Willow needed her friends back and she didn’t want to keep pushing them away.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe laughed and nodded. [b “My father was definitely a romantic. Where do you think I got it from?”] He raised an eyebrow and smirked before looking back down at Juliet in his arms. [b “You would have loved him. He would have spoilt you both rotten and showed you so much love.”] He was sad that his father never got to meet his children but he knew that somewhere he was looking down on them and guiding them through their new adventure of parenthood.

He looked up when he heard Justin and Anastasia walk into the room and he exchanged a look with his wife before looking back to the two and offered a smile. [b “We are so glad that you decided to join us.”] He said, noticing that the walk along had put some colour back into Willow’s cheeks. She had looks so pale before and it was clear she hadn’t been eating properly but he had no doubt that Justin had been looking out for her in any way he could.

[b “One of our butler’s said that we might even be able to expect a white Christmas this year. Wouldn’t that be something?”]
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