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Justin followed Jobe down to the factory and eyes some of the workers, most seemed in good health as he sat a few of them down. Mostly it was dust from the factory that seemed to be the issue and there was little to be done to fix that.
“Try drinking more water, more often. Possibly covering your mouth when it comes to the more dusty tasks.” He said one man in particular.

He looked to Jobe,
“I’m impressed. For the most part your workers seem in good health.” They all seemed happy in their job as well, another rare occurrence and he figured he treated them the same as the others. He inspected the wrists of an older woman. He suspected arthritis and sighed a little.
“A warm towel, keep the warmth in your wrist and it shouldn’t be so prone to swelling in the cold.” He explained as he looked around. It was a real spectacle how the factory seemed to work so easily.

“You have quite the empire.” He said to Jobe with a small smile. He knew from books how poor conditions could be but Jobe was doing a great job of keeping his workers as healthy as possible and of course he was happy to help.


“I hope so. It is nice to be around people who think the same as Mr Hughes and his father.” Anastasia said to the other woman.
“And it’s nice to have another woman around here. It’s mostly butlers here and the only other time I see women is when Jobe has guests.” She murmured.

“It’s not terribly exciting to see how they paw at him and dawn over him for affection.” She remarked with a small shrug of her shoulders. She wasn’t jealous but part of her wished it was her. Anastasia was an expert on telling the butlers when to light the fires for their return and making sure all preparations were made for them going out and she barely seemed to get tired at all as she scurried around like a little mouse.

“Now! I suppose we should get you ready for tonight. Forgive me but I am not much good with hair or fashion. But I have seen what the ladies wear when they are visiting.” She explained, hoping she could be of some help because it was always difficult to fit in with women, especially ones she did not know but Willow was different.
“I am glad you are staying, Miss Juliet.” She said to her with a smile. Her presence made her more comfortable.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled. [b “Look after yourself Fletcher.”] When the two were alone and turned to Anastasia and smiled towards her. [b “Well what an eventful day this has been already.”] She helped the woman pick up some of the plates and walked with her to the kitchen where she placed her hand on the woman’s shoulder.

[b “I wanted to thank you for your insistence.”] She said. [b “I know that Jobe has a kind heart but I can assure you that you played a part in our allowance here. I really do value your friendship and now that we are to stay, we will learn more about each other and become sisters.”] She said with a smile, removing her hand and retreating from the kitchen. [b “Come we have a long day of preparation ahead of us.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe nodded. [b “Well that’s settled then.”] He said with a smile, nodding towards Anastasia as she voiced her concern for him. It was silly of her to worry about him, but it was nice to know that she care nonetheless. He just hoped for the day that he could lean down and kiss her on the lips before he made his way to work for the day.

With that, he took the streets with Justin, pointing out important businesses and people on the way until they finally arrived at the factory. [b “This is The Hughes Factory.”] He said, showing him around and introducing him to some of the workers, particular ones who had a potential medical need that he might have needed to attend to.
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Justin smiled to Willow at her excitement and nodded,
“She is the more cultured one.” He pointed out. He sighed softly and was actually quite content for a man who had just found out he could never go home. Still, it wasn’t like he had any relatives or anything to miss. The only person he would miss was right here with him.

“Oh! Yes, that sounds a good idea.” He remarked,
“We can leave the ladies to get ready whilst I come and do a check up of any factory workers.” He remarked. It seemed a good idea to keep him busy and not worrying over Anastasia and Willow.

He stood and smoothed down his outfit. Given he took such good care of his servants he was sure he took the same care of his workers.


“I’ll make sure everything is sorted before we leave.” Anastasia assures Jobe with a nod, looking to him and Justin. He would have nothing to worry about whilst he was at the factory and Anastasia did a very good job of making sure everything was always perfect for when he was home.

She looked to Jobe again,
“Stay safe, Master Hughes.” She murmured quietly. Rich men were sometimes targeted on the streets for their wealth and she would never forgive herself if anything happened to him whilst he was out running an errand. She looked to Justin and stood, smoothing down her garments and looking to Willow. She let them say their goodbyes and looked to Jobe.
“I’ll make sure everything is ready for when you return.” She murmured to him quietly with a smile to him. She always worried for him when he was out of sight of her, feeling helpless all the time.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed when Justin mentioned the scotch, understanding that this must be his replacement for coffee, although she figured that he wouldn’t be downing six mugs of scotch in the space of a hour. She was not sure she could cope with a drunk Justin. She would probably find it impossibly hilarious to watch him fall about like she expected he would have been in college.

She was pleasantly surprised at the excitement Justin showed about the prospect of going to the theatre. While she was quite nervous about the idea of attending something so intimate with Justin, she thought the idea sounded quite exciting and she hoped that Anastasia would not refuse. It she did she would just have to spend her day trying to convince her otherwise.

However, it seemed that her persuasion was not needed. [b “Well this is so exciting. I have not been to the theatre in such a long time, nor have I ever done so with such good company before.”] She said, looking around the faces of those around her.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe clapped his hands together and was completely overjoyed by the fact that Anastasia did not refused his invitation. [b “Oh wonderful. I will make all of the arrangements of course. This is certainly turning out to be an exciting day.”] He said as he looked around at everyone at the table before allowing his eyes to rest on Anastasia.

[b “I hope that you will find some time to get yourself ready too. No working too hard or you will not be ready in time.”] He said with a smile before he glanced up at Justin. [B “Fletcher, perhaps you would like to visit the factory today?”]
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Justin watched Anastasia and Jobe before looking to Willow.
“I never knew scotch could be so good. You’ll have to tell me who supplies it!” He laughed a little. He was so used to coffee but he sure as Hell wasnt going to turn down scotch if he wasn’t getting coffee for the next amount of time.

At the mention of theatre he looked to Willo. He didn’t even know theatre was a thing in this age and he eyed her.
“The theatre sounds like a grand idea- and I have never been. Usually there’s always something to do that grabs my time.” He explained with a glance to Willow.

“Well I’m sure the ladies won’t say no on account if the special occasion.” He hoped he was right as he looked to Anastasia. Besides, Jobe deserved the company this evening.


Anastasia smiles to Jobe and looked to him as he mentioned the theatre. She had always put it off, it would be strange for a man to go with his servant. She was frightened of strange looks. Also that it would of course damage his reputation.

“I’d be happy to accompany you. The theatre is very grand so I’m told!” She smiled to them and looked to Willow,
“I’ll see to it you have a fine dress to wear!” She said, actually genuinely excited for it for once.

It seemed like all her worries and concerns had been diminished with the news they would have company and something had changed within her regarding Jobe. He was still a man and she was a woman. Why couldn’t they have happiness?
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow looked towards Justin, seemingly having let go of the stress that had taken over him this morning. Now he was talking about meeting Jobe’s business partners and he was ready to throw himself into this time and take advantage of them being stuck. She smiled when he joked about the need for dresses and was happy to hear that he was ready to celebrate again.

Their eyes caught each other for a minute and she found her heart rate increasing with the way that he was looking at her. Perhaps she was imagining the spark and she had to pull her gaze away from him so that she could stop her cheeks from betraying her. She could think a million ways to celebrate, none of them equating to something she could do right now. Being overcome with the urge to kiss him was something she needed to push aside.

As she had been so wrapped up in Justin for a moment, she had not noticed that Anastasia had taken to moving her hand close to Jobe’s. It would have been the cause of another smile. When she mentioned the scotch, Willow looked towards her and shook her head. [b “No…It’s far too early for scotch. Besides, I fear that Fletcher enjoys it so much he might never stop drinking it.”] She said with a laugh, brave enough to turn her attention back to him.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe smiled towards Anastasia to let her know that he had been joking but the smile disappeared from his face when she felt his hand brush against his. He withdrew his eyes from hers and gazed down at where her hand made contact with his. It was a simple gesture, but enough to tell him that perhaps her time of avoiding him was over. He allowed his eyes to lock with hers again and allowed them to share this moment, no matter how short it was.

He cleared his throat when she removed her hand and started to suggest a celebration. [b “I must agree with Juliet on this matter. It does not need to be a big celebration. Perhaps the four of us could take a trip to the theatre this evening. I bet Juliet and Fletcher have never been with living out in the countryside.”] He then looked towards the two of them. [b “And I have been trying to get Anastasia to come with me as my guest for some time.”]
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Justin smiled a little at how easily Jobe could read Anastasia’s intentions and he shook his head.
“I should like to meet your business partners some time, Jobe. You never know when a doctor will come in handy.” He pointed out. Injuries and sickness were rife in these times and it was scary to think of really.

“Women and having countless dresses.” He shook his head again as he took a drink.
“Perhaps we should celebrate, somehow, this new arrangement.” It seemed to benefit them all in some way or another and it would give more opportunity for Anastasia and Jobe to confirm their affections with each other. And honestly, if they were stuck here then what was stopping him with Willow?

He watched her from his spot and how she seemed so happy. Despite how badly this had turned out for them, it seemed they were content. He had to admit it was a relief to not be stressed out by work constantly or worrying about this or that. He just hoped Willow was genuinely happy with things and not just saving his feelings in the matter.


Anastasia looked to Jobe and sighed quietly,
“No of course- I just thought-“ she didn’t know what she thought. She should have spoken out of earshot of Jobe and she looked to Willow with a small smile. She listened for a few moments to the conversation. Her pale eyes looked to Jobe as Willow and Justin has some sort of moment.

She was very grateful to Jobe still and although she could not show it entirely and in the way she would have liked, she let her hand brush the back of Jobe’s as if assuring him and offering some unspoken comfort and gratitude. He played everything so cool and like it was all so easy on him and she realised how difficult the past week or so had been for him. She had never considered how badly their situation ate him up as well.

She looked to Justin when he mentioned some sort of celebration. It would be too late to organise a dance or anything.
“I’m sure a scotch Perhaps for the gentlemen?” She offered as she retracted her hand before it could be noticed by their guests.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] This felt a little strange for Willow. For the first time, she felt as though she had to be the quiet woman, letting men talk business. While she had been outspoken they would completely give themselves away if she interjected on these negotiations. She took could have kissed Jobe for his kind offer but she did not, knowing that it might upset Anastasia, even if it as a kiss of gratitude.

She then looked towards Justin and shook her head. [b “I will do whatever I need to do to ensure that we do not become a burden, if serving people, it what it takes then I will Fletcher. It is of no matter to be what people think of me, nor should it be the same for you. We have never cared before.”] She moved to his said and took his hand. [b “Although I must thank you for trying to protect me. Whatever promises you made to your brother do not been be upheld now.”] She said, knowing that he would understand what she meant; that he did not need to protect her.

Willow looked towards Anastasia, hoping she would join them, but also glad that she was going to have more opportunity to befriend the woman further. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise, they just did not know it yet. Justin made his way towards the dining room now that he had seen to business and she spared a glace towards Jobe and Anastasia.

[b “Thank you. Both of you.”] She said kindly before joining Justin.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe would not have his guests working around the house. Christ, he would not have Anastasia doing so if she just accepted him and his feelings. Juliet would surely take to being a woman of leisure and perhaps steal Anastasia away from her work whilst the men were at work. It felt good to know that he would have someone to work with who he now considered to be a friend.

He was now alone with Anastasia and he smiled softly towards her. [b “You have no need to thank me. I would do anything for those I care about and I have grown to care about Fletcher and Juliet a lot these past few days.”]

At the dinner table, he was glad to see that Anastasia seemed happier and had made the effort to sit near him. He listened to the woman asking Willow if she had enough to wear and he raised his eyebrow. [b “I do hope that you are not suggesting you spend your money on such things Anastasia.”] He said as he glanced towards Juliet. [b “I will ensure that you have enough clothes for a variety of occasions. Do not even think about take her money.”] He said in jest as he started to eat.
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Justin sighed at the man’s hospitality and he could have kissed him in all honesty.
“Thank you. A thousand times, thank you.” He murmured. It was a relief he wouldn’t have to move to any poorhouse because he wouldn’t have allowed Willow to either. And at least he had some means of employment. His scientific background meant he was capable of helping at least somewhat.

“I’m sure Juliet would be happy to help out as and where she is needed but I wouldn’t have her serving others.” He explained and glanced to Willow. Perhaps now he understood Jobe’s frustrations with Anastasia being working class. Although, Willow had done wonders in aiding Anastasia so perhaps she could be a good companion for the servant girl.

“We will be sure to repay this debt in kind, Jobe.” He remarked to the other man and shook his hand before looking to Anastasia,
“And your kindness also, the least I can do is ask you to join us at breakfast. You’ve been a good friend to Juliet and I’m sure she would have it continue.” He said to the woman. He knew she wouldn’t resist if a guest asked her, he wasn’t so easily thrown off as Jobe on these matters


Anastasia seemed glad and she looked to Jobe as he offered for them to reside with him. She looked relieved and she knew from her childhood poorhouses were not a pleasant place. She nodded at the offer of breakfast and watched Justin head to the dining room. She paused a moment with Jobe to look at him,
“Thank you.” She said to him quietly. Willow was not much older than her and female company was something she missed.

The news that dear friends would not be departing them seemed to lift her spirits higher than they had been the past few days as she made sure everything was set in the dining area before allowing them to sit as she sat with them, this time not avoiding Jobe as she sat at his closest side. Perhaps there was some hope after all.

She never seemed to spend her wages on anything, what would she need? She was fed and watered and had a place to sleep. And Jobe paid her so well it seemed silly to waste it on trinkets and things that didn’t matter. She looked to Willow,
“Have you enough to wear? Mr Hughes is expecting his business partners this week.” She explained and looked to Jobe. His act of selfishness had only reaffirmed everything she felt for him in that moment and it was more difficult to hide it.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow listened to him carefully, but she had to have faith in him. He was intelligent, and she knew that he would find a way to fix it, unless part of the problem was that he did not have the access to technology here. Willow sighed as they moved into the conservatory, having no idea about the plan that Justin had come up with on the way there. However, her sombre look helped sell the story.

It was odd to hear him fabricate a fire at a make-believe farm. She glanced towards Anastasia as Justin addressed her. Perhaps he wanted privacy for what he was about to ask but he did not finish his sentence, not wanting it to seem as though he was dismissing the women at all. That would be totally against everything they had been saying about equality these last few days. For now, she remained quiet only looking up at Justin when he mentioned the poorhouse.

Willow took a step towards him and placed a hand on his arm, looking at him with concern. [b “Ju---“] She stopped and corrected herself. [b “Fletcher, no.”] She said firmly. He might not survive Victorian England if he resided himself to a poorhouse. [b “The farm is not your fault and you do not need to keep any promise to protect me. Where ever you go. I go. That’s final.”] She said with her stubborn nature. She glanced over towards Anastasia as she retreated to get some tea and then claimed that she would sacrifice her wage for them.

[b “You will do no such thing Anastasia.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was surprised to hear the news about the farm. He did not know what he would do if something had happened to his factory. From what he had been told, this farm was important to their livelihood and it was the only thing the woman had left of her husband. He wanted to go to her and make sure that she was alright, but he was confident that Justin had done that already. He could understand why he had kept it from them but now they were in a predicament.

[b “I will have none of this nonsense.”] He said quickly, shaking his head and rising to his feet so that he commanded the attention of everyone. [b “Anastasia, you will not be sacrificing anything. I will not withhold your wage for anything or anyone do you understand?”] He made sure that he tone was kind, not wanting to make it sound like he was scolding her. [b “As for you Fletcher, I had hoped that we had become friends these past few days. It hurts to hear you call me Mr Hughes because you have come across some hardship. You will [I not] be spending any time in a poorhouse, either of you.”] He said as he looked between the two of them. [b “I found myself rather saddened by the thought of you two leaving that I was going to see if there was a way for me to convince you to stay. You will both continue staying here of course. I will pay you for your services at the factory and I’m sure Juliet will find something to occupy her.”] He said with a smile looking around at everyone before stopping in front of her.

[b “I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s farm. If there is anything I can do then please just ask.”]
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“I’m not sure I can fix it, Willow-“ he sighed and cut off. They were homeless. What were they to do? He could weave a story to Jobe in hopes of kindness but he wasn’t sure. He entered the conservatory and looked at Anastasia and Jobe, hoping he wasn’t interrupting because honestly, whatever was going on between them seemed... odd.

“Jobe- Mr Hughes, it seems there has been complications. Recent news of a fire at my brothers farm.” He murmured and glanced to Willow.
“Anastasia Perhaps you could-“ he gestured to Willow but he realised that seemed dismissive and took it back.
“Much of our land is gone and the house is beyond repairs.” He explained and looked to them.
“I apologise for not telling you sooner. Of course we can make some sort of arrangements, a poorhouse near here I believe.” He remarked.

“I was wondering though if your offer of employment still stood? For your factory workers?” He remarked,
“I will not charge you but ask that Juliet will be kept safely here. A promise made that she would be looked after.” He looked to Willow and sighed softly. He would live in a poorhouse if it meant Willow would be looked after properly and Jobe would treat her right, he knew that.

“Do not think of me asking for charity, Mr Hughes. It is an unfortunate circumstance that has lead us to this and I would not ask if I were not desperate.” He explained.


Anastasia looked to Jobe,
“Today?” She murmured and sighed. Willow had been a great influence on her and given her all of the confidence she needed to speak her mind and without her around, she feared she would be forced to stand to the side and watch Jobe move on with his life.

She listened to Justin and she smiled a little, how admirable of the man to resign himself to a poor house so his companion could live in the same luxuries. She looked to Jobe and wondered what his verdict would be.
“I think a tray of tea is in order.” She said quietly and looked to them all. She flashed a small smile to Jobe before going to the kitchen and setting the tray down on the dining room. She went back through got he conservatory. She knew these two must be desperate and she hated horrible things happening to them but she couldn’t do anything.

It was Jobe’s decision and she hoped he was the man she believed he was. She smoothed her uniform down.
“Juliet has become a dear friend. I will sacrifice my wages, Master Hughes.” She said to him quietly.
“For Master Fletcher too.” She was paid enough by Jobe and would not miss her wages. He provided enough for her and she would work twice as hard if needs be.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow could tell that there was something that Justin was keeping from her and she was filled with dread for a moment, not knowing what it was that made him look so nervous. [b “W-what is it? Are you alright?”] Of course, her first instincts would be to start worry about him, but she could tell within a matter of seconds that this wasn’t about him. He had been keeping something else from her and she just wanted to know what it was. Willow’s brows knotted in confusion as he started to speak, watching how he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. This couldn’t be good.

When he finally relinquished the secret, he had been keeping to himself, he couldn’t seem to apologise enough. Willow thought for a moment as the silence surrounded them and she found herself looking at the floor, trying to figure out what to say. The only reason she wanted to go back was because she had classes to teach and a book to write but if they were going to be stuck here a little while longer, then they would have to make do with the situation. It was then that he told her that it was something he might not be able to fix at all.

She swallowed hard and looked up at him. They were stranded here, and they couldn’t ask Jobe to put them up for much longer. They had told stories of her farm and his house visits and they could not make up an excuse to leave all of that to stay here. Willow shook her head. [b “Please stop saying sorry. It is not like you did this on purpose.”] She sighed and bit the inside of her lip. [b “So we are stuck here. In a time that we both seem comfortable in…you will fix it.”] She said confidently as she placed her hand on his shoulder. [b “We have all the time in the world…maybe that’s not the right phrase right now but…we’ll figure this out.”] She was calm about the situation, unlikely to show Justin that she was slightly freaked out about the prospect of being homeless in Victorian London.

[b “Come on, Jobe is waiting for us in the conservatory. We can talk about this later.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] He had found himself in a peaceful mood that morning, sat looking out at the gardens, enjoying the silence the house brought him. Although he knew he would miss the bustle when his guests took their leave. He was startled by the sound of Anastasia’s voice, but he did not hesitate to look up at the woman with a smile. It was nice to hear her voice, especially since she had been avoiding him lately.

[b “Morning, Anastasia.”] He sighed as he noticed that the woman avoided his gaze, but he smiled when she finally looked up at him, even if it was only for a short moment. He had forgotten the gathering but thanked her for the reminder. He hated them just as much, but at least his father’s business partners were not the pompous types.

[b “No, I’m quite alright. Have you remembered that Juliet and Fletcher will be departing today?”] He asked her, knowing that the woman would also be saddened by the prospect like he was.
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Justin has been dreading this conversation with Willow.
“Uh- we need to talk.” He said and took her to a side room. He had tried everything but the panel was blitzed.
“So- I’ve tried everything, I swear to you I have.” He remarked and ran a hand through his hair. They didn’t have anywhere to stay in this era and they were stranded.

“The panel- it won’t work. We...” he looked at Willow. He had failed her, horribly.
“We’re stuck, Willow but I’ll keep trying I promise. I’ll get us home.” He said to her. He didn’t have anything to go back to but he knew Willow so badly wanted to. He sighed softly and looked at her.
“I am so sorry.” He whispered to her and looked out at the rain.
“I’ll figure it out, it’s probably a miscalculation but... I’m not sure how to fix it and I might never be able to.” He remarked quietly.

They had nowhere to go and no time to go. They were stuck here, and Jobe’s hospitality may well not extend for the rest of their life. He looked to Willow, feeling terrible and defeated.
“I’m so sorry, Willow.” He murmured quietly. They would need a good story for Jobe and Anastasia that was for sure as to why they suddenly didn’t have a home.


Anastasia had been doing a good job of avoiding Jobe since that night. Being in his presence only made for her to grow sad and wistful. She didn’t want him to see her like that.

She bustled around the house, doing everything in her power to make sure her Master could live comfortably and she bustled into the conservatory, not expecting to see Jobe standing there.
“Oh- Master Hughes.” She said and immediately bowed her head. She couldn’t face him, her emotions were written all over her face and she was trying so hard to keep herself guarded and away from him.

“Breakfast is in the dining room.” She informed him, as formally as she could but her voice hitched. It betrayed her emotions and she sighed quietly, it was exhausting to keep herself so busy that she couldn’t be near him. Her gaze lifted for a moment.
“Arrangements have been made for this Thursdays annual gathering of your father’s business partners.” She explained to him. She hated when they had formal guests because she usually ended up rushed off her feet with no thanks from the guests but she was trying. She had to at least be a good servant to Jobe.
“Can I get you anything?” She asked him.
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The next few days felt like agony for Jobe. Anastasia hardly spoke to him and found every excuse to avoid being near him unless it was to serve him. Clearly the woman was determined to avoid talking to him about matters she was unprepared to discuss. Juliet has not had much luck either and he was beginning to wonder if he had ruined their relationship entirely when he voiced his feelings for her. While he was sure he knew about them before, hearing him admit it must have been different.

Willow and Justin were nearing the end of their stay and he knew that they would be departing soon, although the two had become fixtures around here and he hoped that they would have been able to stay for longer. However, Juliet had a farm to get back to and Fletcher would need to return to acting as doctor to the country folk. If he asked them to stay it might have been inappropriate. He couldn’t ask a widow to forget about her livelihood.

He knocked on Justin’s door, confused for a moment when he thought he heard a woman’s voice but when silence greeted him he shook his head. [b “Make sure you do not leave without saying goodbye.”] He said through the door and waited a second. [b “I’ll be in the conservatory.”] He sulked his way downstairs hoping to see Anastasia but he was disappointed that she was no where to be found.
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Willow laughed gently and shook her head. [b “Perhaps he is persistent. He loves her and I’m sure that he will not give up.”] She smiled to herself for a moment. [b “We are witnessing a real life love story here and yet I find myself more invested than I ever have been in anything in my own world.”] Willow laughed once more, not know that it was the fact she was invested in this, had a much larger impact in the two getting together in the first place. She turned to face Justin, placing the glass of wine down on the table as she did so and raised her eyebrow. Now they were making their way towards their rooms and she was feeling suddenly self-conscious.

[b “What feelings?”] Her tone was somewhat defensive and she could help but wonder if he knew that she had feelings for him. She wasn’t sure that he could mean anything else and for a moment she became filled with dread. Willow shook her head, trying to ignore what he had said and nodded. [b “You are right. It’s been a long day. Sleep will certainly help.”]

It did.

She woke up feeling much more refreshed the next day, eager to get started on their relationship once more but she did not progress much. Anastasia seemed to retreat back into her shell and by the time three days had passed, she could only hope that the two would get there on their own. After all, their life was destined. History told her so.

[b “You know Justin, we really should start thinking about heading back to our time.”] She said quietly one morning as she had made her way into his room without being seen. [b “As much as I have learned and as much as I love it here, we have to go back and some point. Besides, there is nothing stopping us from coming back here right?”] At least she hoped. She had grown quite attached to Jobe and Anastasia and she wasn’t quite sure that she was ready to let go yet but she must.

A sigh escaped her lips as she played with the material on his bed. Being here with him only made her realise how much she had missed out on back home. He seemed much more open about things here and his personality was a little more relaxed. Willow hoped he would take some of that back with him.
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