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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed. [b “I think with time, you would fit in quite well there, although it seems there is not going back to where I am from now. Perhaps I belong here anyway.”] She smiled and listened carefully to the woman as she spoke of how she came to be at this house and she smiled at the knowledge of Harrison’s kindness. If she took a moment to think about it, he might very well have saved this woman’s life. A seven year old in a poor house would hardly survive.

The memory of looking up at the stars with Jobe as a teenager brought a smile to her face. [b “Apart from the other evening when that beast of a man who grabbed hold of you the other night. I thought he was going to scream at him.”] She smiled and nodded when she told her that was when she realised she loved him.

[b “You are meant to be together you and Jobe. It’s written in the stars. You should accept him into your life Anastasia. You are going to be married after all.”] The moment she said it her smile dropped. Another screw up and this time she could not cover it up. [I Shit.] She thought to herself.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] He was glad that he was not alone in dreaming of fate. He was sure that if he asked any other man he might have laughed at his ridiculous notions of fate and love but Justin was different and he knew that he could open up to him about his true feelings. He listened to him carefully and nodded, understanding the position he put Anastasia in, simply because he loved her. He was correct in what he said and he knew it.

She loved him but it would take time for her to open up to him…but she would. He nodded. [b “I’m going to ask her to marry me…in time.”] He said simply, finished the scotch in his hand before looking back at him.

[b “Is that why you do not tell Juliet how you feel? Are you afraid of matter of the heart?”] He asked, wanting to shift the attention, if only it was for a second.
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Justin looked to Jobe and mulled over his words.
“I believe in fate, yes.” How could he not considering he and Willow were stuck here but it seemed to work so well?

“It’s never foolish to love. We may do foolish things and unreasonable things but it is never unreasonable.” He explained to Jobe.
“Sometimes we may do the wrong things. She loves you, Jobe but she doesn’t know how to.” He said to Jobe thoughtfully.

“Her whole life has been punishments for speaking with you, no? Her emotions are strong but somewhere she is still that frightened child.” He explained, going solely off what he had seen.
“She is getting over it though, slowly and opening up to you more, especially these past few days and tonight.” He smiled a little.

“I don’t think you will need to wait too long to make any kind of move.” He said to him and took a drink of scotch.
“Just remember she is afraid, Jobe. As many of us are when it comes to matters of the heart.”


Anastasia looked to Willow and raised an eyebrow,
“I should like to be able to go to where you are from.” She laughed a little at the thought of such freedoms.

“Jobe’s father, he cane to the poorhouse to look for servants. I was barely seven years old. I remember it everyday. He picked me up and took me here. He taught me everything, along with the head servant at the time.” She murmured thoughtfully.
“I did small jobs of course, but I remember a hot summer night, like this one. Me and Jobe could not sleep and I was watching the stars in the garden. We were teenagers then.” She paused and it sounded so silly.
“We just say until dawn. I don’t even remember what we spoke of together. The head servant was livid with me. Her punishments were canings most of the time. Harrison Hughes didn’t know, of course and I never told anyone. But Jobe’s mother caught me dressing one morning and witnessed the marks. She was furious. I believe it was the only time I saw Jobe angry.” She murmured.

“I remember him apologising and being so scared and so worried and angry. I think I knew then he was turning into a wonderful man and that-“ she looked to Willow and drew a breath,
“And that I loved him.”
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow glanced over towards Jobe and Anastasia as Justine remarked and nodded. [b “I believe you are correct.”] She said quietly before the two men decided to leave the women to talk alone. She could not deny that she was disappointed that his hand was no longer in hers but she enjoyed Anastasia’s company just as much as Justin’s. She smiled towards Anastasia, taking the woman by the arm and leading her towards the conservatory so that they could continue looking out at the gardens with the moonlight beaming down on it.

Willow laughed gently at Anastasia’s words and lowered herself into a chair before letting out a sigh and shook her head.

[b “I do not think that you acted foolishly.”] She said honestly, looking at her with genuine interest. [b “I think that it was something that had been waiting for happen and Jobe did not push you away. I believe that your fear is born of something that you have placed around you. Jobe loves you and it should not be more complicated than that.”]

Willow thought about her question for a moment and shook her head. It would do no harm to be honest. [b “Where I am from, love knows no wealth or status. Love is simply love and you are free to love who you please.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was glad that Justin seemed keen for male company too and they both took to his private study to partake in a scotch while the women took to the conservatory. He was glad that Anastasia seemed comfortable enough to allow herself to succumb to relaxation for the evening and he found himself growing ever more grateful for Juliet’s influence.

[b “Perhaps this was all supposed to happen.”] He mused. [b “Do you believe in fate Fletcher? I do. I believe that Juliet being here is just the push Anastasia and I need to put all this foolishness aside.”] He laughed softly as he took a sip of his drink glancing towards Justin to gauge his reaction. [b “And I believe I needed you to confirm that it is not unreasonable of me to love her.”]

He smiled, grateful for the man's friendship, hoping it was something that would remain for a significant amount of time.
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Justin watched Jobe and Anastasia and smirked.
“I don’t think she will need much more convincing.” He murmured to Willow quietly. He looked to Jobe,
“Well I can’t say no to scotch.” He pointed out with a knowing laugh as he headed inside and regretful let go of Willow’s hand.

He watched the women go and looked to Jobe as he took a drink of scotch.
“A well spent evening.” He remarked and looked Jobe over, making sure the women were out of sight.
“And Anastasia grows bolder in Juliet’s presence.” He remarked, letting on he knew what had happened between them, or rather what Anastasia had done.

He could tell the other man was quite smitten by the show of affection and Anastasia had been grabbed by the moment. He was glad though, for them both in all honesty.


Anastasia looked to Jobe and knew it was best to let the men talk of whatever matters men spoke of and she looked to Willow, letting the men go ahead. She watched Jobe go with a sort of daydream glint in her eye and looked to Willow.

She walked with Willow to a separate room and looked out the windows.
“I was foolish, was I not?” She looked to Willow but she couldn’t contain her excitement. Jobe had not brushed her off in public and no one had made any remarks about their display of affection. She had caved to emotions that had been buried within her for years. It felt exhilarating really.

“Is love the same where you are from? With trials and hurdles that seem so impossible?” She asked Willow with a small smile playing on her lips as she asked. She supposed the trials of love were never simple.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow listened to Justin speak, confident that he was not just being polite. He seemed to genuinely enjoy the theatre and she was glad that he was able to enjoy the evening as she had. When he looked towards her she found herself smiling and his words coaxed a quiet laugh from her. Had he been watching her more than he had been watching the show? She looked away with her cheeks slightly reddened, taking in the sights that passed them by the window now so she could avoid his gaze. She was genuinely rather nervous to allow herself to look at home for longer than a second or two.

She felt his closeness and that was enough for her. She listened to him again and found herself smiling. While his story of being a country boy was simply a cover, she knew that he had probably missed out the night life of their modern life. Work had always consumed him. Soon they were pulling up to the house and Justin offered her hand so that he could help her out of the carriage. She accepted with gratitude and stepped out of the carriage. He was right. The evening was rather warm and she was enjoying it far more than she thought she could.

As soon as her feet hit the ground she let out a sigh and glanced around at the gardens under the moon and looked up to Justin as he spoke. Willow nodded gently. [b “I did. Thank you. I trust you did too?”] Wilke barely noticed that her hand was still in his.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] The rest of the journey, Jobe found himself playing over the innocent kiss on the cheek. How she had been so bold as to show her affections in a public place when she had spent so long avoiding them in private. He wanted to talk to her about it, explain that he wanted nothing in life if it meant he couldn’t have her but that conversation was not for the carriage or company.

Jobe helped Anastasia out of the carriage and smiled towards her before glancing towards Justin and Willow. He looked back towards Anastasia, holding her gaze for a moment before letting out a sigh. [b “Shall we retire inside. It may be warm but it is getting late. How about a scotch before bed, give the women some time together?”] He asked as her gestured towards the house.

He wanted to spend his evening with Anastasia but he did not want to push it and a part of him wondered if she had the chance to talk to Juliet, she would have the chance to talk her around.
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Justin smiled to Jobe, he had not missed the interaction but he didn’t say anything of it so he didn’t draw any attention.
“Absolutely! I could visit the theatre more often, I had no idea it was such a spectacle!” He laughed and looked to Willow.
“Juliet was as quiet watching it as she has ever been. She’s never been so speechless.” He teased gently and watched the sights go by.

“I think in time more nights out in the town, there seems to be a lot about town life I have not experienced. Being a country boy, of course.” He explained with a smile as he stuck close with Willow as they reached the house.
“And what a beautifully warm night.” He commented as he helped Willow our of the carriage and looked up at the starry skies. Summer was well and truly underway and the nights were beautiful and warm. The garden was in full blossom and he looked to Willow with a smile.

“You had fun?” He asked her quietly as he looked around. The night didn’t seem to have any way of getting better. Willow looked beautiful, they had spent the night taking in a glorious spectacle and the night was warm and clear.


Anastasia kept remarkably quiet on the way back, half wondering if she had overstep and a small part of her already regretting pressing her soft lips to his cheek in a spur of the moment but most of her did not regret it and she felt freer in that moment than she ever did. She watched out the window and exited the carriage when they arrived home.

Justin wasn’t wrong, it was a lovely night and she was very glad everyone had enjoyed their night because it was important to her that others were happy. It was her nature to show compassion, even to those who didn’t always deserve it. She angered very rarely, much like Jobe.

Speaking of which, she looked to Jobe and smiled a little. All she wanted in life was to make him happy and content, in any way she could. And she hoped she would and that she did. She wanted Jobe more than riches or jewels or wealth. She wanted him for the man he was. It was nice to take in the fresh air of the courtyard for just a few moments.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] The four of them made their way towards their seats with haste. Willow smiled as Justin commented on the nightlife of the Victorian era. [b “There is much you do not know about this time, but since we are here I believe that we have the time to teach you. Unfortunately the only river you can jump into here is the River Thames and that is grossly contaminated and I simply cannot recommend that you jump into it.”]

Though her voice was low, she could not help but laugh at the inside joke shared between the two. It felt as though the two have become far more bonded over these last few days than they had in an entire year of friendship in modern London. With the lights beginning to dim, and actors taking to the stage, Willow turned her attention towards it. While she was sure that she could simply spend the entire evening listening to Justin and talking to him about anything and everything, Jobe had made the effort to secure them tickets to a show. She appreciated how expensive the theatre was in these times and how privileged they all were to be attending.

It was unlike any theatre show she had ever seen before. Whilst the West End had props and lights and special effects, this stage commanded presence and every single person that graced it with justice. She had become completely engrossed in the show. Laughing where humour existed, crying when there sadness and simply smiling with joy throughout the entirety of the performance.

When the show was over, Willow rose to her feet and applauded with the rest of the crowd. Soon enough people began filtering out the theatre and she took hold of Justin’s arm so that she could remain close to him. She told herself that it was so she did not get separated from the group, but in reality she just wanted to feel him near her. Apparently the theatre had aroused emotions within her that she had not realised were being hidden away.

Anastasia’s affections did not go amiss by Willow, but she did not voice her opinions about the matter. However she smiled towards the woman knowingly and climbed into the carriage that would take them home. It was still strange to hear that this place had become her home quickly. She noticed Jobe climb into the carriage behind them and she offered him a smile as well as thanking him for such a lovely evening.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe had been a fan of the theatre for as long as he could remember, now he was simply grateful that he had people to share his joy with. Here everyone was equal regardless of class, regardless of talent and regardless of wealth. Every single person was sharing in the joy of one single show and the level of enjoyment did not change based on who you were.

Jobe joined Willow and the rest of the crowd in the standing ovation before taking hold of Anastasia’s arm so he could lead her out side. Most of all, he was glad that Anastasia had enjoyed herself as much as she did. He knew that she would’ve enjoyed it and smiled towards her when she expressed her frustration at taking so long to go with him. [b “I did tell you plenty of times that you would enjoy it. Hopefully next time I ask you will not be so quick as to decline my invitation.”]

To say that Jobe was shocked by Anastasia‘s affection would have been an understatement. Where her lips had been pressed against his cheek he felt a tingling sensation. She did not stay with him out of embarrassment but his hand came to his cheek, resting in the place where her lips had been. For a moment he simply smiled and remained in place, watching the woman into the carriage. Perhaps things were beginning to change. He shook his head in disbelief and made his way into the carriage and glanced towards Justin and Willow, not wanting to further Anastasia’s embarrassment further.

[b “You are quite welcome Juliet. I believe that it worked well as the perfect celebration. Don’t you agree Fletcher?”]
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Justin smiled as he helped Willow from the carriage and took her arm as he looked around the bright lights of the town and to Willow once more.
“I didn’t even know this era had a night life.” He whispered to her with a boyish smile.

He looked to the theatre and then to Willow, he was so content that she seemed happy as he kept her close because with how she looked, she was sure to draw attention from other men and he would not have any man making a move on her. He was oddly protective or perhaps jealous at the thought of another being close to her like this. He followed Jobe and Anastasia, finding their seats and he sat by Willow.

He was never really into the arts but he couldn’t deny it was certainly a spectacle to behold in the large theatre. It was amazing to him that even without technology they made it so engaging and he looked to Willow’s face in the dim light. There it was again, the temptation to press his lips to hers but he knew this wasn’t the place to do such a thing.


Anastasia nodded in agreement. He was right there was something incredibly magical about the evening. She sat with an excited look on her face, eyes fluttering as she watched the thespians dance across the stage and captivate the audience. This was her first time ever witnessing such a thing and she seemed utterly entranced.

When it ended, she didn’t seem to want to leave.
“That was spectacular! I should have accompanied you a long time ago!” She said to Jobe with a laugh. It was a strange feeling to be so free amongst people who would never look at her twice in her uniform. She was worth just as much as any other here and she looked to Jobe,
“Thank you!” She smiled to him, grateful that he had even considered taking her to this event. She leant up and placed a kiss to his cheek gently before looking to Willow and Justin.

She was decidedly embarrassed about her show of affection as she bustled outside towards the carriage, helping Justin and Willow inside and waiting on Jobe, a pink flush across her cheeks.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow blushed at the man’s words and she took a moment to look hims over. [b “You look amazing, wonderful too.”] She said with a smiled dancing upon her lips as she allowed her eyes to meet his. Willow took his arm willingly and allowed him to lead her towards the carriage. This felt so normal, almost like they were born into this era and had made lives here. Regardless of the fact they were from another time and they were stuck here, she had not thought about home since he broke the news to her that morning. Apparently only a few days here made this place feel like home more than anywhere else.

Willow smiled as Justin helped her into the carriage, lifting her dress slightly so she did not stand on it and ducked her head before lowering herself into a seat. Justin sat near her and she found herself wanting to take hold of his hand but she fought the urge. She glanced at Anastasia knowingly. Perhaps later she would talk to the woman about the look that she had finally noticed.

Instead she diverted her attention back to Justin who was recalled his day at the factory and she nodded. [b “Well if the affairs at his home are anything to go by, I am confident that he does have a well run factory.”] She smiled and glanced over at Jobe and Anastasia, smiling towards the two of them, noticing that they were discussing normals things for once and Anastasia had dropped the formal ‘Mr Hughes’.

Perhaps tonight would be a significant milestone in their relationship.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] she called him Jobe. It had been the first time in so long she had not called him sir or master. Jobe swallowed whatever nerves had started to work their way up within him and helped Anastasia into the carriage. Once they were all set, he asked for them to be taken to the theatre. He watched as the woman gazed out of the carriage window, taking in the sights of the town as they travelled through it. It was something he had always enjoyed as a boy and to enjoy it now with Anastasia, meant a lot to him.

Jobe glances towards Justin and Willow know, taking note of Anastasia’s giggle and he found himself joining her in a smile. The two were really perfect for each other, much like he thought that Anastasia was perfect for him. He just wished that everything was far more simple that it was, for everyone. Each couple seemingly having barriers to overcome in their personal relationships.

Soon enough they were arriving at the theatre and Jobe was delighted to see the look of contentment upon Anastasia’s face. The woman had been fearful of judgments but as he could have already predicted, there were none and he smiled softly as she spoke of the beauty here. [b “There is something magical about it.”] He said as he took the woman’s arm in his.
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Justin looked at Willow,
“Yes, but much better now I’m seeing you like this.” He said to her and smiled. He shook his head,
“You look amazing. Wonderful.” He struggled to find the right compliment for her appearance because it was utterly amazing to behold and he took her arm. He couldn’t believe Willow could look so perfect in an era she wasn’t even born into! His eyes traced her as he lead her out to the carriage and helped her inside.

He got in after her and smiled a little to her. Whatever this era has brought about in him he wasn’t sure but he did know that Willow looked absolutely stunning.
“Jobe showed me his factory and I met some of the workers. He clearly keeps very good care of them. The place is immaculate and his workers are in exceedingly good health.” He explained conversationally because if he didn’t say something he would just stare at Willow like a dog on heat. She looked beyond beautiful and he could barely comprehend it. Something told him it was going to be a good night.


Anastasia smiled to Jobe softly,
“Thank you, Jobe.” She called him by his first name, perhaps taking pointers from Willow this evening. If she was requested to be like them then she would. She looked to Jobe as she got into the carriage and looked out of the window at the world passing by in a blur. It seemed so strange for her to be outwith the house again.

“He takes care do everyone. I suppose that is his nature.” Anastasia chipped into the conversation and she could see how Justin was looking at Willow and she hid a small giggle at the budding of affection between them. Willow might not see it but everyone else did. She looked to Jobe with a small, knowing smile before looking back out the window.

The theatre was busy and it was somewhat intimidating for Anastasia especially as she was so sure she would get strange looks and hear whispers of why a master was out with his servant but as she got out of the carriage, no one even looked at her. There were no whispers just friendly smiles and she looked to Jobe,
“The town is beautiful at night.” she said quietly to him. She regretted not doing this with him sooner.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow looked down at the emerald coloured gown at Anastasia held it up against her, continuing her talk of Justin and how he looked at her. Perhaps she had spent so long thinking that he only cared about her as a friend, that she missed it. The adoration was not something she had ever noticed before but being here, in this time, she had noticed something different about him. Was is possible that without work as a distraction she was beginning to notice his feelings?

Willow smiled towards the woman, now drawing her attention back to her rather than the dress and thought for a moment. [b “I would consider him.”] There was a brief silence as she continued to think about her next words. [b “Fletcher is a very kind soul and I know that I could be happy with him. I just do not know if he feels anything for me and I am in no position to ask.”]

When Anastasia moved behind a screen to change, Willow took the opportunity to do the same. She glanced up when she saw movement in the corner of her eyes and her lips parted with surprise. [b “Anastasia you look beautiful.”] She said as she moved forward to take her hand. [b “The world needs dreamers and who is to say that he will not change it?”]

Willow help position one small piece of Anastasia’s hair before arranging her own and sighed when she was ready. [b “Well I’m sure the gentlemen will be waiting for us downstairs by now. Shall we?”] Willow could not remember a time where she felt this nervous. Nervous to see a man no less. In this dress she felt beautiful but vulnerable and she found herself hoping the Justin would be pleased with her appearance.

The moment their eyes met, her breath caught in her throat. This was what Anastasia had been talking about when she spoke of the way he looked at her. She noticed it now. With every step, his eyes remained fixated on her and she had to concentrate on breathing so that she did not fall down the stairs. Eventually she stopped before him and offered him a smile.

[b “Good day?”] She asked quietly, glancing over at Jobe who had been looking at Anastasia in a similar way.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe nodded and smiled. While he would not say it aloud, the reason he suggested the theatre was to give the two of them a far more intimate setting in hopes that they might realise their feelings. Anastasia and Jobe has seen them very early on but he did not want to force them together if they did not want it. It was also an excuse for him to be close with Anastasia. If he were courting her, he would take her to the theatre every week but Anastasia has been stubborn and continued to deny that the two could ever be together.

The two of them agreed that it was time to go home and when they arrived they went their separate ways to change into something more suitable for the theatre. It did not take Jobe long to get ready and when he reemerged he saw Justin dressed smartly, waiting for the ladies near the bottom of the stairs. He laughed at his remark and nodded, [b “Have you seen how many layers and laces there are to these dresses? I think you will find we shall always be waiting on our women.”]

The second he finished speaking he detected movement at the top of the stairs and he glanced up. The shade of purple Anastasia wore illuminated ever single feature she had and he was sure that, in that moment, he became breathless. She looked beautiful and confident and he wanted nothing more than to adorn her in such beautiful dresses for the rest of her life. He was going to marry Anastasia one way or another.

[b “Anastasia, you look...breathtaking.”] He said, offering her his arm so that he could escort her to the carriage that awaited them.
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Anastasia looked to Willow and smiled a little,
“Well, it wont change how Fletcher looks at you, Miss Juliet.” She said and eyes the purple gown. It was a lot brighter than she was used to and she looked to Willow, wondering if she was sure this colour would suit her. She trusted her judgement and looked to her.
“He looks at you with adoration.” She pointed out.
“Would you not consider him?” She asked and eyed over Willow as she held the dress against her. The emerald set well with her.

Anastasia moves behind a screen, getting changed and letting her long hair down. It was curled and sat lovely around her face. She ran a brush through it as she cane out, now wearing the amethyst coloured gown.

She looked to Willow and smiled.
“Master Hughes works hard too.” She lamented quietly.
“Too hard sometimes, he is a dreamer who believes he can change the world.” She remarked. She smoothed her dress down and smiled as she heard the men return.

Justin smiled to him and nodded.
“You both adore each other.” She pointed out and Justin paused at his question.

“My work always kept me busy. Juliet is a wonderful woman but- I fear she may look on me more as a friend. Perhaps we should see how this theatre performance boded tonight.” He remarked and made their way home. He changed into a clean shirt and rubbed at his face. He washed and spruced himself up. He had never been to the theatre but it seemed like a rather proper event so he figured he should make an effort for the ladies, especially if they were making an effort.

He headed downstairs and smiled,
“I see we are waiting on the ladies again.” He had to say it was all very exciting! He looked around the house, it was spotless and evidently Anastasia and Willow had helped make sure the place was immaculate! He was impressed honestly. He looked to the stairs as the women came down and stared at Willow for the longest time. She looked wonderful in the green dress and he raised an eyebrow. He never before had seen her like this. She was beautiful, like an angel. Both women had really made a proper effort to look particularly glamorous that night and honestly, Justin was stunned.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow enjoyed knowing just how wrong Anastasia was in this matter. They could certainly worked, far better than she could understand but she needed to remember that they were not from this time and she could not do much to force them together. They would have to make it towards each other on their own and now that they were staying, she could envision attending their wedding and watching the live story blossom before her eyes.

She scoffed as the woman laughed about Fletcher again. [b “Ah still with that fantasy?”] She asked with a laugh as she allowed her eyes to drink in the array of beautiful materials before her eyes. [b “I know you believe that there is something between Fletcher and I but I can assure you he had never seen me as anything other than a friend. He...has not shown interest in any woman for as long as I have known him. I believe he cares far more about his work than anything else.”] This was nice, having someone to talk to like this. Justin has been her only friend back home and she couldn’t exactly talk to him about...him.

[b “I think the emerald would do just nicely. It is a wonderful colour. I think that the purple would be far more suited to your colour dear.”] She said as she pulled out both dresses and lay them on the bed side by side. [b “I do believe that we would both look rather fetching dressed up in these wonderful gowns.]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] He listened carefully to his suggestions. He couldn’t add windows because that would allow moisture to get in and that would ruin the cotton but he could allow the workers to carry wet clothes to protect themselves better. [b “I can hire a few more to clean the floors. It would cost be far less in the long run as I won’t be losing workers to sickness. Thank you Fletcher.”]

Talk turned back to marriage and Jobe nodded, finally understand what his father had been so insistent. [b “I know that you are right, and that it makes sense but I just don’t want to marry for the sake of marrying.”] He said simply. He felt he could be honest with this man. [b “What I feel for Anastasia. It can not be ignored.”] He shook his head.

[b “I’m assuming you never married. We are of a similar age, might I ask why you are not yet married either? Especially since your brother was married to such a wonderful woman. I still do not understand why you do not marry her. You are clearly a perfect match.”] He said simply, leading Justin back towards the factory office, showing Justin where he would set up his office so people knew where to find him when he was on duty.
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Justin looked to Jobe and smiled a bit.
“Perhaps a wet rag or if there’s anyway you can prevent so much dust in the air, however it seems too difficult a task.” He knew not to interfere too much with history.
“Windows or something to allow the dust to escape or perhaps better cleaning to sweep down dust and debris in the air.” He suggested thoughtfully as he looked to the factory.

“I can see why your father told you to marry and secure the business with children.” He said to Jobe, if this was in the wrong hands he would hate to see how others would treat his employees and workers. It would be a shame.

Justin worked over some other employees who had more pressing issues and smiled a little.
“Morale is certainly high here.” He remarked and watched them all work. He gazed at the chipper workers and how happy they seemed and they all looked to Jobe fondly. They were all people here, regardless of class. It was an odd thing to see in such a strict era.


“Me and Mr Hughes- I don’t think it would work, Miss Juliet. You are kind though.” She explained as she looked through the huge wardrobe.
“However, you and Mr Fletcher, now that is a different matter.” She giggled slightly and looked to Willow’s complexion.
“How about a ruby or emerald?” She suggested as she dug through the beautiful dresses.
“Perhaps even purple!” She murmured. She seemed excited by all of the colours.

“I’m sure we have some rouge around for your cheeks and lips- although I don’t believe you need it. And perhaps you should wear some of your hair down?” She suggested. She seemed excitable and absolutely enthralled.

“I feel like I belong, especially when Mr Hughes is around. He’s always made me feel so cared for. Like I matter.” She said to Willow and she hoped it never changed.
  Justin Gallway / Nullification / 199d 5h 56m 40s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow would have liked to meet Jobe’s father. He was responsible for the man Jobe became and she was sure that if he had a different upbringing, he would not have become the social reformer he becomes later. He might have ignored Anastasia as a child and they would not have formed this bond that they do clearly had between them.

Willow was not surprised to learn that most of Jobe’s staff were men and she raised an eyebrow. [b “I do believe that had something to do with the fact that he only wants to enjoy your company dear Anastasia.” ] She laughed gently but she was not teasing the woman. It was no secret that she had noticed their affections. Anyone with eyes would have been able to see how much the doted over each other. [b “Jobe does not want the affection of any other woman, that I can assure you. I can not see that he would so easily settle for someone just to fulfil his father’s wishes.”] She said thoughtful, clear now that their conversation was over.

Willow took hold of Anastasia’s hand and started towards her chambers. [b “I believe we must help each other get ready dear Anastasia, or have you forgotten that you were invited too?”] She smiled upon entering her room and turned back to face the woman. [b “It will be a wonderful evening for all of us but you most promise to enjoy yourself Anastasia. You will be among us tonight and I do not want you to feel out of place. You [i belong] with us.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was proud of his business. His father was mostly responsible for setting it up but he had worked the factory from the day he had turned sixteen, helping his father make this factory a better place for those working within it. Jobe made sure that his workers got the appropriate health care and they were paid fairly for their time. He fed them properly and gave them regular breaks, never overworking them. It was dangerous to have tired people operate machinery in such a state.

Jobe was impressed with his new doctor. The way he spoke to the workers with respect and offered different treatments for those who seemed to need it. He had not thought about the fact that the dust might be one of the causes of illness as the connection had not been made before and he found himself wondering how he might prevent such occurrences.

Jones smiled as the man spoke of his ‘empire’ and he nodded. [b “It has taken some time but I do believe that we have made a good amount of progress in the last few years and as long as I keep it out of the hands of other greedy men, it will continue to be the best factory in London.”] He truly believed that. He looked towards Justin thoughtfully and decided to pick his brain a little. [b “If it is the dust that is causing many of the workers to get sick, is there a better way to prevent inhalation that simply placing ones hand over ones mouth? Working here can be hard work if they are going to have to constantly think about covering their mouths.”]
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