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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled as Justin kissed her on the cheek and winked towards her. If she were a college girl she might have giggled at the gesture, but she kept her wits about her and found herself rather surprised that he had been so open with his affections. She only wished that it were something else, but she had not realised that until now.

[b “Perhaps he is just meeting with a few people since he cancelled last night’s gathering. I’m sure it is nothing too strenuous and the two would be back soon.”] She said with a smile, gazing out at the gardens as she contemplated what to do with their time. [b “The lake sounds wonderful. I see no reason why we cannot take a stroll, sit by the lake and gossip like young girls.”] She said as she offered the woman her arm so that she could help her to her feet.

[b “No you did not fall asleep in the midst of anything.”] She said with a laugh and they made their way towards the lake. [b “I did wonder if you or Job had spoken to Justin though. He seems a little more open at the moment. I’m not quite sure what has gotten into him.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe climbed into the carriage, waiting for Justin to climb in opposite him. He nodded briefly and looked towards him after instructing where to go. [b “If you are thinking that I am about to buy a ring then your assumption is correct. I’ve also arranged a stop at the book store for you.”]

As soon as they arrived, Jobe led him towards a small jewellery shop in an alleyway. [b “I understand why she worries though, but you are right…she does worry a little too much. It’s right here.”] He said with a smile, entering the jewellery shop. They spent some time looking at rings and he found a few options he liked for Anastasia and he lined them up next to each other. [b “Which of these do you like?”]
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Justin looked to Jobe and nodded,
“Absolutely. I’m sure we can trust these two fine ladies to keep an eye on each other.” He said and smiled to Willow.

“I’ll be back soon.” He assured and kissed her cheek, giving her a cheeky wink before looking to the carriage and waiting on Jobe.
“Is this for what I think it is for?” He asked as he got into the carriage and looked thoughtful. He wouldn’t have known the first thing about engagement rings and the likes. Willow never really struck him as the type to want a big fancy ring and jewels and everything else. It was strange to him and it would be strange seeing her all done up like that, beautiful still, but strange.

“Lead the way.” He motioned to Jobe when they stopped and looked around town. It seemed everyone knew who Jobe was and he figured he was a popular man amongst all classes, not just the upper class and he was impressed honestly.
“I think Anastasia worries too much. You are a very popular man.” He commented with a small smile to himself. He could not see his reputation being ruined but... it would be challenging for them.


“We will behave. I promise.” She said to Jobe and smiled and watched Willow and Justin. Their affections were growing more too and she sighed softly. She wondered what business Jobe had to attend to in town but she figured not to pry.
“Stay safe.” Her usual farewell because town could be a dangerous place for wealthy folk.

She looked to Willow when they were gone.
“I don’t recall Jobe having appointments in town today.” Maybe she had forgot and she sighed at herself.
“And don’t fret. I won’t get you into any trouble, I’m still very tired and don’t think I could lift anything so duties are off the table.” She said to Willow and watched the carriage leave. Perhaps Jobe simply wanted some air, he could get that way sometimesZ

“Is there anything in particular you would like to see around the house or the gardens? There is a lake at the bottom of the grounds, sometimes the dear come down.” She murmured,
“Or perhaps you prefer to share what is on your mind because you look smitten. Did I fall asleep in the midst of something last night?” She asked the other woman with a small laugh. I’m
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed at his reaction. She had cut him off in the morning they met in the cafe but that was because he had drank six mugs in such a short space of time. Hopefully, now they were stuck here he would be careful about how much he indulged in, mostly because there would be no more coffee when that was gone.

She was surprised by his embrace but she accepting it willing, closing her eyes as she breathed in his scent and enjoyed the closeness for a moment. [b “Perhaps.”] With that, the two said good night to each other and went to their own rooms. Willow managed to get quite a lot of sleep that night now that she was no longer worried about how mad Anastasia was at her.

She woke up feeling rather refreshed and got herself dressed into something far more simple than the clothes she had been used to wearing these last few days. She missed her jeans and her pyjamas and her dressing gown but she could do without those things. What Willow had here was a family, or what was beginning to become much like a family.

As she made her way downstairs she bumped into Jobe in the hallway and he looked confused. [b “Did you really expect her to still be in bed? Surely you know her better than that? She will be in the conservatory I have no doubt about that.”] She smiled towards him and the two of them made their way towards the conservatory ready to greet Justin and Anastasia he were both already there.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] [b “Thank God. I thought that you had gone against our wishes and started to return to your duties.”] Jobe was relieved when he saw her sitting there gazing out at the gardens. He was glad that he did not have to reprimand her or trying to work while she was still recovering from a sickness that had taken her for overworking. He glanced over towards Justin and nodded his head in greeting.

They shared many secrets now and now that Anastasia seemed well enough to be out of bed he had made the decision to ask her a very special question that very evening. All he needed was a ring. [b “I have some business to attend to in town today if you would like to join me Justin? Willow I trust that you will do well to make sure that Anastasia does not lift a hand. I want her in entirely distracted.”]
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Justin paused and looked to the coffee,
“I thought you were cutting me off?” He laughed quietly and wrapped his arms around her, tightly.
“Thank you, you are an angel.” He said to her quietly and kissed the top of her head. It seemed so strange she had thought of him beforehand.

“You should rest.” He said to her and smiled as he held the coffee like a newborn baby.
“Perhaps we can indulge tomorrow night?” He suggested with a smile. He bid her a goodnight before going to his room and hiding the coffee in the back of the wardrobe under some loose fabric and sighing contently. His eyes closed and he actually slept rather contently.

In the morning he was dressed and looking rather sharp. He hoped everyone else had slept well. He looked to the dining room and then out to the conservatory, spotting Anastasia.
“You know Jobe will not be happy if he catches you out of bed.” But she wasn’t wearing her servants uniform. He sighed and checked her over.
“You seem better certainly. Perhaps don’t over exert yourself. No duties at all.” He remarked and smiled to her.

“And a good breakfast. It’s bad enough you are not back to full health yet, please don’t starve yourself- And Anastasia? Let Jobe take care if you. It’s what he wants to do.” He remarked as he got himself a tea and looked out at the grounds.


Anastasia had not slept too well, perhaps from all the sleep she had had the previous day. She looked to Justin and smiled a little, she wouldn’t fight if Jobe truly wanted to take care of her.

Their affections were growing, chaste kisses here and there and an unspoken moment of peace. She would get breakfast soon, she just wanted to enjoy the quiet for a few moments and think. The conservatory was her favourite room in the house. But she adored the gardens, especially this time of year when it was all in full bloom.

She lifted some tea to her lips, letting it pass as she watched the little sparrows nimbly sweep down to catch whatever caught their fancy. It must be wonderful to be a bird, she thought. Free to roam and do as you pleased with wings that soared. She wore a plain blue dress, seeing as she was not working right then her uniform would go to waste. And her hair, for the first time in a long time, was loose in its curls and down her back.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] she couldn’t really argue with Anastasia. They were in a different time now and they were expected to adapt to it. Their ideas about love and courtship might need to change too. She could tell as their talk progressed, she was getting tired and she felt awful for monopolising her time. She laughed and looked over at her.

[b “Perhaps I will.”] She laughed when she mentioned the scotch. [b “I’m sure there won’t be much need for that.”] Willow looked over at the men and then back at Anastasia, knowing it was time for them to let her sleep. She nodded towards Justin and allowed him to help her up from the bed.

[b “Everyone needs to get some rest I feel. It’s been an eventful day.”] She said goodnight to Jobe and Anastasia and looked towards Justin as they exited the room. He didn’t need to escort her but she was happy to allow him to do so and the grin on his face was enough to entrap her into wanting to stay with him for longer.

[b “I have something I need to admit to you.”] She said with a smile as she stopped in the hallway and reach into a concealed place. [b “I bought this for you. I just didn’t want to give it to you because it would have given us away but now they know.”] She placed the coffee in his hand and looked up at him with a smile, wondering what his reaction would be.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] [b “Of course I am going to ask her.”] He said with a laugh almost reading his mind. [b “Regardless of whether you decide to court Willow or not. However, I would encourage you to do so. A woman like that would not remain alone for long in this time. Some pompous arse will try to marry her if you do not do something about it.”] He said with a laugh.

[b “She will not reject you.”] He said confidently as he looked up at Anastasia. It was time for her to get some rest. He said goodnight to Justin and Willow and moved over towards Anastasia when they were alone and placed a kiss on her forehead and pulled the covers up. [b “Rest well. Do not worry yourself with our conversation for now.”] He spoke softly. [b “If you need anything just call upon me.”]

He smiled and left her with hesitation, going to his room and got into bed himself.
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Justin thought for a while.
“Nice touch.” He conplimented. The star gazing idea was a good one and he thought about how to court Willow.

“Not a bad idea- I don’t suppose you have any original books from this era? Anything history based? I would pay for the book to be as a gift to her. I used to adore the sound of her reading as she walked around whilst I worked. And I think she found it comforting.” He mused quietly as he looked to Anastasia and Willow. He grinned a little,
“I am not romantically skilled. But I want to try with her. If she rejects me then very well, I will still be there as an escort and a gentleman and a friend.” He remarked and sighed.

He looked to Jobe,
“You’re really going to do it, huh? You’re going to ask Anastasia?” Because if this was a big rouse to set him and Willow up with no engagement for them to celebrate then he would be officially ticked off and embarrassed.


“Willow, dear, you’re in our time period now. It is how things are done. You’re not from different classes and we do not tend to court very long here. He has been with you and only you for a year.” Anastasia smiled a little.
“Me and Jobe never wed because it was no allowed. I’m sure if we could have married a long time ago we would have.” She reminded her and sighed,
“Give him a chance to prove himself.” She looked to her with one eye open.

“If he messes it up then... I’ll drink that God Awful scotch they’re always going on about.” She giggled and looked to the men.
“Who’s winning?” She asked, she was growing tired which was to be expected and she glared at Justin as if to keep him off the sensitive subject of her health. It would be so quiet when they all left and this room was huge. She wasn’t overly keen on being left alone but she would never voice such a childish thing. She watched Willow and Justin leave and sighed softly, rain was pattering off the windows and she looked to Jobe, wishing he would stay but knowing better than to voice it.
“You should rest too.” She said quietly.


“I think that is our cue to retire.” Justin said as he watched Anastasia and he smiled, helping Willow up.
“Have a good evening.” He said to them both with a nod,
“Allow me to walk you back to your room.” He said to Willow with a cheeky grin on his face as he walked her to her door.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow glanced up at Justin when he coughed and shook her head as she looked back to Anastasia. She mentioned Justin as she blushed, not wanting to bring up the conversation just yet. This was about Anastasia’s predicament but now she was spinning it around on her and she felt like she couldn’t breath as she looked up at the man. She shook her head and placed a bit of chocolate in her mouth to avoid the conversation even for a few seconds more.

[b “It is not the same Anastasia. You and Jobe…you have history. Real love and years of pining for each other. You are meant to be together. Justin and I…we’re from a different time. Men and women spend years getting to know each other before marriage is considered and I have only known Justin for year and throughout that time we have only been friends.”] She was careful with her next words. [b “But…if we were in a similar position to you, born classes apart with years behind us…I would not say no.”]

She watched as the woman leaned back into the pillows and she joined her. [b “You have to understand that we are adapting to a new life here. We cannot live the same way that we used to. We are both homeless, without a penny to our name now. There are more pressing matters for us.”]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe seemed to be playing cards alright, or at least his hands were quite lucky but he was far more interested in talking about Anastasia and the prospect of marrying her. He looked up as the man choked and he laughed quietly to himself before listening to his advice.

[b “That’s perfect!”] He said, quietly but not without excitement. [b “There is a memory I am rather fond of and I sure she would be too. When we were teenagers we spent an evening stargazing…that is easy enough to replicate.”] He said with a smile, placing his next card down and glanced over towards the women who seemed to be settled into the bed together, lost in their own conversation. [b “You know…you could court Willow yourself that evening. It would give you the perfect excuse to be alone.”]
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Justin looked to Jobe when he mentioned marriage, almost choking on his water as he coughed and took a moment.
“Oh!” And he wanted Justin’s help? Yikes. He sighed out and thought for a while, swirling the water in the glass.

“Well.... what is your favourite memory with Anastasia? Of all your years, what memory sticks out as something the two of you would remember fondly?” He asked him, thinking very carefully. He knew very well that Anastasia adored him and would not say no to an offer. But she would need reminded of what it was she had fallen in love with. Justin could be romantic, sometimes.

He gazed over to Willow and Anastasia before looking back Jobe.
“Think of the fondest memory you have together, and make it happen again.” He suggested.
“There is no one left in this house to tell you off for it or punish or chastise.” He pointed out with a small smile as he played his cards, they weren’t great but he figured he was getting the hang of this game.
“Me and Willow can make ourselves scarce that night, although I know Willow will want to witness it. So we shall hide I suppose.” He chuckled because no way was willow going to miss her friends engagement to Jobe.


“Jobe is the strongest man I know. I’ve seen him do things no other has. He doesn’t fight, he doesn’t cause conflict but he will stand like a mountain for what he believes is right, the same as Justin stands for you.” Anastasia pointed out. She flashed her a smile and sighed quietly.

“What would you do, if he asked you to marry him?” She asked Willow thoughtfully.
“If he told you he loved you more than life itself and would give up everything for you?” She was curious because she had never actually heard Willow admit any feeling towards the man, she had only heard her reject all claims of Justin caring for her which everyone knew was wrong.

It was growing late but Anastasia wanted her questions answered because if she needed to give Justin a kick in the right direction then she would.
“You are lucky nothing separates you here. No classes or social rules. Me and Jobe would kill for such simplicity in our lives.” She said to Willow and looked to Justin. Well, if he wouldn’t make the move on his own then she would have to encourage him to. She leant back into the pillows and sighed contently.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed as the woman spoke of chocolate and found herself relieved for the forgiveness she showed her. She got more comfortable on the bed, settling beside the woman as though their truly were sisters gossiping about men. She looked up and smiled.

[b “It is nice to see Justin so free here. He was so closed up back home. He did not have many friends and it’s great to see that he found a good friend in Jobe. Let them have their secrets.”] Anastasia’s next words were enough to confirm that the woman was allowed her in her confidence again and she was relieved further. She was careful with her response.

[b “I understand these times more than you know. I have studied this era for years so I do understand your feelings. I do not wish you tell you too much of the future as I do not want to influence your decision but you must know that Jobe is stronger than you think, and so are you. He has made careful business choices and this world needs a change…it has to start somewhere.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] He observed the women but focused his conversation with Justin, keeping his voice low to match his. He could not imagine what trials he was talking about but there would be a much longer conversation in the near future to learn about what their lives might have been like.

He looked up at Anastasia and nodded to show that he understood. [b “I fear mine without Willow. So at least we both have a similar understanding in that respect. As for courting…”] He thought for a minute. [b “Anastasia has not so much as let me take her the theatre before last night. I have talk to her of my feelings, spent stolen moments alone with her but there is only so much I can do without her permission.”] Her looked back towards Justin now and lowered his voice even more. [b “I am going to ask her to marry me. Properly. I might need your help in doing so.”]
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Justin looked to Jobe and smiled a little,
“I’m sure she will. Today will have taken a lot out of her. And of course you can come to her rescue in the morning.” He added the last part and looked to the two females as he eyed the cards.
“Hm, there are other trials beyond class.” He said to Jobe quietly. He sighed, maybe he was right. His fear was irrational.

“But hers is not.” Justin reminded Jobe as he looked to Anastasia.
“What is your fear, Jobe?” He asked as he looked through his cards. He was curious because Jobe was such a compassionate and gentle man, Justin could hardly ever think of him being angry.

Willow and Anastasia seemed settled to pick at their chocolate which gave Jobe and Justin time to speak. It was a content atmosphere.
“I fear my life without Willow. Now that I’m here.” He remarked quietly so they wouldn’t hear and shook his head. This era was making him a slave to his feelings but what did he have to lose? It was a different way of courting in the future. You couldn’t simply ask a girl to marry you just because and he was sort of glad.

“What have you done to uh... court Anastasia?”


Anastasia looked to Willow and smiled,
“Forgive what? It is done with. Jobe trusts you, that is enough. And if you keep bringing me chocolate then I fear I will never let you leave the room.” Anastasia laughed a little. She looked to Justin and Jobe.

“They share more secrets than us nowadays. Is it not supposed to be the opposite way around?” She asked and sighed at the thought of the future. It sounded like a magnificent time to live.

“That is Jobe’s dream. Classes mixing, no one being excluded simply because they were born poor.” She explained to her quietly.
“I am glad it is achieved, eventually. To know his dreams come true.” She murmured and looked back to Willow.
“He has been... upfront with his emotions.” She said to Willow and made sure they were not being listened to.

“I am afraid.” She said quietly to her, almost a whisper.
“I am afraid of punishment but I am more afraid for him. Men marrying outwith their class is a shameful thing. I do not want him shamed, Willow.” She used Willow’s proper name, remembering from earlier and she sighed gently.
“It’s like he would dirty himself for me. I couldn’t watch that happen.” It was so difficult and she wondered if Willow understood what she meant.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled when she tried the chocolate and looked slightly relieved when she was not kicked out the second she walked through the door. She looked towards Justin as he spoke, confirming everything that Jobe had probably told her about rest. Willow found herself falling more and more for Justin and she had to look away out of fear for blushing.

She moved towards the bed and lowered herself next to Anastasia, taking the woman’s hand in hers for a moment, squeezing it affectionately. [b “At least now you know why there are no boundaries to love where we are from. In the future, there are no rules against classes mixing or even marrying.”] She glanced up at Jobe for a second and smiled. She kept her voice low as the men conversed, not wanting to interrupt them.

[b “Will you ever be able to forgive me?”] She asked, looking towards her with desperation in her eyes.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe shook his head, taking a small piece of chocolate for him to try and his eyes lit up. [B “Well this is marvellous. Clearly sugar is not so hard to come by in the future.”] He said, noting the after taste and the sweet nature of the bar. He then turned to Justin and laughed.

[b “I won’t sleep in a chair as long as Anastasia promises to rest.”] He said looked at the two women as Willow spoke to her quietly. [b “If it is true that you are so free to love who you wish to love in the future, your fear is irrational.”] He said, his voice low as he started to shuffle through the cards. [b “You do not know how lucky you are to be able to love freely.”] He raised an eyebrow, reminded of the fact that he had just spoke to Anastasia of marriage. Perhaps Justin might be able to help him propose to her properly…perhaps he could help Justin be honest about his feelings.
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Justin watched the exchange quietly. He knew Anastasia was not an angry person, she was submissive by nature. The only person she seemed rally against was Jobe, for fear of his reputation and his social standing. He could understand the want to protect a loved ones standing.
“Of course we care!” He chuckled a little.

“Everyone Care’s here.” He said to her with a smile.
“Hence why Jobe has put you on bedrest and I agree with him. And even if you’re up and about tomorrow, no duties. Let yourself be looked after. You do so much for everyone here, that’s how you ended up like this. Let others look after you.” He remarked and sat down in a chair.
“I’m not very good at cards, still, a little fun so Anastasia doesn’t feel she’s missing out!” He said happily.

He watched Anastasia as she tried the chocolate and he smiled a bit. He looked to Jobe and wondered what they had interrupted but he was sure the other man had a plan.


Anastasia looked at the chocolate and she had to admit, she did have a sweet tooth when it came to it. It wasn’t often they got sweet things here.

“Oh!” She was surprised it wasn’t like what she was used to, no bitter aftertaste. She looked to Jobe,
“Have you tried it?” She asked, looking shocked but in a good way! She smiled to Willow and the others.
“This is very thoughtful. I’ve also never played cards.” She said admitted with a shy laugh.

“Fletch- Justin is right though, Jobe. Your back will ache if you spend the night in that chair. I don’t need looking over tonight.” She said as she picked at some dinner. She was feeling much better given everything, and she was sure she would be fine overnight without supervision. She wasn’t a child and she didn’t like a fuss. She was so used to looking after everyone else in the house, after all.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed on the way to her room. Chocolate was not the only thing she had brought with her just in case but she had been careful not to get anything out just yet. Until now their secret was unknown but she slid the other item into a secure place, ready to hand it over to the person it was intended for.

She joined him at the door and smiled towards him nervously as they waited to be invited in. As they entered she found herself feeling slightly sick. Anastasia could easily refuse to see her, knowing that she had betrayed her in such a way but instead she was greeted by a smile. Willow also felt that they had interrupted something but there was no going back now.

Willow stepped forward, holding out a cloth that had the chocolate wrapped up. [b “This is chocolate. Real chocolate. Far different from anything you might have tasted thus far. From my understanding the chocolate and drinking chocolate is still rather bitter in this time but we seem to have perfected it.”] She said with a smile, handing it over to her, still wary of her attitude towards her.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe smiled warmly towards the two of them, glad to see that Willow had finally surfaced from her room. He looked back to Anastasia, hoping that she had found some way to forgive her by now. He had nothing against the two of them.

[b “This is wonderful. How very thoughtful of you. I have not played cards in so long. I fear I may be a little rusty though.”] He nodded and looked back at Anastasia. [B “I appreciate you both checking in. See Anastasia, a lot of people care about you.”] He said with a smile, taking some food himself. He could talk openly about marriage in front of these two but he did not want to ruin the atmosphere.
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Justin watched her go,
“Oh you sneaky little minx! Hey!” He watched her go and huffed. She’d been holding out on him with chocolate and he balanced the trays as he walked them upstairs and waited outside the room. He heard Jobe and pushed the door open.
“We brought food.” He smiled to them.

“We guessed Anastasia might not be enjoying bed rest so Willow brought cards and even a special something that’ll cheer you up?” Justin said as he set the tray down and gave Anastasia’s head a quick feel.
“Your temperature is still up, I’ll make sure someone keeps a close eye on you for the next few hours but we’re all here.” He said and looked to Jobe. He felt like he had interrupted something but he wasn’t sure what. He looked to Willow with a smile.

He plated up some good food for Anastasia,
“Eat as much as you can. I can imagine you will get tired after it. If you do, we can take turns keeping watch over you because Jobe needs to rest too.” He remarked,
“And a chair is not a good sleeping place for your back.”


“I care.” Anastasia said to him gently and withdrew her hand at the knock. She sighed softly and watched Justin and Willow come in with food. She laughed a little,
“Good grief, I feel like the roles have been reversed.” She said, sitting up more as Justin felt her head.

“I feel fine, better even. No one should have cancelled anything on my account.” She remarked with a small smile to Jobe and she looked to Willow. She didn’t say anything but she did smile, letting her know she was glad she was here.

She took a drink of water and relaxed somewhat in bed. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. She looked to Jobe and sighed softly.
“You are all so kind.” She said although her mind was still reeling from Jobe’s proposal. She knew her answer, she just needed him to know the risks he took. Love was blind but the others were not.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled towards Justin and nodded, agreeing that she would help him, assuming that he would be rather useless in the kitchen but she did not voice those opinions. She would tease him about something or other later but she didn’t want to tease him just yet, not when things seemed so good between them. She laughed as they walked towards the kitchen.

[b “My fault? You simply cannot blame me for everything Justin.”] She laughed again as they ventured into the kitchen and asked around about some food. She wanted to cook something for them but the staff seemed to be confident about the fact that ‘high class’ citizens did not belong in the kitchen cooking for other people. She did not argue because she did not want everyone to know about their secret and she accepted the fact that they organised the tray of cold food.

[b “It’s different, not exactly weird. They did not have the same access to food that we did. I know exactly what a woman would want but we can’t get any here. As luck would have it I may have sneaked some chocolate back here with me.”] She looked at Justin, showing the guilt. [b “Hey, I have needs, do not judge me.”] She said as she laughed and made her way up to her room to retrieve some. [b “I’ll meet you outside the room okay?”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was nervous about what her response would be. He had not exactly proposed because he wanted a proposal to be far more special than this but he was testing the waters with it. He waited for a moment, watching the expression cross her face.

[b “I do not care about my reputation Anastasia and nor should you. My wealth and business replies on people of your class and those who had partnered with Hughes Factory are sympathetic towards the working class. They are the only people that matter. Who cares if someone spits on me.”] He laughed and looked at her with a new intensity.

His lips parted to speak but there was a knock at the door and he could hear the voices of Justin and Willow outside. [b “We’ll talk about this later. Come in.”]
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