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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Every time Willow finished a paragraph or a page in her book she looked up at Justin, trying not to let his presence and closeness distract her from the task he had set her. The last time she read to him he had been so distracted with his calculations that she was sure he never took in a single word she said. Yet here he was with no distractions and everything was perfect. A smile was dressed upon her lips as each spoken word filled the silence between them. The next time she glanced up, she noticed that Justin had opened his eyes and her smile widened towards him, still reading the words but slower now.

However, when Justin spoke she was rendered silent. It was as though his words had captivated her completely, taking away her ability to speak and even breathe. The book fell closed onto her lap, with a finger resting on the page so that she did not lose her space as she locked eyes with him. Suddenly she felt nervous as he moved slightly, shifting a piece of hair that had fallen from behind her ear. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart started to quicken as she became sure that he was about to kiss her. He moved her chin slightly as if to angle her better and confirm what was about to happen.

As his lips closed on hers, her eyes closed as if it might allow her to enjoy the sensation more. The kiss was gentle at first as though Justin was nervous about rejection but within a matter of seconds she allowed herself to melt into the kiss, deepening it slightly to rid any remaining doubt in his mind.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe smiled down at the woman who would become his wife and he was filled with a happiness he did not think he would ever feel. [b “Because of me, because of you, because of Justin and Willow.”] He said softly as he ran his fingers through her hair. He could not deny that they had a huge influence on the outcome of this night. Justin gave him the confidence to propose and Willow might have persuaded Anastasia to say yes, even if it was indirectly so.

[b “And you are still the same girl who I fell in love with all those years ago. I would risk anything for you, but now we risk everything together. We are a partnership now.”] He reminded her as he pointed down at the ring and suited her complexion perfectly. He smiled towards her and brought his hand down to her cheek, resting it there softly and he gazed lovingly into her eyes. [b “And I love you.”] He said quietly before placing another kiss on the woman’s lips, not wanting the evening to end himself.
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Justin listened with his eyes closed to Willow as she read from her book. It was soothing to hear her steady voice and he smiled softly. He could live anywhere as long as she was there because she was like a life boat fur him, breathing oxygen into his starved heart.

He opened his eyes and watched her with a small smile.
“You are a marvel, Willow.” He said to her quietly as he reached out and moved some hair out her face, sitting up straighter because there was that urge again, the urge to lean in and kiss her and claim her as his. They were alone and it was so quiet. Nothing could distract Justin as he gently placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head up.

His breathing was slightly heavy and she was so beautiful even up close like this. He closed the distance between them, kissing her on the lips gently, she could reject him if she wanted but the feeling if her soft lips beneath his was exquisite and everything he had dreamed of.


Anastasia looked to the ring and it was perfect. Everything right that moment in time was perfect. She heard Jobe’s words and smiled at him.
“Because if you.” She said to him as they sat under the stars and she never wanted this night to end. Because tomorrow would bring worries. News would spread of his engagement and everything else would come with that.

She just wanted to be with Jobe, though. She didn’t want to ruin the moment with her worries and she looked at him, studying his face in the moonlight.
“You’re still the same boy who risked everything sitting with me that night.” Within the year she would call him her husband, something she never thought possible. She had never even attended a wedding before in her life!

This was real. This wasn’t a dream or a mistake or fiction. This was happening. Somehow she had been lucky enough to grasp the man she loved and that was what mattered, their love. Nothing else. She looked to the house, Willow and Justin would be thrilled she was sure and she looked back to Jobe. Each time she looked at him it sent butterflies gliding in her stomach.
“I love you.”
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow has accepted that this was an opportunity for them to start over, but she understood that there was still much that she had to be wary of. Women were not of equal standing to men and it would be harder for her to write and harder for her to teach because of her sex but there was plenty of time to think about that.

She laughed at his reaction to her use of the word and she shook her head. It was true that people would think of her as strange for not being married at her age. They still had the story of her husband and his passing that they could use when with strangers, but she would be expected to marry again. She was still young, and it was part of her duty to do so. Willow wouldn’t think about that now.

She smiled and nodded, glad to oblige and she picked up the book. Willow started to read from the book, every now and then stopping to discuss her thoughts about a matter that came up. She looked up from the book and smiled at the way that he closed his eyes and listened to her. Willow remembered how he was usually busy around his lab when she was reading but now he was totally focused on her.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe watched her expression as he waited for her answer. The worst thing that could happen would be that she would refuse him, and he knew he would have some wounds to nurse if she said no. He just hoped that, regardless of the outcome, he would not lose her.

It felt like he was waiting a lifetime for her answer but when she finally spoke he let out a breath he had not realised he had been holding. His lips turned up into a smile and he was sure that it would never leave him. She agreed, and this would be the happiest day of his life…aside from marrying her. He nodded and felt her hands take his cheeks in her hand. [b “I learnt from the best.”] He said back to her.

His heart hammered in his chest as she closed the distance between their lips and when they finally collided it was everything he could have hoped for a more. It was perfect. When the parted he took her hand and slid the ring onto her finger and shook her head. [b “You are not dream…but we are about to live our dream.”]
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Justin hugged her gently and smiled. He was glad he had made her night a little better.
“You could even become a teacher, a writer. Think of it as a fresh start, Willow. For both of us.” He said to her and watched her.

“A spinster? Oh that’s such an ugly word, Willow the Spinster. I don’t think it sounds right so... we’ll have to forget that idea. How about... Willow the writer?” He smirked and looked thoughtfully at her. He was sure she could find plenty to do.
“You always find something to do, Willow. You’re always keeping busy. You’ve done amazingly with Jobe and Willows.” He complimented.
“You’re social and everybody wants to talk to you when you walk in a room.” He pointed out and laughed a little.

It was going to be difficult but he was going to do everything to make it work. Jobe had given him employment and Willow could do whatever she wanted with her time, whether it be spending it with Anastasia or writing or found whatever Spinsters did! If it made her happy then he didn’t care what anyone else thought of said about it. And he would be at her side, whether she wanted him to be there or not.

“Well, why don’t you read to me, Hm?” He asked quietly as he learnt back and closed his eyes, her voice was always soothing to him, something about the way she spoke seemed like a spell.


Anastasia hopes that Jobe was right and that her mother and his father were watching over them. It would be a nice thought. His hand caught hers and she was facing him.

Anastasia watched him, looked to the ring and realised he was very serious about marrying her. She had overthought all of this and now the moment was here, she felt she would cry with happiness. Jobe knee the risks, like Willow had said. He was an adult who understood consequences and what scenarios may happen. So this time she had to give him a chance.

“I will, Jobe Hughes. I will be your wife.”

The words left her lips as she stared at him in the silver light of the moon and she smiled.
“You are so stubborn when you want something.” She said quietly to him, her hands cupping his face gently, feeling his soft skin beneath her fingers and it was a marvel. They could have this moment, this night in his home away from the outside world who would judge and spit fire at them. No one could do that the right now.

Anastasia slowly leant in and let her lips brush against his, everything she had ever wanted since that night they had spent under the stars and she had always regretted not kissing him. And now, here they were, beneath the same stars and moon, slightly older but so much wiser. And they were engaged to be married. Anastasia pulled back slightly,
“Am I dreaming?” She whispered quietly. If she was then she didn’t want to wake up.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow nodded in agreement at his remark about Jobe and Anastasia. She could not wait to see them marry and now that they were stuck here she figured that they might get an invite to the wedding and that thought excited her more than anything. She looked up to see Justin leave the room if only for a second, but she sipped her coffee and let him get on with whatever it was he was doing.

Willow looked up when she heard him speak and when he held something out to her. She blinked a couple of times until her brain processed what he was holding, and her lips turned up into a smile as she took it from him. He had bought her one of the most thoughtful gifts she had ever received, and she placed the book down to wrap her arms around his neck for moment. [b “Thank you! I will read to you whenever you like.”] She said with a laugh, bringing herself back from him as he continued to speak.

She shook her head now. [b “It’s not your fault. We both knew there were risks in coming here. You have made a good friend in Jobe too. We [I can] make it work I know it.”] She sighed for a moment and listened to him. [b “You don’t need to worry about anything. Anastasia mentioned something about me writing a book too. Maybe that’s what I am supposed to do.”] She took another sip of her coffee as she glanced down at the book next to her.

[b “Besides, there is not much more for me to do here. In just a few years I’ll be a spinster.”] She said with a laugh.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe lowered himself next to Anastasia and glanced up at the sky, taking in the sight of the stars. They were particularly bright on this evening and he smiled at the thought of her mother and his father being up there someone, watching over them. Jobe looked down towards Anastasia now, her eyes glittering in the moonlight. [b “Your mother will be up there. She did what she could to protect you and we all know how cruel the world can be. She is at peace now.”]

Jobe nodded as she spoke, glad that she remembered the night that he was trying to create; a special moment and memory that both of them held dear. He recalled everything, the beating, the way his father treated her as his own, and the anger. He would feel the same again if anyone ever hurt her. [b “If you will let me, I would like to be your guard for life.”] He said quietly, taking hold of the woman’s hand and using his other to move her face so that she was looking at him.

[b “All my life I have known that you were the one for me. Clause or no clause, I want you to be my wife.”] He looked at her and swallowed his nerves as he pulled out a ring. [b “I do not want you to think of anything…just think about what you truly want. Not the barriers that we might face if you were to say yes. None of that matters now. Anastasia, will you marry me?”] He asked with confidence, hoping that she would answer with her heart and not her head.
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Justin watched them go and smiled.
“Hm. They make a fine couple.” He remarked and dig behind the main door before coming back through with the book. He handed it to her.
“I know you’re a bookworm back home and I can’t bring home here but I’ll buy you a book every month if I have to. You can read to me, like you used to when I was working in the laboratory. I never appreciated I then, but there was a comfort in it.” Justin said as he sat beside her and felt the heat from the fire.

“I’m sorry I got us stuck here. “ he said to her and watched her features glow in the firelight.
“I never meant to, you know?” He murmured.
“But you seem to fit in so well here. You’ve made amazing friends with Anastasia and as long as you don’t go arguing with any other men at formal events... we might be able to make this work.” He said to her. He would make it all as homely as he could for her, whatever she wanted he would do his very best.

“Willow-“ he watched her carefully and sighed.
“I don’t have anything to go home to. I never even asked about you when it came to family and friends. I know you loved your job but maybe you could write a book? About everything that isn’t covered in books from our time, so some young woman like you can fill in the gaps.” He smiled a little to her.


Anastasia looked over to Jobe when he sat with her.
“I like to think so. I used to think my mother was up there when we were children. The lady at the poorhouse said my mother would never end up in the heavens, for she was ungodly.” She knew what she had meant by that. Her mother had died some days after giving birth to Anastasia and had not been married. She knew nothing of her father and it would be impossible to trace him.

“But I always thought God was forgiving.” She looked back up at the stars and it made her feel so small.
“Now- everytime I see them I just think of that night when we were teenagers. Neither of us could sleep so we came out and watched the stars, just like this.” She said to him thoughtfully.
“The head servant was so angry when she caught us. I had scars for a year from the caning she gave me. And your father, he acted like he was my father that day and you-“ she paused.
“You were so angry.” She said quietly. She had never seen him angry like that again.

“After that, your father never let me out of his sight, and you were worse. I couldn’t even walk to the lake without you coming with me as an escort. Your father used to joke about me having a guard wherever I went.” She said as she thought back to it.
“Your father was a good man, and he raised you to be better than even he was.” She murmured to Jobe.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed at the way that he frowned towards her. Almost as though she had told someone a very big secret of his. [b “Oh I am sorry. Perhaps I misheard you.”] She said with a laugh and watched as he left the room and shook her head. [b “Honestly, I do not know how he is going to survive without coffee when it’s gone.”] She smiled and when he returned she took the cup gratefully, enjoy the taste of the liquid that she had not realised she missed.

Willow did not drink as much coffee and Justin, but she enjoyed it every once in a while. She laughed along with Justin and nodded towards the cup. [b “At least it won’t go to waste.”] She laughed once more and watched as Anastasia decided to make her way outside. It was hardly surprising that Jobe was not too far behind her, but not before he finished his coffee first.

[b “I just cannot get over how cute those two are.”] She said as she looked over towards the fire place. [b “Well, it’s certainly cosy in here but I’m going to sit on the floor by the fire.”] She said, moving with haste and letting out a satisfied sigh when she lowered herself to the ground.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe hoped that Anastasia would remember their time together as teenagers and was glad to see that she seemed excited by the prospect of it. The two of them had spent so many hours in silence watching the sky and then talking about what they thought lay beyond it and he wanted to recreate that moment, so he could create the perfect proposal.

He took a sip of the coffee and frowned towards Anastasia. [b “There must be something wrong with you dear because this is fabulous.”] He took another sip and allowed his eyes to close and then he smiled. [b “Coffee…it’s good. They should set up houses that sell this stuff.”] He said as he watched Anastasia leave. He did so too and nodded towards Willow and Justin.

When he got outside he watched her for a minute before approaching her. [b “Do you still believe that each star represents a lost love one?”]
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Justin frowned at Willow,
“I was planning on keeping it to myself but apparently you thought otherwise.” He smirked and looked to Jobe,
“That’s a splendid idea!” He said and sighed.

“Coffee is a wonderful hot drink like tea, slightly bitter but gives you a good energy boost.” He explained as best he could and looked to Willow.
“I’ll put some on.” He said and got up, finding it in his wardrobe and making up a pot. He still had some left of course and he poured it into the cups.

“You can have milk or sugar with it, like tea.” He explained as he took a long drink and honestly it was bliss. He sighed softly and stretched.

He laughed a little at Anastasia’s reaction.


“Stargazing?” Anastasia looked to Jobe and smiled a little at the idea. She definitely wouldn’t say no and it had been such a long time since they had done that. Now there was no one to tell them off or punish them.

Anastasia thought the coffee smelled a bit too strong and she took a small sip. She pulled a face and shook her head.
“Oh, that’s ghastly. Almost as bad as that scotch.” She said and looked to Justin and Willow,
“You drink that? Oh good grief.” She said and placed it aside. It was far too bitter for her, even sugar wouldn’t save that and she stood up.
“You can keep your coffee, I’m going to see what stars are out tonight.” She laughed a bit and honestly she wanted to give Willow and Justin some time alone so they could figure everything out.

She went out and sat on the grass, looking at the millions and billions of stars that were in existence and she wondered what they were. Was it really the heavens?
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow had remembered how busy it was when she had gone with Anastasia and she supposed it would always be like that. She was excited to visit again, and she was sure that she would make an excuse to go some time soon. After all, a woman needed dresses and Jobe could not keep letting Justin borrow his clothes. Maybe next time they could go into town together and enjoy the culture of their new lives.

[b “I think that she might have gone mad if it were you who had to keep her company for the day. You are a lot to handle.”] She smirked towards him and nodded when he suggested a nice quiet evening. They had eventful evenings ahead of them and relaxing sounded nice. [b “I do believe you promised that we would partake in some of that coffee.”] She said with a raised eyebrow. [b “Unless you are planning to keep it all to yourself.”] Willow looked towards Anastasia and she spoke and shook her head, knowing what she was trying to do.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe nodded towards Willow and thanked her for looking after Anastasia and he knew that he had made the right decision keeping them here. Perhaps if things went to plan, Willow would be a wonderful companion to Anastasia while they tried to raise a family. He imagined both Willow and Justin as wonderful Godparents, but he was certainly thinking ahead and when talk of the evening started he smiled.

[b “I’m sure we can find something to do with our time.”] He said glancing at Justin. [b “If the evening is warm and the skies are clear, maybe we could sit out and watch the stars. Justin and Willow can relax in front of the fire and talk.”] He said nodding and looking towards Willow when she mentioned coffee.

[b “What is coffee?”]
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Justin looked to the women and he did agree with Willows.
“Oh! You weren’t lying, but it is so busy.” Justin laughed a little and watched Jobe and Anastasia with a certain amount of fondness in his eyes as he sat beside Willow,
“Tea is starting to grow on me.” He remarked and smiled to Willow. He would give her the book later, the other gift would need to wait a while.

Justin glanced to Willow again,
“Good to know you didn’t burn the place down or drive poor Anastasia into the ground.” He laughed, only joking of course but Anastasia was tougher than she let on for sure. Yesterday had just been an oversight but he would keep an eye on it regardless, just in case it become a regular thing but he didn’t think so.

“I was thinking a relaxed night.” He hadn’t let on to Willow what was going to happen because she would get excited and no doubt blow the whole event.
“Hot tea, the fires on.” He smiled to Willow.


Anastasia looked to Jobe as he sat by her.
“Perfectly relaxed. Just a walk to the lake and then we came back here for some tea, nothing too much, I promise. Willow was perfect.” She assured Jobe and looked to Willow and Justin as Justin spoke about the night’s plans.

“Sounds relaxing.” She remarked to him and looked to Willow with a knowing smile. Justin was trying and honestly, it was somewhat cute to witness. She looked to Jobe and wondered if he had anything to do with that because it seemed the men talked a lot between them. Although it was nice to see Jobe have a genuine friend who wasn’t after a share in the business or anything, just a friend. And it was lovely to see.

“I’m sure me and Jobe can let you guys have a relaxing night, you must have a lot to catch up on.” She said to them and smiled a bit. That was her nudge, she was more subtle and less assertive than the others but it was an attempt.
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Justin looked to Jobe.
“Deduct it from any wages.” He remarked. He eyed the rings and decided on a slightly less subtle ring but it still wasn’t expensive because he knew Willow would kill him if he spent a small fortune. He got back in the carriage and looked to Jobe.
“I suppose I have to thank you and Anastasia for that.” He remarked.

“Despite everything, you both taught me a lot. Me and Willow, well I’ve had it so easy. I could have told her at any stage... I just didn’t. Seeing how much you and Anastasia have overcome makes it seem more in perspective.” He explained to him with a small smile as he made sure the ring was securely hidden away in a pocket until he could hide it properly.

The house was a welcome sight and he stretched.
“Ah, what a sight to come home to.” He laughed when he saw the two women.


“Can’t have you decapitated.” Anastasia smiled as she got up and walked back in. Tea and biscuits seemed the easiest options and she sat with Willow in the dining room, taking a drink of the hot tea. She knew she had to be more careful with working but at least she had some time off now. She could take it easy.

“You could write stories, make up an Alias. A lot of people do that.” She remarked and looked over as the men care back.
“Impeccable timing.” She said and raised the cup to Willow before giggling and looking to the men.
“Did you get everything sorted out?” She asked, conversationally and looked them over. She poured them both a cup of tea and waved them off before she could get a tow,
“I can pour tea.” She defended herself prematurely and smiled.

“Willow has taken amazing care of me. We went down to the lake.” She said to them.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow looked up and sighed. [b “I suppose you are right. I am not sure what I would write about here though. Back home, I was writing about this place, this time and I was about to publish something about the poorhouses here.”] She laughed softly at the thought of what she had left behind. She looked over at the woman shook her head.

[b “I do not think that anyone would think any less of you for marrying him. Anyone who knows you both would know that you both love each other.”] She said with a smiled and she let out a sigh. [b “We should start heading back to the house. I have no doubt that our gentleman will be back shortly.”] She chuckled to herself and pushed herself off the ground, offering her hand to Anastasia so she could help her up.

[b “We also need to get you some water or food. The pair of them would have my head if you got sick again.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] The two of them browsed the shop for a short while and when he finally settled on a book Jobe made sure that it was wrapped up properly and the two stared to head back towards the carriage.

[b “Surprisingly I am not nervous at all. I’ve been waiting a long time for this and I am confident that now is the right time.”] He said with a smile as he looked back at the man with an amused look. [b “Should we stop back at the jewellery store before we head back? You can buy her a ring and keep it safe until you are ready?”] He mused as they continued to walk. [b “You really have started to come around to your feelings.”]
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Justin raised an eyebrow,
“It’s strange to us, that children are not allowed before marriage.” He remarked and looked through the book.
“I don’t know.” He said quietly.
“Something historical, that maybe she won’t have read before.” He murmured and sighed quietly. He finally picked up a 1st edition book about the great discoveries of the current era and he looked to Jobe,
“I think she’d like this.” He said and he so hoped he was right.

Justin looked to Jobe and watched him,
“Are you nervous?” He asked him. He was excited for them both and he hoped it went to plan because it would be nice to have something to look forwards to, planning a wedding and such. He could imagine Willow being just as excited.
“Perhaps we could end up with a joint wedding?” He joked and smiled to him.


Anastasia looked to Willow,
“You can still write or teach.” She pointed out,
“Nothing is stopping you.” She smiled to Willow and listened to her carefully as she spoke.

“I understand. And I hope people accept it and understand it is love, I’m not using him for his wealth or his money. I would never take a penny from him, Willow.” She said to the other women. She knew what people would think of her, a poorhouse girl suddenly with one of the wealthiest men in the area. She knew it looked like she was using him. She would never dream of doing that to Jobe, her feelings were genuine.

Ahe sughed quietly and hoped that willow was right.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed when Anastasia spoke, realising they had spent far too much time together for her to have slipped off and whisper things into Justin’s ear about showing his feelings towards Willow. She lowered herself onto the ground next to Anastasia and allowed her fingers to run through the grass.

[b “I am not sure that I am such a wonderful woman here. At home I was a teacher of history, a writer and here…I’m nothing.”] She said sadly, for the first time she couldn’t help but wonder what she would do with her time here. There was not much that a woman could do in these times.

[b “Wait…he did?!”] She asked with surprise as she glanced up at the woman. [b “Jobe is able to make decisions for himself. I think that it would be wise to allow him to decide what he should and should not give up.”] She played with the grass absently. [b “Who is to say that he will be giving anything up at all? He is a reputable and respected man. People might not turn their nose as easily as you might think.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe looked to the ring that Justin pointed out and nodded in agreement. [b “You are quite right.”] He said with a smile. [b “She would not appreciate buying a ring that is too expensive either, she would want my money to be spent on other things rather than trinkets I am sure. Perfect choice.”] He said as he nodded towards the merchant and slid the ring forward.

Jobe led Justin through the streets as guided him towards the bookshop and he looked towards him in surprise as he spoke of following his lead. He laughed gently and shook his head as he oved swiftly through the crowd. [b “Only a few days ago you were so sure that your relationship needed to remain formal and now you are talking of marriage and children. This time must have gotten to your head.”] He said with a laugh. [b “Children before marriage? What kind of ungodly future do you live in?”] He asked as they walked into the bookstore.

[b “I’m sure you will find something worthy of your dear on within these walls.”]
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Justin looked to the rings and sighed softly as he thought.
“Anastasia is not a woman who wishes for grand things. I think go for the subtle one.” He said and gestures to it.
“That woman has enough sparkle to dazzle a room without a huge ring.” He remarked and smiled to Jobe. He was honestly very proud of the man for taking the leap of faith, he just hoped Anastasia went for it.

“I’ll be following your lead soon enough, I hope.” Justin said as he followed Jobe around because the town was busy and it would be easy to get lost in.
“I suppose I would have to marry Willow in order to have a family or anything.” He mused quietly.
“Children before marriage is frowned upon here, where I come from, it is not.” Justin explained as he looked through the windows at all the odd looking trinkets. This era seemed to have something for every occasion and he was really surprised. The women hadn’t been lying when they said town was busy and colourful.


Anastasia put her overcoat in and walked down towards the lake.
“To Justin? Oh- I know Jobe has spent a lot of time with him. They have grown exceedingly close these past few weeks. Perhaps Jobe has been giving encouragements.” Anastasia said as she sat by the lake and watched the surface catch the sun in just the right way.

“Or maybe he realised that he is letting a wonderful woman slip through his fingers.” Anastasia said and patted Willow’s hand gently before looking back out to the lake.
“Jobe spoke to me of marriage last night.” She murmured quietly and bit her lip.
“We didn’t speak much but I asked him if he was entirely sure about everything he would give up. People have married outwith their class before, Willow. I’ve seen the effects it can have. They’ve been spit on, attacked, robbed, the rumours.” She said to Willow,
“I don’t want that for Jobe, regardless of how I feel about him.”
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