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Justin watched Anastasia and Willow but his eyes were immediately pulled to Willow. He smiled at the sight of her and watched her, mouthing a ‘wow’ to her. She looked beyond beautiful in the sunlight and in that dress. He looked to Jobe and Anastasia and smiled a little to them as the ceremony took place. He could hardly believe it was actually happening!

The ceremony went off without a hitch and he was honestly relieved there were no dramas, the two of them had dealt with quite enough already. He cheered with the crowds and applauded the new Mr and Mrs Hughes as they were allowed to kiss finally and he was absolutely overjoyed at the sight of them together.

He linked his arm with Willow and followed Jobe and Anastasia down the aisle.
“You look wonderful.” He said to her quietly, looking beyond proud to have her on his arm as they walked and sat at the main table with Jobe and Anastasia.


Anastasia was glad the veil was in place because her tears could be masked at seeing Jobe standing there. She went through the ceremony, trembling with nerves and excitement. They’d gone through so much to get to this point.

The priest stepped forwards to shift her veil back and Anastasia looked to Jobe with a smile as they were pronounced man and wife and the priest introduced them as Mr and Mrs Hughes. She leans up and kissed him gently, listening to the applause and congratulatory murmurs. She sat beside Jobe and honestly she didn’t seem to believe that it had finally happened, that they were husband and wife. She looked to Willow and Justin and smiled at them as well, she was sure it wouldn’t be long until it was their turn too!
“We did it.” She said to Jobe quietly and giggled like a giddy school girl. They were actually married!
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow blushed slightly at the woman’s complement. In all honesty she felt nervous about seeing Justin as she was dressed like this. It was far more formal than anything she had yet to wear around him and seeing him dressed just as smart made her heart skip a beat. Willow smiled towards Anastasia, glad that she was happy with her flowers. Honestly, Willow was overwhelmed with emotion at the moment. She was about to watch her best friend, her sister, get married.

She worried for a moment when there was a knock at the door as she wondered who it might be. The last person she expected to see was Jobe’s mother and Willow’s expression looked just as surprised as Anastasia’s as she watched the exchange between the two. When she left she found herself looking at Anastasia with the same confused expression as her. [b “Well that was…unexpected. The necklace really does suit you though.”] She said with a smile and nodded when it was time for her to make way towards the ceremony.

Willow smiled and took hold of the woman’s hand and started towards the garden with her, pausing so that she could take a breath and pull her veil down. [b “You really do look beautiful.”] With that she followed Anastasia down the aisle, focusing on nothing but getting to the end of the aisle without crying.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe laughed in response to Justin and nodded as they made their way down the stairs to the garden where they were greeted by lots of guests. He caught sight of his mother who smiled towards him and nodded before taking her own seat. [b “I knew she would come around.”] He said quietly to Justin as the music started to play, indicating that he should take his place. He smiled towards Justin as he took his place next to him.

His nerves were on the edge and he could tell by the way the priest smiled that Anastasia was on her way down the aisle. He held his breath as he turned to face her, and a smile found her lips and tears wet his eyes. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he could not believe his luck that he would be marrying her today.

He looked towards his mother for a second, who was already crying at the sight of her walking down the aisle and then his attention was back on Anastasia until she was stood next to him. [b “You look beautiful.”] He whispered to her.
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Justin laughed a little,
“I think that’s perfectly normal. And you look incredibly smart. We’ll have to make sure ladies aren’t fainting in the aisles at the sight of you!” He laughed a little and nodded,
“I think Willow and Anastasia might well kill us if we bumped into them.” He remarked as he made his way down with Jobe.

People were of course thrilled to see Jobe on his wedding day and he stood to the side as Jobe took his place. Of course there was an air of expectation and excitement as he watched everyone chattering away quietly. There was a string quartet playing some gentle music which Justin found oddly soothing. He drew in a breath and just waited. It seemed like time was standing still as he waited and he supposed this was how it was. Willow had been right though, weddings in this time weren’t about glamour or how much money was spent, it was about the two getting married. And he couldn’t be happier for Jobe and Anastasia.


“Willow! Look at you!” Anastasia smiled and watched the woman. She looked perfect and Anastasia was so pleased to see the dress worked on her. She looked amazing.
“Justin will faint upon seeing you!” She laughed and took the flowers,
“They look beautiful, Willow, thank you-“ she cut off as there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Anastasia said and she was shocked to see Jobe’s mother.

The greying woman looked to Anastasia, honestly she was impressed. Anastasia hasn’t expected the woman to make an appearance and given their last interaction.
[i “I do not want to make you late but...”] There was an unspoken apology.
[i “You should have this. It has been my mother’s and hers before her.”] She procured a necklace from a box, placing it around Anastasia’s neck.
[i “It suits you perfectly.”] The woman looked like she might cry as she looked over the two women.

[i “Right- yes, well. I should head down. Do not be late.”] She said and smiled a little before going down to join the guests and she smiled at Jobe as she took her seat.

Anastasia was perplexed as she looked to Willow,
“Shall we?” She murmured, nervously as she headed down and paused a moment to place her veil over her face, such was the tradition in these times. She looked to Willow, nervously before she stepped into the garden and looked down the aisle to see Jobe, her breath hitching at the sight of him as she made her way down to join him.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow awakened nice and early the next morning, moving about the house as quietly as possible so that she did not wake anyone else too early. She wanted to make sure that she took care of some of the arrangements herself. Willow wanted everything to be perfect for Anastasia and Jobe and when she was satisfied that the chairs were in the right place and the flowers were arranged perfectly she finally took herself back up to her room to prepare herself. She pulled the dress on and started to fix her hair in a sophisticated up-do that complemented the dress. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and when she was satisfied with the overall look she gave her reflection a short nod. Anastasia had been right about the colour suiting her complexion.

She made her way towards Anastasia’s room and knocked on the door gently before pushing it open and stepping inside. Willow stopped dead at the door as she took in the woman’s appearance in her dress and her hand rested over her heart. [b “Oh Anastasia. You look absolutely stunning.”] She said as she neared her. With her hair and veil, the dress was more than complete, and she was sure that it was made just for her. [b “Are you ready to become Mrs Hughes?”] She asked softly, taking hold of the woman’s hand rather than pulling her into an embrace. The last thing she wanted to do was ruin one single strand of hair or disturb the dress in anyway.

Willow had been holding the flowers in her other hand and she gave the bride her bouquet. [b “I hope these are alright for you. I did not want you to have anything that distracted too much from your beauty.”] She said with a smile.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] As expected, Jobe did not sleep very well and since her was up early he decided to start getting ready. He needed the extra time anyway as he was finding it difficult to pull on his shirt and jacket as easily as he normally had but in time he managed it and he was working on his hair in front of the mirror when he heard Justin enter the room. He turned towards him and smiled.

[b “Not long at all. Well don’t you look smart!”] He said with another smiled before turning back to the mirror to finish fixing his final bit of hair. He walked over to the window to look outside himself and he sighed with relief. [b “It really does look beautiful out there. I’m impressed.”] He said before looking up at Justin. [b “I have never been so nervous and excited in my entire life. Is that normal?”] He asked with a shake of his head and a nervous laugh. [b “I suppose we better get ourselves down there so we do not bump into the ladies on the corridor.”]
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Justin Rose early in the morning, washing and getting changed into the suits Jobe had gotten for them. He made sure he looked completely sharp and not a hair was out of place. He went down towards Jobe’s room, knocking on the door. He knew Anastasia and Willow would be in a room themselves so Jobe couldn’t see Anastasia before she came down the aisle. He went into Jobe’s room.

“Not long now.” He commented as he came in and closed the door. Staff were of course making sure everything was perfect and given all the staff had a great respect and genuine liking of their Master, he was sure they would make it absolutely perfect. He looked out the window and it was a beautiful summer’s day. Flower arrangements and a beautiful arch of roses stood pride of place in the garden and he grinned to Jobe. The man was probably nervous above everything else, but that was what Justin was there for. To calm him down and assure him everything as fine.

A priest in the garden was greeting the guests and making sure they sat in the aisles that had been planned out and the staff were busy cooking up a storm for after the ceremony.
“Everything’s going great.” Justin said to Jobe reassuringly.


Anastasia has barely slept she was so excited! She was up early and changing into her dress, an older woman who had served the house all her life helping her lace up everything. Her hair was fixed beautifully and there was a touch of rouge on her, but nothing overpowering as she didn’t want to look unnatural. She peeked out the window at all the guests and she felt butterflies flutter in her stomach. This was it. She was getting married in a short while.

The garden looked beautiful and everyone seemed to happy, dressed in bright colours for her and Jobe’s wedding ceremony. It was also such a beautiful day, like God himself approved such a thing. There were tables set out for the meal after the ceremony and she smoothed her dress and calmed her nerves.
[i “There, you look a picture of perfection.”] The older woman said with a smile.
[i “Now you must wait.”] She said and Anastasia thanked her quietly as she stood before the mirror. She looked just how she always imagined as she fixed her veil, in her hair, not shielding her face just yet. She was incredibly nervous and excited, it was such a peculiar set of emotions.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] If they were in their own time she was sure that she would have invited him back to her room where they could have a little more privacy but that was not how things were done here and neither of them could risk being dishonour to this household so they would wait. When they parted from their kiss once more she felt Justin’s breath dance across her neck and ear, sending a shudder through her spine. Damn this era and their rules indeed. She smiled towards him, her chest still rising and falling heavily as she recovered from their moment of intimacy. [b “Perhaps we should have chosen our destination more carefully.”] Neither one of them could have predicted that they would end up feeling this way; wanting these things.

Willow nodded when he told her that she should retire to her room although she was unsure of whether she would be able to sleep well that night knowing where this could have gone. Her lips parted to speak but he caught them with his mouth and shared one last kiss before he bid her goodnight. [b “Goodnight Justin.”] She said breathlessly as she watched him walk away from her. After she spent a few seconds catching her breath she made her own way to her room and closed the door behind her, almost giggling at the intimacy hey shared. It was going to be hard for them to keep their hands off each other if every kiss they shared was going to be that intense.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] To say that Jobe was nervous about Anastasia’s reaction was an understatement. The last thing he wanted to do was cause a rift between them the night before they were supposed to get married and he might well have done that. However, when her lips started to turn up into a smile he felt a bit of relief swim through him. It wasn’t until she voiced her forgiveness that he allowed the relief to fully consume him. [b “I’m quite alright Anastasia. You have no need to worry about me.”] He smiled down at her and accepted her kiss willingly.

[b “Goodnight Anastasia.”] He watched her leave and he let out a sigh. Tomorrow would be the greatest day of his life and regardless of the fact that he was exhausted from putting on a brave face and hiding his injury, he knew that he would not be able to get much sleep that night. He retired to his room some minutes later with a glass of scotch, hoping that alcohol might calm his nerves slightly. This time tomorrow he would no longer be going to bed alone.
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Justin grinned at her softly as he met her lips with his again. She drove him wild and he was sure she didn’t understand just how wild she made him.
“Damn this era and their rules.” He whispered in Willows ear as his finger traced her jawline. He had also promised Jobe he wouldn’t do anything untoward whilst he and Willow were unmarried. He was regretting that promise now. A lot.

Justin sighed and breathed in Willows scent quietly, standing in the empty hall and he watched her.
“You should go to bed, before this escalates.” He said and smiled at her, pulling her close one last time and kissing her passionately, arms around her waist and a hand to her cheek. He pulled back and smiled,
“Goodnight, Willow.” He said to her and honestly he felt drunk on her, giddy and completely in love right that moment.


Anastasia felt Jobe’s hand stopping her she watched him, looking up at him and reading his expression as he apologised. She couldn’t not forgive him. He had organised all this tonight and they were getting married in the morning. She smiled a little,
“All is forgiven.” She said to him quietly and touched his cheek very gently.
“Be sure and rest properly, your injury is not yet healed completely.” She said, still concerned for his health.

They were alone. And it was quiet. Anastasia looked to Jobe before kissing his lips gently, even though they were engaged, such public shows of affection in front of guests were frowned upon and it felt nice to just seal their bond and their love.
“Good night, Jobe.” It would be the last night they would spend apart and she could not wait to never have to part from him again. She went to her room and smiled a little, she was too excited to sleep.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow had not noticed that Anastasia had been frustrated earlier and she was instantly worried. Had the party been too much for her? Was it not enough? Had something happened between her and Jobe? Her face echoed a look of concern and she searched her face for some kind of response. Of course, she did not want to say anything if there was something wrong anyway. Perhaps she was nervous or overwhelmed. The last thing she wanted to do now was pry and make matters worse the night before she was due to get married.

Willow said goodnight to Anastasia shook her head towards Justin. [b “I might be imagining it but she seemed mad at me. I don’t know.”] She said quietly as he started to escort he to her room. [b “But of course sir, that would be lovely.”] She said with a laugh as they made their way through the empty house, not a single member of staff in sight because they had all been given the night off.

Once they were upstairs, Justin pressed her against a wall, releasing a rush of emotions within her as he pressed his lips against hers. The passion was evident from the desperation in his kiss and she was more than happy to return it. Her heart was beating fast and her breath was ragged when he pulled away from her and the heat rushed to her cheeks. Her eyes were glassy as she looked at him with a smile that told him she wanted more. [b “I could tell.”] She said as she placed her arms around his neck and pulled him back to her lips so that she could show him how much she wanted him.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe overheard Justin mention the fact that she had looked annoyed and Jobe wanted to kick himself. He should have kept his mouth shut but instead he had caused upset and now he needed to try and fix things. There was no way he was going to let either of them go to bed with this hanging over their head. He waited until Justin and Willow were out of sight before reaching out for Anastasia’s arm to stop her from leaving. His grip was gentle as he pulled her close to him so that he could wrap his arms around her.

[b “I’m sorry angel. Tonight was supposed to be about you and I ruined that.”] He said, sincerely sorry for talking about another woman when it was her special night. [b “I didn’t not mean to upset you and I hope you can forgive me.”] He asked, with apologetic eyes as her pushed her shoulders back slightly so that he could look into her eyes.
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Justin watched Anastasia move from Jobe and she had looked slightly irritated. He didn’t say anything though as he stretched and looked to Willow, smiling slightly as the two interacted. He went over and smiled to both of them.
“That’s true and by tomorrow night you will be Mrs Hughes.” He chipped in. He looked toWillow then back to Anastasia,
“You looked annoyed earlier, are you alright?” He asked quietly and eyes her over as he held Willows hand.

He didn’t want to pry of course, it would cause more upset before the wedding but still, best not to keep secrets before a wedding either. He watched Anastasia go and sighed quietly.
“Any idea?” He asked Willow before realising they had a free house and he smiled,
“Let me escort you to your room.” He said to her and lead her upstairs. Once out of sight, he pushed her against the wall gently and kissed her, deeply and passionately.
“I have been wanting to do that all night.” He breathed.


Anastasia nodded to Willow and looked over to Jobe. And Then Justin appeared and evidently he had noticed her rather irked expression earlier. She sighed,
“Of course, everything is fine.” She said to them before taking a hurried leave because she didn’t exactly want to keep the conversation going any longer.

Anastasia looked to Jobe and smiled, a little.
“I shall see you in the morning, then?” She murmured and watched him, still feeling awkward and maybe she was tired which was leafy to her rather tetchy spell or maybe she was even more so annoyed because Jobe didn’t even seem to realise he had ticked her off earlier.
“Goodnight.” She said to him quietly and watched Willow and Justin go upstairs before beginning to follow them.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed once more at Justin’s suggestions and she shook her head. [b “Now that would just go horribly wrong. Besides there really is no need. However, I wouldn’t say no to spending some alone time with you. I feel like it’s been so crazy these last few days I haven’t had the chance to just be with you and enjoy your company.”] She smiled, knowing that Justin would be more than happy to oblige her in the respect.

The rest of the evening seemed to pass by swimmingly. Justin barely left her side since one of the gentleman had practically propositioned her but she enjoyed being close to him as they mingled with their guests. Soon enough men were moving to a private room for scotch and when the hours grew late the house was beginning to empty and she let herself breath in deeply, satisfied that it had all gone so well.

[b “No need to thank me. It’s the least you deserve.”] Willow smiled towards her and looked over at Jobe and Justin and nodded towards them. [b “You should go and say goodnight. The next time you see him you will be walking down the aisle.”] Willow beamed with excitement for the woman.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe mingled with the guys too, every so often glancing over at Anastasia to check how she was coping. It seemed that everyone here adored her as much as he did and it was as though she had always belonged amongst them. He couldn’t help but smile at the ease with which she spoke to people and charmed them. This time tomorrow he would get to call her his wife and he could not be happier.

As the night began to draw to an end her ended the night with an scotch with some of the business men who congratulated him once more on his engagement and before they left they said that they would see him again tomorrow, this time as a happily married man.

Although he had enjoyed the night, he was glad that the house was empty again. He wanted nothing more than to go to sleep so that their wedding day was finally here. He glanced over towards Anastasia and smiled, taking in the sight of her knowing he wouldn’t see her again until she was in a wedding dress walking towards him.
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Justin smiled to her gently and gave her hand a squeeze.
“Oh, But I could be your own personal butler? Bring you tea on demand, fluff your pillows...I’ll even get you a nice little bell!” He teased and then realised that could go pretty wrong for him.

“Putting up with you?” He grinned at her,
“You mean you bossing me around?” He teased and sighed.
“I’ll put up with you every day.” He promised. Honestly, it was nice to see her busy and helping and being the beautifully kind soul he knew she was. He was glad that she seemed happier, too. The teaching job would be amazing. He couldn’t wait to hear all her stories and hear get all passionate about it. He always found that so attractive, passion.

He kept a very close eye on everything. He wouldn’t allow Willow or Anastasia to be spoken down to and a few of the men even retired to another room for scotch and talks out with the earshot if their wives.


Anastasia listened to him as she looked around.
“Oh he did?” She smiled softly,
“That’s great, hopefully it will be their turn soon!” She said to him before deciding to mingle. She adored Justin and Willow but part of her, some selfish part, wanted Jobe to not focus on Willow today. She didn’t get angry though, she just excused herself.

She found herself with Mrs Bellmont as the woman chartered her ear off.
[i “You certainly suit gold, although it’s falling out of fashion, let me see... you’re a sapphire girl for sure. Silvers and sapphires.”] The woman laughed a little and the two spoke about everything. Other woman joined in and Anastasia almost felt apart of them. It was a strange feeling because these women had once commanded her and now she sat with them, listening to their stories.

As the night wound down, Anastasia assisted in gathering some glasses and handing them to one of the butler, she couldn’t help but try to aid them. She relaxed when the house was empty and breathed out. What a wonderful night it had been!
“Thank you, for tonight, Willow.” Anastasia said to her with a smile.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow laughed at Justin’s comment. [b “As long as I have you to protect me I’ll be fine. Besides I quite like putting men in this era in their place. Maybe it’s exactly what these people need for them to get their heads out of their arses.”]

She said with a laugh to show that she was joking. She raised an eyebrow at Justin’s solution to the problem. [b “Jealous?”] She asked as they continued to walk through the crowd of guests. [b “You really have no need to be. I’m already yours.”] She said with a tone of seriousness. As far as she was concerned men could throw themselves at her and she wouldn’t so much a bat an eyelid. Willow looked around as he spoke of what she had achieved. She would be lying if she said that she wasn’t proud of what she had accomplished for them and they looked so happy.

[b “Seeing them happy is reward enough. But [i if] I make it through tomorrow I will hold you to that promise.”] Willow stopped to look at him and held his hand for a moment, knowing that such a small affection wouldn’t draw too much attention. [b “Thanks for putting up with me these past few days.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe wanted to recognise Willow because she was a woman he admired. A woman who had achieved much more than women in this era had and he wanted nothing more than to give those opportunities to Anastasia. Having her here made them all better people and he couldn’t deny that.

Jobe listened and knitted his brows. [b “But she has Justin as a companion. Besides a dog would become more of a household pet and it’s far too impersonal. I think your idea of gifting her a horse is perfect. Patrick said that he found them out in the stables. A horse is something she can care for and ride as she pleases.”]

He thought for a moment before confiding in her. [b “You know when I bought you your engagement ring, Justin bought one too.”] He knew he would not need to say more than that. Anastasia was capable of filling in the gaps.
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Justin watched Willow and raised an eyebrow. He took her arm and flashed a friendly smile to the other man, albeit quite smug. He looked to Willow,
“You know, that mouth of yours is going to get you into trouble.” Justin chuckled a little to her.
“Just as well, I was about to sock the man in the mouth, your way seems better.” He pointed out with a nod to her as he looked around all the guests.

“You’ve done wonderfully.” He said to her,
“Really, look at all this. I know Jobe wanted the party but given he got hurt... you did most of this Willow and Anastasia is a picture of happiness with Jobe.” He remarked to her and watched her carefully. It wouldn’t have been proper to kiss her then and there so he would save it for later.
“I think after tomorrow, you deserve some nice TLC.” He commented with a light chuckle.


Anastasia smiled to Jobe. He was always so keen to praise Willow.
“I have an idea.” She said quietly and smiled to Jobe.
“Willow has quite the way with animals. And with us getting married... perhaps she will want a little companion.” She said thoughtfully.

“What about a dog, Jobe? Or even a horse if you know the stable master still?” She questioned. She had spoken to Justin a while ago and he had laughed about how good Willow was with people and with animals. She was going to be with people all the time so if she ever got tired or needed a break, perhaps an animal companion would do her some good, be it large or small.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow’s lips parted to speak but it seemed that Justin decided to interject before she could say anything. She glanced up at him, wondering if he was about to tell him that he was the one courting her.

[i “I see. If you are looking after her, surely you should have advised the girl to be married by now. Women do not have the luxury to wait around for a proposal. If this gentleman you speak of is courting her, he is taking his time. It so happens that I might be able to make you a proposal Miss Miller.] Willow swallowed hard at the man’s words. Was it really done like this here? [i “I too have a successful business like Mr Hughes. I can offer you security and that is exactly what a widow needs.”]

Willow stepped forward slightly, letting go of Justin’s arm, keeping her voice low. [b “Who are you to tell me what I need? You heard Mr Gallway. I am already being courted so you can take your proposal elsewhere.”] She turned back to Justin and took his arm. [b “Let’s leave Mr Donavan here and look to associate ourselves with people of honour shall we?”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] This is exactly what they needed to prove to Anastasia that people would be more accepting of their engagement than she imagined. Most of his business partners had similar views to him anyway so it made complete sense that they would find themselves supportive of their nuptials.

He spent some time talking to guests and he could tell by the way people interacted with Anastasia that she was feeling more and more relaxed by the second, especially when Mrs Bellmont came over to introduce herself.

[b “She is right you know. We do make a very beautiful couple.”] She said with a smile now that they were left alone. [b “You know, while this was my idea, Willow is the one who pulled this all together. There are a lot of things that even I found surprising this evening. We must find some way to thank her.”]
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Justin watched the man and Willow. He wasn’t the jealous type normally but he had to bite his tongue.
“Perhaps not but she is already being courted.” He pointed out with a forced smile. He knew in these times that shouting and such was not the way things were dealt with and he did not want to cause a scene at such a lovely event.

“My brother left me to make sure she is well looked after.” He added with a wry smile. He was not about to let this gentleman get the upperhand on him. He would not control Willow though and she was a free woman, free to make up her own mind on certain matters. He knew very well what this man wanted and he wasn’t going to let him have it so easily. He stopped talking for fear of saying something he might regret.


Anastasia was truly nervous about meeting all of these rather important people and everyone seemed so happy for them. It was a real surprise to her. She kept a close eye on Jobe to make sure he didn’t get too tired with his injury. He hid it so well though.

[i “Ah! Mr Hughes! And this must be your lovely bride to be?”] An older woman approached and smiled to them,
[i “Well you make a very beautiful couple, I do believe the children will be quite the little charmers.”] She beamed happily and Anastasia smiled.
[i “Ah! Mrs Bellmont, my husband runs the jewellers in town, he is around somewhere but he’s quite the social man. I wish you both all the best!”] She beamed as she scurried off to find her husband. Anastasia looked to Jobe and greeted everyone with a polite smile.
“This is wonderful, Jobe.” She said quietly when they had a small moment where others were not approaching them.
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