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Justin watched the two ladies and shook his head. What was it they did to each other to get so lost in conversation, anyways? He thought and figured the question would never be answered about how women could talk so much. He listened though and it was actually oddly soothing to hear the two talk.

He looked to Anastasia and Justin when they mentioned the gift and he smiled a little to Willow, excited to see her reaction and honestly, as a man, he kind of appreciated the imagery of her riding a horse around the grounds.

“You two are too kind.” He said to them and sighed quietly. It seemed their kindness never ended and he was so grateful because Willow had done so much for them.

Anastasia shook her head,
“No, it would have been improper to steal a horse for a ride.” She remarked and watched Jobe for a second.
“Myself and Jobe wanted to show our gratitude to you, for all of your help these last few days.” She said to Willow and watched her, making sure to carefully choose her words.

“We decided to gift you a horse. Jobe knows all of the finest horse breeders and we have arranged for someone to drop off a horse to thank you.” She said to the other woman and smiled a little. She hoped she would accept because it would give Willow some freedom in the grounds, she could go out riding if she ever felt overwhelmed and it would be her own to do as she pleased with.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] She smiled down at all of them, allowing her gaze to fall upon Jobe and Anastasia. They certainly looked happy and it was clear to her that Anastasia’s nerves about their night together and seemed to melt away into nothingness. She truly was happy that everything had worked out for them. Willow then turned her attention back to Justin who was commenting on her apparent fatigue and encouraged her to sit next to him.

With a yawn, she lowered herself into the chair and pulled her legs up underneath her. [b “Thank you.”] She said as she accepting the tea from Anastasia and took a sip. [b “I did! I had my own horse back at home. I was quite the rider as a teenager. My horse and I won a few medals and such but that seems like such a long time ago.”] She couldn’t help but laugh at the image of Anastasia almost falling in the water. [b “Have you ridden since?”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was just as interested in Justin’s explanation of starlings and he made a note to ask more questions about the future later if Willow and Justin were allowed to give away much. They had already saved his life by giving him something called antibiotics and they had explored coffee and chocolate. He was quite intrigued to learn more about a world he would never know.

When Willow entered the room he smiled up at her, also showing a bit of concern for her well being. [b “You did not have to get up. You could have stayed in bed.”] He said as he sipped on his tea. He listened to Willow’s experience with the horses and he glanced over towards Anastasia with a smile and nodded her head, encouraging her to be the one to tell her they were gifting her a horse.
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Justin smiled to them both, they were both such patient people.
“I should expect a few days off, you’re newly married. And I can always take a trip to the factory myself if there are any cases which require dire attention.” He said to Jobe with a nod. Although given Jobe kept everything so well done, he doubted it unless there was an accident.

In time they moved to the conservatory and Justin took great pleasure in explaining the movements of the starlings to Anastasia, explaining why they moved as a flock and the way they did in unison. He figured there was little harm in explaining the movements of birds. He looked up when Willow came in and smiled, she still looked so tired.

“Quite alright. You still look so tired.” He murmured, hoping she wasn’t coming down with any illness. He made a silent promise to keep an eye on her the next few days. He ushered her to sit with them and she didn’t seem to look too pale or running a temperature.


Anastasia was of course enthralled in all the stories Justin would tell as she sat by Jobe. She wasn’t so keen on hearing about the future, she didn’t understand their rules or their new technology but when it came to nature and such, it was a real fascination how much he knew. She looked to Willow and smiled.
“Don’t fret so much. You deserved a good rest after everything.” She said as she poured some tea for her.

“I heard you visited Jobe’s horses before the wedding.” She said to Willow,
“Do you ride?” She asked her and glanced to Justin.
“Jobe’s father was a keen rider, and a lover of animals I believe. He once took me and Jobe out riding with him, I nearly fell into the lake.” She laughed a little and thought back. No one had been particularly pleased Mr Hughes had taken a servant girl along but she had enjoyed herself none the less.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow might have detected company in the room with her and she might have felt Justin press his lips against her forehead but she did not react to it or wake from her sleep. She was absolutely exhausted and even though she had insisted that she would be alright, it was clear that her body betrayed her in the respect.

It was close to midday when she finally awoke and stretched herself out in bed. She had no idea what time it was or if anyone else was awake until she turned over in bed to see the tray beside her. She smiled to herself as she sat up in her bed and pulled the tray on to her lap.

After another thirty minutes she decided to get out of bed and moved downstairs, an air of exhaustion about her still. Willow placed the tray in the kitchen before she found Jobe, Anastasia and Justin all together in the conservatory area and she smiled. [b “I’m sorry, it appears I have slept through most of the morning.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe smiled widely towards Justin, not caring in the slightest if his happy disposition was enough to give the two of them away. He watched as Justin prepared a tray for Willow and laughed when he left the room. [b “I think you might be right there.”] He said as he started to pour himself a cup of tea. He exchanged a look with Anastasia when he came back into the room.

[b “Quite right. There is nothing for her to attend to today so I see no reason why we should wake her.”] He placed a bit of toast on his plate and started to put some jam on it and looked up at Justin. [b “I think we should give ourselves a couple more days off. I believe the factory is doing alright and I certainly do not want to rush back to work.”]
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Justin figured Willow was still asleep and he didn’t want to wake her. She needed and deserved rest. He looked over to Anastasia and Jobe,
“Good morning!” He smiled and he figured they had enjoyed their night judging by the smiles on their lips.
“You slept well?” He asked them and smirked a little as he put some tea on a tray.

“I’m just going to take this up to Willow, she’s still resting up.” He said as he added some toast and jam to the tray before heading up and quietly setting the tray down so it was there for when she woke up. He leant down and kissed her forehead softly. He closed a gap in the curtain so the light wouldn’t wake her up early and he closed the door as he headed downstairs. He looked to Anastasia and Jobe with a pleasant smile.

“She needs a good rest.” He said and gestured to the stairs.


Anastasia couldn’t deny Jobe or herself another chance at exploring each other’s bodies. She would never get tired of the closeness she felt with Jobe right that moment. To be as one with her husband was a sensation she would not grow weary of.

As much as staying in bed seemed like a wonderful idea, she knew there was matters to be dealt with. She went downstairs and smiled to Justin, watching him bustle around with a tray and she giggled a little at his diligence to Willow. It was very sweet and she looked to Jobe, placing a kiss to his cheek as she sat to have some breakfast with him. She took a drink of tea and looked to Jobe,
“I don’t think we will be waiting long for the next wedding.” She murmured quietly and quickly hushed when Justin returned.

“She can sleep all day if she wishes, she’s been very busy after all.” Anastasia said to him with a smile as she took a drink of tea.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] All this talk of her being his wife made her smile but she knew that it was just talk. A far off dream that both of them seemed to want. She smiled up at him and found herself completely content simply stood in this hallway with him. She could stay here forever but the unwarranted yawn that came unannounced was enough to tell her that she really did need to get some sleep. Everything was catching up with her and she was feeling as though she might end up falling asleep right there.

Willow was caught off guard by his kiss and it was enough to awaken her desire for him. If she had not been so fatigued she had no doubt that she would have taken him inside her room. Screw the rules. However, she didn’t want it to happen like this. She wanted to be awake for a start. When he pulled away and whispered she pulled up her hand to wave at him and she waited for him to be gone before she too went into her own room and practically collapsed on her bed.

She was out like a light. Dreams and deep sleep claiming her and even as the rest of the household woke up, she remained asleep in bed. This time it was her turn to miss breakfast and while she would probably feel guilty by the time she finally woke up, she knew that no one would blame her after all the early mornings, late nights and preparation she had been doing.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe sighed happily and blinked a few times before he fell into a sleep. He couldn’t remember a time where it had been so easy for him to do so. Having Anastasia here in his arms was clearly so right and it was as though he could finally rest easy now that she was here, sharing his bed.

He did not wake until morning although it was not the light that started to peek into the room that forced him from his sleep but something far sweeter. The lips of his wife dancing along his forced his eyes to blink a few times as he gave himself a moment or two to wake up and when he was awake he looked down at Anastasia and tightened his arms around her. [b “Good morning.”] He said quietly, his voice a little hoarse from the sleep. He couldn’t wait another second to kiss her.

Jobe turned into his side and brought a hand up to her cheek and pressed his lips to hers gently but passionately, testing the waters for the chance to share himself with her once more. They spent some time getting to know each other’s bodies a little better before he decided it was time to get up and enjoy brand new day. He got dressed and led Anastasia downstairs and greeted Justin with a smile.

[b "Morning Justin."]
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Justin smirked at her,
“Oh no, as long as I get you as a wife.” He said to her and kissed the top of her head.
“Oh one of those witches huh?” He squeezes her hand and sighed. He hated this era when he was with Willow like this. He couldn’t take her to bed like he so desperately wanted to.

“You should rest.” He murmured,
“We both should.” He added and leant down to kiss her lips once more, this time it was just as intense and passionate and he had to really resist just pushing her into the room and taking her there and then. He was a man with needs after all.
“Goodnight.” He breathed in her ear softly before parting from her reluctantly and heading to his own room. He smiled to her as he went into his room and sprawled on his bed.

After such a long day he found sleep easy and woke a little later but not too late. He yawned and stretched his tired limbs out, groaning as he forced himself to get up and dressed. He headed downstairs and wondered how Jobe and Anastasia’s night had gone, though he was sure it would have gone pleasantly. He carried the ring for Willow in his pocket because he didn’t know when the perfect moment would be.


Anastasia watched Jobe with tired and completely loving eyes. A hand laid close to where his injury was, as if trying to protect him from anymore harm.
“I love you too.” She whispered to him,
“Mr Hughes.” She giggled a little and it wasn’t long until she was dozing in his arms. It felt so strange but oddly so right to be bare beside him, her hair loose instead of tied up.

Anastasia fluttered her eyes open as light filtered through a gap in the thick curtains and she gave a small protest, squeezing her eyes shut. They should just stay like this all day, she thought to herself as she peeled up at Jobe and placed s very soft kiss on his lips. She rested at his side again and exhaled breathily. She watched Jobe’s features and smiled to herself. It was certainly something to wake beside him.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] In Willow’s mind, if they were to ever get married there was not much point in exploring the grandeur of the day. Neither one of them had family here and barely anyone knew who they were. If they were to have a wedding similar to Jobe and Anastasia it would feel strange. Not that it mattered all that much. She was sure that they were some time away from such things but hearing him mention it made her smile, knowing that was where they saw their relationship going.

[b “It would be our day though so if you want something different...”] Willow smiled as he pulled her close and she breathed in the scent of him. How she wished they she could ask him to take her to bed but there would be time for all that. Instead she just sighed against him as he held her and she enjoy their closeness for a moment longer before they had to go their separate ways.

She laughed against him. [b “You wouldn’t be able to. I’d weave a spell to stop you from talking.”] She said bringing her hand up to take hold of his.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe could have spent hours running his fingers along the woman’s bare back. It wouldn’t have mattered to him but he was equally as glad when she turned to face him with a look that echoed his own. A ragged breath and a low groan escaped his lips as she pressed hers to his and injected passion into it. This was the first time the two were able to share something so intimate and now that they were married neither one of them had to be worried about any boundaries or judgment. He was hers and she was his. Completely.

He started to move towards the bed and lay her down gently running his hand across her shoulder to relieve the dress from her body completely. The sight of her sent him into overdrive and as he placed on last kiss upon her neck he asked her if she was alright and if this really was okay with her. When she confirmed this is what she wanted the two exchanged a further promise. A vow to love one and other in a completely new way. He smiled and sighed as the two moved together as one, making sure that she was comfortable and pleasured all the while. This was everything he could had hoped for and more and any thoughts of his injury had dissolved into nothingness.

At the height of their passion the two seperated and he pulled her close to lay with him. He ran his fingers up and down her arm and kissed her forehead. He could spend every moment of his life like this an never get bored. That he was sure of. [b “I love you Mrs Hughes.”]
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Justin smiled a little at her,
“A quiet wedding? Hm...” he murmured thoughtfully as he watched her with gentle eyes.
“Whatever you want, of course. If I’ve learnt anything it’s don’t argue with a woman.” He chuckled quietly and pulled her close. He was slightly relieved because a quiet ceremony with their closest friends seemed somehow just perfect, where he could hold her close and not have to entertain endless guests.

“How is it that you somehow have this spell over me? I should really be telling people you’re a witch.” He laughed softly and pressed a kiss to her forehead gently as he just held her for a few minutes, just quietly enjoying her presence and her closeness.


Anastasia was worried her form wouldn’t please him, although her worries dissipated in the air when he kissed the back of her neck gently. It sent butterflies springing to life in her stomach as she turned to face him, the dress long forgotten. She couldn’t put any of her love into words right then, only actions as she kissed his lips, for the first time with pure passion and adoration.

There was a promise of something more and Willow had been right about letting things flow naturally and before she knew it, they were entangled in bed together, showing their love physically as they gave themselves to one another as man and woman. It was more than Anastasia could have ever imagined and any doubts she had ever had about not being pleasing to Jobe were gone in that instant as the two became one.

Anastasia lay beside him, catching her breath as her skin was flushed. She rested her head on his chest and just enjoyed the tranquility of the moment, lying with her husband.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] [b “Well I am sorry but I’m just not that kind of girl.”] She said with a laugh. She looked towards him a smiled. How was it possible for someone to fill her with so much love that she barely knew what to do with it? Ever since they arrived here it was as though he was her purpose for being and she did not quite know what to do with that. [b “I’m not a frilly girl. I just think that what they have is beautiful.”] She spoke with honestly and smiled up at him for a moment. There were those butterflies again as he came in to kiss her. She really would never get used to that feeling.

[b “If we get married I don’t want anything spectacular.”] She said simply in reply, not even phased by the mention of it. [b “Jobe and Anastasia had a day filled with loved ones and those who care about them. Here it’s just you and me.”] She thought quietly for a moment and laughed to herself wondering if what she was about to say would sound silly. [b “If we were to get married it would just be us and perhaps Jobe and Anastasia. I don’t need a spectacle and I certainly don’t want people I barely know at my wedding.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Even though he had offered her the chance to stay in her own room, he was relieved that she refused it. He wanted nothing more than to hold her in his arms and wake up with her and based on the way she took hold of his hand and voiced his own inner thoughts, they would never spend another night apart. He followed her into the room, closing the door behind them and looked towards Anastasia. How was is possible that every time he looked at her she grew more and more beautiful. He shifted a lose piece of hair from in front of her face and tucked it gently behind her ear before she kiss him.

His lips turned up into a smile under hers and he wrapped his arms around her gently, pulling her closer to him if only for a brief moment before she stepped back from him. He watched as she loosened the hair and he smiled softly. There was nothing he loved more than seeing her natural beauty. He swallowed hard as he felt a rush of emotion overcome him and he simply nodded as she asked him to help her with her dress.

He moved carefully, unlacing the dress slowly as he watched the material peel away from her skin, leaving her back bare to him. His breath caught in his throat and he allowed his fingers to danced along her back softly as he moved forward to press a kiss on her exposed neck. Every inch of her porcelain skin was perfect and he found himself overcome with desire to kiss every last inch of it. [b “You truly are a beauty to behold.”]
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Justin smiled to Willow,
“Oh? And here I was looking forwards to waiting on you!” He laughed and watched her carefully. It was remarkable how she continued to surprise him with new elements of her personality and it justified him and entranced him. She didn’t even know what she was doing to him.

“Really? I never pegged you down for a frilly girl, you know?” He chuckled and watched her. He couldn’t resist as he leans down and kissed her lips gently. He decided to test the waters.
“If we ever get married, our day will be just as spectacular.” He promised her with a laugh,
“If not more so.” He promised her softly and he meant it. If they married then he would be sure to make sure she wanted for nothing at all.


Anastasia looked to him as they stopped outside his room and she smiled. She held his hand gently and shook her head.
“I’ve waited for too long to wake up beside you.” She assured him quietly as she stepped into his room. She smiled to him, assuring him she was alright and he wasn’t making her uncomfortable as she pulled his hand gently to bring him closer. She meant up and pressed her lips to his softly.

She stepped back from him as she gently slid the veil from her hair and unpinned the braids there, letting her hair fall loose down her back. She swallowed softly, what if he didn’t enjoy waking to her in the morning?
“Would you- would you help with my dress, it’s laced at the back?” She asked him quietly as she turned and lifted her hair so he could undo some of the laced up ribbon at the back.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow looked up at the men returned and she smiled happily as Justin placed a kiss on the side of her head. These were the moments that he enjoyed the most with him, the small moments of intimacy. Willow looked towards Jobe and Anastasia and smiled. [b “Have a wonderful evening.”] She said quietly, giving Anastasia a reassuring look that told her everything was going to be alright and with that the two disappeared upstairs.

She laughed as she looked over at him a shook her head. [b “I think a good night of rest with suffice. I do not need you to wait on me.”] She took his hand in her own and stopped just outside of her bedroom door. [b “I never considered myself to be someone who would enjoy the niceties of a wedding, but I rather enjoyed myself today.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was glad that he was able to help Justin through his predicament. He nodded happily and agreed with him about getting back to his wife. [b “Quite right, I would not want her to think she had been abandoned.”] He said with a smile, walking back into the room where they have left Willow and Anastasia to talk and clearly, they had enjoyed their time alone by the way they were smiling at each other.

Jobe smiled towards Anastasia and bid Justin and Willow goodnight. He let out a sigh and looked down at Anastasia, offering his hand to her. [b “It has been such a wonderful day.”] He said as he started to lead her up to his room. [b “Do not feel as though you have to spend the night with me if you are not ready. If you would prefer to stay in your own room I would not be wounded.”] He said just as he stopped outside of his room.
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Justin sighed and he knew Jobe was right. He couldn’t hold off simply because he was frightened of rejection. He rubbed his face and nodded.
“You’re right. I’ll pick my moment when we are genuinely happy.” He said to Jobe and set his glass down, shaking the man’s hand and sighing quietly.

“I shouldn’t keep you from your beautiful wife any longer.” He laughed, as he lead the man back through. When and where to propose? His mind was going a million miles an hour at all the possibilities. He sat with Willow and kissed the side of her head gently.
“It’s getting late. Come along, Willow.” He said and stretched.
“You certainly deserve a good nights rest.” He said to Willow as he lead her upstairs and watched her.
“Do you want that offer if being waited on hand and foot? For a whole week?” He chuckled.


Anastasia smiled to Willow in relief that she wasn’t being completely foolish. This was why she enjoyed Willow’s company so much, she could ask advice on things that would be deemed inappropriate to ask men.

She looked up as the men came back and she wondered what had been going on but didn’t ask.
“Quite right, Willow deserves a good rest after all her tremendous work!” She laughed softly and watched them go,
“Goodnight.” She said to them and looked to Jobe.
“I suppose we should-“ she gestured upstairs and smiled to him.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow nodded to show that she understood her concerns. It must have been awkward for the woman to think about such interactions, especially since in these times. She must have been a nervous wreck and she didn’t blame her for it. If such a moment were to ever transpire between her and Justin she would feel just as nervous.

[b “Of course it is not foolish. It’s perfectly normal to be frightened of the unknown and the new.”] She placed her hand top of hers. [b “Just…whatever happens let it come naturally. Neither one of you need to force this and there is no rush. You are married now, and nothing can change that. When you are both ready it will happen for you.”]

Willow embraced the woman. [b “I wanted to thank you…for being such a good friend to us. We really do appreciate everything the two of you have done.”]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe listened to his words as he drank his scotch and shook his head towards the end of his outburst. [b “Our wedding is over now. We are about to enjoy our lives together, there really is no need for you to be sorry.”] He said as he let out a sigh. He knew all too well what these kinds of thoughts could lead to. He had spent so long trying to decide whether to ask Anastasia to marry him.

[b “It’s going to come down to how you ask. If you make her feel like you are asking because you have to then that is exactly when she will say no. However, I do believe that Willow feels the same for you as you do for her and you are meant to be together just as much as Anastasia and I.”] He smiled and placed his glass down on the table. [b “I guess what I am trying to say is, you cannot know how she is going to react to a proposal, but you cannot hold off simply because you are worried of her reaction…it just needs to be personal to you.”] He placed his hand on his shoulder. [b “You should ask her. I really do not think she will have any cause to say no.”]
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Justin sighed and took a drink of scotch.
“I am worried she will think I am only doing it because I [i have] to. That it will be for all the wrong reasons.” He explained and took another drink to calm himself a little. “If she thinks I am doing this for the wrong reasons then she would never agree. And I do not think I could handle a rejection from Willow.” He confessed and watched Jobe. He knew he had gone through similar with Anastasia over the years.

“I just... want her to be happy.” He said finally and ran a hand through his hair. He really did just want her to be happy at the end of all of this, but he so hoped it would be with him after everything.
“I’m sorry to be landing this on you on your wedding day.” He laughed a little, his timing was very poor.


Anastasia swallowed,
“I... haven’t thought about it. He’s still injured and I don’t want to push him, of course.” She was nervous.
“It seems like we dreamt about it for the longest time but- Is it foolish for me to be frightened?” She said and looked to Willow.

“I know he would never harm me and would never push me. I suppose either way I will be glad to wake up in the same bed as him.” She laughed a little. It seemed silly to be so nervous.
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