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In the year 2028 there sits a scientist looking over his notes with scrutiny. He had finally managed to achieve his life-long ambition but he needs to double check, triple check, just to make sure that all of his calculations were correct. If he found once single mistake it could turn his excitement and anticipation into turmoil and he would be put right back to square one with nothing to show for it. One last time before he would allow himself to celebrate his success.

He places down his pen and removes his glasses, leaving them on top of the pile of notes he had spent years collating and calculating and stares vacantly at the wall of his office before his lips turn up into a smile and his fist cane crashing down on his desk with an enthusiasm he thought he had lost years ago.

Time travel. He had finally cracked the mystery of it and he would go down in history as being the first man to discover its possibilities.

It took him no longer than a year to put all of his calculations into a machine so that he could create a vessel that could travel back in time. All he needed now was a team to send back. Someone who knew enough about History to survive the past and someone who could protect them if anything were to go wrong...and things do go wrong...

The first time they travel back in time the electrical circuits get fried and they become trapped in a time so far away from the present that they have no idea how to get back.

[center [pic http://worldartsme.com/images/line-dividers-clipart-1.jpg]]

I am looking for a 1x1 but with someone who can handle more than one character. I am looking for someone to double up as a character as part of the team that travel back and get stuck and someone who is actually part of the past.

We can discuss details and the time period we get stuck in together as that’s totally open. I would prefer someone who can write as both a Male and Female character but we can discuss plots and characters further in my PMs.


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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe nodded towards Justin. [b “Fletcher almost busted my nose the other day. He is definitely getting stronger. I might have to keep my eye on that one.”] He said with a laugh as he reached out to tickle him, the young boy responding with the most delightful giggle that had clearly caused a smile to erupt across his face.

He looked up at Anastasia then, still astounded by her beauty as much as she had the first day he met her. Their children looked so much like her and he was so happy to have this beautiful family. He felt like the luckiest man alive. He was still saddened by the fact that Justin and Willow had lost their child and he really did hope that they would be blessed with the same joy that they had every single day with the twins.

[b “Where are we going today? Are we staying here? Going to the lake?”]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] The moment the children reacted to her, Willow lit up. Nothing made her happier than seeing the two of them squeal in delight. At least nothing made her happier besides having Justin in her life. A part of her still couldn’t believe that she was his wife, regardless of how long they have been married now.

She moved to lower herself in the chair where she usually sat and ensured that she greeted everyone. This had all become routine now and she couldn’t imagine life without this, but she would ensure that she appreciated every single moment she had with them in case Justin remained adamant that they return back to their own time.

Willow helped herself to some tea and some bread and then glanced toward Justin, who was looking at her with a smile and she met his gaze for a moment, it being filled with love for him. After a minute or so she looked back to Anastasia and Jobe. [b “They will soon be running around and shouting at each other. I really can’t wait for them to start talking!”]
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Anastasia looked to Jobe and smiled softly. Given she had started as a humble maid in his home as a child, she had adjusted very well to suddenly being Mrs Hughes. She had Jobe to thank for that and his father, they had taught her tolerance and grace. Her entire life had been servitude to the home and now her life would be for Jobe and their children. Just as she had always wanted it to be. They had wasted so much time, she had wasted so much precious time worrying about others and what could happen. Anastasia looked up when Justin and Willow emerged and waved a good morning to them, taking some tea.

Fletcher and Juliet squealed at Willow’s kiss and waved their hands and Anastasia laughed softly.
[b “They get far too excite for their god mother!”] she giggled softly. She couldn’t remember a time when she was so content, so relaxed. Of course she still worried what the future would hold for them. Jobe was a man of great renown and stature. Anastasia didn’t love his money or his estate, she loved the man but there were others who didn’t hold him in such close regard. It was always a worry to her that something would happen to him.

[b “I think so! I think the cook has even put together a nice basket for us, although I did tell her I would manage.”] Anastasia said with a small frown on her lips. She still wanted to help when she could. Although the servants of the house were very at ease and happy with their treatment from Jobe, they always had been. This place had never looked down on anyone. Jobe has been raised kind and generous, and Anastasia wanted their children to be the same way when they were adults.

Justin looked to Willow and smiled a little. The children adored her, no one could deny that. And he realised it seemed so cruel of him to deny her children when she had so much love to give and maybe he was selfish to want it all for himself. A child reminiscent of he and Willow. It seemed like they were cursed though, like every time they dared to be happy something came to snatch it away.

[b “Good morning.”] He smiled as he settled and looked to the twins.
[b “They’re getting bigger and stronger each day.”] He chuckled and it felt like yesterday that the two were newborns. Now they were babbling away and soon enough they would be toddling around and causing all kinds of mischief. Justin has been doing just fine in helping the workers at Jobe’s factories and for the most part, many of his workers were healthier and happier. It was staggering how much could be avoided by simple hygiene and safety in the work place.

Justin turned his gaze to Willow, eyes lingering on her. He would speak to her at some point, ask her about what she really felt on the matter of children.
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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe could truly watch Anastasia with their children all day. She was a natural and had clearly taken to her new role like a glove to a hand. It suited her and there was no possible scenario in his mind where Anastasia has not become his wife and mothered two children that they both shared. He smiled and watched for a moment longer before getting to work with Juliet, making sure that she was dressed appropriately for a day outside in the sun. When he was satisfied she was prepared, Jobe placed her on the bed next to Fletcher while he went about getting dressed himself.

He chose something light considering it looked like it was going to be a hot day and when he looked up and saw Anastasia in her day dress he couldn’t stop the smile from gracing his face. [b “I swear you get more and more beautiful every time I look at you.”] He said as he picked Juliet up once more and started to bounce her gently before they decided to make their way down for breakfast. Both Fletcher and Juliet seemed rather lively, babbling and squealing as they made their way down, which only drew and smile from his face.

When Justin and Willow joined then he already had a cup of tea in front of them and found himself chewing on a muffin. [b “Morning to the two of you. I think you are right. This is going to be a perfect day for a picnic.”]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow picked out some clothes suitable for the day and got dressed fairly quickly, not wanting to delay on getting the day started since they were going to be spending the day with their god children and their friends, no, their family. Willow was excited to spend some time with them, especially since she just wanted to enjoy their company more than she enjoyed anyone’s other that Justin. Justin was a different story. She loved this man more than anything and she knew that she would never let anything come between them. It was her intention to be with him for as long as he wanted her and if he didn’t want to have children here in this time, then she would pull back on the idea. He meant too much to her to lose him over something like this.

Willow giggled to herself when she heard Fletcher and Juliet down the hall and then looked to Justin and smiled, kissing him on the cheek on the way passed him. When they joined Anastasia and Jobe for breakfast she couldn’t keep the smile from her face. [b “Look at all of you! You are picture perfect. How are my two gorgeous god children this morning?”] She asked as she moved closer to both of them to kiss their heads.
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Anastasia looked to Jobe and Juliet, unable to hide the smile as she watched them both. Jobe was an excellent father and a wonderful father. It seemed so strange to her still that Jobe had changed the stars so they could be together. Once upon a time she had felt ashamed of her feelings towards him, hidden them and lived only to serve every whim he wanted ever asked of her.
“And you are looking particularly handsome like your father.” She cooed to Fletcher as he babbled excitedly and Anastasia laughed softly, pressing a kiss to the side of his head. Anastasia changed Fletcher into an adorable little outfit and then changed herself into a day dress.

Anastasia set Fletcher on the bed and watched him crawl around, wary in case he toppled off as she sat on the bed with him, giggling as he tried to pull himself up using her shoulder as balanced
“You’re getting strong.” She said and watched him, scooping him into her arms and adjusted his curly hair.
“Aha, now, should we go find your Godparents?” She asked as Fletcher bounced a little in her lap.
“I thought so.” She beamed proudly as she lifted him up, kissing Jobe’s cheek softly as she passed and heading downstairs.


Justin watched Willow and poured when she left the bed.
“Mm, looks like a hot one.” He said as he got up and dressed, straightening his bow tie. He looked to Willow and smiled a little. He could hear Fletcher’s excited babbles down the hall and then ebbing away to downstairs. It just reminded him a little of what they had lost. He smiled to Willow,
“After you, beautiful.” He held the door open for her and followed downstairs, greeting Anastasia with a smile as he settled for some breakfast.

“I think you guys picked a good day for a picnic!” He praised and adjusted his hair. He was still getting used to having his hair this long. He got himself some tea and looked to Anastasia and Fletcher with a small smile. He really did want to be a father, and for Willow to be a mother but he was frightened.
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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] There was nothing quite like waking up to Anastasia. He still wasn’t used to it and he couldn’t imagine a time where he would but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy every single minute of being with the woman he loved. When she started to stir next to him, he smiled to himself and watched as she started to rub at her eyes, adjusting to being awake. When she finally looked his way, his smile grew wider, especially when she pressed her lips to his in greeting.

[b “Good morning beautiful.”] He said, adjusting himself in bed so that he was sitting up a little bit too. He knew they wouldn’t have long before the twins were awake but he wouldn’t mind when they woke up. His life was all about Anastasia and his children now and everything that he did was intended to make sure that they were looked after and that his children were brought up with a moral compass that they could both be proud of. Before either of them would realise, the two of them would be grown up and learning more about the world outside of their home and when that happened he wanted to make sure they were both decent human beings.

Jobe enjoyed their quiet time until Fletcher disturbed their peace. He wasn’t far behind Anastasia, reaching for Juliet when it was apparent that she was awake. He laughed towards Fletcher and Anastasia and glanced down at his daughter in his arms who seemed to be inspecting his face intently before placing a hand on his mouth. He kissed her hand and smiled. [b “My princess. Aren’t you beautiful? Just like your mother.”]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] It wasn’t until she felt Justin move next to her that she opened her eyes again, smiling as he brushed hair from her face. Willow smiled up at him lovingly. [b “Morning to you too.”] She said, her voice showing a hint of the sleep she had just woken up from. When he spoke towards her again, there was nothing she could have done to keep the smile from taking over her face.

[b “You are rather handsome in the mornings yourself.”] She said, running a hand through his hair. [b “I like your hair like this. It suits you.”] Willow pulled her hand back and kissed him briefly before climbing out of bed. [b “It looks like the perfect day to be outside, don’t you think?”] She asked, peering out of the window before moving to find some clothes for the day.

A part of her wanted to forget the discussion they had started the night before, knowing that if they were to discuss it again, they might realise they have to go home or that perhaps children were not something that would be in their future and she was not prepared to face any of those answers just yet.
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Anastasia wouldn’t stop Jobe from doing this. She knew better. He had always been a strong man, always been a man who wanted to strive towards a goal and equality and she couldn’t take that from him. No one could, but she would stand at his side as strong as she could be through it all. Everything ebbed away though as she settled in his arms to rest, stirring in the morning as the sunlight disturbed her.

Anastasia shifted and opened her eyes, rubbing at them almost childishly as she pouted slightly.
“Good morning.” She said softly and leant up to kiss Jobe’s lips softly. Luckily the twins were both sleeping soundly through for now and she sat up a little. She was rather looking forwards to a picnic and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day for it. The twins were getting older and she knew they would be growing all too fast so she wanted to cherish these intimate times before the twins got too old. She knew these times would go by so quickly and soon they would be a young gentleman and a young lady, hopefully following in Jobe’s footsteps.

Anastasia ran a hand through her thick dark waves, looking to the twins and smiling. They would be walking soon, she didn’t doubt it. And she so hoped they grew up like Jobe, where class wasn’t an issue. If Anastasia and Jobe could get to where they were today through all the hardship and the struggles then she was sure these two would be just fine because she wouldn’t let anything harm her family. Fletcher disturbed the peace first and Anastasia laughed a little,
“I think that’s our wake up call, love.” She said to Jobe as she stood and pressed a kiss to his temple before scooping up Fletcher who immediately settled. He giggled and wrapped his fingers around his mother’s loose hair and Anastasia laughed at him.

Justin was content, he didn’t want to get up when the light filtered through. For the briefest of moments in bed he forgot all the worries and the risks as he just held Willow in his arms. It was easier to just let the world melt away in one fell swoop than get up and face the fact they were in an era with no modern medicine and where diseases ran freely without reign. He shifted slightly and stroked some of her hair back.
“Morning.” He yawned and stretched a little, careful not to jostle Willow too much. He could already tell from the bright light outside that it was going to be a warm day. He shifted his hair back a little. Willow had told him a long time ago to let it grow out a little and he had obeyed her, looking more like he belonged in this era than anywhere else now. He had grown accustomed to it all but it still didn’t stop him worrying. He could protect all of them, Willow, Anastasia, Jobe and the twins with medicines and such in the future, he couldn’t do that here. God forbid there was an outbreak of smallpox or something similar.

“You’re always beautiful in the mornings you know that?” He quipped boyishly and chuckled to himself as he pressed his lips to her head softly.
“I suppose we should face the day.” He remarked, really wanting to spend the day with Willow in the sun. She was a miracle with the twins, children took so easily to her somehow. He didn’t have that effect at all on them, children tended to shy away from him.
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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] If Anastasia asked him not to do this he would have listened to her and put and end to his crusade. He would do anything for the woman he loved and the children they shared. There was a short silence while she seemed to contemplate his words and when she replied, a smile appeared upon his lips. He brought up a hand to her face and tucked her hair behind her ear, brushing her cheek gently with the back of his hand. When she kissed him he simply smiled happily towards him, satisfied to know that she was truly alright with this.

[b “If it gets too much, you say the word and we put an end to this.”] For some time they simply watched each other in an intimate way until Anastasia decided that it was time to sleep. He nodded and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer to him as though he needed her that close just to be able to fall asleep. After that it did not take him too long to finally fall asleep. His nights were completely restful with Anastasia by his side and he slept through until the sun peeked through the window and bathed the two of them in a beautiful sunlight. He opened one eye and then the other, slowly adjusting to the brightness of the room before glancing at Anastasia still sleeping next to him, the sunlight highlighting the beautiful features of her face.

[b “My beautiful wife.”] He whispered to himself.

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow didn’t know how to put into words the way she felt when he smiled at her like that and she could only hope that the feeling would never go away. She wanted this forever. She wanted him forever. Her breath caught in her throat as he spoke and her cheeks flushed with a light shade of pink while she drew her eyes away from his for a split second. Then she returned her gaze to his and a smile spread across her lips. She willingly leaned on closer to him and laughed with him. [b “I love you Justin.”] She pressed a kiss under his jaw before sighing softly and allowing her eyes to closer again.

[b “Sleep well, my love.”] Her voice was almost a whisper as sleep was already starting to claim her. That night she dreamt of having a family with Justin and when she awoke, the pure happiness she felt from her dream transferred to her awakened state too. She didn’t open her eyes straight away, instead, she kept her eyes closed and committed this moment to memory. Waking up on his arms. She smiled and held herself as close to him as possible.
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Anastasia watched the man before her, her husband and her equal in all things. She heard his words and gave it some thought.
[b "I cannot hide from my past, love. I want to, but it is mine. I cannot run from this. But I will stand by you, in all things."] She leaned in and kissed his lips softly. She loved him and by Gods grace, they were married and had a family. She would not abandon him for her fears and worries.

She rested back on the pillows and sighed out softly. She watched him with her blue eyes, tracing his features. No matter how he had changed through the years, from boy, to young man and to the man before her now, those eyes never changed. They never lost the warmth and comfort she found in the depths.

[b "Come, let's rest."] She said to him, not wanting to worry about what was to come in the next few weeks. She would be at Jobe's side, regardless of her pain and her shame.


Justin looked to her and smiled a little.
[b "That."] He remarked and sighed a little as he was lost beneath her gaze.
[b "Make me feel like God is real because no science explains you, Willow Gallway."] He said to her softly. They had been through so much, they had come out stronger the woman in his arms was a marvel. He had denied fate and miracles for so long in the name of science because that's all he knew but science didn't explain this. It didn't explain how a man such as him go so lucky with a woman like this.

He laughed a little in disbelief of himself and hugged her to him a little tighter.
[b "Sleep. I'm sure tomorrow will busy."] He remarked. He wasn't blind to her want for a child. And he still worried the same because he had found her that day beneath the beam and he had stood by her when she had been so lost after the miscarriage. He knew there were all sorts of risks in this era and he just didn't ever want to go through that again.
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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] He continued to kiss her gently and smiled when she admitted that she was alright. He only stopped kissing her when she wrapped her arms around him. He held her for a moment and just breathed in the set of her until she spoke again.

He pulled back only slightly so he could see her face when she spoke and he let out a sigh. [b “I cannot say that I am completely prepared for what I might find. How can I be? But I am prepared to do whatever it takes to make this right. These people...they don’t deserve to live like this. You didn’t deserve the start in life they gave you.”] He Kisses her head again and looked into her eyes.

[b “I would completely understand if you did not want to do this with me. I don’t want this to bring up bad memories for you or anything!”] He was genuinely concerned about upsetting her and the last thing he wanted was to upset his wife. [b “You are my world and I want to keep you safe.”]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow smiled and snuggled closer to him when he kissed her head and sighed happily and her words were a little muffled by being so close to him.

[b “A picnic does sound nice. The twins will enjoy it and it will be good to get outside while the weather is nice.”] She said as she allowed her eyes to close. Honestly, all she could think about in that moment would be what it would be like if Justin and Willie had a child of their own to bring along to a picnic like that. Willow wanted nothing more than to make memories with a family of her own but she knew that she shouldn’t bring that up again because she didn’t want to argue with Justin.

Willow opened her eyes and looked up at Justin. [b “How do I do what?”] She asked with confusion as she searched his eyes for an answer.
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Anastasia looked up and smiled to Jobe when he entered and she felt his kisses and she could only exhale all her tension.
[b “It’s alright. I’m perfect.”] She assured him and watched his movements, wrapping her arms around him gently. She was scared about his reaction and they had already been through so much but somehow he made her feel safe and secure. Jobe made her feel wanted.

[b “Are you alright? This new venture of yours, Jobe, it’s most likely not going to be pleasant for us. They’re not good places. They’re not even managed by good people.”] She commented and watched him, fingers tracing his face gently to reach and cup it. Jobe was a good man, he was endearing and sweet natured. She wasn’t sure the sight of the poorhouses wouldn’t rock him slightly. She’d lived and worked in them for the first seven years of her life. It wasn’t something she could forget easily either. A sensitive man like Jobe… she wasn’t sure if his reaction. But he was strong, she knew that. There was a defiant strength in him.


Justin looked to Willow and sighed softly, moving an arm around her and stroking her hair as he listened to her. She only confirmed his fears.
[b “I thought as much.”] He mumbled softly and kissed the top of her head gently. Jobe and Anastasia would fight gallantly, he knew that but these things were still shocking and haunting.

[b “Jobe wants a picnic tomorrow. That should be fun, Hm?”] He mused quietly. It would be a good distraction for them all from the looming task ahead.
[b “Good for the twins as well.”] He said and sighed a little. They were growing quickly and it still astounded him how well they had settled into this era.

[b “How’d you do that?”] He asked her suddenly as he watched her face and sighed softly.
[b “You never cease to amaze me.”] He murmured and she had no idea what she did to him sometimes with the way she looked at him or the way she held herself. It was a marvel to behold.
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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe smiled towards Willow and wished her a good night before looking back to Justin. [b “I know they are bad places. I do not think that I am going to be able to prepare myself properly for the shock but... the only way we can do anything about this is to expose what they are really like.”] He was prepared for the worst and he knew that it was where Anastasia had come from. Perhaps she didn’t want him to know.

He shook his head and retreated from his thoughts and rose from his seat. [b “You are right! Rest well Justin. If the weather is nice we should all go to the park for a picnic tomorrow. It will be nice for us all to get out together.”] He said patting Justin’s shoulder in return for a masculine goodnight. He then made his way to the bedroom and found Anastasia. He smiled towards her.

[b “I thought you would be sleeping by now.”] He said as he approached her and kissed her shoulder lovingly. [b “How is the headache?”] He asked tracing kisses up her face until he reached her head.

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] As soon as Willow was in their room she got herself ready for bed, leaving her clothes hanging up ready to clean the next day. Then she slipped under the covers letting out a content smile at the comfort it offered her. She adjusted herself and sank into the pillow, closing her eyes and as smiled to herself. Although she wasn’t alone for long.

When she felt Justin slip into bed next to her, she opened one eye and looked towards him. [b “I’m fine. Just a little tired.”] She said, yawning as if to prove it before moving to snuggle into him, resting her head on his chest. [b “The poor houses? Yes they are awful.”] She said sadly. [b “They are not fit for any human. It makes me sad to know that people have no other choice but to live there.”]

Willow kissed his cheek. [b “I feel better knowing that Jobe and Anastasia are going to help change that.”]
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Anastasia wasn’t sure how to put into words her concerns. Perhaps there was a shame there, that Jobe would realise just where she had come from. The day she had been brought to the Hughes home, she had been grubby and skinny, her hair all matted and her skin scuffed. She wasn’t sure if Jobe had seen her like that as a child, because his father had made sure she was scrubbed clean and made presentable. Poorhouses was not a pleasant place and much of the time they were riddled with death and disease. And then there was the children.

Anastasia day up a little and looked to her own beautiful twins. They had begun to sleep through the night more which meant more rest for her and Jobe. They were fortunate, to be born into such a loving home where they would never need to be worried about going to a poorhouse. No one wanted to go to a poorhouse but for many it was a last resort. And that terrified her, to think of how many poor lost souls were cast aside and overlooked.

And she was so grateful to Jobe and his father because they hadn’t cast her aside ever. They had seen things so much differently and maybe Jobe would be the one to end all of this and stop the rivalry between classes.


Justin nodded to Willows’s statement.

[b “I think it’ll be hard. Probably for both of you. Those places… are not for the faint hearted.”] He remarked and looked to Willow as she left and pressed her lips to his. She had such an understanding nature and Justin could still barely believe they were husband and wife. He sighed out and looked to Jobe.

[b “It’s late, we could all probably do with a good rest.”] He said to him with a comforting smile. He finished his drink and set it aside. He did wonder what had made Jobe and his father want to unite the classes and sever the classes that kept so many from advancing. He nodded to Jobe and patted his shoulder as he passed and headed upstairs.

He looked to Willow when he entered the room.
[b “Are you alright?”] He asked her quietly as he crept into bed and sighed out. He wasn’t sure Jobe understood what the poorhouses were like and just how bad they were. He had read about and he eyed Willow. She knew more than he did about all this.

[b “Are they that bad?”] He asked her quietly.
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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe looked up as Anastasia rose from her chair and smiled at the image of Fletcher sleeping in her arms. He still couldn’t quite believe how lucky he was to have everything he ever wanted right here in this room. His smile quickly turned to a frown when Anastasia told him that he had headache. [b “I will be up shortly my love. Don’t wait up for me though. You should sleep and then hopefully you will feel better in the morning.”] He said as smiled when her lips pressed against his temple. He reached out and ran his hand along her arm as she walked passed him and continued to watch her until she was out of sight. He sighed lightly and turned his attention back to Willow and Justin, smiling widely at Justin’s words.

[b “They truly are perfect. I still cannot believe that they are mine. I cannot imagine my life without them now. They make my life feel like it had more purpose than it ever has.”] Jobe smiled and finished the drink in his hand before setting it down on the table in front of him, before settling back in his chair with a content sigh. [b “I hope Anastasia is alright with going to the poor houses.”]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow noticed the way that Justin looked at her then, and just like it always did, her heart started to race a little. She smiled towards him and then looked towards Jobe when he mentioned Anastasia.

[b “You just have to remember that she is still from a very different world to you. That doesn’t change just because you got married. Going to the poor houses will remind her of her past and also of the fact that there are still people out there who do accept your marriage, even though you surround yourself with people who do. She will always be reminded of that. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you any less.”] She looked back towards Justin then. They were not too dissimilar but back in their own time they would have never got together, yet here they were married. Husband and wife! That still surprised her. Every day. Part of the reason she was scared to go back to their own time was because Justin had always been consumed by his work, if they went back now, would it be the same? Would she lose him?

[b “I’m actually quite tired myself. If you don’t mind I am going to retire to our room.” She placed a lingering kiss on Justin’s lips and squeezed Jobe’s shoulder on the way passed.
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Anastasia has to admit she was slightly nervous about inspecting poor houses because they were not a pleasant place to behold. They were grim and sad and full of death. She had been lucky when Jobe’s father had plucked her up at seven and taken her to work for them, she had been rescued and now she was married to a man who owned businesses. She stayed very quiet on the subject as she set tea down and looked to the twins who slept peacefully.

After a few moments, it seemed a little too much for the mother as she asked one of the maids to help her with the twins.
[b “”I’m going to head bed, love. I have a terrible headache.”] She excused and placed a kiss on his temple as she passed with Fletcher snoozing in her arms. The twins had grown considerably and soon they would be walking and be toddlers rather than infants.

Anastasia murmured a thanks to the maid who seemed all too happy to help as she tucked in the twins and settled in bed after washing her face. She turned to face the cots where her children slept. It seemed so unreasonable for her to still shy away from her past but it had brought them so much harm, rumours and prejudice and Jobe had even been shot before.


Justin was a wreck of thoughts and emotions in his mind. If Willow and he stayed then they were choosing to have a child or children in this era and risk diseases that had been eradicated in their era. But Willow had been right... Jobe and Anastasia were family, he wasn’t sure he could just up and leave like that and forget about them.

Jobe was going to do amazing things and he wanted to witness them and help, but he didn’t want to risk Willow. What would he do if she contracted smallpox? Or some sort of disease he couldn’t cure? He would have to watch her slip away all the while knowing it could have been prevented? It was such a huge ask and if he was honest, he was scared by it all.

He watched Anastasia go and figured she must be lost in thought too but he didn’t pursue her, not wanting to spook her. He looked to Jobe and smiled.
[b “Your children really are beautiful. They mirror you both perfectly.”] And he spoke the truth. He looked to Willow and he wondered what a child of theirs would be like. Hopefully they would have all of her stubbornness and fierceness that had drawn him to her, the endless spark and her beauty. And she was his wife! He still could barely believe he had married this woman. He didn’t want to give any of this up and he knew if they truly did decide against this then he would have to destroy the mechanism for time travel altogether, to keep it safe.
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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/gb7q260.jpg]] Jobe was also feeling refreshed by their outing. He was beginning to worry that he had been spending too much time at work and the last thing he wanted to do was neglect his wife and child. The factory was getting to a place now where it was practically running itself and now that Willow had educated some of the men they were able to step up and supervise which would give him more time at home and now that they were going to be spending some time trying to reform the poorhouses, they would have time together doing something that really mattered, besides raising their children.

Jobe smiled towards Anastasia as she moved to get some tea. It was getting late but there was no reason why they couldn’t enjoy some more adult company while the twins were asleep. He smiled towards Justin as he looked himself into a seat and nodded. [b “It was wonderful. Much needed so I wanted to make sure that I thanked you both for looking after the children. It’s nice to get a break and reconnect.”] He watched as Anastasia returned. [b “We have decided to start inspecting some of the poor houses to try and force change to improve the conditions there.”]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/R9bcGpC.jpg]] Willow could understand how Justin felt about the situation. She too had blamed herself because the whole situation could have been avoided and it had clearly shaken them both up but if it had put him off having children completely he wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Perhaps his motivation for fixing the device was so they could go back and have a child without the same risks. Although, there were risks wherever they went in reality. However, there was no denying they could protect their child more back in their own time. This really had given them a lot to think about but she was still adamant that this was still her home.

[b “That’s a wonderful idea.”] She said towards Jobe when he made his announcement. Of course, she already knew that this was in their future and she was waiting for the day they told them of their plan and she was glad that it was happening now. [b “I think that is really important work and you will be changing the lives of so many people by doing so.”]
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