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A girl tried to shut out many noises from her ears, keeping her eyes shut and maintaining as calm of an appearance as possible. In front of her was a group of boys...all looking to be jocks or something. Rude remarks and hateful works spurted from their mouths like water from a running faucet. The only difference was that she couldn't reach her hand out to just turn them off.

The female was sitting upon a bench near some kind of school library, a tome by her side. She was becoming rather agitated towards the other students still in front of her, saying whatever they were saying. As time went on, a few of the words mentioned slipped into her mind and she couldn't help but want to cry. Why did it always come to this, just sitting and letting everyone mock her? Every single day, someone making sure she knew that she didn't matter to them.

If only Vanilla could just...use her powers. But...there was a rule forbidding such abilities form being used in the halls. Besides...the boys weren't physically hurting her. If they even laid a finger on her though, she would definitely fight back. But still, their verbal assault wouldn't end as it seeped deeper and deeper into her mind...
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