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This is a group roleplay ya know-

"The moral objection to something so profane but the deepest of convictions are the darkest positions, little remissions for the varicose veins."

Welcome to the Modern Day Cain

Modern Day Cain - A place where humans are trapped within themselves, morely a cage for the stage of twisted beings. Also known to be referenced as Dema.

They say when the bishops grab you, they exercise you into suicide. So beware.

Dema is said to be a place of mental insecurity, a place where all those mentally wronged are trapped. There are sections to Dema but they are coloured in different colours except for red and yellow. Weird right? But there are three-story buildings that hold a small number of people that are trying to escape Dema.

These trapped people have been diagnosed with all kinds of mental illnesses, from depression and anxiety to narcissistic personality disorders. They are just trying to escape to win over their mental disorders and win the war inside their head.

All bishops are played by me-

Imni - Anxiety Bishop

Strus - Post Tramatic Stress Disorder Bishop

Dulagar - Depression Bishop

Codlata - Insomnia Bishop

Gaeltachta - Insantiy Bishop

Eilitheach - Narcissistic Personality Disorder


However, there are these people called the Absinthe's. They live outside of Dema and their main goal is to get everybody out of Dema before going in and banishing/killing the bishops for good.

They were yellow when going into Dema to rescue people because the bishops are blind to the colour yellow. They carry weapons and musical instruments to fight off the bishops. The bishops are also very vulnerable to music, but it has to be made. You can't just play music that is made by your favourite artist, it will actually draw them to you.

Now like some form of D&D, you can choose your class amongst the Absinthe's. There is...



{they lead groups, not the whole Absinthe}




Click Here For More Info on Classes


You can double up of course or how many characters you want to use. There is also an unlimited amount of characters but I will start sometime Febuary.

Skelly for the ones trapped in Dema.

Skelly For the ones in the Absinthe's.


PM me the skelly with the name of Modern Day Cain and then request access. Oh and keep your skelly in your character's profile.

Confirmed Cast

Trapped In Dema


ᴊᴀʏғᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ ʜᴜɴᴛᴇʀ - ʜᴇᴀʟᴇʀ

sᴜᴇñᴏs - ʜᴇᴀʟᴇʀ


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Roleplay Responses

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Dugular sighed and he snapped his fingers, little trails of red smoke leaking from his fingertips as they acted like snakes, surrounding Yuki. He smirked, the smoke literally picking up Yuki into the air, the smoke leaking into her nose. It was his way of giving her whatever power she chooses. His red cloak wrapped around his body, hiding most of it as he sighed afterwards, placing Yuki back on her feet.

He then awaited to see what would happen.


[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]]

Ela soon sighed as the boy woke up and then fell asleep again, telling her that he was at least alive. She slowly stood up, taking the boy with her as she opened the bathroom door and placed him next to Jay, her purple eyes looking over the little kid.

[#DC143C "I'm going to see if I can find some first aid stuff." ]
[#9400D3 "No don't go, it's dangerous out there." ]

Ela just shook her head, knowing that Jay was too weak to even stop her from leaving. [#DC143C "I'll be back." ] She said, closing the door again before turning around, grabbing her baseball bat. She would have to hope to find someone to heal them or she would hope to find some bandages and stuff like that.

But one can only hope that she wasn't found by a bishop or anything and that she would find what she needed.


[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]]

[#228B22 "Then let's go." ]

Jayfeather said with a smile, jumping off the car and walking towards the huge city of Dema. They would go through the tunnels underneath the city and appear in the center and look around there. It was fool proof actually since the bishops couldn't get into the tunnels so if they needed to run, they could just run for the tunnels.

His two sickles clanged against each other as he kept going, looking back once in a while to check on the others to make sure they were behind him and that they wouldn't get lost.

Because the last thing he would need is for one of them to get lost in Dema, the city was really unforgiving for people who were stuck there.
  AngelStrike- / 1y 162d 5h 17m 24s
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Clancy sighed and went on with what he was doing, obviously he wasn't appreciated as a leader. He took out a pack of Camel's and took out a cigarette, sliding the paper in between his mouth before lighting it with his flick lighter. He let the smoke leave his mouth, his voice somewhat being defended cos he was used to smoking constantly.

See, Clancy couldn't play a musical instrument but he sure as hell could sing. Put him with a bass guitar and there's nothing the bishops can do but retreat at that point. He sighed, looking at the small group gathered around the car, knowing that he probably wasn't needed so he went off somewhere else.

Bath salts. What that drug can do to you.

Clancy was hooked on the things, leaving him weak and vulnerable at day time when he was inside of his tent. He couldn't stop sniffing and injecting them even if he tried and when he tried to move on, the withdraw hit him so hard.

He hated it.
He hated himself.


Oliver blushed a light red, his face seeming even a bit pink as his hand was grabbed. He looked at the ground, squeezing the hand ever so comfortably. He looked up to get a nervous smile from Suenos and his heart melted, almost drooling over this boy. He seemed to be in love with this healer as well and sometimes he showed it by getting Suenos little things like daises.

[#FFC0CB "I'm ready too." ]

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/4e/8f/7a/4e8f7ac5c4635f6dad4581530c58fff7.jpg ]
  -Viperstrike- / 1y 167d 22h 42m 55s
Suki hid and watched from the Shadows, Unknowing of what to do. She Had Hoped they Hadn't seen her watching then, Her eye's aglow from the Darkness of the Lush Darkness Of the forest. She whispered to Herself "I Hope they don't see me..."
  Suki / CharaDreemurr201X / 1y 172d 1h 2m 0s
Sueños trembled violently, grabbing Oliver's hand to calm himself. "I-I'm sorry...I just...don't want to be alone..." He seemed to keep a tight grip on Oliver's hand as he got his weapon, twin blades made from the bones of some otherworldly creature. He gave Oliver a nervous smile, blushing slightly, "I-I think I'm ready..."
  Sueños / KommonKaiju / 1y 172d 1h 9m 0s
Akumus got his enchanted bag and but his guitar inside, grabbing his twin katanas and said "Sister, today is the day I avenge you..." He then pocketed his vodka and approached Jayfeather

Yuki winced as she sat back on the bed, using the little magic she had: healing magic. "But... The only magic I have is healing magic, I can't track anything... much less kill it.
  Akumus Mijoshima / Infra-Red / 1y 177d 3h 13m 20s
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Dugular smiled, his grey fingers tapping together as he saw this coming unfortunately but he was ready. He smirked and sighed, [#FF0000 [b "Because we are getting too tired of chasing these humans, we need an attack dog. If you bring me these two girls, I will set you free from this place. Oh and your brother. He will have you too." ]]

Dugular growled, still holding up the mint and purple hair of Jay and Ela. He was sure the girl had some ability of magic to some extent as well, but if she didn't he would have to give her her own powers. And the Devil only worships those who light others.


[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]]
Ela yelled as she swung the bat, the wood cracking as it slammed into a boy's forehead, his body instantly caving to the ground. [#DC143C "Oh fuck, I'm sorry." ] Ela growled, instantly kneeling beside him but he was, of course, knocked the fuck out.

The boy had blue cotton candy coloured hair and a potato necklace charm around his neck, a little flower crown on his head as a bit of blood liquid ran out of his nose. Ela sighed and slowly picked up the boy, making sure not to hurt him anymore. Elzbieta had also noticed that people in Dema had different coloured blood for some reason, hers being a bright neon red.

She hadn't seen the other girl bleed yet so she wasn't sure what colour she was and this boy had dark blue blood. She stared down at him, taking in his pale, round face. He was small like a child, wearing nothing but little sneakers, shorts and a sweater. She cradled him as she leaned back into the wall she was laying against.

She had no first aid or anything so she couldn't do anything but hope that he didn't die of a concussion.


Jayfeather placed a caring hand on Suenos's shoulder, nodding before standing up. [#228B22 "Hello Oliver, so I am going to take Suenos, Oliver, and Akumus into the city of Dema. Get your weapons people." ] Jayfeather called out, mostly to the people that were going but Oliver was already ready by the looks of it.

Jayfeather was sure he was going to save at least one person tonight or die trying.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]
  ᴰᵁᴳᴬᴸᴬᴿ / AngelStrike- / 1y 177d 3h 19m 15s
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Clancy was that one leader that everybody respected, whatever he said is what they did. He was a chill leader too, his eyes always seeming tired but focused at the same time as he heard a voice come from behind him. He turned around, his green camo bomber adorned with yellow tape and his torn black jeans showing his delicate skin.

He had a rifle slung across his back, the clip currently empty as they were in his pockets. [#FCE300 "Oh yes, are you okay my lady?" ] He asked, turning around towards her with his white hair. His tattoos were all over his body, his golden ring on his finger as being a leader.


Oliver was the last one to answer to the call of Jayfeather, soon standing besides and closely to Suenos as he stared up at Jayfeather. In secret, Jayfeather had charged Oliver with making sure Suenos was never alone and was protected. But Oliver was good at hiding the fact that Jayfeather had given him the job, instead, he acted like a best friend to Suenos.

His pink hair seemed red in the campfire light, a small submachine gun against the back of his butt. He wore a grey sweater but he also had a yellow bandana tied around his neck and mouth, covering some of his face. He had combat boots and yellow dyed jeans that had flowers all over them.

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/4e/8f/7a/4e8f7ac5c4635f6dad4581530c58fff7.jpg ]
  olisaurus- / 1y 177d 4h 53m 46s
Suki continued to wander the camp, in search for friends, Most were either to busy... or afriad of her, because she was half demon. She walked up to a man who looked like a healer. He looked pretty shaken too "H-hello? a-are you alright?"
  Suki / BeteNoire / 1y 180d 6h 48m 40s
Sueños fidgeted, thinking about staying before shaking his head, "N-no, I'm one of the best healers here, you might need my powers, though I'm no longer able to fly. You can count on me, just...don't leave me alone..." His autophobia only ever got to him when he was alone, or even felt alone, and his 'invisible' friends never followed him into Dema.
  Sueños / KommonKaiju / 1y 180d 12h 33m 8s
Yuki found herself unable to speak, out of fear more than anything, but nodded, whimpering as she attempted to stand, her ankle apparently broken. She was supposed to be dead, why wasn't she? "I-I thought you were immortal... Why would you need me?
  Logan / Infra-Red / 1y 182d 3h 16m 11s
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Dulagar was the one bishop everybody has in their lifetime, he couldn't even put into words how many people have depression but only the worst of the worst was here in Dema. These people had wanted to die but only had to sleep to appear here. They would be trapped in Dema for how long it took for them to get out and then defeat all the bishops.

Only then, would the people wake up from this nightmare. But if you were caught by a bishop, then you died in your sleep as you wished before you fell asleep. However, he had the first apprentice that they have ever had, considering they were immortal, they really wouldn't need one but he was keen on having an attack dog.

The bishop let out a black-toothed grin at the sight of Yuki appearing in a small circling room where he stood in the middle. A booming voice came out without Dulagar moving his lips. Dulagar lifted up two hairs, one purple and one a mint green.

[#FF0000 [b "Hello Yuki. You have been a hell of a find. I hope we can come to terms." ]]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]]
Ela heard footsteps come up at the nearby staircase that she and the other girl was set up by and she growled, standing up. She closed the bathroom door to hide the purple girl since she was weak and she grabbed a baseball bat she had been carrying around.

[#DC143C "Who's there-?" ] She growled out loud, tightening her grip on the baseball bat she had in her hand. She was a really good swing, she could break it while hitting someone if she hit hard enough. Her red converse planted into the ground, her knee bending as she began to extend her body, basically getting ready to hit hard and fast.

Ela was also covered in leather and metal belts, just a part of her aesthetic look but she could use them in situations, which she has before. She just growled and hoped nothing would really turn the corner but if something did, that it was one of the bishops.


Jayfeather sighed as he looked down at Suenos and Akumus, a bass guitar also strapped against his back, the head of the guitar peaking over his shoulder. Jayfeather had worn this guitar for so long that it no longer slowed him down and he liked having it on to be honest.

[#228B22 "I know that Clancy our leader isn't back but I want to take a group into Dema. Anyone that is willing can come but it is limited." ]

He said before his green eyes went back to Suenos below him and he kneeled down, face to face with the demon. [#228B22 "Listen, you don't have to come if you don't want to, I know how uneasy the raids make you." ] He said sweetly, a soft and caring smile on his face.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]
  epifania- / 1y 182d 3h 21m 46s
Suki Walks though the camp, Avoiding Eye contact with anyone she comes into contact with, Until she Spaces out and Runs into Elizabita. "S-sorry!"
  Suki / CharaDreemurr201X / 1y 182d 21h 45m 9s
Sueños smiled softly, chatting with some sort of unseen friend like he was a child, then again, he wasn't human. He was a dream demon, and one of the healers for the Absinthe. Despite being surprisingly sweet and looking much younger than his true age, he suffered from autophobia, causing many a close run-in with bishops, especially the bishop of insanity. He never liked going on raids, but was often picked for his ability to make people fall asleep and the fact that he could enter those dreams. He heard Jayfeather whistle and ran over to him as fast as he could, unable to fly due to one of his wings being injured beyond repair. He looked up at the male, fidgeting anxiously.
  Sueños / KommonKaiju / 1y 182d 22h 46m 51s
[i Pain] Akumus knew a lot about pain, losing his sister to those damned bishops. In his pain, he turned to liquor, still somehow remaining to be one of their best warriors even when he's drunk or hungover. That was what he was doing now, sitting in camp with a half-empty bottle of vodka

Yuki woke up in the place that belonged to the Bishops. [i why am i not dead?] she wondered, slowly swinging her legs so her feet hit the ground
  Akumus Mijoshima / Mememaster / 1y 183d 3h 38m 35s
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[Kodchasan [center [left [pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]]

The mint haired girl wasn't one to usually cry but being here in this awful place made her cry almost every day. She was that usual high-school jock and she had never felt anything bad like remorse or anything until now. She hated these emotions and what they did to her, it made her feel vulnerable, which is the worst feeling for her.

She was a softball player when she was back in the actual world for her school and she was also one of the punks of the school as well. But all she remembered was falling asleep before appearing here in this place.

Elzbieta was diagnosed with depression and anger issues and she never really learned how to cope with it except for sleeping around with people. But now that she was trapped here, she was terrified that she would never see another face except for this other girl whom she hated. It was just a gut thing, Elzbieta trusted her gut. Always.

Elzbieta wore a very torn and dirty red short sleeve shirt and torn skinny jeans, her knees curled to her chest as she sat in the corner of the third floor in the building she was currently in. Dema had lots of these three story buildings and the town was like a maze to keep people from coming together in big groups. She sighed, cold mist coming out of her mouth as she opened her red eyes, looking into the bathroom of the third story, looking at the other girl.


[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/QFxSakq.jpg ]]

The girl with the purple eyes was collapsed by the toilet, hugging it tightly as she placed her face against the toilet seat. She was currently sick, her pale and extremely thin body shaking. She was different from Elzbieta, very different in terms of personality.

This girl was way quieter and less confident and more disturbed and anti-social. She wore a large torn purple sweater and dirty yoga pants and they were like that because she was running away from not just one, but three of the bishops before Elzbieta saved her. She had purple eyes and purple dyed hair, the hair reaching the middle of her back.

The girl had blankets and pillows piled in the tub as her bed as Elzbieta slept outside. She was more of a cooker and caretaker than Elzbieta was so she tended to make food for the other girl but not eat herself. Elzbieta had been struggling with making the girl eat but Ela wasn't exactly nice.


Jayfeather sighed as he sat on a rock on the edge of the Absinthe's camp, feeling heat and seeing light coming from behind him. At night, the Absinthe's would be active and when it was daytime, they slept as if they were bats. He was thin and tall, a yellow and camo cape draped along his back. He had black short hair and forest green eyes, wearing tight camo pants and a camo sweater along with it.

Jayfeather was a healer in the Absinthe but that didn't stop him from being co-leader of the group. Clancy was the leader but he was gone somewhere at this time, having said he was going to be back soon. He sighed before getting off his rock, standing at his 6'3 as he walked back to the center of the camp.

He climbed on top of the old and rusted car in the center of the camp and he whistled to get everybody's attention. He looked over the camp, tons of tents and shops and whatnot set up all over the hill side. He slightly smiled at the sight of it, it was pretty cool.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]
  amo- / 1y 183d 3h 53m 57s

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