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[google-font] [center [Merienda This is a place for my babies to talk and vent their feelings. Don't like? Don't read.]]


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[right [size14 [u [b ::Soren Lorath:: - May 13th, 2019]]]]

[center My whole world is gone... my family is dead... I’m truly alone in this world now.... I miss Arina so much... she was the love of my life.. my whole universe, the mother of my babies that will never see the stars again..

Perhaps it’s time I joined them..
  Moonstruck- / 35d 21h 17m 16s
[center [right [u [b ::Blizzard D'Cruse:: - May 13th, 2019]]]]

[center I never imagined my life would flip around this much. First I'm in love with one person but he doesn't love me. The guy I thought hated me, loves me. He makes my heart beat so fast and I love spending every second with him. He completes me fully. He makes me smile. God. I love him. I know I'm fourteen but I love him. Now I get why grandma left me orange blossoms. I also called uncle Seth daddy but..he raised me. He is my daddy just as much as my dad is.]
  -An_Dulra / 36d 4h 9m 37s
[right [u [b [size14 ::Memphis Rigbee:: - April 19th, 2019]]]]

[center I am beyond pissed right now. Who the fuck does this person think they are? Hurting my baby like that. He goes in for help and I discover him electrocuted, his glasses broken, unconscious, heavily sedated and with something shoved inside him under his skin. When I find whoever did this I will shread them. Do not touch my babies, ever. I will find you and I will end you. Bet on it.]
  -An_Dulra / 60d 5h 40m 37s
[right [size14 [u [b ::Sinclair:: - April 13th, 2019]]]]

[center I'm not much closer to finding mine and my family's killer. Every day I seem to get further and further away from them, and it drives me insane. My family's souls at this rate will never be avenged, how can I ever even set foot on their graves without fulfilling my promise to them. My mother would be so disappointed in me, she raised me to keep my promises; and my father? He would be furious. He taught me to get the job done, and I can't even do that.

The only person I haven't disappointed, it seems, is Thalan. I never thought I would see him again, after... everything that happened. But here we are. He didn't really say those things to me.. he really does love me, he cares about me..he doesn't judge me... He just accepts me as I am and supports me; and to think I almost threw him away because I believed the person pretending to be him, that he would rather that slut over me... that I was sick in the head... that he would never love someone who wanted to kill people....I nearly lost him and now that I got him back I am not letting him go ever again.
  Moonstruck- / 66d 8h 9m 56s

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