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A world where four come together

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-nurse time frame-

Civa has watched Dawn answer Arthur, the fact that Sin was a male. “Scorch here is a female, just if you were curious.” That pun of her being hot, Civa smirked, “I guess it makes me hotter than the average girl.”

Dawn scoffed but laughed into her fisted hand, it was refreshing. She rolled her eyes at the sisters comment, but it was quite eerie how similar they were.

“I know right! It’s like we were meant to be. We even wore windbreakers!” Civa responded to the clothes they were.

Dawn just rose her brow, “Half the school here wore windbreakers!”

“Yea but, we both are arcane types, both have pets that can grow!” She motioned to them, “and I feel like we have similar emotions but we just show it differently.” Civa grinned, knowing she had a point with the first half and Dawn can’t deny that. “We were meant to be best friends.”

Dawn sighed but decided not to argue with her. The whole teammate dilemma, Civa felt a wave of relief at Aruthurs comment, but as she glanced at Rex, his expression and face was all that was needed to tell Civa that he did not enjoy her little scheme. She turned her head away. She felt bad and knew she had to fix this somehow. But now wasn’t the time.

urrent time-

They had looked closer into their individual scores and Civa was quite surprised of how in-depth they were evaluated. They even lost points cuz of Sin. She looked at Dawn who seemed to reassure Sin of his job well done, and she honestly didn’t look surprised of the system of scoring. Did she possibly know how this school works. Civa looked at the rest of her teammates score, and the symbol. Leadership role, she huffed, that was something she knows deep inside of that she does not have.

Dawn wasn’t keen on the leadership role either and looked at Arthur who commented with his no symbol. “Hey, you didn’t do anything wrong. This was a team effort, so don’t feel bad for not getting a symbol. It’s all bogus anyway. But in my opinion I think you should’ve gotten one, there should’ve been a brave and bold spirited one, that that one represents your nature of good morale, and helping others-or something. I don’t quite, it looks like they took some symbols away.” It was suspicious to Dawn quite frankly, but noticed Civa looking at her weird.

“It seems like you know a lot about this school,” Civa commented with a half smirk. But alas was ignored.

Dawn had placed her hand on Rex shoulder to prevent him from doing anymore damage but the guys from the monitor came just in time. Civa sighed in exasperation and shook Arthur’s hand away, “I really don’t care about the exam, we almost died and this is our result. I’d understand if we were terrible.” She muttered under her breath. She knew why they got knocked down so much but it just bothered her. She knew she was being petty.

Dawn looked away from the teacher, and felt anxious. She was sure she didn’t know this Edward guy, but she wasn’t so sure if he knew her. She hopes not. But as soon as the man on stage spoke, she felt highly anxious. That man was a close family friend of hers, and she definitely didn’t want to be seen. She knows she’s going to hear from her family soon about her results, but she wasn’t ready to see anyone that knows her. She pulled her shirt up to her chin and kept her eyes low.

Civa glance sat her pale expression, “You okay,” she whispered, somewhat worried.

“Yea.. just a headache,” she rubbed her temple.

They looked at the top three team, and there the first team were. Three boys and one girl. Civa looked at the one guy who definitely irked her the most. He seemed to be smirking, but wasn’t quite looking at her. She looked behind and there were Rex and Arthur. Perhaps one of them. She looked back and their eyes locked, his sneer growing. Civa has swallowed a lump in her throat. Though, she was mostly annoyed at his newly formed fans. Sho, was his name. The red haired with different set of eyes. He’s a prodigy apparently, so his skills are probably beyond theirs. He was “the best of the best” according to the girls. There, was a guy who looked constantly irritated, Nai was his name. His demeanor looked frightening, but Civa wasn’t sure if he was arrogant as him. The third, Hound was the name, he looked chaotic and proud. A little freaky, who seemed thirsty and a wild personality. Lastly was the girl, who honestly seemed god-worldly with a mysterious side.

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/10/7f/6d/107f6d0b53d55b4b6b2d3b1abbfa2432.jpg]
[pic https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dogs-of-war/images/0/07/Anime-anime-guy-art-kuroko-no-basket-Favim.com-2434839.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160522202904]
[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/33bb33e321638fc82b4092cf40bd4a7e/tumblr_ojzjxfn3bz1udwpkdo1_250.jpg]

Civa had looked at Reiki and smiled , waving her hand towards him and giving him s thumbs up. Out of anything, she was glad he was up there. Perhaps she was giving him too much credit, but she couldn’t help it. She really felt he helped her through that tough time, plus something g about him was cute and Civa wanted to protect him.

Once that announcement was over, her ears perked at Arthur’s statement. Dawn froze slightly, feeling her heart pulse rapidly. [i His family? What did- was it the Runes Knight?] Dawn felt something sink in her stomach, she didn’t want to think snout other possibilities. But if what she thinks is true, who else was in the same boat. She knows she didn’t have anything to do with it directly, but she feels as if she was involved somehow. Though she was sure her family had nothing to do with it directly, she hoped.

Civa watched their reactions and intervened. “Let’s get something to eat. I’m treating remember? I think we all deserved that.”
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[center [h3 Getting Acquainted]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur had heard Dawn call her pet Sin. He tilted his head and smiled]]

[center [+brown Is that her name? It's a her right? Sin?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nBUZAqX.jpg]]

[center [b Civa had called to Reiki he had blushed hiding his face in his hood giving a nod. His team was teasing him the whole way out. Civa had retorted to Arthur about having a lot of fire in her.]]

[center [+brown A lot of fire? Does that make you.. "Hot?'']]

[center [b Rex had winced at Arthur's horribly cheesy pun as Arthur himself still gave a laugh.]]

[center [b Arthur gave an awkward chuckle scratching at his cheek as Dawn expressed her worry.]]

[center [+brown Hehe whoops! Well don't worry I'm really hard headed I'll be fine! Sorry to worry you like that Dawn! I'm just glad you guys are okay.]]

[center [b Arthur laughed at Civa and Dawn's banter back and forth.]]

[center [+brown Oh Dawn don't be too hard on Civa! You guys kinda act like sisters ya know! Are you two related by chance?]]

[center [b Before they could head off Dawn and Civa had stopped Arthur and Rex. Arthur looked behind and smiled asking.]]

[center [+brown Yeah?]]

[center [b It was than they began to explain everything and Rex's face? Well he seemed hurt certainly when she said it was entertainment purposes. Rex didn't seem angry just hurt and confused but before Rex could sputter his feelings Arthur had shrugged with a smile.]]

[center [+brown Upset with you? You saved my ass out there didn't you? We all make mistakes and besides it all turned out well right? Were a team so it wouldn't do to be upset with you. Like you said your the other half right in front of us right?]]

[center [b He gave a wink not realizing how flirty that comment had came out.]]

[center [+brown It's nice to have you guys on the team! Right Rex?]]

[center [b Rex seemed a bit surprised by Arthur's reaction but he had decided to agree with a nod. Dawn had tried to take some credit for the blame but Arthur shook his head and patted her shoulder. It was than Dawn had managed to convince Civa to a meal.]]

[center [+brown That sounds great! A nut job? Well every team has one! Besides I've been told I have a few loose screws myself so I think it'll be fine! Rex and you will have to keep us in line haha! Course if you can get the kid to talk he never says like.. Anything!]]

[center [h3 Getting Ready]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Never says anything huh? Rex thought that was.. Well fair but he couldn't help but think about what Civa did. Entertainment? Was she laughing at them? He got up and rather embarrasedly put on his vest over his under clothes. He was hoping they'd be distracted talking to pay attention to his body or laugh at it rather. "No Civa seems sorry.. Does she hate me? Did I do something wrong for her to not wanna team up? Why not ask? Yeah cause that's not a bucket full of awkward." Yeah just be like. "Hurr durr by the way do you hate my flippin guts? Oh no? Cool sorry I accused you like an ass"]]

[center [b They had went to go see the exams and their they were staring at the exams. Rex had noticed Kita but her teammates... Failed? Wait you can pass without them?! Her score was high enough but they had failed. How come? "Chivalry" did she get extra points for... Coming back and helping them? They rated on things like good deeds? Rex saw that one woman with dark hair too.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/2kM4eYn.jpg]]

[center [b She probably passed and.. Yup Mika and that one team who attacked Kita's? They all passed in fact they all made it in 3rd place. They took a lot of other teams papers.]]

[center [b 2nd Place was that one team who had helped them. Reiki,Maria,Kidoshi,Rose and 1st place? Was four names he didn't recognize.]]

[center [b They had their own scores aside from the teams huh? Rex had saw they barely passed and Civa? She was upset about it? He went to read the team summary. They were deducted points for riding on Sin was it? Yeah outside help normally gets you banned it was amazing they passed.]]

[center [b Recklessly challenging an enemy above their experience level. Another team forced to get involved to help them? Had Kidoshi and his group? They could have snuck past it? They only fought cause Rex and his team attacked the big bot so recklessly. On that not they were praised for their combat prowess against such an enemy. "Probably how we passed by the skin of our teeth"]]

[center [b Rex and Arthur's reckless behavior was mention and so was Civa's "poor teamwork at the beginning" what? She was fin- Oh were they watching that? Rex had lost them points by being reckless too? Dawn's cool headed mind had gained them some and Civa's creative mind did too.]]

[center [b Rex defeating that team and helping Kita was mentioned and so was Arthur's valor in that fight. Rex had saw he managed to score the highest in the team followed by Dawn. Arthur? He scored the lowest.]]

[center [+brown Oh man you all did better than me! What are those crowns next to Civa and Dawn? What's that sword next to Rex?]]

[center [b The sword symbol Rex looked and apparently? It meant he was among the top 5 capable here in terms of combat. Yet he scored terribly? He didn't understand that? Dawn and Civa's crowns had represented they were natural born leaders. Probably a tip that one of them should be in charge? Arthur hadn't gotten a symbol and he seemed well..]]

[center [+brown You guys even got cool little badges next to your names! Oh man! Sorry about that guys it seems I did the worst huh? I hope you guys aren't too upset with me!]]

[center [b Well he was actually taking it well unlike Civa she didn't seem to be a fan. How did Rex feel? Disappointed? Yeah he worked hard to do well and he gave his all for this? He scored the worst of the five sword symbols and he was getting mixed looks for it. It didn't matter he'd prove himself if anything? He was pumped to find these other four members and give them challenge them. He wanted to see how he stacked up against them. Well it wasn't that modest Rex didn't care about test scores and stuff like that. He wanted to prove he was the strongest fighter every other score he couldn't care less about. Rather arrogant wasn't it? Yeah it was.]]

[center [b Rex was hearing whispers among the crowd. "Isn't that Civa? Yeah she's a genius they say! Who's that with her?"

[center [b "Don't know I think the boy with white hair is known as the White Swordsman. They say he took out a criminal with a Blast Heart without one of his own without any real formal training. That and Civa was always scored the best around her area some say even past that." there were doubts if those were true now. Considering how poorly they had down.]]

[center [b Civa was angry and so was Dawn and it wasn't long before a team had taunted them about it. Making a pass at Civa and as fast as he blamed her? He instead blamed her team mates. Arthur had tried to simply smile but Rex? He was pissed.]]

[center [b As the man walked away Rex had grabbed a small rock on the ground throwing it past the guys head. Arthur had looked at him but before the situation could grow any worse? The professor himself Edward had intervened.]]

[center [pic https://d1zfszn0v5ya99.cloudfront.net/user/16097251/profile_picture/59e5dc4493c9a_square.png]]

[center [+blue They have an announcement coming up let's not waste our time fighting among ourselves. It is against school rules Mr Rex rider. I hear your a special case you and your team are all.. Interesting but I'd ask you to refrain from such rash actions.]]

[center [b Civa was just as hot headed as Dawn tried to calm her down. Arthur put a hand on Rex's and Civa's shoulders.]]

[center [+brown It's just one test it doesn't define us right? We'll get more chances to prove ourselves later! Don't worry! Yeah after this teach gives us an announcement of some kind I think we can head back right?]]

[center [pic http://www.icartoons.cn/creator/data/uploads/2013/1205/17/52a049ff0a91d.jpg?weiboid=4508]]

[center [b A man had taken to the stage in front of all the scores. Clearing his throat before he began to speak into a mic.]]

[center [+lightblue Congrats to those who passed it is no small feat. Eighty percent of you left before it started and of the remaining twenty percent less than half passed so you should pat yourselves on the back. So let me inform you of how your time here will begin. Your team? Those you've passed with? Will be your team for the remainder of your time here at this school. All four years as for your dorms? The number will be that of your team. Each room has a class schedule which you will share with that team of course. I recommend taking the time to get to know each other. Your first assignment and set of classes will begin tomorrow you will be debriefed on more than. You are know officially accepted students of this academy. Also I will be showcasing the top three teams who have passed a place which I believe all of you can strive for.]]

[center [b There they were all standing on platforms. 3,2,1 The third team was... Mika and her gang? The ones Rex and Arthur fought with Kita well that's great. As for the second team it was Kidoshi,Reiki,Maria,Rose he already noticed that before. However he now had faces to put with the first team that one woman... With the dark hair she was on the team though he didn't know who the other three were.]]

[center [+lightblue That will be all the rest of the day is yours to do as you see fit.]]

[center [+brown Thank god I passed... Least my family will be all right now.]]

[center [b Family? What was he talking about? Wait.. This was his team for four years? Two beautiful women and a talkative guy? Rex... Wasn't sure how he was gonna handle this. "Probably gonna shave a few years off my life.." They did... Seem very nice though. So he was supposed to.. Get to know them huh?]]
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Dawn felt her heart calm down, the searing pain in her arm wasn’t as bad anymore. She smiled, arms crossing and glanced down seeing Sin brush against her leg. “Thanks to you too Sin, you were great out there.” She watched as a team came to collect one of their member.

“Ah, Reiki,” Civa called out once again before he left. Her hand was over her bandaged wound, her lips turned to a soft smile. “Really, thank you again. You probably saved my life out there, I’ll treat you to something nice,” her lips turned into a wide grin. Her eyes then turned back to Arthur, “What can I say, I have a lot of fire in me.”

Dawn lips turned into a half smile, laughing out a bit. She didn’t think Civa had a humble bone in her. When they mentioned the team, Dawn shifted uncomfortable and glanced away, she didn’t exactly know what to do. Her eyes looked at Civa who stared right back at her and she knew what she was thinking. Civa jutted her lips, glancing away from Dawn as well.

Hearing Kits exchanges her last words she watched her leave, Civa smirking at Kitas face. Dawn stared confused. Her attention was back at the boys. “I’m glad you guys are okay too. You both had me worried, especially you Arthur since you were knocked out.”

“Aw what about me? I was knocked out and badly hurt too,” Civa playfully whined kissing Scorchs head.

Sighing, Dawn rolled her eyes, “You partly deserved it.”

“Sure, and that’s why you were waiting by my bed for me to wake up,” her Cheshire smile rose, snickering.

Dawn glared at her, eye twitching as her cheeks had a tint of red. She looked at Rex, “You dud great out there too, thanks for the help. If you hadn’t joined in, that nut job over would’ve died. I appreciate it.” She was sure they both spoke their gratitude. As they spoke to about seeing their scores, Dawns lips pursed. “Wait.. um.. before we go,” She was glad that it was the four of them. “About the whole team,” she scratched the back of her head, her attention redirecting to Civa who leaned away from the wall.

“No let me, This was my mess so I should explain.” She cleared her throat, “uh.. your team that you were looking for.. well.. they’re right in front of you, heh.” She grinned, in a apologetic way. “Surprise.. we are you other half.” Her eyes glanced away, her fingers fiddling with each other, face red with embarsssment. She sighed, “I didn’t think it’d end up like this. I was hoping at the end we would come up to you and introduce ourselves as your members. But not in the nurse.. it was for entertainment purposes, and a way for me to have fun in this stupid exam. But my stupid scheme almost got us all killed.. and ending up in the nurse. It was all my idea, I forced Dawn into this. So I apologize.. for this. But in the bright side, I think we work well together as a team even if we didn’t know we were one. That’s a plus right..” her eyes glanced back at them, “but I’d understand if you guys are pretty upset with me.”

Dawn sighed in surrender, “No it was partly my fault, I went along with it even if I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry too.Plus I think, we’d end up here anyway. We knew since the lockers. But yea.. we have a nut job in our team by the way, just a heads up. She’ll do crazy things every now and then, and she claims to be s genius so..” Dawn shrugged. She gave small smirk, “She’ll treat us to a meal.”

“Wha-hey,” Civa sighed but smiled. “Fine, I accept. Now let’s go see how we did! I’m sure we scored high, we’ve defeated a lot of bots. But.. didn’t grab the papers..”

They walked to see the score, and when they arrived people were gathered around for theirs. Dawn maneuvered her way through, pulling people shadows out of the way in the process. They looked for their team and Dawn frowned, “That’s funny I don’t see ours.”

“What, no way!” Civa exclaimed pointing nearvthr end. “How are we so low, we barely passed. I mean I know we didn’t care about the exam, but we almost died for this!”

Dawn can hear others snickering and she glared making them stumble with their shadows. Her eyes twitched, headache forming. “This does make sense,” She massaged her head. They heard the lesson from the whispers of the people. “Bull..” she groaned, she should’ve known that the school would do this. Run away from the bot, but they ended up killing it. Taking away so much points. She was sure her uncle created it, pretty sure he was not happy them destroying his prototype. “We got knocked down for that..”

“What the hell! That’s fucking dumb, I got poisoned during this exam, can you guys believe that,” Civa looked at the boys. Sparks were flying around her, sparks of fire. She gets a bit destructive if her emotions aren’t in check.

Dawn eyes looked at the first place, and she can tell who they in an instance. Mainly from the people whispering and pointing at them. She stared at them, they looked proud of themselves, too cocky. Especially that boy. They walked over to them.

“You team 36?” The boy asked, his team right behind.

“Yea, what of it,” Dawn responded, she wasn’t in the mood.

His cocky smirk evident, eyes looking at Civa, “i hesrd youre quite the intellect around your town, and that you’re the one to beat academically. You were number one across the land in school.” He glanced at the score and scoffed, “Looks like you knocked a few brain cells during this exam. Maybe it was too hard. That’s too bad, I thought you and I could make a nice duo. I am a prodigy after all.” His eyes looked at the rest, staring at the boys and he chuckled. Smirk widening, “You look like a bunch of weaklings. Perhaps it was your team. That’s too bad, it looks like your team is dragging you down, even with a hunters heart” he laughed and walked off. His teammates looking embarrassed and irritated. One of them giving them an apologetic look. “If you decide to ditch them, you know where to find me babe,” he waved them off and disappeared.

“Gross.. his attitude needs to be in check. I hate his kind,” Dawn muttered, aggravated, but flinched as sparks were flying everywhere.

Civa was fuming, pupils shrunk and glowed ember, “that fucking entitled snob, who the hell does he think he is undermining my intellect and my team. I’ll squeeze that tiny brain of his,” her eyes widening as sparks sooner turned into small waves of flame.

“H-hey calm down,” Dawn tried to interfere.

Her powers lost touch and blew a hole in a nearby wall. Civa snapped out of it and rubbed her neck, “Oops... my bad..”

Dawn sighed, “we can’t do anything about it now. And that asshoke is long gone now, you boys doing okay?” Her attention was caught by a girl who turned the corner. There was a nostalgia she felt, and she didn’t even get a good look at the girl. “I have a headache,” she muttered. “What now.. do we get to our rooms?” Dawn glared at a group of people who seemed to be gossiping, “Scram. Well this day is going well..”
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[center [h3 Observing]]

[center [b Kita sat there as she thought about the exams. Where was her team? Hopefully the made it she'd hope they'd pass even if she didn't. She'd try again next year and just train harder. The last thing she wanted was for them to fail cause she wasn't able to help them out. She had to pay back that Arthur kid for helping her out. She saw two women in her room the ones at the fight. Were they team mates with those boys? If so why were they separated? Like she had room to talk on that one. Still she was just glad to see everyone made it out in one piece.]]

[center [b Kita had saw the girls go to find the boys room and she had decided to follow. She didn't say much but she'd offer them all a thanks at least. She saw Arthur and Rex as well as that one boy who had healed them. He didn't look hurt but he was tired probably. "Reiki?" he had a tag on his bed. So that was that boys name. The one Civa called a cutie? Reiki had saw Civa and his face into his hood. Ahh the shy type huh? That makes him and that Rex fellow but he somehow seemed much more fragile.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nBUZAqX.jpg]]

[center [+lightgreen I.. Umm..]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SXKf29j.jpg]]

[center [+pink Reiki!]]

[center [b The woman who was wielding power heart before? His whole team had just barged in. The spearsman and the "Witch" too the Spearsman was ruffling his hair.]]

[center [+darkgreen Ya gave us a scare!]]

[center [+purple Yeah kiddo be more careful!]]

[center [+pink Hey! Give the kid a break!]]

[center [b That explains their teamwork despite being strangers they all had personalities that complimented each other. She envied that they had shown the best team work out there actually. Arthur had smiled and looked to the others as Rex just hid his face into his hair.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [+brown Civa! Dawn! Kita! Those guys who helped us before?]]

[center [+darkgreen Oh hey I'm Kidoshi that spearman from before? A pleasure! The girl in the armor is Maria. The boy here is Reiki and.. Our lovely Arcane user of ice is-]]

[center [+purple Rooooseee~! We'd stay but we gotta go check the scores come on guys!! Let's see who passed!!]]

[center [b With that Kidoshi and his team were just gone. Kita had stayed leaning against the wall to watch the others. Arthur had that stupid childish grin on his face. He almost died and he looked just happy to see the others were okay.]]

[center [+brown Man Civa that power was a trip! You have an awesome Blast Heart! All of you do! Where are your two other team mates? Lose them? We never found ours... Right Rex?]]

[center [+orange E-Eerrr.. Huh? O-Oh uh.. Y-Yeah.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/600x315/47/0f/ae/470faef7401ab4ab7030dc7d00fa88f4.jpg]]

[center [b Rex wasn't wearing his usual vest and he seemed even more nervous and shy it. Kita was surprised she expected him to be very scrawny but she could tell the boy trained hard. She wasn't a fan of how easily flustered he was. "How could such a timid boy.." she didn't want to finish that thought but it was there. How was such a timid boy a better swordsman than her? It annoyed her greatly.]]

[center [b Civa smiled telling Arthur she was glad he wasn't burnt to a crisp.]]

[center [+brown Haha yeah! It was hot though! Still really badass!]]

[center [b Rex blushed and just looked away as she told them she was glad they weren't hurt.]]

[center [+brown Oh Rex don't be so shy come on say something hehe!]]

[center [+orange I umm.. T-Test... Scores..?]]

[center [+grey Before you go off and check all that I just want you guys to know. Well... Thanks about before you too Arthur. Thanks for... Well rushing in when you didn't have to. ...Even though it was pretty stupid.]]

[center [b Kita crossed her arms as she began to walk away with a slight tint of red across her face.]]

[center [+brown Ya know? I wasn't expecting her to be like that haha least everyone's okay though! You guys wanna go check our scores? Rex has got a point!]]
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Civa has been watching the fight and was observing Rex his blast heart, she’s seen types like those, not often but it does pop up every now and then. Hunter type, it can destroy the body and mind, completely taking over, especially if one doesn’t know how to control. She assumed there were other types, with varying names and abilities but those types were the ones heavily used in front battles with the Rune Knights.

As Dawn was hit with the light she was shoved aside. “Rex!” Looking over to him, because of her armor, it withheld most of the attack but it doesn’t look like her armor could hold onto her for long. She stared at the huge bot, her mind spiraling.

Civa grew deeply worried and looked at Arthur who agreed. “An emotion isn’t necessary, it just draws out one. But the type of emotion can affect your battle, depending on the person.”

Her fingertips sparked as she touched his shoulder, her eyes flowed ember as sparks and flames surrounded Arthur, allowing him to gain some strength and heal. But Civa felt an immense pressure weighing down on her, this wasn’t good, she gripped on her wound, pretty sure the acid spreading to her body.

It was then another team came and helped. This boy healed their wound, Civa looked at him smiling, greatful. She wasn’t completely healed, and the poison lingering on her body was evident, but it was enough. She had some of her strength back, and the boy was helping others as well. “Thank you,” she whispered.

She felt her power increased, and she stood firm sending the barrier around Arthur, the heat intensifying. She could feel the flames engulf her and him. She felt something, and emotion was being drawn out. Her eyes focused on Arthur, this feeling. How can something like this be drawn out, Arthur had the ability to draw out such emotion from her power, her arcane. While all her power did for her is make her insane, destroying her. The negativity, the explosive reaction, her lips twitched.

She was envious.


Her mind snapped out of it as she focused again, she was getting out of control. She had maintain herself if they both would be burnt to crisp. She saw Dawn in front of her, a shadow barrier around them to protect. She created a barrier around Rex as well. “Dawn..”

“Are you okay? Don’t push yourself, you still look like you’re in pain.”

Civa grinned, eyes back on Arthur, “Don’t worry. This cutie here healed me all better,” of course she was lying through her teeth. Her wound still stung a bit and the rest of her body felt somewhat numb. But the thing that was damaging her the most was her power, it started to slowly burn parts of her skin, she wasn’t in full health to do this, and it was taking a major toll on her. But Arthur was fine, she wouldn’t allow herself to lose it to hurt him.

Dawn narrowed her eyes but decided to focus back on the fight. Everyone had helped, and Dawns armor broke off. But she wasn’t going to let arthur fight this without help. She aimed her gun, “Shadow heart,” her shadow wrapped itself around her again but it looked broken. Tho she wasn’t tired, her flaired gun shot at the bots shadow, holding him back and in place. Enough to let Arthur defeat it.

As soon it was destroyed Civa broke the barrier and it all came surging back to her. The pain and strength he used, what he felt all came back, as if she was fighting the bot. She gasped, draining her completely, her body shook. She used too much of her resources. She looked up and grinned, muttering under her breath. “We’re going to be great teammates.”

Dawn broke her barrier and started to rush to him, “Arthur!” But she stopped as she heard a thud. She looked back and saw Civa completely unconscious as well. “Civa! Shit— this is bad,” she saw the door open. “Nurse, the nurse.” She pulled Red and Arthur by their shadows to get close to them. “Sin,” She looked at him and Sin grew in size. He grew enormous. “Fuck the rules,” they managed to help the boys up and Civa as well. They all climbed on and one of them had made a bigger entry to the door way.

She saw Scorch by Civa, she could tell. “It’s okay Scorch, she’s going to be okay.” She looked at the boys, “they all will.”


Civa felt something wet, her face twitched. It was warm, and felt nice. She felt relaxed and slowly her eyes pried open to see Scroch by her side. “Hey,” her voice was a bit hoarse and soon she widened her eyes as she jerked up. “What- what happened, where?” She looked around to see Dawn sitting by her, wrapped in bandages and such. She winced in pain and looked at her self who was even more medically patched. “Dawn? What happened, did we? I mean did we win? We defeated the bot so-wait the boys where-“

“Hey calm down. Yea, I took us to the nurse. You’re hurt don’t move too much. We defeated it but I’m not sure what happened next. Are you okay?” Dawn asked. The girls were in the room who looked to be doing well, with Kita patches up pretty heavily as well as Civa. “The boys are in the other room.”

Civa looked around and sighed, she felt mentally drained. “I’m okay, I’ll heal. Glad you guys are okay, thanks for the help. We would’ve been hammered,” she joked laughing slightly but stopped. She didn’t quite feel in a joking mood. “Let’s go see the boys,” she stood up wincing but waves Dawn off, “I’m okay. Your arm looks pretty bad. You shouldn’t push yourself too much either.”

“I’m good, my stamina and endurance can last long.” Even tho she said that she didn’t move as much because of the pain. The other girls as well followed suit and walked to the other room. “You guys doing okay?”

Civa looked around and saw them. “Hey boys, sorry to barge in your territory but I got to deliver a thanks from myself. Thanks,” she smiled. “Hope you guys aren’t too badly hurt.” She leaned against the wall her eyes glancing at the green haired boy who they saw. She smiled towards him glad he was okay.

“Someone is suppose to come in here to talk to us, I’m guessing how we did.” Dawn added.

Civa looked at her and glanced at the floor. She should tell them that they’re teammates but she thought it would be best if they did it with all four of them alone. It was better in her opinion, tho she had a feeling that it wouldn’t happen like that. She looked at Arthur, “Glad to see I didn’t burn you to a crisp, you did well.” Her eyes then glanced at Rex, “are you okay? Glad you didn’t end up over-doing it too much. You did really well too.”

Dawn stared at them and sighed in relief, things seem to be going well.
  Civa / Sina13 / 14d 47m 42s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur stood there watching helpless on the sidelines. Holding his arm as he drew each breath. Like somehow if he could breath deeper or take faster breaths he wouldn't be so tired. That he wouldn't be in such pain. He was fighting the urge to forcefully activate his Blast Heart and run in but as reckless as he was? Even he knew he'd just be getting in the way right now. Civa had grabbed Dawns arm explaining it was up to her and Rex. She had given them a wink and Rex found himself blushing almost looking away despite it being in the middle of a fight! Civa had commented on the three being a bit useless now. Kita had clicked her tongue looking away her bleeding wasn't dying down. Arthur had chuckled a bit despite hating this feeling.]]

[center [+brown Yeah.. Some help I ended up being huh?]]

[center [+silver Like we expected one person to handle everything. Jeez your so hard on yourself it's really annoying.]]

[center [b Arthur had rubbed the back of his head with a bit of a light laugh.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC0cC8raAJI]]

[center [b Dawn had given Rex an order the boy found himself blinking avoiding eye contact with her he gave her a nod. Civa had made her attacks at the bottom as Rex grabbed it's aggression like before but from this time the top. Activating his Blast Heart he rushed in with that orange aura. It reached in to grab him as he gripped his blade slashing several times hopping to the side. To climb it's arm slashing several more times as he begun to wince. He just used the Blast Heart and he was already in that much pain? Arthur had looked to see the bot was now missing it's hands. Though Rex's hands were bleeding making such tough cuts. How many times did Rex slice? Arthur must have not been paying attention to the speed and force but it almost seemed too much for Rex's tiny body. The machine had given him a smack though he managed to block it with his blade he was sent flying stabbing the ground to slow his momentum so he wouldn't crash into a wall.]]

[center [b Despite the strain on Rex's body his eyes gave a vicious look not matching the boys usual demure behavior. Charging forward Dawn had managed to knock the bot down as he charged in stabbing his blade into the chest and though his hands were bleeding even worse he twisted the blade. Dawn had manged to land some major damage vents had opened around the bot as wind came forth pushing itself back up. It had sent Rex flying into Dawn as the two were pushed back even Arthur who was behind with Civa was feeling the pressure but it had died down. It was still giving a hell of a fight even now.]]

[center [b Dawn had taken the chance to get some advice from Civa it seemed the head and with that Rex had already dashed in. Dawn and Rex were attacking the bot right afterwards. Dawn's Scythe had managed to deal some damage and Rex was losing himself into the fight. Was his Blast Heart consuming him? Rex's body was breaking despite his speed and strength rising his scratches were turning into slashes through the metal but it was tearing the boy apart.]]

[center [b The bot had poles appear over it's shoulders as lightning traversed between the two poles letting out an a large surge of energy. The lighting stream had surged through striking into Rex and Dawn.]]

[center [b Arthur grunted looking ahead as Rex pushed through the stream running to Dawn he shoved her as hard as he could. Sending her flying out of the attacks range as he fell over and the lightning stopped. Great Rex was out of the fight how was Dawn? Was she okay?! Rex took that attack head on. Though it seemed Rex was beginning to twitch and pant pulling himself to his feet. Bleeding badly the boy had panted giving an animal like gaze to the bot. Dawn and him can't keep going on their own but he can't do anyth-]]

[center [b Before he forced himself to use his Blast Heart Civa had offered an idea and before Arthur could even think about it he spoke.]]

[center [+brown I'll do it if it means they don't have to fight alone. So don't hold back the heat and I'll hit it with everything we got.]]

[center [b He clenched his fist ready to receive the power of her flames around him. He opened his eyes looking to her with a grateful look as he felt the flames around his body. Gritting his fist he looked at the bot but before he could make a move the bot started open holes in it's body only to show new legs and arms. Six arms and four legs like the thing wasn't tough enough! Could Arthur muster his blade? No but he'd punch it with whatever flame Civa could offer!]]

[center [+brown Ready Civa! An emotion right? I can do that no problem! Let's do this!!]]

[center [b Besides her flames? He'd be running in there pretty much unarmed. Could he really do a suicide mission like that? That question didn't even cross the boy's mind and he was ready to charge. Though before he got the chance too.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/x3cluyQ.jpg]]

[center [b A man with a pure smile and spear in hand had charged in pushing Rex out of the way. Stabbing at the machine.]]

[center [+green Light Heart!]]

[center [b A piercing light had shot straight the machines arm as he began to pant lightly.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [+purple Ice Heart!]]

[center [b With that Ice had covered the machine's legs as it begun to struggle. The spear man still fighting on the front line as an Armored Woman had begun to charge in.]]

[center [+pink Power Heart!]]

[center [b The ice covered one of the arms as this newcomer came in. The spear man creating a bridge of light for her to travel in her heavy attire as she slashed the machines massive arm clean off. The teamwork was... Astonishing! How could they work together so well? Their fourth member was a timid boy who had ran to Dawn,Rex,Civa,Arthur as his hands began to glow he mended each of their wounds. Even expending his stamina further by restoring their stamina though he couldn't fully heal and recover all their stamina Arthur was feeling a lot better.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nBUZAqX.jpg]]

[center [+teal H-Healing Heart..]]

[center [b He teared up using his power. Was he sad to see complete strangers that banged up? What a nice kid he had gasped falling over. That power must have took a lot out of him.]]

[center [+brown Thanks for this chance, Civa and whoever you guys are.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59ZE5qiF6mM]]

[center [b Charging in Arthur was ready to activate his Blast Heart when he needed it. Rex had saw Arthur as Arthur hopped up Rex had taken the chance to throw Arthur even further with the flat of his blade. Rex had hit his mental limitations removing his own Blast Heart after the throw. The giant machine was ready to let another lightning stream before Arthur could create lightning poles to take the strike it began to strike his friends and even come for him. Though Rex had through his blade in front of Arthur directing the lightning to the blade. Only struck by the attack once and he learned from the mistake? Dawn also seemed to have herself along with Civa and Kita protected with her shadows but Rex had taken another attack like that head on that time without his Blast Heart. He was out and the new team looked in bad shape. The armored woman was holding back two massive arms just herself in the ice was managing to hold it in place. The spear man had created a giant shield of light to protect his friends from another attack if need be. Arthur had closed his eyes before summoning his massive blade and his usual armor covered in the flames still. Civa's emotions her heart... I feel it she felt the same way I did didn't she? Channel an emotion? Which one? Rage? Confidence? No it wasn't either one of those so what was it? Regardless Arthur was gonna take this thing before this and the Rune Knights stupid test got anyone else hurt. He was gonna give it all he could for Civa's sake no for all of them. Strangers or not they all reached a hand to help and with that alone he knew they were good people. His flame bursting into flames he cried out.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Take thiiiiisss!!]]]

[center [b It through a punch at him with four arms as Arthur screamed out the flames around his body he saw.. Shadows next? Was Dawn protecting him? Light? That spear man created a barrier too didn't he? Arthur had smiled as he summoned as he many blade as he could around him. Twenty two? No I need more... Twenty five. He started coughing hitting his limits again but his Blast Heart shined on as he pushed through the pain. Twenty six... he felt himself slipping as two vanished and coughed up as the beast began to push himself back. An emotion?]]

[center [b If I have to choose... I choose...]]

[center [b Before Arthur could finish that thought he cried out giving it all he could the flames were burning even hotter. The blades reappearing, twenty eight twenty nine. Thirty! One arm had crumbled it was the one Dawn had managed to dent. "Thanks Dawn that strike was a life saver" it's chest had opened up to reveal a cannon though before it could fire it began to break down. What? Oh Rex had striked it's chest real bad early on! He must have figured the chest.. The heart held a valuable weapon like Civa had said before. "Wow thanks guys you really saved my ass"]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Ahhh!]]]

[center [b Arthur cried out creating another ten swords all as large as his own. As he sent them all flying through the arms of the massive metal beast. Giving all his strength as his arms began to ache and his shoulders popping. This thing had tons of weight and force pushing Arthur back even with his friends helping him and all his physical force. No he wouldn't hesitate he'd push through even if it killed him. He may be naive but he'd rather die than standby while others needed him. Despite the pain and his bones being crushed from the clash he put his Blast Heart to full power as his muscles begun to bulge. This is what happens when a trained user with a Chevalier heart pushes himself to hard. Exerting his arms forward he crashed through one of the arms slicing through a second and smashing through the third. Slinging his damaged arms behind him he prepared for one more overhead slash remembering Civa's advice about the head. Giving one last yell of all or nothing he crashed the massive blade over it's head. Slashing his way through the machine as the metal swords in the machine spiraled out shards of metal. A technique with that many blades wasn't something Arthur normally did because the strain was too unreasonable. "Pfft I should do that more! It wasn't that bad-" before Arthur could say a single thing he had fallen over completely collapsed. Rex who couldn't move was still awake as he looked over to Arthur who passing out quickly. Massive doors had opened revealing an exit to the maze.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b If you don't like anything I did I can rewrite it I was just trying to end the exam a little faster. >< I'm sorry if having Dawn do that was bad. I just wanted her to play a badass part in the final clash against this thing. I want to say they don't have anymore bots this powerful. I'll also spoil the lesson to learn was supposed to be the bot was too powerful and they skip it and find the exit. So those in charge are gonna be shocked they actually decided to take it down instead.]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 14d 13h 32m 25s
Dawn’s mind was sprawling, as everything and nothing came at her all at once. She had no plan, Civa was in tremendous pain. Glancing at the wounded girl who seemed to be breathing slowly, trying to stay awake. Civa’s grip on her wound was loosening by the second. “Civa come on, don’t do this to me.”

Civa blinked quite a few times, “my eyes are a little blurry heh,” she partially grinned. “I should probably note that the claws are poison with acid.”

“What?!” Dawn stared at her incredulously but before she could say anything else, Rex had came to fight the bot. They both looked at him surprised and noticed Arthur and some other girl in the back. When Rex tries a couple of shots at the bot, he gave them a look.

Civa can take a hint on what he was trying to imply and she just smirked the slightest. Grabbing Dawn’s arm, she said, “Sorry to put all this burden on you, but it looks like you have to fight this thing with Rex here. I’ll be fine, I’ll keep watching and telling you what I know. You both can handle it, I know it.” Giving them a wink she managed to make Sin walk to the back so she could observe.

Dawn gave Civa a look one last time before looking back at Rex, giving him a nod. “Alright, let’s see how our teamwork goes.” She stared down at the bot, her grip tightened on her gun immensely. She was tired of this exam, and wanted it to end. Whoever created this bot, there’s a flaw, always a flaw. What would that person miss? She wished she had paid more attention to her family works and interest. “Shadow heart,” a mumble slipped passed her, and her shadow wrapped itself around her as an armor, her gun filled with a black flair. Her eyes darkened, “Aim for the top half, I got its bottom.”

She rushed in, dodging left and right from its attacks, shooting at its shadow. It punctured it but only a small fraction. Her small bullets weren’t making a dent. A plan had emerged and she started to maneuver the bots shadow around its legs. But the bot seemed fully aware of her plan and targeted her with its arm. She broke her action to create a small shield from the attack. She hated not being able to multitask her powers. But she realized an opening. “Rex, when it’s falling, aim for the body!” She tried once more, wrapping the shadow around its leg, shooting at another part of its silhouette, to stop it from interfering. She pulled and managed to let it fall.

Civa grip was loosening by the second but her eye was completely focused on the fight. She wanted to help, aid in some way. She hated being like this. She looked st the other two and chuckled s bit, “Guesd we’re a bit useless now huh,” she attempted st a joke but grunted in pain trying to regain her breathing. She stared back at the fight, the bot seems aware, aware of a lot of things. It can deflect and even predict attacks. Her eyes narrowed at the bots defense and attacks, the way it’s head was watching and turning, observing. It’s almost as if it’s collrcting information like a person. Like how she does. Gritting her teeth, she musters up to speak, “Guys.. I think the control sys-urgh. Head, the head! It’s-more advanced.,” she coughed which caused her to stop breathing for a moment. “It collects info from your movements.”

Dawn took note of all of it, of course they would do something like that. “Thanks Civa, don’t say anything else. You’re badly hurt.” She looked up and tried to think of ways to aim for the head. She ran at its sidelines and started climbing up the bot, a blind spot. She reached half way before it sensed her and it threw her to the wall. But with her armor, the damage was minimal but she was fuming. She had enough of this, this exam was ridiculous. She pushed herself off the wall and fell on its arm and she ran alongside it. The other side had an opening as well, hoping Rex would take the chance.

But her eyes wouldn’t take move from its head. She screamed as her fingertips flared with darkness, and it drew out a weapon, a long scythe with encrypted writings and a dark eerie appearance. It seemed almost satanic. With a swing, she striker it’s head and managed to leave a pretty huge dent, and the weapon dissappeared. After the attack she was hit to the ground. The bot had a slight malfunction.

Civa stares at the weapon, intrigued. She had seen that weapon before. But Civa looked worried. “We have to help, somehow.” She got off sin and groaned, scorch by her side. “I have a plan. It just needs one final good blow to the head. It’s a little risky but it’s worth a shot. I’ll create a barrier to whoever wants to do the final blow. The barrier will radiate heat, and will allow you to absorb some energy and power from the fires core. It will draw out an emotion, be it rage or confidence, whatever you draw out from my power, but know that it’s very dangerous. It can burn you to a crisp if any of us is out of control. But that will allow enough time for the hit while the bot is occupied with them. Anyone up for it?”

Civa bleeding has slowed, the only thing she worries is if she has enough strength to do it all. But this was their last hope and she intends to finish it all now, her face absolutely determined, not backing out now.
  Dawn / Sina13 / 22d 7h 28m 35s
[center [h3 Final Stage]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur had trudged on carried by Rex had patted Rex's shoulder offering a light smile. He was ready to get off Rex had nodded and as he sat Arthur down he stumbled a bit his head was a bit woozy. "I can't create any armor or weapons like this"]]

[center [b They group had heard fighting up ahead. Kita and Rex's head had raised looking forward. It was an eerie sound it didn't robotic. Rex had charged forward first followed closely by Kita. Arthur had gritted his teeth holding his shoulder as he held himself against the wall. His whole body was in pain and he was exhausted he didn't know what he could do. He felt useless. Walking forward using the wall as support he headed to see what was wrong. "I can't just let them... Fight alone." Arthur thought on Rex before. "He seemed so timid and yet he could fight like that? He took down an entire team and I was just flailing around.. Sure I wasn't at full strength but even if I was?" Arthur felt unsure he won so many fights in his arena but against four Blast Heart users it was another level. Rex made it look so easy even if he took those wounds. Arthur couldn't help but compare himself to Rex. Arthur couldn't admit it even to himself but Rex was on another level completely. His judgement on his opponents actions his lack of hesitation. His speed and swordplay. Arthur shook his head rousing himself to move forward. Despite Arthur's doubts he'd wanna go toe to toe with Rex sometime if he could get a chance. That had to wait till after this fight.]]

[center [h3 Those Guys Again]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Rex charged in only to see Civa and Dawn fighting. Drawing his blade quickly he looked to Kita. He felt his arm shaking he wanted to put his arm in front of her to tell her to stop. He looked at her concerned "how to warn her?" it'd seem cocky right? Or that he was trying to grab glory? What if she felt he did it cause she was a girl? He'd tell anyone with a hole in their stomach to not get involved. Course she didn't know that about him how can she if he doesn't express it to her? Yet he felt himself trembling when it came to the thought of sharing his feelings. Kita had looked over to him her ears perked as she groaned holding her stomach. Though it seemed like she was groaning at his expression.]]

[center [pic https://cdn59.picsart.com/171676172001202.png?r1024x1024]]

[center [+silver I know that look "hero" fine I won't get involved. Just don't do anything stupid got it?]]

[center [b She said hanging back she was even in worse shape coming here bleeding the way she was. Rex had nodded timidly she seemed uneasy by his attitude. Shaking and a timid mess? Wouldn't exactly inspire confidence she didn't know the reason he was shaking was cause of her. Not cause of the beasties here. Rex had charged in only to see them hop on a strange creature and take off? What was that? The beasties were giving chase and so was Rex now. Though they were all cut off by a gigantic bot. Rex had taken the chance to activate his blast heart slamming it into his blade. Sprinting into a forward flip catching one of the beast unaware in midair as he stabbed downward into it's head. Kick springing off the beast he ripped the blast heart out of his sword holding it in his left hand. He had to be careful not to use it for pro longed use. He looked to the massive bot forward narrowing his eyes. His expression softened as he looked to Dawn and Civa. He wanted to ask what the plan was but he wasn't sure how to approach them and Dawn's arm look burned. Well Rex figured the best strategy was to use himself as decoy. Unlike Arthur's chevalier type he wasn't more durable with his Blast Heart. He had micro fractured the bones in his body countless times to harden them. Though only with that and his light armor with his hard headed stubborn nature he was only so durable. He wasn't a tanky juggernaut like Arthur but he'd make up for that with vicious attacks. Slapping the Blast Heart into his blade he charged up on the bot slashing at it's arm causing some deep gashes but it had plenty of armor and this was just a start. It slammed it's other arm down as Rex jumped back and than forward. Climbing up his arm slashing all the way through until he jumped on it's shoulder stabbing his blade down. It had spun around sending him flying as he hit his back on the ground. Groaning in pain as it stomped down he managed to hand spring back to his feet barely jumping away in time. He looked at the ground and decided to dash under it's feet slashing as best he could at the ankles. Course it wasn't like his fantasy novels it wouldn't go down just like that but if the bot's data read the strategy he was attempting? That it felt he was attempting to cut down it down by the ankles. That it'd target him and it had turned around taking aim at Rex. Blade or gun? What would it use? Either was Rex was ready but hopefully this gave the girls a chance to strike it. If not? They could at least sneak through. Rex wouldn't be mad he'd understood if they just took the chance to pass the test. If anything he didn't want to see them risking their lives. He didn't know them well but... Dawn,Civa,Arthur,Kita they seemed like good people. Kita came back for complete strangers and Arthur put himself in danger for the sake of others. Arthur lunged himself into an awkward conversation with two beautiful women and even though Rex judged that kinda behavior slightly he kinda wished he could do that kinda thing. Civa had given a nice tip when she didn't have too and despite Dawn seeming so broody? She didn't bite Arthur's head off for calling her beautiful. Maybe it was easy to impress Rex who had low standards in life. He never had real connections and he wasn't afraid to admit that he was kinda lonely. Though most of all despite his meek behavior he always wanted to help others. It's why he's here after all. "Just go it's fine just... Go" He didn't say those words but the expression was written all over his face.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Sorry if it was clunky or short had a rough day DX]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 22d 18h 14m 10s
They waited, not sure what was going to occur. The north sector was somewhat foggy and neither inched closer. Civa scanned around the area, no one seems to be anywhere near here. “This place is eerie ain’t it? No ones here,” she whispered, still holding onto her swords. “Maybe we should start walking,” after suggesting such a thing she pointed towards the looming hall.

Dawn gave her a strict look, “I don’t know.. maybe we should wait for others, there’s something the-hey!” She scoffed as Civa completely disregarded her statement and started headed towards the foggy premise. “What, my ideas aren’t genius enough?” She mumbled under her breath following pursuit.

Civa drew out her swords, “Someone could be in here,” looking over at Dawn who grabbed her gun ready to shoot. “It’s cold in here.” Dawn agreed with her statement. Hearing a growl they both looked at their pets.

Sin grew in size, about the build of a large lion. Scorch blew flames out of her nostril increasing its size about the same as Sin. Both can grow much larger if wanted but the situation doesn’t call for it.

Civa swallowed a lump in her throat. Both of their faces darkened as they looked at each other. Dawn felt her heart race incredibly fast. There was a reason why her pet became like this. Civa and Dawn both calmed their pets, to refrain them from doing anything.

It was just then a scream was heard, and both looked in the direction of the source. They started to run towards it, someone was in trouble. Someone made it through the north corridor. “What was that,” Civa questioned.

Dawn didn’t look to well, “I don’t know.” What did the school have in store for them. [i Was it uncle or brother who created the prototypes? Did they create something near the end?]

Civa stared at her, Dawn’s expression looked as it she was holding back something. Overlooking it, they came to a halt and the scream faded. Someone was crawling on the ground, a boy with green hair. He was clutching bleeding stomach, the other hand holding on to a curved blade. They rushed over to him.

“What happened to you? Are you okay?” Dawn Crouched down trying to help the boy.

“T-there’s something- something is out there. It’s.. not a bot.” His breathing was erratic, trying to stay awake.

Another scream could be heard and Civa’s eyes quickly glanced over. It was cold and dark. “Try to get out as you can. We’re going in,” Civa looked over at Dawn who just nodded in agreement. Walking further, their pets started to growl louder.

Dawn tried to calm Sin down, as Civa only held Scorch back. Dawn looked around alarmed, something was here. That was when creatures emerged from the shadows, gastly creatures. They were big, and crawled on four, mouth agaped as they screeched. Their skin was filled with scales and spikes, claws enormous. These were used to fight in wars, with the knights.

Dawn stared horrified, “This school is insane.. why would they bring these here?” One creature screamed, and it was the scream they heard. It can imitate human sounds, to lure in people.

Civa gripped her blades. “They are probably trained, they have to be. Or they’ll start attacking anyone in sight. They spit acid so be careful.” Five there was five in sight. But they looked to be protecting something.

There wasn’t much time, and they started to attack. Civa pulled out her blades and sidetracked, running of the edges along the wall. It reached out its claws, and Civa tipped her head back, using her leg to push against the wall flipping 360 as the momentum of her blade increased and slashed the creatures towards its face. Howling it retracted back. Civa furrowed her brows, it didn’t seem to be well trained.

It moved back into the shadows and disappeared. Realization hit her, “Dawn! I don’t think we are suppose to kill these things, just enough to hurt it. The army might still need these creatures.”

Dawn took note of that and shot her bullets at one of them, but it used its claws to swat it away. She clicked her tongue in irritation as she used its shadows to stop it from coming at her. She had two targeting her. She stepped back into the shadows blending herself in. It screeched as it ran towards her, she wasn’t able to to hold the shadows back after camouflaging into the darkness. Using the leverage, of the shadows, she boosted herself up and jumped onto its back. She aimed the gunfight at its neck and shot it a couple of times. Howling, it flung her back and she crashed into a nearby wall, disappearing after. The other creature shot it’s acid and it scarred her arm.

She screamed in pain, holding onto the acid of burn. Growing frustrated, she watched it charge at her. “Shadow heart,” her eyes darkened to black as her own shadow wrapped itself around her as some sort of armor, the gun on her hand smoked with a black flair. She waved her hand and the creature was sent flying towards the wall whimpering in pain. Dawn pulled its shadow close, shooting it’s silhouette. It screeched in pain, and Dawn shot it’s shadow quite a few times. She took the surrounding darkness and wrapped it around the creature squeezing it tight. A few more and it would pop like a bubble.

But she sighed releasing it as the creature disappeared. Her eyes on the other creature.

Civa was playing cat and mouse with one, her Cheshire smile widening. “Oh come on, you could do better than that. Woah,” she jumped and landed on its claw as it tried to maul her. Snickering she tried to slash its eyes out but it was caught on the creatures claws. Frowning in distain, she pulled it out. She was getting tired, and that wasn’t good. She needed to end it.

“Fire Heart,” her eyes flower ember red as flames marked her skin, serving as an armor. She can take harder attacks because of it, but that didn’t mean more stronger attacks couldn’t hurt her. The flames surrounded her blades and she charged at it. It spit acid but she blocked it with her blades and in the next, she drove her blades right into its body, the heat searing into the creature. She stepped back and sighed retracting her fire heart, the marks disappearing. But before the creature disappeared, it swung its arm and clawed her sides.

She took her armor away too soon, as she was thrown to the wall, screeching in pain. She held her side writhing in agony, the blood gushing from her body.

Dawn took care of the last creature and was shocked to see Civa badly hurt. “Civa!” She ran towards her trying to apply pressure on the wound. “Oh my god, this doesn’t look good. Come on, we have to get you to the nurse quickly.” She tried to help her up.

“Augh, shit.. I should’ve been more careful. I’m such an idiot, ah!” She gritted her teeth in pain, her body shaking. Scorch by her side, worried. “It’s okay baby, it’s a small wound. I’m fine, nothing to worry about.”

“Of course not, you’re a mad genius remember? Just stay with me,” “Dawn coaxed her. She chewed her lip, and brought Sin over. “Here, ride on Sin.”

“But we’re not suppose to use-urgh!” Civa held her words back, her finger shaking.

“You’re gonna pass out at this rate, it’s just a ride. Scorch has scales on her, but Sin is all fur. They didn’t help us fight,” she gently placed her on Sin.

“I didn’t know you cared so much for me, we’re gonna be great best Friends,” she tried to tease but coughed from the lack of air.

“Yea well you better survive first-“ her voice was caught off as something rumbled. They looked and it was a bot, but a bigger more stronger looking bot. The final stage, the last obstacle.

Civa’s mind was in a frenzy, that’s who they were protecting. The condition she was in, how. “What’s wrong with this school?”
  Civa / Sina13 / 24d 2h 20m 9s
[center [b As the woman gave Rex a look she had commented on him being cute. Rex's ears had perked as he squeaked a bit hiding his face into his locker. Arthur had saw chuckling a bit.]]

[center [+brown Yeah he's kinda odd. Civa and Dawn huh? Nice to meet you guys!]]

[center [b Civa had told Arthur not to worry that Dawn was a bit broody. He smiled softly rubbing the back of his neck.]]

[center [+brown Dawn doesn't seem so bad I can admire she's just focused ya know?]]

[center [b Civa had commented to Dawn about being attractive though it started off innocent. It ended up with being thrown out a window? Dawn almost killing Civa? Arthur blinked before he started bursting out laughing holding his stomach. The strange boy had a wide grin across his face.]]

[center [+brown You guys are hilarious! Haha-]]

[center [b Arthur's laughter was cut off by by Dawn complimenting the boy back on his appearance. He had blushed slightly with a slight smile.]]

[center [+brown Your silly.]]

[center [b He smiled softly but he liked her attitude on things it was refreshing. As Arthur had shared his numbers Dawn had given them this surprised look. One Rex seemed to have noticed as well but Civa had decided to cut in quickly on that note. Leaving Arthur with a tip a poke in his chest and a good luck. He smiled nodding waving the woman off.]]

[center [+brown Good luck to you guys too!]]

[center [h3 Encounter]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Rex had watched as Arthur talked to the two woman. Rex's mind was sent racing when Civa had called him cute. His face beet red hidden in the locker he took a deep breath. She was teasing right? Yeah she seemed the type she was just trying to get a rise out of him. Rex was trying to pay attention without seeming like he was staring. He had noticed Dawn's expression as Arthur dropped their numbers. So Dawn shared that number? No? Civa had cut in almost on cue to cover up Dawns expression and of course Arthur hadn't even questioned it at all. "Am I overthinking things? Or did she not wanna team up with us? No that's crazy... I know I'm not exactly social...." Rex wondered if he was that bad? That embarrassing? That she'd rather do the test with one teammate because he was that much of a loser who couldn't even make eye contact with a girl? He sighed it's true not even making eye contact with your teams would hurt your team chemistry. Maybe she wasn't wrong for that choice but it still hurt. "No you are jumping to conclusions you have no way of knowing that." Maybe Dawn got surprised for another reason? What other reason could those numbers take her by surprise? It didn't add up... Rex had chalked it up to his usual over worrying. Besides they'd reveal the teams at the end. So Rex can find out later anyway and see he's just being silly. Arthur had waved the two off and when they were gone? Rex had walked beside Arthur with his blade on his side. Arthur had flashed him a smile with a thumbs up. Rex had weakly nodded as the two took off. Rex had taken Civa's tip to heart though Rex would have tried something like that. Still he was glad she shared that with Arthur cause it meant he wouldn't have to talked to him about it.]]

[center [b As they walked to the North they figured it wasn't much farther to the exit. Rex wondered if Arthur was thinking the same thing? That maybe their teammates already made it to the end? Either way if Rex could clear whatever was at the end it'd make it easier for the others to pass at least. On the way there Rex had heard some fighting. Turning his head down a corridor he saw a group of people attacking another. What the?! Oh for the papers? Right... Damn it! That's a stupid rule they put in just to get extra points! They hadn't collected any paper tips yet for extra points but they'd just smash enough bots for them. Arthur had let out a small smile as he looked back to Rex.]]

[center [+brown Hey Rex you go ahead okay? I know I'm a horrible team for leaving you behind but I got to do this. Don't get involved okay? I don't want my impulsive choices to drag you down.]]

[center [b Rex had blinked for such a fool hardy young man he seemed to be mindful when it came to others. Rex had shaken his head confused what Arthur had meant. He drew his Blast Heart taking a deep breath. Didn't he only have enough left in him for maybe a fight left? He hesitated using it earlier before that one woman saved them. Arthur had ran in using the metal to cover his body and create his sword.]]

[center [h3 Playing Hero]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkX5Hzzb9N4]]

[center [b Arthur charged in the aid of a swordswoman. She was wielding a katana with white hair. Her teammates looked in rough shape. What's with all the strange hair colors? Arthur thought playfully before he nudged for her and her teammates to go. Looking forward at the opposing team before him.]]

[center [pic http://www.wallpapermaiden.com/wallpaper/23080/download/1024x600/anime-girl-armor-spear.jpeg]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QOBdFXB.jpg]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a7/2e/b8/a72eb8eeb2dfef445432a9c7db512664--anime-witch-ninja-girl.jpg]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/92/e6/f5/92e6f518def7b4554abfbd61f3cf16f6.jpg]]

[center [b A woman in armor with a spear another woman with a large hat and a strange mechanical blade. A very short male around five feet with a serious expression wielding two short swords. Finally a woman with a disturbing expression a scythe. As those behind him tried to escape the short swordsman charged in at extreme speeds.]]

[center [b Dashing past Arthur easily he raised his hand up to create a small wall of metal. The young man had backed up turning around and striking at Arthur without a second though. His blades hitting Arthur's armor. Arthur had flailed his blade only for the quicker male to jump over his blade and strike at Arthur's face. Arthur had covered himself with his gauntlets but he still had a scratch on his cheek. Creating more armor he covered the helmet only allowing room for his eyes.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Why are you attacking these guys?!]]]

[center [+red ...]]

[center [b The male hadn't responded as his team walked forward. The one with the hat had stepped forward giving a slight bow.]]

[center [+teal Mika! Pleasure to meet cha! Why? It's a test! Were collecting as many points as possible. Though were aren't settling for passing were heading straight to the top!]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center You already passed than!? Your saying you just want to maximize your score to be the best?!]]]

[center [b The scythe wielder had spun her scythe as it turned into water? Cupping the water in her hands she shot it forward! As it covered Arthur all over it began to boil and it was getting hot in his armor. Focusing she began to grab moisture from the air crafting new water as she created a geyser to slam him into a wall. The air was dry and she was to blame. Arthur had coughed up a bit of water in his lung. She seemed amused as she retorted.]]

[center [+darkblue Still standing huh? Not bad and that is the point of being a Rune Knight. Striving to be the best you can be right? These aren't civilians these people wanted to become knights. If they aren't strong enough to protect themselves? They can't protect others. That's the simple truth and they shouldn't become knights.]]

[center [b Arthur grunted as the spearwoman charged him. Slamming her armored fist into his armor. Arthur had managed to feel it! She too had a physical heart type didn't she?! Arthur knew they had a more official title for that type of heart but he never was properly educated. She had spun her spear as the earth began to rise. Pelting him with rocks before a massive boulder came in. He cried out as he grew his blade an extra foot increasing it's hardness as he slashed through the massive boulder. Striking the spearman sending her flying.]]

[center [b Before she could slam into the wall a barrier had caught the woman.]]

[center [+purple T-Thanks!]]

[center [+teal No problem sweetie he's tougher than his naive face would imply. Barrier Heart that is my power it's a powerful arcane type that allows me to create powerful barriers at will. Kinda says so in the name huh? Why share this you wonder? It's too let you know if I wanted you wouldn't land a single attack on me or my comrades. So if you give up now? Drop whatever papers you've collected you can go.]]

[center [b Arthur hadn't collected any papers but he couldn't give up. They'd chase the ones who ran off or hurt someone new. They were strong but he knew that Barrier Heart had to have had a weakness. Arcane type.. So physically maybe she was lacking? That didn't help if he couldn't touch her so what was the weakness? Maybe he'd have to outlast her? He didn't have the stamina right now for that he was already running on fumes. Arthur gritted his teeth and dug his foot down as he charged forward. Water pushing his charge before easing only to show a man with small blades. As well as a woman with a spear giving him an onslaught of blows though the womans had hurt a lot worse. He had grunted as the metal around his body began to break. Mika had smirked but Arthur only smiled right back.]]

[center [b Arthur shouted as he caused the metal in his armor to break apart and shoot shards out. The spearwoman protecting herself with Earth the speedy fighter had dodged as many shards as he could still being cut. Mika was surprised but she prepared her barrier heart as did the other woman with her water at her side. Arthur realized the water must be limited depending on the area or else she'd just tidal wave his ass. It didn't matter he'd just hit them with everything he had! His blade broke apart as he gathered the shards as best he could creating new metal. He grapsed his hands conjuring as best he could. The young male took the chance to dash the unarmored Arthur wincing he heard clash of steel? Had Rex gotten involved?]]

[center [pic https://cdn59.picsart.com/171676172001202.png?r1024x1024]]

[center [b No! It was the woman that had her team under attack! She came back blocking the blade but the other short sword was in her stomach.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center You idiot! What about your team?!]]]

[center [+silver Idiot? Says the guy who left his team to save some strangers! I'm not gonna let you die on my account!]]

[center [b The woman grunted in pain as Arthur gnashed his teeth. He focused on the attack putting everything he could into it. He had meshed all the metal together to create a massive metal dragon. Well it wasn't exactly a real living dragon but that was the design Arthur chose for this attack. Twenty-five feet long and almost weighing a ton while being eight feet in width. This was the usual size of his most desperate attack. Shooting it forward Miku panicked creating her barrier struggling to make it large enough for her team. The team quickly in the barrier ran closer together so she could tighten the barrier and channel it's power. "So she loses power for stretching it huh?" Didn't matter Arthur had held his hands up as blood ran down his nose. Pushing the dragon forward as the barrier began to crack. The barrier was in the dragon's mouth as Arthur yelled and snap! The barrier had been smashed! Though before Arthur could lessen the blow of his own attack. An Earthy wall was formed and water summoned forward slamming at the dragon pushing it back. The Dragon becoming Rusted as Earth and water entered it's body. The short swordsman took the chance to charge Arthur again but the woman in front of him instead crossed swords with him. Blood falling from her stomach. Wind swirling around her blade as she breathed a massive gust of wind pushing the man back. She coughed up some blood afterward she wasn't doing good. The spear man had slashed her way through the dragon finishing it with a massive boulder. Arthur had moved to help or at least tried too. He had fallen over and his eyelids were heavy he was struggling to remain awake. He was trying to "will" himself to move but he couldn't.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center D-Damn it...]]]

[center [+teal So that's your limit huh? I gotta say you aren't half bad-]]

[center [b Before she could finish her sentence she had fallen over with a large slash on her back. It was... Rex! His blade in blood Mika still seemed awake but her tiny body was in massive pain the slash went in deep. Although it wasn't life threatening.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center R-Rex!]]]

[center [h3 Flawed Heart.]]

[center [b Rex had never went ahead he contemplated charging right away head on into the fight with Arthur. That was his style after all but unlike the others? He didn't have much experience using his Blast Heart. He had tons of time to train his body and even his sword skills with master. He had this Blast Heart for about a week before school and it had some risky draw backs. On the plus side it was a Chevalier type so it released human limitations on his body physically. He was already physically gifted before. he trained his strength and acrobatics to the point he almost killed himself. That was before he met his master of course.]]

[center [b "Would Arthur be mad?" If I got involved? I can't help but get involved! I can't let him fight alone!" Rex was making up excuses but the truth was? The whole reason he wanted to be a Rune Knight before? Was because he wanted to be a hero. He wanted to be accepted by others.]]

[center [h3 "Dreams"]]

[center [b It was a few days before the exam and here sat a boy with dyed white hair and orange contacts. He had changed his appearance recently. Strange as it sounded it was for the exam. He just felt... He looked too boring before. Locked away in his room the boy had just recently turned eighteen. His last year in high school.. Next year he'd try for the exam in Radiance academy . An academy training the next generation of Rune Knights. His mother hadn't wanted him to take on such a dangerous job but Rex had been training his body constantly for this. What his mother hadn't known was he had gotten the surgery already and was going to try out next year. He had his Blast Heart his blade and the light armor he would need. He loved wearing it during his new training sessions. This was all possible because he met that woman... On that day his life had changed. He trained everyday waiting for his chance but when he met that woman? She had taught him he was overworking his body. She had taught proper training resting and eating she broke the boy down and built him back up. It was always so hard training with her "Rex" was already terrible at talking to others anyway that wasn't any easier. Though she had almost become like a second mother to him.]]

[center [b Rex was young and hadn't trained with a Blast Heart long so he'd be at a disadvantage unless he waited a year to train. Even than he was told it may be difficult. Some kids were even breed for this kinda thing! He loved his parents but he wasn't exactly made for this purpose in mind. Granted he knew his mother had wanted him to be his own person and to be happy. He'd prefer over any noble who forced a lifestyle on their child. He'd just have to work twice as hard to become a Rune Knight!]]

[center [b Rex had stood up walking past his gaming consoles and fantasy novels. He used to spend so much time on such things but he didn't have the time for them not anymore. He didn't want to read or play through a heroes journey. He wanted to be a hero himself! Maybe than he'd finally learn how to talk to people? He ruffled his hair looking into the mirror as he sighed. Thinking back at how a fellow student asked him a simple question. She had only asked "Can you grab my eraser? I kinda dropped it"]]

[center [+orange Err e-erase.. Drop?]]

[center [b And just stared at her! "God I'm so stupid! Well it's... Not all my fault right? She was pretty cute.. in an RPG you have to start at level one! Not at boss level!" She was way too tough a challenge when he could hardly interact with those of the same sex! Ugh! Why should it matter? "I just wanna be able to talk to people in general.." Rex was excited to be a knight! Not being a student all over again. He had looked at mirror again turning his cheek to reveal a bandage on his face. He let out a sigh as he thought of his mother scolding him earlier.]]

[center [h3 Earlier That Day]]

[center [b "Rex" had laid his head into his desk with his mop of white hair. In hindsight "Rex's" sense of "Style" was probably a mistake. He never exactly had many friends.. So he thought maybe he'd change his look! Like some of his favorite characters! They always looked so cool! Well at least Rex's idea of cool to others it could seem a bit over the top. That would be putting it lightly... Another word that could be used would be ridiculous. Rex had tried to get some rest he already completed his work. It wasn't that the boy was exactly studious or a good student. In fact he would barely pass by the skin of his teeth. Studying wasn't exactly his strong suit despite appearing to be such a book worm. Normally you'd imagine someone with so few friends to be good at school stuff huh? He wasn't it made him feel even more like a screw up. He couldn't even blame his "Social life" on it. He just knew how to do his work quickly it didn't make him great at it. He just... Hated school being forced to be around others? Most of the other kids were loud and annoying and they talked about vulgar or pointless things. Rex wasn't the type to be rude but he didn't like the people he was surrounded by. He almost hated himself for not giving them more a shot but they'd prove him right with such ludicrous statements. Talking about "getting some tail" or "getting messed up" it all never appealed to him. He'd rather stay home watch television or spend his time online. He felt like such a typical shut in and he probably was to a degree too. As he laid down he felt wads of paper thrown into his messy mop of hair.]]

[center Does he even come that hair? It looks so stupid.]

[center [+red Dude sleeps all the time what's he do all night?]]

[center [+blue Pfft I don't know probably thinking what is the stupidest color he can dye his hair?]]

[center [+red Or drinking himself to sleep at night.]]

[center [+blue Haha dude that is so messed up! Funny! But kinda fucked up!]]

[center Hey I'd believe it I remember before he dyed his hair he'd just kinda stare out the window all day long. Talk about a back of the class sociopath if I've ever seen one.]

[center [+red Oh man if he's got a list of people he wants to shoot first hope I'm not on it.]]

[center [+blue Your going to be if he hears you talking shit! Oh my god you guys are crazy. So you guys wanna come over my place tonight? Get some booze and chill? Maybe invite Vanessa! The hot one by the way!!]]

[center [b Rex huffed into his arms it seemed they had stopped throwing wads of paper in his hair trying to get his attention. He'd just pretend to have slept right through it. He didn't want to deal with them even if he did hear every word. He seethed a bit inside but it wasn't anything he wasn't used to. The word wallflower? Didn't even begin to express how bad Rex was. It wasn't long after that his class had ended. He was walking out rather drowsy with a yawn though as he came out he saw a foot out to trip him. Rex had jumped right over and kept right on walking trying to pretend it didn't happen. "This is so awkward! Why? Why did that have to happen? I was just minding my own business... Why are people so difficult? Just pretend you didn't notice. Oh I can't do that! My jump was hardly subtle! UGH!" he was expecting them to call out his name. (His real name not the alias "Rex" that he had given himself. Though as he sped his walk up another friend had shoved him to the ground. He gave Rex an annoyed look. Like Rex had looked down on them with disdain. Maybe his movement could have been seen as aggressive. Rex had found himself on the ground. Distracted by his own thoughts he had a solid hit landed on him. Had he upset them that much? No he'd been getting in fights since almost day one. It wasn't like he was a trouble maker or anything. It's just...]]

[center [+red Get up! Hit him back! Guys come over see this!]]

[center [b Rex had gripped his fist as the man in front of him started laugh. Tossing generic insults such as "Bitch" or "Pussy." "Stuck up" or "asshole" was he stuck up? Did they think he looked down on him? That wasn't the case...]]

[center Come on! Get up! Or you gonna just ignore me again? Come on get up! Get up-]

[center [h3 Get Up]]

[center [b Rex snapped out of his thoughts. He didn't want to upset Arthur and he didn't understand what social norms were. Was it really okay to disobey someone so adamantly and still... "Want to be friends.." Arthur was stupid and pushy and impulsive. Arthur didn't pick up on social cues but acted loud and brash and said what he wanted anyway. Like the way he told Dawn and Civa that they were cute or that pink haired woman. Rex gripped his fist despite judging Arthur? He had wished... He could live life like that. Without a care in the world saying what was really on his mind! What was on his mind now? "I... I want to be the hero!"]]

[center [b He wasn't sure how he was going to control his Blast Heart. "Hunters Heart" it was a dangerous power not only did the surgery kill most who took it but even after? No Rex couldn't think about those draw backs now. He'd have to use it right?]]

[center [h3 On The Sidelines]]

[center [b Arthur was watching stuck on the sidelines. Rex was now caught in the fight. He grabbed the Blast Heart in his hand. He knew he needed to use it. He had waited for Mika to let her guard down cause the barriers was the biggest problem. Grabbing his Blast Heart he slammed it into the hilt of his blade. His Blast Heart only worked in the open slot of his blade Durandel. Channeling the energy through his body an orange aura covered the boy before completely vanishing.]]

[center [+darkblue Huhuhu~ So the rumors are true? The White Swordsman is here. They say he was just a civilian but he got caught up in a D rank mission. He defeated an escaped criminal that had a Blast Heart. Without having one of his own and so he was recommended despite his lack of experience. I expected him to be taller though.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7cPUez_7v8]]

[center [b Rex trembled as he was trying to fight against the Blast Heart. The young man had abandoned his fight with the girl charging in to slash at Rex as he barely managed to hop back. Arthur's eyes raised the boy was even faster than before! Though this boy seemed even faster still than Rex! Rex with flawless swordplay had parried each blow even if only barely. None of his movements were wasted making the exact move he needed too.]]

[center [b The man grew aggressive slashing more and more as Rex began to focus on the man. Scratches on Rex's arms and face he barely managed to protect his vitals. Rex seemed different but... How?]]

[center [+orange Okay fine your faster! But!]]

[center [b Rex's tone was completely different a grin on the boy's usually timid face. It was... Off Arthur didn't like it not at all. Rex had charged in head on! What was he doing? The man stabbed his right blade forward. Rex moved to the side slamming his own shoulder through the blade!! The man tried to pull the blade out of Rex but it was stuck in his left shoulder bone. Rex grabbed the man's right arm with his left hand. Taking his long sword and slashing the other sword out of the man's hand.]]

[center [+orange So were both right handed huh? Even so I can easily hold your right arm even with my left arm trembling here in pain. I'm guessing your Blast Heart is a speed type? If your stuck in one place? You can't do anything.]]

[center [b The man struggled trying to pull his blade back punching at Rex's stomach with his other bare hand. Rex's grunted but he hadn't moved. Instead of slashing down he through his sword to the right! Why?! Arthur noticed an Earthen armor in case the young man? Oh she was protecting the man! Rex saw that coming right? That's why he didn't strike but where did he throw his blade? Arthur turned to see the spearwoman had the blade slice her neck. It wasn't a deep cut but she was bleeding a lot. An artery?! She could die! Rex only smiled more twisting the shorter males wrist as he yanked the short sword out of his shoulder. The water mage had came to the Earth users aid covering the blood with her water as best she could. Panicking that her friend could die she began to leave the fight with her friend in her arms.]]

[center [+orange Ya know I don't even have any increased durability? My Blast Heart is considered a failure by some. All it does is increase strength and speed even further. Something a chevalier heart already allows is for us to train past our limits. Take that? Increase it further? It's considered to limited in use the user would lack any ranged attacks or other versatility.]]

[center [b Rex had spun the blade ready to stab down into the man. "This was like a different person! Arthur's couldn't create metal even his hair had changed back to brown. He reached his arm out trying to stop Rex.]]

[center [+brown Rex stop!]]

[center [b Rex's eyes widened as he stopped the blade inches from the mans face. He had decided to let go the shortman returning to his serious expression. Giving Rex a look before looking back to Mika who was bleeding on the ground. Grabbing the other short sword on the ground he picked up Mika. Giving Rex a dirty look before speaking again.]]

[center [+red ...Using your body as a shield. The same trick won't work on me twice.]]

[center [b The short male struggled to move the woman but luckily she was rather small herself. Like that? He was gone and Rex's had yanked the Blast Heart out of the sword. Falling over panting and heaving he began to sweat a bit.]]

[center [+orange I-I..]]

[center [b Had Rex meant to? Hurt them so badly? Normally Arthur would be mad someone tried to kill another so eagerly. Perhaps Rex got caught up in the fight? Perhaps he didn't mean too? The white haired woman had fallen over wincing holding her stomach.]]

[center [h3 What Was That Rex?]]

[center [b Rex felt horrible almost like he wanted to vomit. He hurt those people he... "Hunters Heart" it used to be used on novices in times of wars. Increasing physical parameters of strength and speed immensely. Especially his speed and dexterity though it didn't make you more durable? It was a powerful weapon with five limiter levels. If you released limiter level four or five you died but not before causing havoc on the enemy. Though the Blast Heart increased stamina the toll on the body was ungodly even for a chevalier type. The toll on the mind however was the worst. It tries to consume the user amplifying adrenaline. It takes the hunter.. The anger the murderous intent in your heart and amplifies and focuses it. Rex wondered was that anger deep in him? He admitted he enjoyed fighting and maybe that was how the heart controlled him. He didn't wanna... Kill anyone. That was only level one? How would level two or three affect his body or worse.. His mind? He'd need to use level one in burst. Rapidly turning it off and on in a fight. They say those with a Hunter Heart never lived long but Rex was reckless and didn't care if he lived or died long before this power. He'd have used his body to get that attack in heart or no.]]

[center [b Rex saw that the woman fell over. He scrambled to his feet to go check on her. Picking her up he looked at Arthur.]]

[center [+orange W-We.. We have..]]

[center [+brown Yeah we gotta help her! Hey stay awake! Keep talking! What's your name?]]

[center [+silver Pfft.. Ugh.. My names Kita. You can't even move yourself how you gonna help me?]]

[center [b She pushed herself to her feet holding her stomach. She wheezed as she nudged for Rex to pick Arthur up.]]

[center [+brown We have a map to the exit but how can we beat whatever's at the end like this? We gotta get you some help! Rex don't carry me she needs it!]]

[center [b She coughed before smirking at the boy.]]

[center [+silver Wanna play knight in shining armor for the pretty lady? Don't worry this "damsel" can still walk. Your the one who needs help moving besides you can't die before I return the favor.]]

[center [+brown I'm not the one who's basically dying!]]

[center [+silver Hush if we get out of here they'll have medical help right? So let's go!]]

[center [b Rex had nodded avoiding eye contact with the woman as Arthur growled. He was worried she was gonna keel over any second but she was right they had to move. Arthur thought about fighting Rex to leave him here but he had no physical strength left to. What was left? How the hell were they gonna get out of here? Or better question how were they gonna clear the final gate?]]
  Knight- / 24d 6h 55m 53s
Dawn and Civa started walking, Civa chattering away arms hooked with hers. She sighed, this has got to be a mistake. There’s no way Dawn is stuck with this nut job. She looked up and saw a boy, with silver hair. Civa blinked and watched as he walked by till another boy came and spoke.

Civa grinned and waved, “Hey. Aww, a shy guy huh that’s cute,” she turned her head and gave a teasing look to the boy. “Yea we were the first ones here but now you two came. I’m Civa.”

Dawn glanced over at them and nodded, “Dawn.”

“Don’t mind her she’s a bit broody,” she snickered earning a stink eye from the other. Civa perked as she heard the compliment from the boy, “Oh? A looker huh? You hear that Dawn, apparently we’re quite atttactive. Maybe we aren’t lost causes,” her shoulder with laughter and Dawn rolled her eyes. “Although.. we probably should head to the school nurse.. we’re a bit ruffled up,” she glanced st their dirty clothes and minor scratch and bruises.

Dawn clicked her tongue, jerking her arm away in irritation, “Tch, that’s cuz your threw us out of the fucking window!” Her violet eyes narrowed at the carefree girl who seemed to avoid her stare.

“Ah shh, let’s keep that a secret,” she spoke in a hushed voice gesturing with her hands to lower her voice. “Might I mention you were going to kill me?” Turning back to the boy she smiled waving him off, “Besides, with your looks I’m sure you’ll fit in,” she added grinning back at him.

As Arthur told them their numbers Dawn looked at him astonished. Looks like they found the rest of their teammates, that was quite easy. Disregarding the struggles of getting to where they are. Before Dawn could respond, Civa spoke up.

“Ah really? We will keep that in mind, but we already found our teammates. They’re waiting for us actually,” Civa hooked her arms with Dawn once again, who looked at her incredulously. “We will keep an eye out,” winking at the boy she waved at them, ushering the pets to follow. “See ya boys~ we’ll meet you at the finish line. Oh and a tip,” Civa tipped her head backward, “the bots,” her bangs fell downward as her head was displayed upside down, her finger reached over and poked at his chest, “the heart. Aim for the heart, that’s their weak spot, the central system.” With that she hauled Dawn and they both walked off.

[i What the hell is she thinking? What is she up to?] Dawn stared at Civa, finally determining that she’s crazy. She shook her head, “What are you doing? Those were our teammates? Why did you just-why did we leave?!” Dawn whispered harshly even though they were long gone.

Civa looked behind and smiled, “They don’t need to know now. Besides, now we know who they are right? We can have a better idea on what they do,” she suggested remembering the weapons and shields they harbored, stroring it in her head. Physical hearts possibly? She blinked in surprise as Dawn halted, “Why did you stop?”

Sighing she looked back, “This is stupid, I’m going back and telling them who we are.”

“What no no no! Don’t do that,” she held her arm as Dawn tried to walk off, trying to pull her arm out. “Come on! Just listen to me, I know what I’m doing. Mad geniius remember? Don’t you trust me,” she questioned staring straight into those dark violet eyes.

Dawn stared into her honey/hazelnut brown eyes, face desperate. Dawn lips pursed, and her expression softened giving in. Her mind then reeled back to the time they jumped out the window, and her face turned blue, eye twitching. She turned back and tried to walk away once again.

“Okay okay! Wait,” Civa exclaimed, her tactic failing as she was using her legs to lean back, holding Dawn in place. “I just.. I have a gut feeling, that those two needs little a more time together alone.”

“Is this one of your genius intellect spewing,” Dawn scoffed raising a brow.

“That phrase was redundant, anyway it’s an intutition. So come on,” her eyes pleading andDawn groaned. Civa took that as surrender and pulled her along. They walked along Civa looking around and pointing, “This way. According to my mental map, we’ve been this way before. There’s the north corridor left to discover,” she muttered staring into space as her mind worked the inside of the school.

Dawn continued to stare at her, “What are you? How do you know?” Civa grinned explaining that once she walks around she’s able to place it in her mental map and knows how to locate things. Spatial visualization, is what it’s called.

Walking along Dawn was stuck in her mind. This exam has taken a toll on her, and was drained. The future is what scared her. Rune Knight is something she wasn’t keen on joining, neither having any connection with said government. There’s many places, where it’s neglected and people need help. Do the elite care, of course not. She blinked as Civa nudged her, hand waving in front of her face.

“DAWN! Are you there? What’s wrong?” She looked concerned.

Clearing her vision she shook her head, “No sorry. Just tired. What?”

Civa pointed to some people staring at her, “Looks as if you’re pretty famous hm,” her Cheshire smile widened snickering.

Dawn recognized them from her section and remembered the weak bot she destroyed with a kick. “Ah.. no, I just defeated a bot. And they happen to be there. It was a fluke, more like a slap in the face,” she muttered.

Civa laughed and Dawn ignored her walking pass her. There were many bots but other students who were fighting as well. “Should we help them?”

Dawn looked over and waved her hand, “No, they got it. I just want to get this over with.” As soon as she said that a bullet shot to the wall that was centimeters away from her face. It crossed her eyes. Dawn’s left eye twitched as she pulled out her gun and shot the bot with several bullets I’m anger.

“Alright, let’s just move on,” Civa interferes pulling her along before they got into another brawl with those metal bots. Civa was quite tired as well and didn’t want to fight anymore. Her glanced at a bot and saw a sign. “Hey look... it’s a family insignia, a wealthy family must’ve created this. Or an inventor whos part of this family,” Civa pointed out.

Dawn felt her heart pound as she looked at the sign and pulled her along, “Come on..” she felt herself sweat, lips biting. Dawn had a feeling, she knew there were something familiar with these bots. Her heart sped rapidly, she didn’t want to have any contact with them. It had to be one of them. And they were just prototypes, which means these are nothing compared to the real thing. If she knew them well, there would have to be another one closer to the final gate. She felt Sin brush against her leg, looking down, she remained calm. There was no way they were going to come here anyway, but she wasn’t keen on knowing the final stage.

Reaching the Northern side, they stopped. “Somethings not right,” Civa muttered.

“I know,” Dawn agreed and gripped her gun, getting into their stance. Looked like they weren’t done fighting yet.
  Dawn / Sina13 / 25d 16h 30m 17s
[center [h3 Journey Onward!]]

[center [b Arthur was heading forward ready to protect Rex at a moments notice! The boy so timid and afraid to even talk. Arthur hadn't minded it though if anything he found it a bit endearing. Arthur and Rex had been wandering around the maze for around twenty minutes and it felt like they were going in circles! Arthur had grunted in frustration as he rubbed his head.]]

[center [+brown That's it! I'm just gonna use Steel Rain to bust a way through these walls! Forget mazes I say we move forward till we hit a dead end and than double back!!]]

[center [+orange U-Umm.. T-That sounds l-like a w-waste of s-s-stamina..]]

[center [+brown Yeah... I use a Chevalier type and it consumes physical stamina not to mention I started this on an empty stomach.]]

[center [b Rex tilted his head confused it was strange not all Blast Hearts consumed calories from the body as well as stamina. Arthur was tempted to just burst through but after that he wouldn't be able to fight at all. He had it in him to wield his armor and blade for possibly one more fight. Steel Rain was a technique he created that consumed a crazy amount of stamina. Before they could say anything a group of bots had came in. Wearing Black Armor they seemed much larger and tougher than the rest. Rex and Arthur had taken stances though before Arthur could activate his armor. A woman had approached the two Arthur had decided to forgo the armor and run in front of the woman.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/2kM4eYn.jpg]]

[center [b She had offered a sly grin as a grey energy escaped her body. Pillars of grey energy in the shape of spears swords and axes had came from different portals. What kind of Arcane Heart was this? Arthur had been in several fights but he never met someone so powerful. What was the backlash? Or the name of her Blast Heart? Each weapon exploding in a grey light she had destroyed the forces in front of her. Arthur had stammered a bit shocked. She had giggled tapping the young mans nose.]]

[center [+grey Thanks for coming to my aid ~ Adorable little knight.]]

[center [b She cued at the male as she began to walk away Rex had ran up beside Arthur. Arthur wasn't the type to be speechless but he couldn't find words. "Wait I didn't check her card!" somehow he felt she wasn't really a part of his team. Even so? She seemed just fine on her own. Arthur wasn't sure why but he was pumped to go toe to toe with her. Whenever he saw powerful fighters he always wanted to know how he would fare against them.]]

[center [+brown Hehe.. So any ideas now Rex?]]

[center [b Rex had stammered as Arthur laughed it off and the two took off again.]]

[center [h3 Lucky Break]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Rex had followed Arthur pondering on before. What would his idea be? Who was that woman before? She seemed rather strong or was it only her power that was strong? Either way she took a lot of points from the boys. Though she seemed nice? If she wasn't mocking them of course. She was too pretty for Rex to try and make eye contact with. Rex was already a nervous wreck. Double that if it was a female and triple if she was attractive. On that note he was hoping whoever there teammates were? That they were males. A weird thing for a lonely shut in like him to wish for but he didn't want to be even more a nervous wreck than he already was. Hell he was struggling talking to Arthur even.]]

[center [b It was than Rex had bumped into a group of students. Was it the group before? The one he helped out? Arthur had saw a girl with round glasses and pink hair with beautiful blue eyes.]]

[center [pic http://i65.tinypic.com/be7c46.jpg]]

[center [b Rex blinked as Arthur gave her a wave. Rex had turned around completely his face beet red. "She's... Wow! She seemed so dainty to.. Like Rex had room to talk! He must have seemed so timid and afraid himself! Still the way she held herself? With a sense graceful fragility? She had walked up to Rex as Arthur interjected.]]

[center [+brown Hey! I saw you in block C! You asked the professor a few questions right? That's awesome! Sorry Rex she's in block c so she's not on the team. Wow! Your a lot prettier up close!]]

[center [b Arthur mentioned with a childish gleam. Rex had gasped shocked at the innocent way Arthur mentioned that outta the blue! "Great she's gonna think were weirdos! Nope perverts! Why would he say that?! WHY?!" Rex was the type to always over worry but being put in this uncomfortable situation? Only made it worse Emma had blushed tripping as she adjusted her classes. It seemed she found her two teammates Rex was glad for her. She had coughed trying to compose herself her small cheeks with a glimpse of red.]]

[center [+pink A-Ahem! I.. I wanted to say thank you. My names Emma and.. Earlier you saved me and a few others! They weren't my team mates but I'm glad you saved them all the same. Were heading to the lockers now.]]

[center [+brown Wow! Wait how do you know where to go?]]

[center [+pink Well my Blast Heart lets me have the ability of clairvoyance. I can see anything in about a mile radiance with the right amount of focus.]]

[center [+brown That sounds amazing! It must be an Arcane type right?]]

[center [+pink Mhm!]]

[center [b She nodded with a soft smile as she glanced away. She seemed confused on why Rex had his back turned to her.]]

[center [+pink I wanted to use my power to help you! I'm sorry I would have found you sooner but my team mates were in trouble.. I know that's kinda selfish huh? I just did't want them to fight unarmed and when I saw your team mate could fight without a weapon of his own? I..]]

[center [+orange Err.. Umm.. F-Fine.. I mean i-it's fine!]]

[center [+pink Really? I'm glad you understand.]]

[center [b She offered a warm smile as Rex turned around to give her one of his awkward half smiles. She had closed her eyes focusing as she began to explain more.]]

[center [+pink The lockers I have a map for you to get to them. I also marked where block A and B started it was here in the south the lockers are in the south-east and I think the end of this trial may be the North cause somethings blocking my vision around there.]]

[center [+brown Wow! That power of yours sound infreakingcredible!]]

[center [+blue Yeah it is! Were glad to have her!]]

[center [+red Yeah don't get used to having her helping you two!]]

[center [b One of her team mates was a short and feisty female redhead. The other a tall male with a gentle smile. Emma had given a bit of a wave as they went off.]]

[center [+pink Good luck! I hope you two pass!!]]

[center [+brown Wow! Thanks Emma! For all your help!]]

[center [b Rex had offered an awkward wave as Arthur dragged him off. They were following the trail on the map. It didn't seem the lockers were even far off! They had saw groups of bots but the students remaining? All seemed powerful and capable it didn't seem anyone needed any help. Rex had saw the lockers in sight! Perfect! Durandel! Rex had ran and Arthur gave chase from behind. It seemed Rex was easily the faster runner though he stopped when he saw two women at the lockers. Rex had examined the two and tilted his head low to avoid eye contact walking quickly past them to go and find his blade.]]

[center [h3 Nice To Meet Cha!]]

[center [b Arthur had smiled to see the lockers he didn't need a weapon but maybe they'd get extra points? At least Rex could have a way to defend himself though Arthur wasn't expecting much he knew the boy had spirit at least. Arthur had saw two women there he had walked up and gave a casual wave with a childish smile plastered across his face.]]

[center [+brown Hi there! That super shy guy is my partner Rex! I'm Arthur! Who are you guys? You guys the first ones here? Maybe we can wait for our teammates to show up here if were the first four to show up?]]

[center [b Arthur continued smiling he wondered if the two were a team? Though the hyperactive boy had wondered long. Arthur had looked back at the girls with a grin.]]

[center [+brown Wow! Is everyone here a looker? I was expecting big ugly burly guys if I'm being honest! Even Rex is kind've a pretty boy! I'm probably not gonna fit in haha! Oh by the way what are your numbers?]]

[center [b Rex gave a squeak at Arthur's misleading question as he pulled out his piece of paper.]]

[center [+brown That way if we find your partners we can tell them your here. More eyes out the better right? I'm C-36 and Rex here is D-36. So if you see anyone with those numbers maybe give them a description of us? So they know at least what we look like! We could do the same for you of course!]]

[center [b Arthur grinned giddily sliding his hands into his pockets. Rex still in the background hiding his face as he pulled his well made long sword from the locker placing it on his side.]]
  Arthur / Knight- / 26d 13h 20m 12s
Civa’s body twisted 360 degree as her right leg lifted with heat absorbed throughout her body and flames blazing out from her foot. In a curved motion she slammed her feet down, her sole of her shoe hitting against concrete floor. The black haired girl clicked her tongue, using her arms to block out the heat towards her upper region.

She stepped back a few hissing at the heat on her skin. Dawn scowled narrowing her eyes as Civa stood facing her. Civa stance didn’t waver, she waiting to see the other girls next movement. But she just stood there. Confused, it wasn’t until later that Civa noticed that she couldn’t move. The other girl smirked.

“What are you-“ Civa voice stopped as she was moving against her will. She noticed her shadow and groaned, of course, this girl controls shadows. Civa concentrated on her heat but it was broken off by metallic sounds. Turning around, noticing the shadow spell was broken off, she felt her face turn blue at the amount of Empty Hearts. “Crap..”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” the other girl muttered.

“Alright listen.. if you want to make it out of here alive, we have to work together,” Civa advised the girl who relunctantly abided. Her finger tips were already flaming as her whole arm burst with heat, “let’s do this.”

Civa ducked at one of its attacks and punched it through its empty chest as the heat enveloped around it. She flinched as the one behind her jabbed it’s weapon behind her back and pulled her in slamming her against the wall. Groaning, her eyes flared with anger, glaring at its body. “You’ve done it now..” she studied its motion, mentally drawing out its structure looking for its weak points. Her foot slammed against the floor as waves of fire washed over them. They’re prototypes, there’s a reason why they aren’t out in the battlefield. Grabbing one of its head, her hand started to heat up the bot which slowly started to malfunction and within seconds exploded from the heat. Civa saw one of them pull out a gun and she mentally groaned, she barely dodged it as it scraped against her jacket. Civa helps both her hands palms closed together as she drew out a fire whip. Rounding a few of them up she tossed it right out the window shattering it to prices, “Yikes...” in her peripheral vision she saw a some sort of cannon bullet pass her by and she jumped back. What were it’s weak points? Gathering the heat around her, she slowly focused as her core raged with fire, her eyes straining as her mouth agaped and out she breathed out fire, long enough to get them heated up and combust. She held on to her knees out of breath and panting heavily. She could see Scorch ready to obliterate them but Civa stopped, “Scroch don’t.”

The black haired girl watched as she blew out fire, actually amazed by it. She turned her forcis back to her fight, punching ones head off and kicking another, she manually forced open the back pulling out its cords and using the body parts as shields. She forced the weapons that were on the ground from the bots and used it against them, controlling them by their shadows. Firing bullets and cutting through the metals defeating them but by bit. She narrowed her eyes as she took her hand and faced two of the bots towards each other destroying themselves. She jumped back in surprise as one of them blew her weapons away with a ball of steel that was connected to a long line of chains. It was in the next moment that the same bot clashed its weapon against her stomach and slammed her through other bots. She coughed out clutching her stomach and tries to regain her breathing again. Her eyes stared at the empty knight more with a serial expression, her pupils have shrunk comparatively small, fuming with anger. As the weapon swung again, it stopped in midair, and shadows from other bots wrapped itself on this particular bot and in seconds pulled it apart along with the other bots connected. She stood back up flinching at the pain, as she was all bruised up with mini scratches.

Civa backed up in the center and was faced back to back with the other girl, a fire barrier around them, “You doing alright?”

“Never been better,” her coarse voice contradicts her statement.

“Listen... they have a weak point... I’m just not sure yet.. it’s in the back somewhere, either the neck or literal back. It’s their control system..” she muttered softly and her eyes widened in sudden realization. “Heart.. it’s their heart.. has to be, blastheart? Heart? Corny as that sounds, it’s something this school would come up with for beginners, from what I studied...” she spoke. “It’s always a symbolic gesture-“

“Just get on with it!” She shouted at Civa.

“Right right sorry, don’t mean to get geeky. I have plan.”

As they got in place, they both looked at each other and with a nod the barrier came down. Dodging a bullet, the black haired girl held out her arm and lined them up by their shadows. Her hand shaking shaking at the amount of engery she was using. Civa was able to grab hold of one, ripping out its arms and watching it flail. “Don’t worry sweetheart, this will be hot,” winking at it her whole arm flamed up causing the bot to flame up as well. “This is for almost killing us,” she extended her arm back and with a yell she flung it toward the line of bots, it looked as if it was a comet soaring through. The flaming bot crashed through the line of bots Hearts watching them destroy itself. “Woah.. holy shit I can’t believe that worked!”

They both looked at each in celebration but soon had to hold onto something to not collapse. It was excruciatingly tiring. “Why were there so many bots here..” said the black haired girl out of breath.

“I don’t..” catching her breathe Civa continued, “I don’t know.” But they spoke too soon as another wave of bots came, and she looked horrifie. “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!”

The dark haired girl watched as the came in waves, what was this? The hotspot for bots? She instinctlt brought out her pen pointing at it but halted, as she looked frozen.

Civa looked at her confused, “What are you going to do with that? Write on them?” It took a second before she realized that it wasn’t probably more than that, something that made her hesitate to use, something that was probably perhaps not allowed?

Her eye twitched as she placed it back, “Ah.. no, I panicked.”

“I have another plan,” Civa exclaimed, the other girl looked at her attentive. “Run.” She smiles and grabbed her hand running the other direction. “Come on you two!” She shouted at the pets.

“What? Run? Where to?” Civa pointed to the cracked window and she stared surprised. “You can’t possibly mean that! You’re insane!”

Civa looked at her and smirked, “And yet you’re still following me. Would you rather stay here and fight? Besides, being insane means there’s never a dull moment,” she laughed as she hopped on the discarded scraps of bots and used her foot on the windowsill as leverage and jumped out the window, still holding the other girls hand. “WOOHOO!” She laughed as the wind blew her hair out of her face and she let go of the other girls hand.

The dark haired girl screamed as they fell down, arms trying to go into defense mode. She was going to die. She should’ve never followed the other girl, as she stared petrified at the seven below. Civa pointed to the tree below them, indicating to grab onto it. The fell through the leaves as they tried to grab onto the branches, Civa grabbing hold of one and doing flip as she safely landed on the bushes below, as she was quite flexible. The other girl on the other hand grabbing anything insight as branches broke off but decreasing her momentum as she landed on the bush next to her. Her breathing was erratic, leaves and twigs everywhere.

She looked at Civa incredulously, “You’re fucking crazy!! You could’ve killed us!” She stood up grabbing leaves and twigs out of her hair their pets safely landed beside them. “Look what you did now! How are we going to get back inside, we’re practically out of the exam.”

Civa stood up and patted herself down snickering, “Calm down. We’re alive aren’t we? And no we’re not. The rules didn’t say anything about not leaving the school building to complete the exam. Think, we have to use our surroundings to win. As a Rune Knight, they do the same. They don’t follow rules 24/7. If there’s a way to win, they take it.” Civa has to admit, she did a good job at somehow connecting this together. “Besides, a mad genius always thinks outside the box,” she winked. “Get it? Because we are out of the maze.. which is like.. a box?”

The dark haired girl rolled her eyes, “Yea yea I get it. Fine.. but what now?”

Civa pointed towards the door, “The lockers is actually close by.” The other girl noticed that her eyes widening in realization. They walked to the front door.

“How are we going to get in oh so mad genuius,” she crossed her arm looked at the brunette.

“Easy!” She stood back and with a kick, her whole body vibrated as the door stayed shut. She bent down in pain holding onto her leg. “Owww....” She cringed in pain.

The dark haired girl rose her brow and sighed, waving the other girl off. “Move over,” She bent down and looked in the keyhole. She’s been to this school before visiting and she closed her eyes concentrating as she maneuvered the locks to unlock themselves and then she pushed them open. “There.” Walking inside Civa looked at her impressed.

Getting to their lockers, Civa looked around. “Woah.. don’t tell me we are the first ones..”

“Yea... cuz we cheated.” She muttered opening her locker to get it her weapons but as she did, a small slip of paper escaped her pockets.

“Shh, it’s called thinking outside the box,” she opened her as saw the slip of paper. “Hey I think you dropped something,” picking it up she saw opened it to see a number. Civa gasped eyes widening, “No way!”

The girl looked at civa and frowned, “Why are you making that face, that’s mine. Give it back,” she took the paper back from and she had a bad feeling in her gut, of why Civa looked that way. She looked down on her paper not seeing her number and it was B-36. She swallowed the lump on her throat, fear settling in. Looking up, she saw her hold up her own piece of paper that reads, A-36. Her eye twitched, groaning in agony as she hit her head on the locker, now she would have to be stuck with her.

“I knew there was a reason why we clicked so well together. Oh we’re going to be best Friends I can tell,” Civa exclaimed holding both of her hands.

She looked at the enthusiastic girl, “I literally tried to kill you a few moments ago..”

“Pff-“ Civa waves her off shutting her locker as she wrapped her arms around the other, “that’s just details. I almost killed us both a few seconds ago, literally.” She grinned. “This is gonna be great! Should we find our other teammates or should we do this alone?”

She shook Civa off her and closed her locker walking off, sighing. “Who knows.. I don’t even want to do this bloody exam.” Seeing the other follow, she punched Civa in the arm who winced in pain. “That was for the stupid prank in the morning, and for almost killing me.”

Civa rubbed her arm and smiled nonetheless, “You’re welcome. It was fun. What’s your name by the way? You and this cute fella,” she looked at Her pet and winked.

“This is Sin, he’s been with me for a very long time. I’m Dawn. You?” She looked over at Civa and to her pet.

“Thsi little devil, her name is Scorch. She’s also been with me for a long time, my one and only. Looks like we have a lot of things in common.” She smiled at her. “You can call me Civa.”
  Civa / Sina13 / 26d 19h 21m 51s
[center [h3 Ready Set..]]

[center [b Arthur had looked at his paper before heading to the starting line. C-36 so how he had to do was find others with 36 as well right? A-36 with B-36 and D-36. Or he could try to this alone? Though finding weapons and armor? That part wouldn't be a problem no not at all. As the "professor" made his countdown. Arthur hunched his legs over as he bent to the starting line. His hands on the dirt as he looked up with a grin of determination. Sweat began to fall from the boy's face as he drew on a crooked smile. He was nervous but he was going to smash through all this anxiety in one fell swoop and gave it all he had. When the countdown hit zero immediately suits of metal began to emerge from the walls themselves. Almost as if they were built into the maze itself somehow! The students had taken a step back a bit shocked but Arthur had acted on impulse dashing forward. As one with an axe slashed downward at the boy he drew on his BlastHeart.]]

[center [+brown Metal Heart!]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGeEh9g3g6w]]

[center [b His body encasing in it's usual armor as a massive blade formed into his hands. His eyes closed as he focused materializing the metal. It was the design he knew best so it was the quickest metal he knew how to summon. Using the unique high density metal combined with his years of physical training. He blocked the strike letting it slide to the hilt of his blade. Twisting the blade to use the hilt and base of the blade he snapped the axe in two! It seemed even high tech metal like this was brittle against his metal heart. That was a relief Arthur had let his mind go blank. Not a plan or strategy in mind as he shoulder bashed the machine back. Raising his sword and cleaving it into two. As three more charged him he hopped back winding his blade blade back with two hands on the hilt. Gritting his teeth as he firmly planted his off foot into the ground behind his waist. Placing his right foot forward as he gripped the blade tightly. Lowering the blade he wound up a massive arc of the blade. A broad horizontal slash as he shouted giving it all he had into one blow. Slamming through the three of the suits the first went down easily but his blade had slowed by the second more thick model. Pushing enough momentum to hack into the third he didn't cleave it outright in half but his blade went in deep enough that it was unable to function. He wanted to see how tough each one was but more had came at him. He didn't have time to look into the models.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Damn it! Guess I'll just have to carve a path through!]]]

[center [b One student the young pink haired female before had stared in awe at Arthur's lack of hesitation to push forward. He may have looked unstoppable here and sure he felt that way but his Blast Heart had its weaknesses. The stamina consumption was a heavy drain even for a physical type. It required he trained his strength to wield the heavy metal itself. He had to train his stamina to summon the metal itself though sustaining the metal didn't take much in the way of physical stamina it was summoning it that was hard. The focus it takes to summon any metal besides his main suit and blade could take a moment to envision the design. Summoning also took more than stamina itself it took a lot of nutrients from the user himself. Arthur didn't know the exact science but unless he ate a lot? He'd find himself very drained or even dangerously passing out unless he had tons of stored calories in his body. Not to mention the weight of the metal itself made it hard for him to be more of a speedy fighter. Despite all of this Arthur still was rather cocky feeling like he couldn't be stopped.]]

[center [b "How did that Zero guy beat me anyway? Probably a fluke I hadn't exactly eaten yet. Wait when did I last eat? Oh crap.." He had felt his stomach rumble as he groaned. "Fine I just can't summon anymore metal the blade and armor I have now will have to suffice. So no big flashy moves no big deal." with that he began to slash his way through on an empty stomach.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Ha! This will be a cinch! I can't believe I was even worried!]]]

[center [h3 Cooperation]]

[center [b Arthur had fought with the other students pushing his way through. At first he took the lead but the students had begun to disperse the group he had started with? Well they had seemed nice working to make sure no one got hurt rather than attacking one another to eliminate competition. Arthur had separated from the group and in his loud and clunky armor he wasn't able to find many opponents. In fact his classmates all seemed superior in moving ahead after his first initial burst of speed. He wasn't exactly fast but he couldn't waste energy either. "Ugh I started off so cool! Right in the lead! Now here I am lagging behind! I can't find any bots to smash! I'm in trouble if I can't score well" anxiety had begun to settle in as he thought about Zero and the Rune Knights arresting his family. Could he fight them? The entire kingdom of Radiance? No way he'd have to fight through and.. "What live on the run?" could he? Could he even beat Zero? He grit his teeth and than followed by his fist. He wasn't going to fail here he wasn't going to have his family live on the run! "Clank!" Arthur's thoughts were cut off by the sounds of fighting. Perfect! Maybe he could jump in! He turned around a few hedges to see a young man with white hair and leather armor with a single gauntlet.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Step back I got this!]]]

[center [b Arthur saw the boy with a demure face. The boy had a straight face as he performed an acrobatic handspring forward. Before flipping backwards kicking his feet with thick shoes into the bot. It hardly done any damage but the boy's force had at least caused the cold steel to stumble. Arthur had stopped for a bit giving a bit of a whistle. The boy had dodged the stab of a blade elbowing into it's core. Again only causing a stumble as he slammed his metal gauntlet into it's head. It caused a decent crack but it kept going. Arthur saw a few unarmed students and they were all timid and afraid to get into a fight. This guy seemed to really be holding his own! Arthur had saw the boy drop kicking one bot as he was about to fall to the ground he caught himself with both his arms! Kicking into the machine several times before jumping back up while dodging its counter attack in mid air! Stepping on the ground one charged from behind with it's fist and he managed to block with his gauntlet but it had sent the boy flying back. His feet firmly planted in the ground as he slid through the dirt with a solid grunt. Looking back up this boy had fire in his eyes. A spirit that seemed overwhelming a spirit that surpassed the boys physical traits. "If looks could kill"]]

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[tangerine [size30 [center Are you okay?]]]

[center [h3 "Rex Rider"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b The boy had to find a way to his weapon in his locker. He already came to the ceremony wearing his armor he even came with his blade! Only cause he felt weird not having it... Yet they hadn't let him take it in. The reason wasn't as something as studious as always being prepared. Rex was uncomfortable wearing casual clothes afraid his sense of style would be judged. The boy was very self conscious. He was easily uncomfortable in social situations. He was sweating bullets at the entrance he loved the idea of being a Knight! Problem was being a student! In his fantasy novels a hero was always some hero in some kinda school! Course with the development of Blast Hearts it was getting harder for Rex to tell the difference between reality and magic. "Well Blast Hearts can only tie themselves to a single ability right? So it's not as versatile as magic would be." Rex wasn't very well studied he loved fantasy and myth but as for real studying? He was a bit of a hopeless case. He seemed the type to be a bookworm since he wasn't socially involved or had a loud and brash personality. The truth was he got bored with it just like most students. He just wasn't very honest about it. Truth was he was embarrassed about the fact. Rex had ran through the hedges and walls with these thoughts in his head. It was than that he saw a group of students completely unarmed and surrounded. Rex had picked up a few rocks throwing each of them at the bots with extreme precision the suits had turned over to look at him.]]

[center [+orange O-Over here!]]

[center [b One would think the boy was stuttering cause he was scared. Truth is? He was but not cause of the bots he always struggled with speaking in front of others. Even in a dire situation such as this he struggled with that. Rex had gripped his fist as the suits came to follow him and the students dispersed looking for their equipment. Rex was incredibly dexterous with plenty of upper and lower body strength. Not to mention his entire body was micro fractured from head to toe. The boy had gone through intense training everyday. That? Was before he learned that wasn't the proper way to train ones body. That was when he met he met the woman he would call master.]]

[center [b Rex had looked fought as best he could but it seemed he couldn't do a finishing blow. He gripped his hands was this really his limitations? For all the complex acrobatics and blocks he was performing his brain was completely blank. Not a single strategy was in his mind he was going to crush these things simple as that. Though he ended up being flung back and things weren't looking good. He had slammed right into metal plating. "A Knight in Shining Armor" he thought playfully. Though he only found himself stuttering. It wasn't that he was exactly star struck he was just too shy being close to another human being.]]

[center [b Rex inched away shyly as grabbing his arm as Arthur tilted his head a bit confused.]]

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[tangerine [size30 [center Umm? You okay? You hit your head? Well don't worry about these guy-]]]

[center [b Before Arthur could finish the suits had turned their arms into new weapons. Canons Arthur had grunted as he stabbed his blade into the ground. He focused as he began to summon several plates of metal as they formed a massive wall as the cannon charged. He was closing his eyes as he visualized the forming of the metal. Focusing on the incantation as one with a blade arm charged in Rex had taken the chance to trip the bot over. Arthur had created a reinforced dome around the two after a moment it was blasted all around as the metal hardened withstanding the punishment. Arthur grunted as he held his hands up he crushed the metal together using his blast heart. Controlling the metal he sent it into the air raising his arm up. Clenching into a fist he slammed it down into the Earth as the metal went above all the suits before falling down into rapid large shards showering them with lances of hyper dense arcane metal.]]

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[tangerine [size30 [center Steel Rain!]]]

[center [b Arthur cried out as as he fell over coughing a bit. The suits were all destroyed! It took a bit of a cast time and it took a lot outta of him but it was impressive! The boy's armor and sword had vanished as he fell over on one knee.]]

[center [+orange Umm.. I-I..]]

[center [b Rex wasn't sure if the man was okay but he knew he needed to find his blade Durandel. Rex had looked at the young knight to be as he pushed himself to his feet with a childish grin. His armor reverting and the boys hair turning brown.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [+brown Oh man... Fighting on an empty stomach really makes things harder. Thanks a lot Rune Knights... Oh speaking of which! You seem awfully timid for someone trying to be a Rune Knight! The names Arthur! You?]]

[center [+orange M-My name..?]]

[center [b Rex wasn't exactly his real name but with his social anxiety even his master let him come him here on that name. Sure the staff knew his real name but...]]

[center [+orange R-Rex..]]

[center [+brown Huh? That's a weird name! You sure stutter a lot! Still without a weapon you were great out there! Oh by the way my block in C and my numbers 36!]]

[center [b Rex had blinked showing Arthur he was from block D on his paper number 36.]]

[center [+brown Wow! That was easy! Well.. Kinda we just gotta find our other two partners and get you guys to the locker right?]]

[center [b Arthur despite his tired state gave a reassuring smile and took the lead. Rex wasn't sure where Arthur's confidence had came from. It wasn't Rex trusted the mans fool hardy smile but Rex was too shy to try and take charge himself. So he hadn't decided to follow the man himself. The best way to find their partners was to find out where Block A and B are. As for lockers ask any armed students for directions. Maybe Rex and Arthur could share where block D and C were to avoid checking those places again. It wasn't a bad plan but that'd involve Rex having to speak up and start a conversation...]]
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Dawn’s mind was completely occupied with the exam that was about to unfold soon. She sighed already feeling mentally drained and looked around her surroundings to see the other students heading into the same direction. The exam hasn’t even started and already she wants to go lie down somewhere. Her fingers ruffled against her pet’s head, a shadow cat who was placed right on her left shoulder. A black cat with sharp golden eyes. “Don’t worry Sin, the exam shouldn’t take too long.. hopefully,” she pecked the side of his head, smiling softly.

Dawn loved her cat, the closest companion she ever had, and she would kill if anyone ever hurt him. Sin was a shadow cat, who can also grow in size and Dawn frequently uses him to travel around as well. Sin can blend in the darkness and teleport through shadows. He was a mischievous little kitty and often causes trouble but she adores him nonetheless.

Dawn stared at the building, Radiance Academy. A place to go to join the Rune’s Knight. Dawn’s family has been in the Rune Knight for generations. It was some sort of tradition. Now she felt indifferent about the Runes Knight, not quite fond of their political tactics, and rumored corruption. She frankly had no interest, and her family had no problem with her not joining. But she knew.

The judgement, the stares, the whispers, her family did care. If she hadn’t joined, she would be treated like an outcast from her own family. She was practically forced in. If one of her family members wasn’t in the Runes Knight, they were a part of it somehow. Be it a doctor, or working within the government. High Expectations were always placed on her, having to meet them. It was exhausting and mentally tiring. She hates having to live up to them when they hold no meaning for her. Her family had connections, she had connections. Either way, she would get in if she fails horribly or passes. Though, there was no chance of her purposefully failing, her parents would know. She just hopes she doesn’t have to meet one of her family members in school, that would be dreadful.

Dawn gasp as she stepped on something that popped, and in the next moment, several small confetti flowed on her. She stares into thin air quite surprised, not having a clue what’s going on. Sin growled, swatting the little pieces of streamers that were flying about. Everyone was staring at her confused. She scanned the area and her eyes landed on another girl who also had a pet, containing her laughter. Dawn’s eyes narrowed, her irritation flowing, she didn’t want to deal with this. She was certain it was her, but the girl walked off. Dawn sneezed, her eyes becoming itchy, her skin had a somewhat bad reaction to these things.

Sighing, she tried to pat off the confetti, muttering under her breath, and hurried off to her room, after she placed her weapons away of course. She came in the room and there a monitor was placed with a man on screen explaining the procedures. Frankly, Dawn already knew how the system works and what tests would be implemented, so she crossed her arms seemingly bored. She was in room A. Dawn was practically mimicking what the man was saying inside her head, tapping her foot impatiently.

She realized that she forgot to put an extra weapon away, her eye twitching as her head tilting away from the screen, feeling slightly nervous. She had a pen, a seemingly normal pen but it was also a gun. A small firearm used for one of those people under cover. It was a gift from her father, she just had to be careful not to use it. From what she knew, the man on screen is very clever and could figure her out. Her eyes glanced away, feeling her sweat inch down her forehead. Dawn sighed relieved once he moved to another topic and she got her paper with the number on it.

She shoved it in her pocket and watche as many didn’t want to participate. She debated inside her head if she should find her teammates or go on this solo mission. She’ll figure it out as she goes. She walked out the room and started heading in a random direction. Sin, still riding on her shoulder. She glanced over in shock as she saw an Empty Knight, her eyebrows quirked, right off the bat? She flinched at the screaming students, and watched as the metallic knight headed their way.

She lifted up her leg and kicked it across the small hallway in instinct, not quite sure how to fight this thing but was surprised as it didn’t get up. Had she done it? Dawn saw the insides and it was a very low number, which felt like a slap in the face. Her eye twitched sighing as she walked off, regardless people stared at her amazed.

Turning the corner she practically almost collapsed as her hand held her up by hanging in the wall. She rubbed her knee rubbing it as those Empty Knights were not weak. Her leg ached in pain a little, mentally cursing herself or for doing a stupid. “Ah fuck:. That really hurt..” she didn’t want to seem weak in front of the others. She shook her leg, a few confetti falling to the floor. Dawn groaned, she still hasn’t gotten them all off. Feeling better, she stood back up and in front of her stood a familiar person.

“You!” Her eyes widened, staring at the brunette she saw outside. “You! You did this to me!” She pointed to her self grabbing a piece of confetti off her hair.

The girl blinked backing away, her hands up, “Ah me? Haha.. what are you talking about... that wasn’t me,” her eyes glanced away, hands behind her back. “Besides, aren’t you going to say hello? What’s your name-hey! What are you doing?!” She fell to the ground as a dark shadow wrapped around her leg, “A shadow manipulator,” she mumbled.

“I’m paying you back for what you did to me, but this time in red!” Dawn sneered, pulling her sleeves up to show her red skin, “Look what your stupid prank did to me?”

“Yikes...” She cringed at the appearance feeling herself being pulled again. “Scorch don’t!” She stopped her pet from interfering and cut off the shadow connection with her flames fingertips, hopping back up, “Look I’m sorry! But let’s not do this now, we have a test to do.”

“I don’t give a shit about thsi stupid exam, I have unfinished business with you.”

Her eyes perked up finger pointing herself, “Hey that makes two for two, I don’t-hey!” She dodged a flying kick and moved back another few steps. “Come on, it looks as if we can be great friends,” looking at Dawn’s face she sighed. Looks like she wasn’t finishing this exam anytime soon. “Fine, you’re on.”
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