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A world where four come together

Magic, mysteries, and strength

Each to their own abilities

Will uncover secrets within their own


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[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQcnanaCjEA]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nBUZAqX.jpg]]

[center [b Reiki had yelped looking around to see Civa. He offered a weak smile and a timid wave. The short male was almost afraid it was someone come to pick on him. Though it was just that girl from before.]]

[center [b She had asked if he slept well. He had blinked nodding lightly before stating that Dawn was her cuddle buddy. He had tilted his head rather confused what she had meant. It was than she had wrapped her arm around him. To pay him back? A date? He seemed flustered covering his face with his hood.]]

[center [+lightgreen I...I...]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [+purple Hey! Stealing our little boy now already? I mean he's cute and all but still~]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/x3cluyQ.jpg]]

[center [+green Haha Rose you know she doesn't mean nothing by it! Though I have to say Reiki isn't good at talking to others. Mind if we accompany him?]]

[center [+purple How do you know so much about him anyway Kidoshi?]]

[center [+green I told you me and Reiki came to the exams together! Remember? We grew up together!]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SXKf29j.jpg]]

[center [+pink Umm.. You didn't mention that before actually.]]

[center [+green Oh? Maybe I had meant to but we got caught up fighting didn't we?]]

[center [b Civa had told Dawn could come but he'd have to bring a date along. So Kidoshi had realized maybe he shouldn't crowd them. Reiki had to grow up and make friends right? Still.. The boy was so fragile. A date the first day? I'm proud of you Reiki.]]

[center [+green Actually Rose and Maria can go instead all four of us would be-]]

[center [+pink Pass I'd rather spend time training.]]

[center [b Maria said taking her seat as Rose hopped on Kidoshi's back like he was some kind of horse.]]

[center [+purple Seems you get a date with yours truly stud~]]

[center [b She closed one eye sticking her tongue out. Kidoshi had rolled his eyes chuckling a bit.]]

[center [+green Ya know you kind of remind me of my sister back home.]]

[center [+purple Hey! Not a great way to start! I take back what I said! Hmph!]]

[center [b Rose had hopped off crossing her arms looking away with a slight pout on her face. Kidoshi couldn't help but laugh some more.]]

[center [+green Yeah, exactly like her haha.]]

[center [b It was than that the team had all focused on the job ahead. Civa was coming up with a plan. Kidoshi's group was indeed listening but Katsu had opened the door as others in the class watched unsure what to do next. Katsu had scoffed with a flaming crown over his head.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/c6S1U4Q.jpg]]

[center [+red I'd give it up if I were you. Only one team can pass and I'm clearly the strongest one here. I'm not gonna rip that tie from his neck so you might as well stay here and study for the semester.]]

[center [b His voice was filled with a calm sort of arrogance. Many of the students were rather angry but surprisingly? Rex had the dirtiest look on his face. He was ready to draw his sword and charge out to prove himself. "This guy who does he think..?!" Rex would normally be flustered over the others talking about going on a date. Or even a bit let down he wouldn't be able to go without a date himself. That was the kinda stuff he'd ponder over and maybe later he would. Now however? He wanted to rub that smug look off that guys face.]]

[center [b Arthur had spoke up himself when Civa asked for any ideas.]]

[center [+brown I've fought... A lot of guys back at home in the family Arena. I'm not exactly book smart I know that but.. I learned to pick a feel for this kinda thing.]]

[center [+purple What thing?]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur smiled back and responded.]]

[center [+brown How strong my opponents are. That guy is probably even stronger than our clan master... It's a certain aura it's hard to explain.]]

[center [+purple Hmm.. I see, hey Arthur I gotta say you look a lot different when not using your Blast Heart.]]

[center [+brown Oh? Is that a bad thing?]]

[center [b Rose laughed and shook her head but Arthur decided to answers Civa's question.]]

[center [+brown My idea is we team up with the others students. Sure only one team can pass but if we don't all work together we'll all fail I think. Ugh.. As a warrior I really hate to admit that. Well.. As shameful it is I'll have to rematch the teach one on one some day. Oh sorry I didn't mean to get off track there. I can gladly distract him. Kidoshi are you and the others in?]]

[center [+pink He doesn't speak for all of us. Leader or not.]]

[center [+green Heh heh... Sorry Maria is like that sometimes she's good people though. Umm... I'm in if the others are.]]

[center [+purple Sure! Of course!!]]

[center [+lightgreen U-Umm... Yeah... I'd like that.]]

[center [+pink ..Sure]]

[center [b Arthur had looked to see Kita across the room as she looked at the others with a soft smile]]

[center [pic https://cdn59.picsart.com/171676172001202.png?r1024x1024]]

[center [+silver I'm glad you made friends Arthur and I owe you but... I know it's selfish but I have to pass this.]]

[center [b It was quiet and she looked at the ground with a guilty look in her eyes. Arthur had read her lips and mouthed. "It's okay" Kita couldn't believe he was that okay with it. It almost made her mad that he just went along with everything so easily. Arthur smiled and stood offering the other classmates to join in to team up. However it seemed the others like Kita wanted to focus on winning. Would Civa be okay with teaming up with Kidoshi's group? If they got the tie instead all that hard work would be wasted.. Wouldn't it?]]
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As they entered the class they all looked around so see similar faces. Civa was intrigued by this teacher and had heard about him before. A few things she had read about him too. A class fro screw ups huh, this should be fun. Civa grinned and looked over at her teammates, who seemed same as usual. Her eyes scanned until she saw a familiar face.

[+orange "Ah Reiki!"] Civa had a huge grin and waved towards him. Walking over she pat his back, a sense of wanting to tease came over her. [+orange "How are you? Did you get a good sleep? I did, thanks to my cuddle buddy,"] she whispered and pointed towards Dawn who seemed to be too occupied by the teachers. [+orange "Dont tell her that~ Anyway, lets have lunch together I'll buy. I did say I'd pay you back for healing be right,"] she grinned and placed her arm over his shoulder. [+orange "It will be like a date~ Heh, Dawn you can join us, but you have to bring a date along."]

Civa winced as she whined when she received a hit on the head by Dawn. Scorch catered around her leg as she picked her up, playfully scowling at Dawn.

They looked back up and Civa sighed as they were given a task. Get the tie huh? She watched as the teacher disappeared. Several ideas came into her head. There was a chance he could be lying of where he was going. [+orange "Hm... we can use our powers I assume, and there are no limitation of us using our pets. He's pretty strong and experienced but its not impossible. A direct attack can distract him, but there has to be something else to do the job."] She spoke to her teammates. She looked at each of them taking into account their abilities and bit her lips. She had an idea but it was a matter if they are able to do it. Although she didnt care about going up to the senior class.

She sighed once again. After this, there were surely going to take paper exams which she didnt mind honestly but it was definitely going to be boring. So she should make the most of this. [+orange "What are your thoughts guys. Any ideas you want to bring out so it doesnt seem like im controlling everything."]
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[center [h3 Awake At Night]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpQKqznNss4]]

[center [b The boys were sleeping only right across the room on their own bunk bed. Rex had laid a nervous wreck per usual but this time well..]]

[center [b "How? Can they just let boys and girls stay in the same room? What if Civa and Dawn wanna wear more comfortable clothes around the room? What if I wanted too? I can't do that! That's for sure! He could hear snoring right below him he's.. Sleeping!?" Rex sighed "course he is we are supposed to sleep right? Obvious but just... Is he used to this?" Rex closed his eyes as he was thinking about his day. He scored so low yet he gained such a unique title did they really consider him such a skilled fighter? Even among students that had better genetics and training for this? How much of it was this surgery and how much was his hard work? How would he keep that heart from taking over? He could only use it in such short burst before losing control. "I'll just have to fight using my own power in using it right? I'll have to turn it off and on quickly in a fight" Rex was gonna take this seriously. Past all of his awkward teen tendencies he had a reason for why he came here. "I want.. I need to become a Knight I want to be able to smile and the people know that everything is going to be okay." before Rex could doze off he saw Civa crawl out of her bed.]]

[center [b He carefully watched and saw she was talking to Dawn. "Aww poor Civa she's actually pretty cut- I mean! Nonono Rex go to sleep just rest" Rex was glad those two were getting along.]]

[center [h3 Next Morning]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur had shot out of his bed stretching loudly with a yawn. They all had taken turns taking a shower though it seemed Dawn had already took hers. Getting dressed the four had set out. Heading to class Arthur smiled at the others.]]

[center [+brown So how did you guys sleep?]]

[center [b Rex had just yawned and Arthur chuckled lightly as the girls talked about not wanting to go to class. Rex had hung his head low as Arthur shook his head in agreement.]]

[center [+brown Yeah, but hey it could be fun right? Or it could be a total snooze...]]

[center [b The four had stepped in to class with a bunch of students. Well twenty to be exact and Reiki's team was even here!]]

[center [pic http://www.icartoons.cn/creator/data/uploads/2013/1205/17/52a049ff0a91d.jpg?weiboid=4508]]

[center [b Maximum the school's principal from before had entered the room giving the student a gentle wave.]]

[center [+grey I'm here to introduce the homeroom teacher!]]

[center [pic https://www.inside-games.jp/imgs/p/HWZkAiPs4hhJJILWtk6jqMMKsQbyBQQDAgEA/388894.jpg]]

[center [b Here came a large man about 6'3 and he appeared to be in his early 40's older than Maximum for sure. The hearty man pounded his chest and gave a wide grin as he waved at the students.]]

[center [+darkblue Yo]]

[center [b His voice was deep but it had a laid back attitude behind it.]]

[center [+grey This is Gareth Espadon, he's been working here for a long time. He's also one of the most experienced Knight's in the kingdom currently and he has generously volunteered his time here. So I ask that--]]

[center [b Gareth had laughed a loud and hearty laugh before patting Maximum's back.]]

[center [+darkblue Mr Espadon was my father's name! Please kids just call me Gareth and Maxy here relax! I wanted to come here so don't fret so much! Your gonna get wrinkles at a young age acting so stiff all the time!]]

[center [b Maximum had pushed his glasses up with a soft smile as he shook his head. He had begun to exit the room to leave the rest to Gareth here.]]

[center [+darkblue Yo kids the names Gareth so I've reviewed your cases last night and I'll let you know now. I've assembled this class myself I think we'll all be getting along well.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/c6S1U4Q.jpg]]

[center [+red Why the hell am I here? I enlisted for the senior class. I've gone through the records I know this is the class for the screw ups.]]

[center [+darkblue Juniors my boy not screw ups also those records were highly guarded. That's against school policy...]]

[center [b Gareth looked this firey youth in the eye with a stern face before bursting out into laughter.]]

[center [+darkblue You've got brass my boy I like that! Yes and your Kings Heart is incredibly powerful. You were ranked the number 1 fighter of the top 5. That being said your score was among the lowest wanna know why? You didn't control that power of yours burned your teammates and they didn't get to pass. You are here... Without a team but don't worry I grabbed other members that didn't make it here with a full team so you'll build a new one. Only 8 of you managed to make here with full teams. So that means 2 teams made it intact. Not a good score and let's see... Katsu Chevalier is it? If you work harder you can improve your standing here no problem!]]

[center [b Rex had begun to think to himself. Reiki,Kidoshi,Maria,Rose. They scored well so... How? Why are they here? Wait.. this guy was number one? It wasn't that fighter on the top team? Really?! Where did Rex rank?! Also Chevalier... That name was familiar wasn't it?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nBUZAqX.jpg]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SXKf29j.jpg]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/x3cluyQ.jpg]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [b Wait.. Rex had saw white hair in the crowd of students was that.. Kita? Arthur had shot up and waved at the young woman.]]

[center [pic https://cdn59.picsart.com/171676172001202.png?r1024x1024]]

[center [b She covered her face in embarrassment of Arthur's straightforward hello. They were in class after all. Katsu was seething it seemed. Rex had eyed the young man a bit "King's heart? That crown too was strange.. Was that his Blast Heart? Weird..." the guy seemed like a flashy lone wolf type. When Rex went on a rampage... He hoped he wasn't seen like that. "The lone wolf" I hope his teammates don't see him in such a generic cringey way. For a timid guy Rex despised this kinda person someone demanding. Someone cocky who tries to do everything alone like they are some lone badass. Sure Rex struggled accepting help and he fought alone sometimes even... Still though it wasn't cause he looked down on others.]]

[center [+red Besides don't knights usually retire around 35? Due to the stress of Blast Hearts? If you use an Arcane heart you can push 40's sure. You use a Chevalier heart right?]]

[center [b That was it... It was the name of the physical hearts! The principal shared that surname too.. Rex was lost in thought.]]

[center [+red You used a Chevalier heart and you were a force of nature some time ago. You became a war hero at 15 that doesn't even describe prodigy. That being said you are too old for this kinda job. That's probably why I got stuck in this class that blastheart of yours burned out that aging brain.]]

[center [+darkblue Hahaha! You have a mouth on you lad! Cut me to the quick eh? Well it's true I'm not longer a spring chicken but I still am your teacher. How about this? What better class than experience? For todays lesson I'll give you all a chance to advance straight to the seniors class.]]

[center [b Gareth had pulled out a drawer from his desk taking out a tie and wrapping around his neck with a big grin on his face.]]

[center [+darkblue Whoever can take this tie from my neck first can advance to the seniors along with their team. I'll be waiting outside behind the school. I wish you all luck on this assignment!]]
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Dawn walked into the bathroom to get dressed into her night clothes and walked out after, Civa heading in. It was late and the boys were getting ready to head to bed as well. Dawn grabbed a few books and sighed climbing onto her top bunk. She started to look through them, scanning though the materials and trying to guess what would be on the exam. She sat down cross-legged as she read a couple pages here and there and skimmed through others. She looked through other books as well.

Seeing Civa come out from her peripheral vision, the brunette stood looking at her. [+orange "Wow, you're actually studying Dawn? Didn't think you were such a hard worker,"] Civa teased her.

Dawn rolled her eyes waving her off, [+navy "I'm just looking through them.. not really studying. Trying to be a little prepared... Just looking through it for a bit."]

Civa snickered and climbed into her bed, [+orange "Well don't 'look' through it too late. Get some sleep."]

Dawn hummed and they turned off the light. It was a good thing she knew how to maneuver her eyes in the darkness. She soon laid down in her blankets, still looking through some of the books. She sighed, there was no way she was going to score high on those exams, but if she was honest, Dawn didn't really care. She just does it to keep her family reputation going. But her mind was really going back to the phone call. They weren't quite happy with her results, or her performance.

Her name was just Dawn on the school records, it took a lot of work to not put her last name on record. Even if the teachers and staff knew who she was , she didn't want anyone else to know who she was. Dawn had wanted to keep her identity a secret, if the students knew who she was or her team..

[+orange "Dawn.."] Civa whispered after she climbed up to her bed. Dawn flinched as he looked over.

[+navy "What are you doing? Why aren't you sleeping?"] Dawn whispered back glaring at her. She looked at the boys who seemed to be sound asleep.

[+orange "I couldn't sleep. Can I sleep with you?"]

[+navy "What? No, go sleep in your own bed. We have separate beds for a reason."]

[+orange "Thanks,"] Civa smiled and climbed in under her blanket, with sounds of rustling and fumbling of sheets.

[+navy "I said no, get out and back to your level,"] Dawn groaned trying to push her out but to no avail.

[+orange "Aw please? Don't be like that, I'm having trouble sleeping. I just need some comfort"] Civa made herself comfortable and wrapped her arms around Dawn's chest placing her head on her shoulder, looking at the book she was reading. [+orange "You're still studying? You should really rest, and not overwork yourself."]

Dawn sighed, giving in and allowed her to come in. Her one arm wrapped around Civa's neck for more room as she continued to look through the pages. Dawn rolled her eyes, [+navy "Whatever. Just go to sleep and don't make any noise. Try to get some sleep. Do you do this to everyone?"] Dawn tried to move over but it was a bit cramped.

Civa was quiet for a bit. [+orange "No, I was always alone growing up. I don't have any siblings and I didn't have anyone to turn to when I needed something like this. I didn't have friends much either, was always studying. My relationship with my parents were complicated. That's why,"] Civa looked up at her and grinned, [+orange "even though we just met.. I like to think of you as my sister. I've always wanted to do things like this, things I've never experienced. You're literally my first friend.] Civa thought back to her life, she always felt alone, so it was nice to have someone like this. [+orange "First human friend,"] she chuckled, couldn't forget about Scorch.

Dawn listened carefully. She had a lot of things in common with her. She grew up in a very privileged and important family and had many people surrounding her. She had siblings and her so called friends. But she also felt very alone, she couldn't trust anyone. Sin was one of her first friends she made as well. And if she was honest, Dawn felt as if Civa was her first real friend also. Perhaps even a sister. [+navy "Yea.. I can understand... you would be my first true friend as well."]

Civa grinned and hugged her tighter, [+orange "Now we can add two more. We're pretty pathetic aren't we?"] Civa chuckled. [+orange "Hey... was it your family that called?"]

Dawn didn't answer and Civa took the hint. Dawn looked over the books a while longer before she decided to hit the hay.


Dawn woke up early to shower. Everyone still seemed to be sleeping. She looked over at Civa who was sleeping soundly in her arms, so she tried to carefully move Civa's arm away from her and get her arm out. Civa shifted a bit and Dawn was careful not to wake her. Her left arm was a bit numb. She looked at her burned arm and Civa's wound, they were healing pretty quick. Barely any pain.

She hopped down and went in the bathroom to shower and and clean up, Sin following her already up and awake. She came out all refreshed. [+navy "Guys, get up. We need to head to breakfast then to class."] She shook Civa who whined and refused to get up. It took a while before Civa sat up, eyes still closed. She fumbled out of bed and walked in the bathroom.

It took a while for everyone to get ready. [+orange "Ugh.. I don't want to go to class.. whatever... lets go eat,"] Civa yawned and stretched walking out.

Dawn looked back at the boys and followed pursuit, Sin resting on her shoulder. [+navy "I don't feel like going either but oh well.."]
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[center [h3 Talented?]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkwDSWcfS88]]

center [b Arthur had heard Dawn tell him that was actually rather impressive and how maybe Civa could tutor him.]]

[center [+brown It is..? Impressive? Really? Hehe I didn't think so. At least you guys understand your Blast Hearts. I thought anyone could do it if they just worked out enough at least with the Chevalier type right? Oh Civa could tutor us? Really? That'd be awesome!]]

[center [b Arthur had smiled as Rex wrinkled his nose a bit looking at him. "Anyone can do it? No it takes... Rex couldn't do it by instinct that was why he needed the Hunters.. The Ryoshi heart and this surgery. It could take years studying even if a Chevalier heart was less complicated to learn. He had to be lying right? Just to show off? Rex felt bad thinking so poorly of his team mate but just.. How could that be true? Honestly?]]

[center [+brown Awe wait you charge for tutors! Awe man I'm broke though I can't pay you! Well maybe this new job pays huh?]]

[center [b Arthur grinned though it was after this Arthur had teased Rex and Civa? Well she took it in strides though Arthur wasn't trying to fluster her or well anyone. This was just how he talked back at home.]]

[center [+orange I-I.. Yeah not t-true umm..]]

[center [b Rex looked away "It wasn't true! It.. It was so freaking true he was checking her out like some rabid dog. Why?" He sighed a bit "Rex your such a freaking loser it's like you never talked to a girl before! Oh wait.. I haven't well still that's not an excuse to be a creep! Calm down Rex she's given you an easy out to this at least might as well take it right?"]]

[center [b Arthur and Civa were diving in and Dawn was getting on to them. Rex on the otherhand covered his face with his hair and his mouth with his napkins. He didn't want the others to exactly notice him eating.]]

[center [+brown Haha Civa you tricked Dawn really good! Honestly you had me going for a bit I thought you were in serious trouble!]]

[center [b like that Arthur was stuff his face again. "How could he just be so carefree? Him and Civa?" Rex was perplexed by these two and Dawn? Despite her stand offish approach was actually getting them drinks? She was a lot sweeter than she actually let on.]]

[center [b Arthur had heard Civa comment on Dawn's persona as he began to respond with a mouth full of food.]]

[center [+brown Mysterious personsh? You thinksh?]]

[center [b He swallowed his food as he began to think about her statement of boys and girls fawning over.]]

[center [+brown Sounds like you got a little crush on her yourself Civa haha!]]

[center [b He patted Civa's back with a hearty laugh as he went back to eating. As Dawn returned]]

[center [+brown Thanks Dawn you rock! Oh wow two beds? Hmm seems Dawn's already called top bunk on her bed. Well on our side of the room Rex you can have top or bottom if you want?]]

[center [+orange I-I err.. I-I don't mind either way...]]

[center [+brown Really? Well we can always decide later no worries]]

[center [h3 To The Rooms]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Wow that was nice of them having clothing ready and the rooms? Well they seemed fairly nice actually. Dawn had gotten a call what was it? Probably her family not anything that important? "I wonder if she has a boyfriend off campus?" Wait.. "Rex why are you thinking about that? Her personal life doesn't matter! You came here to become a knight! Not pick up girls! Not that picking up girls has ever been my thing.. Oh whatever just focus on school okay!" Rex shook his own head furiously but it seemed Civa had also left? It wasn't too long before Civa came back. She asked the boys if they were going to study? "Haha no" is what he wanted to say but he wouldn't say that. He hated studying he even packed his consoles and other things at the locker a ton of wires... He'd get it installed by the night probably they did have a TV. He'd rather play video games than study and or train his body some more but he was still feeling sore from earlier. He'd do some light exercises before bed and leave it at that. Studying wasn't exactly Rex's idea of fun but could he share with the other two that he was a below average student that was a slacker? The only appeal about the awkward guy archetype in stories was they were smart and dependable. If he didn't have that than what was he? Probably just a loser...]]

[center [+brown Pfft your funny Civa! After today I ain't gonna study that sounds way too boring I'd rather do something fun!!]]

[center [b He.. Did he just say that? To a girl who's gifted enough to use an Arcane Heart? She must be crazy smart to pull that off and he just... He really doesn't care does he? Or he must just be crazy one or the other. This seems like social suicide how can he just... Blurt stuff out like that?]]

[center [b With that Dawn returned and she had urged the team get some rest Arthur had gave a yawn and a nod. Causing Rex as well to yawn but he had tried to hide his a little more.]]

[center [+brown Your right... We got a big day tomorrow don't we? Well... Let's all get some sleep! You can have top if you want Rex?]]

[center [b Rex had blinked and nodded with a nervous smile. "He may be blunt.. Weird pushy and sometimes annoying but... He also seemed like a really nice guy too. Rex had laid in bed thinking about his team and his day.]]

[center [b If you had told Rex his team was gonna be two super smart babes? Followed by a extroverted loud mouth? He'd have vomited from pure stress right than and there and panicked. That being said... They were a lot more than just a "Babe" or a "Loud mouth." They seemed like good people didn't they? Rex had decided to himself despite not really knowing this team too well? He'd do whatever he could to protect them and to help them. All he was good at was fighting but... Hopefully even with that being his single and only talent he could find a way to keep the others out of harms way and to help them succeed here in this school.]]
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Civa grinned, snickering as she liked the atmosphere of her teammates. They were an odd pair, but they worked well she thinks. It was either that or they ended up being destructive, Civa knows all that too well. They looked at Arthur surprised, him being able to his blast heart well without even learning about it, it made her a little envious.

[+navy “Wow... that’s actually pretty impressive Arthur. Seems like you’re more talented than you think,”] Dawn told him. And the fact that he couldn’t read well, it was very new to the girls. [+navy “Maybe Civa can tutor, since she’s so smart.”]

Civa laughed, waving her hand, [+orange “But my service isn’t for free. Besides, I’m not planning on touching a single book for a week.”] She looked at Rex after Arthur teased him about Civa. [+orange “Aw, really? Haha, don’t worry, Arthur is just joking. I know it’s not true.”]

Dawn laughed, and watched them eat. [+navy “I swear, you both are going to choke one day.”] Civa smirked, as she held her chest coughing. Dawn, startled, turned to her [+navy “Oh my god Civa, I told you to eat slower!”]

Civa stopped and her lips turned into a Cheshire grin, [+orange “Just kidding~ heh~”]

Dawn felt her face flush red, hitting her on the back of her head, ignoring Civa’s whine. [+navy “I swear I’m leaving this group.”] she grumbled. She stood up, [+navy “I’m getting us some drinks.”]

Civa whistled as she laughed, her chin placed into her palm. [+orange “Ain’t she cute? It’s so fun to mess with her. She definitely has a mysterious persona to her that I think both guys and possibly girls would fawn over.”]

She came back and handed them all soft drinks. [+navy “I heard it’s one room with two bunk beds. In your later years you get bumped up to like a mini apartment with two rooms, from what I heard.]

After eating they all went to their room to look around. It was pretty spacious with two desks for work, dressers, luckily they had two bathrooms. [+orange “Wow not bad, I call-“]

[+navy “Top bed, dibs.”] Dawn called out and Civa whined, reluctantly taking the bottom bed. Dawn stared at the books that were given to them and she sighed, flipping through them. She wasn’t a bad student, but she had to study to get good grades.

Civa looked at their bags of clothing as she laid down on her bunk with Dawn. [+orange “That was nice of them.]

Dawn felt a buzz, and saw her phone ringing. She excused herself to take it. Civa glanced as she walked out, phones with that quality were pretty expensive. Perhaps Dawn comes from s rich family. Which makes sense. She looked at the other two boys and observed them. Arthur definitely seems like he’s not anywhere from near here. In a village? Rex looks as if he grew up somewhere local. Different people with different background.

It was a while till she wondered where Dawn was and she hopped off, walking out to find her. She stopped midway hearing Dawn’s voice and she felt like she was invading something. Instinctively she hid by the wall not sure why.

[+navy “I don’t understand why they would use those creatures for the test... and why would they use his robot..”]

She could hear bits and pieces but robot, his? She turned and flinched as she saw Dawn by her, staring at her. Her heart sped rapidly.

[+navy “Sorry hold on... You know, eavesdropping is not a good thing to do, especially when it’s aometbing private.”]

Civa rubbed her nape, [+orange “Sorry... I was coming to check on you but you were still talking and it was so awkward to move.. it was unintentional.”]

Dawn narrowed her eyes abut nodded accepting the reasoning, and walked off to continue her conversation. Civa sighed and walked back to the room plopping on her bed. She was bored already and wanted to do something fun. She asked the boys if they were going to study.

After a while, Dawn came back sighing and picked up a book flipping through it as she climbed up on her bed. It was taking an evening turn and there wasn’t much time to do some studying anyway.

[+navy “We should all rest soon.. tomorrow is going to be hectic..”]
  Civa / Sina13 / 119d 4h 9m 56s
[center [h3 Hanging Out]]

[center [b Arthur grinned looking back at Dawn as he crossed his arms.]]

[center [+brown Ooooh stoic and beautiful right? I should have said the stoic beauty! ... Nah not badass enough though!]]

[center [b Rex had sputtered out feeling rather embarrassed even if he wasn't the one saying all of this. He looked at Arthur like the man had maybe gotten his brains knocked loose in that last fight.]]

[center [+brown Wait why are your cheeks red Dawn? Are you okay? You don't have a fever do you??]]

[center [b Civa had chimed in that Dawn was indeed a stoic Arthur couldn't help but grin and nod alongside Civa. Rex had saw the looks they were getting he didn't want this kinda attention. Well he had no choice but to shoot for the top right? Rex had heard Sho mutter something. Country Bumpkin? Who said that? Rex had looked around but Dawn was already working on damage control. Dawn had even called Civa a genius and Arthur had nodded grinning.]]

[center [+brown Heck your both really smart actually! Is it tough? Being so smart Civa?]]

[center [b Rex had had looked at the three joke around. He couldn't get a read on Civa she was clearly acting but in a joking matter right? Maybe she did care? So why lie about the teams? He just couldn't figure the girl out. Than again as embarrassing as it was to admit.. Even to himself he's never understood anyone of the opposite sex.]]

[center [+brown Oh I want burgers! Tons of burgers! I wonder how food is like in the big cities! Yeah tons of meat!!]]

[center [b He responded grinning and Rex blinked at how forward the two made their request. What did he want? Could he eat in front of other people? He always ate alone and eating in front of two pretty girls too? Only person he ever ate in front was his mother before. Maybe he'd just say he wasn't hungry? That wasn't true though the boy was starving.]]

[center [b Civa had commented on a girl looking around. The girl on stage one of the tops had called Arthur cute even if it was in a condescending kinda way. Civa had said he was a "Popular" guy.]]

[center [+brown Haha! Your funny Civa! I doubt that I'm from a small town out in the country so I doubt the city folk around here will consider me to be very "Cool." You on the other hand? I've noticed a couple guys around here checking you out miss mad genius! I keep catching Rex stealing glances at you after all.]]

[center [b Arthur smirked as Rex sputtered loudly coughing. Well.. It was true but he was careful about it. He couldn't help it he never really.. That's beside the point! "Arthur come on why?!" Rex felt his heart racing and he decided to walk faster and away from the group embarrassed and ashamed. "If she didn't hate me before she will now." He tried his best to ignore Arthur's comment his face a crimson deep beet red. Arthur had confirmed with Dawn that he was indeed out from the country huh? Maybe he just didn't understand these kinda social cues? Who knows.]]

[center [b Civa had skipped a little ahead to say something to Rex. He gulped terrified. "Hear it comes.." and well it wasn't about that. She was... Apologizing. Rex had stammered trying to explain himself but instead he fell silent. She was... Sorry? Did it show on his face that it hurt? That badly? It must have he thought he concealed that well but it embarrassed him to think he was so obvious. "Strong and cute..?" his heart stopped as he let out a light squeak. He covered his mouth looking away he tried to look at the ground but she lifted his head up. His palms sweaty he looked at her 'beautiful ey-" her eyes! He gulped trying to shake those thoughts away but he was entrances and clinging to every word she spoke. He found himself intently staring. When she let go of his face he hung his head a little lower letting his bangs cover his rather embarrassed face. "A nice face...?" what was her angle? She had to have one right? She barely knew him. Was she teasing him? No she seemed... Kind. He took a deep breath but she had wrapped an arm around him. He bit his lower lip trying to fight the urge to squeak. "Don't do that Rex! That's even weirder!" he stopped biting his lip almost instantly. "She's just being... Polite right? If she's from the country too maybe that's just considered being polite out there. So don't like.. Take it weird Rex okay?" it was... Hard not to get flustered he never was even looked at by the opposite sex. Let alone called cute by someone so... Well frankly adorable. How could he be so happy and yet wanna throw up at the same time? What did he wanna eat...? What did he wanna say back at her? "You.. Your.. Nice no! You.. Um]]

[center [+orange Y-You...]]

[center [b He muttered and his eyes widened in horror. "No I don't mean I wanna eat you! I mean you.. You are.. You are what?! Cute! No nice very nice! He waved his arms frantically.]]

[center [+orange I mean you are... You are... Meat no not meat you aren't m-meat! I mean.. I don't wanna eat you! N-No wait! I mean.. I-I.. Food! Yes I-I wanna e-eat food! No wait.. I-I'm not hungry I-]]

[center [b Before he could finish his stomach had started growling and Arthur had let out a belly full of laughter. Rex wanted to die and hide under a rock at this point.]]

[center [+brown Haha she's right your adorable Rex! I think he means he wants the same as me some meat right?]]

[center [b He wrapped his arm at the other side of Rex with a grin. Rex took a big breath of relief. "He was... Adorable?" well if Arthur was saying it? He was from the country too right? It probably meant Rex was only overthinking it cause Civa was a cute girl. If Arthur said it she was just being polite... Now a normal guy might be disappointed by that. Rex? Well Rex had never really made any friends so just her being polite and possibly extending a hand of friendship? He was happy he found himself softly smiling and nodded at what Arthur had said. "Maybe I can blame all that weird sentence on the fact I sustained a head injury right?" hopefully he didn't already scare Civa and the others off.]]

[center [b Dawn had came in and told Civa to stop torturing him. Torturing... Him? He thought about that for a second. "Was she..? I... did I seem upset by that? Oh Rex come on man why are you so bad at this?!"]]

[center [b Rex had began to eat very slowly and timidly. Waiting till none of the others were looking to take each bite. Careful to chew with his mouth closed even covering his face with a napkin with each bite. He was very... Self aware. Though he saw Civa stuff her face like a crazy lady. "That's... Adorable" it was strange it wasn't elegant or fancy and it wasn't exactly graceful. Maybe that's why Rex liked it? It was so relaxed and almost sweet in a kind've way. Sorta dorky but in a very attractive way he... Caught himself staring if only for a moment before returning to his food. Course Arthur was gorging his face like a maniac not caring at all how the others saw him. Stuffing his face with all kinds of meat and BBQ sauce on his face. He even got a little bit on his shirt the boy was a complete mess.]]

[center [+brown Don't worry Civa! if you choke I know Dawn would save you. She's just playing hard to get right?]]

[center [b He gave her a playful wink as he returned to his eating. As choked on his food when she mentioned a test.]]

[center [+brown Oh crap! I suck at those! I'm probably gonna completely fail that! I'm sure you three will do well right?]]

[center [b Rex blinked confused. "Just cause I'm quiet does he think I'm smart? Pfft... I hate studying I'd rather study the blade or practice my sword arm a little more than read a book honestly..." outside looking in he seemed like a bookworm but really? He was best described a battle hungry viking covered by a huge shell of awkward teenager.]]

[center [b Arthur had laughed at Civa and Dawn as he threw in his own two cents.]]

[center [+brown I'm the type to fail even if I study. Well I say that but I've never studied before.. Not about Blast Hearts or anything really...]]

[center [b Wait... He can use Blast Hearts without having learned about them? Even Rex took a basic class about Blast Hearts before and that wasn't nearly enough. Sure Chevalier are easier to understand but not to the common person it took advanced learning. The whole reason Rex can use one? Is cause of the Ryoshi or hunters heart. The surgery he has a piece of the Blast Heart inside him giving him a chance to use it purely on instinct. Was Arthur using his on instinct.. Without that? How was that even... That literally disproves the science of this world so how can he just?]]

[center [+brown Haha oh Dawn Civa is just trying to get you some good luck! Oh wait playing hard to get right? Maybe I was wrong about the sister thing with you two! Hahaha! Hey Civa I think Rex might want that kiss for good luck a little mor-]]

[center [b Rex had deftly grabbed a chicken wing shoving it in Arthur's mouth. "I'm sorry Arthur... This isn't like me but please... Don't finish that sentence" he thought with a slight tint of red on his face as Arthur chuckled nomming away. As he chewed and swallowed he looked to Dawn and said.]]

[center [+brown I'm sure you'll pass Dawn you seem plenty smart! I might need help studying... The problem is though I barely know how to read so that could be kinda hard..]]

[center [b Rex's jaw dropped... Sure he wasn't a straight A student he was either average or below average. He was a great battle tactician though he only learned that recently he does well under pressure. He wasn't a book smart kinda guy but he didn't struggle at least I don't know reading! Did this guy not have schools where he is from?]]

[center [+brown Yeah I'd love to check our rooms! Think they got two rooms for us? For the girls and boys? Or do we only have one room? If so I hope we at least have two bathrooms!]]

[center [b Rex had gulped "Please let there be two rooms please... Please let there be two. In the name of Flow please let there be two rooms!" he wouldn't be able to survive that no way.]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero / 129d 9h 20m 46s
The whole announcing of the teams were draining for Dawn but it was soon over. She glanced over at the top teams, possibly making a mental note to stay away from them. She didn’t need to be associated with any top players. Or so called top players. Sin had propped himself on her shoulders snuggling into a nap and she smiled, he was probably hungry.

She glanced over at Civa who didn’t seem to be in her usual mood. But she sighed in relief once they were done but was surprised with Arthur’s outburst. Her eye twitched As her cheeks tinted red with embarrassment, her fingers on her temple covering her face, “Oh my god.. wa-hey! What do you mean stoic, I’m not stoic.”

Civa, surprised, grinned as she snickered, “Aw now that’s the spirit! And you’re pretty stoic Dawn.”

She rolled her eyes as they started to walk off, the girl from the top team saying something, seemingly having an interest. Though Sho uttered something as well.

“Don’t think you’re going to catch up to us with your skills country bumpkin. But who knows, maybe we’ll add an addition to our team,” Sho chuckled and walked back stage the Hound looking at the team with a freakish grin, laughing, following him after. Nai stayed and waited for the girl.

Dawn could feel a tab bit heat radiating and glanced at Civa who just stared at him, menacingly. Dawn cleared her throat, hoping to Descalate any situation that might occur. “Maybe he’s talking about you,” she attempted at a joke.

Civa scoffed, “Pff, no I don’t think so,” she glanced at the boys.

“I thought you were joking about the whole genius thing, but it looks like you really are— well a genius.”

She grinned widely snaking her arms around Dawns, dramatically sighing, “It’s so hard, being so smart and all,” her terrible acting was outlandish.

The giggling and laughing of others made Dawn roll her eyes once again, “Whatever let’s go eat, you’re buying me fish ball and tofu soup, and sashimi.”

“Yea yea, don’t worry I got you! And meat for you Arthur!” Civa gleamed and Dawn looked around seeing a girl with pink hair, a shy timid girl looking this way, but she was partly hidden. Civa caught who Dawn was looking at and she smiled, slowly turning into a Cheshire grin. “Oh I’ve seen her around, looks like Arthur is one popular dude,” she whispered snickering.

Dawns brow rose and she shook her head shaking Civas arm off. “I’m not getting into your antics once again.” Sin hopped off of Dawns shoulder and started to interact with Scorch. “Hey Arthur, are you from the country?” She questioned, her mind can’t get rid of what he said earlier.

Civa has glanced over at the crowd and stage but she jutted her lips as she couldn’t find Reiki, “Darn,, I could’ve treated now too. Oh well,” she muttered. But another thing was on her mind. She looked over at Rex and slowed to his pace walking beside as the other two were ahead. She nudged him, giving a small smile, “Hey...” Civa started. “Look... I kind of wanted to apologize directly to you about the stunt I pulled,” her hands on her nape. “You looked really bothered by it. It’s really not you or Arthur, it was all me. I just wanted to see how it would go, it didn’t mean I didn’t want to be in your team. You’ll get to know the type of person I am as you get to know me. But i wasn’t intending on hurting anyone. I’m sorry,” she uttered all those words. “Besides, who wouldn’t want to be in a team with a strong and cute person like you,” she grinned widely ruffling his hair and lifting his head up so she can see his face better. “You have a nice face, you should show it more often,” her arms hung around his shoulder, “now, tell me what you want to eat?”

Dawn looked back at them, brows furrowing, “They seem to be getting along well... stop torturing Rex, Civa,” she sighed as they arrived at the eating area.

Civa forcing everyone to get a lot of food and sitting down. “I’m staaarrvviiinggg,” Civa exclaimed stuffing her face with rice. “Not bad.”

“If you choke I won’t save you,” Dawn sipped her soup. She ignored Civa protest and observed the three of them. She wondered how they got picked together, was it all by random? They all seem to be from very different background, different personalities, something that wouldn’t make up a team, or seem impossible. But here they are. The others have a similar vibe, but her team, it all looked like chaos, but at the same time perfect. It was probably just her. “Ah by the way, our first set of classes, we’ll have exams on the first day just to see where our levels at, intellectually.” She sighed thinking about, “having to study makes my head hurt.”

Civa blinked, mouth full, “really,” she shrugged, “Eh, ain’t studying for that.”

Dawn narrowed her eyes, “I swear— if you’re that type of person who passes without even having to study, I’m definitely leaving this group.”

“Aww, no way.” She latched onto Dawns arm, “I’ll fail on purpose, or here let me give you a kiss for good luck,” She puckered her lips leaning in.

Dawn shuddered in disgust, Leaning away as her hand was pushing civas head away, “Gross. I’m definitely ditching if you get anywhere near me. And you’re face is covered with food.”

She pulled away laughing, “Anywat, let’s check our rooms after this. I’m curious,” she wiped her mouth with her sleeve.
  Dawn / Sina13 / 138d 9h 44m 58s
[center [h3 Thanks]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ldr2ptg89v8]]

[center [b Arthur had laughed with the girls on the way toward to seeing the scores. "They had all mostly wore windbreakers!" though they did feel like sisters. Hopefully Arthur would find a way to fit in with the team just as well. Civa enjoyed his pun about being "Hot" at least so that was a start.]]

[center [b As Arthur and them all saw the scores it was Dawn who was trying hard to cheer him up. Rex's expression had actually softened he reached a hand out but had withdrawn with this timid look across his face. Arthur had let out a smile and wrapped his arms around Dawn and Rex almost like they were old buds. Despite not really knowing them all that well.]]

[center [+brown Oh Rex no need to be so shy! Also Dawn... Umm.. Thanks but I don't mind! Really! Well.. It bothered be a little but I'm just glad I passed! I'm sure I'll do well later on!]]

[center [b Bold spirited huh? Wait.. Why did he care how he scored? The plan was be a Knight for a year and bail. So... Why did he want to prove himself now? "Ehh I grew up working in an Arena! Being competitive is natural! Not like I really care about this job" that didn't mean he couldn't like his team mates though!]]

[center [b It wasn't long before they were being harassed by another team. Dawn and Arthur had tried to calm Civa and Rex down. It wasn't long before... Maximum? Oh no Edward not Maximum, Arthur had gotten them mixed up.]]

[center [b Rex had started to calm down realizing that Dawn had placed a hand on him to calm him down. His face turned beet red as he turned his face away from Dawn the boy was sweating bullets now.]]

[center [b Dawn's information on the school had went right over Arthur's head as did a lot of things honestly. Least Arthur and Civa were starting to calm down that was good right? Arthur had tried offering Civa a hand but she had shook it off. He understood sometimes people had to just work through this sort of thing.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/2kM4eYn.jpg]]

[center [b Next the best of the best were being shown off. Course she was there huh? Arthur had never seen a girl with a more powerful arcane type. She suggested to be leader of that group? Yet that Sho fellow had gained a sword symbol like Rex as one of the top 5 fighters? Arthur wondered if that made him number 1? He'd love to take a crack at that guy. He had actually smirked over at the team. Civa? No... Himself?... No he was looking at Rex? Oh course not sure why he'd notice me. Arthur thought but he wasn't too upset maybe he'd just surprise them after all.]]

[center [h3 Fiery Gaze]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLkWZKsomFk]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Rex had managed to calm down at least... He wasn't angry but now he was freaking out! "Dawn she.. No Rex don't over think it! Why am I such a tool? Did I even use that word right? Whatever! I'm being stupid over thinking about all of this" Rex wish there was a magical way to turn his cheeks pale or any color besides Red. He could feel the heat in his cheeks. It was so embarrassing but before he could really say anything he felt something off. He saw the news on the front about the best team but... That man? Who was he? Sho? He was staring right over was it... It was right at Rex. The two had shared the same symbol but this man? Was on with the best team. He was gauging out others with the same symbol wasn't he? Normally Rex was terrible with eye contact but his blood was pumping. Something about this guy felt different from the others. Rex had found himself with hot headed grin looking back to the man.]]

[center [b His gaze screamed "Let's see who reaches the top first" Rex wanted so badly to test his mettle against this man. Whenever he'd get the chance he'd be dying to take a crack at him.]]

[center [b Before they could take off for a meal Arthur had pointed to the stage with a smirk of his own.]]

[center [+brown Hey! You guys might be on the top now! But just you wait! We'll knock you off that pedestal and take top of the class! Just you wait! With mad genius Civa! Dawn the stoic! Rex the ruthless! Of course me Arthur the Stalwart!!]]

[center [b Rex's firey gaze had all but vanished as total embarrassment took over. Slinking into the crowd as there was a couple of students laughing at Arthur's crazy outcry. "Arthur why would you do that! Do you want people to hate us?!" Rex's nerves were on pins and needles now. The woman on stage had chuckled a bit.]]

[center [+purple How cute, well good luck little boy.]]

[center [b Arthur grinned and wiped under his nose as the girl offered Arthur and his team a little wink. Still a few of the classmates laughing. "Great my social life is over before it started! Not that I expected a social life but I wanted to get through unnoticed at least.." Civa had taken the chance to offer them to go get a meal. Rex had nodded and hid behind Civa a bit. Reiki and his team had saw them offering a little bit of a wave before heading to their dorms as well. Least they weren't laughing at them...]]

[center [+brown A meal sounds great Civa! MEAT! I'm dying for some Meat!]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero / 141d 14h 36m 10s
-nurse time frame-

Civa has watched Dawn answer Arthur, the fact that Sin was a male. “Scorch here is a female, just if you were curious.” That pun of her being hot, Civa smirked, “I guess it makes me hotter than the average girl.”

Dawn scoffed but laughed into her fisted hand, it was refreshing. She rolled her eyes at the sisters comment, but it was quite eerie how similar they were.

“I know right! It’s like we were meant to be. We even wore windbreakers!” Civa responded to the clothes they were.

Dawn just rose her brow, “Half the school here wore windbreakers!”

“Yea but, we both are arcane types, both have pets that can grow!” She motioned to them, “and I feel like we have similar emotions but we just show it differently.” Civa grinned, knowing she had a point with the first half and Dawn can’t deny that. “We were meant to be best friends.”

Dawn sighed but decided not to argue with her. The whole teammate dilemma, Civa felt a wave of relief at Aruthurs comment, but as she glanced at Rex, his expression and face was all that was needed to tell Civa that he did not enjoy her little scheme. She turned her head away. She felt bad and knew she had to fix this somehow. But now wasn’t the time.

urrent time-

They had looked closer into their individual scores and Civa was quite surprised of how in-depth they were evaluated. They even lost points cuz of Sin. She looked at Dawn who seemed to reassure Sin of his job well done, and she honestly didn’t look surprised of the system of scoring. Did she possibly know how this school works. Civa looked at the rest of her teammates score, and the symbol. Leadership role, she huffed, that was something she knows deep inside of that she does not have.

Dawn wasn’t keen on the leadership role either and looked at Arthur who commented with his no symbol. “Hey, you didn’t do anything wrong. This was a team effort, so don’t feel bad for not getting a symbol. It’s all bogus anyway. But in my opinion I think you should’ve gotten one, there should’ve been a brave and bold spirited one, that that one represents your nature of good morale, and helping others-or something. I don’t quite, it looks like they took some symbols away.” It was suspicious to Dawn quite frankly, but noticed Civa looking at her weird.

“It seems like you know a lot about this school,” Civa commented with a half smirk. But alas was ignored.

Dawn had placed her hand on Rex shoulder to prevent him from doing anymore damage but the guys from the monitor came just in time. Civa sighed in exasperation and shook Arthur’s hand away, “I really don’t care about the exam, we almost died and this is our result. I’d understand if we were terrible.” She muttered under her breath. She knew why they got knocked down so much but it just bothered her. She knew she was being petty.

Dawn looked away from the teacher, and felt anxious. She was sure she didn’t know this Edward guy, but she wasn’t so sure if he knew her. She hopes not. But as soon as the man on stage spoke, she felt highly anxious. That man was a close family friend of hers, and she definitely didn’t want to be seen. She knows she’s going to hear from her family soon about her results, but she wasn’t ready to see anyone that knows her. She pulled her shirt up to her chin and kept her eyes low.

Civa glance sat her pale expression, “You okay,” she whispered, somewhat worried.

“Yea.. just a headache,” she rubbed her temple.

They looked at the top three team, and there the first team were. Three boys and one girl. Civa looked at the one guy who definitely irked her the most. He seemed to be smirking, but wasn’t quite looking at her. She looked behind and there were Rex and Arthur. Perhaps one of them. She looked back and their eyes locked, his sneer growing. Civa has swallowed a lump in her throat. Though, she was mostly annoyed at his newly formed fans. Sho, was his name. The red haired with different set of eyes. He’s a prodigy apparently, so his skills are probably beyond theirs. He was “the best of the best” according to the girls. There, was a guy who looked constantly irritated, Nai was his name. His demeanor looked frightening, but Civa wasn’t sure if he was arrogant as him. The third, Hound was the name, he looked chaotic and proud. A little freaky, who seemed thirsty and a wild personality. Lastly was the girl, who honestly seemed god-worldly with a mysterious side.

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/10/7f/6d/107f6d0b53d55b4b6b2d3b1abbfa2432.jpg]
[pic https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dogs-of-war/images/0/07/Anime-anime-guy-art-kuroko-no-basket-Favim.com-2434839.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160522202904]
[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/33bb33e321638fc82b4092cf40bd4a7e/tumblr_ojzjxfn3bz1udwpkdo1_250.jpg]

Civa had looked at Reiki and smiled , waving her hand towards him and giving him s thumbs up. Out of anything, she was glad he was up there. Perhaps she was giving him too much credit, but she couldn’t help it. She really felt he helped her through that tough time, plus something g about him was cute and Civa wanted to protect him.

Once that announcement was over, her ears perked at Arthur’s statement. Dawn froze slightly, feeling her heart pulse rapidly. [i His family? What did- was it the Runes Knight?] Dawn felt something sink in her stomach, she didn’t want to think snout other possibilities. But if what she thinks is true, who else was in the same boat. She knows she didn’t have anything to do with it directly, but she feels as if she was involved somehow. Though she was sure her family had nothing to do with it directly, she hoped.

Civa watched their reactions and intervened. “Let’s get something to eat. I’m treating remember? I think we all deserved that.”
  Civa / Sina13 / 150d 5h 44m 25s
[center [h3 Getting Acquainted]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur had heard Dawn call her pet Sin. He tilted his head and smiled]]

[center [+brown Is that her name? It's a her right? Sin?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nBUZAqX.jpg]]

[center [b Civa had called to Reiki he had blushed hiding his face in his hood giving a nod. His team was teasing him the whole way out. Civa had retorted to Arthur about having a lot of fire in her.]]

[center [+brown A lot of fire? Does that make you.. "Hot?'']]

[center [b Rex had winced at Arthur's horribly cheesy pun as Arthur himself still gave a laugh.]]

[center [b Arthur gave an awkward chuckle scratching at his cheek as Dawn expressed her worry.]]

[center [+brown Hehe whoops! Well don't worry I'm really hard headed I'll be fine! Sorry to worry you like that Dawn! I'm just glad you guys are okay.]]

[center [b Arthur laughed at Civa and Dawn's banter back and forth.]]

[center [+brown Oh Dawn don't be too hard on Civa! You guys kinda act like sisters ya know! Are you two related by chance?]]

[center [b Before they could head off Dawn and Civa had stopped Arthur and Rex. Arthur looked behind and smiled asking.]]

[center [+brown Yeah?]]

[center [b It was than they began to explain everything and Rex's face? Well he seemed hurt certainly when she said it was entertainment purposes. Rex didn't seem angry just hurt and confused but before Rex could sputter his feelings Arthur had shrugged with a smile.]]

[center [+brown Upset with you? You saved my ass out there didn't you? We all make mistakes and besides it all turned out well right? Were a team so it wouldn't do to be upset with you. Like you said your the other half right in front of us right?]]

[center [b He gave a wink not realizing how flirty that comment had came out.]]

[center [+brown It's nice to have you guys on the team! Right Rex?]]

[center [b Rex seemed a bit surprised by Arthur's reaction but he had decided to agree with a nod. Dawn had tried to take some credit for the blame but Arthur shook his head and patted her shoulder. It was than Dawn had managed to convince Civa to a meal.]]

[center [+brown That sounds great! A nut job? Well every team has one! Besides I've been told I have a few loose screws myself so I think it'll be fine! Rex and you will have to keep us in line haha! Course if you can get the kid to talk he never says like.. Anything!]]

[center [h3 Getting Ready]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WKcBuKG.jpg]]

[center [b Never says anything huh? Rex thought that was.. Well fair but he couldn't help but think about what Civa did. Entertainment? Was she laughing at them? He got up and rather embarrasedly put on his vest over his under clothes. He was hoping they'd be distracted talking to pay attention to his body or laugh at it rather. "No Civa seems sorry.. Does she hate me? Did I do something wrong for her to not wanna team up? Why not ask? Yeah cause that's not a bucket full of awkward." Yeah just be like. "Hurr durr by the way do you hate my flippin guts? Oh no? Cool sorry I accused you like an ass"]]

[center [b They had went to go see the exams and their they were staring at the exams. Rex had noticed Kita but her teammates... Failed? Wait you can pass without them?! Her score was high enough but they had failed. How come? "Chivalry" did she get extra points for... Coming back and helping them? They rated on things like good deeds? Rex saw that one woman with dark hair too.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/2kM4eYn.jpg]]

[center [b She probably passed and.. Yup Mika and that one team who attacked Kita's? They all passed in fact they all made it in 3rd place. They took a lot of other teams papers.]]

[center [b 2nd Place was that one team who had helped them. Reiki,Maria,Kidoshi,Rose and 1st place? Was four names he didn't recognize.]]

[center [b They had their own scores aside from the teams huh? Rex had saw they barely passed and Civa? She was upset about it? He went to read the team summary. They were deducted points for riding on Sin was it? Yeah outside help normally gets you banned it was amazing they passed.]]

[center [b Recklessly challenging an enemy above their experience level. Another team forced to get involved to help them? Had Kidoshi and his group? They could have snuck past it? They only fought cause Rex and his team attacked the big bot so recklessly. On that not they were praised for their combat prowess against such an enemy. "Probably how we passed by the skin of our teeth"]]

[center [b Rex and Arthur's reckless behavior was mention and so was Civa's "poor teamwork at the beginning" what? She was fin- Oh were they watching that? Rex had lost them points by being reckless too? Dawn's cool headed mind had gained them some and Civa's creative mind did too.]]

[center [b Rex defeating that team and helping Kita was mentioned and so was Arthur's valor in that fight. Rex had saw he managed to score the highest in the team followed by Dawn. Arthur? He scored the lowest.]]

[center [+brown Oh man you all did better than me! What are those crowns next to Civa and Dawn? What's that sword next to Rex?]]

[center [b The sword symbol Rex looked and apparently? It meant he was among the top 5 capable here in terms of combat. Yet he scored terribly? He didn't understand that? Dawn and Civa's crowns had represented they were natural born leaders. Probably a tip that one of them should be in charge? Arthur hadn't gotten a symbol and he seemed well..]]

[center [+brown You guys even got cool little badges next to your names! Oh man! Sorry about that guys it seems I did the worst huh? I hope you guys aren't too upset with me!]]

[center [b Well he was actually taking it well unlike Civa she didn't seem to be a fan. How did Rex feel? Disappointed? Yeah he worked hard to do well and he gave his all for this? He scored the worst of the five sword symbols and he was getting mixed looks for it. It didn't matter he'd prove himself if anything? He was pumped to find these other four members and give them challenge them. He wanted to see how he stacked up against them. Well it wasn't that modest Rex didn't care about test scores and stuff like that. He wanted to prove he was the strongest fighter every other score he couldn't care less about. Rather arrogant wasn't it? Yeah it was.]]

[center [b Rex was hearing whispers among the crowd. "Isn't that Civa? Yeah she's a genius they say! Who's that with her?"

[center [b "Don't know I think the boy with white hair is known as the White Swordsman. They say he took out a criminal with a Blast Heart without one of his own without any real formal training. That and Civa was always scored the best around her area some say even past that." there were doubts if those were true now. Considering how poorly they had down.]]

[center [b Civa was angry and so was Dawn and it wasn't long before a team had taunted them about it. Making a pass at Civa and as fast as he blamed her? He instead blamed her team mates. Arthur had tried to simply smile but Rex? He was pissed.]]

[center [b As the man walked away Rex had grabbed a small rock on the ground throwing it past the guys head. Arthur had looked at him but before the situation could grow any worse? The professor himself Edward had intervened.]]

[center [pic https://d1zfszn0v5ya99.cloudfront.net/user/16097251/profile_picture/59e5dc4493c9a_square.png]]

[center [+blue They have an announcement coming up let's not waste our time fighting among ourselves. It is against school rules Mr Rex rider. I hear your a special case you and your team are all.. Interesting but I'd ask you to refrain from such rash actions.]]

[center [b Civa was just as hot headed as Dawn tried to calm her down. Arthur put a hand on Rex's and Civa's shoulders.]]

[center [+brown It's just one test it doesn't define us right? We'll get more chances to prove ourselves later! Don't worry! Yeah after this teach gives us an announcement of some kind I think we can head back right?]]

[center [pic http://www.icartoons.cn/creator/data/uploads/2013/1205/17/52a049ff0a91d.jpg?weiboid=4508]]

[center [b A man had taken to the stage in front of all the scores. Clearing his throat before he began to speak into a mic.]]

[center [+lightblue Congrats to those who passed it is no small feat. Eighty percent of you left before it started and of the remaining twenty percent less than half passed so you should pat yourselves on the back. So let me inform you of how your time here will begin. Your team? Those you've passed with? Will be your team for the remainder of your time here at this school. All four years as for your dorms? The number will be that of your team. Each room has a class schedule which you will share with that team of course. I recommend taking the time to get to know each other. Your first assignment and set of classes will begin tomorrow you will be debriefed on more than. You are know officially accepted students of this academy. Also I will be showcasing the top three teams who have passed a place which I believe all of you can strive for.]]

[center [b There they were all standing on platforms. 3,2,1 The third team was... Mika and her gang? The ones Rex and Arthur fought with Kita well that's great. As for the second team it was Kidoshi,Reiki,Maria,Rose he already noticed that before. However he now had faces to put with the first team that one woman... With the dark hair she was on the team though he didn't know who the other three were.]]

[center [+lightblue That will be all the rest of the day is yours to do as you see fit.]]

[center [+brown Thank god I passed... Least my family will be all right now.]]

[center [b Family? What was he talking about? Wait.. This was his team for four years? Two beautiful women and a talkative guy? Rex... Wasn't sure how he was gonna handle this. "Probably gonna shave a few years off my life.." They did... Seem very nice though. So he was supposed to.. Get to know them huh?]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero / 151d 1h 11m 49s
Dawn felt her heart calm down, the searing pain in her arm wasn’t as bad anymore. She smiled, arms crossing and glanced down seeing Sin brush against her leg. “Thanks to you too Sin, you were great out there.” She watched as a team came to collect one of their member.

“Ah, Reiki,” Civa called out once again before he left. Her hand was over her bandaged wound, her lips turned to a soft smile. “Really, thank you again. You probably saved my life out there, I’ll treat you to something nice,” her lips turned into a wide grin. Her eyes then turned back to Arthur, “What can I say, I have a lot of fire in me.”

Dawn lips turned into a half smile, laughing out a bit. She didn’t think Civa had a humble bone in her. When they mentioned the team, Dawn shifted uncomfortable and glanced away, she didn’t exactly know what to do. Her eyes looked at Civa who stared right back at her and she knew what she was thinking. Civa jutted her lips, glancing away from Dawn as well.

Hearing Kits exchanges her last words she watched her leave, Civa smirking at Kitas face. Dawn stared confused. Her attention was back at the boys. “I’m glad you guys are okay too. You both had me worried, especially you Arthur since you were knocked out.”

“Aw what about me? I was knocked out and badly hurt too,” Civa playfully whined kissing Scorchs head.

Sighing, Dawn rolled her eyes, “You partly deserved it.”

“Sure, and that’s why you were waiting by my bed for me to wake up,” her Cheshire smile rose, snickering.

Dawn glared at her, eye twitching as her cheeks had a tint of red. She looked at Rex, “You dud great out there too, thanks for the help. If you hadn’t joined in, that nut job over would’ve died. I appreciate it.” She was sure they both spoke their gratitude. As they spoke to about seeing their scores, Dawns lips pursed. “Wait.. um.. before we go,” She was glad that it was the four of them. “About the whole team,” she scratched the back of her head, her attention redirecting to Civa who leaned away from the wall.

“No let me, This was my mess so I should explain.” She cleared her throat, “uh.. your team that you were looking for.. well.. they’re right in front of you, heh.” She grinned, in a apologetic way. “Surprise.. we are you other half.” Her eyes glanced away, her fingers fiddling with each other, face red with embarsssment. She sighed, “I didn’t think it’d end up like this. I was hoping at the end we would come up to you and introduce ourselves as your members. But not in the nurse.. it was for entertainment purposes, and a way for me to have fun in this stupid exam. But my stupid scheme almost got us all killed.. and ending up in the nurse. It was all my idea, I forced Dawn into this. So I apologize.. for this. But in the bright side, I think we work well together as a team even if we didn’t know we were one. That’s a plus right..” her eyes glanced back at them, “but I’d understand if you guys are pretty upset with me.”

Dawn sighed in surrender, “No it was partly my fault, I went along with it even if I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry too.Plus I think, we’d end up here anyway. We knew since the lockers. But yea.. we have a nut job in our team by the way, just a heads up. She’ll do crazy things every now and then, and she claims to be s genius so..” Dawn shrugged. She gave small smirk, “She’ll treat us to a meal.”

“Wha-hey,” Civa sighed but smiled. “Fine, I accept. Now let’s go see how we did! I’m sure we scored high, we’ve defeated a lot of bots. But.. didn’t grab the papers..”

They walked to see the score, and when they arrived people were gathered around for theirs. Dawn maneuvered her way through, pulling people shadows out of the way in the process. They looked for their team and Dawn frowned, “That’s funny I don’t see ours.”

“What, no way!” Civa exclaimed pointing nearvthr end. “How are we so low, we barely passed. I mean I know we didn’t care about the exam, but we almost died for this!”

Dawn can hear others snickering and she glared making them stumble with their shadows. Her eyes twitched, headache forming. “This does make sense,” She massaged her head. They heard the lesson from the whispers of the people. “Bull..” she groaned, she should’ve known that the school would do this. Run away from the bot, but they ended up killing it. Taking away so much points. She was sure her uncle created it, pretty sure he was not happy them destroying his prototype. “We got knocked down for that..”

“What the hell! That’s fucking dumb, I got poisoned during this exam, can you guys believe that,” Civa looked at the boys. Sparks were flying around her, sparks of fire. She gets a bit destructive if her emotions aren’t in check.

Dawn eyes looked at the first place, and she can tell who they in an instance. Mainly from the people whispering and pointing at them. She stared at them, they looked proud of themselves, too cocky. Especially that boy. They walked over to them.

“You team 36?” The boy asked, his team right behind.

“Yea, what of it,” Dawn responded, she wasn’t in the mood.

His cocky smirk evident, eyes looking at Civa, “i hesrd youre quite the intellect around your town, and that you’re the one to beat academically. You were number one across the land in school.” He glanced at the score and scoffed, “Looks like you knocked a few brain cells during this exam. Maybe it was too hard. That’s too bad, I thought you and I could make a nice duo. I am a prodigy after all.” His eyes looked at the rest, staring at the boys and he chuckled. Smirk widening, “You look like a bunch of weaklings. Perhaps it was your team. That’s too bad, it looks like your team is dragging you down, even with a hunters heart” he laughed and walked off. His teammates looking embarrassed and irritated. One of them giving them an apologetic look. “If you decide to ditch them, you know where to find me babe,” he waved them off and disappeared.

“Gross.. his attitude needs to be in check. I hate his kind,” Dawn muttered, aggravated, but flinched as sparks were flying everywhere.

Civa was fuming, pupils shrunk and glowed ember, “that fucking entitled snob, who the hell does he think he is undermining my intellect and my team. I’ll squeeze that tiny brain of his,” her eyes widening as sparks sooner turned into small waves of flame.

“H-hey calm down,” Dawn tried to interfere.

Her powers lost touch and blew a hole in a nearby wall. Civa snapped out of it and rubbed her neck, “Oops... my bad..”

Dawn sighed, “we can’t do anything about it now. And that asshoke is long gone now, you boys doing okay?” Her attention was caught by a girl who turned the corner. There was a nostalgia she felt, and she didn’t even get a good look at the girl. “I have a headache,” she muttered. “What now.. do we get to our rooms?” Dawn glared at a group of people who seemed to be gossiping, “Scram. Well this day is going well..”
  Dawn / Sina13 / 151d 6h 14m 24s
[center [h3 Observing]]

[center [b Kita sat there as she thought about the exams. Where was her team? Hopefully the made it she'd hope they'd pass even if she didn't. She'd try again next year and just train harder. The last thing she wanted was for them to fail cause she wasn't able to help them out. She had to pay back that Arthur kid for helping her out. She saw two women in her room the ones at the fight. Were they team mates with those boys? If so why were they separated? Like she had room to talk on that one. Still she was just glad to see everyone made it out in one piece.]]

[center [b Kita had saw the girls go to find the boys room and she had decided to follow. She didn't say much but she'd offer them all a thanks at least. She saw Arthur and Rex as well as that one boy who had healed them. He didn't look hurt but he was tired probably. "Reiki?" he had a tag on his bed. So that was that boys name. The one Civa called a cutie? Reiki had saw Civa and his face into his hood. Ahh the shy type huh? That makes him and that Rex fellow but he somehow seemed much more fragile.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nBUZAqX.jpg]]

[center [+lightgreen I.. Umm..]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SXKf29j.jpg]]

[center [+pink Reiki!]]

[center [b The woman who was wielding power heart before? His whole team had just barged in. The spearsman and the "Witch" too the Spearsman was ruffling his hair.]]

[center [+darkgreen Ya gave us a scare!]]

[center [+purple Yeah kiddo be more careful!]]

[center [+pink Hey! Give the kid a break!]]

[center [b That explains their teamwork despite being strangers they all had personalities that complimented each other. She envied that they had shown the best team work out there actually. Arthur had smiled and looked to the others as Rex just hid his face into his hair.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [+brown Civa! Dawn! Kita! Those guys who helped us before?]]

[center [+darkgreen Oh hey I'm Kidoshi that spearman from before? A pleasure! The girl in the armor is Maria. The boy here is Reiki and.. Our lovely Arcane user of ice is-]]

[center [+purple Rooooseee~! We'd stay but we gotta go check the scores come on guys!! Let's see who passed!!]]

[center [b With that Kidoshi and his team were just gone. Kita had stayed leaning against the wall to watch the others. Arthur had that stupid childish grin on his face. He almost died and he looked just happy to see the others were okay.]]

[center [+brown Man Civa that power was a trip! You have an awesome Blast Heart! All of you do! Where are your two other team mates? Lose them? We never found ours... Right Rex?]]

[center [+orange E-Eerrr.. Huh? O-Oh uh.. Y-Yeah.]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/600x315/47/0f/ae/470faef7401ab4ab7030dc7d00fa88f4.jpg]]

[center [b Rex wasn't wearing his usual vest and he seemed even more nervous and shy it. Kita was surprised she expected him to be very scrawny but she could tell the boy trained hard. She wasn't a fan of how easily flustered he was. "How could such a timid boy.." she didn't want to finish that thought but it was there. How was such a timid boy a better swordsman than her? It annoyed her greatly.]]

[center [b Civa smiled telling Arthur she was glad he wasn't burnt to a crisp.]]

[center [+brown Haha yeah! It was hot though! Still really badass!]]

[center [b Rex blushed and just looked away as she told them she was glad they weren't hurt.]]

[center [+brown Oh Rex don't be so shy come on say something hehe!]]

[center [+orange I umm.. T-Test... Scores..?]]

[center [+grey Before you go off and check all that I just want you guys to know. Well... Thanks about before you too Arthur. Thanks for... Well rushing in when you didn't have to. ...Even though it was pretty stupid.]]

[center [b Kita crossed her arms as she began to walk away with a slight tint of red across her face.]]

[center [+brown Ya know? I wasn't expecting her to be like that haha least everyone's okay though! You guys wanna go check our scores? Rex has got a point!]]
  RR (2) / ShieldHero / 152d 2h 19m 8s
Civa has been watching the fight and was observing Rex his blast heart, she’s seen types like those, not often but it does pop up every now and then. Hunter type, it can destroy the body and mind, completely taking over, especially if one doesn’t know how to control. She assumed there were other types, with varying names and abilities but those types were the ones heavily used in front battles with the Rune Knights.

As Dawn was hit with the light she was shoved aside. “Rex!” Looking over to him, because of her armor, it withheld most of the attack but it doesn’t look like her armor could hold onto her for long. She stared at the huge bot, her mind spiraling.

Civa grew deeply worried and looked at Arthur who agreed. “An emotion isn’t necessary, it just draws out one. But the type of emotion can affect your battle, depending on the person.”

Her fingertips sparked as she touched his shoulder, her eyes flowed ember as sparks and flames surrounded Arthur, allowing him to gain some strength and heal. But Civa felt an immense pressure weighing down on her, this wasn’t good, she gripped on her wound, pretty sure the acid spreading to her body.

It was then another team came and helped. This boy healed their wound, Civa looked at him smiling, greatful. She wasn’t completely healed, and the poison lingering on her body was evident, but it was enough. She had some of her strength back, and the boy was helping others as well. “Thank you,” she whispered.

She felt her power increased, and she stood firm sending the barrier around Arthur, the heat intensifying. She could feel the flames engulf her and him. She felt something, and emotion was being drawn out. Her eyes focused on Arthur, this feeling. How can something like this be drawn out, Arthur had the ability to draw out such emotion from her power, her arcane. While all her power did for her is make her insane, destroying her. The negativity, the explosive reaction, her lips twitched.

She was envious.


Her mind snapped out of it as she focused again, she was getting out of control. She had maintain herself if they both would be burnt to crisp. She saw Dawn in front of her, a shadow barrier around them to protect. She created a barrier around Rex as well. “Dawn..”

“Are you okay? Don’t push yourself, you still look like you’re in pain.”

Civa grinned, eyes back on Arthur, “Don’t worry. This cutie here healed me all better,” of course she was lying through her teeth. Her wound still stung a bit and the rest of her body felt somewhat numb. But the thing that was damaging her the most was her power, it started to slowly burn parts of her skin, she wasn’t in full health to do this, and it was taking a major toll on her. But Arthur was fine, she wouldn’t allow herself to lose it to hurt him.

Dawn narrowed her eyes but decided to focus back on the fight. Everyone had helped, and Dawns armor broke off. But she wasn’t going to let arthur fight this without help. She aimed her gun, “Shadow heart,” her shadow wrapped itself around her again but it looked broken. Tho she wasn’t tired, her flaired gun shot at the bots shadow, holding him back and in place. Enough to let Arthur defeat it.

As soon it was destroyed Civa broke the barrier and it all came surging back to her. The pain and strength he used, what he felt all came back, as if she was fighting the bot. She gasped, draining her completely, her body shook. She used too much of her resources. She looked up and grinned, muttering under her breath. “We’re going to be great teammates.”

Dawn broke her barrier and started to rush to him, “Arthur!” But she stopped as she heard a thud. She looked back and saw Civa completely unconscious as well. “Civa! Shit— this is bad,” she saw the door open. “Nurse, the nurse.” She pulled Red and Arthur by their shadows to get close to them. “Sin,” She looked at him and Sin grew in size. He grew enormous. “Fuck the rules,” they managed to help the boys up and Civa as well. They all climbed on and one of them had made a bigger entry to the door way.

She saw Scorch by Civa, she could tell. “It’s okay Scorch, she’s going to be okay.” She looked at the boys, “they all will.”


Civa felt something wet, her face twitched. It was warm, and felt nice. She felt relaxed and slowly her eyes pried open to see Scroch by her side. “Hey,” her voice was a bit hoarse and soon she widened her eyes as she jerked up. “What- what happened, where?” She looked around to see Dawn sitting by her, wrapped in bandages and such. She winced in pain and looked at her self who was even more medically patched. “Dawn? What happened, did we? I mean did we win? We defeated the bot so-wait the boys where-“

“Hey calm down. Yea, I took us to the nurse. You’re hurt don’t move too much. We defeated it but I’m not sure what happened next. Are you okay?” Dawn asked. The girls were in the room who looked to be doing well, with Kita patches up pretty heavily as well as Civa. “The boys are in the other room.”

Civa looked around and sighed, she felt mentally drained. “I’m okay, I’ll heal. Glad you guys are okay, thanks for the help. We would’ve been hammered,” she joked laughing slightly but stopped. She didn’t quite feel in a joking mood. “Let’s go see the boys,” she stood up wincing but waves Dawn off, “I’m okay. Your arm looks pretty bad. You shouldn’t push yourself too much either.”

“I’m good, my stamina and endurance can last long.” Even tho she said that she didn’t move as much because of the pain. The other girls as well followed suit and walked to the other room. “You guys doing okay?”

Civa looked around and saw them. “Hey boys, sorry to barge in your territory but I got to deliver a thanks from myself. Thanks,” she smiled. “Hope you guys aren’t too badly hurt.” She leaned against the wall her eyes glancing at the green haired boy who they saw. She smiled towards him glad he was okay.

“Someone is suppose to come in here to talk to us, I’m guessing how we did.” Dawn added.

Civa looked at her and glanced at the floor. She should tell them that they’re teammates but she thought it would be best if they did it with all four of them alone. It was better in her opinion, tho she had a feeling that it wouldn’t happen like that. She looked at Arthur, “Glad to see I didn’t burn you to a crisp, you did well.” Her eyes then glanced at Rex, “are you okay? Glad you didn’t end up over-doing it too much. You did really well too.”

Dawn stared at them and sighed in relief, things seem to be going well.
  Civa / Sina13 / 160d 13h 45m 58s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur stood there watching helpless on the sidelines. Holding his arm as he drew each breath. Like somehow if he could breath deeper or take faster breaths he wouldn't be so tired. That he wouldn't be in such pain. He was fighting the urge to forcefully activate his Blast Heart and run in but as reckless as he was? Even he knew he'd just be getting in the way right now. Civa had grabbed Dawns arm explaining it was up to her and Rex. She had given them a wink and Rex found himself blushing almost looking away despite it being in the middle of a fight! Civa had commented on the three being a bit useless now. Kita had clicked her tongue looking away her bleeding wasn't dying down. Arthur had chuckled a bit despite hating this feeling.]]

[center [+brown Yeah.. Some help I ended up being huh?]]

[center [+silver Like we expected one person to handle everything. Jeez your so hard on yourself it's really annoying.]]

[center [b Arthur had rubbed the back of his head with a bit of a light laugh.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC0cC8raAJI]]

[center [b Dawn had given Rex an order the boy found himself blinking avoiding eye contact with her he gave her a nod. Civa had made her attacks at the bottom as Rex grabbed it's aggression like before but from this time the top. Activating his Blast Heart he rushed in with that orange aura. It reached in to grab him as he gripped his blade slashing several times hopping to the side. To climb it's arm slashing several more times as he begun to wince. He just used the Blast Heart and he was already in that much pain? Arthur had looked to see the bot was now missing it's hands. Though Rex's hands were bleeding making such tough cuts. How many times did Rex slice? Arthur must have not been paying attention to the speed and force but it almost seemed too much for Rex's tiny body. The machine had given him a smack though he managed to block it with his blade he was sent flying stabbing the ground to slow his momentum so he wouldn't crash into a wall.]]

[center [b Despite the strain on Rex's body his eyes gave a vicious look not matching the boys usual demure behavior. Charging forward Dawn had managed to knock the bot down as he charged in stabbing his blade into the chest and though his hands were bleeding even worse he twisted the blade. Dawn had manged to land some major damage vents had opened around the bot as wind came forth pushing itself back up. It had sent Rex flying into Dawn as the two were pushed back even Arthur who was behind with Civa was feeling the pressure but it had died down. It was still giving a hell of a fight even now.]]

[center [b Dawn had taken the chance to get some advice from Civa it seemed the head and with that Rex had already dashed in. Dawn and Rex were attacking the bot right afterwards. Dawn's Scythe had managed to deal some damage and Rex was losing himself into the fight. Was his Blast Heart consuming him? Rex's body was breaking despite his speed and strength rising his scratches were turning into slashes through the metal but it was tearing the boy apart.]]

[center [b The bot had poles appear over it's shoulders as lightning traversed between the two poles letting out an a large surge of energy. The lighting stream had surged through striking into Rex and Dawn.]]

[center [b Arthur grunted looking ahead as Rex pushed through the stream running to Dawn he shoved her as hard as he could. Sending her flying out of the attacks range as he fell over and the lightning stopped. Great Rex was out of the fight how was Dawn? Was she okay?! Rex took that attack head on. Though it seemed Rex was beginning to twitch and pant pulling himself to his feet. Bleeding badly the boy had panted giving an animal like gaze to the bot. Dawn and him can't keep going on their own but he can't do anyth-]]

[center [b Before he forced himself to use his Blast Heart Civa had offered an idea and before Arthur could even think about it he spoke.]]

[center [+brown I'll do it if it means they don't have to fight alone. So don't hold back the heat and I'll hit it with everything we got.]]

[center [b He clenched his fist ready to receive the power of her flames around him. He opened his eyes looking to her with a grateful look as he felt the flames around his body. Gritting his fist he looked at the bot but before he could make a move the bot started open holes in it's body only to show new legs and arms. Six arms and four legs like the thing wasn't tough enough! Could Arthur muster his blade? No but he'd punch it with whatever flame Civa could offer!]]

[center [+brown Ready Civa! An emotion right? I can do that no problem! Let's do this!!]]

[center [b Besides her flames? He'd be running in there pretty much unarmed. Could he really do a suicide mission like that? That question didn't even cross the boy's mind and he was ready to charge. Though before he got the chance too.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/x3cluyQ.jpg]]

[center [b A man with a pure smile and spear in hand had charged in pushing Rex out of the way. Stabbing at the machine.]]

[center [+green Light Heart!]]

[center [b A piercing light had shot straight the machines arm as he began to pant lightly.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nFf4S0v.jpg]]

[center [+purple Ice Heart!]]

[center [b With that Ice had covered the machine's legs as it begun to struggle. The spear man still fighting on the front line as an Armored Woman had begun to charge in.]]

[center [+pink Power Heart!]]

[center [b The ice covered one of the arms as this newcomer came in. The spear man creating a bridge of light for her to travel in her heavy attire as she slashed the machines massive arm clean off. The teamwork was... Astonishing! How could they work together so well? Their fourth member was a timid boy who had ran to Dawn,Rex,Civa,Arthur as his hands began to glow he mended each of their wounds. Even expending his stamina further by restoring their stamina though he couldn't fully heal and recover all their stamina Arthur was feeling a lot better.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nBUZAqX.jpg]]

[center [+teal H-Healing Heart..]]

[center [b He teared up using his power. Was he sad to see complete strangers that banged up? What a nice kid he had gasped falling over. That power must have took a lot out of him.]]

[center [+brown Thanks for this chance, Civa and whoever you guys are.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59ZE5qiF6mM]]

[center [b Charging in Arthur was ready to activate his Blast Heart when he needed it. Rex had saw Arthur as Arthur hopped up Rex had taken the chance to throw Arthur even further with the flat of his blade. Rex had hit his mental limitations removing his own Blast Heart after the throw. The giant machine was ready to let another lightning stream before Arthur could create lightning poles to take the strike it began to strike his friends and even come for him. Though Rex had through his blade in front of Arthur directing the lightning to the blade. Only struck by the attack once and he learned from the mistake? Dawn also seemed to have herself along with Civa and Kita protected with her shadows but Rex had taken another attack like that head on that time without his Blast Heart. He was out and the new team looked in bad shape. The armored woman was holding back two massive arms just herself in the ice was managing to hold it in place. The spear man had created a giant shield of light to protect his friends from another attack if need be. Arthur had closed his eyes before summoning his massive blade and his usual armor covered in the flames still. Civa's emotions her heart... I feel it she felt the same way I did didn't she? Channel an emotion? Which one? Rage? Confidence? No it wasn't either one of those so what was it? Regardless Arthur was gonna take this thing before this and the Rune Knights stupid test got anyone else hurt. He was gonna give it all he could for Civa's sake no for all of them. Strangers or not they all reached a hand to help and with that alone he knew they were good people. His flame bursting into flames he cried out.]]

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[tangerine [size30 [center Take thiiiiisss!!]]]

[center [b It through a punch at him with four arms as Arthur screamed out the flames around his body he saw.. Shadows next? Was Dawn protecting him? Light? That spear man created a barrier too didn't he? Arthur had smiled as he summoned as he many blade as he could around him. Twenty two? No I need more... Twenty five. He started coughing hitting his limits again but his Blast Heart shined on as he pushed through the pain. Twenty six... he felt himself slipping as two vanished and coughed up as the beast began to push himself back. An emotion?]]

[center [b If I have to choose... I choose...]]

[center [b Before Arthur could finish that thought he cried out giving it all he could the flames were burning even hotter. The blades reappearing, twenty eight twenty nine. Thirty! One arm had crumbled it was the one Dawn had managed to dent. "Thanks Dawn that strike was a life saver" it's chest had opened up to reveal a cannon though before it could fire it began to break down. What? Oh Rex had striked it's chest real bad early on! He must have figured the chest.. The heart held a valuable weapon like Civa had said before. "Wow thanks guys you really saved my ass"]]

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[tangerine [size30 [center Ahhh!]]]

[center [b Arthur cried out creating another ten swords all as large as his own. As he sent them all flying through the arms of the massive metal beast. Giving all his strength as his arms began to ache and his shoulders popping. This thing had tons of weight and force pushing Arthur back even with his friends helping him and all his physical force. No he wouldn't hesitate he'd push through even if it killed him. He may be naive but he'd rather die than standby while others needed him. Despite the pain and his bones being crushed from the clash he put his Blast Heart to full power as his muscles begun to bulge. This is what happens when a trained user with a Chevalier heart pushes himself to hard. Exerting his arms forward he crashed through one of the arms slicing through a second and smashing through the third. Slinging his damaged arms behind him he prepared for one more overhead slash remembering Civa's advice about the head. Giving one last yell of all or nothing he crashed the massive blade over it's head. Slashing his way through the machine as the metal swords in the machine spiraled out shards of metal. A technique with that many blades wasn't something Arthur normally did because the strain was too unreasonable. "Pfft I should do that more! It wasn't that bad-" before Arthur could say a single thing he had fallen over completely collapsed. Rex who couldn't move was still awake as he looked over to Arthur who passing out quickly. Massive doors had opened revealing an exit to the maze.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b If you don't like anything I did I can rewrite it I was just trying to end the exam a little faster. >< I'm sorry if having Dawn do that was bad. I just wanted her to play a badass part in the final clash against this thing. I want to say they don't have anymore bots this powerful. I'll also spoil the lesson to learn was supposed to be the bot was too powerful and they skip it and find the exit. So those in charge are gonna be shocked they actually decided to take it down instead.]]
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