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Welcome to the city of magic.

Five friends who walk the streets of the small town of Avalanche alone have to rise up against something malicious. The question is, what is this malicious being? Only you will found out in this improv roleplay-

The city of Avalanche is the only legal city to hold people with magical abilities. The government doesn't want any magic users in the normal cities like New York, Atlanta, and Las Vagas. Some people who use magic in this city are bad but there really is nobody to enforce the law. But, there still isn't a lot of crime. But there sure is something suspicious underneath.



When finished with skelly, PM me. We will start when we have 5 main characters. You may double up. Also edited photos is liked but not needed

Confirmed Magic Hoomans:

Alexis Aopecha | Nickname: Asphyx

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Hooman

Magic: Energy Manipulation

Alignment: True Neutral

Body Type: Hourglass | 4'9

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Orange

Skin Colour: Pale

Role In RP: Main Character

Description: Alexis is a very caring person and is Loyal beyond a reasonable doubt. She is also very resourceful and crafting in getting out of situations. However, she is very emotional and will more than likely do the wrong things because of her emotions. She is very hopeless at times when she feels threatened or manipulated. Lastly, she is also unresponsible at times and needs someone to watch out for her.

Mental Issues: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

Backstory: To Be Discovered | Trigger warning: Abuse is a theme in her backstory


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