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[center [size10 Life was good for a long while for {X}. He and {Y} were in a steady and happy relationship. His family accepted the fact that he was gay and everything was rainbow and unicorns until the accident. One night {X} got in an accident that put him in severe pain. The pain was enough for him to constantly use his painkillers until he eventually was hooked. {Y} tried everything to help {X} but nothing was helping. Eventually {X} got kicked out of his family’s house and was crashing at {Y}’s place when he realized what he was doing. Not wanting to hurt {Y} any longer {X} left not to be seen or heard from for many years. ]]

[center [size10 Several Years later {Y} is happy and successful while {X} is living in the streets. One day they run into each other again and {Y} decides to try to help {X} one last time. Will they get back together again? Will {X} stay drug free? Or did {Y} find a lost cause?]]


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Jace could see that Nicolas was in pain. The pain medicine he was given wouldn't completely take the pain away. He was hoping it would at least make Nicolas a bit comfortable. “I hate seeing you like this.” He sighs softly. “I ordered dinner. I think you would really like it.” He smiles softly. “I can I do anything for you? Maybe help you walk to the bathroom?” They had been asleep for awhile so he assumed that Nicolas would have to use the bathroom by now.

“Tomorrow I’m going to go to the grocery store to get some snacks and drinks that would help keep you healthy.” Jace was thinking that Nicolas could use some natural juices. Elliot walks over to them and sits at Nicolas’s feet. He loved being around people.

Jace’s cell phone began to ring on the the coffee table near the couch. He picks it up not realizing that it was James. “Hello?” He paused for a moment. Jace had completely forgot about James. He had ran out on their date and never told him why. “Oh hey. Can I call you back later?” He asked but of course James said no. He wanted to talk, he even asked Jace if he could come over. “No no. You can’t.” Jace didn’t know what to tell James. [i I don’t want to date him because what? Because my ex boyfriend is living with me and I’m taking care of him? I would be lying to myself if I said that I wasn’t attracted to him.] He thought and sighed.

“I promise to see you tomorrow ok? Yes I promise. Alright bye.” He hangs up the phone and sighs. He knew he needed to tell Nicolas. He wanted to get a clear understanding of what they were before he did anything. “Nicolas I have something to tell you.” He sits down on the arm of the couch. “The night you got into an accident I went on a date with a man named James. I’ve know him for about a year and we’ve went on dates here and there. I’ve never done anything with him but I know he likes me. I’m not sure how I feel.” He looks at his ex. “Because you’re here and I...just want to focus on you but I’m just not sure what that means.” Jace rubs the back of his neck. “I love you. A lot. But where does that put us?”
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 1d 14h 13m 38s
The first thing that Nick noticed as he began to wake up was the horrible pain in his side. His face scrunched up in pain as the throbbing became more pronounced. The next thing he noticed was the warm heat that had been at his back was gone. Gingerly he rolled over on his back, a soft gasp leaving his lips as his left made contact on the couch. Normally the pressure wasn’t bad, or even noticeable, but with the throbbing pain everything hurt.

Nick forced his eyes open and was about to call for Jace since he was in too much pain to get up for his medication when he saw the other with his medication. “My guardian angel,” Nick jokingly said as he forced himself to sit up so he could take the pill. “May I?” He asked once he propped himself up against the couch. Just the effort to move and sit left Nick winded.

Once Jace passed him the pill Nick quickly took it and followed it up with a healthy gulp of water before sinking into the cushy couch. “We slept longer than I thought we would. Especially me. I’ve been sleeping for what feels like forever,” Nicholas commented as he waited for his medication to kick in. Nick was surprised about how long the slept. When they had come home it was late morning but now it was pitch black out there. Both of them needed it though. Jace looked a little bit more refreshed than before which was good. Nick personally didn’t feel like he was refreshed and felt like he had figuratively and actually been hit by a car.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 1d 20h 41m 22s
When Hercules was on the television Jace couldn’t help but smile. He knew it was one of Nicolas’s favorite Disney movies. It was one of Jace’s well. It didn’t take long for Nicolas to fall asleep next to him. Jace made sure to be very careful as his injured ex boyfriend slept next to him. [i I wonder what he considers us. We’re not dating but there’s a not enough love here for us to stay together.] He thought and looks at Nicolas. Jace gently strokes some of his long hair and sighs. [i I’m so happy he’s ok.] He slowly closed his eyes as the movie went on and fell asleep.

Hours go by. Jace’s body was exhausted so he slept as long as Nicolas did. When he woke up it was dark outside. “I slept for so long.” He mutters and gently gets off the couch without moving too much. He climbed over the back of the couch since Nicolas was on the edge. Elliot jumps off the couch and onto the floor. “You must be hungry.” He said to Elliot softly so he wouldn’t wake Nicolas. Before he went to the kitchen he checked to make sure Nicolas was breathing, when he noticed his chest rise and fall he walks off. Jace was a little paranoid about Nicolas’s health.

After feeding Elliot he orders food for himself and Nicolas. He got him something light to eat. A nice curry with vegetables and naan. Jace goes back to the living room and takes some of Nicolas’s pain medicine out of its container. “He’s going to be in pain when he wakes up...” he wanted Nicolas to take the stronger pain medication but then again he was worried he might get addicted again.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 2d 15h 56m 29s
“Not with that attitude,” Nick responded when Jace said nothing would stick. Nick was now determined to teach Jace a recipe or two to get him to learn the bare minimum when it came to cooking. It was his life’s mission at this point.

Looking down at the pup buried in his lap Nick smiled a little bit more. “You aren’t spoiled. Are you? Tell your papa that he doesn’t spoil you enough,” Nick cooed at the pup as he gave him all the pets. Jace was lucky that Nick didn’t make any money because then Elliot would truly be spoiled. Nick would take Elliot to spa days and give him all the best toys if he had a well paying job. “Okay, I’ll be here. Obviously,” he said as Jace told him he was going to change. Nick’s attention remained on Elliot. He used the cute pup as a distraction from he constantly throbbing pain he felt. Nick has noticed that if he didn’t distract himself from the pain he would just fixated on it and think about he would feel better shooting up. Nick couldn’t think like that. He wanted to make things better with Jace and falling into another bout of addiction would ruin that. Without Jace he probably wouldn’t have made it through this accident. Without Jace he would be out of the hospital and finding a dealer. But he had something to live for now and to try to fix. Knowing Jace loved him still gave him hope.

When Jace came back out Nick pulled his attention from Elliot and took the remote. If they were going to watch a movie then they were going to wash something easy and didn’t require much attention. If Nick was going to get his way Jace was going to fall asleep and he may even fall asleep with the man. Flipping through the movies Nick quickly narrowed it down to what genre he wanted to watch. Kids movies. They were easy to ignore and cute and Nicholas was not so secretly in love with Disney so it really made it an easy choice. Scanning through his options he decided to pick one of his favorites, Hercules. It also just happened that it was the movie he had seen that made him realize he was gay. Mulan had just reaffirmed it. Granted he didn’t put two and two together or have a name for it until he was in 8th grade.

Settling in as the narrator began to speak and the muses took over Nick laid down just and Jace suggested. He, of course, made sure that all the pressure was on his good side before grabbing the blanket and draping it over himself and partially covering Jace. As he laid there he felt his eyes go heavy. They didn’t even hit when Pain and Panic kidnapped Hercules and Nick was asleep. At least Nick passing out sparred Jace and Elliot from him quoting the whole movie.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 3d 1h 7m 33s
Jace smiles softly. “I’m sure you can teach me all you want and it still won’t stick with me.” He pushes his hair back and keeps his eyes on his ex boyfriend. Elliot licked Nicolas’s hands gently before burying his head in his lap. Jace chuckles. “Well aren’t you cute Elliot.” He was so happy that he had gotten Elliot. He was such a good puppy and he constantly made Jace smile. “He’s so spoiled.” Jace shakes his head and looks at Nicolas. “I could use a nap.” Jace did like the idea of being close to Nicolas, he still cared about the male. Even more so now.

“Let me go change.” Jace walks off to his bedroom and outs on some comfortable lounge clothing. Soon he was sitting next to Nicolas on the couch. “You can pick the movie. I’ll probably fall asleep honestly.” Jace hands him the remote and then lies down on the couch, it was pretty large comfy. Jace had bought it for the purpose of having people over so it easily fit the two of the comfortable.

Elliot walks on Elliot’s chest and lies on it. “Spoiled.” He mutters and lets the puppy before patting the couch. “Come lay down.” Jace said softly to Nicolas.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 4d 23h 5m 0s
“Thank you,” Nick said as Jace handed over the pills and a thing of water. Nicholas popped the pills in his mouth and downed the water in one quick go. “I’m not really hungry right now. I’ll eat later,” he reassuringly said. The idea of eating sounded like extra effort that he didn’t want to bother with. Nick, however, couldn’t help but smile at Jace’s suggestion to get someone to make Nick’s meals. “I really need to teach you how to cook one day. Maybe when I can stand for longer periods I can start you off in crockpot meals,” He said. While he had full intentions of being there for Jace for as long as Jace would have him he wouldn’t mind seeing the man be able to fend for himself and do it by not always eating out.

Nick noticed the yawn but didn’t say a thing. He had some nefarious plans that included getting Jace to snuggle with him on the couch with Elliot and maybe take a nap. Instead of letting his plans out he silently sat there and let Jace grab a blanket and pillow from his room. “Yes I do. Maybe in a couple days I’ll be able to make it around the house some more,” he replied. Nick didn’t like the fact that he had to camp out in the living room but this was the only way he could feel free and a part of the household.

Next Elliot was freed from his cage and sprinting out to the living room. “Hey buddy,” Nick said as the pup ran into his leg. Good thing he hadn’t broken that part and the dog was light. “Let’s wait for your papa to get here to lift you up and then we can snuggle,” Nick informed the dog, not wanting to risk messing something else by bending at the waist. Soon Jace was back and sitting Elliot up in the couch. Nick gently pet the pup as he curled up in his lap. He had missed this. “Come sit with me Jace. You deserve a break and maybe a nap,” he suggested as he patted the spot next to him. “We can put on a movie and doze off to it,” Nick added. Personally, Nick could go for a nap but he wouldn’t mind watching a movie either. It gave him something to do and after all the terrible old movies he had to watch at the hospital he could use something good.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 4d 23h 24m 41s
“I’ll get him out once I get you settled.” Jace said. He made sure Nicolas was on the couch before getting the Tylenol. He also got him some water before returning to the living room. “Are you hungry? Doctor said you should eat and suggested soup and light meals.” Jace pushes his hair back. “I’m not really a good cook but it’s ok. I will have someone cook your meals.” Jace knew Nicolas didn’t like to be babied but he didn’t care. Jace was going to make sure Nicolas was taken care of.

“Here you go.” He offered him the water and the pill. With a soft yawn Jace ruffles his hair to keep himself from feeling tired. He had been so involved with Nicolas that he wasn’t sleeping properly but he didn’t care. Jace goes into Nicolas’s bed room and brings out some pillows and a blanket. He moves the coffee table closer to Nicolas. “I’m going to get this place set up for you. It’ll be easier for to.” Jace began to rearrange the living room. When he finished he smiles. “Like it?” He asked Nicolas. “Think about you want to eat while I go get little Elliot.” Jace goes off to his bedroom.

As soon as he opened the cage little Elliot took off. He ran all around the house and when he saw Nicolas he jumped on his legs. Good thing he was small or he would be on Nicolas’s lap. Jace chuckles and rushes over to them. He picks up Elliot and holds him close to Nicolas. Elliot did his best to lick Nicolas, he whimpered cutely just wanting to be with the male. “You fort be calm Elliot. Ok?” Jace sets him on the couch and Elliot moves into Nicolas’s lap and curls into a ball, content.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 5d 25m 32s
A couple years ago Nicholas may have complained about Jace constantly helping him but that was in the past. There were still things that Nick didn’t want Jace to help him with and he didn’t want Jace hovering over him like he is some invalid but Jace helping him get his walker was something he was okay with. “I can’t believe I’m using a walker. I feel like an old man. Hell, I’m going to have hip issues like one now too,” He grumbled as he slowly moved forward with the assistance of his walker.

The moment they walked in he could hear the cute little barks from Elliot and couldn’t help but smile a little bit. “We are coming to let you out sweetheart,” he called out to the sweet pup. It was just going to take a century for him to get far. Just the few steps he was taking was wearing him out rapidly and he knew he need to stop soon. “Living room,” he said softly panting. “My room is too far,” He added.

When they got to the living room Nick plopped himself down on the couch. Nose scrunching a little bit from him jostling his injuries a bit with his inelegant sitting. “You should probably let the little guy out. He sounds desperate for cuddles with you,” Nick said between breaths really just wanting the cute pup to cuddle with himself. A part of him was dreading physical therapy tomorrow. He knew that the sooner he went through it the sooner he could strengthen his hip again and sooner he could stop using a walker but he knew it was going to tire him out and it was going to hurt like a bitch. His hip hurt like a bitch now and he only walked from the garage to the couch! “Jace, could you bring the Tylenol when you have a chance?” He asked. It wasn’t an opioid but at least ur would help dull the pain some.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 5d 48m 34s
Jace chuckles softly. “Ah! No questions!” Jace said playfully. He was happy that Nicolas seemed like he was in a good mood. [i He’s probably happy to be out of that hospital. I remember the first time he was hospitalized a few years ago. He couldn’t wait to get out.] Jace thought and chuckles. He then pulls his car up into the garage.

“Be careful babe. Let me help you.” Jace gets out and gets the walker out of the trunk of his car. He then puts it in front of Nicolas and gently helps him out of the car. Jace had already taken off of work since he knew Nicolas would need help. He wanted to be Nicolas’s nurse. Jace opened the door to the home and slowly moved with Nicolas. Elliot could already smell them so be began to bark cutely. His little puppy bark filled the home.

“Do you want me to get you settle in your room or the living room. Wherever you feel comfortable.” Jace didn’t care if Nicolas took over the living room. It was more open and had more space than his guest bedroom. Jace just wanted Nicolas to be comfortable. “You can sleep where you want. I can always help you move back and forth.l
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 5d 1h 19m 52s
“As long as I get to snuggle Elliot I’ll be happy,” Nick responded. He knew that Elliot would be super excited to see him again. The little pup was a rambunctious one so it was fair that Jace would hold the little pup.

Settling into the car Nick closed his eyes as they started off from the hospital. He felt a little nauseous from being in the car. It was just like the first accident where he felt a sense of dread come over him when he was in a car. Eventually he got over that but he also started doing drugs so it helped get his mind off things. Nick knew he would have to find another means to get over this gear especially since cars were such an unavoidable thing.

His eyes opened when Jace made a comment about taking him somewhere special and that he wasn’t allowed to ask questions. “That’s no fair!” He grumbled to Jace. “How do you expect me not to ask questions? I just asked one!” Nick said as he focused on Jace and not the driving at all. At least the idea of them going somewhere tomorrow also helped keep his mind off of the drive.

Thankfully, the car ride wasn’t too far from the hospital and Nick was never so grateful to get out of a nice car before. Once they were in the garage Nick opened the door and carefully got out of the car, leaning against the side with his good side waiting for Jace to grab his walker. “It’s good to be back,” he added. Nick couldn’t wait to not be woken up by nurses, to shave, and too not be in an overly sterile environment.
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Jace knew that Nicolas was trying his best to get better without taking any pain medication. He also kept in mind the doctors assessment report about Nicolas. [i I see it too. I know he’s in much worse shape then he leads on.] He thought as he listened to the nurse. Once he had all of Nicolas’s medication and paperwork he smiles. “Is that everything?” He asked and then an insurance worker walks into the room. Jace took the forms and signed all of them while giving his account information. Thousands of dollars would be taken but Jace didn’t care. As long as Nicolas was ok he would pay for whatever he needed.

Jace smiles and walks to the car. Once inside he smiles at Nicolas. “Elliot missed you too but I’m going to hold him so he doesn’t hurt you. You know how excited he gets.” Jace chuckles since Elliot runs all over the house and jumps around but he also knew when he calmed down all Elliot would want to do is sleep with Nicolas. Slowly Jace began to drive. “I’m glad to have you back home Nicolas. I was so worried about you.” He sighs softly. “But enough about that.” He smiles. “So tomorrow I’m going to be taking you somewhere special. You can’t ask questions. You just have to come along.”
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 5d 2h 32m 45s
The next week and a half felt like eternity. They had arrested the woman that had hit him. It turned out she had been playing on her phone and it wasn’t her first offense got distracted driving. The doctors had weaned him off of opioids as soon as they could, which was much earlier than the should of but Nick was also extremely afraid of relapsing so he asked to be moved off of opioids. His body and mind still craved the drug, knowing that it would make him feel so much better, but he continued to fight
it. When a craving was particularly bad Nick actually discussed it with Jace to distract him from actually feeling it. Besides the pain and physical therapy everything was going swell in Nicholas’ eyes.

Miguel would disagree with Nick’s assessment. His staff and himself had noticed that Nick was less responsive when Jace was away. He also had an increase of nightmares and they were worried about his mental status. They had brought in a psychologist but he was worried that Nick would stop seeing her. He was too strong willed and wanted to fix things himself. At least physical therapy was going well enough and Nick was able to shuffle short distances with a walker. In a few weeks he would even upgrade to a cane!

Miguel’s thoughts came to an end as he wheeled Nick out to the car that was waiting for him. “So don’t forget you have a check up at the end of next week and physical therapy tomorrow. Dr. Anderson has left her number in the packet we are sending with you so you can call her to set up and appointment,” Miguel said as the door opened and Nick, with the aid of a nurse, transferred into the car. Miguel did notice that Nick flinched a little bit when he got on and looked a little sick to his stomach but the moment Jace would look at him Nick would just put on a brave face. “Drive safely and I hope to not see you again Mr. Howard,” Miguel said before the door closed.

When Jace was back in the car Nick sent the other man a small smile. “I can’t wait to get home. I missed Elliot so much,” he told Jace as he tried to ignore the fact that he was in a car.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 5d 4h 8m 47s
Jace couldn’t help but smile s bit at his lame joke. “I wish you wasn’t a car magnet.” He mutters. As Nicolas grew tired Jace watched as he closed his eyes. Within seconds he wasn’t awake anymore. Jace knew he needed some rest and that his body had been through such a bit trauma so he didn’t bother Nicolas. When the doctor began to speak Jace cleared his throat and wipes his wet eyes.

“Thank you doctor. I would like to stay the night.” Jace mutters softly. He stood up and made his way over to the doctor. “Thank you...I will see you in the morning then.” He smiles a bit and shakes his hand. Once the doctor leaves Jace sighs softly and glances at Nicolas. [i He’s going to need a lot of time to heal.] He thought as he sits on the bed he was able to sleep in.

When the half an hour went by a nurse came in to give Nicolas more medicine. She also brought Jace some covers. After thanking her Jace removed some of his clothing to get comfortable. Tomorrow he could go home to shower and grab a few things to keep him busy while he stayed with Nicolas at the hospital.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 5d 7h 37s
Nick held on weakly to Jace’s hand and forced his eyes open to look at the man before him. His head was pounding and his eyes hurt horribly even with the dim light but he wanted to see Jace. The sight of the other man in tears broke Nick’s heart and was so familiar from the time he had gotten into an accident. That one had been caused by a drunk driver slamming into the drivers side when Nick was on his way home. The damage from that accident had been less than this time. His car had given some protection leaving only his hip and part of his femur shattered and some gnarly bruising but this time things felt worse. What was the same was Jace holding his hand and crying. Nick remembered waking up last time to a very familiar sight. The only difference was they were a couple then and now they were in purgatory but Jace’s words did suggest that they could be working things out. It only took a SUV to hit him.

Weakly squeezing Jace’s hand as the man kissed his Nick closed to eyes again and let out a soft sigh. “I guess I’m a car magnet,” Nick tiredly joked, trying to lighten the mood a little bit. His body was starting to feel heavy and he didn’t think he could hold onto this line of consciousness for much longer. Squeezing Jace’s hand one last time he softly said. “Feeling sleepy. Love you.” Before drifting off.

Miguel had been at the door for the last few seconds of the exchange and was impressed that Nicholas had stayed up long enough for a tiny conversation. It wasn’t much but at least he would heal. “Mr. Yoshida, if you wish you can stay the night. We privatized this room so the other bed is open. A nurse will be in to check on Mr. Howard in about thirty minutes to administer some more medication. In the morning we can discuss treatment plans,” He quietly informed Jace.
  GuillotineDreams / 5d 11h 5m 40s
Jace was dead tired, he stayed at the hospital all night. He was too nervous to leave, he wanted to be there when Nicolas woke up. The next evening he walked to the hospital cafeteria and bought him some soup and half a chicken sandwich. [i I can’t even eat but I know I should try.] He thought as he grabs a cup to make him some coffee. Once he had what he wanted he takes a seat at an empty table.

Slowly the male eats his food while texting a good neighbor of his about Elliot. Jace could unlock his back door with an app on his phone so he had asked the neighbor to just watch over Elliot. He knew that the neighbors kids loved playing with Elliot from time to time. Elliot was in good hands. By the time Jace finished his food he went back out into the main waiting room hoping to hear good news about Nicolas.

It didn’t take long for the doctor to come to him with some news. “That’s...good to hear.” Jace was gearing what Nicolas might look like. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep from crying when he sees him. The walk to his room seemed so long. His legs felt heavy as they approached the door. As they entered he noticed the nurse talking to him. Everything made his chest tight; the way Nicolas looked, his voice, the IV in his was all too much.

“Shut up...don’t say sorry.” Jace said and tears up a bit. He walks over to him and gently takes his hand. “It’s ok. Just get better ok? That’s all I want for you. I’m here for you. I’ll do whatever I have to ok?” Jace gently kisses his knuckles. The nurse and doctor leave just to give them a few minutes alone. Jace wipes a away a few of his own tears and sighs. “You’re not leaving me...not again ok? Not in anyway.”
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 5d 19h 58m 28s

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