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[center [size10 Life was good for a long while for {X}. He and {Y} were in a steady and happy relationship. His family accepted the fact that he was gay and everything was rainbow and unicorns until the accident. One night {X} got in an accident that put him in severe pain. The pain was enough for him to constantly use his painkillers until he eventually was hooked. {Y} tried everything to help {X} but nothing was helping. Eventually {X} got kicked out of his family’s house and was crashing at {Y}’s place when he realized what he was doing. Not wanting to hurt {Y} any longer {X} left not to be seen or heard from for many years. ]]

[center [size10 Several Years later {Y} is happy and successful while {X} is living in the streets. One day they run into each other again and {Y} decides to try to help {X} one last time. Will they get back together again? Will {X} stay drug free? Or did {Y} find a lost cause?]]


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Nick had honestly forgotten the existence of social media. When social media was becoming ever so important Nicholas never held any interest in it especially with his father in Senate. Anything and everything he posted had to be squeaky clean and if it was about politics it had to be in support of his father’s platform. With these restrictions Nick had never gotten into any form of social media and had honestly forgotten that Jace had been posting photos of them. Which was perfectly fine with the exception of the fact that Jace’s parents were on the platform, and they saw the photos, and now Nick was going to be forced to see the Yoshida’s again when he wasn’t ready to meet their disapproving gaze.

Seconds away from a complete downward spiral came to a screeching halt when he felt Jace’s hand find its way to his. Nick squeezed Jace’s hand as if it was his lifeline as he reorganized his thoughts. As he went through that labor-intensive process, he listened to Jace suggest that they get a hotel. A hotel would be good. It created a neutral setting and if it went bad at least the lingering bad memories wouldn’t be associated with their home.

Before Nick could reply Jace had carried on talking about how he loved him and had no issues standing up for their relationship. Nick’s heart did a weird flip as happiness and love filled him from such simple words followed by a kiss. His free hand found its way to Jace’s cheek and cupped it as he returned the kiss. After a few moments Nick slightly pulled away, bumping their foreheads together, “I love you too,” He softly replied before bestowing upon Jace one last kiss.

Once Nick finally pulled away, he squeezed Jace’s hand. This time it wasn’t because he needed a lifeline but because he was ready, ready to deal with Jace’s family and if he needed to, he would fight to stay with Jace. “Let’s do the hotel thing. Maybe, at a later time, they can come here but this first time we need neutral ground. I also don’t want our home to be tainted with any more bad memories if they don’t approve of us.”

With the decision made Nick stood up from the couch all while keeping ahold of Jace’s hand. “Did you still want to go out tonight? Or would you rather have a movie night here? Either way I need to shower. I smell lie dog.” Nick’s nose scrunched up when he mentioned the smell part.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 2d 3h 37m 58s
Jace knew that everything he and his boyfriend had be working on together could be ruined by meeting his family. They had been doing so well and getting closer but Jace knew that his family could take that away after one meeting if they are against their relationship. “I haven’t really said anything. I mean...they’ve seen my social media. I’ve posted pictures of us and even changed my relationship status to taken. I think they’re assuming that we are back together. It’s a sensitive subject so I think that’s why they haven’t came right out and asked. By visiting they can get their answer without me saying anything but deep down I’m sure they know.” Jace takes Nicholas’s hand.

The last thing Jace wanted was to make Nicholas uncomfortable. This was their home, he figured it would be best to go visit his family and get a hotel room. He didn’t want to bring negative energy to their home. “Why don’t we go to visit them? This was we can get a nice hotel room and wouldn’t have to be with them all the time.” Jace smiles softly. “also...I just want you to know I love you Nicholas. I’m always going to be by your side and I have no problem standing up for you if my family gets a bit crazy. You and I have move way passed that. I don’t want you to feel attack or anything like that.” He squeezes his lover’s hand. “I love you.” He then kisses Nicholas.

If they stayed strong the awkwardness that they might face from his family wouldn’t bother them. He was going to go there happy to be dating Nicholas again and he wasn’t going to let anyone take that feeling from him.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 20d 8h 56m 54s
Nick gave a small shrug when Jace asked about his hip. It was sore but not unlivable. A good soak in the tub and stretching it out would do it some good but that could wait until after their date. Nick wasn’t in too much in a rush to address the soreness. “It’s sore but it’s not bad. I’ll be good to continue our plans,” he said to Jace with a small smile.

Soon after his reply Jace answered his question about work. Nick almost always got the same reply but it never stopped him from asking. He asked in case Jace needed to vent and needed prompting to do so or if something great had happened. Nick wanted to give Jace those options. Also it was just nice to ask. When Jace asked it filled Nick with a little bit of happiness because he had someone that cared enough to listen to him. “I know but I still like to ask on the off chance it is more than boring,” Nick replied before the subject changed to their date.

Nick was also looking forward to their date as well and he had his own hopes on how the night would end. “Me too darling. I think you will really like this one.” Nick smiled a little at the kiss and was about to get up to change real quick when Jace said he had to tell him something.

What Jace said was something Nicholas could really live without hearing. Nick loved the Yoshida family. They were everything his family was not and there was actual joy in their household. But Nick was afraid to see them again. With what he put Jace through and how he just upped and left he didn’t imagine that Jace’s parents were very fond of him. Nick doubted he could even mend that bridge since he basically burnt it to the ground.

Swallowing hard he took Jace’s hand and gave it a small squeeze. “Do they know about us getting back together?” He asked, his face clearly displaying his concern.
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Jace listened to what his boyfriend had to say. He pouts a bit when he hears that Nicholas was the only one working and that he was standing so much throughout the day. “Are you ok after all of that? I know your hip is probably bothering you...” Jace didn’t like to hear that Nicholas was working that hard. He knew his boyfriend could handle it but also knew that he would suffer for it later on. He still needed to be careful with his hip since it was still sensitive.

“My day was fine. You know how I feel about work most of the time.” Jace said and chuckles. He always said work was burning and the same old stuff but he was good at it and it made pretty good money. Jace was content with his job. With a soft smile he nods his head. “I am ready for our date. I’m actually really excited.” Jace said and kissed his cheek. The two were getting closer and closer. He was hoping that a nice romantic date would lead into more intimacy.

“But before we go I gotta talk to you about something.” Jace sighs softly. “My parents want to come and visit or have us come to visit them” he mutters. “They have been asking for weeks now and it’s getting to a point where they’re saying they’re going to just drive up here and surprise me.” Jace knew that it would be awkward for Nicholas and him to see Jace’s parents after everything that has happened.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 44d 5h 54m 23s
Nicholas’ eyebrow arched upwards when he heard Jace claim that his day wasn’t rough. The last couple months Nick had learned that while Jace enjoyed a nice glass of wine he didn’t normally start drinking until it was dinner time. Nick, however, wasn’t going to argue with Jace on this either. Another thing Nick learned while being with Jace was some things were jus not worth fighting. This was the newest thing Nick was coming to grips with so sometimes he failed but he had gotten better!

So following Jace’s demands he sat down and waited for Jace. “It sucked,” he grumbled when he heard Jace ask about work. He didn’t elaborate, waiting for Jace to come into the room before he went to why it was terrible. Nick didn’t have to wait long because soon enough Jace was padding into the room with a glass of water in his hand and Elliot trailing after him.

“Thank you,” Nick said as he took the glass from Jace. He still had issues drinking alcohol and hardly ever participated in Jace’s ritual in having a glass of wine. Today may have been one of those days that Nick would be tempted to have a glass or two, but he was grateful that Jace hadn’t asked. He didn’t want to form a habit of drinking because of a hard day at work.

Nick took a few sips of water before sitting the glass down. Jace’s hand on his knee wasn’t missed at all and sent warm and fuzzies through Nick. “I ended up being the only one able to work the day shift. Everyone was either sick or out of town, so I got to deal with the shelter alone. I totally forgot how big it is until today. Between cleaning up, inputting new dogs on our system, and showing people their next furbaby I didn’t have anytime to sit. I even was inputting new dogs standing,” Nick looked down at Elliott as he whined, willing to let the pup cry. He was trying this new thing where he didn’t give into Elliott’s cries right away. This decision had come from the time Elliott had interrupted them in the bedroom. The pup didn’t like being closed out of the room and cried so much it killed the mood. Nick loved their little spoiled brat, but he really didn’t love being interrupted especially since it had taken him some time to work up to that level of intimacy.

Jace was the one to give in and sit Elliott down in his lap and Nick gave in, giving Elliott a small scratch behind the ear. “He is a spoiled pup. An adorable spoiled pup.” He looked away from the spoiled pup back to Jace and smiled up at him. “How was your day? Are you ready for the date I have planned?”
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 57d 14h 48m 34s
Jace tolled his eyes when his yo friend spoke to the puppy first. “Love of your life my ass.” He teased and chuckles. He gently kissed his boyfriend back before setting his wine glass down. “Not really a rough day but first why don’t you get comfortable. You look exhausted.” Jace said and grabs Nicholas a glass of water while he sat down. He sets Elliott down so he could focus on his boyfriend. “So how was work? You must of had a rough day since you’re so exhausted.” Jace wanted to ease into the conversation he wanted to have about his parents.

Once the glass had enough water Jace hands the glass to Nicholas. He then takes a seat next to his partner. “Tell me about your.” With a soft smile Jace places a hand on Nicolas’s right knee. Just then Elliot began to bark cutely at the two for setting in a chair too high for him to jump onto. He was feeling left out so Jace sighs and picks up Elliott. “Spoiled.” He mutters and sets Elliott on his lap. The cute puppy curled into a ball and cuddles into his care taker’s lap.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 60d 16h 33m 14s
Nicholas was absolutely exhausted from work. The only thing that got him though his god awful shift was the fact that he was going to surprise Jace by taking him to an art gallery. Nick had it from an inside source that an up and coming artist was going to be displaying their art; a wide variety of paintings and sculptures. Nick also just happened to know that sad up Jace alley and while Nicholas had little to no knowledge about art he was willing to indulge his perfect boyfriend.

Coming home, he put his bag in the closet and slid off his shoes. “I’m home,” he called out as he padded to the kitchen for a glass of water. The moment he walked in he saw Jace with a glass of wine in one hand and Elliot in another. “How is the love of my life?” He asked as he approached, making it seem like he was going to kiss Jace before detouring to peck Elliot on the top of his furry head. “And how is Jace? Was it a rough day, darling?” He asked as he pointedly looked at the wine glass before giving Jace a kiss as well.

While he waited for Jace’s response Nick went and grabbed a cup and filled it with water before pulling himself up on the counter and sitting. He accepted the fact that Jace may or may not scold him for sitting on the counters and Nick was okay with that. His feet had hurt from being on the them all day. Today had started off as a normal day of work until everyone called in sick leaving Nick to deal with the shelter alone. He had to clean the kennels by himself, in process new dogs and cats, and show potential fur babies to their potential mamas and or papas. It seemed like a simple day until one realized that Nick didn’t sit at all today and hadn’t even taken a break to eat. Thankfully, Alice, a newer employee, wasn’t sick and was able to come in after class to relieve Nick and feed the pups.
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A few months go by and Jace was feeling pressured by his family who want to visit him or have him come visit them. Jace knee deep down that they just wanted to see if it was true that Jace was back with Nicholas. Jace just didn’t want them to ruin the great relationship he now had with his boyfriend. Things were going great for Jace and Nicholas but all that can be ruined by Jace’s family.

Jace was waiting at home for Nicholas to return. They were supposed to be going on a date, Nicholas wanted to take Jace out again. “I just have to tell him. We have to visit them or let them come here. It might be better to go visit them because if they come here they would want to stay in my house “ Jace mutters and looks at Elliot. “We want it to stay peaceful right Elliot?” He asked and the little puppy barks cutely in response.

With a soft smile Jace picks up Elliot. “Good. Let’s hope daddy Nicholas takes the news well.” Jace goes into the kitchen and makes pours himself some wine to relax himself a bit. “If it doesn’t go well I’m going to need more of this.” He mutters and sips on his wine still holding Elliot.
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“I want to but I don’t know if I can get a job once I’m out. I would need some type of security clearance for most jobs and I’m pretty sure that’s nearly impossible with a felony,” He sadly said. Nick had loved his original degree in Aerospace Engineering. Nick was, after all, a nerd in his own rights. His first crush had been on Captain Kirk as a kid and space had always interest him. So much so it was his dream to work for NASA, helping develop new technologies to move spacecraft. Then he had to go crush his dream and Nick honestly didn’t know how he could get a job if he followed his degree plan. Hell, he didn’t even know how he would get an actual job with a felony under his belt. Employers had yet to be kind enough to overlook Nick’s past transgressions. “You are right about the shelter. I love it there but I don’t think I could stay there forever. I’ll think more on a degree plan while I write my essay.”

Yes, Nicholas knew it was silly to write for a scholarship without a degree plan in place but he needed a little bit of time to think things out. Predominantly he needed to figure out if he wanted to continue into the aerospace world.

When Jace kissed him on the cheek he smiled a bit. “Thank you,” He happily said as Elliot was removed from his lap and the conversation switched to how full Jace was. “I am too. I’m surprised I didn’t waddle into the house,” he jokingly said.

Nick’s ears instantly perked up when he heard Jace offering up the remote. “I would love to snuggle with you and watch a movie,” he said as he grabbed the remote before Jace could change his mind. For a few moments Nick contemplated putting on one of his shows on but decided against it out of the kindness of his heart. He didn’t want to force Jace into watching his shows. Instead he settled on a newer Disney movie, always a sucker for animated movies.

As the intro credits began Nick laid down on the couch, pulling at Jace’s sleeve until the other man laid down besides him. About ten minutes into the movie Nick was out like a light, snuggles up against Jace’s back.
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“Oh really? I think that’s a great idea. Going back to school would be awesome Nicholas. I’m sure you will enjoy it.” Jace said and smiles softly. “Why don’t you go back to school to study what you were studying before? I mean I know you’re taking things slowly but have you ever thought about what you might like to do after working at the animal shelter? I know you don’t want to do that all your life.” Jace knew Nicholas had big goals back when they first were dating. He wasn’t sure what kind of big goals he has now.

“I think you should apply. Give it a try and see what happens. All you can do is try love. I’ll be supportive any direction you go.” Jace kisses his cheek. “There’s nothing wrong with trying to better your life.” He sets Elliot into the floor and then cuddles into Nicholas. “My stomach is full. I just want to sleep.” He said and chuckles. Elliot quietly laid on the floor since he knew he wasn’t wanted on the couch. Jace figures the puppy nag or enough attention.

“Do you want to go lay down with me? We can watch whatever movie or tv show that you want to watch.” Jace said knowing they always fought over the remote.
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Nicholas couldn’t help but chuckle as Jace did his best to ask him a million and one questions about the proposed date. Nick had a few ideas floating around in his head, but he had no intention on telling Jace exactly what he had planned. Jace would, however, be given an address because Nick couldn’t legally drive so he had to rely on Jace for that aspect. “It’s a surprise, darling,” He said with a bright smile.

Almost as soon as Nick said those words Jace and Elliot both climbed onto the couch. Nick wrapped an arm around Jace’s shoulder while his other hand fell to the squirming puppy in his lap. This was perhaps one of the best days ever. Sure, it started off kind of shitty between being knocked down and the few awkward conversations that Jace and Nick found themselves happy but everything else made up for it. The food, the company, and this snuggle on the couch made everything better. Jace only made it better when he leaned in and kissed Nick. Almost instantly Elliot’s pets were forgotten in favor of cupping Jace’s face and deepening the kiss. All was going well until Elliot, pissed, clambered up, little paws pressed into Nick’s chest, and licked a long stripe up Nick’s neck.

Nick stopped kissing Jace, but didn’t move far from him, pressing his forehead to Jace’s instead. “Your son is a needy pup,” he grumbled. As he complained Elliot took it as a sign to lick him again. “Needy,” Nick grumbled one last time as he finally pulled away from Jace to lean back on the couch. He scooped Elliot up and laid him higher up on his chest. “You are such a punk. I just wanted to kiss your papa,” He told the pup as he began to pet the little punk.

“I was looking at applying for schools today. There is a scholarship that I’m thinking of applying for that would cover the school year. I just have no idea what to do…or even if I should start school now,” He said as he rolled his head to the side to look at Jace, looking for words of wisdom.
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Jace was happy to see Elliot when he got home. He set his things down before playing with the puppy for a few minutes. He had to love on him a bit since he knew Elliot wouldn’t stop bugging him until Jace showed him some attention. Once Nicholas was on the couch Jace sits down on the floor and Elliot crawls into his lap. The cute puppy lays there not wanting to move from his caretaker’s lap.

It was such a relaxing evening for Jace, he was really enjoying it. As Nicholas asked if he was busy Jace shakes his head no. “Nope. I’m free. How come?” He asked. The answer he got was a bit surprising. He wasn’t expecting Nicholas to want to take him on a date like that. Jace smiles softly at his boyfriend.

“I would really like that.” Jace could tell the two were getting closer and closer as the days go by. He was hoping that they continue to grow closer in many ways. Physically being one of them. “Where are you taking me for our date? Do you have it planned out yet? I’m really excited.” Jace was all smiles. It had been awhile since Nicholas has actually initiated a date. Jace wanted to go all out for it but he knew Nicholas was into more simple things so Jace told himself he doesn’t need flashy new clothes.

Jace gets up holding Elliot and sits down next to his lover in the couch. Elliot moves over to Nicholas’s lap and stays there. “Now you have to give him and I some attention.” Jace said and kissed Nicholas
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 104d 9h 55m 39s
The rest of the dinner went well. There were no more awkward or painful topics discussed. There was, however, a lot of food and soon enough Nick was absolutely stuffed. He hadn’t been this full in a long time and needed to lay down. Maybe even snuggle.

Thankfully, Jace had the same idea and they were soon enough making their way to the car. “I feel your pain. I don’t think I should have had that last bite of chicken. It was too much,” he grumbled as he slid into the car. Really Nick shouldn’t have consumed all his meal and part of Jace’s because that was way too much but he regretted nothing.

He rolled his head to the side to look at Jace as he was accused of spoiling Elliot. “I disagree. I don’t spoil Elliot at all. I just treat him like the Prince he is,” He replied with a small smile. Elliot had Nick wrapped around his little paws and Nick accepted this. Reaching over he took Jace’s hand and weaved their fingers together before continuing. “Also you are just as bad. You spoil Elliot too! I’m pretty sure you are the one that lets him sleep with us.” Nick tended to turn his back on Elliot when the pup begged to lay in bed with them. The only reason why Nick wasn’t the one that gave in was because Jace always beat him to it.

The rest of the ride home Nick continued to point out times when Jace would give into Elliot even though some of the points included times that Nick kind of pushed Jace to give into Elliot’s wants.

When they got home Nick went and saw to Elliot’s needs before collapsing on the couch. “Thank you for dinner,” he said as he undid the button of his jeans to relieve the pressure his overstuffed stomach was experiencing. “Are you going to be busy on Saturday? I was thinking that maybe I could take you out on a date this time,” Nick suggested. Every time they went out Jace paid and Nick wanted to change that. Sure he didn’t make a lot but he really didn’t have that many bills. In fact Jace hadn’t asked for shit when it came to money and Nick had secretly just paid the electricity bill and was waiting for Jace to find out. Besides secretly paying the bill Nick really had nothing else to spend money on. He was even creating a decent stock pile of money that he wanted to give Jace for caring for him. Though Nick had a feeling giving Jace the money was going to start an argument but that was for another time. Now Nick just wanted to focus on a date with Jace.
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The way Nicholas had reacted touched Jace’s heart. He didn’t expect his boyfriend to be so emotional about it. In a way Jace thought Nicholas had some clue that he stilled loved him but nonetheless he was happy With Nicholas’s reaction. Hearing Nicholas say he loved him a lot made Jace smile happily.

[i That’s all I want.] He thought and chuckles when he noticed the tear leave Nicholas’s eye. “Awe it’s ok. It’s definitely a nice relief to know that you love me as well. I’m hoping that won’t ever change.” Jace goes back to eating with Nicholas. “I told you this place was great.” The two talked causally and had a really good time at dinner. When it was all over Jace paid the bill and left with Nicholas.

“I want to lay down now. My stomach is so full.” Jace complained and got into his car with his lover. He couldn’t help look forward to being in bed or on the couch. Maybe even cuddling with Nicholas if he didn’t have anything to do. “I’m sure Elliot is missing ya like crazy. Well more so you. He knows he can get away with things with you.” Jace teased his boyfriend.
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Nick was just a pure ball of anxious energy. He was worried that he may have backed Jace into a corner that Jace didn’t want to be in. He was also worried that Jace was going to just be too nice of a guy and say such simple but important words back. All these thoughts filled Nick’s head in the few seconds it took Jace to start speaking. Nicholas was on the precipice, ready to teeter off the edge.

Then Jace started speaking and all of Nick’s fear paused, moments away from going over the cliff as he waited for Jace to finish.

The moment Jace said that he loved him too Nick was filled with absolute joy and tears were finding a way to his eyes. Nick had to take a deep breath to calm down his racing heart and emotions as he stared lovingly at Jace. Jace loved him! Despite everything that happened between them his amazing and kind hearted boyfriend still loved him.

“I love you so much Jace,” Nick gently replied, taking his turn to kiss Jace’s hand. Despite trying to keep his tears of joy from falling one year managed to roll down his cheek and caused Nick to softly laugh as he removed his hand from Jace’s to wipe it away. “Well this has been an emotional roller coaster,” he jokingly said as he turned his attention towards the food.

Taking up his chopsticks he stole a piece of Jace’s shrimp. A hum of happiness coming from Nick as he ate the delicious food. “You chose a good restaurant,” he happily stated.
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