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[center [size10 Life was good for a long while for {X}. He and {Y} were in a steady and happy relationship. His family accepted the fact that he was gay and everything was rainbow and unicorns until the accident. One night {X} got in an accident that put him in severe pain. The pain was enough for him to constantly use his painkillers until he eventually was hooked. {Y} tried everything to help {X} but nothing was helping. Eventually {X} got kicked out of his family’s house and was crashing at {Y}’s place when he realized what he was doing. Not wanting to hurt {Y} any longer {X} left not to be seen or heard from for many years. ]]

[center [size10 Several Years later {Y} is happy and successful while {X} is living in the streets. One day they run into each other again and {Y} decides to try to help {X} one last time. Will they get back together again? Will {X} stay drug free? Or did {Y} find a lost cause?]]


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When Nicholas mentioned dinner Jace felt his own stomach growl in need of food. He blushed a bit and couldn’t help but chuckle when Nicholas’ stomach growled loudly as well. “Yeah we need to go eat. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until you mentioned dinner.” Jace took Nicholas’ hand and made their way out of the large art gallery. The night had been completely perfect so for in Jace’s eyes. This was definitely a dream come true and he would never forget this night.

Once the art piece that Jace had purchased was nicely packaged and placed in the back seat of his car Jace drives off to the restaurant that Nicholas had reservations to. Jace didn’t have the exact address of the restaurant since there was more than one in the area that Nicholas was telling him to go to. “Have you eaten as this restaurant or is it a first for you babe?” Jace stopped at a red light and glanced at his boyfriend. “Or is it a place that I’ve been and really liked?” He was just trying to guess what restaurant they were going to.

As he started to drive again he kept thinking about their evening so far. “I’m really enjoying the night. I feel like this is bringing us closer and I’m happy that we’ve gotten closer as the months went by.” Jace smiles softly. “I feel like real couple again if that makes sense. I feel happy and I’m just excited to see what happens between us.”
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 17d 6h 10m 25s
Nick couldn’t help but smile as Jace claimed that he had made Jace’s life complete. “I’m glad I could help,” he replied as he wrapped his arms around Jace to return the hug. It was going to sound cheesy but Jace, hugging him, made Nick’s life complete. He didn’t think he would have ever gotten a second chance at being happy after his royal screw up. Yet here he was, arms wrapped around Jace, who was an overly happy man in an art.

Jace only made Nick happier as he declared his love for Nick. Sure, they had returned to saying their I Love Yous but Nick just couldn’t get enough of them. Every time Jace said those three little words Nick felt amazing and not like a fuck up. “I love you too, Jace,” Nick responded before returning the kiss.

With their fingers laced together Nick let Jace take the lead as he went to other pieces of art. Nick, still, had zero idea what he was looking at besides decent looking art but Jace was happy. After awhile Nick realized that they needed to leave if they wanted to make it to the restaurant. He was also absolutely starving and ready for food.

“Darling, I hate to interrupt you but I think it is time to go. We do have reservations for dinner and I think my stomach is starting to eat itself,” as Nick said that his stomach let out a loud growl. The only bright side of Nick interrupting Jace’s quest of looking at every single piece of art was the fact that Nick was 99.99% certain they had seen every piece. Some of the art works were starting to look very familiar to Nick. Or all of the art was melding together into Nick’s mind causing him to think they had seen these pieces before. But that was what that .01% of uncertainty came from.
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Jace was glad that Nicholas thought the piece was pretty. He wanted his boyfriend to like the piece since it was going into their living room. Even though the large house was in Jace’s name and he had bought it before he had met Nicholas again he still considered it their house. They were a couple now and he wanted to share everything with Nicholas again. Jace smiled as he approached the man about buying the ceramic piece he had picked out.

The two casual talked and even had a few laughs here and there. The man then place a note by the description of the art letting everyone know that this piece is taken. “Once you are ready to leave you can make a payment on the first level by the entrance. We will then back it nicely for you so it won’t break.” The man said and Jace nodded his head. “Thank you. You have a good evening.” Jace said before walking over to Nicholas. He hugged his boyfriend tightly. “You’ve made my life complete. This was on my bucket list.” He told his boyfriend.

Jace wasn’t sure if Nicholas knew just how happy he’s made Jace. “I love you Nick.” He said and kisses him gently before taking his hand and leading him around the large gallery.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 47d 9h 51m 32s
Nick kept a few steps back from Jace as his boyfriend looked at every piece with careful consideration. His attention had drifted towards a bowl with oddly phallic objects carved into them. The immature part of him wanted to snicker and make a joke when Jace called him over. Stuffing the immature thought and giggle to the back of his mind he approached Jace and looked at the piece that Jace had in mind.

To Nick it was simply a beautiful piece. He didn’t have the same appreciation as Jace did with how the colors came out and everything else. To Nick it was pretty.

What Nick did notice was that Jace was asking for his input for a decoration. There was no real reason for Jace to be asking. It was his wallet and his house but the gesture was proving otherwise. It was their house and Nick got an input! That meant the world to him especially since it showed how far their relationship had come.

Smiling at that thought he looked over the piece one last time. He had an idea where Jace would put it and he wasn’t opposed to this art piece gracing their living room at all. “I like it. It is pretty,” Nick softly replied as he turned his attention to Jace. He was sure if he asked Jace could go into the processes used to create such vibrant color. Nick, however, wasn’t going to ask and use that question for when Jace needed a little pick me up.

Looking around he saw one of the few people on this floor. A clipboard in hand as he walked around the room. “I think I see who you need to talk to for your purchases,” Nick added as he got ready to wave the man over, just waiting on Jace’s word to do so.
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Jace was careful as he looked at each ceramic piece that was for sale. He just had to have the right one. Even though he wanted almost everything he saw he held his urge back and limited himself to one or maybe two art pieces. When he got to the ceramic pieces that were shaped like flowers he smiled. They were all so unique and beautiful in their own way. This is why he loved art. Everything was different.

“Nicholas what do you think?” He asked as he stopped in front of a vase with roses coming out of it. It was beautifully designed. The details were dainty and precise. It was clear that the artist took their time and made sure that the piece was perfect before painting and having it heated to give it the vibrant deep colors that they were seeing now.

“This is great. It will look good if the living room. Don’t you think?” Jace smiled at Nicholas wanting his opinion. It was their home, he didn’t consider it just his so he wanted his opinion. Even though Nicholas didn’t know much about ceramic art Jace needed him to be a part of this. They were a couple now after all.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 73d 6h 50m 7s
Nicholas couldn’t help but let a smile cross his lips as he watched Jace. The man had the pure look of joy across his face as his eyes flitted across the various canvases. While art was not Nick’s interest or even his forte he loved it because it got Jace all excited like this. was adorable and caused Nick’s heart stutter a little as Jace turned to him and mentioned that there was so much to see. [i ‘Adorable,’] was the first thought that came to Nick’s mind as he went and followed Jace to the first of the paintings.

While Jace went through the rooms Nick was no more than a few steps behind him. The whole time he was watching Jace, only tearing his eyes away from his boyfriend to look at the pieces that seemed to make him light up. Nick could, honestly, do this all night.

The moment they stepped into the third floor Nick knew he was in for a wild ride. Ceramics. While Nick knew Jace appreciated all kinds of art he did know that his handsome boyfriend had a soft spot for ceramics. He also knew that they were going to be spending a whole lot of time in this room and Nick was okay with that.

Nick’s intuition on what was going to happen next was correct because Jace was soon calling after him. He looked absolutely excited as he informed Nick that they—more like Jace—had to get something from the floor. Standing next to Jace, Nick took the chance to wrap an arm around Jace’s waist and press a kiss to his cheek. “Well then we better start hunting for your new piece,” He replied as he let his arm fall away, freeing Jace to look through the room. When Nick said we he really meant Jace. Jace knew what Jace wanted while Nick could only get in the ballpark so he would let Jace figure out what piece he liked the most.
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Once McKenzie had left them alone Jace could feel his excitement growing again. He was finally free to wonder like a kid in a candy store. He had all these art pieces to look at and in the end he will decide on which one to take home with him. Well...maybe more than one. Jace looked at Nicholas and chuckled. “There’s so much to look at!” Jace began to walk off quickly. The first floor was filled with beautiful water color art. He looked at the paintings carefully, not wanting to miss a thing.

Jace read the information about the artist and paintings last since he wanted to see if he could pin point what the art represented without knowing. Soon he was on his way to the second floor. He passed by other couples and friends who were chatting around different art pieces. Jace didn’t want to chat, he just wanted to get lost in examining all the pieces.

It took quite a bit of time for Jace to make his way to the third floor and that’s where his eyes grew wide in excitement. This was the ceramic art level. This is the type of art he loved. “Nicholas come here!” He waved his boyfriend over to him quickly. “We have to buy something from this floor.” He told his boyfriend. He just knew he would find a piece to fall in love with.
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With ease McKenzie led them through the nearly empty lobby and towards one of the rooms. “You are welcome! I know it can be a pain to get into this gallery,” she cheerfully said as she stopped in one of the rooms. “A few of these pieces are for sale. Red sticker means they have already been sold, blue means it is a part of the silent auction, and green means that the pieces are still available. If there are no stickers, then it isn’t being sold.”

Nick’s eyes roamed the room as McKenzie mentioned the sticker system. On the little plaques, besides the paintings or sculptures, sat the stickers she mentioned. Almost everything in this room had a green sticker with only one of them with a red and a handful with blue. The prices were also neatly printed beneath the name of the artist. Nicholas was, personally, going to have a heart attack after seeing some of the prices. This feeling, however, he kept to himself as he stood next to Jace, a hand finding its spot at the small of his back.

“Also depending on the artist, a portion of the proceeds will be going to charity with the exception of the silent auction pieces. Those proceeds will be going to a nonprofit could Creative Outreach, which tries to help fund art programs in low income schools.” McKenzie had the spiel down pat and was ready to give more information when she noticed that she was being flagged down to talk to someone else. “Well I’ll let you two view in peace. I am being summoned,” She happily said as she made her retreat.

“I’m going to release you to the wild now and let you lead the way to what you want to see.” Nick said this as he dropped his hand from Jace’s back. The art was pretty, but Nick had no knowledge on what he was looking for. Jace, however, knew what he liked. Knowing this Nick didn’t want to chain Jace to him and instead let his art loving boyfriend be free. Nick would trail after Jace like the doting boyfriend his is.
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Jace felt his heart flutter as they kissed. He was so happy that his boyfriend did something do meaningful. When they finally got inside Jace stared at everything that came into sight. The building itself was beautifully crafted. “This is so beautiful...damn I wish I dressed better.” Jace said and looked down at his shoes, to his pants and then he touched his shirt. Jace thought he could of dressed nicer but there was nothing wrong with his designer shoes, slacks and dress shirt. He looked perfect for the event. As they stood in line he squeezes Nicholas’s hand out of excitement. There was just so much to see and so much to talk about.

“I can’t wait to share this with a few of my friends. They’re going to be envious.” Jace chuckled and glanced at his boyfriend. When he heard a loud woman’s voice call out to Nicholas Jace turned his attention to her. All Jace could do was smile as she encouraged them to get out of line. [i He did such a good job. I can’t believe he brought me here. I know this type of stuff isn’t really his thing but I’m glad he’s going to suffer a bit for me to geek out over art.] Jace thought as the woman introduced herself to him.

“Hello McKenzie. It’s nice to meet you. Thank you so much for the tickets. I’ve been wanting to visit this gallery for the longest. It’s been on my list for awhile now.” Jace said and chuckled softly. Once the introductions were finished they began to make it further into the building. Jace began to grow with excitement as he started to see pieces that were a part of the art show. “Are any of the pieces for sale? I would love to take something home with me.”
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 131d 6h 17m 29s
Nick purposely kept silent when Jace asked where they were going. He knew Jace didn’t like surprises when it came to things for him, but Nick was going to make him suffer. Thankfully, Jace let the topic go and moved onto talking about how he was happy they were still going. “I feel like Elliot would take offense at being called a distraction,” Nick jokingly said as he took Jace’s right hand and laced their fingers together. “I’m also glad we are still going out. I think you will really like what I have planned for us.” Nick was so happy Jace agreed to go out. Their date was serving as a distraction from Nick’s impending doom. A fact that he would never tell Jace.

As they stopped Jace began to speak and Nick’s eyes lifted from the directions on his phone to his lover. “Hm?” He asked, not sure if Jace had said anything and he had missed it. When Jace said nothing, Nick shrugged a little to himself and brought their linked hands to his lip to press a soft kiss to it before turning his attention back to the phone. They only had a few minutes left.

When they were about to turn into the parking lot Nick turned off his phone and slid it into his pocket. His attention was fully on Jace, wanting to see his expression once they pulled up. Nicholas had a feeling that Jace would be excited, but he could never be too sure.

If Nick had to put a label on the look Jace had on his face it would have been surprised followed by excited. Nick was personally surprised about the fact that tickets had to be bought in a year in advance; he thought it only needed to be a few months. Nick wasn’t very knowledgeable when it came to art and galleries. The dates he had taken Jace out on when they were in college had been meticulously researched by his father’s staff. The only reason why Nick had even decided to go to this gallery was because McKenzie, the artist, gave him tickets, demanded to meet Jace, and swore he would love it.

She was right.

“Yes, I did get tickets,” He reassuringly said, which set Jace off with excitement. Before Nick could say anything else, like tonight being the first showing of this collection, Jace was out of the car. Nick followed quickly after and found himself wrapped up in a hug and kissed. Nick couldn’t help but wrap an arm around Jace’s waist, pulling him closer, and returning the kiss with just as much love as Jace had shown him. After a few moments Nick pulled away, a small grin on his face, “So I did good?” As he asked his question, he let go of Jace’s waist and took his hand, leading them to the door.

Nick was about to lead them to the line when he heard a voice calling him. Looking around he caught McKenzie who was wildly gesturing for Nick to get his ass over to the front of the line. “That would be my connection, darling,” Nick informed Jace as he changed course to her.

“NICK! You actually came,” She happily said as she pulled Nick into a quick hug before turning all her attention to Jace. “You must be Jace, the man Nick poetically waxes about. I’m McKenzie! I work part time at the humane society with Nick,” She said as she gestured for them to go through the doors with her. No one batted an eye as she expertly led Jace and Nick through the crowd waiting for their tickets to scanned and instead took them straight to the gallery.
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Jace was excited for the date. He enjoyed these moments with Nicholas, it allowed them both to bond with one another without thinking about work or any other things in their life. As he drove he couldn’t help but wonder exactly where they were going. Nicholas was being very secretive and it was driving Jace crazy but Jace wasn’t letting it show. Jace loved surprises but when it came to surprises for him he hated them. He just had to know since he liked to be in control of his life. He knew that Nicholas wasn’t going to plan anything he wouldn’t like though so he kept driving and obediently followed his lover’s directions.

“You’re full of surprises. I want to know where we are going love.” Jace knew Nicholas wouldn’t tell him so he didn’t press the subject. “I’m glad we’re still going. I could use a little one on one time with you without any distractions.” Jace glanced at Nicholas and smiled. Jace really just wanted to get closer to Nicholas. He felt like they were ready for the next step, to finally be intimate with one another again but he knew he couldn’t force it. It had to be something they both were ready for. Jace knew he was but he wasn’t sure if Nicholas was. They had been through so much and it would take more time to completely fix everything. Both needed to heal some more but at least they were healing together.

Jace stopped at a red light and looks at Nicholas. “So...” he said unsure of how to bring the topic up. Before he could figure out what to say the light turned green. Jace cleated his throat and started to drive. [i Never mind...I guess this is a lot harder than I thought. I shouldn’t talk about it. It’s so awkward to talk about it. It will happen on its on. Stop stressing Jace.] He thought and kept driving.

When they finally arrived at their destination Jace tilted his head a bit to make sure he knew the building in front of him. “Nicholas why are we here? You know this place hosts scheduled viewings. You have to buy a ticket like a year in advance.” Jace said since he had tried several times and never got a ticket in time. He had always dreamed of seeing the art that was held in this large beautiful building. Then it dawned on Jace why they were here. “ get tickets?!” He asked and stared hard at Nicholas. “No way!” Jace smiled and got out the car quickly. He went over to Nicholas’s side and when his lover got out he hugged him tightly. “You’re amazing. I’ve been dying to go here!” He kissed Nicholas deeply.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 140d 4h 47m 28s
Nicholas nodded when Jace decided that they should still go out. While a part of Nick wanted to curl up under a pile of blankets and fixate on his imminent demise he also knew that wasn’t a healthy choice. His psychiatrist would have a field day with that choice and Nick really didn’t want to talk about that during his next session so he was going to try his best to be a slightly functioning adult and enjoy their date. “I’ll be right back then,” Nick softly said as he leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to Jace’s cheek.

Nick then forced himself off the couch and to Jace’s (their) bathroom. The master bath was the only room that Nick had fully moved into. All of his toiletries were on his side, at his sink, and he had a shelf in the shower filled with his stuff. A lot of the bathroom was filled with Nick’s stuff from his shampoo to his beard oil. The bathroom held the most evidence of Nick’s return to Jace’s life and bed. As for the bedroom Nick still hadn’t fully moved into Jace’s room. He had half of his clothes in the room and slept in the room most of the times. The only times he didn’t sleep in the room was when he was feeling restless and didn’t want his tossing and turning to wake Jace. Those times were becoming less and less but Nick was still hesitant to move in.

He was hesitant about a lot of things when it came to that next step in their relationship. It had even been a full therapy session a few weeks ago. What Nick was told was he was hesitant to officially move in or get intimate with Jace because he was waiting for the other show to drop; he was waiting for his fantasy to be shattered. According to his doctor Nick just needed to treat the next step like a band aid and rip it off. Nick, however, was never fond with ripping off bandaids and instead slowly peeled them off. This date was just another step in removing the band aid.

These were the thoughts that filtered through Nick’s head as he quickly showered. Even though he was trying to be quick it did take some time to wash his hair and rid it of the smell of dogs. Once Nick was satisfied and felt good he stepped out of the shower, dried off, and used a blow dryer to dry his hair. His hair ended up taking the largest chunk of time out of him getting ready but eventually he was dry with some cologne on and dressed in a simple outfit. He wore a pair of black slacks that sat nicely above the scar on his hip and a light weight blue button down shirt that was, of course, long sleeve. Nick’s arms were a whole other can of worms that got addressed in therapy frequently. While alone with Jace he had gotten accustomed to wearing a short sleeve shirt in public he didn’t like his scars being seen. The scars weren’t even that noticeable at first but Nick still had problems with his arms.

Dressed up for Jace he padded out of the room as he slipped the black belt on. He looked up from his task when Jace commented that he smelled better and stuck his tongue out at the other male. “I’m offended that you don’t like my new natural smell: oud de dog. It’s an all natural and earthy smell and is all the rage,” he jokingly replied as he finished fastening the belt.

“I think you are really going to like what I have planned for you,” Nick added. While art wasn’t his forte he knew Jace loved it and would love this ultra exclusive art gallery filled to the brim with paintings, pottery, and sculptures. The showing had been sold out for months but Nick had an in. His coworker was the artist who only worked at the humane society because she adored dogs. When she found out about Jace’s love for art she demanded to meet him and persuaded Nick to introduce them by giving him two tickets. Which just happened to fall on their date night. Afterwards Nick had plans to feed his boyfriend a delicious meal at a restaurant that was near the gallery. One of the chefs had actually been Nick’s cellmate for the first few months of his stint in jail and anything that man got ahold of tasted a hundred times better.

Nick was ready for this date.

Going to the garage he pulled out his phone and put in the address but kept it on silent. “I don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you the address so your going to suffer through my directions,” Nick told Jace as they slid into the car.
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“Alright love. We’ll do the hotel thing for sure. I’ll pick out something nice for us. It can be a little get away for us as well.” Jace said wanting them to enjoy their time out of town. Why not have a little fun while they’re away? Nicholas should expect Jace to go all out for this, Jace already had a list of things they could do to help build a closer bond.

“I still want to go out. I think we deserve it.” Jace said. They both had been working so hard. It would be nice for them to bond a little bit. Nothing too crazy but something for just the two of them to relax and catch up with one another. “Take your time. I’m ready when you are.” He told his boyfriend as he walked off to go shower. Even though Nicholas still had a lot of his personal items in one of the spare bedrooms he spent every night in Jace’s bed and even used the same bathroom. They were getting back to norma slowly each day.

Jace gets Elliot settled so that he and Nicholas could walk out the door once Nicholas was ready. He made sure Elliot had a little bit of food and a bowl filled with water. “Be a good boy.” He said softly and let’s the puppy’s head. When Nicholas finally appeared Jace smiles. “You smell a lot better.” He teased since he could smell his body wash which he loved. He also loved the shampoo and conditioner Nicholas used on his long hair.
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Nick had honestly forgotten the existence of social media. When social media was becoming ever so important Nicholas never held any interest in it especially with his father in Senate. Anything and everything he posted had to be squeaky clean and if it was about politics it had to be in support of his father’s platform. With these restrictions Nick had never gotten into any form of social media and had honestly forgotten that Jace had been posting photos of them. Which was perfectly fine with the exception of the fact that Jace’s parents were on the platform, and they saw the photos, and now Nick was going to be forced to see the Yoshida’s again when he wasn’t ready to meet their disapproving gaze.

Seconds away from a complete downward spiral came to a screeching halt when he felt Jace’s hand find its way to his. Nick squeezed Jace’s hand as if it was his lifeline as he reorganized his thoughts. As he went through that labor-intensive process, he listened to Jace suggest that they get a hotel. A hotel would be good. It created a neutral setting and if it went bad at least the lingering bad memories wouldn’t be associated with their home.

Before Nick could reply Jace had carried on talking about how he loved him and had no issues standing up for their relationship. Nick’s heart did a weird flip as happiness and love filled him from such simple words followed by a kiss. His free hand found its way to Jace’s cheek and cupped it as he returned the kiss. After a few moments Nick slightly pulled away, bumping their foreheads together, “I love you too,” He softly replied before bestowing upon Jace one last kiss.

Once Nick finally pulled away, he squeezed Jace’s hand. This time it wasn’t because he needed a lifeline but because he was ready, ready to deal with Jace’s family and if he needed to, he would fight to stay with Jace. “Let’s do the hotel thing. Maybe, at a later time, they can come here but this first time we need neutral ground. I also don’t want our home to be tainted with any more bad memories if they don’t approve of us.”

With the decision made Nick stood up from the couch all while keeping ahold of Jace’s hand. “Did you still want to go out tonight? Or would you rather have a movie night here? Either way I need to shower. I smell lie dog.” Nick’s nose scrunched up when he mentioned the smell part.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 171d 54m 44s
Jace knew that everything he and his boyfriend had be working on together could be ruined by meeting his family. They had been doing so well and getting closer but Jace knew that his family could take that away after one meeting if they are against their relationship. “I haven’t really said anything. I mean...they’ve seen my social media. I’ve posted pictures of us and even changed my relationship status to taken. I think they’re assuming that we are back together. It’s a sensitive subject so I think that’s why they haven’t came right out and asked. By visiting they can get their answer without me saying anything but deep down I’m sure they know.” Jace takes Nicholas’s hand.

The last thing Jace wanted was to make Nicholas uncomfortable. This was their home, he figured it would be best to go visit his family and get a hotel room. He didn’t want to bring negative energy to their home. “Why don’t we go to visit them? This was we can get a nice hotel room and wouldn’t have to be with them all the time.” Jace smiles softly. “also...I just want you to know I love you Nicholas. I’m always going to be by your side and I have no problem standing up for you if my family gets a bit crazy. You and I have move way passed that. I don’t want you to feel attack or anything like that.” He squeezes his lover’s hand. “I love you.” He then kisses Nicholas.

If they stayed strong the awkwardness that they might face from his family wouldn’t bother them. He was going to go there happy to be dating Nicholas again and he wasn’t going to let anyone take that feeling from him.
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