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[center [size10 Life was good for a long while for {X}. He and {Y} were in a steady and happy relationship. His family accepted the fact that he was gay and everything was rainbow and unicorns until the accident. One night {X} got in an accident that put him in severe pain. The pain was enough for him to constantly use his painkillers until he eventually was hooked. {Y} tried everything to help {X} but nothing was helping. Eventually {X} got kicked out of his family’s house and was crashing at {Y}’s place when he realized what he was doing. Not wanting to hurt {Y} any longer {X} left not to be seen or heard from for many years. ]]

[center [size10 Several Years later {Y} is happy and successful while {X} is living in the streets. One day they run into each other again and {Y} decides to try to help {X} one last time. Will they get back together again? Will {X} stay drug free? Or did {Y} find a lost cause?]]


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Nick stuck his tongue out at Jace when he laughed about what he had deemed to call his innocence. “Maybe I’m a born again virgin? Saving myself for my future husband,” he jokingly replied as he scooted closer to Jace once he joined Nick on the bed. Nick was definitely not saving himself for marriage but he did want to wait until he was healed and felt that they were in a better place in their relationship. Sure they had been with each other before but this was a new relationship with new variables. Before Nick could take care of himself and live without Jace’s aid. Now he needed Jace or else he would be on the streets again. This was one of the many factors that Nicholas knew was holding him back. That and his hip but that was a minor detail.

Nick was about to snuggle up to Jace when his boyfriend informed him that he failed to tell Elliot that he wasn’t sleeping with them. “Jace!” He whined as he looked over at the man he adored. “You can’t do this to me Jace Yoshida! Elliot is too cute. I can’t tell him no,” he said as he peered over to the other side to see the puppy staring up at him. If Nick could bend over he would have picked up the pup by now but he couldn’t. Which was their only saving grace. Well it was until Jace broke down and called Elliot over and picked him up. “He is such a spoiled pup,” Nick commented as Elliot rushed over to him. Picking him up he sat Elliot on his chest and let him continue his lick attack while gently scratching his ear.

“We are going to create a monster this way,” he jokingly commented looking over at Jace with a big grin. He was okay with the monster they were creating.

Once Elliot calmed down Nick rested a hand over his tiny form. “Tomorrow is my first physical therapy session outside the hospital,” he softly said. Nick was dreading it but he also couldn’t wait to go and start working on his hip. “I also think I have therapy either tomorrow or the following day. I don’t remember to be honest. I honestly can’t think which one will be worst and which one is going to make me more grouchy but I’m sorry in advance if I become a grump. I’m going to try not to be but no promises.” He finished, trying to prepare Jace for the inevitable. Nick was afraid that his grouchiness would scare Jace away or that he would snap at Jace, who was only trying to help.
  GuillotineDreams / 4d 13h 14m 23s
Jace couldn’t help but chuckle at Nicholas’s remark about being like Pooh bear. He looks at his boyfriend. “Hey Pooh Bear is adorable and he’s seems really comfortable.” He teased and sips on his wine. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes when Nicholas mentioned protecting his innocence. “Ha! What innocence? We are way pass that point my love.” He teased and gets into bed with his boyfriend. Just then Elliot stood on his side of the bed staring up at him with his big innocent eyes. He was basically asking Jace to pick him up.

“I didn’t tell him yet...” he said Jace said instantly regretting the decision to say no to him being on the bed. “He’s giving me such a sad puppy dog look right now. Nick you have to tell him know.” Jace took his boyfriend’s hand. Elliot then walks over to Nicholas’s side and sits down. He stares up at his other parental figure with the same sad look. This was a challenge for Jace and Nicholas. They both loved the little puppy and didn’t want to shoo him away.

“Ugh...I think he’s going to be sleeping with us.” He mutters to Nicolas. “Elliot come here.” Jace called and Elliot instantly ran under the bed and to Jace’s side. Jace picks him up and sets him on the bed. Elliot was obviously happy as he moves Nicholas and starts trying to lick his face.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 12d 9h 21m 2s
“Thank you,” Nick replied when Jace said that he would help him. Holding his shorts out of the way he spent a few seconds watching Jace before deciding to circle back to an earlier conversation about little Elliot. “You have to be the one to tell Elliot no. I can’t tell such a cute pup no.” Nick was never able to tell Elliot no especially whenever he looked up at Nick with his big eyes and started to beg. The little guy was just too damn adorable. Nicholas was pretty sure Elliot could get away with murder. Hell he would help the pup bury a body if need be. Elliot had Nick wrapped around his little paws so Jace had to be the stronger of the two.

As the last bandage was placed Nick couldn’t help but be relieved. Jace was gentle but the touch still caused some aching. “Alright, I’ll be waiting for you,” he said as Jace informed him that he was going to go get changed. While Jace did that Nick carefully hobbled to the bathroom and went through his normal routine before shuffling to the bedroom. With a lot of care he backed into the bed and pulled himself up into the comfort of the plush bed. If Nick was going to be honest with himself it was an absolute pain in the ass to get up into the bed. He probably should have waited for Jace to help but Nick could be prideful at the time. Resolving not to whisper a word to Jace about the exertion it had taken he settled himself up against some pillows.

The moment he got comfortable he heard Jace approach and his words caused Nick to laugh. “Are you suggesting I Pooh Bear it? Shirt on but no pants?” He asked as he took the glass of water from Jace. “Thank you for the water and I’m keeping my pants on. Your attempts to tempt me have been thwarted and I shall continue to protect my nonexistent innocence,” he jokingly replied before taking a sip of the water. “Did you break the bad news to Elliot?” He added as he patted the spot next to him for Jace to settle down.
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“The bed it is then.” Jace was a bit excited to sleep in a bed with Nicholas. This would be much comfortable for the both of them and it had been awhile since the last time he shared a bed with Nicholas. All Jace could think about was all the cuddling they would do. “Elliot is going to try his hardest to get up on the bed once he sees us in it.” He chuckles softly and looks at his boyfriend. “I might be selfish and keep him off the bed so I can have you all to myself.”

Of course Jace wanted to spend time with Nicholas without Elliot getting in between the two. When Jace was asked to put the ointment on he nods his head. “It doesn’t gross me out Nicholas. I’m happy to help you.” He has his boyfriend to stand while he gently cleans the wound. He made sure to get it nice and clean without being to harsh. Jace then puts some of the ointment on the stitches and covers it with a few gauzes. He had bandages to help stick the gauzes to his body. “There. That should help a lot.” Jace cleans up the mess he made and then walks to the bedroom door. “I’m going to change.”

Once in his pajamas Jace goes to the kitchen and pours himself some wine and Nicholas some water. “You know you might as well sleep without pants on. It would make it much easier for your stitches.” He said as he entered the room. He smirks at Nicholas knowing he wouldn’t do that.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 17d 13h 42m 59s
Nick contemplated his options for sleeping arrangements. He didn’t want to force Jace to have to help him all the time but at the same time he didn’t think Jace was going to be very comfortable on the couch. The couch was good for a night of snuggling. But two? That may be stretching the comfort level of the couch for sure. The bed gave Jace more room than the couch. Another plus for the bed was that they didn’t have to move far to get to bed. “I’ll sleep in the room,” he replied as he let Jace undo his hair. Nicholas would have probably complained about all the things Jace was doing for him if he wasn’t so darn sleepy. His sleepiness allowed himself to be pampered by his boyfriend instead.

Nick glances up at Jace as he showed up with ointment and a bandage. “You just want to see me naked,” he jokingly said. “Would you put the ointment on for me? I’ll hold the shorts out of the way since I have to protect my modesty from you,”Nick added with a small shit eating grin. The real truth was he really didn’t want to bother trying to pull his shorts back on so the next option was to hold the band down and off to the side so Jace could work. But he also didn’t want Jace to feel like he had to. The oozing, while normal and was part of the healing, was still kind of gross so he couldn’t blame Jace if he said no. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to though darling,” Nick quickly added to give Jace an out if he needed one.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 21d 5h 20m 14s
Jace sits on the edge of the bed as Nicholas began to change into more comfortable clothing. Jace watched him but not because he wanted to see him naked but because he didn’t want him to fall on accident. [i Seeing him naked isn’t bad either.] He thought. Nicholas then told him to close his eyes and Jace rolls his eyes at him. “Oh come on it’s not like I haven’t seen everything.” He chuckles and closes his eyes just to make Nicholas happy. When Nicholas finished changing Jace takes his clothes and hangs them up. He would take them to the cleaners another day.

Having a clean room was something Jace always made sure Nicholas had. He cleaned without thinking sometimes. The question to where to sleep came up and he glanced at the bed. He then glanced at Nicholas. “You know you can cuddle me wherever you want. I don’t mind either one. If your hip is still sensitive then maybe the couch. It’s not as high as the bed but then again you have me to help you in and out of the bed.” Jace smiles. “So pick one babe.” He walks over to Nicholas and takes the pins and hair ties from his hair. “I know how much you like your hair to be free.” He mutters softly.

Jace places the items back in the bathroom before returning with a gauze and bandages. “Why don’t we put some of that ointment the doctor gave you on it and cover it up so nothing is touching it.” Jace knew that it would make it feel better and keep it from oozing.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 21d 5h 58m 6s
Nick smiled when Jace kissed his hand in return. He was happy to just sit here and be with Jace. Closing his eyes he started to doze off for the few minutes and only snapped out of it when the pulled into the garage. It was a short nap but it was needed.

With Jace’s hell he was able to easily get out of the car. Nick couldn’t help but laugh when he noticed how hyperactive Elliot was. He was absolutely adorable. “He is the energizer bunny. He just keeps going and going and going,” Nick stayed as they shuffled into the household after their pup.

When Jace yawned Nick yawned as well and sent Jace a half hearted dirty look. “You created a monster,” he said before yawning again. Following Jace into the room he tiredly leaned against the bed as Jace brought him his pajamas. Nick carefully started to remove the belt and unbutton his shirt when Jace asked him where he wanted to sleep. The bed was much more comfortable but it was also higher and he was worried about getting out of the bed. The couch, while still comfortable, was lower and he was able to get up from it. “Which one would I have better chances of getting to cuddle with you on?” He asked instead of answering. Nick pulled his shirt off and switched to a baggy sleeping shirt. “Close your eyes,” he jokingly said as he carefully removed his pants and boxers before slipping on the basketball shorts. He paused a moment and pulled his shorts away a little to look at the wound. “The scar really looks gross. And it’s oozing,” Nick said with his nose scrunching in distaste. He knew that it wasn’t a thing to be concerned about but it was gross looking.
  GuillotineDreams / 21d 6h 50m 17s
As they started drive Jace was taken aback by Nicholas’s kind words and actions. He felt a small blush form on his cheeks but he couldn’t help but smile and feel happy inside. “I’m just glad you’re happy and you enjoyed yourself.” He kisses Nicholas’s hand and continues to drive home. The ride wasn’t too long but Jace was ready to get changed and lay down. His stomach was full of food and now he was just getting even more tired.

Elliot was up and standing on the back seat when Jace had parked in the garage. The little guy was ready to get out of the car as well. Jace gets out and opens the back door. He helps Elliot out of the car and then focuses on helping Nicholas. Elliot darts into the house once Jace opened the door. “He has stored energy deep within his soul.” Jace said unable to understand where Elliot got all of his energy from.

“He was just sound asleep in the car.” Jace chuckles and then yawns softly. “Let’s get you changed and ready to relax.” He told Nicholas as he walked to Nicholas’s bed room. He didn’t try to help his boyfriend since he knew he wouldn’t let him. They were just going to his bedroom. Jace got out some pajamas for Nicholas so he didn’t have to. “Are you going to sleep on the couch again or do you want to try the bed?”
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 21d 7h 51m 8s
Nick closed his eyes as he snuggled a little bit closer to Jace while his boyfriend rubbed his shoulders. He was extremely happy. Nick had his handsome boyfriend, dogs, and the friends he had made that didn’t judge him for his problem with addiction. There was nothing better.

After a couple more hours Nick was almost as tired as Elliot. He had made his rounds a few time and talked to everyone and pet every single pup he could. Now he was tired. His hip was starting to hurt and he was tired of dealing with people that weren’t Jace. Nick fully appreciated all his new friends but after a few years of being a solitary person so he was tired of them. Looking over at Elliot he couldn’t help but chuckle. “Such a sleepy pup,” he adoringly sated as he looked over at the cuddle pile that was going on. Even his beloved Grace was there, curled around Elliot. They were going to have to adopt all the dogs. The sight of them just melted his heart. Tearing his eyes away from the snuggling dogs he looked over to Jace who was suggesting they leave. He was so glad Jace suggested they leave. “I wouldn’t be opposed to going home. I’m sleepy and I wanted to snuggle with you,” Nick honestly admitted before finally getting up.

After saying bye to the rest of the group he made his way with Jace to the car and carefully slid into the seat and nodded when Jace told him he was going to go get Elliot. When the two returned he smiled over at the two. “Such an adorable pup,” he adoringly said as Jace joined him in the car.

Once Jace started driving Nicholas carefully, but boldly, reached over and took Jace’s hand, lacing their fingers together. “Thank you babe. I appreciate it so much and I really don’t deserve such a gorgeous and caring boyfriend,” he said as he leaned over enough to bring their hands up and kiss Jace’s hand.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 21d 8h 16m 38s
When Nicholas leans his head in Jace’s side Jace smiles softly and rubs his upper back gently. He listened to his boyfriend and the. He chuckles. “I will stay clear of the brownies then. I’m glad you told me. I was going to take one after I finished eating.” He said softly and smiles down at Nicholas. The party was perfect for Nicholas. Everyone had missed him at the shelter and they were so happy that he was ok. Jace just wanted Nicholas to see how many people really care about him and want him around.

As it got late Jace noticed Elliot was cuddled up with a few other dogs sleeping. He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Looks like my boy tired himself out. Good. He won’t be running around the house all crazy and what not.” Jace smiles and looks at Nicholas. “I think it’s about time we head out. I’m getting a bit tired and Elliot is drained.” Jace didn’t want to take Nicholas if he wasn’t ready but he was assuming that his boyfriend was ready to go as well. They had been there for awhile.

Once Jace said goodbye to everyone he helps Nicholas our to the car. He would get Elliot once he got Nicholas settled. He took his walker and placed in the trunk once Nicholas was seated in the passenger seat. “I’m going to get Elliot.” He said softly before going back inside. He picks up his tired puppy and walks back out to the car. “He’s sleepy. He’s going to cuddle with you all night.” Jace said to Nicholas.
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While Jace was away grabbing him something to drink he thought about what Jace said about getting another dog. Elliot was obviously in puppy heaven with all the dogs around him. He had a little smile on his face as he ran around playing with all the other dogs. Nick wanted to get a little bit more on his feet before they got another dog though. He was still living off Jace’s generosity and wanted to be able to support himself first so that he could be more useful with anther dog. These thoughts, however, he kept to himself and sent Jace a large smile when he returned with a plate of snacks for himself and a drink got him.

“Thank you,” He happily said as he took a sip of juice. Nick paused when Jace suggested that he take his pain medication. His hip didn’t hurt as bad as normal and was just a soft throb, but Nick also knew that if he didn’t take it sooner than later that throb was going to turn into searing pain. He didn’t want to hurt at the party either. He wanted to be able to enjoy the party that Jace had planned for him which also meant he needed to take the medication. At least what the doctors gave him was nonaddictive. “Yeah, I’ll take one. I don’t hurt too bad yet but I can see it getting worse sooner than later,” he replied.

After he took his medication another one of Nick’s favorite pups, but not as beloved as Daisy, trotted up to Nick with a ball in his mouth. “Why hello Randle,” he said as he scratched the black lab behind his ears. Shuffling the cup to his other hand he easily took the ball out of the dog’s mouth and tossed it across the room. Randle was instantly sprinting off to grab it. Nick smiled and looked up at Jace. “They are all precious pups,” he happily said before Randle and one of the other volunteers, Alex, approached.

“Hey Nick. I just wanted to say hi before I leave. I have to take my mom to her appointment soon,” The man said.

“How is she doing?” Nick asked, tilting his head to the side in curiosity. Alex’s mom used to groom the dogs for free but when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had to stop coming in. Nick knew it was rough on Alex to see his mom like that, but he was moving on just for her.

“She is doing better. This should be the last round of chemo. She sends her loves and the plate of brownies that are on the table. Sorry I had to leave so early! Hope you get better soon so you can come back. I’m the only one that gets to clean out the kennel since my partner in crime is out,” he said with a large smile and a wink.

Nick laughed softly, “Send her my love as well and thank you for coming,” he said. With that Alex was making his way out. Nick looked up at Jace and leaned his head up against Jace’s side. “That was Alex. His mom, Michelle, use to come in a lot to groom the dogs but was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a sweet lady, but I would strongly advise against the brownies. Knowing her she probably put some pot in them,” He informed Jace happily. Nick only met Michelle a few times and she was a character. Pot brownies were definitely up her alley.
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Jace chuckles softly when Nicholas asked about raising children together. Of course he didn’t mind it at all. The next dog they get will be their baby. “Well yeah. Wouldn’t you love to raise a little puppy with me?” He asked and smiles. Jace places a hand on Nicholas’s shoulder. He leans into him a bit as he waited for his answer. He knew his boyfriend wouldn’t say no to him. “Elliot is dying for a sibling. He has too much energy. Someone needs to make him burn it and I think another puppy would be perfect.”

Elliot ran around the room with all of his balled up energy. He was great with all the other dogs. This really made Jace happy. He wanted his puppy and his boyfriend to be happy. “Yeah we need another puppy for his happy butt.” Jace chuckles. When Nicholas asked for something to drink Jace nods and walks off to where the food and drinks were. He made himself a small plate with snacks on it and grabbed to cups. He poured juice for Nicholas and himself before returning to his lover.

“Here you go babe.” He hands him the cup. “Do you want to take your pain medicine? It’s time and you can have one.” Jace hoped he’d say yes he didn’t want Nicholas I. Pain and they needed to stay on top of the pain so it wouldn’t get any worse.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 28d 1h 34m 28s
Nick listened as Jace told him how he had planned it for a week and the driving factor was his coworkers asking about him. That just made him smile more. It had been forever since he had felt wanted and cared about and while Jace was doing a swell job at making Nick feel important it was nice to have other people care as well. Sitting down in the chair the looked over at Daisy who was staring at him expectantly. “I would agree with your assessment,” he replied after Jace had pointed out that she had missed him.

Patting his good side Daisy instantly jumped up and buried her head into his stomach. “Aw, did my favorite girl miss me? I missed you sweetheart,” he said in a baby voice as he gently scratched her ears. The corgi mix was just a short yellow lab if anything and just barely had made it to Nick’s lap.

Nick looked up from the smiling dog and at Jace when he suggested getting Elliot a friend. A eyebrow arched up and a small grin played on his lips. “Are you asking me to raise children with you?” He jokingly asked. Nicholas was a firm believer that pets were children too. With that mindset taking care of a dog that was both theirs was a huge step. Elliot, while Nick loved the pup and frequently took care of him, was Jace’s dog overall. If they got one together then the dog would be both of theirs. After a few more seconds of thinking Nick had a decision. “I wouldn’t mind it though. Elliot probably would like a sibling.”

Daisy finally got tired of standing on her small back paws and pushed off of Nick and made her way over to the playing dogs. Nick watched her departure for a short moment before perking up when he heard there was food and drinks. Nick wasn’t too hungry but he was absolutely thirsty. “Could you grab a water or a juice if you are heading over there?” He asked.
  .Nicholas. / GuillotineDreams / 31d 6h 35m 9s
Jace had a bright smile on his face when he saw the tears forming in Nicholas’s eyes. He knew he did a good job. He smiled even more when his boyfriend kissed his cheek. “Anything for you.” He said softly and watched as Nicholas talked with his boss. Everything had went smoothly and Jace was just happy to do something nice like this for Nicholas. He had been through so much.

When Jace was given the leash he smiles and walks with a Nicholas. “Hmm for like a week now. Everyone kept asking me how you were doing and told me how much they missed you. I thought it would be great if we had a little party.” He looks down at Daisy. “She really missed you.” He teased. Elliot wanted to go play with all the dogs so Jace let Elliot off his leash to run around with the dogs. Elliot instantly made friends with the other dogs as he played with them.

“I swear he’s going to want to stay here with all the other dogs. I might need to get him a friend.” Jace suggested. “What do you think Nick. Maybe when you get better we can get another one.” Jace smiles at the thought. “There’s food and stuff. Do you want something to snack on babe?” Jace was going to make sure Nicholas had a great time.
  Jace Yoshida / Kita-san / 32d 5h 4m 34s
Jace had chosen the walker which made Nick only more curious on what the other man had planned for today. It was something that he could sit through but also something where they could bring Elliot. Those two things didn’t leave him with much information on what his handsome boyfriend had planned. Nick would just have to wait and see what Jace had planned.

As they began their journey Nick kept his gaze predominantly on Jace, not really wanting to see the road itself. While he loved cars and thought them to be beautiful machines his fear of them were coming back into play. The accident had revived the anxiety and fear that he felt after his first accident but at least he had Jace to distract him. The male’s handsome visage was just enough to distract him from the bubbling fear. When Jace pulled out a blindfold Nick’s eyebrow arched upward and he did everything in his power to hold his tongue from saying something dirty. Taking the blindfold from Jace, he tightly tied it to his head. “You better not walk me into a wall,” he jokingly said.

Soon they were parked and Jace was guiding him out of the car. While Nick trusted Jace he was still a ball of anxiety. He didn’t think walking around without his sight would be too big of an issue but it was. Nick was unsure of every movement he made which made their journey to the entry a slower one.

When they finally made it wherever Jace was leading him to he was more than happy to remove his blindfold. Right as he removed the blindfold everyone yelled surprise. Nick was not expecting any of this at all and he felt tears form in his eyes. “Thank you babe,” he said as he blinked away the forming tears and leaned over his walker, placing a chaste kiss to his cheek.

Gloria came over to Nick, bringing over one of Nick’s favorite pups, Daisy. “She has missed you the most. She even threw a temper tantrum the other day when you didn’t come to play fetch with her,” Gloria said as her greeting.

Nick looked down at the corgi mix and smiled down at her. “I’m sorry baby,” he gently cooed as Daisy started to sniff the walker, paying a lot of attention to what Nick had dubbed “the old man balls” at the tips of the legs. “Thank you for coming,” Nick added.

“You are welcome. When Jace called we were all to happy to participate and help him throw a party. The shelter hasn’t been the same,” Gloria said with a bright smile. “Now go sit down and mingle with others. I’m pretty sure Daisy will want to play as well,” she add before offering up the leash for Jace to take.

Nick smiled from ear to ear as he carefully made it over to a chair that was obviously for him. “How log were you planning this babe?”
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