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[center [size10 Life was good for a long while for {X}. He and {Y} were in a steady and happy relationship. His family accepted the fact that he was gay and everything was rainbow and unicorns until the accident. One night {X} got in an accident that put him in severe pain. The pain was enough for him to constantly use his painkillers until he eventually was hooked. {Y} tried everything to help {X} but nothing was helping. Eventually {X} got kicked out of his family’s house and was crashing at {Y}’s place when he realized what he was doing. Not wanting to hurt {Y} any longer {X} left not to be seen or heard from for many years. ]]

[center [size10 Several Years later {Y} is happy and successful while {X} is living in the streets. One day they run into each other again and {Y} decides to try to help {X} one last time. Will they get back together again? Will {X} stay drug free? Or did {Y} find a lost cause?]]


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Nicholas took a quick shower and cleaned up his beard a little bit before getting dressed. As he was putting on pants he heard Jace yell if he was ready to get his butt kicked when playing games. Nick snorted and rolled his eyes but didn’t respond as he grabbed a plain black shirt. Recently Nick was feeling a little bit more comfortable about showing others his arms. He was still not comfortable looking at them and Jace looking at the scars but he was still trying. He couldn’t let his hatred for himself control himself every single day and he was hoping that by wearing short sleeves he would hate the sight of his arms less. Today, however, he was wearing a short sleeve shirt because it looked really good with one of the light jackets that he picked up a couple weeks ago.

Dress and ready to go Nick made his way into the living room and sat down, waiting on Jace. When Jace walked out dressed and ready to go Nick’s heart did a somersault. He was so damn handsome and was wearing an amazing smelling cologne. Biting his tongue for a moment he avoided saying what he wanted to say and gave himself a few seconds to not say something that would ruin their carefully crafted relationships. He had to remind himself that the relationship ship had sailed long ago.

Once he was able to not say something stupid he sent a smile up at Jace. “How do you feel about losing? I’m going to crush ya,” he lightly replied as he got off the couch. “I got a job today. At the humane society. It’s part time and minimum wage but it’s something to start off with,” Nick happily informed Jace.
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When Jace got the text he smiles to himself. [i He looks so happy. That’s good.] He thought and saves the picture. He didn’t really know why he saved it but he did anyway. As he worked on the last bit of paperwork in his desk James walked into his office. “Why do you keep bothering me?” Jace asked not looking up from his desk. “What a way to welcome the guy you’ve been casually dating for five months.” James responded. Jacep paused and sets his pen down. “We are not dating.” “We date here and there. Don’t deny it.” James chuckles and Jace rolls his eyes. “Whatever. Can I help you?”

Jace didn’t expect James to come by. He didn’t want to be late getting home since he was looking forward to his night out with Nicolas. “Let’s spend the evening together. I have a free weekend. Why don’t you stay at my place?” James bright eyes didn’t leave Jace’s. “Maybe another time? I have plans.” Jace answered as he began to pack up his things. “Seeing someone else?” “Somewhat like that. I mean I’m not your boyfriend or anything. Thank you though for the offer James.” Jace smirks and stands up out of his chair. “Next time we go out I’ll make sure to ask you.” James smirked right back before walking over to Jace and hugging him. Jace wasn’t sure how to respond to the man before.


Somehow Jace managed to leave work only 15 minutes late. [i He was easier to make go away this time around.] Jace thought as he got into his car. By agreeing to what James wanted made things easier in the meantime but now Jace had a brunch date tomorrow that he wasn’t really looking forward to. By the time he got home Jace was bubbling a bit with excitement. He could already hear little Elliot by the garage door. “Elliot!” He said as he opened the door. He picked up the pup.

“Nicolas, ready to get your ass kicked every single game we play?!” He asked as he walked through his home. He sets Elliot down and takes off his shoes. Jace wanted to get ready right then and there, since Nicolas was in his room he does to his bedroom. After a quick shower he changes into a pair of dark blue slim fit jeans with causal button up short sleeved collar shirt. He messed around with his hair, threw on a casual watch, and sprays himself with a soft scent cologne.

Once Jace felt ready he leaves his bedroom hoping Nicolas was out of his room already.
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Nicholas didn’t believe Jace when he said everything was fine but decided not to pry. Instead he nodded, “Okay,” he replied as he finished up eating.

Once the kitchen was clean and Jace headed to bed Nick followed after and padded to his own room.
[center ~]
Nick was being mauled by dogs when he got Jace’s text. Sitting in a pit of pups he wiggled his phone out of his pocket and smiled a little bit. He pressed the pit bull to his side and took a quick pic of the chaos behind him, with a small smile on his face. [i ‘We are doing good. I’m going to leave in twenty once the next volunteer comes in. I’m looking forward to it!’] he replied to the text while attaching the picture of him and the smiling pups. Nick’s hair was pulled into a bun with some hair falling out. His pollo with the company’s logo was a little rumple and there was a dried mud paw print on the bottom of the shirt but Nick looked happy. He really did enjoy working with the dogs and cats who deserved so much better.

After sending the text Nick played tug-o-war with the pit bull until the other volunteer came in. Nicholas went to sign out when one of the workers pulled him to the side. “Hey Nick! Gloria wanted to talk to you real quick. She is in the back office,” Ann said to Nick.

Nick was curious on what Gloria could want but just shrugged. It was probably about the adoption event next month. Nick was helping to organize it since the workers here were so short staffed that they had their on worries so maybe she wanted to ask about that. Walking over to the back room Nick knocked on the door. “You wanted to talk to me Gloria?” He asked the overly stressed woman.

“Nick! Please come in. I had a question for you,” she said gesturing Nick to come into the room filled to the brim with paper. Nick followed her request and stepped into the room. “I was wondering if you would be interested in working part time. Tom recently left and we found ourselves with a spot open. It only pays minimum wage with no benefits but it something. Plus you already spend much of your time here,” she said.

A smile found its way on his face. It wasn’t much money but it was a start and it was something he really loved doing. “I would be amenable to that. When would I start and what times?” He asked.

“You would start next week and you would be on the morning shift so six to ten. Would that work for you? You can fill out the paper work Monday when I have it printed out,” Gloria replied.

“Yes it would. Thank so much!” Nick happily responded. When he left he considered texting Jace but decided to wait to see him. Rushing home he hoped into the shower to get ready for their night out.
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“Yes everything is ok.” He lies and forced a smile. He knew he could t bring up James. He just didn’t want to deal with the awkwardness of it all. The two are their dinner together and had regular causal conversation. “I’m going to turn in a bit early. I have to go to work earlier than normal tomorrow but tomorrow night we will have our fun.” Jace smiles st his ex boyfriend.

As it got late Jace retired to his room after cleaning up the kitchen and telling Nicolas goodnight. Jace sends out a few text messages to James before setting his phone down and going to sleep. ~~~~

The next day Jace couldn’t stop thinking about the phone he was going to have tonight. He longed to go out and just forget the stress of life for one night. [i I think it would be good for Nicolas as well.] He thought and smiles a bit as he signed a few papers. Everyone at work noticed how Jace was in such a good mood.

About an hour before he had to get off of work he sends Nicolas a text. [i “Hey how are you? I’m almost done with work. I hope you’re looking forward to going out. I know I am. I just need to relax.”] He sent and looks out one of the windows in his office. Thoughts of how the night might play out went through Jace's head. He knew it wasn’t a date or anything, he just hoped it would be awkward.
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Nick felt relief when Jace suggested an adult arcade. It also sounded like it would be absolutely fun. He hadn’t done anything even remotely fun since before his addiction. The most fun he had so far while living with Jace was just sitting on the couch watching movies with him. Maybe Jace was right about them needing to get out of the house and do something. With the knowledge that they were going somewhere slightly safer for Nick to be at he was happy. “That sounds like it would be fun. It’s been awhile since I’ve had fun like that,” He replied as he handed over the plate.

Once Jace served himself Nicholas loaded up his own plate with rice and chicken and poured himself a healthy glass of water. With great care and practice he followed after Jace and went into the dinning room. When he was in the room he took a spot across from Jace and sat down. Taking the first bite Nick was pretty happy with the result. He felt like he could have added a little bit more spice but he was happy with the outcome. It seemed like Jace was too because he was soon complementing Nick’s cooking. “I’m glad you like it. I really wanted to try something new,” he said in between bites. Nick wanted to branch out a little bit in his cooking because he liked the distraction and challenge. Plus it gave him opportunities to learn something new and added it to the mental rolodex he kept.

“Everything okay Jace. You seem lost in thought,” Nicholas curiously asked. Nick hoped that whatever was on Jace’s mind wasn’t too serious.
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Jace was more than happy that Nicolas agreed. He was hoping to just enjoy the night as friends together. They both have been stressed out and needed to let loose a bit. “Why don’t we go to the adult arcade place?” He asked. Jace wasn’t stupid. He didn’t want to risk taking Nicolas to a night club or a sketchy bar. [i I can’t have him relapsing.] He thought as he looked at his ex lover. “You like video games and bowling. That would be fun. They have a great bar there and food. It will be great. I promise “ Jace said since it will be a really light atmosphere. It will be easy for them to have fun.

Once Nicolas said the food was ready Jace gets off the counter top and grabs his plate. “Thanks again for making dinner.” Jace felt himself lean a bit over to Nicolas but he caught himself. [i Oh my...I was going to kiss his cheek...dammit Jace! This is not like old times.] He thought and cleared his throat a bit before making his plate. [i I should lay off the wine.] He looked at his glass knowing he just couldn’t waste it. He finishes it quickly. “No more for the night.” He mutters and gets himself a cup of water to drink with his dinner.

Soon the tow were seated and eating. “Mm I think it came out great. Another success you can add to your book of recipes.” He teased a bit. As he ate Jace couldn’t help but think about James when he came to his office. It was a nice surprise but of course James was always wanting more from Jace. Jace just couldn’t commit the way James wanted him to. [i Is it because of Nicolas?] he glanced at his ex and then down at his food. [i Maybe...] Jace shakes his head clearing all thoughts of James.
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Nick rested his hands on his hips as he looked over the skillet. “It should be done soon and then the rice will be done a couple minutes later,” Nick informed Jace as the man went to change.

While Jace was getting changed Nick finished cooking the chicken and turned off the stove. He already tasted a piece of it to make sure it was well seasoned and he was. Happy with his creation he went to cleaning up the dishes when Jace walked back into the kitchen.

A dark brown eyebrow arched up at the idea of a night on the town. Nicholas was slightly hesitant to say yes because he feared the lack of inhibition he would have if he drank. He didn’t know what he would do while drunk. The worst option was he gave in and started to shooting up again. Heroin was, in his opinion, easy to come by but then again he knew where to go to get it. The not really bad but kinda bad option would be he admits to Jace how he feels about the man that he never stopped loving. That would be no good because he didn’t want Jace to be stuck with him. Jace deserved someone better who didn’t leave because being high was easier. These thoughts and feelings didn’t come out though. With how cute Jace was being there was only one answer that Nick could give. “Okay, I’m down to go tomorrow,” he replied after a moment.

“Is there anywhere specific you want to go?” He curiously asked Jace. Nick was really hoping for karaoke over a club. There were too many people at clubs and too many potentials for drugs but if Jace wanted to go then Nick would go for him. The alarm went off and Nick dried his hands before turning the alarm off and checking on the rice. It was good to go. “Dinner is ready by the way,” he said as he went and grabbed two plates to serve dinner.
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Jace frowned a bit when Nicolas explained why he enjoyed cooking. [i That’s kind of sad but I mean if it helps him then I guess I shouldn’t feel sorry.] He thought and looks at the food. “Well the food smells good and looks great so I bet it will taste just as good.” Jace smiles. “I’m going to change and get relaxed.” He said as he makes his way over to his wine holder. He pulls out a glass and pours himself a drink before retreating to his bedroom.

It didn’t take long for him to change into something more comfortable. He wanted to leave work behind for the rest of the day so getting out of his dress clothes was crucial. Soon he felt a bit more free than before, Jace ran his hands through his hair several times to mess it up. “Much better.” He mutters and sips on his wine as he walks back out to the kitchen. “You know what we need? A night out in the city.” Jace said knowing it might help Nicolas feel normal and to forget about his troubles for a night. “I haven’t been out to a bar or out to karaoke or anything like that in years. We should definitely do something tomorrow night.”

Jace pours himself another glass after finishing the first one before sitting on the kitchen counter. He had some childlike ways about him that never seemed to change. “What do you say? Just one night of fun. I can use it and I’m sure you can as well Nicolas.” He smiles softly trying to get his ex boyfriend to agree to go with him.
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Jace was always so darn optimistic about the jobs and Nick really wished he could take some of that energy and use it himself. “Thanks Jace,” he quietly replied in response to the optimism. It wasn’t too helpful but at least Nick knew that Jace believed in him.

Pushing off the building he turned to the door and listened to Jace day that he had already eaten. “Okay, have a good day and I’ll see you at home,” Nick said before hanging up and going into the shop.

[center ~]

On the ride back Nick had looked up some recipes before deciding on a Cajun Chicken and rice dish. He would need to go to the store to grab the seasoning and some bell peppers but he figured he would do that and take Elliot on a walk in one go since the shop wasn’t too far from the house.

Once home he slipped a little sweater that he had bought as a joke but thought Elliot was cute in it on the pup and took him on a grand adventure. It took longer than normal to get to the store but by the end the dog was well exercised and Nick had taken his mind off of his issues.

When they returned home Nick’s mind was completely off his failed interview and onto cooking dinner. He was in his own little world when he heard a car pull up and Elliot running out of the kitchen. A small smile found its way on his lips as he finished cutting the bell peppers. “Welcome back,” Nick said as Jace padded into the kitchen with Elliot in tow. Carrying the bell peppers to the cooking moisture he tossed them in before turning to Jace. “I’m glad it smells good. This is a new recipe so I don’t know how it will go,” he nervously admitted. So far the things he made he knew how to make by heart so he somewhat felt out of his element with a new recipe.

A small smile twitched on his lips when Jace said he didn’t have to cook everyday. “As much as I love takeout I don’t think I could eat it daily. Plus cooking is calming. It lets me forget my fuck ups because I’m busy thinking about the meal,” he honestly replied before going back to the skillet and flipping the chicken. “How did work go?”
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Jace could tell by the tone of Nicolas’s voice that he wasn’t so confident about getting the job. He sighs softly but not loud enough for his ex boyfriend to hear him. Jace just wanted something good to happen to Nicolas but things were definitely going again the man at the moment. “It’s ok. Let’s just wait to see what happens. Who knows they might hire you. You gotta stay positive though. No negative thinking. You know I don’t mind helping out.” Jace was trying to stay positive for his ex boyfriend since he didn’t want anything to make him relapse.

Relapsing would be the worst thing to happen st the moment. There was no way Jace could stand to be around Nicolas while he was using again. He could honestly say it was the worst time of his life. Nothing out beats those argumentative nights. It was just arguing though, the house would get trashed from throwing things out of anger. Nicolas would thrash around the house drugged up to a point of not being able to control himself. There were several times where Jace would have to physically help Nicolas to bed, out the shower, or to his bedroom because Nicolas couldn’t do it himself. Things from the house would go missing because Nicolas would sell them for money for drugs. It was hell for Jace.

“I ate already. Thank you though. Just get some food and go home to relax.” He said softly. “I’ll talk to you later.” When they got off the phone Jace sits at his desk and nervously looks at the food in front of him. [i I can’t go through that again. I won’t...I really hope he stays strong.] He thought as more past bad memories filled his head. James clears his throat which snaps Jace out of his thoughts. “Sorry.” He mutters and finishes up his food.

When work was over Jace rushes off to his car since it was starting to rain again. He was looking forward to going home and having some wine. He had a bit of a stressful and busy day but it was productive which wasn’t all too bad. As he pulled into his garage he takes off his seatbelt. Elliott was already running around the living room since he could smell Jace. Once he opened the door the little puppy darts towards him. With a smile Jace picks up Elliott. “You missed me? I hope you’ve been good for Nicolas.” Jace walks into the kitchen where he noticed Nicolas was cooking dinner. “It smells good in here. Thanks for cooking. You know you don’t always have to.” Jace smiles a bit and walks over to him after placing Elliott down.
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Nicholas let out a soft sigh when Jace asked how the interview went. Nick knew why Jace would be calling him but he still wanted to pretend hadn’t been about a job. Pulling his hair down from its pony tail he ran a hand through it while contemplating the best response. “It... it didn’t go too well. The owner ripped me to shreds and seemed to be unhappy with any of my answers. He said that they would call me back at the end of the week but I really don’t think I got the job,” he sadly replied. Nicholas really hated how long it was taking him to find a job and he was rapidly losing hope. He knew that his felony would make jobs a little bit harder to find but he had hoped having a place to live would make it easier for him. While homeless everyone’s complaint was that he wasn’t stable enough to hire but now he had a home. He had hoped someone would say yes. “I have another interview later this week,” he added. The next interview was as a janitor for a business but Nicholas doubted he would get that one as well.

For a few seconds Nicholas fell silent as he tried to calm himself from his own darkening thoughts. When he was about to break the silence he heard some muffled conversation. He cocked his head out of curiosity as he only picked out a few words. “Everything going well at work?” Nicholas asked. It was probably just an employee wanting to talk to their boss real quick. Jace returned to the phone call a few seconds later to apologize. “No worries,” he replied.

Nicholas pushed off the store front wall. “I’m about to grab a sandwich since I haven’t eaten yet. Did you want anything or have you already eaten?” He asked. Nick could figure out where Jace worked with ease and wasn’t opposed to bringing him food if he needed it. If not Nick would probably eat his sandwich and then go home to clean and prep dinner. He wasn’t too sure what he was going to make fore dinner but he would figure it out once he got home.
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“Hey Nicolas. How did your interview go?” Jace asked. He made sure to ask calmly, he noticed if he was too excited about it and Nicolas didn’t get the job Nicolas got a bit sad. Jace took it as Nicolas felt like he was disappointing him or something. [i It’s ok if he didn’t get the job. As long as he’s trying and staying away from drugs he’s ok.] Jace thought as he waited patiently for Nicolas to answer him. He just assumed that since he didn’t get a phone call right away that maybe Nicolas didn’t get He job.

James tilted his head a hot as he watched Jace. He could see a bit of concern written on Jace’s face. [i I wonder who he could be worrying about.] James thought as he kept his eyes on Jace. Of course the male was curious about this Nicolas guy. Jace seemed to be a very private person and no one knew much about his life before taking over the company. Everyone didn’t dare to question their boss about anything that they knew Jace wouldn’t give answers to.

“Jace. Why don’t you finish up your food. You can make phone calls later.” James said and walks over to Jace. “No no. I will finish eating after this call.” Jace said and turns around to James standing close to him. A faint blush tried to cover his cheeks but he did his best to keep it away. “Go sit down.” He whispered as he covered his cell phone a bit. He didn’t know why he was trying to hide what was going on from Nicolas. Nothing was going on anyway and if so he was free to do anything with whoever he wanted to do it with.

James smirks and places his hands on the glass window behind Jace, blocking Jace from going anywhere. The space between them closed as James takes another step forward. “K-Knock it off. I’m at work...” Jace looks at James and narrows his eyes. He hated when James tried to play around with him. [i I swear this is why I don’t invite him to my office.] He thought as he gives James a peck in the lips. Satisfied James removes his arms and Jace moves away from him so he can continue to talk to Nicolas. “Sorry about that.” He mutters to his ex boyfriend.
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[i ‘Busses are perfectly fine and reliable +/- 20 minutes. It’s fine. You can really stop ordering car service for me. If I need it then I’ll tell you but I’m fine. Thank you though! And have a good day at work.’] Nick replied the moment he got the message. He really didn’t want Jace spending extra money on stuff like car service. Nick was perfectly content with busses and the only way he could see himself okay using one was if he had to go somewhere or come home after the busses stopped at eleven.

Stepping on the bus he slid his phone in his pocket and found a spot. His head was still pounding but he would get over it to do this interview. The newest place that he was trying to get a job at was nights at a hotel. They had two positions, front desk and cleaning, and he really could careless on which one he got. A job was a job.

[center ~]

Nick was low key shaking once he left the interview. He felt mentally eviscerated and drained from it. The hotel was a rather classy hotel and the owner had exacting standards. Originally Nick thought that someone else was going to interview him but in walked the owner. From what the man said the original interviewer had the flu and couldn’t come in. That was fine until he asked about everything from his drug history and felony to what he did as a small child. It was the weirdest interview ever and the only thing that was keeping him from drowning in the onslaught was the countless years of dealing with his father’s co workers and friends.

Now all Nick wanted to do was go sleep and pretend that the interview never occurred and that his head wasn’t pounding. As he made his way to the bus stop his stomach growled and he aborted his mission. It was when he stopped in-front of a small sandwich shop when his phone rang. The only person who had his number besides the jobs he applied to was Jace. Pulling the phone he glanced at the caller and it was, of course Jace. “Hey Jace,” he replied. “How are you?” Nick added as he leaned against the building.
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Jace had checked his phone to see if Nicolas has taken the car ride he had scheduled. He sends Nicolas a text since he had gotten the man a phone. “You don’t have to refuse taking the car rides. The bus is not reliable. I pay for He car rides. It’s ok Nicolas.” He sent and then sighs. Nicolas refused to take the rides he sets up for him for some reason. [i As long as he gets to his interview I suppose...] He thought wondering if he should help Nicolas get a car once he gets a job. It would be better if he had his own transportation.

The day was filled with work, work and more work. Jace was making phones, working on the computer, developing software. He was working nonstop today. He had a big meeting company to sign another contract with another large company. He needed to make sure to send the right employee to sell his product. Jace hater pitching his work, he felt like he was selling himself and that wasn’t something he enjoyed doing since he felt a bit shy. Now he was making enough money to send his own employees to do the job. He had quite enough of them who wanted hat position.

As he worked a tall man came into his office dressed nicely and with bags of food. “Hey.” The man said and smiles. “James, what are you doing here?” He asked wondering why his every now and then dinner partner was here. Just another person he has failed to commit to but used when he felt like it. “Your secretary said you haven’t eaten so I thought I’d come by and bring you lunch since I’m a bit free at the moment.” “That’s ok James. I’m ok.” Jace didn’t think this was a good idea. James didn’t know that Jace had his ex living with him. “I brought sushi.” James knew Jace wouldn’t turn down such an offer. With a small pout Jace crosses his arms. “Fine...damn you.” He teased as James sits down at the same desk as Jace.

The two talked and enjoyed the food for a whole hour. Jace felt like he could just have a simple yet normal time with James and it made him happy. “Oh I gotta make a phone call.” Jace stands up and walks to the far side of his office to call Nicolas. He wanted to know how his interview went. “Please pick up.” He mutters.
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Nicholas turned his head and looked over at Jace, who happened to only be wearing a fowl and was dripping wet, standing before him. The man looked absolutely gorgeous and Nick couldn’t even enjoy Jace’s appearance because his head was hurting too much. “Morning,” he softly grumbled. He was trying to get the will to get up and make himself a cup of coffee now that it was over. The worse part of this headache, besides not being able to appreciate the lean figure of his ex, was that he had an interview at noon. If fate was kind to him he wouldn’t have a head ache by then but with his luck he would. This would be what felt like his hundredth interview. It had been a couple weeks of trying to find a job and every time he had been turned away. Nicholas was getting so frustrated and antsy that there were a few times that he considered just drinking or taking a few drugs to take the edge off. When that thought came to his mind he found something else to do. Between his job searches he started volunteering at a homeless shelter and a dog shelter. It kept Nick from sitting around being depressed and definitely kept him from heroin.

“It’s fine,” he added as Jace apologized for his appearance. Nick sighed when Jace suggested that he find something stronger for his headaches. “Ibuprofen is the safest option though. Being an ex addict sucks,” he grumbled some more. He had looked into medication that wouldn’t cause his to relapse and Ibuprofen was a safe one. He wasn’t too sure about Excedrin and other similar medication but he was still reluctant.

Once Jace left Nick finally convinced himself to get out and made his way to the kitchen. Pouring himself a cup of coffee and a splash of cream he went to the living room and turned the news on. His nose scrunched up a little bit as he saw his father on the news for a speech about prison reform. Nick knew he shouldn’t be surprised that he saw his father on the news frequently. He was one of the states senators but he still couldn’t help but dislike it because he harbored some less than stellar feelings for the man. Muting his father’s very familiar voice he sipped away at his coffee while reading the headlines when Jace came back. “Have a nice day at work Jace and thank you,” he called out before going back to his coffee.

For another hour Nick sat there. His head still hurt when he finally got up but it wasn’t as bad as before. Going to his room he popped two ibuprofens and got ready for his interview. When he was ready he took Elliot out real quick before putting him back and began his journey to the nearest bus stop. Hopefully this interview would go over well.
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