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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Viloanic turned towards the monotone voice, feeling the hands around the shackles on his wrists, fixing to slap the hell out of whoever was there. But he paused, seeing that it was Seiphus or so he thought it was the potion maker. He smiled with glee, tears still going down his cheeks.

[#2fd679 "Please free me, please! Before my parents barge in here!" ] He whimpered, hearing the thumping and heavy footsteps getting closer and closer to his door, his teal eyes staring up into the other creature's eyes. He then noticed his eyes and he frowned. [#2fd679 "Y-You aren't Seiphus..." ] He whimpered, still standing still.

He began to actually panic now, his eyes flickering towards the creature to the door again. He knew his parents would defeat both of them, he had no weapons or magic but he didn't know about his minion or whatever. But still, two over one?

That wasn't going to work out more than likely.
  Thoth- / 241d 6h 24m 10s
[size14 [font "Minion Pro" [i Where am I...]
[b It cannot be explained. Not easily.]
[i What.. what am I?]
[b A creature. Designed to be mortal.. though you are more than that.]
[i How..]
[b You've been summoned. Birthed by man and monster.]
[i Why..]
[b To protect him. To love him. All for him.]
[i Who...?]

[center [size18 [b [i Open your eyes.]]]]

The creature opened its eyes for the first time. Felt its heart beating in its chest for the first time. It's blood flowing through its veins, so clear and constant, he could hear it all.

He understood now, that he was a man, and was beginning to understand much more as well. He had purpose, he was created, he was nothing but now he was [i something]. The sounds of chains and growling roused him further. Something was wrong, he could feel a boiling fire in his chest and a thumping in his head. With his brows furrowed down, he rose for the first time. His bare feet stumbling out from the shadows, his arms extending and pulling.

The chains were an issue, he could not bare to hear them anymore. Could not explain his hatred for them. He stepped out from the darkness to face [i Him].

Vil.. Viloanic. Master. Creator. He needed to release his master, he realized. The chains were hurting the creatures brand new skin.

[center -]

Before Viloanic stood Seiphus.

However.. it was not Seiphus. Surely at first glance one could easily spot all the major identifying features of Seiphus the Potion Maker. The vibrant purple hair, the wide lips, the 6'5 stature he currently stood at. However, after a good look, many things had changed.

The creature looked the way that Seiphus might look, if Seiphus had not been an immortal monster. This human example of Seiphus had freckles under his eyes and around his nose, a complexion that was clearly subject to change much unlike an immortal monsters would. His eye's carried bags that surely would leave with a little rest. However the most shocking feature on this creatures face was his eyes.

They were a vibrant shade of pure Teal.

The creature crouched down before Vil, gripping the binds on his wrists so tight that the metal began to squeak and fold. [b [#492A9D "You are hurting.. may I set you free?"]] His voice sounded just the way Seiphus had, only much more monotone and a little gravely, as if he had used it for the first time today.

[center [pic]]
  SEIPHUS / Glows / 241d 20h 29m 54s
[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Viloanic looked up silently at Seiphus and watched him begin to fade away, his eyes watering with his tears. [#2fd679 "N-No please don't leave-" ] He whimpered, trying to place his head against Seiphus's chest again just to feel nothing and the sorrow of it was like a stab in the chest.

He fell to his knees, sobs coming from his body as he put his hand over his mouth. Good thing it was midnight or else his parents were bust into his room and torture him. He cried himself to sleep eventually, laying on his side on the floor. His dreams were worse too, the sight of Seiphus disappearing over and over again from his grip played over and over.


Viloanic's eyes flew open and he sat up from the center of his floor, looking around his room. Surely it had been a few hours and his minion brother would be here. And he was now very set on doing the ritual again and finding a loophole around it. He usually was good at that-

He would rather become a demon and float around the dead space with Seiphus than be here in real life. Maybe because Seiphus was the only decent human/thing he's ever met, making him really attached to him. He just wanted to see him again and he really didn't care about having a brother anymore but at least it was something.

And something was better than nothing wasn't it?

Viloanic slowly stood up, staring at his locked wooden door and he growled, his sorrow turning into a rage inside of his small body. Instead of screaming and slamming against the door, he wiped around the chains and metal sheets he was shackled to and slammed them against his brick walls, grunting wildly.

Not only did the darkness of his room boost his rage, it tipped him to the edge mentally. He wasn't even aware of the bloody scratches the chains were making against his skin when they came back towards him. Eventually, he just stood there as he heard the pounding footsteps coming towards his room and he just stood there against the wall, blood coming from small lacerations on his cheeks and arms.
  Thoth- / 242d 2h 9m 32s
[center [pic]]

[size14 [font "Minion Pro" Seiphus watched with little amusement, Shackles dragging against the floor never reverberated with so much joy. Vil seemed overflowing with joy, so much so that it bustled out of him with glimmering eyes and a defined smile. He checked his wrist again, the tattoo unmoving seemed to take his attention fully. Until he felt the boy rush into him, hands around his torso and face pressed to his chest. The impact left a collection of white speckled stars from his jacket dancing around them both.

[center [size15 [i "Take me with you."]]]

Seiphus breathed in deeply through his nose, exhaling in a burst of non-verbal melancholy. The room seemed brighter somehow, the dark corners trickling with a growing purple light. He began to realize what was happening, and knew his time here would soon be over.

Carefully, the monster placed a hand on the back of Viloanic's head. His long, pale fingers tangling with the teal locks of hair. [b "I'll admit it's been unexpectedly entertaining, the short time I've been here with you."] Take him? To bring a mortal to the dead space was in all conceivable forms of the word, criminal. It would be considered murder- No, worse than murder. His body and soul would never leave that space. Eventually, he would go mad searching for a way out.

Seiphus looked down to the boy, his hands automatically brushing through his teal hair, if only slightly. [b "If you need me again, you'll have to complete the ritual all over again. As for taking you with me.."] Just as it came, his figure seemed to fade from the fingers, gradually up his body. [b "I could ne[#505050 ver hav][#6C6C6C e a potio][#A9A9A9 n to gra][#C1C1C1 nt you that.."]]

And just like that, he was gone. Nothing but the empty glass bottle rolling slightly against the hard wood floor.
  SEIPHUS / Glows / 242d 2h 33m 31s
[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Viloanic seemed to only 'wake' up from his lust when they finished, groaning from the ground as he slowly slipped back up his torn and filthy jeans to cover his waist and everything under that. He stared up at the single lightbulb above his head, his brain still thinking a bit slower than normal but that was more than likely a side effect of the feel-good potion.

It took him a moment to even hear Seiphus's apologizes as he noticed that he was [b laying ] on the floor. He then saw Seiphus's hand and the potion in front of him and he took it, barely uncorking it and drinking it. His foot twitched a bit before he subconsciously stood up before noticing that he was standing in the middle of the room.

He laughed out of the feeling of being freed from his shackles although they were still attached to his wrists. At least they weren't bolted to the wall anymore. He touched his face as the metal plates and bolts at the other end of the shackles and chains dragging across the floor loudly. He listened to Seiphus explain to him that he would pretty much have a brother when he woke up.

And when Seiphus stood up straight, Viloanic came forwards and hugged Seiphus, his own way of saying thanks without the words leaving his mouth. He had become so attached to Seiphus in the mere thirty minutes that they had been together that he was literally gonna cry. [#2fd679 "Take me with you." ] He said quickly while still hugging Seiphus, not even remembering that Seiphus was a demon and he was not.
  Thoth- / 244d 1h 9m 57s
[center [pic]]

[size14 [font "Minion Pro" The monsters eye color began to bleed out, covering the whites and engulfing his eyeballs completely in a glowing, deep pink. The spell was designed to feed the soul to Seiphus, which is why he reeled his head back and pushed his tongue out from between his own lips. An indescribably beautiful orb sat on his tongue, glowing a clean, vibrant white with traces - almost speckles of Teal dancing inside. Seiphus pressed the tip of his tongue to the vial, letting the fragmented soul slip inside without him touching it. He pressed the cork back into the top of the small bottle and placed it on the floor some space away from him. [b "Alright, that will be ready soon-"] He was cut off by the sudden consent offered by Vil. He appeared so lost in the euphoria of goodness that he hadn't even been clear on when Seiphus had stopped or started speaking.

It was a little conflicting, Vil's weak body clearly took the effects in much faster and more prominent than it would on a healthy mortal. He scratched his head, contemplating on whether or not he should proceed.

However, Seiphus stated the sex must be done to complete the potion fully.. He chose this method, he knew what he was getting into; And if he changed his mind now, Vil would be stuck in this state until some other monster came around and fucked him instead. [b "Maybe I should have explained the full effects before giving you it.. I didn't expect it to hit you this quickly and I apologize for that."] He began nodding as if he had made up his mind.

Licking his lips, Seiphus began to undo his belt. Leaning into the thin frame of Viloanic, Seiphus purred into the mortals ear. [b [i "I'll be gentle.."]] he assured, his lips moving down Vil's neck.

[center [pic]]
[center [pic]]

With the deed done, Seiphus fixed his pants and belt, panting slightly as he went to locate the brewing potion. Now completed, the potions bottle had grown significantly in size. It was now roughly the size of his palm and glowing a faded light blue. [b "Alright-"] He breathed out, offering the potion to Viloanic.

Vil was no longer bound to the wall; The chains still held around his wrists however they sprawled across the floor, having been ripped from the wall by Seiphus during their [i act]. He had apologized profusely, and defended that he had done it entirely by accident. Though it didn't appear he was apologizing to Vil, but to some unknown entity that surely heard him. Either way, it had been done. [b "Drink that now, you have about.. like five minutes after the monster sex to drink the entire potion."] He shrugged, sitting against the same wall Vil had previously been bound to. [b "I'm honestly not very sure about the effects, could be anything but you'll live. Your blood-oath should spawn within five hours after taking the potion.. Probably won't be a long wait since you'll crash after that feel good elixir wears off."]

Nodding, Seiphus looked around the depressing room and stood up. Checking his forearm one more time. [b "I think that's it. I probably gotta go now.. I should get ripped from this existence at any moment. [i Fun.."]] he muttered.
  The Realm / Glows / 244d 5h 19m 37s
[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Viloanic felt Seiphus looking over him and he kinda looked down at his blood pool underneath him, feeling awkward. When Seiphus started to talk, he only lifted his head up enough to hear what he was saying without having to strain his ears. He then looked down at the sight of Seiphus putting the sleeve of his jacket to the puddle of his blood, soaking up the teal.

He was starting to feel really weird as he stared at the jacket until Seiphus grabbed his chin, his darker teal eyes staring into those reddish-pinkish eyes. And when Seiphus told him that he wasn't supposed to, he let out a weak whimper before speaking. [#2fd679 "S-Sorry..." ] He said quietly, his eyes just staring into his.

Eventually, his head lowered a bit as Seiphus took his hand away from his chin, watching as Seiphus summoned a drawer and him pulling the pinkish-reddish potion out. Viloanic even got excited when he heard that the potion would heal and help him, his whole head straightened as if he was eager to drink the damn thing.

Viloanic drank eagerly as he felt the bottle reach his lips, easily downing the thing before he heard the other part-. He froze as he swallowed and he regretted drinking the potion instantly because of it. If he had heard of that earlier, he would've refused to drink it but alas, it was too late.

He then stared at the piece of paper in front of him and that's when the potion truly hit him, his eyes opening a bit more instead of being droopy. His eyes were actually really round and childish when they were open all the way and on top of that, his wounds all over his arms had simply closed shut.

At this point, he almost felt high because of the good feeling that went through his body, healing everything including a lot of his old wounds. He then looked up at Seiphus with the rarest smile, showing off slightly yellow teeth. He didn't care about what percent of his soul he gave away anymore because this happiness was like heaven to him.

[#2fd679 "Saela Sae, Seiphus Magnus, five percent from my chest to your vial." ]

Viloanic said as his childish eyes bore into Seiphus's eyes. They were slightly clouded over in lust because that's when the lustful feeling hit him. His mind was almost like wiped blank because of it too, he barely heard half of what Seiphus had said but he did at least tried to yank at the chains around his wrist.

They groaned just for a little bit but didn't move anymore, making Viloanic stop struggling. And when he actually listened to Seiphus, Seiphus was talking about consent and Viloanic just nodded, his lustful mind not even making him care anymore. [#2fd679 "I give you consent~" ] He said without thinking.

Poor Seiphus-
  Thoth- / 244d 6h 38m 15s
[center [pic]]

[size14 [font "Minion Pro" Seiphus nodded idly, observing Vil a little closer than he had before. [b "Technically, I'm not supposed to help you but I'd consider these next few actions for my own benefit and not yours..] Seiphus pressed the sleeve of his jacket to the floor where the pool of blood lay. The teal liquid started to gather at the sleeve, soaking into it with swift, dragging movements.

With a firm grip, he grabbed Vil's chin and pushed it upward, forcing the boy to look him in the eyes. His tongue brushed over his own teeth, brows pressed slightly upwards in a matter-of-fact expression. [b "I said don't look at the jacket for too long, didn't I?"] It was hard not to watch an item of clothing drink blood, Seiphus understood that much; But it was dangerous.

[b "Alright.."] he muttered, pulling his sleeve up to check the red ink tattoo on his forearm in such a fashion that one might check the time on their wrist watch. Then, he licked his thumb and reached out towards the empty space next to him.

Then, a drawer handle was suddenly pressed between his thumb and the length of his index finger. He pulled, and more of the drawer faded into existence. Licking his free thumb, Seiphus then reached into the drawer and pulled out a dazzling pink elixir, about the size and width of the very thumb he used to conjure it. [b "Wonderful."] he muttered, pleased at how simply it worked this time.

When Seiphus pushed the drawer shut, it completely disappeared. No fading or gradual disappearance. It simply no longer existed. [b "This,"] he began, holding the tiny elixir up to his own face. The shimmering color of pink seemed to match his eye color well if not identically. [b "is going to make you feel much better. You'll feel a burst of energy, and any lingering pain on that fragile body of yours will no longer be felt."] He popped the tiny cork and offered it to the boys lips, since he was bound and couldn't drink it on his own. By the time the liquid was nearly vanished down the boys throat, he finally added: [b "It also makes you [i extremely] lustful. Considering your situation I know sex is a difficult thing to arouse yourself over, this elixir is a general feel-good type effect so it will help you through the process."]

With the now empty vial, he plucked one of Viloanic's Teal hairs and tucked it inside. [b "Now, for the potion. It will take a few minutes for that elixir to kick in anyway- I need your hair,"] he lifted the vial, which already contained a strand. [b "your blood,"] he pinched the corner of his jacket, and droplets of Teal spilled inside the vial, filling it nearly halfway. [b "and a small [i itsy bitsy piece of your soul] which you can give me when you repeat this sentence three times while looking me in the eyes."] He offered a slip of paper to Vil, looking proud as he did so.

[size13 Note: paper reads [i Saela Sae, Seiphus Magnus, fifty percent from my chest to your vial]]

[size14 [b "Oh not fifty though, that's way too much uh- Just, just say like five percent instead of fifty. Thennnn, with that the ritual should be done and I'll have what I need to make your blood-oath potion."] He paused, looking a bit restless as he he leaned back to his casual position on the floor. [b "Like I said.. I can't really help you other than giving you the potion? Even that elixir is barely keeping law so.. unless you have a way to slip out of those chains I'm-"] He bobbed his head sideways a few times. [b "gonna.. have to.. have sex with you.. while you're chained to the wall?

[i Now] I want to make perfectly clear that's not really a kink of mine or anything, I'm [i all about consent!] y'know? That's why these rituals and potions are all so painfully specific, I'm not trying to get people involved in more than they're prepared to handle. [i Gotta] have that consent I can't stress that-"] He cleared his throat, realizing he was going off on another tangent. [b "Well.. anyway, that's probably how it's gonna have to go down.."]
  The Realm / Glows / 244d 8h 51m 55s
[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Viloanic let out a shaky smile, seeing the excitement of the Potion Maker. Who knew a simple little game could cause that in the demon? He continued to hang loosely from his shackles, still on his knees as his amber eyes were just staring at him.

His smile faded as they switched the conversation to his ticket and he mentally slapped himself. Why wasn't he clearer with the details? He nodded as Seiphus brought up him asking for a brother and for him to protect him. He titled his head as he was given options, being still really silent to hear correctly.

It was as soon as he brought up Resurrection was when Viloanic silently cried, hearing that his brother wouldn't even know him if he chose to pick that option. After a while of choosing which one in his head, he finally opened his mouth to tell Seiphus of his answer.

[#2Fd679 "Th-he first on-ne..." ]

Viloanic stuttered, clear tears still rolling down his cheeks as he stared at Seiphus, wanting to hear what he needed before his parents stormed in here. He would've naturally wanted to hear more but the Potion Maker was right, there was no way he could get a lot of stuff when he was bound to a wall.

[pic ]
  Bellyache- / 245d 7h 17m 11s
[center [pic]]

[size14 [font "Minion Pro" [b "Animal Crossing!"] He whispered sharply, clear excitement on his face. Seiphus loomed over the bound summoner, placing a hand under his rear and dragging the games out from under him. [b "This is gonna be dope- I haven't played Animal Crossing yet, and when I'm not on call gods know I could use some little animal company."] He seemed genuinely amused as he placed the handful of games into his jacket.

[b "Now.. about your ticket. It's pretty vague so we're going to need to talk details. You said you wanted.. a brother yeah? To.."] He gestured to the chains and general situation Vil was in. [b ".. protect you? I assume you don't know much about my potions or what you're really asking for so let me break down the options for you-"] Seiphus lifted a hand and began to offer a finger for each option:

[b "One; Blood-born oath. This one requires few ingredients and will create a vessel which will be reborn as your servant. Extremely powerful if you fuck the right monster before drinking it - I know sex rituals are a bore but you do have the opportunity to create [i quite] the powerful servant, who will love you unconditionally.

Two; Possession. This one is a bit tricky because you need the person you desire to be open for possession clear in your mind. It cannot be anyone blood related to you, maybe a neighbor or someone nearby? This way I'll be able to periodically check on you by taking over the body of the person you chose. [i though.. you will need a lock of their hair as well and some of their spit, blood, or other bodily fluid..]

Three; Resurrection..?]

This time, Seiphus spoke slowly. He had no idea if there was a dead sibling he had lost but something about the way he spoke about having a brother suggested the tearing loss of one.

[b "That.. well, if you [i had] a dead brother there is a ritual to bring them back to life however, obviously, they will not retain any memories of you and there is no guarantee that they will act, think, or like things the same as they used to. But.. yeah, those are a few options. Most of the rest require a lot more time and resources that.. well considering your situation you probably don't have."] Shrugging, he leaned back with his palms pressed to the floor. Same as before, he awaited reaction.
  The Realm / Glows / 246d 4h 45m 15s
[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Viloanic was silent throughout as Seiphus checked him out, trying not to start screaming at him to just fucking help him. He was still a kid though, an innocent kid in the wrong place at the wrong time. He just nodded along as Seiphus talked on, shuddering slightly when he licked his teal blood off of his thumb.

But what made him feel dumb is that he didn't truly know what his blood did and Seiphus was right. He even had that dumb look on his face for half a second, his eyes staring at Seiphus's jacket before they darted to the floor. He then watched as Seiphus sat on the floor, asking for his price.

Of course, Viloanic had it. When he was let out to go pee and go to the bathroom, he usually went out the window and to the nearest game shop. He was caught every time but he was planning this for a long time. He hid the game in the bathroom ceiling and when he came back for it, he put it in the petty excuse of his pants.

He's been doing this for about 22 days so he looked down at his shirt before looking up at Seiphus. [#2fd679 "G-Games... r-right? They're under my b-butt..." ] He said, rolling a bit to reveal each game, going from Pokemon Ruby to Animal Crossing.
  Bellyache- / 246d 14h 4m 41s
[center [pic]]

[size14 [font "Minion Pro" Wherever he was before, it no longer mattered. Now he was here, barefoot, grey shirt and what appeared to be a red and white bomber - only it was coated in a strange, black dust with white speckles that seemed to dance and flicker all around him. In his hair, his eyes, under his skin, and most importantly - the most enthralling feature. Not his wide, pink lips or his dreamy, lustful gaze. But his strange, hard to look at jacket. [b "I have to say this every time-"] he warned as he emerged from the dark corners of the room, the only feature seen through the whole process being those vibrant, piercing eyes.

[b "My name is Seiphus. The jacket is hard to look at for a reason - it's dangerous if you stare too long."] He licked his lips, cocking his head at the tormented boy shackled and bloody before him. [b "You look awful, how did you even complete the ritual in this state? It's fascinating."] He crouched down and press his thumb to the boys chin, wiping the line of .. blood? that had run down it from his mouth. [b "What a fascinating color, is this why they keep you?"] He wasn't so cheerful, not so easy going as he usually was. This blood, pooled around his summoners body, would have him react in such a way.

Pulling the thumb closer, he licked the teal off and his eyes seemed to swivel, the vibrant blue invading his usual pinky red for just a moment.

Then he stopped, a half head shaking interrupted by the biting of his own lip. Seiphus closed his eyes. [b "Sorry. I don't think you realize the power your own blood contains. Had me for a moment there.."] He cleared his throat and flopped back from his couched position and onto his ass. Pressing his hands to the floor, Seiphus pulled one knee up while the other laid across the floor outstretched. [b "Now, what do you have for me [i Viloanic]?]"
  The Realm / Glows / 246d 14h 22m 47s
[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Not only was his room dark and terrifying to him, but it was also his sole prison that kept his spirit trapped. Because he felt so hopeless, he had written the ticket to the potion maker as a last line of hope. That was about a day ago or so if he even was right. It might've been just an hour or two actually, he couldn't tell because there were no windows in his room.

He hung loosely from shackles by his wrists that kept him against the back wall of his room, on his knees. He could up from his knees but he couldn't move anywhere without getting yanked by his wrists. Every day his parents seemed to need something from him, a piece of hair, a piece of skin, semen, blood, all that good stuff and every day he would try to fight back.

But to no avail. He would cry as he was left with wounds that left him bleeding out some kind of teal blood onto the floor. All he ever wanted was his brother or something equivalent to a brother to rescue him, to take him away from his pain. Viloanic was currently bleeding from his mouth and his bare forearms, only wearing clothing that was pretty much cloths, nothing even comfortable.

There was a puddle of teal blood underneath him too as of now. His mind was dull with the pain that he felt, it was like a numb feeling to him at this point. Hell, he thought he'd never feel a positive emotion ever until one day he died of blood loss. But, his parents made sure he would never die by giving him blood each day that wasn't his. They were getting it from somewhere that he didn't know.

It seemed like forever until Viloanic felt something finally, feeling panicked and even terrified for no reason. It made him lift up his head from staring at the floor to look around the dark room. He shook in the fear, his usually pale skin caked in dirt and dust, making him look tanned. He opened his mouth and took a ragged breath finally.

[#2FD679 "W-Who's the-ere?" ]

[pic ]
  Bellyache- / 246d 21h 27m 59s
[center [size24 [font "Minion Pro" [b The Potion Maker is Upon You]]]]
[center [pic]]

[center [size13 [font "Minion Pro" Please set the scene, what is your character doing right now? Where are they? Please begin the story wherever and however you'd like

When the Potion Maker is being summoned to your location, you will feel a looming sense of dread, anxiety, and fear wash over you - please depict receiving these feelings near the end of the post to set up the entrance of the Potion Maker - From then on the story will move forward however either of us decide - twists and cliche's are welcome however godly power is not - take all events at face value as your character is as human as you yourself would be in their situation. Making an unwise choice and not thinking through your plans and decisions could lead to terrible occurrences

Here is a list of things that may occur should you make bad choices:

Severe Consequence to your characters physical or mental well being
Teleportation to another world
Irreversible changing of the world you know
Immediate or slow character death
Death of the characters loved ones
Body Possession and likely much more

We write this story together - however I will behave more like a dungeon master than a partner at some points to finalize decisions and flesh out the universe for future use in my own stories and possibly future threads.

Please understand that while I do hold authority over the content of this world I will never step on your toes when you include things I have not thought of or included myself - any concept you dream into this world will be valid and explored so please don't hesitate to create this place alongside me.

Thank you again for your interest and apologies for the long blabber.
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