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Creak. Creak. Closer and closer, in time with his beating heart. Iggy held his breath, eyes desperately scanning the pages. This one was about herbal medicine--no! He flipped to the next page, though he already knew it was hopeless. Next would be the fire-starting spells, then the circles--there was nothing. Nothing that could help.

The light from the wardrobe was obscured. Iggy's heart felt like it was about to leap out of its chest. No, no, no no no! Anything! Something!

Hinges squealed as the door was flung open. Iggy flinched back, scrambling to the back of the wardrobe. It was all over. His short, stupid life had come to a close.

It shouted at him. Iggy raised a hand, instinctively shielding his face. Then it stopped. He peered at Seiphus from behind his arm. He wasn't going to hit Iggy? Wasn't going to kill him?

He blinked furiously and blushed, rubbing his face. "I wasn't crying," he insisted. He watched as the monster stretched out his arm and peered at the tattoo. A calendar? Shit. He breathed out. "Normally calendars don't bleed. I thought you were being attacked." Or attacking him. He didn't know. Lots of rituals took blood. He didn't know what spells looked like.

Iggy took a deep breath and sighed out, trying to steady his breathing back down. It was okay. No one was attacking him. It was all fine. Embarrassed, he climbed out of the wardrobe and brushed himself off. "Sorry," he muttered. He sighed out and brushed his hair back. "I... I'm not used to this stuff yet. I don't know."

He snorted. "You can't control it? What kind of monster are you?" he asked. Couldn't control his own monster-powers. It sounded ridiculous.

Okay. It was fine. He was still safe. No one was going to attack him. Ignatius breathed out and shook his head, then snapped his book shut with an official-feeling gesture. He could handle this. He could.

The panic vanished down into him, swallowed up. He nodded at Seiphus. "So what's the next step? Should we get started catching foxes, or what?" He looked around him. "You don't have a potion to help neaten this place up, do you?" It'd be handy, but somehow, he doubted it. "Convenient" did not seem to be the name of the game when it came to his monster.
  Iggy Sombra / kaitoXi / 233d 23h 21m 21s
[center [pic https://i.ibb.co/M7N49h0/seiphus2.png]]

[center [size14 [font "Minion Pro" Seiphus stepped slowly into the room. This was certainly where the sound had come from.. so where was Iggy? He moved slowly from one end of the room, his bare feet pressing into broken glass and cracked floor with no visible cuts or discomfort. Despite being the stronger one of the two, Seiphus felt nothing but the blood rushing to his head and his heart thumping violently in his chest. If that was even a real heart anymore.

It was happening again. Another man intent on taking his knowledge and his existence for his own greedy needs. He recalled the man that tried every spell and ritual in his power to kill Seiphus - something about him being the reason his girlfriend was dead.. Seiphus couldn't remember the details. The woman who locked him in a spellbound cage for sixty years, using his blood, spit and other bodily fluids for whatever she desired. The boy that summoned him only to force someone to watch him kill himself.

Mortals were so often treating him like a monster, and a monster he was.

He peered towards the cupboard, moving to it slowly and calmly as not to scare the rabbit away, his burning arm still held slightly upward, fingers touching at his own face. Then, with one swift movement he pulled it open, crouching down into the opening so Iggy could not escape.

[center [pic https://i.ibb.co/kgFkVh4/drawer1.jpg]]

[b "Did you really think you could just steal information from me then piss off like--"]

Strangely, any anger that had been boiling up in the monster had faded away. His brows seemed to almost curve upward, lips pressing closed while the blood began collecting in red blotches against his cheeks. If it wasn't one, it was the other.

The summoner was scared of him.

It felt as though an anchor had dropped heavy into his chest. Seiphus tipped slightly, dropping out of the crouched position and onto his rear. After a moment of silence, his head downcast and brooding, Seiphus reached his hand up to his hair and dragged his fingers though. He offered his classic grin, mischievous with a hint of childish demeanor. [b "Why are you crying?"] he asked, his voice barely quivering in his throat. [b "I really scared you that badly? Look-"] He offered his forearm to Iggy, flinching from his quick speed so he wouldn't frighten the boy anymore. He extended it slowly, the red seemed to burn less and only leave a faded glimmer against his skin, under the red ink of the tattoo itself.

[b "It's a calendar. I use it to keep up with what's going on in the dead space when I'm not there.. See.."] He proceeded to explain the general idea of what this tattoo was. How he had no memories of the dead space when he was summoned, briefly explaining the characters and what they could mean, but he kindly left out the definitions of the ones most recently burned into his flesh. They stood out like welts, a deeper red than the ink and a charred shade of his own skin. [b "It's not the best method but.. Well, bad stuff happens in that Dead space.. I think."]

Licking his lips, Seiphus climbed to his feet and offered his hand to Iggy. [b "I didn't mean to flip out all demon-crazy back there. I can't control the weird monster shit that happens to me most of the time."]
  Glows / 240d 20h 41m 36s
He raced through the abandoned hotel. Rotting wood squealed, creaked, and cracked under his feet. So loud! How had he never noticed how loud it was before?

Doors hung open to either side of him. Graffiti stained the walls. In some places, the wallpaper was sagging off the walls where water had separated it from the drywall. The floor was warped underfoot. Floorboards were twisted, pitched and bent under his foot. Nails gripped at his shoes and shoelaces, trying to trip him up. Iggy kept running, jumping over the floor, stepping high over discarded cans and bottles.

Whatever was attacking the summon, he wanted to be far away from it.

A cabinet hung open in an otherwise empty room. Iggy raced for it and curled up inside, pulling the door shut behind him. It smelled musty, like wet wood and mold. He held his breath. It would just go away. It had to, right?

He shifted, startled at the voice. It was still here. It was coming for him. What had he been thinking? Summoning a monster--he hadn't met his father yet, who cared if he never did? He just needed to survive. As long as he survived, it'd all be okay in the end.

Footsteps. The voice was growing closer. Iggy pulled out his journal and leafed through it. What would help him? What would make him survive this? He didn't know enough. There wasn't anything in the book that he knew worked, aside from summoning the potion maker. Shit! Damn it! What had he been thinking? Why hadn't he thought about what happened if things went wrong?

Closer and closer. In the thin line of light through the door of the wardrobe, he scanned the notebook. What did he need to know? What did he need to say? There had to be something. Something to keep this thing from killing him. To keep whatever had come after Seiphus from killing him. Nothing. Line after line of nothing. All his notes came to nothing. All his study--the second he started the real thing, it had all turned to nothing more than dust and wasted time. His heart pounded in his chest. Iggy's vision blurred. Why did things never go his way?
  Iggy Sombra / kaitoXi / 240d 22h 58m 34s
[center [pic https://i.ibb.co/M7N49h0/seiphus2.png]]

[center [size14 [font "Minion Pro" The skin around the tattoo began to leave deep red burn marks, underneath his skin still glowing a strange, heated red. He shook his forearm a few times, hissing through his teeth about the heat and the pain. It only lasted a few moments though, he needed to find his summoner.

Glancing around, Seiphus began to feel the heat rise through more than just his arm. [b "Ignatius. Where did you go."] he said firmly, his words slow off his tongue, in a cautious sort of tone. Was this the boys plan? To learn as much as he could about the ritual then bolt? That simply wasn't how these things worked. Besides, now that his calendar was updated.. He glanced back down to the tattoo, the red markings drying uncomfortably into his skin.

He needed to drag out this process for as long as possible.

Seiphus took a moment, gripping his wrist to try and nullify the pain he was feeling by creating more somewhere else. It was like that Seiphus began his way through the hotel, his figure fading away and back to a physical state to maneuver through a crack in one of the dark windows.

[b "Where did you go? I got.. I got a little distracted back there, did I scare you off rabbit?"] Yes, rabbit was a good way to describe him. Always skittering about with his notebook, so quick to jump at the loud noises. Maybe he really had been frightened off, It was rude to assume every mortal was trying to use him after all.. Then again, that was the reason he was summoned.

To be used.

Swallowing hard, Seiphus closed his eyes, exhaling deeply from his nose he attempted to listen. A faint breeze against the walls of the hotel, a deer chewing leaves in the back. Seiphus was a monster after all.. little things like this were simple enough if you concentrated. Hearing one firm shoe creek against the floorboards, The monsters eyes shot open and he began quickly in that direction. [b "Hellooo- Where the hell did you go dude? I've got a hell of a lot more ritual shit to help you with, don't think you can just run off on me!"] He called out to him in an attempt to be casual, his quick movements closing the space between them. It was hard to remain as casual as he liked to be though, when his summoner was trying to cheat him. Like so many of them had before.

[center [pic https://i.ibb.co/9gDtgnz/armm.jpg]]
  Glows / 241d 2h 46m 50s
[i OOC: sorry for delay. hectic day.]

"Well I mean, Mr. Payphone must've been summonable [i before] payphones, right? So he's gotta change with the times," Iggy argued just for the sake of argument. It was inconvenient enough to piss him off, but not enough to actually make him do anything about it, which was probably why Mr. Payphone was doing just fine where he was. Still, he made a mental note to come back and [i do something] about Mr. Payphone when he became an established magician. Hook up a lookup spell, or something. Assuming there was something like that.

He was kicking the brambles away from the back door when Seiphus spoke up. "What?" Iggy asked, wiping his own blood off on his shirt. Stupid briars, always going for the veins.

Something unseen carved a strange shape into the monster's arm while the monster's eyes glowed pink. Iggy stumbled back, startled, momentarily, from his battle with the roses. "The fuck," he repeated. His heart raced. What was going on? Was this some kind of... had the summoning gone wrong? Was this the last sign before the monster ate him? Iggy reached for the door with one hand, found the old brass knob, and held on tight. If the thing lunged for him, he was getting the hell out of here.

"What's wrong?" he asked. He tried to keep his voice steady, but he was a split second from bolting, and he was sure it came through. Usually people didn't just get things carved in their arms. Was this a monster thing?

Wait. A chill ran down Iggy's spine as a new thought came to him. [i What if this is another monster, attacking Seiphus?] Shit. If it was going for the potion maker, he wouldn't be far from the menu as the summoner, would he?

Iggy paused just one second longer, then backed through the door and ran for it, racing through the inn. He knew most of what to do now. The monster could take on whatever this thing was on its own, because Iggy was not going to stick around for it. He wasn't strong. If there was one thing he knew for sure, it was that. And the only thing the weak could do was run.
  Iggy Sombra / kaitoXi / 243d 22h 4m 59s
[center [pic https://i.ibb.co/M7N49h0/seiphus2.png]]

[center [size14 [font "Minion Pro" Seiphus cackled. [b "Build one? You know, they might actually find that amusing."] His expression only grew more amused as the conversation went on. Those who don't know the rules of rituals are often the most interesting to watch conduct them. [b "Well, their name is [i payphone], at least that's all anyone knows to call them by. What are they to do, change their name to cellphone? landline?"] he flicked his hand out, as if to shoo the idea away. [b "The future generations will just have to make do - much like you are."]

Nature reminded him of many things. Many blood rituals and witch hunts. He glanced around with much interest, taking in the scenery and the daylight with obvious enjoyment. Still barefoot, he took slow and purposeful steps behind Iggy. Just barely keeping up with the boy, but staying at his back none the less.

Approaching the hotel was a trip and for a while Seiphus began to think Iggy was leading them astray. Across the stream of crystal clear waters, shimmering against the sunlight and reflecting in his eyes as he hovered across, blinding him just for a fleeting moment. Leaping almost feather-like onto the fallen tree's length, then dropping back onto the dirt path, and lightly hopping from one fallen rock to another. Where the hell was this place? He was about to pipe up until he saw it.

It truly was a looming presence of a building, perfect for a budding warlock to hone his skills. The look of it nearly brought him nostalgia, though he couldn't quite place why. Was he forgetting something?

[i Hm? Forgetting..]

A sharp pain on his forearm brought him back from his thoughts - and smoke rose up from his sleeve, with it the scent of burning flesh. [b "Oh.. no no no-"] he rolled the sleeve up with some urgency, watching as the circular tattoo covering his forearm lit up and dripped with a foreign, neon red blood. As this glowing fluid slipped from his arm and hit the ground, the plants and grass it touched seemed to flame up slightly. Seiphus's eyes had regained their original vibrancy - the whites melting into an explosive reddish pink. He blinked several times, his vision blurry from the sudden change as he tried to make out the character burning into his flesh.

Not one, but two characters were carved over old ones on the outline of the circular tattoo. He wiped the strange blood off his arm and read them intently. Concern rose, boiling his blood and branding him with anxiety.

Urgency, Danger. [b Stay]. That last character was cut especially deep. Stay. [i Danger.. immediate danger in the dead space? But - I mean nothing exists there what danger could there be.. Stay? Am I supposed to drag this kids ritual out as long as I can? Why am I supposed to stay here? What the fuck is going on--] He stood in front of the hotel, glaring down at the scarred up tattoo on his arm. [b "What.. the fuck"] he managed out quietly.
  Glows / 244d 17h 19s
He gave the man a funny look. "They have payphones like that... anywhere?" There was an old blue payphone at the gas station, but it didn't have a box, just a kind of open-fronted booth-thing to keep it from the worst of the elements. And it couldn't really be called navy, either. "Could I... build a box and, I don't know, put it around the payphone?"

"That guy needs to get with the times," he informed Seiphus. "Another five years, and no one's gonna be able to give him a call." It was all cell phones now. Even having a payphone was considered ridiculously out of date by most people.

At the next fork in the road, Iggy stepped off the road into the woods. From here, it was a steep climb up the hill over a long-dilapidated road. It was so old it was barely even a road anymore so much as a deer path, except for a few scraps of asphalt and cobblestone beneath that. If he hadn't known what to look for, even Iggy would have missed it. Over the little brook that sometimes flooded over, hopping stones to get across, under a fallen tree, and a short scramble up where fallen rocks had created a bit of a cliff, and he was there at last. The hotel.

The structure itself was still standing, two stories tall. A round tower dominated one corner, while high peaked roofs gave it the skyline of a forbidding mountain range. A huge porch sagged over there grand entrance, thick oak doors still forbiddingly shut. Dark windows peered through broken glass, glaring down at the newcomers as if they'd rather see them gone. Wooden siding sagged in places, cracked in others.

Iggy waited a moment to let it all sink in, then gestured Seiphus around the corner. "There's a slat loose over here," he said, stomping through briars towards it. The damn overgrowth around the edge of the hotel where the garden had been was the worst. The roses in particular always seemed out for blood.
  Iggy Sombra / kaitoXi / 245d 16h 49m 15s
[center [pic https://i.ibb.co/M7N49h0/seiphus2.png]]

[center [size14 [font "Minion Pro" [b "Sure, sure"] Seiphus dragged himself out of the booth and stood up, stretching his arms and turning his neck every so often as he followed Iggy out of the burger place.

This town was the type he'd seen many times before. Small town in the middle of nowhere with a cult pulling strings in the background, it was a pretty common occurrence in this world, he'd noticed. Seiphus had slowed down, taking in the sunlight and the fresh air, but quickly matched the strides of his long legs with Iggy again to remain at the boys heels.

[b "You got any payphones around here?"] Seiphus spoke up after a while of silence. [b "Navy blue payphones to be specific. The- what I have in mind to help you can only be contacted through a navy blue payphone. You just step in, fully shut yourself inside, and dial.. oh what was it.. pound thirty thirty, six six six. Then you make a deal for the information you want. The steps of the Wicca ritual and the monster thing. Pretty simple.."]

He was getting bored of all the talking he had been doing, and that was clear on his face. He wished he could just snap his fingers and make the exact of what his clients needed appear, then watch it all unfold with glee.

Life was never quite that easy. Seiphus was either dead or working his ass off to help mortals fulfill their desires. He grew bitter, the corners of his lips pressing downward as he glared ahead. Watching the road, trees, and scenery unfold might to justice for his forming mood.
  Glows / 245d 17h 18m 28s
Iggy waved away Seiphus' worries about the fox. As long as he could possibly procure the thing at all, it was fine. He was more worried about the impossible portions.

"What, are you not allowed to tell me about it?" he asked, taking an aggressive bite of his burger. Seiphus' snitching fingers hadn't escaped his notice, but he had bigger problems right now than a few missing French fries.

He nodded, gesturing while he chewed. "There's an abandoned hotel up thereabouts. I've explored it before. It's creepy, but no one goes there, so we should be fine to take it over." He was personally worried about his food, water, heat... all the essentials that he'd be very shortly running out of, once his money ran down. He added [i find a job] into the margins of the journal as an afterthought. He wasn't going to end up a beggar on the streets.

"Who? Or... what, maybe?" he asked, when Seiphus mentioned someone who could help him with the monster. Hopefully they lived close, or better yet, were summonable. He'd hate having to waste his last money on a bus to nowhere.

He carefully noted down what the creature told him for the ritual, jotting down a note at the end: [i compete at the last minute]. He had no idea how much power he had, but as someone just starting out, it probably wasn't much.

Snapping the journal shut, Iggy stuffed the rest of the burger into his mouth and stood. "C'mon, let's get started, then," he said, gesturing with his head for Seiphus to follow him. "I'll show you the hotel, and you can tell me about this guy that can help me along the way." It was better than loudly discussing dark magic in Cowboy Bob's, anyways.
  Iggy Sombra / kaitoXi / 246d 1h 30m 52s
[center [pic https://i.ibb.co/M7N49h0/seiphus2.png]]

[center [size14 [font "Minion Pro" By this point, Seiphus had begun casually plucking a fry from Iggy's end of the table every so often while he spoke with him. [b "You'll probs' need to camp up there for a while, unless you get lucky and spot the right fox in the first few hours."] Flicking salt off his fingers, he glanced around as if barely connected to the conversation he was still having. [b "I mean you could just do the whole Wicca ritual up there, needs to be completed under moonlight anyway-"] he covered his mouth [b "Am I allowed to tell you that?"] he mumbled from under his fingers.

As if his train of thought had just crashed horribly off it's tracks, he perked up. [b "Dude! We could just like, set up a secret base up there in the mountains! It'd be perfect for all the weird gutting and blood gathering you're gonna need to do. Perfect!"] He clapped suddenly, excited at the prospect of camping out in the woods. [b "Oh the monster? I can't help you directly but I know someone.. well, something that can. They can help you with the Wicca ritual too, I don't know all the specifics. And you know these rituals are [i extremely specific].]

Wiping his hands together, he tugged the papers towards him and read over them with squinted eyes. [b "What? No that's not real, scratch that one off."] he muttered, jabbing his index at the first ritual on the list. [b "This one kii----ind of works? but it's messy, and sometimes causes mass internal bleeding so, probably.. [size12 don't do that one.."]]]

[size14 [font "Minion Pro" Eyeing over the words, he started to hum a single, low note. [b "Hmm.. Oh! This one works:

'Spit into your bleeding palm and rub both hands together.. Then, once your hand is coated in your own blood press it to your chest and declare the nature of your protection' it's actually super easy for a protection ritual. Not very strong but.."]]

[center [size14 [font "Minion Pro" He nodded, lips pursing [b "It'll do! Basically you just mark your bloody hand print on your chest and say something about keeping your soul intact with your body for however number of days - However long you think you'll need it for. Be careful though because, obviously the more days you need the protection, the more energy it's gonna sap out of you to finish the ritual."] He breathed out, exhausted by all the speaking he'd been doing. Most people that summon him have a better understanding of what they were doing or asked for simple things - He couldn't help but admire Iggy for diligently jutting down every word he spoke and figuring out the best way to execute it all. The dedication was rather cute. Seiphus rested his chin on his entwined fingers, watching the summoner with a thin smile.
  Glows / 246d 15h 2m 25s
He nodded, quickly noting down everything the man-monster rattled off. Specific, specific, specific! Man. Everything to do with his potions were specific as hell. Maybe that was why his magic so rarely worked; he wasn't being specific enough.

Iggy paused, resisting the urge to tear at his hair. Damnit! How was he supposed to figure anything out if it was all so specific? Or was this just Seiphus? Had to be Seiphus, right?

No. Had to focus. If he didn't figure this out, he'd be stuck here forever, and he'd never find his father. He'd do this, then move forward to the next step. That was how he did everything.

"There's foxes on the mountains," he said. "And garlic, that I can get anywhere. The spit stuff... is it fine if it's mixed with wine? No, scratch that, I'll just prick her while she's out."

Iggy set down the notebook with a sigh. "Which leaves... the Wicca stuff and the monster." He looked up at Seiphus and opened his mouth, but the monster had already answered his question. He sighed out again. "Man, we are a thousand miles from anything in the middle of bum-ass nowhere. Where am I going to find some Wicca?"

Another sigh. "Or a monster. Daaaaamn." He gestured. "Are you gonna help me with that, at least?"

A protection ritual. He had a few of those... but absolutely no guarantees that any of them would work. He rotated the notebook towards Seiphus. "Which of these is legit? Or... any?"

There were four spells written on the page. One was a detailed magic circle with some notes on spices and salts to use in special piles here and there. Another involved chicken blood and various other disgusting materials, wound into a voodoo doll that, if all went well, would take the damage instead of him. The third was a chant that required some ash branches and a completely ridiculous dance around a fire, plus something about an orgy... but he'd have to skip that part. The fourth and final spell had him visualize a bubble around himself, while surrounded by crystals, glass orbs, steel, and other things that resonated with 'strength' in his heart.

They all seemed kind of ridiculous to him, but magic. He didn't know. Maybe what sounded ridiculous to him was common sense to everyone else.
  Iggy Sombra / kaitoXi / 246d 18h 35m 58s
[center [pic https://i.ibb.co/M7N49h0/seiphus2.png]]

[center [size14 [font "Minion Pro" A grin plastered his face, and his eyes almost seemed to visibly grow wider as if threatening to take over the whites completely. However they thinned again and he pressed his back tightly against the booths seat in a lazy attempt to stretch his back.

[b "It's called the blood-of shot. It's a small amount of each ingredient, however the ingredients are still very hard to acquire. When you drink this potion it will change the human perception of your eyes - allowing you to see all who share your blood no matter how far away they are. It's pretty overwhelming but think of those video games where the enemy is outlined in red? It's kinda like that only a lot more in tune. Your father could be on the other side of the world and you would basically sense which outline is him and the general distance. Really cool stuff but it's gonna take a toll on your body."] Seiphus had been quick about finishing his meal - it wasn't often he was treated with both a game and a meal, so to stay he was in a good mood was a fleeting understatement. The monster was nearly bouncing in his seat. [b "I'll list them off now so you'll probably wanna jot these down in that diary you've got there- ok here I go:

[size14 One; the blood of a wild fox with a black tipped tail, it must be killed by snapping it's neck with your bare hands.

Two; the drinker must have the mark of the Wicca branded somewhere on their body - this can only be achieved by completing the true Wicca oath, a ritual that offers a favor to the god or goddess of Wicca worship. Once the favor is paid.. the mark will disappear.

Three; the spit, blood or other bodily fluid of someone in your bloodline - you're living with your mom right? She's probably your best bet.

Four; a clove of garlic aaaand

Five; a lock of hair from a monster not of your world"]]

Seiphus pointed at his own hair [b "Can't be mine, because I do not exist."] he said non-nonchalantly as a disclaimer. Taking a deep breath, he picked up his soft drink and sipped on what was left between the cubes of ice - an obnoxious slurping sound echoing through the silence between them. Then, before Iggy could even speak, he popped the straw out of his mouth and dropped the empty cup onto the table [b "Oh-! that's right you'll also want to do like.. a protection ritual of some kind on yourself just like.. a basic little something to keep your soul from tearing out of your human body or something.. Just to be safe."]
  Glows / 246d 19h 37m 35s
Iggy's heart fell. What was the point of summoning the man if he couldn't even help him? He'd thought this would be the answer to his prayers, not a.. a warning that he couldn't even do anything about. Damn it! Was it impossible after all?

No. No. He forced himself to take a deep breath. If he hadn't summoned Seiphus, he wouldn't even know what he had to do to find his father. He just had to think of Seiphus as the recipe, not the solution, and then it was all fine.

"I'm prepared. I'll do anything," he declared, meeting Seiphus' creepy pink eyes. "I'm going to die if I stay here anyways, so it doesn't matter."

"So what do I have to do? Tell me," he ordered. That was what you did with summons, after all. He looked at his forgotten food, picked up the burger, and bit into it. "I can't stay with my mom any longer. The cult... it's not good." He drummed his fingers on the table and glanced around nervously. Even meeting Seiphus here, in public, was a risk. But he had no choice. It was riskier anywhere else.
  Iggy Sombra / kaitoXi / 247d 47m 36s
[center [pic https://i.ibb.co/M7N49h0/seiphus2.png]]

[center [size13 [font "Minion Pro" Seiphus appeared more and more disappointed with every answer Iggy had provided. This time, he licked the remains of salt from his thumb and pressed it to his lip thoughtfully.

[b "Hmm . . "] He hissed through his teeth, sitting up straight, adjusting himself, then leaning back on the table. He had taken a liking to the appearance Iggy showed him by leaning into him earlier and was intent on continuing using the pose from now on. [b "This .. is.. terrible news. The potion is [i not] impossible but.. I don't suppose you hate your father by any chance? Consider him your.."] He glanced towards Iggy, recalling the clear expressions of longing and heartbreak when he spoke of his fathers potential love. [b "enemy.. no I suppose not."]

He deflated, sinking his oddly sharp teeth into the burger before him and making a collection of strange, pleased sounds as he ate. Almost a purring kitten - if kittens could make such a deep, grumbling noise.

[b "Your only left with one option then I'm afraid.. and to acquire the ingredients is, well.."] his eyes met Iggy again, solid and without falter [b "deadly. If you're sure you need to find this guy, you'll have to work hard to make sure you don't die before you get the chance."]

[b "I'm not joking with you, I'm not trying to scare you out of putting me to work. This is unspeakably dangerous, especially when you have no idea what you're about to get into. I'll help you along the way as much as I can, after all I am your summon - but the whole process must be completed and each ingredient acquired by you alone."] He took a slow breath, eyes squinting as he peeked out the diner window. Despite his air of seriousness, Seiphus was getting quite excited.

[b "Is this something you can agree to?"]
  Glows / 247d 3h 27m 17s
Iggy nodded, slightly uncomfortable that the mysterious being knew his name. If it knew his name, it could control him, right? That was why he'd been careful not to introduce himself. But it seemed it didn't matter. The thing knew him anyways. Knew his name, but not everything about him.

He discounted its claims that it only knew potions. Creatures like this were notorious liars.

The questions were hard ones. "I... no. He doesn't. I've never met him, to my knowledge." He glanced down. "He can't love someone he doesn't know about."

Had his father loved his mother? He'd dreamed so, many times, that his father would come back and fall in love with her all over again, and be so happy to find out he had a son. In his dreams, his father always had the same dark hazel eyes as him, so different from the pale blue of his mother's, and he'd always been so proud to find out he'd had a son.

But those were just dreams.

He bit his lip and shook his head. His father... probably hadn't loved his mother.

"I've... I've never met him. I don't... I'm an only child." [i And even if I wasn't, they probably wouldn't be his, the whore,] he thought, letting his anger get the better of him for a moment. He quashed it back down with a deep breath. "I don't know anything about him. If I did, this would be so much easier. I wouldn't need..." he gestured at Seiphus. "You."

But he didn't. He had no leads. His mother never spoke about him. He didn't even know if she had any pictures--he certainly hadn't seen them. He was searching blind; that was why he'd hoped something beyond human, something more than human, could help him. No matter what the cost.
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