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Floating off somewhere to the right.
It's blue and bright.
I don't like it, I suppose.
  Rede / Rede / 21d 16h 17m 22s
I suppose I do this to myself.
Torture myself I mean.

Perhaps I'm just a cruel masochist at heart.
  Rede / Rede / 22d 20h 15m 30s
Why after all these years do I still idolize you?

Why after all these years do I still allow you to haunt me?

Why after all these years do I still look for you?

Why after all these years do I still hope for you?

Why after all these years do I let you in when we both know the damage inside

Why after all these years do I let you dictate my image and worth?

Why after all these years do I still blame you?

Why after all these years do I still care?
  Rede / Rede / 26d 15h 57m 42s
One day your throat will collapse underneath the weight of all your lies.

You broke me, damaged beyond repair.
and I allowed you to.
  Rede / Rede / 43d 16h 27m 22s
I have the tools for foolishness and stupidity on.
I need a solid reason not to.

yep. without a doubt I need a solid reason not to. because the reasons for are stacking high
  Rede / Rede / 61d 15m 28s
I changed my mind. It does bother me.
Fuck you. I am going to stop this rant here before I get nasty and hurtful.

Go Fuck yourself.
  Rede / Rede / 67d 21h 17m 30s
[+white Why are you like this?
Silly stupid child.
All you want is more and more.
Never will be satisfied will you?

No you won't.
You are not needed and it kills you.
It twists and mangles your ego
Your sense of self.

If this was anyone else it would be amusing.
You... It is just pathetic.

Still] you are not alone.
[+white you have who you have.
For now. Until you undeniably drive them away.]
I will [+white sit and wait.
Smiling and] be here for you.

-the deep dark blue
  Rede / Rede / 68d 20h 21m 28s
I get it. I know my flaws. you don't need to point them out every chance you get.
  Rede / Rede / 71d 20h 27m 50s
I get it. I see it plain as day. I see it now. And I'm done.
[+white No. I'm done. I give up. I am done trying. I am done everything. Too much of a coward to do anything about it. To broken to drink. I guess I'll just sleep and just hope I don't wake up. Fingers crossed.]
  Rede / Rede / 73d 11h 51m 25s
[+white I deserve this I deserve this. I deserve this. I deserve this.
Fuck. I fucking didn't this to myself. I deserve this. Fuck.
I deserve this.]

Smile sunshine. The world needs to be blinded by the light of your soul.
Or something.
  Rede / Rede / 75d 13h 12m 34s
A sentinel is only needed when the shit starts piling up. Other than that. No one wants a cracked, marble statue.
  Rede / Rede / 76d 22h 1m 58s
No. I am not angry with you. I am just too exhausted to pretend.
I'm sorry.
  Rede / Rede / 77d 14h 42m 32s
Stop talking.
I see right through you.
I am a master manipulator.
I see those who try to work in my trade.
I do not pity you.
I see you.
I do not stand behind you.
You may have everyone fooled.
I know it is the fire side talking.
But sweetheart I am smarter than you.
I could do your job. I don't want to.
I enjoy my stationary sedentary cube.
You dont like me because I see through you.
I dont like you because you think you are better than you are.
But I know how to play the game.
Honey, I am competitive. I won't stop until I win.
So go ahead run your mouth. "poor you, poor you"
I am just going to sit back and enjoy.
  Rede / Rede / 77d 22h 58m 18s
"you just seem off"
I don't think you realize how damming that phrase is.

The moment your cord vibrate and your lips form the syllables
You condemn me.

You persecut for being anything other than giddy and beaming with light.
I am not a fucking rainbow. I am not all smiles and sunshine.

Fuck you. Everytime you utter that phrase I resent you a little more. Almost more than I did when I saw those messages to that fucking sick cunt Jamie. Almost more than the time before that when you were "hacked."
More than the time you accused me of sleeping with MY GAY best friend. I seem off. Ha. Fuck you.
Fuck you. And when I finally do decide to do what I need to do..
And you ask me why.
I will need to fight every fiber of my spiteful being from giving you that answer.
"I seemed off"

Oops lost it there a little didn't mean to get personal. But fuck it. I seem off.
  Rede / Rede / 78d 13h 54s
This one here has absolutely no meaning. just want to test my picture things.
  ǝpǝᴚ / Rede / 78d 16h 55m 56s

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