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[center [b [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Thasadith] [Thasadith Four clans of Earth own the Four Great Elements. The Mermaids rule the seas, the rivers and the lakes. The Angels live in the sky, calming the wind and air. The Elves live in the forests, the ground and plants around them bind them together. Finally, the Demons tame the fire’s of the deep earth. The four Kings suddenly go missing and for the first time ever, the four prince/ss have to step up together and save the Kings.]]]

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"What do you mean the waters are boiling?" He asked his father, watching the older man pace back and forth. His father stood much taller than him and his brother, Micheal. He had a clean face and black slicked hair. His wings flexing due to the amount of stress.

"It's exactly what I said, Raphael, what do you expect?" His father lashed out, throwing his hands in the air. "The clouds have been raining for so long...Too long...it shouldn't even be raining."

"What do you mean? We haven't even noticed the clouds. Did you?" Micheal said, looking towards Raphael.

"I did. You don't notice because you're an idiot." He spat towards his brother whose dirty blonde hair whipped around to his father.

"You're going to let him talk to me like this?" He complained, throwing his hands up in the air. He nearly fell back when their father grabbed both the men by their collars.

"We have a crisis and you two are fighting like idiots. Our people are in danger and you'd rather fight about who noticed the rain or not? You two are absolutely pathetic." He practically spit in the two boys faces.

Before either of the two could make a retort or try to apologize, the clouds started to turn transparent. It started around the edges and faded til it met their feet. The cloud walls that they were surrounded in were fading as well. They were able to see the whole ocean now since the clouds disappeared. His fathers grip left his collar as the three men began to fall.

Raphael tried his hardest to get his wings to expand. Sadly, he was unprepared for the clouds to disappear and for the rain. His whole body became drenched within seconds of falling. His wings soaked and unable to stretch out.

The wind blew in his face, blowing his hair back in the wind. He looked to his left and right. Michael was next to him but his father was no where to be found. He most likely had his wing shields on but he could of at least saved them!

The crash against the water shouldn't of hurt him as much as it did. The feeling of the boiling water was so hot. It heated up the metal in his armor, burning his skin underneath. He swam as fast as he could to the shore.

Angels had fallen everywhere. Their home stretched over the whole entire land. The main kingdom on top of where the Sea kingdom was, hence why he landed in their waters.

Water leaked onto the sand as he sucked in air tightly. The pain was a lot but there was no way to remove the armor. He looked around, angels coming to shore with burned skin, even their wings slightly damaged. Michael no where to be found, not that he cared anyway.

He flipped his hair out of his face, sighing. What the hell was going on? The sea was boiling, the clouds were gone...It didn't make any sense. The water on his armor was practically dry from it evaporating from the amount of heat.

There was only one place he knew where to go when a crisis such as this was happening and it was the Four Kings Hollow. He huffed as he entered the woods on the edge of the sea, heading forward to answers.
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The sea was calming. She could hear the crashes of the waves above her. She closed her eyes, laying down on her sand bed. She felt ever grain as she shrugged herself into comfort. It was beautiful and such an amazing sight to see.

The land was split into five parts. There was the Shadow land which held the most evil of fugitives. It had evil mermaids and mermen, fallen angels, demons cased out and dark elves. There were many other terrifying creatures. That part of the land was given no vitality. The land was black and dark clouds were constantly casting shadows. Many had died from starvation creating a monster called Gashadokuro. Gashadokuro was a large skeleton monster that had formed from the bones of the starven. Christabella had never seen it up close but heard stories.

Her peaceful time in her head was coming to an end. Her sand bed started to shake away as it felt like an earthquake in the sea. Her eyes shot open as she swam off the bed, hovering beside it. That's when she noticed the cracking. A long, giant crack was branching itself from her bed to out her door. She followed it, leading right outside her room.

There was a very loud noise as a geyser was formed, blowing extremely hot water right in front of her face. She jolted back, some of her hair burning from the hot water. They started to burst out of the ground in her bedroom. Panic stretched along her spinal cord, shivering her core.

For some reason, she froze. She was stuck in a panic, watching all the mermaids and merman scream. Bubbles were forming all around their sea floor. The beautiful and colorful coral reef that lived below them was now sunken into the sea floor and burnt to a crisp.

It had to be some sort of magic. There was no way things were burning and hot when they lived in such cool waters. She spotted her dad, bringing her mind up to reality. His large, bright blue tail shaking quickly til he was right in front of her face. He put his hands on her shoulders, shaking her. "Christabella? Christabella? Snap out of it, I need you to get a grip." His tough voice shaking her awake.

"I, what's going on?" She asked, looking around before back at her white haired father. His long, white beard floating elegantly in the water, despite the destruction around them.

"No time for questions. Get everyone to land, head to the middle point! I'll be there waiting." He assured her, before swimming off.

She called out, "Promise me you'll be there?"

"Promise." He said, holding his pinky out with a small smile. He was gone seconds later.

The water was getting extremely hot by now. The mermaids and mermen were starting to give up hope from the amount of exhaustion the heat caused. Christa did her best to take every man and woman and their children to safety. There, of course, were a few causalities but Christa couldn't worry about that. She needed her people to be safe and they depended on her. She was their future Queen after all.

What was so magical about the mermaids was when they touched the sandy beach, their tail disappeared and feet were replaced. Their seashell bras turned into an elegant dress depending on level of class. When Chrisabella rose to shore, her beautiful multicolored tail disappeared. She was wearing a soft blue colored gown. It had thin straps that lead to a V neck. The back was open and the dress was long and elegant. Truly made for a princess.

There were about 75 people on the shore. Should of been 117 but...causalities. "Everyone...EVERYONE!" She shouted, some people shushing others to hear her. "I know you're just as confused as myself. I know that this is scary and alarming." Her sentence was cut short as she felt raindrops. Her eyebrows furrowed as she looked up. The rain began to pour down. There was no thunder. No lightning. Just the screaming.

"Oh my god! Look!" Someone shouted, pointing straight behind. There were angels falling from the sky.

Chrisa felt her breathing pick up again. She decided to skip the speak. She waved her hands in the air, "Everyone, please stay close to me. We are going to the Four Kings Hollow, we need to figure this out right now." She said, looking back at the sea. It was at a complete boil now. No waves. Even fish were risen to the top from being dead.

Someone was trying to start a war.
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