The Reclaiming War

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[center [size25 [b The First age]]]

[center [size10 [I The first age is little recorded, but what has been found is in an ancient language that no one can read or write anymore, and the single person that was able to has long vanished from the known world and is currently unknown if the person is alive or dead, and very little find said person if they go looking, What however the person did translate was the following.]]]

[center [size10 [I In the first age The Gods had created the world. The beings who created the cosmos the known, the stars, the very earth one walks upon. These beings came from nothing and returned to nothing. The world forgers were beings of immense power and would be forever so. Those beings had roamed upon the world we known for eons. Several thousand years. They loved their creation, and praised the world for it was a symbol of what they could do if they worked together instead of separately. The gods however would forever see the world as a symbol and strive for a better achievement. It was however upon their return to the stars the Gods agreed not to abandon their greatest creation, but to allow it to thrive and not be forgotten.]]]

[center [size10 [I From metal and gems; From the very earth itself the Gods created Dwarves. The first race to be placed upon the world. Originally Dwarves lived upon the surface in Magnificent villages, towns, even Cities. They however felt they were missing something and the only time they felt truly at home was when they were under the earth itself or working with it. So the dwarven people moved themselves from the surface to being underground. Digging far under the earth the dwarves founded their ever expanding empire.]]

[center [size10 [I As the dwarves dug deep they had named four realms. The first realm of the planet is known as the surface, Its where nature runs wild and dwarves would no longer be found. The second is known as the underway, Its where most of the dwarven Empire was now founded. A series of dwarven towns and cities, even villages were connected by a series of tunnels. The third level is known as the under dark. A series of tunnels that had outposts, resting places, and a series of stops for the empire. Not many dwarves can be found living on this level as its said to hold a very dark taint to it that not even dwarves are resistant to; however many abandoned dwarven crafts can be found in it as hardy and brave few tried to establish citadels and fortresses within the system. The fourth and final level is known only as the Pit. A single giant carved oval shaped cave the pit is where the dwarven Empire's capital of Karaz Rik.]]]

[center [size10 [I The gods seeing the surface go unattended and nature started to destroy itself became angry with their creation the dwarves, and so out of the Moon, the sun, and the stars the gods created the fair faced race of the elves. The elves would claim the surface while the dwarves were expanding themselves in the underground tunnels they had built themselves. Expecting the elves to keep the surface tended the gods turned their eyes from the world for a while.]]]

[center [size10 [I The elves however adapted to live within nature itself instead of tending to it like the gods had planned. Building their homes inside the trees themselves the elves expanded much faster and much farther then the dwarves even had. Founding their capital in the middle of their lands the elves had been blessed with a single gift from the gods. Upon the crowning of their ruler the gods had gifted them a tree of Immortality. Their capital was known as Aeraesar Sharaes .]]]

[center [size10 [I With their attention once again upon their most prized masterpiece the Gods had believes the elves gone, but instead found them living within the nature they wished to control, so once again angry at their creation the Gods had taken from the elements themselves of the calm wind, the playful streams, and the fallen leaves forged themselves the Fairy race. The Fairies have learned to live with the elves within the forest and are by the same means adapted.]]]

[center [size10 [I The Elves seeing the new race upon the land offer them up half of the land that is upon the surface and in doing so wished only one thing from the new race and that was peace between the two. They would share culture, art, knowledge, and even hold a court with one another as if they were one race. The fairies taking the lands to the south had built themselves up in society to rival the two older races and even named their capital Molol Toria.]]]

[center [size10 [I Upon the death of their first ruler however the dwarves broke out into a civil war, each believing they had a right to rule over another. Eventually the dwarves split off into their own houses. All together there are twelve known dwarven houses that have been discovered, but many more are believed to have been founded. The twelve house are unknown although believed to be the same as the twelve noble houses of today's dwarven people found closest to the capital.]]

[center [size10 [I The elves and fairies had expanded very quickly to control all the surface, however it was not to last. The dwarves had discovered the new races upon the surface and built upon the Dwarven strong holds meant to keep them out from the tunnels and away from aiding a house during the Time of Strife; The elves and fairies not taking kindly upon the intrusion into their lands went to war with the dwarves as well. This war would become to know as the War of Strife to the dwarves, where to the elves it would be known as the Claiming war. And to the Fairies it would be called the Everqueen War.]]]


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Molol Toria, The Shinning City was a bright lit city just as large as any elven counter part to it, or the dwarven fortresses that spawn several thousand feet below the ground. at the seat of power for Molol Toria was the Fairy king and his bride, The Everqueen was her title. Many looked up to the king and queen for guidance and they would lead them fairly and follow their own rules of justice as they would not expect a commoner, a noble, or anyone within their kingdom to follow rules they could not.

Happiness was in the air as the Festival of Eione was coming tomorrow. Eione was the God of the Harvest and the fairies would be sent out among their lands to gather up the fruit, mushrooms, and many things meant for consumption. They would use these to survive the winter months and trade with the elves in the spring for seed and wine, even other items such as meat and trinkets. Of course that was not to happen as the king had received word that the dwarves were amassing within the fortress that sat upon their border.

The dwarven fortress Selaer Caer, The tunnel Keeper was its name in common tongue. It had recently been finished as the dwarves were wearily of the fairies like they were of the elves, The three empires rivaled each other in power and in might of course the fairies and elves had a treaty that would keep peace between them and would last until both their king's lines ended. It would however also spell disaster for the dwarves if both of them were to attack at the same time and so the dwarves kept the elves on their toes with raids on their northern borders. Fairies not being in the war kept peace but it seemed the dwarves were preparing for something to happen.

Bang, the sound of wood hitting stone as a double set of doors swung open startled everyone. The guards were slow to react; the intruder pushed past them with nothing in the pathway and right up to the steps leading up to the throne in which the king and his bride sat. The two figures eyed the creature as it stopped dead at the stairs and bowed. [b "My lord, My Lady the dwarves...] with heavy breaths and a heaving chest the messenger appeared to be a women of the Nymphs from the river Volaes. [b "They march this direction."] Her words seemed to start whispers within the hall as all ears were upon this being.

The king stood from his throne, his figure standing at a meager three inches tall gave away nothing accept for the fact he was wingless. [#9c4516 "Guards see this lady to food and drink."] his voice came at a deep earthly tone and gave way to no questioning of his orders. [#9c4516 "Commander."] he called out. As the words left the king's lips a single figure clad in gold and green armor stepped forward a sword hung on his left. [b "Yes my king?"] he spoke as he knelt to the left of the thrones.

[#9c4516 "Make sure the Guard is ready. Anyone who is capable of fighting is to be armed. The queen, the Royal children and anyone unable to fight will be escorted from Molol Toria."] the commander nodded and stood. Leaving the room the king turned his gaze back to the lady who had delivered the message to him. She was now standing instead of kneeling at the stairs. [b "My Lord they will be here by dawn tomorrow."] The king nodded and waved his hand. [#9c4516 "Everyone prepare for what is to come, The dwarves have openly declared war upon us by intruding into the fairy lands."]

The room fell silent after the busy feet and low whispers had died down and left the king and his bride within the room alone. [#b00c58 "I will not leave your side Erdil."] The queen's voice broke the silence as she set herself determined to defend the lands she ruled right alongside her husband. [#9c4516 "No, you will go to Aeraesar Sharaes. It is a fort-night travel from here at top speed. You need to tell the elves what has transpired here. The dwarves have declared war upon us Fae. We will be joining the elves in the war."]

The queen's reaction was to grab ahold of her husband's hand and kiss them vigorously. [#b00c58 "Will you be able to withstand the dwarves long enough for aid to come from the elves?"] Erdil, the fairy king thought it over and over in his own head. [#9c4516 "I will have to if I wish to see my children, my wife, my kingdom again. We may not be their target even, but I will not have the dwarves march on our lands without our consent."] thinking over his plans of battle once again the king gave his bride a fake smile.

The pair knew the smile the king wore was fake, but the everqueen would not speak against it as she knew her husband was only putting on the display for her and the children which would soon be coming. Of course unknown to others was that the reason the queen was not joining her husband at his side to defend their people was she was once again with child. It would be their tenth child to the line. The queen was only a few months along and was not yet showing a fat belly but would be soon, as she felt herself growing at a very fast pace and it concerned her.

Erdil placed a kiss upon his bride's forehead and clapped his hands together after pulling them away from his everqueen. [#9c4516 "Make sure the Everqueen is guarded well, she leaves this moment for the elven capital."] Four guards stepped up spears in their hands and escorted the queen away.

It wasn't until several weeks later Erdil had learned the news. While his people made it to Aeraesar Sharaes, Even his nine children had made it with guards as each had been sent at different hours as to not give away where they were going. His bride, their unborn child had not made it. Her body was found only a few hours before he had been given the terrible news. He had lost his love, his heart, no his reason behind sanity. The body had been given all the proper burial rights; Washed with water produced from the Sharaes vyri.

The worse part was the King didn't even see the dwarven army. it had curved away from the Capital and away from any of the fairy cities that were in the area and they had done so on purpose. They were marching to the elven border. Of course the elves had been prepared and even wiped out the dwarven party with ease, but they could not bring back his dead wife or child. Finding out his unborn child was to be a male it drove the king to vow he would defeat the dwarves even if it costed him his own life. His unborn child would have been his heir to the thrown, his line would have been secured within the life of the child had it not been killed within the belly of its own mother.

[Center [size20 -----]]
Erdil, the Fairy king had gathered up his army and marched from his own kingdom forth to that of the elven capital to meet with the elven king to meet for war upon the Dwarves and discuss how they would do so. Being shown into the council room Erdil noticed several elven faces in the room and adding his own council made the room seem stuffy and a bit uptight as both fairies and elves were proud and wanted to believe they could take the dwarves on their own. Standing at the end of the table Erdil bowed to the elves. [#9c4516 "Greetings Fair folk. And to you King."] standing himself upright he spoke up.

[#9c4516 "I am here on your request and my army is ready."] the king stayed where he was standing as his bright ice blue eyes bore into each of the elf face's that now looked at him. [#9c4516 "We will win this war and show the dwarves they have made a mistake."]
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