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You know the drill. "A love so strong it conquered time!"

Two people love each other so deeply, and are tied by the string of fate so closely, that they will meet and fall in love every time they reincarnate, lifetime after lifetime. But this story has a slight twist.

Long ago, there were two people who fell in love. This was a very regular story of love, sorrow and loss. Two people who were worlds apart but fought every obstacle in their path to ensure they could be together. Their story? Well that is to be discovered. They are the most famous love stories in history and literature, they are immortal and immortality is exactly the point to this story as the gentlemen in question is immortal. That's right. Cursed or blessed, this man can not die and it was a blessing until he finally met his true love. That was when it became a curse; a ticking time bomb of when he might lose her and because of his status within society that was sooner rather than later. I shall not tell you all the details because then what would there be to discover? I shall tell you though, that their love was not approved and there was more than scandal surrounding their relationship and how she was so wrongly taken away from this world well before her time.

Many years have passed. How long? Does an immortal keep track of time really? What would the point in that? It would be torture indeed to track the amount of time that they have been forced to walk upon the earth without being permitted to leave no matter how many times one might have wanted to or even tried. Death was not permitted for this immortal and the reason why was not know to him, nor had anyone he had ever met. But throughout his life he has been waiting for something; hoping that his love might one day be reborn and return to him and perhaps his wish had been granted.

She hadn't been an archaeologist for long before now but this was her biggest break through. She had happened upon something: An ancient love story that could change history forever. The story, again, is yours to discover. The fascination surrounding the case had attracted many eyes. Those of journalists and budding historians. Most of all though it catches the eye of the most prolific scholar of the period. Little did she know that she was the reason he was attracted to this case. Not only is she the image of the love he lost all those years ago but the discovery could unlock the secret about why they were separated in the first place.

What I am looking for...

So I have left this story pretty open because I would like my partner to have a say in how this story plays out. This is a love story with a historical element as well as the supernatural everlasting life. I am looking for the immortal male. When applying to play this character I want this person to have a think about why he might have been important in his time. Essentially he fell in love with my character in the past even though she was not worthy of someone of his status and something happens that means she disappears from his life. Perhaps she was murdered or banished. I want this to be a discovery - no point in knowing the story from the beginning - where's the fun in that?

This man is going to recognise my character and be in love with her because she is the reincarnation of the woman he loved long ago but remember she doesn't know who he is.

Most of all I want someone creative and willing to work with me on this.

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Constance looked the man over as he spoke and she found herself rather confused by the whole situation. Only a few days ago they had found this chest, which had seemingly been buried for hundreds of years and now this man was claiming that it belonged to him. So many questions reeled through her mind. How did he know the chest was here? Where did he come from? Was he just a member of the press trying to get a scoop on the story? However it was the mention of the key that grabbed her attention. If he had a key, they would be able to open the chest without causing any damage to it and she had been driving herself crazy over how to get the thing open for days.

She tried to think for a moment but the man appeared to be in such a rush to get the chest and get out of there, his desperation worried her slightly. It was her job to protect history and she couldn’t simply hand the chest over because that would go against everything she had ever worked for. Not only that, but the chest was not hers to give. Everything they found belonged to her benefactor. The benefactor who just so happened to walking into the room just as Eric interjected in the situation. She looked back at Jason and then towards Eric as he suggested taking him into his tent. [b “You do that, I will be right with you.”]

A deep breath and a momentary closure of her eyes allowed her a second to compose herself. [b “Jason, sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m Constance James.”] She said as she held out her hand to formally introduce herself. When Jason met hers with his own, she felt her usual discomfort with human contact and she could almost feel his ego surrounding them. His smile told her everything she needed to know about how much the man loved attention and she did well to hide her displeasure towards the way he took in her appearance. She had not officially met the man yet and she had not expected him here today either. Perhaps their last phone conversation had forced his hand.

[b “This is quite a dig you have going here Miss James. I am sure that I have the best team for the job after my observations but I must say that the discoveries are not as often as I would have liked.”] The male voice spoke, laced with disappointment as he looked towards Constance, almost a flicker of blame crossing his eyes and her eyebrows furrowed in response. [b “There were a few minor discoveries made a couple of weeks ago when the landowner began to dig to lay the foundations of a further building. Simple things that would not usually warrant and interest but I for one, find such trivial things fascinating.”] He seemed to fill the need to talk and fill the silence and she found the quality rather irritating. She did not want to be having this conversation when the claimed owner of the chest with a [I key] was so nearby.

[I Lies.] She thought to herself. [I You don’t care about any of this. You simply hoped that there would be more to find.]

[b “A diary of sorts was found, belonging to a common girl. Her name is unknown as she only ever signed with her initials but we thought there would be more to discover along with this.”]

[b “A diary?”] Constance spoke up now and she did not even try to hide anger. How had he managed to keep such an item away from the one person who was leading the dig? How could he have not mentioned this before? This might have been linked to the chest and he is only just now bringing it up, so casually as though it did not even matter. [b “Why is this diary not within my possession? Everything found of this dig, including that discovered beforehand, thus warranting such a dig, should have been handed over to the investigation team.”]

Jason looked at her with simple amusement and shook his head with a laugh. [b “It’s of no importance. A simple diary from a woman drunk on infatuation. It is rather amusing but I was sure that it would not be important. How could it be?”]

Constance scowled and raised her voice slightly. [b “How dare you!”]

Embarrassment is all that she felt now. She had lost her temper with her benefactor and she found herself inhaling and exhaling slowly to bring herself to a calmer state.

[b “I expect that any found artefacts will be moved to my office by midday tomorrow. If you are funding my team to complete such a project, you must allow us to actually work with the artefacts that warranted this dig in the first place.”] She shook her head and allowed a sigh to escape her lips. [b “I suggest that we reschedule our working lunch until I have had the opportunity to examine the artefacts you will send. It may give us more clues about the chest; it may be completely unrelated but either way, our business is complete until then.”]

Constance turned around, searching the site for her assistant Logan, who seemed to be lost in conversation with a woman who stood flirtatiously. An eye roll and a harsh tone was enough to grab his attention and as called his name she turned back towards Jason. Logan was able to hear her from the distance between them now and so she continued to speak. [b “Logan here will continue with your site visit from here on out. I have work to do.”] She said simply, moving away from the man and made her way back to the tent where Eric was waiting with Delta.

[b “It seems my meeting with the benefactor was cut short.”] She said, trying to smile towards them as they entered. She sighed as she looked over the evidence presented to her and she ran her fingers through her hair. [b “Well I just pissed Jason off, why not piss him off more by handing the chest over to a complete stranger.”] She said, humor almost lacing her tone. She looked towards the man and tested the waters for a moment. [b “Would you be willing to at least open it before you leave so we can catalogue the items?”]
  Constance / d1gn17y / 125d 13h 6m 32s
When the male heard a woman's voice asking who he was, he spun around and looked towards her. [b "My name is Delta Haynes, and that chest in there, it belongs to me. Well.. It belonged to my grandmother, but she left it to me. I know she did. I have a letter, and pictures to prove it. Along with a key"] he said. He knew he shouldn't have said anything about the key, but he was too worked up to even care. He felt a strange pull towards this woman, and he didn't quite understand it. He sighed lightly rubbing his face.

[b "Can I please take what belongs to me, and I promise you I will be out of your hair. I just want what belongs in my family"] he said again. If this chest held something of his grandmother's, then he had a right to it. These people couldn't hold it from him. They could try, but he had the proof in his hands, that it was his. He stood there looking around at everyone. [b "Seriously, if you give it to me, I will be gone. Just don't bloody stand there, looking at me like I'm a nutcase!"] he shouted.

The other's around him looked away, and he felt a man's hand on his arm. [i "What's going on here boy? Why are you so worked up? You aren't part of this dig, hell you aren't apart of this team. So kindly tell me what's going on"] Eric said. [b "Like I told the woman there, my name is Delta Haynes, and the chest I saw your crew moving, belonged to my grandmother. I have proof of it too"] he said. Eric looked around at everyone and he groaned lightly. [i "Everyone get to work. I got this handled"] he said.

He then turned to Constance, [i "Let's take him into my tent and see if we can get this all figured out"] he said. Delta nodded a bit. [b "Thank you"] he breathed out. Then the name hit him. Constance was the name in the letter. His grandmother had mentioned it, but he shoved that aside for the time being. He followed behind Eric into a tent, and waited for the woman. [i "Can I see the proof that the chest belongs to you?"] he asked. Delta nodded and pulled out the pictures, and handed them over.

Eric looked though them, and he let out a low whistle. [i "Constance, will you look at that? The boy is right. The chest is his."] he said handing her the pictures. [b "I have the letter as well, if you want to read it"] he offered. Eric shook his head [i "No, the pictures are enough. When did you come across them?"] he asked. [b "I came across them this morning, while I was cleaning out my grandmother's attic. I don't know if you'll believe me, but I didn't take those pictures. I don't have the right camera"] he muttered.

Eric nodded a bit, and rubbed a hand over his face. [i "I don't think you are lying about this. Constance, we need to give the male his item, and we need to do it now"] he said. Delta felt a huge load off his shoulders just then. He was getting his chest, and if it meant pissing the woman off, then oh well. He was getting what was his, then he could go home and open the chest, and see what's really inside of it. All he had to do now, was wait and see what the woman had to say about it.
  тale / SweetDisaster- / 137d 15h 39m 5s
[b “I’m [I not] doing an interview. We don’t know anything about the chest or the origin of it yet. I’m not going to talk about something without having all of the details and neither should you.”] Constance was now on the phone trying to reason with their benefactor about why she had refused to do an interview for the local news. It was so frustrating to have a benefactor who seemed to use the dig as a way of raising his own profile. He had provided them with the resources to carry out the archaeological dig and that made him look good when they found anything of significance. After a minute or two of talking she finally managed to convince him to wait before setting up an interview. Constance made the argument that anticipation of what is in the chest will be more than enough to keep the public happy for now and until they can answer their questions, they needed to wait.

[b “If you don’t do the interview I’m going to pull my funds. Then what are you going to do?”]

The phone went down and her hands came up to her face. She was fatigued after the day they had and she was sure that she could have fallen asleep at her desk if she allowed herself a single minute to sit there. Instead she rose from where she stood and went towards the room where the newly found artefact was being held. It really was something of beauty. The craftsmanship was unique and unlike anything she had ever seen before and that lock had captivated her. Constance felt familiarity but she couldn’t place the feeling as she knew that this was something that she had never come across before. She had spent hours searching that trench in hopes that there was a key that would unlock it but she had not been so lucky and there was not a chance that she would have that lock broken, not matter how much she craved to see the contents of the chest.

[b “What secrets do you hold?”] She said, speaking aloud as she placed her glasses upon her nose and picked up the lock and read the Latin words once more. She had translated it the moment she got into the office. [b “Eternal is the flame of life.”] The text itself was simple and beautiful. Letting go of the heavy lock once more she removed her glasses and walked over to the catalogue to write down the translation.

She hadn’t changed or showered since finding the object and she found that the mud had dried her jeans to become quite rough against her knees as he moved and she forced herself to head home a change her clothes and enjoy a shower and a sleep before she would come back and work on a way to unlock the chest in hopes that the items might help her date their find. She would also need to research the text, hoping that it would link to a specific family or something of the sorts.

[I The next day…]

Refreshed from a good night sleep, she tried to force a smile at her appearance in the mirror, trying to judge whether she would need to do anything else with her presentation. It was not that bad, she still radiated beauty even in the plain dress she had chosen to wear to work and she placed the finishing touches to her make-up by dabbing her lips with clear lip gloss. Her blue eyes had already been defined by the simplicity of an eyeliner pencil and mascara but she avoided all other forms of the paint to avoid over doing it. She took one last judgmental look at herself and decided that it would do. She didn’t usually care about the way she looked but she had to go to a lunch with the benefactor later to keep in the loop about the dig and rather than requesting written reports, he preferred the dining and conversation.

The morning was busy at the dig site and when she arrived she found that confusion found her quickly. There was shouting and chaos surrounding the chest and she instantly started to move towards the crowd with haste.

[b “What on Earth is going on here?”] She asked as she looked around the faces of people she found that she saw one she did not recognise and he did not have a badge to authorise his presence here. [b “Who are you?”] She asked, not unkindly.
  Constance / d1gn17y / 137d 18h 45m 2s
A small sigh passed though the male's lips as he leaned back, and ran a hand over his face. He had spent the last couple of hours in his grandmother's attic, cleaning it out. As he was about to stand up, something caught his eye and he reached out for it. He pulled an envelope towards him, and he realized there was something inside. He stood and brushed his jeans off, and took his findings down stairs. His family had left a couple of hours ago, but he made the choice to stay awhile longer. He had been closer to her, than anyone else.

He went into the kitchen and placed the envelope onto the table. He went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of coke. He opened the cap and took a swig. He then moved over to the table, and sat down. He pulled the envelope towards him, and he opened it slowly. Inside was a letter, along with pictures. He reached for the pictures first, and started going though them. They were of a chest. A really pretty looking chest. It had his families crest on it as well. The lion on the padlock. Strange.

He set the pictures aside, and reached for the letter. He opened the letter slowly, and started reading it.

[center [i Dear Delta,]]

[center [i If you are reading this letter, then that means I finally passed away. I'm so sorry that you are dealing with the pain of losing me. You were the best grandson a woman could have asked for. Thank you for listening to all of my stories, and for going on adventures with me. I hope to God, that you will keep those memories close to your heart. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are a special young man, and I love you.]]

[center [i The reason I'm writing you this letter, is because I want you to find my chest. I have left you the key as well. The pictures are of the chest, and are inside with this letter as well. As soon as you find the chest, open it up and you will find some things that I had found on my travels around the world. Some of them will tell you, about who you really are as well. Don't let anyone get their hands on that chest. It's really old, and dear to my heart.]]

[center [i I know it's a strange thing for me to ask of you. But if you come across a woman named Constance, trust her. She's the only one who can see what's inside of the chest. Besides you of course. There's two things inside of there, that are for her. I'm sending you onto another treasure hunt, and I hope this treasure hunt, will help you realize what it's like to really love someone, and to be loved by someone as well. I love you my darling, and please don't let anyone have that chest.]]

[center [i Love always,]][center [i Grandmom.]]

The letter was really strange, and why did he have to find a woman named Constance? What the bloody hell was going on here? He read the letter over, and over again. She didn't really leave any clues. He sighed lightly, as he reached for the envelope once more and pulled the key out. It matched the padlock, and he tucked it into his pocket. He grabbed the letter, and the pictures shoving them back inside of the envelope. He then made sure he had his drink in hand, and headed out of the house.

He locked the door behind him, and went to his car. He slid inside placing his items beside him. He then started the car up, and pulled out of the driveway. As he was heading back to his apartment, he decided to go a different way. As he was passing by a dig site, he looked out the drivers side window, and he spotted the chest. His heart slammed against his chest, as he slammed on the brakes. He pulled over to the side of the road, and shut the car off. He sat there, trying to figure everything out.

He grabbed the envelope and climbed out. He walked right to the dig sight, and went to the tent holding the chest. [b "Excuse me, but that chest you have, belongs to me."] he called out. The people stopped and looked at him, like he was crazy. He stood there with the envelope in hand, his eyes on the chest. [b "Can I have it please? I need to take it home with me"] he said. The people stood there eyeing him, and the silence was really getting to him. That's when everyone started speaking at once. [i "You can't be here"]

[u "You really have to go, please. You aren't allowed here"] and he couldn't tell what the other's were saying. He stood there, and shook his head. [b "I'm not leaving, until I have that chest in the backseat of my car. It belongs to me, and I need it back"] he hissed. His temper rising a bit. He wasn't about to lose his cool, but if he didn't get the help he was seeking, then he just might.
  тale / SweetDisaster- / 137d 19h 2m 13s
The thrill. That was what Constance loved most about her line of work. The definition of thrilling probably wouldn’t have married well with the idea of digging through the dirt and reading old manuscripts to learn about the past. At least not to other people. For Constance, it was her entire life and not just something that she did as part of a mundane job that she just had to do to keep herself afloat in the world. There were hundreds of stories out there, yet to be discovered and she wanted to learn of the people from the past and how they once lived their lives. She craved the truth rather than speculation about what it might have been like once upon a time.

And here she was, about to embark upon a journey of discovery that she had ties to in ways that she couldn’t possibly imagine. It would change her life and she did not know it yet.

Tired eyes darted towards the watch that rested upon the petite wrist of the young woman in question. It had passed midday and her dig had only just begun but she was already tired from the constant motion of digging. Constance looked up towards the sun beating on her and she raised her hand to wipe away a bead of sweat that had threatened to trickle down into her eyes. As she looked up she squinted and could make out a few figures above the trench that they had made in the ground and mumbled voices could be heard exchanging whatever anecdotes helped them work better. Constance preferred to work alone when she dug, mostly due to the lack of distraction that luxury brought her but that didn’t mean that she avoided her team all the time. In fact, she rather enjoyed spending her time with them, especially when they had items to catalogue. They would often share their theories and knowledge around certain items and she found that each person had their own interests and specialisms and that made them a diverse team, but also one that many desired to have working with them on digs such as this.

She pulled her attention back to the dirt that surrounded her body and shifted her weight slightly, exposing the slightly dampened and stained material of her jeans around the knee and she continued to dig. It might have been for minutes or it could have been for hours once she got back into it but that didn’t matter. She would do this for days on end if could.

[b “Hey Connie, you need to take a break. You’ve been at this for hours.”] A male voice came from above and a bottle of water came racing towards her and she caught it just as she dropped the instruments she had been using to shift through the dirt. A sigh escaped her lips and she swept her hair back, allowing herself a moment she catch her breath.

[b “Thanks Eric.”] She shouted up before hydrating herself with the cold water. She allowed her eyes to close when she took it in and felt the satisfaction creep in when she finally satisfied her deficiency of water. Constance hadn’t even realised that she was thirsty at first but now she was drinking, she couldn’t stop until the final drop was gone. Eric was right; she needed a break. That was literally the one negative thing that she could think of about her job. There were times she would get that wrapped up in her work and the dig that she would tire out her body and incapacitate herself the next day; rendering herself useless. She wouldn’t do that today.

Constance placed her hands on her thighs and pushed down on them to push herself up into a standing position and she turned around to begin walked towards the ladder that would allow her out of the pit she had created. As she took a step forward she felt the texture of the ground below her change. The dirt had been damp and soft but what was below her foot felt more like stone or wood. She lifted her foot and tapped it down repeatedly three times until she heard something that sounded like a knock and her heart began to race. Just then she forgot about the fact that she was going to take a break and she found herself back on her knees and using her hands to free whatever object it was that had surfaced.

A chest of sorts was what it seemed to be and she had just uncovered the top of it. Constance had no idea how big the thing was but she kept digging, exposing the old wood with iron detailing around some sort of hinge. Eventually a handle appeared on each side after she had unearthed the chest by a few inches and she grabbed hold of either side, pulling on the chest with every bit of strength she could gather until the chest began to become loose from the grips of the soil that encased it. Groans escaped her as he continued to tug and when it had finally been released she felt back slightly and she dropped the chest to the floor after feeling the full weight of it. There would need to be another person here to help her pull this up.

Constance smiled as she ran her fingers over the grove of the chest and lifted the lock that sealed the contents from her. The lock has some of emblem embossed onto it but she couldn’t make out the full image because of the dirt. She reached into her bag for a brush and brushed away the dirt away revealing a lion of sorts and some text which read [I Flamma de vita aeterna est. Latin. What treasures do you keep?] She thought to herself as she took in the beauty of the lock.

[b “Eric, I’ve found something!”] She shouted and he came down to her quickly, helping her pull up the chest.

[b “You were supposed to be taking a break!”]

[b “I know and I was, I swear. I was walking over to the ladder and I felt it. I couldn’t just leave it there. We need to get this cleaned up. Nobody touches that lock. There isn’t a key with it and there is no way in hell anyone is defacing that thing, at least until we know what it is.”]

Eric seemed to nod in agreement. [b “I will get it cleaned up and photographed and then we will send the update to the local tabloids. This is a high profile dig and we have been instruction to feed the media with an of our findings.”] As if he detected the distaste from her he tutted and shook his head. [b “I know you like to keep these things to yourself Connie but we are getting external funding on this and the guy wants the attention. If we don’t follow orders, he will pull the funding.”]

Constance grunted in reply and found herself sitting on the side of the trench as Eric called someone over to help move the chest and he threw her another bottle of water. [b “Drink up, your lips are too dry and I don’t want to making yourself sick out here.”]
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