Tale as old as Time

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You know the drill. "A love so strong it conquered time!"

Two people love each other so deeply, and are tied by the string of fate so closely, that they will meet and fall in love every time they reincarnate, lifetime after lifetime. But this story has a slight twist.

Long ago, there were two people who fell in love. This was a very regular story of love, sorrow and loss. Two people who were worlds apart but fought every obstacle in their path to ensure they could be together. Their story? Well that is to be discovered. They are the most famous love stories in history and literature, they are immortal and immortality is exactly the point to this story as the gentlemen in question is immortal. That's right. Cursed or blessed, this man can not die and it was a blessing until he finally met his true love. That was when it became a curse; a ticking time bomb of when he might lose her and because of his status within society that was sooner rather than later. I shall not tell you all the details because then what would there be to discover? I shall tell you though, that their love was not approved and there was more than scandal surrounding their relationship and how she was so wrongly taken away from this world well before her time.

Many years have passed. How long? Does an immortal keep track of time really? What would the point in that? It would be torture indeed to track the amount of time that they have been forced to walk upon the earth without being permitted to leave no matter how many times one might have wanted to or even tried. Death was not permitted for this immortal and the reason why was not know to him, nor had anyone he had ever met. But throughout his life he has been waiting for something; hoping that his love might one day be reborn and return to him and perhaps his wish had been granted.

She hadn't been an archaeologist for long before now but this was her biggest break through. She had happened upon something: An ancient love story that could change history forever. The story, again, is yours to discover. The fascination surrounding the case had attracted many eyes. Those of journalists and budding historians. Most of all though it catches the eye of the most prolific scholar of the period. Little did she know that she was the reason he was attracted to this case. Not only is she the image of the love he lost all those years ago but the discovery could unlock the secret about why they were separated in the first place.

What I am looking for...

So I have left this story pretty open because I would like my partner to have a say in how this story plays out. This is a love story with a historical element as well as the supernatural everlasting life. I am looking for the immortal male. When applying to play this character I want this person to have a think about why he might have been important in his time. Essentially he fell in love with my character in the past even though she was not worthy of someone of his status and something happens that means she disappears from his life. Perhaps she was murdered or banished. I want this to be a discovery - no point in knowing the story from the beginning - where's the fun in that?

This man is going to recognise my character and be in love with her because she is the reincarnation of the woman he loved long ago but remember she doesn't know who he is.

Most of all I want someone creative and willing to work with me on this.

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The thrill. That was what Constance loved most about her line of work. The definition of thrilling probably wouldn’t have married well with the idea of digging through the dirt and reading old manuscripts to learn about the past. At least not to other people. For Constance, it was her entire life and not just something that she did as part of a mundane job that she just had to do to keep herself afloat in the world. There were hundreds of stories out there, yet to be discovered and she wanted to learn of the people from the past and how they once lived their lives. She craved the truth rather than speculation about what it might have been like once upon a time.

And here she was, about to embark upon a journey of discovery that she had ties to in ways that she couldn’t possibly imagine. It would change her life and she did not know it yet.

Tired eyes darted towards the watch that rested upon the petite wrist of the young woman in question. It had passed midday and her dig had only just begun but she was already tired from the constant motion of digging. Constance looked up towards the sun beating on her and she raised her hand to wipe away a bead of sweat that had threatened to trickle down into her eyes. As she looked up she squinted and could make out a few figures above the trench that they had made in the ground and mumbled voices could be heard exchanging whatever anecdotes helped them work better. Constance preferred to work alone when she dug, mostly due to the lack of distraction that luxury brought her but that didn’t mean that she avoided her team all the time. In fact, she rather enjoyed spending her time with them, especially when they had items to catalogue. They would often share their theories and knowledge around certain items and she found that each person had their own interests and specialisms and that made them a diverse team, but also one that many desired to have working with them on digs such as this.

She pulled her attention back to the dirt that surrounded her body and shifted her weight slightly, exposing the slightly dampened and stained material of her jeans around the knee and she continued to dig. It might have been for minutes or it could have been for hours once she got back into it but that didn’t matter. She would do this for days on end if could.

[b “Hey Connie, you need to take a break. You’ve been at this for hours.”] A male voice came from above and a bottle of water came racing towards her and she caught it just as she dropped the instruments she had been using to shift through the dirt. A sigh escaped her lips and she swept her hair back, allowing herself a moment she catch her breath.

[b “Thanks Eric.”] She shouted up before hydrating herself with the cold water. She allowed her eyes to close when she took it in and felt the satisfaction creep in when she finally satisfied her deficiency of water. Constance hadn’t even realised that she was thirsty at first but now she was drinking, she couldn’t stop until the final drop was gone. Eric was right; she needed a break. That was literally the one negative thing that she could think of about her job. There were times she would get that wrapped up in her work and the dig that she would tire out her body and incapacitate herself the next day; rendering herself useless. She wouldn’t do that today.

Constance placed her hands on her thighs and pushed down on them to push herself up into a standing position and she turned around to begin walked towards the ladder that would allow her out of the pit she had created. As she took a step forward she felt the texture of the ground below her change. The dirt had been damp and soft but what was below her foot felt more like stone or wood. She lifted her foot and tapped it down repeatedly three times until she heard something that sounded like a knock and her heart began to race. Just then she forgot about the fact that she was going to take a break and she found herself back on her knees and using her hands to free whatever object it was that had surfaced.

A chest of sorts was what it seemed to be and she had just uncovered the top of it. Constance had no idea how big the thing was but she kept digging, exposing the old wood with iron detailing around some sort of hinge. Eventually a handle appeared on each side after she had unearthed the chest by a few inches and she grabbed hold of either side, pulling on the chest with every bit of strength she could gather until the chest began to become loose from the grips of the soil that encased it. Groans escaped her as he continued to tug and when it had finally been released she felt back slightly and she dropped the chest to the floor after feeling the full weight of it. There would need to be another person here to help her pull this up.

Constance smiled as she ran her fingers over the grove of the chest and lifted the lock that sealed the contents from her. The lock has some of emblem embossed onto it but she couldn’t make out the full image because of the dirt. She reached into her bag for a brush and brushed away the dirt away revealing a lion of sorts and some text which read [I Flamma de vita aeterna est. Latin. What treasures do you keep?] She thought to herself as she took in the beauty of the lock.

[b “Eric, I’ve found something!”] She shouted and he came down to her quickly, helping her pull up the chest.

[b “You were supposed to be taking a break!”]

[b “I know and I was, I swear. I was walking over to the ladder and I felt it. I couldn’t just leave it there. We need to get this cleaned up. Nobody touches that lock. There isn’t a key with it and there is no way in hell anyone is defacing that thing, at least until we know what it is.”]

Eric seemed to nod in agreement. [b “I will get it cleaned up and photographed and then we will send the update to the local tabloids. This is a high profile dig and we have been instruction to feed the media with an of our findings.”] As if he detected the distaste from her he tutted and shook his head. [b “I know you like to keep these things to yourself Connie but we are getting external funding on this and the guy wants the attention. If we don’t follow orders, he will pull the funding.”]

Constance grunted in reply and found herself sitting on the side of the trench as Eric called someone over to help move the chest and he threw her another bottle of water. [b “Drink up, your lips are too dry and I don’t want to making yourself sick out here.”]
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