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(CharaX) just moved to a new town due to (reasons) and his house sits next to a forest, a forest that most of the town is to frightened to go near. Then being bored one day (CX) enters the forest just to try and see why people are scared only to find a small cottage and the person who lives inside, someone not completely human.


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[Kodchasan [Center [pic ]

[#000080 "I know this is all of sudden but may I stay here... Hydrian?" ] Viloanic's voice even surprised himself, not meaning to actually say it out loud but might as well get this over with. He actually already enjoyed having the beast in his company, it was better than most company he could tell you that. And way better than his mother screaming at him.

Viloanic then made himself his tea, his fingers flying at hyper speed as he seemed to have some kind of hyperactivity.
  Angelstrike- / 126d 7h 52m 9s
Hydrian was surprised that the boy had an appetite as big as him but just chuckled and grabbed the sugar placing it in front of the boy as well as his own plate deciding he'd have just a small bowl of cereal so that the small human who reminded him so much of his own life before the curse could eat his fill. Once getting his cereal Hydrian sat down across from the boy and flipped on the television trying to make the situation as normal as possible though there truly was nothing normal about the current situation. Hydrian said nothing to the smaller boy figuring if he wanted to talk he would otherwise they could just enjoy each other's company.
  Hydrian / PeppermintPrincess / 129d 18h 27m 9s
[Kodchasan [Center [pic ]

[#000080 "Sugar. Lots of sugar and honey." ] Viloanic said quickly as his hands turned into a flash, grabbing at any food on his plate and shoving it in his mouth. It only took about five minutes for Vil to eat all the pizza rolls and chips, now starting his haunting descent on the sandwich.

It only took him a few moments before actually slowing down, his cheeks filled with a blush as he looked up at the beast. He didn't mean to eat this fast, it was just that he was literally starving. He wanted to ask for more but he didn't want to be rude or anything.

And thank god he had a really high metabolism.
  Thoth- / 162d 21h 41m 2s
[#00DE85 "I don't really wear shoes so you can if you want to though if you mess up the floor I won't really care it'll just give me something to do."] Hydrian said in answer to the boy's question barely looking at the smaller boy as he explored his living room that was barely furnished with a couch, a tv, and a small eating table that sat 2, but along the walls were pictures of him and his adopted family from the day he was adopted up to the point where he had started to change of course 2 years are missing due to his kidnapping. Though Hydrian didn't look at the boy if one watched him they would notice his ears twitching to follow where the boy went. Once the kettle started steaming Hydrian smiled, grabbed two cups and a plate of food and walked over to the table putting the food down where the boy could sit and filled the mug. [#00DE85 "What do you like in your tea? I have honey, milk, creamer, half and half, oh and sugar of course."] Hydrian asked heading back over to his fridge wanting to give the boy the chance to eat without being in the way. On the plate was a nice hearty sandwich, a handful of pizza rolls, and a few various kinds of chips and pretzels, Hydrian always did have a bad habit of overfeeding his guests his sisters always complained that they always had to go on diets after they visited him.
  Hydrian / PeppermintPrincess / 162d 21h 49m 47s
[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Tea? Oh god, Viloanic was like a whore for some good tea. He instantly turned around on his old and worn out shoes, barely tapping the door open and looking inside. He finally took a step in, closing the door behind him. [#2fd679 "Do... I take off my shoes...?" ] He asked quietly, not wanting to get the beast angry at him.

He decided to take off his shoes anyways, showing his dirty socks that were riddled with holes. He looked around nervously, tapping stuff with his index finger and exploring the living room mostly. He tried to rub his own dried blood and the dirt from his face but he really couldn't. He just wished that he would get in and out of her quick.

Because it would seem suspicious if he had his own blood on his face and that he was mistreated at home.
  Bellyache- / 163d 3h 29m 24s
Hydrian heard the boy speak and could not help but roll his eyes his body calming from the shock. [#00DE85 "The town already knows about me did you not hear the stories of the monster in the woods?"] Hydrian asked a small chuckle in his voice. When he continued to not hear the boy move Hydrian held his breath and opened the door enough so he could peek out and just saw the kid standing with his back to the door waiting. [#00DE85 "I am Hydrian.... would you like some tea? I will try and answer your questions as best I can."] he said before turning into the house leaving the door open a crack for the boy if he decided to enter and started making a pot of tea as well as some food since he was starting to get hungry, he did not know why he was being nice as his birthday was only about 4 months away and he would lose everything, but he guessed it was due to his perpetual loneliness because unlike a certain Disney movie he was the only one cursed and had no magical dishes to sing to him.
  Hydrian / PeppermintPrincess / 163d 22h 55m 28s
[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Viloanic was always a curious child and this time it leads him into big trouble. It was only a week since he'd arrived into the new town with his parents who really didn't care for him, hell they were kind of abusive. So, to escape the pain of his parents, he would go around the town, looking around for new friends since he was 18 but could barely be responsible.

He was always wearing long sleeve shirts and skinny jeans in the middle of the hot, HOT summer which tended to be a bit sketchy but nobody cared. Today, he wore white skinny jeans and a huge, teal hoodie as he walked to the forest where the people of the town has been telling him not go into.

He was seriously pale and most of his skin was covered by his clothing, secretly to hide the open wounds, bruises and cuts all over him given him to his parents. Another thing was that he was gay. God, the shit that had caused him to go through made him even worse.

Which all pushed him to go to this forest and find this cottage and see what was in it. There could be a murderer or rapist there, he really didn't care and he stepped up to the front of the house, wearing dirty dark blue converse. His clothes were also looking very worn and torn and his face was covered in soot and a bit of dried blood.

He finally knocked, staring at the doorway when it opened. All he could glance at was just fur and his jaw dropped before the door slammed in his face again, leaving him frozen there. Eventually, he heard the voice and he just stood there for a few moments before opening his mouth.

[#2Fd679 "... Uhh... nothing... I'm gonna go home... [size9 And tell everybody what I saw." ]] He gulped and said loudly before turning around and just standing there for a few moments. It was all shock and terror that was doing this to him. But at this point, he was exposed to Hyrdrian. All it would take is a neck around his throat and he'd go submissive.

Then he was sure that when the beast caught him, he would die in a second. Maybe he was wrong but he sure was probably gonna get manhandled.
  Bellyache- / 164d 13h 26m 45s
[i It was a cold snowy day when Hydrian was born to two people who, though they thought Hydrian was beautiful, could not keep him due to social pressers and financial issues. This left the boy to be raised in foster care until he was 10 at which he was adopted by a small family of witches and he was happy all until the day a war between his family's coven and a dark coven to the west broke out and unfortunately Hydrian was caught in the middle and he thought he was going to die in the war but a boy from the other side found him and dragged him out of the fight and the two hid away and learned quite a bit about each other, how they were both adopted, how they both began their lives as unwanted children, but most importantly how they were both gay. Being gay to the coven's wasn't that big of a deal since the magic of this world could allow men to give birth, but as they were of warring clans they had to keep their relationship a secret.]
[i The two dated in secret for almost 3 years then on a nice summers day the boy betrayed Hydrian as he brought him home to where the dark clan waited and the dark clan abused and used Hydrian for 2 years forcing him to birth several children before dumping him in a ditch with a curse. A curse that fortold the boy's mind would end at 21 years of age all the while his body would turn into that of a beast and would live on past him as a wanted thing unless he could bring himself to fall in love with another mate who would love him as he was. Upon waking with this curse the boy went home and told his family what had happened and they all cried and Hydrian was glad that his family still loved him, but as his body began to change the coven decided it would be in Hydrian's best intrest that he move to a cabin in the woods far from the war, so that is indeed where he went and where he has stayed since that day now at age 20 just waiting for his 21st birthday to come and his life in this form to end.]

The morning was dark and cold as Hydrian woke to nightmares and he sat up in his bed sobbing his body trembling at the memories that soon locked themselves away and he got up and moved to the bathroom to take a nice warm shower. Once out Hydrian looked at himself in the mirror and flinched his snout had grown bigger and his mane was thicker than they were last week. The boy put his arms around himself in a bear hug shivering before walking back to his room to force his body into sweats. Once he was dressed Hydrian headed into the main room where he turned on his tv and laid down on the couch watching the would around him continue without him and a single tear fell from his eye as he fell back to sleep.
Hydrian woke several hours later to a knock on the door and he yawned standing up figuring it was his sister coming to bring him food, after all there was a rumor of the creature in the forest that kept the townspeople away, so when he opened the door only to find a boy on the other side panic in his mind set in and he quickly closed the door again. [#00DE85 "Who are you? and What do you want?"] he yelled through the door not having heard the boy run in fear as so many others had long ago.
  Hydrian / PeppermintPrincess / 165d 21h 1m 54s

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