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[center Character A, a recent widow, has received some disturbing clues in the mail. Her husband had died xx amount of time and during that time, something itched in the back of her head, his death just wasn't right. The clues she received in the mail only verified her concerns. Knowing this needed to be handled quickly, she rushes to the police station.]

[center Enters Benjamin Lumswick. He is a detective that just recently moved here due to promotion. Everyone around him isn't interested in the widows case but him. Decides to look into it.]

[center From here the two explore clues, traveling distances to uncover something that might of needed to stay covered. Lies, betrayal, all comes into question.]

[center [ Benjamin Lumswick] &]


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Roslyn appreciated the apology but it was not something that she needed at this point. While she had mourned her husband’s death, all she felt now was anger because she felt as though her husband had a life she did not know about. There were a thousand things he could have been lying about and she could have lived her entire life without truly knowing who her husband was. Although she couldn’t help but think that this was something that would have been better for her. To be left in the dark would have saved her a world full of pain.

The woman sat patiently as Benjamin typed away and scrolled through whatever file had come up before him. Her heart fluttered with anticipation wondering if there would be something she didn’t know. She was sure that this feeling would be something that would stick with her for the entirety of this new investigation. When he finally broke the silence she swallowed hard and glanced towards him. It was hard to believe what she was hearing right now. Everything she was being told echoed in her mind. She was told that they [i had] performed an autopsy and the results of a heart attack had been confirmed already. Now she was being told that there never had been one and that they would need to retrieve his body so that they could perform an all new autopsy.

[b “I don’t understand. They told be they had performed an autopsy. They gave me a copy of the report. Are you saying that it was a fake?”] She asked as he started to put the paper in front of her. Her eyes flickered from the paper to Benjamin, back to the paper where there was a big X requiring her signature. She did not hesitate to sign it. She needed answers otherwise she wouldn’t have made her way to the precinct in the first place. Roslyn sighed as she set the pen down and allowed herself a minute to look over the card he slid in front of her.

[b “Thanks.”] Her fingers slid over the card and she slid it in her back pocket as she rose from her seat. They had talked about everything that they could for now and she needed to let him so his job. [b “I will give you a call if I need to. I just wanted to thank you for giving your tome for this. I was fully expecting to go home and have to start my own investigation.”] A quite laugh escaped her and she said her final goodbyes before starting towards the door and somehow found her way back to her house.
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He took a moment, pausing before entering his last name. [b "I..I truly am sorry that we have to dig this all back up again. I know how painful it can be."] He sympathized with her. Being a police officer, he knows how painful it was. Especially when he was the one to break the news of the death or murder...whatever it may be.

He hit the enter key and right away his file came up. Rick McOhuan. Died of an alleged heart attack. There was no autopsy report. [i "Duh!"] He thought to himself. They didn't think he died of unlawful causes back then. [i "Great, now I'll have to dig his body up."] He threw around in his mind, looking towards the woman. She would need to give permission for that to happen. [i "Do I really want to risk her getting more upset?"]

[b "Alright, Mrs. McOhuan. I've got his file. They never performed an autopsy report because it wasn't seen as him dying of an unlawful cause. However, him being so young, I would've thought this would be performed."] He explained to her, typing in a few words into the file. He sighed, looking away from the computer, straight at her. [b "I know this is such a difficult time for you, ma'am. I would like to investigate this further and in order to do so, I need your permission to perform an autopsy report. Do you understand what that means?"] He asked her before continuing. [b "We would need to dig up your husbands remains."]

He paused for a moment, letting that sink in. They always taught you to give them a moment. It was a lot to take in.

[b "If that is okay with you ma'am, I'll need you to sign this paper."] He swirled his chair around to his printer behind him. He grabbed the bright yellow paper off the catch tray. He turned back around, grabbing a pin and marking a big, bold 'X' where she needed to sign. [b "Right there, ma'am."] He said, slidding the paper over to her.

[b "I promise you I will do what I can. If I find anything suspicious, I will contact you right away. Here,"] He crammed his hand in his back pocket, fumbling around for a second before coming up with his wallet. He slide out a business card, laying it on the table and pushing it towards her with his pointer finger.

[b "This is my card. If there is anything you remember or you just need to talk, let me know. Call me anytime. It's my job to help you."]
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Roslyn took a moment to breath, making sure that kept her composure through something that she found really difficult to talk about. She thought that she would never have to think about her husband’s death in such detail again but it wasn’t as though she could keep all of this to herself and forget that she had received the photograph and the letter through the post that morning.

After she took a moment, she looked up at Benjamin once more now that he was talking and she almost laughed at the man’s enthusiasm. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were discussing her husband and his possible link to the cartel, she might have let herself chuckle a little bit. Roslyn nodded when he mentioned her husband’s death.

[b “I just thought that it was over that’s all. I have mourned him all these years and now I just feel angry.”] She said as she glanced over at the man before her; the man that would hopefully help her find out what [i really] happened to her husband all those years ago.

[b “No money troubles. We both had good jobs and I was left with a decent inheritance which suggests that there was no evidence of money issues.”] She shook her head as she searched her mind for something that might help her figure out why he might have had any kind of relationship with the cartel. [b “I wish I have more answers for you but nothing comes to mind. I genuinely have no clue why he consulted with the cartel, whether it was just that once or whether it was something that was a regular occurrence.”]

She pulled her hand up to her face and ran the fingers over her face as though she was attempted to get rid on her anger and frustration. [b “Rick McOhuan. M-c-o-h-u-a-n.”] There wasn’t anyone alive who had been able to spell that first time. She had no idea what the folder would bring up, especially since she had been told he had been clean as a whistle her entire life.

[b “I’m not sure what you would find.”]
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Ben noticed the woman looking around his office. He didn't have much time to decorate and if anything, he thought his office looked slightly cluttered with the boxes piled in the corner. His boss had dropped off a bunch of files for Ben to get familiar with.

He pinched the edge of the envelope with his fingers, taking it out of her grasp. He flipped open the fold, sliding out the picture. His eye brows scrunched together as he examined it. He occasionally looked up at Roslyn, confirming he was listening to her as well.

He did recognize the cartel member in the photo. His boss, Mr. Bradford, wanted him to familiarize himself with the local cartel since it was such a problem in this town. He found himself more confused as to why Bradford didn't want to look into this.

He almost chuckled when she said stress induced heart attack. [b "Seems a little strange, he seems like he was very young."] He mentioned, sitting the picture face up on his desk. That is what was nice about being an investigator; one look at someone and it just all came together.

[b "Well, to me, this is very interesting. Whether or not this man did have anything to do with your husbands death, it still needs investigated. I mean, shoot, its the cartel!"] He said, throwing his hands up in the air.

He really didn't understand why Bradford had no interest in this. Parts of himself doubted that the cartel killed her husband. The first rule is you don't let them know that. To him, it's like customer service. You do all that you can because the customer is upset. It's your job to make it right.

[b "I know how terrible this probably is for you. I couldn't even imagine,"] He took a pause, pressing his lips into a fine line.

[b "You really don't know how he would want to be talking to the cartel? Did you have money struggles and he needed money??"] He questioned her, shaking the mouse that was on his desk. [b "What did you say your husbands name was? I'd like to pull up his file."] The computer screen reflected off his glasses as he typed in a link and waited for the name.
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She had expected the police department to be a little more cooperative with her, especially since this concerned a potential unexplained death but a part of her understood their apprehension, especially since this had never been a criminal case before now and her husband was unknown to the law, not even so much as a speeding ticket in his name. She cursed under her breath for his caution and found herself growing even more angry at her dead husband now that this secret had manifested itself. The police hadn’t even taken more than a ten second glance down at the photograph before completely dismissing her.

Roslyn began to push on the door as she heard someone shouting behind her although nothing made her think that the male’s voice was shouting for her so she did not even stop to think about turning around. However, just as her hand reached the door, it disappeared behind the muscular figure of a man she had not yet met. He was at least one foot taller than her and had perfectly groomed hair, along with a smart outfit that reminded her of what her husband used to say about looking good.

[i “Dress for the job you want and success is sure to follow.”] She might have smiled at the memory if she wasn’t so confused with the whole situation and angry about the past no longer remaining in the past.

Apparently in the space of five minutes, someone in the department had changed their mind about the worth of her case because the man before her was introducing himself to her and making apologies about her husband’s departure from the world. She pulled her hand back so that it was no longer stretched out to push the door open and raised her eyebrow as she looked at him. [b “Only a moment ago your [i boss] told me that this case had nothing to it and he wouldn’t waste valuable resources on the matter. I’m assuming that something changed his mind rather quickly.”] She tried to ensure that her tone was not too harsh considering it was not Benjamin’s fault for her predicament and she would need all the help she could get to figure out what actually happened all those years ago, even if she thought she had already put such issues to bed already.

[b “I’d be happy to.”] Roslyn followed after him as soon as he started to lead the way, keen to find out what this inspector thought of her case, hoping that he didn’t think that this was simply a write off too. She couldn’t help but wonder if their apprehension was more to do with the link to the local drugs cartel and whether the police just thought that it would be too messy for them to get involved.

As soon as they arrived at his office she stood and observed him close the door and the blinds so that they might have some privacy which was a little more than his boss was prepared to offer and she gratefully took a seat when he motioned for her to do so. As she lowered herself into the seat, Roslyn took a moment to look around the room. It didn’t seem to be personalised too much, which was more proof that he was new to town and she found herself wondering if that made him the best person for the job. Maybe he would delve deeper into this because he was not familiar with the local cartel. She could only hope that intrigue caught him as much as his desire for justice.

Roslyn nodded and handed over the envelope. [b “My husband died three years ago now. To the date in fact. The autopsy report claimed that he passed away due to a stress induced heart attack. It wasn’t until today when I received this letter and the accompanying photo that I began to even question if that might be true. Now, this could be some kind of sick joke but I can assure you that if my husband had anything to do with [i that] man, it is entirely plausible.”] As she spoke she pointed to the man whose face was clearly visible as he sat comfortably in his car looking up at her husband. [b “He is linked to the drugs cartel. I recognised his face from a story in the news a few years back. I don’t understand what my husband was doing with him but I know that he is a dangerous man and if he had dealing with him, his death could be linked to an array of things. He only had to piss him off once.”]

[i Christ it’s like I never knew my husband at all.]

She took a deep breath as she allowed herself to collect her thoughts and waiting for Benjamin to respond, expecting him to tell her the same thing that his boss did.
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[i "Fuck, fuck, fuck."]

Ben was already ten minutes late to his third day at his new job. He had moved up north from Louisville, Kentucky. He started as a simple police officer. Handed out tickets, handled public disturbances, simple things. It was when he answered his first murder call that his whole outlook changed. It was a father that had suffocated his twin boy's in their sleep and forced their mother to watch. He had called it in himself and calmly confess.

From there on out, Ben had been trying to score his first investigation case. He wanted to help those before it was too late. He wondered what made the father switch like that? Murder your own children with your bare hands? He couldn't fathom it and therefore craved for an answer.

He pushed through the big metal doors, coat tucked under his arm as his shoes clacked against the tile floor as he raced into his office. He walked through the wooden entry and was met with a sudden halt. His boss sat in his chair, shoes on the table. He had an oversized cigar for his little fingers. [i "Uh, good morning, sir."] He straightened his posture as he stood in front of his new boss.

"Ben, you're.." He shook his wrist, his watch shifting to where he could see the time. "twenty minutes late? Do you want to be here?" He asked, eyebrows raising in question.

[i "Why, uh, yes sir. I do."] He nodded, sitting his coat on the chair in front of his desk, taking a seat.

"Prove it." His feet made a loud noise as they hit the floor, he looked down at me. "There is a broad out in the front, she may or may not still be here. Came in rambling about a picture and her husband not dying of a heart attack, yada yada." He sounded so unamused. "There may or may not be something there, who knows." With that, he walked out of the room, before poking his head back in. "Are you not going to move your ass, Benny?"

[i "Oh, yes!"] He fumbled trying to get out of the chair, racing out the same way he raced in. He slid across the tile, catching himself on the wall. Ahead of him was a dark haired woman, slender figure. [i "Ma'am! Ma'am!"] He shouted, speed walking til he was behind her. He slide in front, blocking the front door. [i "I've never ran so much in my entire life..."] He huffed, struggling to catch his breath.

He stood up straight, fixing his tie. [i "Good morning, ma'am. I am Benjamin..I'm a little new to this town. My boss was telling me you had some information on your husbands death? Which, by the way, I am so sorry to hear about."] He paused, taking a moment. [i "Please, follow me to my office."] He extended his hand, walking past her.

He made the way to his office, occasionally looking back to make sure she was following. When he entered the office, he shut the door to allow for privacy and shut the blinds. He stood behind his desk, motioning for her to take a seat. [i "Please, start from where ever you're comfortable."]
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The pain of the loss of a loved one always stays with you. Whilst it might get easier to get through your day-to-day life without having that someone by your side, you don't necessarily ever let the pain go. Roslyn had been living with such pain for three years now. Three years ago to the date, she lost her husband. Ever since that day, she had been learning to adjust to the house that had become so quiet with his absence and she was only just about getting used to it once more. She no longer brewed two coffees in the morning by mistake and she no longer left those beautiful messages they used to leave each other on the bathroom window in the morning for the other to find. She was seemingly falling into a routine of normalcy; one that allowed her to go to work and come home without the feeling of pain. Now it was absence and sadness and while her heart ached, she was beginning to feel as though she was becoming herself once more.

Three years is a long time to try and get over someone but she couldn't bring herself to date or even think about starting to move on with her life. Losing someone so young due to a stress induced heart attack had really knocked her back. He had been so young and if she had known that his life had become so stressful that it had affected his health, she would have surely made changes to support him. A part of her blamed herself and perhaps that it why it took her so long to get over his death.

It wasn't until that morning that everything changed once more. She no longer thought that her husband's death was caused by anything natural like she had been told. She stared down at the envelope that bore her name and glanced over at the note next to it.

[i Roslyn, there is a lot you do not know about your husband. Are you really satisfied with thinking that someone so fit and healthy died of a heart attack? I know I would not be.]

The words brought tears to her eyes but it was the photo that had the weirdest affect on her. It made her feel lost and angry, almost as though she did not know everything about her husband. He was someone she didn't know but at least now she understood why he had always been clear about the fact that they should put off having children for some years. While she couldn't see her husband's face, she knew him anywhere and the man standing next to the car of a well-known cartel member was definitely her husband. She was not about to waste any more time. She was ready to go to the police and she could not deliberate anymore. She grabbed her keys, put everything inside the envelope and made her way towards the station.

The sun was not as strong as she had expected on this particular day which she was pleased about as she had decided to walk to the station and the extra strain of heat may have hindered her approach when she arrived at the police station. The taste of rich coffee brushed her lips and danced along her tongue as she entered into the building where she hoped she would find some answers. As the coffee slid slowly down her neck she allowed herself to close her hazel eyes for a moment before she threw the empty take away cup into the nearest deposit and headed for reception.

Her morning had been relentless. The people she had spoke to seemed to be disinterested with her case and they were confident that it would go nowhere since no one could prove that the man in the photo was her husband and no one seemed willing to want to drag up a case from three years ago; one that did not seem to have the slightest bit of suspicion or question around his death. Her angry sigh was not hidden as she made her way out of the room and she began to head towards the door. If they were not going to help her, she would have to help herself.
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