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Roleplay Responses

[center [font "Nyala" I'm sorry honey.. If you needa talk about it, my PM's are always open :D]]
  ғorever aғтer / BrokenScars- / 9d 3h 32m 47s
[center [size9 Doing great mostly, had some emotional rollercoasters today. Currently in Law and Justice studies- ]]
  『EM+J』 / Thoth- / 9d 3h 33m 29s
[center [font "Nyala" I'm tired as shit. About to try and get some sleep for work lol. How are you?]]
  ғorever aғтer / BrokenScars- / 9d 3h 34m 35s
Good Morning Sky, how are thou?

[size7 awkward filler. ]
  『EM+J』 / Bellyache- / 9d 3h 58m 41s
[center [font "Nyala" Good morning to whomever is around.]]
  ғorever aғтer / BrokenScars- / 9d 6h 22m 12s

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