I'm not really feeling like myself...

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I just got back from the gym today and began to think...A little too much. I sat in my room and realized how depressed I am...It's not a family issue, but a ME issue.

I have had writers block for a while and can only write a mediocre chapter to one story of mine and that's extremely rare. Usually takes months to write another one and my brother mentioned this to me that I need to write more...He told me I can die anytime and never have professionally published any of my stories because I take too long to write nowadays.

I used to be happy when I was writing but now ever since I got chronic writers block I just can't. I have so many unfinished stories and even my mom wants me to finish one she really likes, which is called Ambient Feelings...It's a slice of life book I am also working on.

My stepmom says to work on one book at a time and even try writing children's books but I don't know how to write a kids book.

Because of this writers block I have been very depressed and just fantasize about what it would be like if I became a famous author and it looks nice...The daydream is more pleasant than my predicament.

My brother is right...With me taking too long to finish these stories no one will ever get s chance to enjoy them. I can die tomorrow and they'll never be finished.

It's scary to think but it's the truth.

I found ES back in 2009 because I was looking up writing websites. My first stop was a website called writers.com or something like that.

I wanted to keep looking and I found the old ES and joined it and started to write a random short story based off of Runescape. Some loved it which was nice.

I then tried the Roleplay section and my life was completely changed.

It opened up a whole new door of writing for me...It felt good to collab with others to make a grand story. I never tried it until I joined ES.

I think one of the many reasons I also stopped writing is no one gives me feedback anymore. It felt good to know that someone took the time to read my work and tell me what they thought.

It made it more motivating.

But now paired with the writers block it just feels like I'm writing something that no one will ever see except me...

I used to ask people on here if they wanted to check my stories out after asking what genre they like so I can pinpoont a specific story but I felt like I was just being a burden and being annoying so I stopped.

I'm sorry for this long rant...I'm just depressed and in need of some people to listen and talk to.

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