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Roleplay Responses

"Dude..I'm already irradiated, I worked here when the damn thing decided to blow up and I was helping clean up and such",she says as she coughed
"Yeah that was before you decided to go and irradiate yourself!" Dean said, suddenly stern
"I did, you were there.....remember?",she says as she looked at Dean then wiped her nose with a tissue she had in her pocket
Dean turned around when he noticed and said "I thought you went to the doctors for that"
"Just reminiscing about the past is all",she says as she smiled then got in the backseat, sweating even though it was freezing outside then mumbled/rasped something.
A couple hours later, they were there, worried "Why were you here, sis?"
"Taser accident from a hunt 4 years ago",she explains as she looked at him then gave Sam and Dean the coordinates, waiting for them
Dustin turned around and immediately took Amy away from Chernobyl "You sure you're okay?" he asked worriedly
"Were coming back dont worry", she rasped as she looked around, red around her eyes and black underneath them
"Where are you?" Sam asked from the hotel, peeking through the curtains
Nods back then answered it "hey Zam",she says as she coughed into her hand then looked around
"You take that, I'll go in" Dustin said, nodding at the phone
She nods then heard her phone ring and seen it was Sam and answered it
"Maybe I should go in, babe." Dustin said, thinking between his radiation immunity and her bad heart, he should be the one to go in
"True",she says as she coughed then mumbled something, having a bad heart from a terrible electrocution a few years back while on a hunt with Sam and Dean

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