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"Good, still have adrenaline pumping",she says as she coughed
Dustin smiled and asked "Besides the obvious, how are you?"
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 47d 14h 59m 36s
She gently hugged Dustin and kissed his cheek as they drove to the hospital
"Not sure, didn't see them." Dustin admitted. "I was lucky enough to be able to see you two."
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 47d 15h 1m 44s
"Hows Mikku and Rikku?",she asks as she was helped into the Impala
"You both did." dustin said with a smile, holding Amy's hand gently
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 47d 15h 4m 41s
"Y..you did good",she says as she put her hand on his shoulder
"Oh, brilliant..." Dean winced, sitting down "Why did Sam have to be right?"
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 47d 18h 7m 24s
"How are you doing, Dean?",she asks him as she felt somebody help her up, the costume now off and in her street clothes
Dustin didn't say anything, mostly because he didn't want to make a scene
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 48d 10h 37m 45s
The medic said that they had to go to the ER "I'm just gonna be blunt with you, you have a piece of flesh hanging from your back",the medic says as she was helped out of the costume then looked at Dean.
Dustin walked in and kissed the top of her head gently "You sure your alright?"
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 48d 10h 42m 26s
She groaned as she was helped into a chair and squinted her eyes as Mikku got checked out by a medic, thumb tacks sticking into Amy's back "hows your jaw?",she asks Mikku as she gave a thumbs up
Dustin, being amy's girlfriend, got to see her after matches, so he went to find them
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 48d 11h 1m 22s
The wrestling match went off with a hitch, her winning after the Hamburglar (Dean) and grandpa Graham (Mikku) were eliminated and only left her and Rikku in a one on one fight. She hobbled to the back, blood covering the back of her costume and blood dripping down her face. She had two cracked ribs, scratches from the barbed wire chair and fluorescent bulbs, a gash on head from guitar and a piece of flesh missing from back from fluorescent bulbs "you okay bro?", she asks Dean, breathing heavily and raspily.

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