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Dustin chuckled and handed her his flask, which was always filled with vodka
She nods 'I need a drink",she laughed as she walked back to the car
Dustin followed her, waiting until she was finished to say "You feel better now?"
  Logan / Infra-Red / 12d 23h 15m 59s
She suddenly got out of the car and puked all over the grass, holding into a tree and rasped something as she spit into the grass, shaking slightly
"Stop the car" Dustin said, opening the door for Amy so she could do what she needed to do
"M gonna hurl",she says as she looked at Dustin, her face a pale green color
"Babe?" Dustin asked giving her hand a small squeeze
She could feel the nausea getting worse then squeezed her eyes shut
Dustin rested his head against her shoulder as she did this
She hummed to the music as she bobbing her head to it slowly as she closed her eyes
Dustin gave her hand a small squeeze and said we're almost to the hotel
She woke up, feeling nauseous but tried to fight it back, yawning kinda loudly.
Dean continued to glare at Dustin, who was now covering Amy with his coat
She was now half conscious and was mumbling incoherently as they drove back to the hotel
"Dean." Dustin said in a dangerously low voice. Suddenly the whole car became quiet after that

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