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Roleplay Responses

She smiled as she looked out the window then stretched some.
Dustin smiled and wrapped his arm around her, noting how they were losing altitude
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 28d 8h 29m 1s
She stirred in her sleep then woke up, looking around slightly then yawned some.
Dustin held amy while she slept, looking out the window with a sigh
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 28d 8h 45m 27s
She smiled then itched her neck as she ended up falling asleep, snoring slightly
Dustin grinned too, looking back at Jack. Amy knew better than anyone that he felt guilty not ever meeting his brother
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 32d 3h 2m 35s
"True",she says as she started to talk to Charlie again "remember that time Elton took us to the LA haunted hayride and Heath screamed so fucking loud he lost his boice?",she says as she laughed.
"They are not used to seeing you and Dustin this happy." Jack said before sam and dean could shut him up
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 32d 4h 25m 6s
"Why are you staring at me?",she asks, knowing she had a weird life then coughed
Dustin knew they were staring, and flipped them off with his free hand, kissing Amy's forehead
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 32d 4h 31m 6s
"True, we have the weirdest group of friends",she says as she snuggled Dustin, feeling Sam and Dean staring at her
"But you got your own snuggle buddy now" Dustin said slyly
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 32d 4h 33m 24s
She kissed him back as Chsrlie as te some sour gummy worms "what's even more fucked is that on multiple occasions, we've all shared a bed, like I'd walk into the living room and Scotty and Todd would be snuggling on the couch",Charlie says
Dustin grinned and kissed Amy before looking at sam and dean too. Both were talking to Jack, who they brought along to get to know his brother
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 32d 4h 38m 37s
"Like he and Jason were dressed like chicks and we were trying to get into frat houses and he made out with a random guy while driving home",she says as she glared at Dustin, looking at Sam and Dean.

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