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Roleplay Responses

She smiled as she heard Charlie do a bird call and did one back, laughing
"As long as we're crazy together, I don't care" Dustin said
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 11d 2h 49m 40s
"We look like a group of crazy people",she says as she laughed as she looked around
"You realize how fucking adorable you are when you wear a onesie, right?" Dustin asked, smiling
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 11d 2h 53m 27s
She burst into laughter, her onsie being rainbow and had a hood
DUstin smiled and kissed back, flipping everybody who was staring off
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 11d 3h 11m 31s
She smiled as she kissed Dustin, getting stares since she was in a adult sized onesie and back where its freezing out.
Dustin smiled and followed, rolling his eyes. When he caught up to Amy he pulled her into his arms and said "Your lucky I love how crazy you are..."
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 11d 3h 19m 41s
She laughed then smacked Charlie on the butt in a playful way, making him yelp in surprise and chase her around
Dustin smiled, looking very different in normal people clothes than his normal Hunting gear, holding hands with Amy while Constantine wrapped is arms around Charlie
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 11d 3h 28m 45s
About a couple days later they were released and they were at Walmart "Suck my motherfucking dick spiderman",Charlie says in a flamboyant voice right into the camera, dressed in a half shirt and short shorts with Spiderman on them, having a tiny spiderman backpack on, Amy laughing.
Dustin smiled and crawled into the bed with her, falling asleep with her in his arms
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 11d 3h 40m 52s
She smiled as she fell asleep, snoring lightly as she twitched in her sleep
"Its actually kinda cute, if i'm being honest..." Dustin said with a chuckle
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 11d 4h 39m 36s
"Hes never had anyone in his life to do that for him",she told Dustin quietly

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