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They started to listen to music, them singing on the car as they started to go again, And We Danced by Macklemore playing
Dustin laughed as he watched the video, holding Amy's free hand. "You know, we're in Russia... When in Rome..."
"Oh god, I forgot I had these"nshe says laughing as she looked at all the videos, clicking on a random video.

In the video she was in the car with her three friends on the way back from the bar and a long night of partying, her friend Mikku being the designated driver, her, Tails and Rikku being hammered from drinking. Amy was in the passenger seat and Tails and Rikku were in the backseat, it being 2 in the morning. She was wearing a black rammstein shirt,ripped blue Jean's and blue converse.

[#381089 Amy, what do you think of gay marriage?"],Mikku asks as Amy turned to look at him "g..gray marriage is so colorless, wait, did you say gray or gay marriage?",she says then asks, looking confused as Mikku burst into laughter [#381089 "gay marriage"],Mikku says as she laughed "oh, I thought you said gray marriage",she says as she coughed into her hand, her left hand wrapped in a heavy duty bandage.

They stopped at a stoplight and stopped next to a van as Mikku tried to keep Tails from jumping out of the car [#381089 "Tails is in the trunk...TAILS...CLOOSE THE TRUNK"],Mikku yelled as they laughed [#381089 "thank you"],Mikku yelled again as Tails closed it "I know it looks like a kidnapping but its not",she says/slurred as she coughed again then closed her eyes as she mumbled something quietly, Rikku passed out cold.
Dustin nodded at Charlie, now completely comfortable with him in their bed, and was glad that Charlie didn't make things awkward now that he and Amy were together

She laughed as she was carried then waved at Charlie then pulled her laptop back out
Dustin picked amy up when they wee out of the car and carried her to their hotel room on his shoulders, where Charlie already was feel like I got that wrong XD
She burst into laughter and seen the hotel then coughed as she itched her nose
"I'm sure it is" Dustin said, kissing her and he heard Dean groan

"In the car, seriously?" he said

"Dude, grow up!" Sam said, rolling his eyes
"It is a doozy",she says as she laughed at the memories
Dustin nodded and held her close pretty much letting her lay on his lap as he smiled down at her
Nodding "we gotta wait so everybody can see",she says as she coughed into her hand
Dustin raised an eyebrow "Really?" he asked, getting closer to his girlfriend
She pulled out her laptop "I got it all on film too",she says as she coughed some
Dustin laughed and took a swig after her, knowing he couldn't get sick, so it didn't really bother him.
She took a swig like a damn professional then got back in the car "oh god, flashbacks to drunk moments with the squad",she says laughing

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