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"They don't know im a blutbad or anything I am yet", she explained as she smiled at Sam and Dean
A raised eyebrow "You talking about me or...?" he asked confused
"I hope Sam and dean didn't see that",she mumbled as she laughed slightly.
The archangel nodded, still keeping his trusty revolver loaded. Besides Amy, that revolver was probably the only thing he [i fully] trusted
"Not right now",she says as she woged slightly into her blutbad form then back to normal
"I know, I could sense it as soon as I entered the plane" Dustin whispered, slowly loading his black revolver
She smiled then whispered to Dustin "theres a Bauerschwein here",she mumbled as she looked around
Dustin got into the plane, a skeptical look on his face, offering his hand to Amy like a good lil' gentleman
She sniffed the air then grimaced slightly as she looked around slightly.
Dustin would've much preferred to fly, but seeing as his wings were still busted even though they had twenty years to heal now, he would have to deal with his human device
She smiled as she seen Sam nd Dean then coughed into her hand some
Dustin did the same, taking Amy's free hand as they walked to the plane
She could hear the intercom say something then seen the plane coming up and grabbed her bags, along with Charlie grabbing his
Dustin continued to kiss her until he couldn't breathe, and seriously wondered if they gould get a part of the plane to themselves
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She smiled as they waited for the private plane since being in a mafia had its dangers as well as perks

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