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Roleplay Responses

"I guess you're right..." Dustin said with a sigh. "Say hi to Constantine for me."
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 46d 9h 48m 14s
"Ask her when the time you think is right",Charlie says as he smiled some
"What do I do, man?" Dustin asked charlie, his eyes pleading
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 46d 9h 55m 58s
"I know, I know",Charlie says as he sighed then coughed some
"I know... i've been side by side with her for almost 300 years..." Dustin whispered so Sam and Dean, who were watching tv in another room, didn't hear
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 46d 10h 32s
"She has been through alot of shit in the last 12 years",Charlie says as he put his hand on Dustin's shoulder
"I want to talk to her about it but i just... I don't know how to ask..."
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 46d 10h 6m 13s
"I would too",Chsrlie says as he coughed some then itched his arm
"We both just kinda... froze up. I panicked." Dustin admitted
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 46d 10h 8m 16s
"O..oh shit man, how did she react?",Charlie whispered back
"Someone asked me and Amy when we were getting married." Dustin whispered to charlie
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 46d 10h 10m 51s
Chsrlie walked to the living room and looked at Dustin, knowing he had something on his mind
When Dustin came back, he waited for Amy and Charlie to finish their conversation
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 46d 10h 18m 0s
Her and Charlie were talking about ghosts and other things as she itched her back some
Dustin smiled and said "I'll go post the video." He got up and started leaving the room
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 46d 10h 28m 52s

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