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Roleplay Responses

Dustin suddenly walked over to the machine playing music and picked All of Me and walked up to Amy. The last time they had heard this song, he had slow danced with her at their fake wedding
She smiled as Charlie dance with the guy he was kissing a moment ago
Dustin smiled and twirled Amy, admiring how well she danced, and how lucky he was to be with her
"Now you see why I'm comfortable with sharing a bed with Charlie",she says as she danced with Dustin and Charlie
Dustin chuckled as said "You're lucky i decided to bring along a spare shirt for you two."
She kissed him back, her shirt covered in a mixture of beer and liquor, Charlie kissing a random dude in the corner, making Amy smile
Dustin helped both of them back up and kissed Amy like he had never kissed her before, ignoring the groans of the drunken girls who had been eyeing him for a while
She nods and called an Uber. A few hours later, her and Charlie were dancing to And We Danced by Macklemore, Charlie lifting g Amy up but they lost their balance and fell into the fold out table
Sam and dean shook their heads though "You guys go ahead, we're gonna do the normal protections."
"Hell yea",she says as she looked at Sam, Dean and Charlie who she already knew he was in 200%
"Well, you guys in?" Dustin asked, taking another swig of vodka
"True",she says as she shrugged as she seen if her had the Russian currency in her bag
"Why not? We're all gonna be dead depressed at the- when it happens- why don't we just make the best of our time here?" Dustin said
"Like to a bar?",she asks as she looked at him, Sam, Dean and Charlie as she drank some liquor
"Why don't we just go somewhere?" Dustin said suddenly, taking a swig from his flask

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