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Roleplay Responses

"Man..my face is FUUUCKED up",she slurred laughing as she looked in the mirror
"Ah, what are they gonna do?" Dustin asked, being the only one of them that was somehow sober
"Sam and Dean are gonna be pissed",she says as she leaned on Dustin, Charlie singing to the radio
"No... he only drank what was over the counter. I went back and stole all their vodka in storage" Dustin said holding the drunken Amy
"C..Charlie drank it all",she slurred as she got into the Uber, blood under her nose and chin, a slice on her right eyebrow, blood dripping down her face, Charlie having a black eye and bloody nose
After all that, Dustin couldn't help but laughing. "Their gonna be so pissed when they realize all their vodka is gone!"
She winced and was kicked out of the bar, Charlie having a bloody nose and a black eye, Amy also bleeding and covered in beer and liquor
Dustin did a fancy flip and kicked the boyfriend straight in the jaw, not even flinching when he got hit with a beer bottle
She had the girl on the ground, hitting her in the face, the girl hitting her back, blood all over their clothes
Dustin then joined in, punching the dude's friend so hard he flew into the wall
She nods "hey, you fucking with my friend?",she asks as she pushed Charlie behind her, the guy's girlfriend sucker punching her in the nose, Amy punching her back as hard as she could, blood dripping from her nose
He smiled. {i oh its been far too long...] "Together" he said
"Want me to go or you?",she asks, knowing she knew how to throw down
"Can we seriously not enjoy [i one] slow dance with each other?" Dustin sighed
She smiled as she looked at Dustin then started to dance with him, a guy yelling at Charlie and seen him push him

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