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Dustin was playing as well, smiling while amy sat on his lap to play. Their child now had a meme that he was her designated chair
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 9d 3h 18m 36s
She stuck her hand out and coughed again. A few hours, her and Chsrlie was playing Mario "foil, like 'hand me some tin foil'",Charlie says in a slight southern accent even though he was born in Philadelphia.
Dustin did notice, and handed Amy a napkin, saying "Hand." calmly
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 9d 3h 38m 24s
She was set down then coughed some, not noticing the blood on her hand
"Bless you" Dustin said, still carrying her, not carin what Sam and Dean thought.

"At this point I won't even ask." Sam said
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 9d 4h 5m 58s
She laughed as she waved to Sam and Dean then sneezed a couple times into her elbow
Dustin opened the door and resumed his carrying of his girlfriend out of the car.
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 9d 4h 14m 21s
She felt the car stop and rubbed her eyes as she heard Sam and Dean talking then tilted her head confused
"No, but you looked really cute snuggled up to me while you slept. I've never seen you so peaceful... not since..." DUstin struggled to remember, having over 300 years worth of memories
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 9d 4h 32m 14s
She relaxed and smiled "I wasn't sleeptalking was i?",she asks as she rubbed her neck
"It's alright babe, your still in the car with me." Dustin said soothingly
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 9d 4h 42m 4s
She woke up with a start then looked around confused
Dustin smiled, his arms wrapped protectively over his girlfriend, the girl he had loved for hundreds of years
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 9d 4h 55m 18s
She fell asleep and was snoring slightly, grumbling from the bumps in the road
Dustin smiled and tossed the keys to Constantine so he could cuddle with Amy in the back, setting her on his lap with his arms wrapped around her.
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 9d 5h 26s

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