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Roleplay Responses

He planted a gentle kiss on her lips before falling asleep, his arms wrapped around her
She felt Charlie lay on her other side but since Charlie was gay, it didnt matter
Dustin didn't care, and he still snuggled up to her nonetheless, smiling
She was still covered in a mix of beer, liquor, her own and the girl she fought's blood, her hair sticking up in random places
Dustin chuckled and kissed her, gently laying her down in the bed
She yelped then mumbled something, having a thick Irish accent
He picked her up and said "Come on, we're getting you inside"
She helped Charlie up and brushed his face off as she looked at Dustin
Dustin rolled his eyes and said to Amy in a voice that he knew could get through to her "He's not mad babe."
"We was protecting Charlie from an asshole", she slurred out as she coughed some
"Oh I'm not judging. I'm just glad one of you is sober" Sam said laughing
"We didnt start it",she defended as she looked at him with glassy eyes
Sam was leaning over the railing, chuckling "You guys started a bar fight didn't you?"
She smiled, blood staining her teeth and pulled up to the hotel, Charlie jumping out and fell face first into the grass
"No, you're still beautiful to me" Dustin said, cleaning the blood off her face and magically setting her nose so it didn't hurt too much, not that it mattered, considering how smashed she was

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