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Dustin smiled and squeezed Amy's hand "I'd like nothing better than that babe."
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 45d 10h 4m 4s
"I can help you if you want", she says as she got into the van
Dustin turned off the camera and said "I'll edit everything together tonight."
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 45d 10h 10m 55s
They filmed a few more super gory scenes and wrapped up filming for the day, them all except Dustin covered in fake blood and sweat.
"Alright" Dustin said with a grin, setting his girlfriend down and picking up the camera
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 45d 10h 28m 19s
She laughs as Tails coughed "come on mate, we still have scenes to film",Tails says in his Irish accent
Dustin turned the voices, carrying Amy in his arms, just because he could
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 45d 10h 34m 26s
"I love you too",she says as she smiled then heard Tails, Mikku and Rikku's voices
"I love you." Dustin said, smiling as he wrapped his arms around her waist
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 45d 10h 36m 46s
She kissed him back then adjusted the stunt harness she was in and smiled
That smile made Dustin set the camera down and kiss amy like he had never kissed her before
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 45d 10h 42m 26s
Her and Mikku were dancing with each other and laughed as Amy looked at the camera, smiling goofily
Dustin was holding the camera, smiling as Amy explained. He was double-checking the footage
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 45d 11h 18m 42s
She nodded as she smiled then coughed some. A few hours later, Amy was at a filming of a very gory video her and her three friends were making called 'The Greenhouse Massacre' and was in the middle of an abandoned field with an actual greenhouse on the property. She was talking with the police about them making their video and if they get any calls that it's just them, her face, shirt, pants, arms and hands covered in fake blood and laughed with the police and smiled and waved bye "they were pretty cool, they said they were glad we told them before the calls came in",she says in her Thick Irish accent. her and Tails were dancing in between takes of the video, them both covered in fake blood and wearing sunglasses, listening to Up Down by T-Pain
Dustin nodded and said "I posted another video." He helped her up
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 45d 12h 50m 1s

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