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Dustin wheeled over and placed his hands on amy, warming her
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 12d 2h 56m 50s
"Shes frozen like a stickman",Mikku says laughing as Amy coughed "you left me",she yelled as she shivered some "what exactly happened?",Charlie asks as he laughed "i..it caved while I was digging",she says, feeling her body being dragged on the snow.
"Bring her over here." Dustin said, preparing some fire magic he knew
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 12d 3h 12m 19s
Tails pulled her out and her legs were frozen like a stickman, them sticking out straight "ow, watch my ankle asshole",she yelled, surprised that Sam and Dean didnt hear the commotion
Dustin watched all this unfold, and for once, he had forgotten about his father
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 12d 3h 19m 8s
"I farted once or twice, ow ow ow ow chill chill chill",she says as Tails dug her legs out "are you actually in pain?",Tails asks "yes!, I cant feel my toes",she says, Mikku bursting into laughter.
Dustin grinned and watched them, holding the camera steady
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 12d 3h 22m 1s
Charlie and Mikku started to dig her out after being gone for 45 minutes "did you fart in there? It smells like ass".Mikku says as Amy holds in her laughter.
Dustin was holding the camera, confined to a wheelchair
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 12d 3h 31m 31s
"I know, just trying to lighten the mood is all",she says. A few days later, her Charlie and Mikku was filming a video with a snow fort and was was digging while Charlie and Mikku were getting some supplies, the snow falling on her and covered her body except her head, hands and feet.
Dustin shook his head. "I know my father... that was him." was all his said. He was angry. Amy knew how much he despised his father
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 13d 8h 23m 57s
"The kid loves his food", she says as she coughed into her hand then felt a chill "maybe its Tom",she says to Dustin, smiling since Tom was a demon that seemed to follow her everywhere.
Dustin rolled his eyes watching Charlie. Really though, he was thinking.
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 14d 7h 26m 3s
"That's true",she says as she shrugged some as she watched Charlie basically rob the vending machines.
"Your saying that sam and dean wouldn't shoot the devil?" Dustin said, raising his eyebrow. "I'm pretty sure they already have. A couple times."
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 17d 11h 18m 39s

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