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"Shit",she mumbled as she ran to where the jungle biome was
"That's what I'm trying to figure out. And we don't have an angel ring or the minicio armor so we cant fly unless we kill a bird or something...
"How are we gonna find water?",she asks as she licked her dry lips.
Dustin continued chuckling and looked at the achievement book, where one of the achievements was to find water. When he looked on the minimap, there was no visible water in a 200 block radius around them
Charlie picked his stuff up as Amy ate something in the game since her health was running low
"Don't worry, kehaan added a mod so you can pick up your items from a non despawning skeleton marker." Dustin said, chuckling, giving charlie some food to apologize
"DAMMIT",Charlie yelled, his voice hitting a higher octave, making Amy laugh slightly
Suddenly, Dustin made a shushing noise and creeped up to where charlies base was, and killed him, laughing as he ran away
They nodded as Amy drank her drink then burped away from the microphone
"So, I'm looking at everything, and it looks like we actually have [i skills]" Dustin said "Like we need specific combat levels to fight specific monsters"
She found a small cave and started to build.her house
Dustin did the same, running until he found a suitable mountain.

//might need to go watch ssundee's trollcraft again to remember all this XD
"Good idea",she says as she ran in a random direction away from Dustin and Charlie
"Kehaan... why?" Dustin asked with a sigh. "Alright... I guess we should put our houses far away from each other so if we do any destructive trolls on each other, we dont blow our houses up."
"Oh God, I'm butt naked from the waist doen",she says laughing

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