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Her phone rang to Billy Marchiafava's Flexatron9000 and seen the contact number then pressed the answer button as she looked at Dustin, recognizing him from long, long ago and took her hand off Charlie's mouth, giving him a look "ewww, did you lick me?",she asks as Charlie laughed slightly, Amy having a thick Irish accent.
"I already know you're there." Dustin said calmly, taking his hands out of his pockets. He didn't seemed to be armed, and without even changing his expression he said "Trust me, if I wanted to hurt you, I would've already done it by now, Hunter."

Sam was the first one to notice Dustin looking particularly shady in the alleyway, and they could hear everything he said. "Is he talking to us, or someone in the alleyway?" he asked, sighing as Dean shrugged. "Hold on, I'm calling Amy. We promised her we'd call her next time something Hunter-related came up."
She turned her head at the sound then put her hand on Charlie's mouth to quiet him then looked around, putting a shaking hand to her lips as she listened quietly. Charlie was breathing heavily as he tried to ignore the pain going through his body, shaking from both the cold and pain.
"How can you still like tacos after getting killed by one?" Sam asked in the car, watching his brother Dean devour 5 tacos in near seconds. Then again, after everything they had gone through, from Hellhounds to the son of satan, to actually meeting god, and Dean getting possessed by Michael, nothing really surprised him anymore.

"Don't judge me. After dying over a hundred times, i really don't care. If it tastes good, I'm putting it in my mouth." Dead said, then looked to see Sam laughing. "What?"

"Nothing... It's just... Oh god... I could make [i so] many gay jokes with that if I wanted to" Sam replied

Approaching the alleyway was a tall male with black hair and light blue eyes. He had been called everything: Angel, Demon, Archangel... the closest one being Spawn of Satan. That's because he was. More specifically, he was the son of Satan, but he was also the son of an angel who had gone AWOL. Technically, he wasn't supposed to exist. He didn't take any of those names though, and because he was rushed as far away from heaven and hell alike, he had to give himself a name: Dustin Wolff. He saw the female all bloodied up, and instantly both sides of him came to life: The Demonic side wanted blood, the angelic side wanted to save them and give them as vessels to other angels. He was clearly torn, and clearly had no clue how to actually act
She was currently hiding in an alleyway behind some boxes then looked at her friend Charlie Kelly, who was unconscious beside her and held him up so he wouldnt fall then set him on the ground, leaned up against the wall. She mumbled something when she heard Charlie make a low groan, seeing him open his eyes painfully. "Look who's awake" she says in a raspy voice as she gave him a smirk as she fiddled her thumbs. "We make it home?" Charlie asks weakly as she took in Charlie's appearance. He had bruising around the left side of his face, blood splattered on the collar of his shirt and looked to have fingerprint bruises around his neck "we're in some alleyway about an hour where we were",she rasped out.

His left eye also seemed to be swollen shut and his bottom lip was split, causing blood to cover the side of his mouth, blood also covering half of his face, blood covering her nose and under his nose. Amy also had bruising on the right side of her face, blood covering the right side of her face and her right eye swollen shut, blood on parts of her shirt and fingerprint bruises around her neck, also having blood on her nose and under her nose. They both had extensive bruising on their torsos, legs and arms, Amy having dried blood on her right arm and left leg and Charlie having dried blood on his left arm and right leg.

She noticed that Charlie was shaking and didnt realize that she was doing the same, it being at least in the 50s outside, them only wearing a t-shirt and jeans "I cant believe we jumped out a 2 story window",she says as she laughed slightly, them both covered in soot due to the building they were at was set on fire, Amy coughing from smoke inhalation then mumbled something "want a cigarette?",she asks as Charlie nods, handing him one and lit both of their cigarettes, Amy sitting beside him. She felt her phone vibrate and shakily got it out of her back pocket, seeing the screen was cracked and checked the contact number "shit..its Mikku",she mumbled and pressed the answer button "hello?", she asks in a raspy voice, blood dripping from her mouth as she talked and waited for Mikku to start talking.

Both Amy and Charlie had dried blood in their hair making it stick up, Amy's hair in a boy cut style and dyed pink, making the blood even more noticeable and Charlie's hair was dyed blue, also making the blood noticeable, she took a drag from her cigarette and winced, seeing a shard of glass wedged into her right shoulder and side also had multiple cuts from broken glass when they went through the glass window. Charlie yelled out in pain, Amy seeing a huge shard of glass wedged in his left side and leg, it also looking like his ankle was sprained pretty bad, making Amy cuss under her breath. She noticed how cold she was and was shivering, trying to keep Charlie warm them suddenly leaned to the side, puking unto the concrete, noticing blood but ignored it as she coughed, bloody saliva clinging to her lips and groaned slightly.

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