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Roleplay Responses

"I..I swear I just seen a grisly car accident flash right in front of my eyes",she says as she looked at him
"What's wrong babe?" Dustin asked, looking at her carefully
"Y..yea",she says as she smiled as she seen flashes before her eyes then looked around confused
Dustin used some of his magic to simply just make the headaches disappear. "Better?"
She groaned slightly as she felt the pressure then closed her eyes
"Here, hold still." Dustin said, placing his hands on her forehead, his hands glowing slightly
"Yea been getting headaches after my space rescue",she says as she rummaged through her pockets
"You okay?" Dustin asked worriedly, holding her hand
Shrugs as she leaned back as pain went through her head
"Or doing videos with you." Dustin added, smiling.
"Besides rummaging in the sewer or throwing rocks at trains",she says as she looked at him
"at least charlie actually found someone. i dont think ive ever seen him so happy..."
"True",she says as she shrugged then coughed, taking a puff from her inhaler
"Doubt that'll help with Constantine, what with all the magic rituals he performs"
"Its a good thing I taught Charlie to read",she joked as she coughed

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