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"Alright...A least the russian part of the family like me!" Dustin said with a laugh
"I think were meeting family for lunch today",she says as she smiled some
"So, what do you have planned for us today babe?" he asked
She smiled as she kissed his hand as she coughed slightly
Dustin nodded and got up, his hand still intertwined with hers
Even Chsrlie rad finally ready to go, she nodded as she looked at Dustin
His hand found hers as they sat there, happily cuddling
"I love you too",she whispered back as she smiled slightly
Dustin smiled and kissed the top of her head, whispering a soft "I love you."
She smiled as she leaned on him then itched her nose
He shook his head "No you wouldn't. Cuz I wouldn't let you..."
"That and I'll break my neck",she says as she laughed slightly
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Finally he relented and pulled her down onto the couch with him "You don't need heel... You're already perfect to me~"
"My cousin is trying to get me to wear high heels...bitch..no",she says as she coughed
Dustin honestly had no clue what to do now. Part of him wanted to just stay at the hotel and cuddle with Amy

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