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"So anything specific we have to do today" he asked, holding amy
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 8d 4h 43m 24s
"Its getting better",she says as she smiled as she coughed some
Dustin wrapped his arms around her after he did so and said "Still bothering you, huh?"
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 8d 4h 47m 1s
She stretched, the mark of Cain red from where she was scratching then put some of her own deodorant on
Dustin got dressed and dried his hair off, putting on some deodorant
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 8d 5h 1m 0s
She smiled as she got dressed then put her hair up in a towel
"Anything for you babe." Dustin said with a smile.
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 8d 9h 9m 32s
"Thank you very much",she says as she smiled then wrapped it around her
Dustin went and grabbed a towel for himself and quickly wrapped it around himself, and grabbed another one for Amy
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 8d 22h 27m 7s
She thanked him then rinsed the soap off of her body
Dustin smiled and kissed her before saying "I'll go get you a towel"
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 8d 22h 33m 27s
"Yea, just hope they dont find the collector's oujia boards",she says as she rinsed her hair
"Keyword of mine being 'thought.'" Dustin said still smiling. "remember when that comic store came to life and Dean ended up running away from his favorite horror movie villain?"
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 8d 22h 36m 12s
"This doll isnt though, just a collector item",she says as she coughed
"We both know what they did to the last doll they thought was possessed" Dustin said, grinning
  Logan / AngelofChaos / 8d 22h 38m 24s

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