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"No sign of Dustins dad." Dean said with a sigh, grabbing a beer. "Not that I'm surprised. I knew he wouldn't linger."
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 4d 3h 47m 52s
"Kay",she says as she smiled then sat down "how w as s the hunt?",she asks Sam
Dustin sighed. It was clear he was exhausted, and he waved and said "I'm going to bed."
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 4d 3h 53m 27s
"Hey Sam and Dean",she says as she smiled then looked at Dustin confused
Dustin managed, with difficulty, to avoid rolling his eyes
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 4d 4h 37s
"Nobody knows what they're saying..except them",Mikku says as he watched Sam and Dean walk in.
Dustin thought about this. "Maybe..." he said uncertainly
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 4d 4h 6m 10s
"I..think she'll be okay",Tails says as he laughed slightly, Amy and Charlie still talking in their gibberish language
"But I didn't know nearly as much healing magic as i do now." Dustin assured "If you bring her over here I can make it last a couple of days, at most."
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 4d 4h 9m 46s
"Y..years?",Mikku says as Amy and Charlie was talking, Amy saying something in gibberish and Charlie replied back in the same way
"It'll pass. It took me years after that trip." Dustin responded calmly
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 4d 4h 13m 58s
"I know, but it's like an 8 year old takes Amy over at 3am",Mikku says
"I know, but don't forget, I was the same way after Bridgewater." Dustin replied
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 5d 9h 10m 8s
"Ever since that night at Clinton road, Amy has been acting hella weird",Tails says to Dustin, Sam and Dean as he sighed
Dustin followed in his wheelchair, being pushed by Jack, who he finally had gotten to know
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 6d 8h 5m 50s

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