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"Yeah, but it doesn't mean I have to like it any better" Dustin said
"Pver the years, the radioactivity has gotten weaker but it's still gonna years until anybody lives here",she explained
Dustin followed, nervously checking the Geiger counter every now and then
"I dont mind em",she says as she walked around then rubbed her neck, wearing her oversized jacket, her face pale and sweaty
Dustin nodded and carefully unfurled his cramped wings "God I hate trains..."
"Exploring where I used to work before it exploded",she says ss she looked at hum and smiled
Dustin hopped out and said uncertainly "So... What exactly are we doing here?"
"True", she says as she laughed slightly then smiled some
Dustin looked at it and smiled "Good thing I can't get irradiated, i guess..."
"True",she says as she laughed then realized that they were approaching Chernobyl then grabbed her bag with her Geiger meter
"Knowing him, he's either doing that, or getting drunk at the nearest bar" he said, laughing
"I wonder if Dean has tried to shoot the soot sprites yet",she says laughing slightly as she looked at Dustin
"No." Dustin agreed, still blushing, but rested his head on his girlfriend's shoulder
"Its fine but let's not mention that to Sam and Dean",she says as she cleared her throat, eating some konpeito.
Dustin was bright scarlet and gave her a quick kiss "Sorry Amy..." he muttered

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