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Warnings: Warnings: mentions of torture, alcohol and drug use, mentions of past trauma, mentions of abuse, self harm, mention of suicide attempts, body issues, mentions of eating disorders, panic/anxiety attacks, mental health issues, blood and gore, violence, survivor's guilt, mentions of violent sexual abuse, self hatred, hospitalization, post traumatic stress disorder


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Also all the Russian family members had tattoos all over their bodies
Dusin did the same, smiling. He always felt so welcome here...
They did a toast and started to eat, Amy also joining in on the conversations
Dustin join in the conversations and Sam and Dean could only watch jealously
She drank het drink as everybody talked in unison, coughing some
"что?" dustin asked curiously, then realized they were still holding hands. Rolling his eyes he said "давай, ты знал, что это произойдет в конце концов"
She sat down and looked around at all the stares they were getting
True to his word, Dustin was welcomed with open arms, but he was smiling because nobody even knew about him and Amy yet
She led them to the restaurant where they were going to be eating at and smiled at the waiter who led them to the table in the back
"Lead the way babe~"Dustin said, knowing sam and dean would have know clue where their going
She smiled then pit her jacket on as she held Dustin's hand
When she had finished, he took her hand again and led her outside
She nods as she stood up and brushed her pants and shirt off just out of habit
"Alright everyone ready?" he asked smiling in spite of the upcoming funeral
Laughs as she waited for Sam and Dean then itched her nose

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