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Warnings: Warnings: mentions of torture, alcohol and drug use, mentions of past trauma, mentions of abuse, self harm, mention of suicide attempts, body issues, mentions of eating disorders, panic/anxiety attacks, mental health issues, blood and gore, violence, survivor's guilt, mentions of violent sexual abuse, self hatred, hospitalization, post traumatic stress disorder


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"I love you too",she says as she smiled as she kissed him back
  amyumino / 236d 17h 35m 2s
Dustin smiled when she did that and kissed her. "I love you so much..."
  Logan / TestifyTheModernEye / 236d 17h 37m 54s
She smiled as she wrapped her arm around his neck, hoping Jack didnt find the briefcase of guns and gold coins from The Continental
  amyumino / 236d 17h 39m 51s
"That too." Dustin said, kissing the top of Amy's head.
  Logan / TestifyTheModernEye / 236d 17h 45m 14s
"Or way too old to be able to decipher what is going on",she says as she looked at him
  amyumino / 236d 17h 47m 19s
"Well, we'd need to sort it anyways. I have a feeling that a lot of that film is us drunk" Dustin laughed
  Logan / TestifyTheModernEye / 236d 17h 51m 40s
"Even though it may take days",she says as she laughed some
  amyumino / 236d 17h 52m 50s
Dustin chuckled, wrapping his arms around Amy. "We might need to do some sorting"
  Logan / TestifyTheModernEye / 236d 17h 55m 54s
She chuckled "sorry, alot of memories though",she says as she shrugged
  amyumino / 236d 18h 25m 31s
Jack came downstairs covered in dust, holding a box of tapes. "You guys have a lot of boxes" he observed in his Jack way
  Logan / TestifyTheModernEye / 236d 19h 53m 43s
She nods as she looked at Lucas as she drank her drink she had
  amyumino / 236d 19h 55m 52s
Lucas looked at Dustin. "Why do you want those videos?"

He smiled at Amy and replied "I thought it'd be nice to play the videos at our wedding."
  Logan / TestifyTheModernEye / 236d 19h 57m 9s
"Oh yea, I thought it was a ghost or something",she says as she laughed some
  amyumino / 236d 19h 58m 29s
"I think that might be Jack, actually. I asked him to look for the old videos we have of each other from that massive fucking camcorder I had years back, remember?" Dustin said with a laugh
  Logan / TestifyTheModernEye / 236d 23h 23m 11s
"That sounded like it came from upstairs",she says as she looked at the ceiling
  amyumino / 239d 19h 12m 42s

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