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She jumped at the noise then looked at Dustin "o..oh my god",she says as she laughed
Dustin read the text, but he wasn't really paying attention to it, hearing a small explosion coming from the weapons room. "I swear to god, if that's john and charlie again..." he grumbled, getting up.
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 2d 12h 10m 16s
She just got word her and Charlie both needed surgery again then waited for Sam and Dean to return
Dustin was drinking some tea, and judging from his tenseness, he was still reeling from his fathers unannounced visit
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 2d 12h 18m 5s
She was reading a book while eating a sandwich, her doctor have already called about her last MRI
The next day, Dustin was doing reasonably better, now able to move with crutches, and he was sitting at the table with amy
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 2d 12h 25m 35s
She nods as she itched her head, a horseshoe scar on the right side of it
Dean sighed and said "It can wait until tomorrow." It was obvious he didn't want Amy to worry too much about Dustin
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 2d 12h 49m 56s
'Maybe",She says quietly as she started to eat, the pain in her arm returning but decided to ignore it.
Sam however, caught what Dean was saying. "You think he's up to something... and he needs Dustin for it."

Dean nodded. "Exactly."
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 3d 9h 25m 22s
She shrugs as she drank the rest of her soda then squinted her eyes, her lower left arm wrapped in gauze from the elbow to her wrist
"Here's whats been bothering me." Dean said. "Why does his dad show up? Why now? Its been what? 15, 16 years?"
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 3d 9h 29m 52s
"Bed, he was tired",she says as she licked her dry lips then itched her scarred up head.
Sam then walked in with some Chinese food, and looked around. "Wheres Dustin?"
  Logan / AngelOfChaos / 3d 9h 43m 3s
Tails sighed as he looked at Amy as she sat down st the table, drinking some prickly pear soda

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