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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rpGa3BZ.jpg]]

[center For more than a century now technological advancements have paved the way for feats of great genius both within and without the gaming community. For so many gaming has filled the void inside of players, even if only for a fleeting moment. Gaming, for so many, is an escape; a place and experience one can venture into the waiting arms of for comfort and forget about the harsh reality that awaits them upon their exit. A world of dreams where happiness, fantasy, and friendship blossom.]

[center as the world dived further and further into the idea of developing the perfect game it finally happened. A way players can fully dive into a game. Drivelink, the device that allowed a player to leave the real world behind and dive into the MMORPGS. This allowed them to feel, sense, and even move like they would in the real world but in their avatar state. It was this technology that lead to the world's crisis of players being locked into a specific game, The Dragon Born or DB for short.]

[center The series speaks of the great dragon and their bonded riders protecting the world from any threat they could face, but some were not content with this a few of the players started to form their own groups within the Dragon rider ranks. One of these groups was known to be a very powerful set of beings who patrolled the lands to the North, but they were hatching a plan to gain power over the lands as they felt if they were protecting the lands they deserved to hold the throne of said lands. However first their mission would be to deal with the other dragon riders.]

[center That is when the group became known. The Sins of Ashes. Each of the players within the group has one thing they are dedicated to getting from other players. They were given their nicknames based upon this. Vanity, Vengeance, Desire, Apathy, Rapacity, Spite, and Edacity. However better known as the seven deadly sins of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. Each one having their reasons for betraying the riders and wishing to rule the world.]

[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403821 Rules/Regulations/Skeleton]
[center Click the link above to find the Rules of the Thread, and the skeleton that needs to be Posted within the [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=150498 OCC Threat]]
[center [b Accepted Cast]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403819 Crimson Sin of Vengeance]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403825 Scarlet Sin of Wraith]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403832 Gold Sin of Vanity]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=360699 Blue Sin of Rapacity]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403845 Teal Sin of Greed]]
[Center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403841 Purple Sin of Spite]]
[Center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403875 Amethyst Sin of Desire]]
[Center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403879 Lilac Sin of lust]]

[Center [b important Details]]

[center First and Foremost to be addressed. The rp will start with the game just coming out..so the release date. That being said everyone will be level one in their first post. Based upon your Character's Chosen class in game is what they start out with. Magic base classes start with Cloth armor and a staff or ceremonial knife. A rogue class will have leather armor and a set of daggers. A hunter class will have leather armor and bow and arrow. A warrior class will have mail type armor and carry a single two handed sword or a one handed sword and shield. The Paladin class will be in Plate and carry a double handed hammer or a hammer and shield... If you don't know what your class type is let me know and I can figure it out.]
[Center [https://i.imgur.com/ouC5gbl.jpg Tekrura], The Sothern most Land mass within Dragon Born, The dragon Riders watch over the continent as Sentinels. Their duty is to guard it from invasion or any threat to the peace within the land. Upon Tekrura is a mass of nations and many different races, but not all friendly. Smallest of the Land masses found within the game itself Tekrura is the only place unlocked as of right now, and so many people run around it. Dense plains, mountains, and forested areas cover much of the land, and what cities there are to be found can be seen being very race based. Elves tend to stick to the Forest of the Silver Woods or The Nightgrove, Dwarves tend to stick to their halls carved within the Picmar Rise and the Abmore Mountain range. Humans tend to stick in the low lands away from these areas. Within Tekrura are Seven different known Territories.]
[center [b The Seven Territories]]
[center [size10 [u These are up for creation by those who play them, As it states there are SEVEN of them, which means only seven people get to make playable areas...If necessary I can make them and people can choose where they come from.]]]
[Center | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=378806 The Silver Woods] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403856 Jakarem] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403839 Kaga] |]
[center [size25 [b The Table of Known Magic Elements]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6gzSbhP.jpg]]

[center [size25 [b The Book of Races]]]
[center [u Please note not all the race's found within these pages are Playable, but all of them are found within the world.]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376396 Races page one]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376394 Races Page two]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376395 Races Page three]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376397 Races Page four]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376398 Races Page five]]

[center [size25 [b The Sins of Ashes]]]
[center [u Those Crossed out are taken. Each sin is assigned a color instead of an animal or a symbol to go with their sin. The Regular Sins Pride, wraith, lust, sloth, greed, envy are all people under the Sin they serve...So Pride would serve Vanity, Wraith serves Vengeance, Lust serves Desire, Sloth Serves Apathy, Greed serves Rapacity, Envy serves Spite, and Gluttony serves Edacity.... The sins of Ashes are the group of Dragon riders, their servants can be anything from slaves, to other dragon riders, or even companions.]]
[center [s Vanity/Pride]]
[center [s Vengeance/ Wraith]]
[center [s Desire/ Lust]]
[center Apathy/ Sloth]
[center [s Rapacity/ Greed]]
[center [s Spite/ Envy]]
[center Edacity/ Gluttony]


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A quiet beeping stirred Cody Steele from sleep. He had dozed off waiting for the final software update for the VR system to finish, and so had set his alarm to go off when DBL was set to go public. A quick peek at his computer showed the system was updated and ready to go.

Instead of popping it in and setting everything up right away, quickly got some food and drank a bottle of water. Full Dive was supposed to be great, but because you were going to be unconscious for hours, it was recommend you take care of bodily needs before doing so.

He grinned, looking forward to spending the next hours grinding away in the new game. After all, he had the following day off, so he could stay up as late as he needed. "Link Start." The flood of colors was...overwhelming at first, but awesome as well, as they were not just "on a screen". They flew PAST him.

"Welcome to DBL, Dragon Born Legacy. The first Full Dive game. From here you shall choose your Avatar." There were certainly a lot of options to choose from, with each race having its own advantages and disadvantages. For him though, he knew EXACTLY what he was going to do with his first character. "The race of Dwarves; a common placed race dwarves are seen as bearded short standing race, crafty and sturdy. Experts in crafting of armor dwarves are said to have a long life as well, the oldest living up to six thousand years if not killed in battle." In Every mmo he ever played, he almost always chose blacksmithing/weapon crafting as an occupation. While it wasn't the "fastest" way to grind out gold, it was constant, as there were always players too lazy to grind out the mats to make it on their own. Plus, Dwarves had Monkey Hand, or the equivalent anyways.

With the edits made as he chose, the world blurred, and for a moment everything went black...When he came too, he stood in the center plaza of the City of Jakarem, the newer Smithing Capital of the Dwarves. While well lit, it was...Dwarven. Massive pillars connected ground to Rocky sky, with the glow of massive forges lighting the rocky cavern overhead. Buildings stretched underground as far as the eye could see, with one direction leading to the mine, while the other large tunnel lead to the surface.

He flexed one massive arm, frowning slightly. Considering how tall he was, he had not expected to be built like this. Dwarves took stocky to a whole other level. For being 4 foot tall, he was easily wider then most professional body builder's in the real world, and just as muscled to boot. Then again this WAS a virtual world so that wouldn't amount to much. He frowned again, thinking slowly. Or would it? He drew his weapon, a large two handed Hammer, and hefted it, testing the weight. Typical weight for a hammer, or would be if it wasn't so light. He held it at full extension, testing. The muscle on his right arm flexed, holding the large hammer with ease. He gave a few practice swings to test the heft, and slipped it back into the back loop again.

He shook his head, when a small blinking light caught his eye. With a brief tap, he opened his quest menu. Several options came up, most of which he recognized from the closed Beta. Opening the tab for active quests, he checked the ones he had. Several were for how to access the various menu's, how to use several other options including inventory, and a quest to show how blacksmithing worked. He nodded slowly, checking further to see what was further required. Apparently, there were NOT just the main "Occupation" crafts you could learn, but also learn supplemental skills as well. In his case, mining was actually considered a separate skill then Blacksmithing.

Heading to the skill trainer, he activated the tutorial quest for mining as well, and then in turn headed into the mine proper. The tutorial area was...well, a tutorial. It was clearly set up to show the obvious mining areas, as well as an example of what it would look like more naturally in the world proper. Unlike some games, DBL's harvestables made it look very...natural. Unless you knew what you were looking for, you could walk right past a minable area and not know. He hadn't seen any other crafting professions, but he had to assume herbs and other such gathering skills would be just as well thought out as mining clearly was.

The tutorial went into depth about how mining worked, and so, with pickaxe in hand, he set too with a will on the Iron vein. He tapped lightly on the rock, following the gleam of the iron specks. He could...Feel the difference in the Pick when he struck iron, and when he hit the rock. Rather then what he'd imagined, He actually spent a good thirty minutes lightly tapping the mining pick to break the rock away from what he wanted. When he had 5 good sized pieces of metal, the quest beeped, indicated it was complete. Holding one of the pieces over the leather pouch at his side, the item was transferred into his inventory. He could still feel the weight of the item, but as if it was centered ON his entire person. Settling the rest aside, he checked the guide for mining. There were several more tutorial quests for it, though that could come later. Time to move on to smithing then.

Heading to the guild dedicated TO blacksmithing so as to use the tools required. Apparently smithing was almost as complicated in DBL as it was IRL. The tutorial quest directed him to a particularly large dwarf hammering away at what appeared to be a red hot length of steel. "Aye, so you're the new apprentice? Good, we could use the help. Go grab an anvil, and you'll be all set. Oh, normally yah need to have the extra materials to make whatever yer using, but we'll loan yah enough to make yer first weapon."

Settling down at the anvil, with a forge in arms reach the heat was Sweltering, but somehow....relaxing. It felt RIGHT to be here, the same with the smithing hammer. It just...felt right. Checking the guide again, he saw the detailed explanation for what he needed to do. Use the Smelter to melt the ore, let it solidify, then hammer it into a Bar. From there, it depended on what he wanted to make. He followed the steps, and then started drawing out the bar to create a long sword. Steady hits with the hammer, reheating as needed to create what was needed. A wetstone powered by a pedal to give it an edge, and a very smooth one to give the blade a shine. From there, apparently you needed to apply wood to create a handle around the tang, plus leather to wrap the handle in as well. Inferior materials would cause the weapon's durability to go down, and while the durability COULD be repaired, the process of repairing durability was not an easy one, and was more complicated then actually FORGING a new weapon/armor.

The process took several hours, but by the end of it, he had it. The sword he held was simply made, but solid, more like a broadsword then longsword. He gave the sword a swing with a grin, and a voice commented. "Aye lad, you did well." The stout dwarf made a motion with his hand, and Daverm tossed the sword to the other dwarf. The other caught it easily enough, holding it up to test the line to see if the blade was true, feeling the heft with a nod. "A good piece. I like a good ole hammer myself, but a good sword." He smiled, handing the sword back. Daverm went on to complete multiple quests after, working on getting his gold count, and raising his blacksmithing as much as he could before.....

The world flickered, a golden circle forming under his feet, warping him into a strange area filled with every kind of race. He listened to James's message, watching as the other players around him reacted with mostly shock. Some acted with horror, others with anger. For him, it was shock. Shock he mastered quickly. If what James said was true, panicking wouldn't do Jack, and neither would anger. He quickly scanned the city, noting the "separation" of the different city sections. While most players were still listening to the message, Daverm headed into the red tiled roof section, glancing quickly around. If he was going to establish himself as a blacksmith, then...There. A nicely large building, just off the main street. Not directly on the main plaza, but close to it.

Laying claim to the building took about 1/4th of the gold he'd earned via the subquests and starting gold he'd gotten from starting the game. On top of that, further outfitting used almost all the gold he had left, but it was worth it. While not an exact duplicate of the Dwarven Forge, it was fairly close. A large smelter for melting and seperating the metals from the surrounding impurities. A large Anvil. Tongs, and several crafting hammers hung from a tool rack set against the wall. Several storage bins hung against the wall as well. The front room was the show room, with multiple empty barrels for storing sword, wall racks for polearms or war hammers. Flat shelving on the floor itself for daggers or smaller items. As well as....a secret. The last option was a security feature. When closed, the store would actually seal off the windows with magic leaving the locked door the only entry source. That had cost more then the setup itself had, but well worth it. Plus he could always invest in better security later on.

He hesitated, before making one last change. "IF no gold, will still forge for you, but you must provide double the materials needed." And a second, smaller sign, saying "Closed". He nodded, smiling as the smile slowly slipped. Stuck in the world...with no way out. Crying about it wouldn't change anything, but they needed to find a way out somehow. Still. Panic wouldn't change anything.

So he headed out of HIS new shop, making sure the door was locked firmly behind him. Outside, a sign now hung in front of the door, showing an Anvil with two hammers over it, signifying it was a Blacksmith shop. Still, couldn't run a shop without materials. With a quick check of the map, he shouldered his war hammer, and headed out of the city.

And he spent the next several days stocking up on materials, hunting for iron deposits, as well as copper and several other materials to stock up. Once back in the city, he settled the stock of ore he'd gathered, JUST under his weight carry limit, into the smelter to melt while he headed back out to gather the next set. The completed Ingots were set to the side, and once night fell, he settled into hammering out various starting weapons. He sold some, enough that he could buy the materials he was missing, such as wood and leather. He WAS making a profit, be it slowly. Then again until he leveled up more, there wasn't a whole lot he could do.
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[center [#bf2408 [size10 [i "You reap what you sow, and I have sown destruction and wraith upon the race of my birth, They have cast me away like I was nothing more then a piece of trash that needed to be put back into place. I shall have my revenge upon the Spires of the Eyrie. Our wings carry us to the Heights of the great peaks, to the cities of the Ancient ones, but without wings I can not fly, without wings I can not reach the Stary Sky, without wings I have become nothing. My rival will pay dearly for what she has done to me, and with her blood my wings will be re-forged. I'll use their own weapon against them and they will reap the pain they have given me."]]]]

The day had gone great for the young gentleman of wealth. Riley Silvers had been and was always the talk of the town when it came to social standing. His family owned wine distilleries out in Napa valley, His father being a successful businessman who ran his own empire his worth was well over six billion dollars, and his age was only forty-three. The man was an odd figure however as he was rarely home, and when he was it was short trips of two or three days here and there. He spent more time at work and in the office or in other cities around the world. His mother was a medical assistant her age being forty-four. She was the sweet mother everyone wanted, but she also was to busy for her children and so Riley saw more of his caretaker and the household staff more then anything else.

That was until he got himself into his father's business, and even bought his father out of the company itself. Angry his father was even more distant from the boy not understanding how he could have been so selfish. Of course this made Riley just even more angry with his father and it strained their relationship. So the young boy at the tender age of eighteen moved out buying his own home and land in South Brazil. He built up his plantation there and his empire from it. While money flowed in the young man had not stepped a foot into an office a day in his life, that was until he was given the access to the Full dive system that allowed him to work on medical and scientific advancements which he kept a close eye on.

Buying of course his own Full dive system Riley had to get a first peak at how the system would work; being a Beta tester to the first Dragon Born game he expected it to be the first to come out on the full dive system, but when the company announced they would be making DBL, the second game to the series it threw him for a loop. Getting the game he downloaded it upon its release date.

Turning off his phone as the game finished up he had no business that needed to be done, and would return to the life that he lived in a few hours after all right? [#871108 "Link start."] the flash of white then the blinding colors had for a few moments caused the male to blink rapidly after the colors went past, It was a strange way to start a game, but he guessed in order to get a person accustom to the virtual world it was one way to do it.

[b "Welcome to Dragon Born Legacy."] The voice spooked Riley and had caused him to jump a bit. Without paying much attention to the voice he scrolled through the races with an odd and increased speed. He already knew what race he wanted to be as he had played them often in the first game. Avarian, the Valkyrie. Not the Greek Mythology female warriors of Highly known skill, but instead more harpy like. Creatures of a mixed origin usually starting out as a human, elf, or other humanoid like creature and being given traits of a bird counter part. He went through the race choices that went along with his subrace and decided to be part High elf, and Part Great white owl.

Being blinded again by a series of flashing colors and white he blinked a bit before a voice caught him by surprise. [b "Good you are awake. There is no time to waste Prince, Your training starts in a few moments and you don't want to be late. You will be sent to the front lines in a few days and your Father wants you trained as best as can be done before then."] Confused at first Riley understood that it must be the Tutorial he would be going through. [b "Lord Prince what is it the name you have given yourself?"]

Considering for a moment Riley put in his Avatar name. [#871108 Ru Silvers."] Nodding the women handed him a single wooden sword which he was then lead to the training grounds. [b "Good luck Prince Ru, You are in the Capital [https://i.imgur.com/dXEDYam.jpg Aistysar ], of the Moon Vale The King's eyes are always on you."] Going through the tutorial of how the basics work in the game he was sent off into the world. Of course not like the other players would, but instead he was sent to the front lines of the known realm. Of course while there Ru went through several quest lines. Running around it became very serious to the male that someone was constantly trying to kill him as he was being ambushed left and right while on his quests, which he would escape from easily of course, but it was to no use for whomever was trying to do so.

It was however the last quest on the front lines that had grabbed his attention the most. A person had been lost on the front lines, a little girl had come to the battlefield trying to find their father to give him a big hug and was trapped in a building. Of course Ru took the quest. Finding the building was easy enough as very few were standing enough to have someone trapped inside of them. What happened next was not suppose to happen however. He stepped inside the building only to be forced to the ground and pinned by nets upon his wings which were unfolded. Their glistening Gold velvety feathers glistening and gleaming in the sunlight. The little girl ran out of the building a knife in her hand. [b "Fool, you have been deceived."]

Trying to stand himself up Ru could not as the nets forced his wings to stay on the ground; the more he tried to pull up the more damage he did to his wings as the spikes dug into them. The female drew closer and closer slowly like a spider to a bug trapped in a web. [b "I have been hired by one from your family to kill you. It seems the Silvers family hates one another, But they pay handsomely and to think all I have to do is bring back your insignia ring to prove your dead."]

Forcing himself to accept the punishment Ru pushed up on the net feeling the pain of his wings breaking at the fold and tearing right down to the bone. The girl's face twisted with concern and fear as she tried to draw the knife across Ru's body only to see the small object removed from her hand and forced into her stomach. Jerking out the blade Ru thrusted it into the women to make sure she was actually gone and would not harm him again. As he sat there in Anguish at the loss of his beautiful wings an orb appeared above his head.

Not only the loss of his Characters wings which still affected him, but now he was stuck in a game that seemed to be no specific end goal? Was this a cruel joke on the players by the maker? checking the menu the words rang true, the log out button was indeed missing from where it should sit. What kind of twisted person would do this? Hearing the description of what was to happen to the players it threw Ru off. They wouldn't die in real life, but every time they died in the game they would have to start all over from nothing? The tutorial alone would be evil, but to relive this tormenting few moments would make it worse.

Hearing the gates open from around the center of the city he watched as several people blasted off in all different directions claiming areas for their own, some even setting up shops, homes, posts, and the like already. One thing he noticed however was the giant mansion on the hill. Taking his time to leave the area he remembered something. He had roped his friend into playing DBL with him, and now she was likely just as stuck in the game as he was.

Shooting her a quick message of [#871108 "Hey its Riley, Meet me at the mansion on the hill."] he had hoped she would be alright. Pulling up another message screen it seemed it was an invitation from someone named Easa Silver. both surprise and Shock struck the boy. Reading the message from his twin sister that had stayed with their parents she was stuck in the game also. It was her that seemed to lay claim to the would be Keep like building that now stood where the mansion was. Getting to the [https://i.imgur.com/pcI73MC.jpg Entrance.] It was old looking almost ancient like. Nothing it seemed however produced above the walls around it. Waiting at the gate Ru noticed a few other players had gathered around the mansion coming here for shelter.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 20h 19m 15s
“Let me see it!”

“You have your own- Hey! C’mon, let’s play!”

The two siblings, twins bantered back and forth and the eldest of the two and the Male chuckled a bit.
“Startup! Oh hey- check it out! Dragon Born Legacy! Let’s check it out- will you accept the request already, good lord.” He waited patiently as his sister joined him in game as he flipped through the race options.
“Okay this is pretty bad ass! Let’s be nymphs!” He said as he selected his avatar and waited for his twin to choose hers.



His eyes opened as he looked around the forest area, looking down at himself,
“Oi, I’m ripped! Check this out!” He laughed as he looked over to his twin. He quickly fell silent as the game read out its instructions and he raised an eyebrow. Yeah, tutorial, levelling up and all that. He realised he had a plain and pretty dull bow and arrow that matched his sisters.
“Oh great we get girls weapons.” He remarked and rolled his eyes. After considering the gameplay and everything, he finally shrugged and decided it was best to get started. Rabbits. They had to hunt rabbits? He was starting to think he should have chose another race honestly because what was the use in this race? Basically really bad elves in his mind. Rheon listened for the sounds of movement and raised his bow, struggling honestly with accuracy as he fired at a rabbit, probably bigger than real life ones. He missed a few times but in time he got the hang of it. He hated grinding like this, he wanted to get on with it and hit some action and start the actual story. There was no skip tutorial button or anything and he sighed as finally he got the message from the maker of the game. He checked the menu screen and sure enough, no log out.

“Rhian-“ he looked for her to see her using the bow like a pro already and he guessed she was just about to get the message and she seemed a little better than him. Well, that was annoying. So they couldn’t get out, they had to find a way out? Rhian has stopped to listen to the announcement and she frowned. He figured she finally understood that they were well and truly stuck.
“We gotta fund other people.” Rheon said to her as the announcement finished and he started to walk the area, looking around at the buildings and bringing up the map. Okay so they were at the starting point.
“Where do we go?” He asked, feeling a lot stronger and his bowman skills had improved since gaining some experience and levels. The forest had dissipated and they were in a city now. He looked around warily because he didn’t exactly trust anyone, he hadn’t even thought of the dragon element of the game yet. The city seemed bare and Rheon kept Rhian close.
[center[pic http://oi64.tinypic.com/2ni1qaw.jpg]]

Rhian was more skilled than her brother naturally at bowmanship.
“I even look good!” She laughed a little and silenced at the announcement as she looked to Rheon. Okay, this was different.
“We play the game, we get out.” She said to him and took a stance next to them as they both downed the rabbits to gain the experience. She was way more athletic and flexible as she moved, she noticed. She heard her brother and nodded,
“Let’s go then. Where do we go?” She asked, the twins were a cheeky pair but they didn’t seem sad about the fact they were trapped in the game, maybe not quite grasping the situation.

Rhian looked around the city buildings and where the orbs had left.
“Cities have people right?” She said and hummed as she scuffed her feet. This would be interesting for sure. She hadn’t even thought about magic or anything like that as she ran along the empty streets.
“What do you think we’ll meet?” She buzzed excitedly but her brother was slower and more wary. This was a game so they should expect plot twists and booby traps.
“Oh lighten up, Rheon! It’s not that bad, seriously if we want people to help us with this then we’re going to need- hey wait.” She stopped suddenly and hopped from one foot to the other.
“Our feet don’t make noise!” Rhian said as she brought up the screen and checked their stats.
“We can sneak better than others, uhhh let me see.... better with nature, ooh, look at that we have increased agility but- we don’t have much physical strength and we can use the earth elements a little for our magic.” She giggled and looked to her brother who just shrugged. He was more focused on getting out of here.
  Rheon Leafywood / Nullification / 1d 22h 59m 52s
John smiled as he placed his copy of Dragon Born on his table. He been waiting all his life for a game like this since he first started playing games. A full dive game that put him in the shoes his own adventure. He loved free roam games that let him do what he wanted. Placing his work bad down he laid down as his phone went off. ‘Hey big brother I got the game.’ said a text that came on screen. Laughing he messed his younger sister back. ‘Cool I jumping on now meet me when you get done with the basics okay?’ He messaged back.

HIs younger sister had been into gaming almost as long as he had. Ever since she stolen his game system when she was younger to play the same thing as him. She was still fifteen but enjoy game well above her age. She begged him to help get his mother to buy the game for her. He didn’t want to as his younger system seemed to be able to get what she wanted and she did. He loved his sister but he uses to hate her as it seemed that when he was younger, she took everything that was his. He didn’t like sharing and still didn’t but what could you do.

Placing his head set on he laid on his couch with a few extra pillows. “Link start.” He called out as everything went white. “ouch.” He said closing his eye at the onslaught of colors that marked the full dive. Once he opened them again, he was standing in front of the character. "Welcome to DBL, Dragon Born Legacy. The first Full Dive game. From here you shall choose your Avatar." A voice said. “Don't mind if I do.” He said picking male right of the back.

He spent several minutes looking over different races and their sub races. In the end he ended on human as he had always had a biased for playing them. One he was done he entered his name. ‘Seraphim.’ Happy with everything he hit enter as another light flashed and he found himself in town of some human city. Running through the tutorial was easy and within the first few hours he had the money and supply that he needed to get started on what he wanted.

Returning to the center of town he went until he found the area of town that shops were set up in. Roaming around he searched until he found the place where player could by license for different jobs as well as tools. Walking around he soon found the stale he was looking for. Walking up he got himself a trader listen. One thing he always enjoyed about game was the ability to be whatever you wanted. He found one of the quicks ways in game was to be a traveling merchant. Plus, you got to see a lot more of the world and rare items.

Buying his license, he smiled next he would need to get a cart and a shop but he nowhere enough money for that yet. He had just enough left to get himself a new weapon. Running to the weapon shop he got himself a great sword to help cleave his way throw monster and any one that would try to rob him. Happy with how the day event were going so far, he pulled up his message system and sent on off to his sister to see how she was doing but before he could everything went white.

He found himself in a new town and with a ton of other player of all kind and sizes. “What going on?” He asked looking around confused. Just then the yellow white orb appeared above him. “What the?” He said looking up. What happen next shook him to the core. It seemed to hit every hard as he looked around. “Who would do this why would they do this?” He said to himself. Once he was gone at first no one move no one said a thing until finally someone screamed. At the point it seemed to release a flood gate as people started to panic. It took everything her had not to panic himself and then not to get run over by the crowd fleeing the area. Once the major of the crowed had run off he was left with a other staring off into space.

Finally, he knees gave our as he fell and looked around. The square still had a ton of people in shocked state like him. Some people had been run over and lay flat trampled under feet. Luckily it looked like no one had been killed but suddenly something just hit him. “O no.” He pulled up his mean. “no no no no.” He messaged his sister but before he could he got a message, ‘Big brother. What just happened I don’t know what to do.’ It said. “Fuck.”
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kodchasan]
[Kodchasan [center [pic http://i.imgur.com/PiFN8gv.jpg ]

VR systems were the love of Alexis's life, she used them as an escape from the real world as most people would. Alexis came around the corner of her apartment, dressed in an orange sweater and some black leggings. Her short brown hair bounced with every step she took, getting closer and closer to her Full Dive system.

She loved the Full Dive set to death and she hadn't even used it yet, which meant that she expected very good things from it. She smiled, even taking enough time to pick up her phone and she flicked through it, eventually picking an album to play as she got ready for the VR experience.

True Friends - Bring Me The Horizon
Playing Now


After being blinded by the lights and colours, Alexis was finally approached with a voice and the ability to see again. She blinked as she looked around the menu, being very quiet as she listened to the voice.

[b "Welcome to DBL, Dragon Born Legacy. Blah Blah Blah." ]

Alexis yawned, losing track of the voice as she just waited for her first option to pop up. She looked at the two options she had first, almost instantly picking female first. God, why was the beginning of games so boring and bleak, choose your character this and that. She just wanted to get into the game and see what it was like.

She looked at the options of her races but she decided she would rather stick with human over everything else. Strangely, her ranking was already locked in as Noble. Alexis sighed, not even questioning what it could mean because honestly, she didn't care. She smirked as it said to enter her avatar name and she quickly decided, typing it in.

[b "Welcome Asphyx, Race Human, Rank Noble." ]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/PMQ5m3am.jpg ]

It was a few moments before she was dropped into the tutorial, a rapier in her right hand. However, it was just a basic training sword and she was okay with that. She ended up learning that somehow she had magic too, like a mage or witch and that she could manipulate energy. She didn't understand what she could do with her powers but she was sure she would learn soon enough.

She eventually finished the seemingly boring tutorial before checking her stats, her character's orange eyes looking over the bars. Unfortunately, she hissed at the fact that despite her having magic, she didn't have a lot of mana as of now. But what intrigued her more was what would happen when they run out of mana, would nothing happen?

[B Asphyx's stats ]
Strength: 17
Speed: 22
Defense: 14
Mana: 35
Charisma: 27
Alignment: True Neutral

Wow, her stats even had what her alignment was currently. She rolled her eyes and closed the stat bar, suddenly finding herself in a city that made her gasp in awe. Looking around at the white stone and the people around her before listening to the dialogue the supposed "creator" was telling her. As soon as she heard something about dragons, she instantly tuned in and listened as closely as possible.

God, she was gonna find the best dragon ever and if it wasn't, she was gonna flip her shit. Then she heard about something with making a group of friends or something like that and she was even happier, she wouldn't be playing the game alone! That made it a lot more fun too, having people to quest with.
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Lilly let out a heavy sigh as she looked over at her new VR system or as everyone was now calling it Full dive. She gone just the other day after one of her friends bugged her day in and day out to get it with her. Not wanting to listen to anymore of her begged she caved and got the system. Plus, she could use a hobby instead of just work and sleep.

Laying on her bed she placed the system on her head and laid down. Here friend wouldn’t be on of another few hours but she had guessed she need more time to figure everything out. “Link start.” She said as a flash of light and color filled her eyes. The colors were overpowering but luckily it didn’t last long.

"Welcome to DBL, Dragon Born Legacy. The first Full Dive game. From here you shall choose your Avatar." Taking a few second to prosses what she was just told she shrugged. This was her first time ever making a character. She instantly picked Female as for no other reason the she was female. Next that came was races. “Races? You mean I have to pick one?” She had no idea as she flipped throw all of them. She didn’t notice the questions mark that would have told her more about each race and picked at random. Once she did something came up about a subrace again she picked at random. “aaaa this was a bad idea. I have no idea what I’m doing.” With another flash of light witched forced her to close her eyes she spawned into the world.

When she opened her eyes again, she noticed it was dark. Well kind of dark as she could still see around her. The next thing she noticed was that she was laying on the floor the floor of a cave. “What the..” She said until she looked around. She way laying in the middle of at least a dozen wolf. She was in the middle with what looked like a few wolf cubs between her and a hand full of other then behind them the biggest of the group with one sitting up and looking around.

Lilly let out a small epp noise as she to back away only to trip over a tail and fall on her back with a small crash notice that woke the rest of the pack. She whimpered as she noticed all the wolfs even the cubs. “oooo nice doggies.” She said slowly backing away into a wall. She thought they would attack at any second. “Great first day and I get mauled by a pack of wolfs.” She said to herself but the attack never came as they just watched her. Confused she opened her mouth to say something but a window appeared in front of her.

Pack: Five male, Four Females, Pups four. Pack size thirteen. Confused even more she kept reading. Pack Leader: Serina. Loyalty: 10 Time to next Pup: 2 days. The window then went down as a new one took it spot. Tutorial starts. For the next ten minutes she learned the basic of movement and how to open and use her mean. Once she was done with that, she checked out what she was. On her stats screens she found her answer. Fea subclass wolf kin. Her stats over all seem pretty low to her. “I don’t understand. What did I pick?”

Another screen came up telling her about combat. As a wolf kin you are week by yourself but lucky you are never alone. Call upon your pack to help you. She tilted her head at what that meant. Was she support to call out to them? “Help?” She said but nothing happened. “Attack?” Again nothing. Taking a few second to think she sigh. “You can mean...” She asked out line. “O come on” Sighing her tilted her head back and let out a short howl. She thought she would sound silly and stubbed but to her surprise what came out what a long strong howl. Gasping she covered her mouth shocked at the sound she just made.

At the same time a symbol came up at the same as one of the wolves walk up to her and waited. The screen also came back. Good now with another form your pack you can go on the hunt. Sighing she stood up as she finally noticed what she was wearing. A long simple dress what flowed nicely with her body but what really caught her attention was a long flowing tail that came out from behind her. “WHAT” she screamed. It seemed to move freely but as she tried to grab it but every time, she did it seemed to get farther away. After several minute of chasing her tail she gave up and walked out of cave. She found herself in a forest.

As the leader of the pack it is your job to help hunt and care of your pack. Try going hunting with one of your wolves and bring back dinner for your pack. Another screen said. “Dinner? Hunting.” She seen people hunt before but she didn’t have any weapon. How was she support to kill something without a weapon? Just then the wolf her took off. “Hey wait.” She called out as she ran after it.

She found out she was a lot faster then she looked as kept up with her wolf better the any human would and she felt light on her feet. Soon she found herself enjoying running and jumping like it was nothing. She soon found herself on the edge of a clearing. In the middle was a pack of deer grazing. A objected came up just then. Take down a deer. “And how do I do that?” She asked annoyed. As if listening the wolf with her ran out and jumping on one. Shocked she rushed out to help not sure what she would do.

Together they managed to take down one. To her shock she used her teach to kill it bitting hard into it neck. He thought it would taste nasty but it didn’t. Spitting out a chunk of meet and the blood that came out with it she was shocked. “Why I do that?” She asked he face now coved in blood and fur. Shaking her head still not understanding she saw a screen pop up again. Feed pack? Yes! No! Hitting the yes botten the body disappeared as a level up Make came up. “It going to be a long day.” She sighed wiping the blood out of her mouth.

She spent the next few hours hunting and try to learn how to play the game. She was glad she did as she learned that she could get more wolf to help her party as she leveled up. Also that she could managed the one with her to be stronger as the leveled up with her. By the time she reached level Five her wolf was twice as strong as her. Thinking it was a good stopping point she returned to her cave. Sitting down in the middle again she picked up one of the Pups that was around her and started playing with it. “You guy are kind of cute, hard to believe you turned such killer.” She looked up at the wolf she been hunting deer with all day.

Just then a flash of golden light came around her. Next thing she knew she was sitting hold the pup in some city. “What who how.” She asked standing up holding the pup to her chest. The wolf that she been hunting with was also there just behind her. Then the voice started talking. Her eyes grew wide and shocked as the voice went on and on. “No, we can’t be trapped.” She said her voice filled with fear and shock. This had to be a joke or something this couldn’t be real. She waited and waited for him to say got you or something to show that he was joking but it never came.

She sunk to the ground her eye going fussy as tears weld up. “This can't be happening. How was she support to live she was a wolf thing and didn’t even know what she was doing? Was she going to die like this? “Why me.” She cried finally braking down.
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Mataya Silvers, That was her name, But instead of being targeted as a female gamer she had always opt out for playing male characters or as close to gender neutral as possible. Elves had always been her favorite as one couldn't tell their genders apart, even angels in some games were her favorite races to play for the same reasons. Of course that had all changed when she had heard a new game was coming out.

Dragon Born Legacy, a game that had long been overdue to the world sense the release of the Virtual reality gaming systems. Of course the systems and games upon the VR systems only became more elaborate and extensive, but what set DBL apart from the rest was it was a full dive type of game system, so one would feel, see, taste, touch, and hear everything their avatar was. It was all thanks to the nerve link. Mataya had just returned to her home after a long shift at her job as the desk manager of a five star hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. She had the new game and system downloading while she was at work. After getting some food into her system and a relaxing shower she had returned to her room to see that the instillation had been complete. Of course she threw her coat onto the chair her computer sat by, grabbed the single head piece and placed it upon her head. Laying down she looked at the instructions that game along with the gear. [#0a23b2 "Link start."] at first nothing happened, however the system flashed on and a rush of colors all came to her eyes, which had forced the young women to close her eyes which had made the colors even more vivid. It took about three minutes for the flashing of colors to stop and the entire place turned black. That was when she heard it.

[b "Welcome to DBL, Dragon Born Legacy. The first Full Dive game. From here you shall choose your Avatar."] it was then a menu had popped up of genders. Of course instantly she had gone for the males, but paused a moment and instead clicked on the female side. After that came up the options of playable races. Thinking to herself for a bit of the races she clicked on the little question mark Icon to learn about each race. [b "The race of Elves, A common race as a whole elves are seen as pointed ear fair faced and cunning. Experts at bow and arrows elves have a very long life and are said to live for eternity outside of being killed. "] sliding to the left to see the next race Mataya once again hit the question mark button. [b " The race of Dwarves; a common placed race dwarves are seen as bearded short standing race, crafty and sturdy. Experts in crafting of armor dwarves are said to have a long life as well, the oldest living up to six thousand years if not killed in battle."] Sliding again to the left she hit the question mark without even looking at the photo that came with the race. [b "The race of Avarians, an uncommon race Avarians are seen as beings with bird like features and can be considered hostile to races other then their own. Expert mages and maneuverability. Avarians have the life span of their none bird like counterpart. Their life can span from a short life of one hundred years for humans or eternity for elves."]

Getting frustrated the women slid to the left until she couldn't slide any farther. Looking at the photo the girl was confused, She had already done elves, so what was this creature in front of her in the photo? Clicking the question mark on it the voice started up. [b "The race of Primals; a Rare race found in Tekrura, Primals are beings far older then elves, but are usually confused for the younger race as their features are a lot alike. The difference is Primals have no genders as their beings are formed from the elements themselves."] Clicking on it the girl scrolled this time at random to the subrace and clicked on it. [b "You have chosen the race Primal, subrace Ancient of War."] clicking accept The world opened up instantly to the young women. During her first few moments in the world the new player seemed a tad surprised, getting use to movements she had been given the tutorial of how to use her basic weapon of a knife as a weapon, how to use her magic and the main state to her class of mage. She had learned all mages would start out with Cloth based armor that would allow them easy movement, but their defense would be low. Of course they would make it up with their range of abilities they could throw at their enemies before melee combat was possible. Of course she had also learned that as an Ancient of war she had a special ability that would later be unlocked to her, but for now it remained as question marks in her skill set.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/UZtmrTT.png]]
Running around after finishing the Tutorial it seemed all to easy. Killing things left and right she had gained a few levels and a lot of money in the process, but that was all to change. Seeing a small golden circle around her she was confused. Being whipped away to a city she had never seen before. The white stone reached out everywhere, but the city was split into six different colors themselves. The first to be spotted was the red tiled roof it seemed it was the trade district where merchants could be found, the second was the green which stood the shops dealing with military equipment. The third was the light blue which was the magic district dealing with anything magical in type. The fourth was those of a light brown, those were the living quarters for those within the city. The fourth was the purple of the Cathedral in the background its grand statue raged over all of the city itself. The last could be seen off in the distance, it was a dull gray which was for those who worked outside the walls or for the families of the Military stationed on the walls themselves.

It was then the bright yellow white orb appeared above all the players The mechanical voice from the start pierced all of the players ears. [b "Welcome to Dragon Born Legacy. I am James Cordin, the maker of the game. I am here to inform you of a few changes made to the game while you were playing."] a small number chart of five appeared on the orb. [b "The first, and the most important that you will notice is if you open up your options menu the log out button is missing. This is not a mistake or a bug. You as players are trapped here within the game until someone can find a way out."] the number went from five to four. [b "The second major difference is that unlike the beta testing for the game you will not be starting with eggs, but you will or must find them to join the riders."] The orb counter went down to three. [b "Players will be in different phases of the game, but can be in the same area, as a Major war will be happening within the game; but that is all the information that shall be leaked."] The counter went down to two this time only the voice paused a moment. [b "The other thing is everyone will start here in this town which has been cleared of NPCS and completely cleaned of buildings themselves as well. Lets call it a world building. Your limited to the inside of the walls."] The orb's number dropped to one. The voice seemed to keep a mechanical tone, but became more human like. [b "The last and probably the largest update to the game, is that Upon your death while you will not die in the real world, you can no longer access the Avatar you are playing and will have to start from the beginning as a whole new character."]

Was this really their life now? Was it meant to be that they would be trapped in a game that had only started but a few hours ago? She had things to do in the real world and the announcement made by the giant flying orb put it into reality, they would be stuck in this game until someone could find a way out. Why was it she had to be big into this gaming stuff? What was the announcement about a war? Beta testing didn't have anything about a war going on in it? And to make matters worse the eggs weren't already on the players, but they would have to find them? Looking to the Orb it seemed to disappear and the gates to the city was opened up. The ancient of war charged into the city and laid claim to the first piece of land that had shown up. Of course she didn't know she had laid claim to the citadel itself. Twisting the building itself to her liking she had been surprised at how many people tried to claim it themselves, but she would not let them. Of course she wasn't going to kill them for it, but she was the first there and so she would keep it. That was until the influence of other Primals had twisted the land itself and tore it apart. It would be forever known as the Draftlands. It was then that the Ancient of war was approached by not another player, but an NPC. [b "Your accord has caused a split, and so to fix it you must adventure into the wilds, but gather a group of friends as to fix the Draftlands you will need to acquire materials that only drop off the elite soldiers to the Northern Lands of us."]
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