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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rpGa3BZ.jpg]]

[center For more than a century now technological advancements have paved the way for feats of great genius both within and without the gaming community. For so many gaming has filled the void inside of players, even if only for a fleeting moment. Gaming, for so many, is an escape; a place and experience one can venture into the waiting arms of for comfort and forget about the harsh reality that awaits them upon their exit. A world of dreams where happiness, fantasy, and friendship blossom.]

[center as the world dived further and further into the idea of developing the perfect game it finally happened. A way players can fully dive into a game. Drivelink, the device that allowed a player to leave the real world behind and dive into the MMORPGS. This allowed them to feel, sense, and even move like they would in the real world but in their avatar state. It was this technology that lead to the world's crisis of players being locked into a specific game, The Dragon Born or DB for short.]

[center The series speaks of the great dragon and their bonded riders protecting the world from any threat they could face, but some were not content with this a few of the players started to form their own groups within the Dragon rider ranks. One of these groups was known to be a very powerful set of beings who patrolled the lands to the North, but they were hatching a plan to gain power over the lands as they felt if they were protecting the lands they deserved to hold the throne of said lands. However first their mission would be to deal with the other dragon riders.]

[center That is when the group became known. The Sins of Ashes. Each of the players within the group has one thing they are dedicated to getting from other players. They were given their nicknames based upon this. Vanity, Vengeance, Desire, Apathy, Rapacity, Spite, and Edacity. However better known as the seven deadly sins of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. Each one having their reasons for betraying the riders and wishing to rule the world.]

[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403821 Rules/Regulations/Skeleton]
[center Click the link above to find the Rules of the Thread, and the skeleton that needs to be Posted within the [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=150498 OCC Threat]]
[center [b Accepted Cast]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403819 Crimson Sin of Vengeance]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403825 Scarlet Sin of Wraith]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403832 Gold Sin of Vanity]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=360699 Blue Sin of Rapacity]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=404026 Teal Sin of Greed]]
[Center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403841 Purple Sin of Spite]]
[Center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403875 Amethyst Sin of Desire]]
[Center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403879 Lilac Sin of lust]]
[Center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=404294 Obsidian Sin of Apathy]]

[Center [b important Details]]

[center First and Foremost to be addressed. The rp will start with the game just coming out..so the release date. That being said everyone will be level one in their first post. Based upon your Character's Chosen class in game is what they start out with. Magic base classes start with Cloth armor and a staff or ceremonial knife. A rogue class will have leather armor and a set of daggers. A hunter class will have leather armor and bow and arrow. A warrior class will have mail type armor and carry a single two handed sword or a one handed sword and shield. The Paladin class will be in Plate and carry a double handed hammer or a hammer and shield... If you don't know what your class type is let me know and I can figure it out.]
[Center [https://i.imgur.com/ouC5gbl.jpg Tekrura], The Sothern most Land mass within Dragon Born, The dragon Riders watch over the continent as Sentinels. Their duty is to guard it from invasion or any threat to the peace within the land. Upon Tekrura is a mass of nations and many different races, but not all friendly. Smallest of the Land masses found within the game itself Tekrura is the only place unlocked as of right now, and so many people run around it. Dense plains, mountains, and forested areas cover much of the land, and what cities there are to be found can be seen being very race based. Elves tend to stick to the Forest of the Silver Woods or The Nightgrove, Dwarves tend to stick to their halls carved within the Picmar Rise and the Abmore Mountain range. Humans tend to stick in the low lands away from these areas. Within Tekrura are Seven different known Territories.]
[center [b The Seven Territories]]
[center [size10 [u These are up for creation by those who play them, As it states there are SEVEN of them, which means only seven people get to make playable areas...If necessary I can make them and people can choose where they come from.]]]
[Center | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=378806 The Silver Woods] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403856 Jakarem] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403839 Kaga] |]
[center [size25 [b The Table of Known Magic Elements]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6gzSbhP.jpg]]

[center [size25 [b The Book of Races]]]
[center [u Please note not all the race's found within these pages are Playable, but all of them are found within the world.]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376396 Races page one]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376394 Races Page two]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376395 Races Page three]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376397 Races Page four]]
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=376398 Races Page five]]

[center [size25 [b The Sins of Ashes]]]
[center [u Those Crossed out are taken. Each sin is assigned a color instead of an animal or a symbol to go with their sin. The Regular Sins Pride, wraith, lust, sloth, greed, envy are all people under the Sin they serve...So Pride would serve Vanity, Wraith serves Vengeance, Lust serves Desire, Sloth Serves Apathy, Greed serves Rapacity, Envy serves Spite, and Gluttony serves Edacity.... The sins of Ashes are the group of Dragon riders, their servants can be anything from slaves, to other dragon riders, or even companions.]]
[center [s Vanity/Pride]]
[center [s Vengeance/ Wraith]]
[center [s Desire/ Lust]]
[center Apathy/ Sloth]
[center [s Rapacity/ Greed]]
[center [s Spite/ Envy]]
[center Edacity/ Gluttony]


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Asphyx slightly nodded her head and watched the rest of the deal go down, looking around with orangish-brown eyes. She didn't intend to be a kind of reckless character so she tried watching what Ru and the blacksmith did so she could learn about what to do. She had felt that she wanted to be a leader but she also had doubted herself that she could do a good job of it.

She still had her ivory wand on her back, the end of the stick sticking out behind her hip as she had her rapier on the other side of her hip. Good thing she was ambidextrous so she could use both her hands well with her weapons. Despite seeming calm right now, she really wanted to fight something or gain XP, she also wanted to be the highest level too. But that might be too much to ask from herself.

And despite picking her class by herself, she kinda felt jealous that she didn't pick a dwarf or tank. She hated that, she wanted to change her class right then and there but she knew she couldn't so she wouldn't try to.
  ScorpionTears- / 2d 11h 30s
Easa had nodded to the wolf like girl in front of her. She had agreed to join up and it seemed without even second guessing herself. Holding out her hand she drew up the menu and gave the girl an invitation into the group. That made a total of eight of the group, with the dwarf guy that her brother went to go and recruit as well it meant they needed one more to make a full party, but as the group set up showed they had a possible tank, an off tank, herself as a healer, and the rest as damage people of sorts.

Pointing behind her to the weird mansion thing [#0a23b2 "Everyone is meeting up at the mansion's northern gate. The group that is started is trying to get it fixed so that it stays the way it is. My brother and I had planned on making it a Fortress for the group we were going to start."] Holding her spot she looked up and down this new person, The whispers were right she seemed out of sorts here in the game. Perhaps it was something to do with the real world that affected her, but to the Ancient of war She lived for strife and would hold to it even if it was a game.

[#0a23b2 "I'll explain everything once everyone is all gathered up and traveling north where the quest leads us. Something about killing elite giants and such in the mountains even coming close to a dwarven kingdom or so. Hopefully we end up finding a couple of dragon eggs on the way, but that one is unlikely."] turning to face the mansion again Easa's smile only grew and a gleam was in her eyes it was beautiful in its all chaotic look. Taking a few steps she remembered the girl and nodded and called out to her. [#0a23b2 "Follow me we are waiting on one more person to join us in the group before setting off."]

Returning to the group that had formed at the doorway the only people missing was her brother Ru and the red head person who went with him Asphyx, and well the dwarf they were suppose to be recruiting to join them at his blacksmithy. As she stepped back into view the young female just winked at Saphrim [#0a23b2 "Told ya Sweet checks it wouldn't be long."] hooking arms with him she teased the male a little bit.

[#0a23b2 "I take it we are waiting on this Goldband's answer yet before we set off?"]
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 3d 3h 39m 40s
James had slipped into the game on the second day of it coming out. Even with all the hype about it being a twisted game as the players who were in the game seemed to be trapped and could not get out of it. Of course they were just rumors to him. He was one of those people who had to find out for himself to believe anything. If he couldn't feel, touch, see, taste, or hear something then to him it was something he had to find for himself. One would call him crazy, but he liked that about himself. Of course his cousins Mataya and Riley Silver were always around to keep him out of trouble.

Diving into the game head first James had the options pop up of what races he wanted to be. Of course scrolling through them he made faces at each one as they came up. Elves [b "Blast those stupid spear ears."] Rolling the deck he went onto the next race; dwarves [b "Those stunties would not help me any."] After that was humans. [b "If I wanted to be a human I wouldn't be playing a fantasy game."] Rolling again he paused a moment to consider the fourth race. Avarians. [b "Humanoid with bird features..good to know."] scrolling through again he paused as he saw the Titan come up.

Clicking on it he had scrolled through and picked his race as a Titan, subraced out as the shadow. His form took shape at first as just a ball of black light in front of him, but as he scrolled through the classes he was allowed to play the ball's shape changed. Irritated by all the far ranged classes that titan could be he stopped at a melee damage type. Clicking on it the warrior class. Of course that would mean people might also ask him to tank, so that meant he would have to be heavy armored, but it seemed the Titans couldn't be tank class.

Getting into the game after making his avatar name like all other characters he ever played. Juniu; it was a reference to his favorite race, the word itself meant Darkness. Tapping to jump into the game The male went through the tutorial and quickly at that. Once that was over instead of continuing the quest chain he was on a bright light appeared over his head and he was teleported somewhere. Where it was he couldn't tell, but it seemed many players were still joining the game as the square he was in was full to the brim of players moving even an inch and they would bump into at least two other players.

As he listened to the speech given to the game maker himself reality set in. The rumors he had heard were true the players were stuck in the game until it was beaten. To make matters worse if one died in the game you loose your avatar and all the hard work you put into it you had to go and create a brand new character and start from scratch. Looking around at the group of players assembled with him Juniu started to wonder how many people were here a second or even a third time already? And to have to go over all of this again?

Being dropped into the town that was already being built on, however what drew his eye was the giant building on the hill that seemed to have influence from all the races in the game itself. [b "JUNIU IS HERE."] he screamed at the top of his lungs as players scattered from the square ready to get out of the area. As the air returned to his lungs he pulled up the menu and sent a message to his cousins and was instantly answered with one from Riley to meet them at the blacksmith that he was in and just wait outside. Following directions to the place it was an odd thing, but As he got to the place he got an invitation into a party from his other cousin and accepted it only to see eight other names pop up besides his own.
  Juniu / Blacky / 17d 29m 29s
Rhian slipped ahead and stopped when she got the invite, clicking it and immediately being portalled to the blacksmiths area. She looked around and giggled,
“Oh wow.” She murmured and spotted the others, giving a friendly wave. She was the more curious of the siblings. She didn’t really listen into conversations as she inspected around the blacksmith’s area, nosing in pots and such as she listened half heartedly to what was going on.
“Oh we’re going to go soon?” She asked, excitedly and looked to the others. She came off as a child almost with her attitude.

“Where are we going first?” Evidently she didn’t pay much attention to the plot either as she looked at them all. She inspected each of them, each was handsome and beautiful in their own way. How peculiar. Her red hair was braided back and she was really happy her and her brothers had gotten avatars that matched up and it was easy to tell they were twins. She enjoyed being a twin and having a ‘big’ brother, no matter how often they argued. And they could be like two fiery demons when they argued with one another sometimes. Usually it was over silly things and as they grew up it was so difficult still because Rheon liked girls and his hormones were exploding and so she did feel put out by it a lot of the time. Still, it figured itself out in the end. She never really bothered with guys and relationships, preferring to lose herself in books and games and studying. She was booksmart, her brother was streetwise.

Rhian looked to her brother and smiled a bit, reassuringly because she could tell under that cool demeanour he was worried. They had friends here. It wasn’t that simple to just forget everything and everyone and she’s always been the more playful of the two and the one to not worry. Still at least they were in this with friends and each other, it’d be weird if she was by herself.
  Rhian Leafywood / Nullification / 46d 14h 26m 44s
The request flashed up and Rheon sighed,
“Did you get the invite?” He asked Rhian who nodded. He trudged along and stopped at various places to upgrade his bow and get some better equipment but they were still early in the game so it was nothing too powerful. Rheon was wary of everything going on because in all honesty this was getting a little creepy. Still, there best chance to beat this was to fight in numbers. He accepted the invite and it flashed them to the location as she stood quietly and watched.

He eyed the blacksmith and watched the exchanges but kept quiet on it as he stood beside his sister. He ran a hand through his red hair and honestly he didn’t really mind which way this went, he just wanted to get it all overwith.
“Now that we’re all friends, maybe we should get a move on.” He said and rolled his eyes. He fit into the nymph category very well with his care free attitude and charming nature, of course he cared more than his sister who was treating it all like a joke.
“How adorable. Anyways, what’s the plan here?”

He leant against one of the walls and watched the group. They hardly all fit in with each other and he raised an eyebrow. This was like a really bad, knock off version of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and he cringed slightly. He wasn’t overly talented at games, he played a lot more than Rhian but she was somehow a natural at this. They were a good pair of siblings, always looking out for one another and making sure everything was fine. Rheon was older by a few hours and always took on the older brother routine, whereas Rhian always acted the younger sister, playful and serene in nature. Rheon wanted his sister out of this game and he intended to accomplish that goal. He didn’t care how many people he had to fuck up on the way.

Rheon leant off the wall and sighed. He wasn’t a natural leader, so he would leave it to the experts and go with it for now, however if he thought for a second these people were a hinderance then he would get Rhian out of there as quickly as possible. He smirked to himself as lazily rolled a gold coin around in his fingers, yawning and eyeing the others. He would remain wary for now, not trusting any of them but he figured in time things could change.
  Rheon Leafywood / Nullification / 46d 14h 58m 10s
Ru had waited for the answer to his question, of course he didn't expect the blacksmith to accept the invitation right off. It was expected he would not abandon his shop to go onto this quest for resources just for a little time in the outside of course his time could be better spent making gold himself through his own makings. Standing there silent contemplating what the stunty had said his ears perked up when he had heard what the thing had called him. He called him a Knife ear had hit a nerve, the man must have been blind.

Holding up his index finger and pointing to his wings of pearl snow white feathers. [#871108 "Firstly, to correct you I am not a knife ear. Elves are far from Valkyrie as Dwarves to gnomes."] Holding up his second finger [#871108 "Stunties are known to be restricted to the tunnels under the ground and yet here you are on the surface. A shop already in the works of making money and ways to keep it up."] the man held up his third finger. [#871108 "Your shop has already been prepared to be taken care of. Your shop will be moved to the conclave."]

Walking to the shop's window the Valkyrie pointed to the building on the hill which seemed to be split. [#871108 "Your shop will be transported up to the forge building inside the walls of the conclave. It will stay there until your return."] A smile played on his face his ring finger was placed in the air with the others now. Watching as the stunty changed into his battle armor he nodded. [#871108 "The loot options are set specifically to us, so everyone will have their own loot. The only time loot is based to the party is in raids."]

Continuing anu looked around the shop some more before his eyes returned to the dwarf. [#871108 "We also don't have a tank of course, but with the damage output we have one shouldn't have to take that much damage. And our healer is from my understanding very powerful also."]
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 49d 23h 33m 41s
The grizzled dwarf stared at her, eyes locking with hers in a intense staring contest. However, depending on how adept she was at reading others, she may realize it was not an attempt to make her flinch, nor a "staring contest". It was a more probing look, testing and feeling her spirit in a way.

However, her unsaid comment and tone of voice certainly had a reaction. At first his face seemed to stiffen and turn dark, when he snorted. Then realization might hit. It had not been anger. He'd LAUGHED. The darkening face had been him trying to hold that humor inside.

"Your families riches don't mean much tah me I'm afraid." He said with a dismissive flick of his hand, the gesture seeming to take in the shop itself. "I'd rather make me gold from what I made, then just take someone elses money that easily." He eyed the two of them then sighed hard enough that his beard blew outwards in places.

"Fine. I don't need gold as a reward." He raised his rather meaty hand to forstall any comments. "BUT, Yah need to find a way to make sure ma Shop won't get robbed while we're gone on this little errand." He eyed them both, "Non-negotiable that. Secondly, Iff'n we DO find mineable material, I claim first choice ON items brought back. However, I'm not greedy, I dun need to keep it all. The party can split and sell the portions for gold. I just want first choice of the minables. Also non-negotiable. If yah can accept those terms, I'll come along with yeh."

He smiled faintly, deciding to give Asphyx a little show, payback for the unspoken insult. "I know full we'll yah need me." With a flick of the appearance button, he switched from what he'd titled "forging gear", bypassing "Mining Gear" and gone into "battle gear".

The armor did not look that...good, and was obviously not the work of a master crafstmen. However, what was made apparant was the thick metal plate, roughly shaped by hammer blows. A greatshield of rounded wood, with metal inlaid along it in regular patterns to strengthen it was on his left arm, and in his right was held a War Hammer. "I know yah'll need me. I dun know who you have playing the part of a Tank, but I doubt yah have anyone who's got Plate mail that can stand up to this." Really it was so durable because the metal was so thick, not because of quality. A flicker, and he was back into his smithing garb, the hammer spinning as he turned, pulling out the piece of Iron he'd been working on before, settling it on the anvil.

A short glance, and he said, "So, find a way to make sure mine shop won't get robbed, and I have first choice of mining items, and you'll have mine help.
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 50d 11h 36m 53s
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[Kodchasan [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/PMQ5m3am.jpg ]

Asphyx followed behind Ru, being her awkward silent. Mostly it was because she knew nobody, literally, nobody and that made her suspicious. They eventually came across the blacksmith and she stood behind Ru as he talked to the other man, her orange eyes looking into the blacksmith's shop.

Eventually, when the conversation had ended, Asphyx sighed and crossed her arms, getting in front of Ru. [#FF4500 "If you come with us, I will... share half of my noble families' riches with you. Only if you go through with this mission, no leaving halfway. That's how much we kinda need you. And I will help you with gathering materials, how about that you-" ] Asphyx stopped herself from saying you [i idiot ] because then they wouldn't have a blacksmith and she'd find herself under attack.

She waited for the blacksmith's answer, her arms crossed as she leaned back. She didn't show any commandership or anything, she was just bored and ready to go on this mission. She didn't mean to come off as mean either, she was usually a very helpful person. But her shaved orange hair didn't help with that look and neither did the weapons on her back and her waist help.

She only listened to the music of her game as she waited for her answer.

[youtube https://youtu.be/iwzfR7-33Wc ]
  amo- / 51d 9h 56m 45s
Seraphim after getting a hold of himself sent out a few messages out. First was his sister asking her if she was okay and where she was. His first problem was her. Next was his best friend Mataya or known as Easa. He wanted to make sure she was also okay next and final was to another friend of his also telling him to meet him in the east part of town. After all of them was sent her went to find his sister. Luckly that didn’t take as long he found her.

She was playing an elf about six feet with long blond hair. She had a bow across her back and light armor on. His sister had always played the beautiful elf girl that most manga people would read would see. She seemed on the edge of tear as he rushed up and hugged her. “It okay but we can't stay here.” He said letting go and grabbing her arm and pulling her behind her. Dragging her alone they soon found themselves across the city in a market part of town.

They were alone for the most part but were shortly joined by a third person. “Hey Scott glad you could make it.” Scott or other known as Blackjack was a massive troll.

“Hey John I got the message. Hard to believe that this is really happening.” He said in a deep voice that matched his friend size.

“I know it hard but we need to be quick if we want to make best of the start. If we don’t most people will try to claim everything they can.” Seraphim said looking at the two. “I have an idea of what I want but I need both of your help to make it work. His sister JillValentine was her name nodded.

“What do you got planned” Scott asked.

“Well first we need to get a place to live something big. Next I need to set up my shop so I need a good size store for that and lastly I need a big building for a plan I’m coming up with.” This got Scott to raise a massive eyebrow but agreed to place it aside until after the had gotten everything done. “Jill you go find us a home and see about getting Scoot one close by. Scoot I need you to find me a good place for my trade shop. Some place center located and easy to get to.” Both nodded and headed of as Seraphim ran off to find his third building.

After a hour he send a message to Scott telling him to meet him at his new building. Once he did he walked into a massive open room with nothing in it but at least a dozen door to other rooms. “So what this plan that you got?” He asked. Seraphim just smiled as he took the next hour to explain his plan to his friend. “We been trapped for less the 24 hour and you already want to set something like that up?” He asked sighing.

“Yep. He smiled. “I best to jump on it early before anyone notices that the need it.” He explained. “We can hire a few to start off with and after a first we can hire some more.”

“And what if you can’t find people to volantire?” He asked.

“Well this game lets anything go so I just find me some slave or less than willing people.” He shrugged. “I don’t care what ever pays the bills and give me the edge I need.”

“I see and you want my help.”

“Yea I need muscles and you the biggest guy I know and who going to fuck with an orc.” Just then he got a message. “Shit got to go this is important. Think it over and let me know what you think when you do.” Running off Seaphim smiled as he meets of with everyone else.

“Sorry doll.” He winked at Easa “Was busy setting up a few things hope I didn’t miss the show.” He knew he did but he enjoyed teasing his friend. “So just need two more you got any idea?” After hearing the other group go by he noticed Easa run off to go recruit “Well I just stay here then.” He said waving them off.
  Seraphim / Mended / 51d 10h 49m 52s
Serina sat the almost the entire day crying. She couldn’t help it she was on the high life in the real world. She just gotten news that the collage she wanted accepted her and that her and she gone the scholarships she would need to make it on a free ride. He had found the perfect room and she had a date with a cute guy but now it was all ruined.

She was trapped in this horrible game until god knew when. She was more likely to die then get out she never played a game a day in her life and now she was trapped as some freak. She could hear them around her calling that. Her hearing was better than most as her wolf ear picked up the slightest voice. So as she could do for hour was cry. No one came up to her no one said a thing they just left until only she was left. Alone with just the wolf club in ther arm that at some point had fallen asleep and the larger one that stood guard.

As she felt the sun slowly sinking in the sky she finally slowly stood up. Using one of her hand to wipe way the rest of her tears. She could cry anymore and her stomach hurt form hunger. She needed to go. The rest of the player had mover on and probably claimed most of the good spots. Plus, she gotten a new noticed that her pack had no den. “I must have been lost after I got teleported.” She said closing the window. She had no idea what she was going to do about a new one. She didn’t thing this city had any caves and she wasn’t sure she could buy a house and use it.

Sighing she started getting ready to walk away when someone came running up to her. She was shocked at first and jumped back a bit at it. Her wolf guard steeped in found of her and showed it teeth warning her not to come closer. After listening to what she had to say she was shocked. She was asking her to join them on a quest. “Down boy.” She commanded as the wolf went back to being neutral by her side. “I be honest with you. Im new to video game and have no idea what I doing. Plus, I can’t fight I commend him.” She pointed at her wolf. “To do it for me. I about to unlock my second wolf so I can have to but I still a bit off. If you are okay with that, then I wouldn’t mind joining you.”

Her face was red as she seemed a bit flushed. Most of it was from crying but some of it was being asked by this person. She then remembered. “I also have someone who could join us if I get a hold of them.” She opened her massager and shot a quick message to her friend. At first, she was glad at how quick she got a message back but then remembered that she was also trapped. “She agreed to join if you need her.” She said turning back to the girl.
  Serina / Mended / 51d 11h 37m 42s

The stocky dwarf eyed the two as he worked the Forge, and seeing they had no intention of buying anything, settled the iron he was drawing out back into the forge, covering it with coals to reheat. A thick finger pointed over his shoulder, and in a low, gravely voice, "Yeh have 4 minutes until that Iron needs to be pulled out to be worked on again, or it'll be ruined."

The large smithing hammer held in his right hand rested on his shoulder, tapping lightly and increasingly so as he grew more irritated at the waste of time.

He held up his left hand, his expression...not the friendliest. A sausage thick finger was held up. "One. Yah want me to leave my shop untended, leave my forge cold for Stone knows how long, and since yah said "Expedition" I assume it'll take a fair bit of time. What would happen if someone broke into me shop while we're about on your little "quest"?" His middle finger joined the first . "Two. While access to the ores and such are temptin, I don't know how to use em. Shards, I don't even really know what we'd bloody find. Or...." Here his ring finger joined the other two, "If I can even use what we find. If I can't, its a wasted trip, or I could easily BUY what yeh find off yeh..or could iffn yah had a miner." His pinky joined his others, "Yah've offered me other other incentives then a "maybe" for this little trip. I doubt you're doing this for fun and games. There's a reason your puttin together this little trip. Meanin your getting something out of it. I would need an...Assurance of some kind this trip wouldn't be a complete waste of time for me to come along." His thumb lifted as well, so his palm faced Ru. "I have no love for other races, nor groups in general. I've always been a lone wolf. I prefer ta do things MY way. Takin order's really ain't my style."

"So, as things stand, My answer is no. Yah've not given me sufficient reason to want to come along Knife Ear, nor cause to leave my shop closed down. Now if you don't mind, I have my Work to be about."

As Asphyx had not said anything, Daverm had not addressed her, assuming she was just a companion, or she wasn't as invested as Ru was.
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 52d 4h 1m 0s
Ru had managed a few things while waiting at the gates to the Giant building and grounds. The first was to establish himself a home. He would claim apart of the building in front of him now for his home. Of course the difference was he wouldn't claim all of it like many were trying to do. What they didn't understand was that the mansion was more meant for a powerful family itself not just a single player, but several vied for the power on the mansion and in doing so started the quest to repair the mansion and the first of many they would get.

The second thing that Ru had done while here at the gate itself was establish a guild banner and name under which his little group would be called. The Dark Horizon. While he was the founder of the guild he had to have nine other signatures which he got quickly through messaging other players he knew was in the game with him. Of course his sister was one of them and she sent him her signature and he placed it upon the paper. Gathering up the signatures he needed his guild became established and swelled rapidly in members jumping in a few moments from the ten original members to being over hundreds as mass recruitment went out.

Sending his friend a message Ru had told her to meet him at the gates and she had shown up a few minutes later. Of course she was close by all players trapped in the game were still yet locked within a distance from the city walls and many did not try to venture further because of a need of protection. Ru had held up his hand and waved. Alexis had taken up the name of Asphyx. Smiling at her he now played a waiting game of course irritated by the fact his sister wasn't already out here getting ready for whatever it was she needed help with on the quest.

It wasn't until the two Fae creatures showed up that it had shown up in front of him. The quest was to gather material from north of the city, but the creatures that dropped the mats they needed were elite creatures and would kill a player on their own, so they would need several members. Of course a full party in Dragon Born was ten people, and in Dragon Born Legacy that had not changed, but the group they were gathering up mostly knew of each other and how well they worked. Ru of course had known his sister would get the twins to join, but he never actually did anything besides run around with his sister or Alexis when gaming.

Paying more attention to the Music in the game he went through the option to change it. Eventually finding what he wanted.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k61NNFjKcLA&index=7&list=RDndCxBy7dNu0]]

Hearing the door swing open from the mansion Ru looked to see his sister leaving. Of course she would pick an androgynous looking character, even taking on Easa as the Avatar name. Hearing that they still needed at least two more come from her mouth confirmed exactly what he had thought himself. While the group was good they were missing a few things like the damage output they would need to take anything down before the healer of the group whomever it was this time ran out of mana. That was if they could at this time heal anything besides themselves. That also was questionable, but Ru looked to the group a smile on his face. [#871108 "We shall get this done."]

Of course before any more words were said besides greetings from everyone in the group Ru looked to his sister again as she heard something from the group that passed by as they gathered up the quest from the game system itself once they entered the mansion. Of course there was a person who had established a blacksmith here in the town someone would need to set up a shop before being pushed out by all the competitions between everyone else, Now would be the optimal time as they could establish a name for themselves before anyone else even set up a similar shop.

Ru bent down to be on the same level as Asphyx [#871108 "Come with me lovely. You can always convince a person better then I can to join up in a group."] Pulling open a map of the system he found the shop on the map and headed the direction it was from him. Eventually finding it after about an hour of walking around the city, stopping and asking for directions and getting lost along the way. Standing in front of the shop it had an oddity about it. It was tall considering a dwarf ran the building, but it wouldn't matter much. The sign said it was open, yet when he pushed or pulled on the door it didn't move an inch.

Looking around Ru felt stupid, he was at the back of the building where the second entrance was, and likely lead into the back room and an easy access for the master of the smith to enter and exit. Finding his way down an allyway and out to the front of the building the male pulled the door open and entered the shop to see weapons, armor, and all sorts of stock in mass. Eyeing around the shop his final gaze landed to a standard 4' figure built like a body builder with an avatar name over his head. An impatient look upon his face as he stood there. [#871108 "Hello sir Daverm. I am Ru. we are here to possible recruit you into joining our expedition for a quest. This means of course we will be in your debt. It'll give you access to the ores and metals found in the area, as I am sure none of us are a miner."]

Of course Ru hadn't picked any trades to apply for, but instead he had been a Mage of sorts. He had put some time into Inscription and jewel crafting. Of course as a Mage he was given Enchantment as a secondary, He had also chosen cooking as another. He knew his sister was playing a mage, but she likely went for Alchemy, but her race was curious and she likely got herbalism as a secondary for it, so she likely went with archaeology, although with her race either was questionable. She also likely went with First aid and Fishing as her secondary as well.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kodchasan]
[Kodchasan [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/PMQ5m3am.jpg ]

Asphyx stood next to Ru, her hands twitching at her sides. She was never really okay with joining up in a group but this was a situation where she might get some good stuff and find some friends. So, naturally she took this mission but she had gone somewhere before she came here. She was the only one with customized weapons.

She had a rapier in a sheathe that was strapped to her waist, the metal of the of the rapier being very dark and engraved with silver words and symbols. The grip of the sword was leather but it was customized for her grip or close to it so that when someone else used it, it might be a little unbalanced and whatnot.

She had one more weapon, a pure white staff that was strapped to her back. It held a cyan crystal inside of the wood, the crystal glinting in the sunlight. She sighed, her super short orange hair plastered to her head as she sat down on a rock and just sat there. After all, she was at least level 4 because of some stuff she did before joining the group.

It didn't take long before she started to hear music and she smiled, it was kind of her taste too but she didn't know there was a music option. She at least kept it down low so she could always hear the others but when she was alone she could at least enjoy it in it's entirety.

[https://youtu.be/N0eOaXc9H4s I Apologize if You Feel Something - Bring Me The Horizon ]
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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCmOnZpRtqs&index=17&list=RDMM2fbawTS9SYY]

Easa Had at first thought to herself of who it was she could get with her to come hunting some monsters that could possible cause them a lot of trouble just to repair a HUGE home? Of course she couldn't ask the people who tried laying claim to the mansion also as they would likely want to repair it themselves and fully lay claim to it. Of course to her the building was just fine how it was. It showed influence from all the playable races in the game, but no one else would see it that way. That was the problem already.

Looking around the grounds itself Easa noticed the front gate had a the race of Primals look to it with all their standard very old looking type of buildings almost like nature was taking over the pillars that stood there and vine creeping up the very walls of the door, but not the door itself which seemed to keep an old deep look to it almost like it had been spelled to withstand the test of time, and even more so with the wood look meant that her race indeed was the influence here.

The Inside however was a jumble of different things. The first thing that would be notice was the [https://i.imgur.com/MOG7Y2l.png elven] like features to the buildings themselves. Of course the elves would have most influence here. Their pearl white towers spiraling high into the air with a sense of perfectionist to them. Not a single stone out of place. Each building looked as if they had been taken and molded out of a single piece of stone by a sort of magic or even done so on purpose by hand.

The next big influence to be noticed was the Dwarven one. It seemed at the top of every building was a mount of a Giant jewel of some kind and gold flowed around the place like it meant little to the person or people who lived here. Used in buildings and the walkways even the bridges themselves were made of gold so the water that ran in the place could be walked over without a problem. Even gold had been etched into the doorways, even the grates that the water drained out of were made of Gold.

Next to be noticed would be the Fae, Of course being creatures of nature they would want nature to be around everywhere, so instead of having a tree pop up here or there like influenced by the real world with the plants on the sidewalks of the giant cities or the trees in parks and such or a garden growing somewhere on the grounds Trees popped up out of random places within the grounds and were even surrounded by a waterway so one couldn't get at the plants themselves without having to swim for them. Of course it also gave them a peaceful look to the grounds themselves.

The last and probably the largest influence was that of human. The gems on the top of the towers all lit of arcane magic, and even the water itself seemed to have a light of unknown origin flow with it as it went. The humans even seemed to have controlled the arrangement of the buildings within the area itself. Having two gates into the mansion itself one that lead up a pathway it seemed to a separate tower itself farther up the hill Easa only guessed this was suppose to be a Mage tower that would if allowed put a barrier up around the town incase of an invading army. Next down the hill inside the gate was of course gate houses, barracks, and armories for the people that would likely be employed to watch the gates. Next was the other pathway, only this one led downward into the earth itself. She guessed it was meant to be a stables for the Dragons that would be if someone would find one. The rest of the buildings were arranged in a jumble of a mess.

Not bothering to look at the grounds anymore she had to focus on what it was she needed. Remembering her friend and Older sibling had joined the game as well she shot them both a message. [#0a23b2 "Hey Its Mats, can you meet me at the Funny looking Mansion. I need your help on a quest."] Of course Mats had got an instant answer from her brother of that he would be right there after he got a message from his friend.

Stepping outside of the front gate Mataya saw the group of people that had gathered up already. five people, six including herself. They would need at least two more people to join them if what the quest had said was true. Her brother Riley was playing an Avatar named Ru. His friend she guessed was the Human who was standing really close to him with the Avatar name Asphyx. Next to them was the twins she came to know quite well. The brother Aaron played the a Nymph known as Rheon, which meant her friend Avery played also as a Nymph named Rhian.

Then the last one of the group was John, her old boyfriend, but current best friend. They had both talked about meeting up in the game and working on it together like they had done with most other games. She didn't mean for him to get caught in this game also with her, he had agreed to join her in this one because they had always been together it seemed they would be friends, but doomed to not be more then that. John was playing a human also Avatar name Seraphim, just like every other Avatar he ever made. Easa couldn't say much about it as her name never changed either. [#0a23b2 "Well, this is a marry Bunch, but we still need to get two more people to join us before we can go, the quest suggests ten people, but I am sure we can do it with eight."]

It was just then a group of people came to check out the funny building that had been torn apart as it seemed it would be the first quest for everyone, and Easa would not have it ruined anymore, she would be sure it stayed exactly how it was. The whispers from the group had drafted to her very highly sensitive ears. [b "Did you hear, the only player left in the square."] [#460dc5 "Yeah yeah I heard it was a human wolf hybrid race thing. You know the unknown Fae race."] [b "I can't believe someone actually chose to play it."] [#0d7bc5 "Did you hear about that dwarf person set up a shop instead of a place to live?"] [b "Yeah, I heard he is running around already gathering up some stuff for his smithy shop. What a weirdo those two."] [#0d7bc5 "Agreed. We should stay clear of those two."]

Easa shot her brother a look without hesitation ran past the group to the center of town first before the girl would disappear. [#0a23b2 "Hi, my Name is Easa, I have a group already start, but we could use your help if you don't mind with the start quest. We are having trouble finding a couple of players to join us. We only need two more."]
While she was recruiting the girl in the center of town Easa of course knew her brother would be talking to the man in the blacksmithy about joining as well.
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A quiet beeping stirred Cody Steele from sleep. He had dozed off waiting for the final software update for the VR system to finish, and so had set his alarm to go off when DBL was set to go public. A quick peek at his computer showed the system was updated and ready to go.

Instead of popping it in and setting everything up right away, quickly got some food and drank a bottle of water. Full Dive was supposed to be great, but because you were going to be unconscious for hours, it was recommend you take care of bodily needs before doing so.

He grinned, looking forward to spending the next hours grinding away in the new game. After all, he had the following day off, so he could stay up as late as he needed. "Link Start." The flood of colors was...overwhelming at first, but awesome as well, as they were not just "on a screen". They flew PAST him.

"Welcome to DBL, Dragon Born Legacy. The first Full Dive game. From here you shall choose your Avatar." There were certainly a lot of options to choose from, with each race having its own advantages and disadvantages. For him though, he knew EXACTLY what he was going to do with his first character. "The race of Dwarves; a common placed race dwarves are seen as bearded short standing race, crafty and sturdy. Experts in crafting of armor dwarves are said to have a long life as well, the oldest living up to six thousand years if not killed in battle." In Every mmo he ever played, he almost always chose blacksmithing/weapon crafting as an occupation. While it wasn't the "fastest" way to grind out gold, it was constant, as there were always players too lazy to grind out the mats to make it on their own. Plus, Dwarves had Monkey Hand, or the equivalent anyways.

With the edits made as he chose, the world blurred, and for a moment everything went black...When he came too, he stood in the center plaza of the City of Jakarem, the newer Smithing Capital of the Dwarves. While well lit, it was...Dwarven. Massive pillars connected ground to Rocky sky, with the glow of massive forges lighting the rocky cavern overhead. Buildings stretched underground as far as the eye could see, with one direction leading to the mine, while the other large tunnel lead to the surface.

He flexed one massive arm, frowning slightly. Considering how tall he was, he had not expected to be built like this. Dwarves took stocky to a whole other level. For being 4 foot tall, he was easily wider then most professional body builder's in the real world, and just as muscled to boot. Then again this WAS a virtual world so that wouldn't amount to much. He frowned again, thinking slowly. Or would it? He drew his weapon, a large two handed Hammer, and hefted it, testing the weight. Typical weight for a hammer, or would be if it wasn't so light. He held it at full extension, testing. The muscle on his right arm flexed, holding the large hammer with ease. He gave a few practice swings to test the heft, and slipped it back into the back loop again.

He shook his head, when a small blinking light caught his eye. With a brief tap, he opened his quest menu. Several options came up, most of which he recognized from the closed Beta. Opening the tab for active quests, he checked the ones he had. Several were for how to access the various menu's, how to use several other options including inventory, and a quest to show how blacksmithing worked. He nodded slowly, checking further to see what was further required. Apparently, there were NOT just the main "Occupation" crafts you could learn, but also learn supplemental skills as well. In his case, mining was actually considered a separate skill then Blacksmithing.

Heading to the skill trainer, he activated the tutorial quest for mining as well, and then in turn headed into the mine proper. The tutorial area was...well, a tutorial. It was clearly set up to show the obvious mining areas, as well as an example of what it would look like more naturally in the world proper. Unlike some games, DBL's harvestables made it look very...natural. Unless you knew what you were looking for, you could walk right past a minable area and not know. He hadn't seen any other crafting professions, but he had to assume herbs and other such gathering skills would be just as well thought out as mining clearly was.

The tutorial went into depth about how mining worked, and so, with pickaxe in hand, he set too with a will on the Iron vein. He tapped lightly on the rock, following the gleam of the iron specks. He could...Feel the difference in the Pick when he struck iron, and when he hit the rock. Rather then what he'd imagined, He actually spent a good thirty minutes lightly tapping the mining pick to break the rock away from what he wanted. When he had 5 good sized pieces of metal, the quest beeped, indicated it was complete. Holding one of the pieces over the leather pouch at his side, the item was transferred into his inventory. He could still feel the weight of the item, but as if it was centered ON his entire person. Settling the rest aside, he checked the guide for mining. There were several more tutorial quests for it, though that could come later. Time to move on to smithing then.

Heading to the guild dedicated TO blacksmithing so as to use the tools required. Apparently smithing was almost as complicated in DBL as it was IRL. The tutorial quest directed him to a particularly large dwarf hammering away at what appeared to be a red hot length of steel. "Aye, so you're the new apprentice? Good, we could use the help. Go grab an anvil, and you'll be all set. Oh, normally yah need to have the extra materials to make whatever yer using, but we'll loan yah enough to make yer first weapon."

Settling down at the anvil, with a forge in arms reach the heat was Sweltering, but somehow....relaxing. It felt RIGHT to be here, the same with the smithing hammer. It just...felt right. Checking the guide again, he saw the detailed explanation for what he needed to do. Use the Smelter to melt the ore, let it solidify, then hammer it into a Bar. From there, it depended on what he wanted to make. He followed the steps, and then started drawing out the bar to create a long sword. Steady hits with the hammer, reheating as needed to create what was needed. A wetstone powered by a pedal to give it an edge, and a very smooth one to give the blade a shine. From there, apparently you needed to apply wood to create a handle around the tang, plus leather to wrap the handle in as well. Inferior materials would cause the weapon's durability to go down, and while the durability COULD be repaired, the process of repairing durability was not an easy one, and was more complicated then actually FORGING a new weapon/armor.

The process took several hours, but by the end of it, he had it. The sword he held was simply made, but solid, more like a broadsword then longsword. He gave the sword a swing with a grin, and a voice commented. "Aye lad, you did well." The stout dwarf made a motion with his hand, and Daverm tossed the sword to the other dwarf. The other caught it easily enough, holding it up to test the line to see if the blade was true, feeling the heft with a nod. "A good piece. I like a good ole hammer myself, but a good sword." He smiled, handing the sword back. Daverm went on to complete multiple quests after, working on getting his gold count, and raising his blacksmithing as much as he could before.....

The world flickered, a golden circle forming under his feet, warping him into a strange area filled with every kind of race. He listened to James's message, watching as the other players around him reacted with mostly shock. Some acted with horror, others with anger. For him, it was shock. Shock he mastered quickly. If what James said was true, panicking wouldn't do Jack, and neither would anger. He quickly scanned the city, noting the "separation" of the different city sections. While most players were still listening to the message, Daverm headed into the red tiled roof section, glancing quickly around. If he was going to establish himself as a blacksmith, then...There. A nicely large building, just off the main street. Not directly on the main plaza, but close to it.

Laying claim to the building took about 1/4th of the gold he'd earned via the subquests and starting gold he'd gotten from starting the game. On top of that, further outfitting used almost all the gold he had left, but it was worth it. While not an exact duplicate of the Dwarven Forge, it was fairly close. A large smelter for melting and seperating the metals from the surrounding impurities. A large Anvil. Tongs, and several crafting hammers hung from a tool rack set against the wall. Several storage bins hung against the wall as well. The front room was the show room, with multiple empty barrels for storing sword, wall racks for polearms or war hammers. Flat shelving on the floor itself for daggers or smaller items. As well as....a secret. The last option was a security feature. When closed, the store would actually seal off the windows with magic leaving the locked door the only entry source. That had cost more then the setup itself had, but well worth it. Plus he could always invest in better security later on.

He hesitated, before making one last change. "IF no gold, will still forge for you, but you must provide double the materials needed." And a second, smaller sign, saying "Closed". He nodded, smiling as the smile slowly slipped. Stuck in the world...with no way out. Crying about it wouldn't change anything, but they needed to find a way out somehow. Still. Panic wouldn't change anything.

So he headed out of HIS new shop, making sure the door was locked firmly behind him. Outside, a sign now hung in front of the door, showing an Anvil with two hammers over it, signifying it was a Blacksmith shop. Still, couldn't run a shop without materials. With a quick check of the map, he shouldered his war hammer, and headed out of the city.

And he spent the next several days stocking up on materials, hunting for iron deposits, as well as copper and several other materials to stock up. Once back in the city, he settled the stock of ore he'd gathered, JUST under his weight carry limit, into the smelter to melt while he headed back out to gather the next set. The completed Ingots were set to the side, and once night fell, he settled into hammering out various starting weapons. He sold some, enough that he could buy the materials he was missing, such as wood and leather. He WAS making a profit, be it slowly. Then again until he leveled up more, there wasn't a whole lot he could do.
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